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Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 1, 2014, 2:44pm
Thursday 1st May

It was raining this morning so I phoned the men and cancelled today.  Not sure why....the day started off pretty poor then perked up but I lit the fire at eight thirty and got settled with my book and a coffee until the mood took me to get the bonfire going and get rid of the debris that was lying around in the bonfire pit.  I planted out a couple of wild plum suckers that I'd dug up previously and they have two choices, either they will or they won't.  

While I was out in the garden I had a deputation committee arrive and three of my neighbours came to survey the changes to the property since they had been round last time.  They spotted a new shrub that is now to have three new cuttings taken from it....and very pretty it is too.  In fact I have to take four since I've been told it's frost hardy but a cutting will ensure that I still have  it for next year though as instructed, it's planted against a wall.  After the walk round the garden I was invited to a lunch party along the street and  ten of us were gathered at twelve thirty for mekitsa....a yeasty pancake thingy with jam, a yogurt and garlic with pasta dish came later, a nutty cake that I was told was hash and I must admit  I felt a little strange after it but I likened it to walnut and something....all washed down with orange squash for starters and black tea for finishers.  Now I never take sugar in my tea and this caused something of an uproar and they decided to try it but soon rushed for the sugar basin.  It must be a British thing.

Over to the Librarians this afternoon and took her shopping to get some provisions in.  Her new car arrives sometime next week but currently it's 'Shanksies for her.  We did Benkovski, unloaded the 'stuff' and sat out in the sun until the thunder rolled in, the clouds hid the sun and the temperature dropped dramatically....and welcome May.

Staying here for the night and will pick up the men tomorrow hopefully.  The weather seems to be better for tomorrow than it's been for the beginning of the week.  About to have supper and a little beer to wash it down....I'm signing off  and despite bringing over my camera to upload some pickies, I  forgot the connecting cable so you'll have to put up with the text....LN....I'm about to pour another beer...LN and the thunder is still thundering....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 2, 2014, 5:23pm; Reply: 1
Friday 2nd May

Not a very good night at the Librarians.  I slept badly and at two thirty was reading but eventually got back off again and woke at six so back to my book not to disturb the rest of the house.  Six thirty saw some activity and the dogs had been put out for their morning run and suddenly they were in again.  The big one knows how to open the door so the others wait to be let in.  We sat out on the terrace and had the morning beverages checking out the garden to see which plants had decided to show their little faces.  Several strains of cornflowers about to burst forth and the peony is just coming into bud and she has several different types of lilies.  

Phoned Bekir at about seven twenty and we decided that it was worth risking it on a day's work today so set off at just before eight to fetch them from the restaurant.  It was a little overcast but as we got nearer my village it cleared up somewhat and we felt sure that we'd made the right decision.  Men set too, I went into Djebel at about twelve to sort out KingDoms internet connection installation and into M-Tel to settle my final bill that a recorded message tells me exists.  So I've paid or so I though most of the stuff but the lady in the shop that is in fact a clone of the real thing told me that I owed sixty four leva for two months overdue.  I cancelled this in March so I was really surprised so said I wouldn't pay it, I would seek out the real macoy shop and fight to the death.  Went to the dentist and booked an appointment for a scale and polish for Thursday and then home to do the dirty with M-Tel on the phone.  Now this little lady on the other end kept asking me 'So how do you connect to the Internet' so I told her 'Link' which is one who sits in opposition.  She then informed me that I could use M-Tel since I had still got a live connection.  At this I think there were sparks about to set fire to the land-line that was a new one since they cancelled the only thing that I wanted to keep and so it transpires.....M-Tel shop had left the internet active and cancelled the home phone, the new home phone was taken out at an increased cost and I was advised to pay the outstanding bill I would receive a credit.  I told them to leg it, that I wouldn't be paying the outstanding bill for the internet since as far as I was concerned it was all cancelled in March.  I asked her to check the internet 'traffic' on the line to confirm that despite the fact they were providing me with a service, the offer hadn't been taken up.  Angry or what....and I confirmed that it wasn't a language problem, I had written confirmation and a signature to confirm it was as I said.  I await a verbal confirmation from my little lady.

The informed that I'd left the lights on on the car so I had a push and a shove from Bekir and Sally down the main road and it burst into life again.  Down to Gouldjan's village to give it a bit of juice and then left it running on the road for the next hour or so and meanwhile those heavens opened, men came in out of the deluge, I got the coffee on, Sally sampled some of the half bottles lingering in the little house and then one of the neighbours arrived with a carton of juice and a sponge cake that they had round to the village when then celebrate the death of one of their family.  Threw the men out at just after six so I could get on with my evening.  Home for just before seven, chicken wings, settled on a bed of potatoes and onions are cooking nicely in the oven and a bottle of red opened.  Loads done today and I'll raise a glass to a successful outcome to their investigation of incompetence and I'll get the box of matches ready to resolve the issue in my own way if I don't get the call.... :-/  LN....the aromas from the kitchen seem to be worth checking on....I'm now into a food frame of mind...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 3, 2014, 5:06pm; Reply: 2
Saturday 3rd May

Chicken wings with potatoes and onions done in the oven is worth trying if you want something different.  All that is needed is some mayo and a bottle of the red but don't drink it all or you'll end up asleep on the sofa in front of the fire which is not a bad place to be but not at four in the morning :-/ :-/

Went to bed, woke up at the normal six, back to sleep again and eventually got out at eight thirty which for me is unheard of.  Washed up from last night, put the washing in and checked messages and one from the schoolmaster suggested that he came with his visitor to mine for lunch so there was a swift response to advise him to pick up some fresh bread on the way through and a couple of spicy sausages or alternatively...we could head for Kardjali and go for a chicken lunch.  Advice accepted so showered and shampooed and all I had to do was hang out the washing since there was a glowing ball in the sky for a change despite the cold wind.  The guest viewed the estate and off we set meeting up with another Danish couple who have recently bought a little further south.  Five of us for lunch and they were blown away with the thirty leva bill for two chicken and beers all round.  Quick trip round the market, into the gun shop for more cartridges for my air rifle since they'd all been used by my son in law and grandson so goodness know how I would have coped if I'd had burglars....firstly know how to use the weapon and secondly worry about ammunition... ;) ;)

Parked up the car and I headed over to the M-Tel shop and after explaining to a rather nice young man that I'd spent an hour on the phone yesterday, he confirmed that on Monday the charges would be removed and no debt collection agencies would be beating a path to my door.  Little food shopping in Billa, back home for about four thirty and we sat out with tea and coffees as the clouds came over.  Watched the stork circle and make a landing in the little lake and when my guest had gone I sat out on the balcony waiting for it to continue on its flight path to the next pond but either I missed it or it was full to the gills so to speak with little frogs and too fat to take off. As I sat there I caught Semile and Jaylan's sons driving the sheep home and they do it with such joy for twelve year olds but this time no bicycles and air pistols though that was fun to watch too.

Lit my fire, no supper for me since the chicken is sitting heavily and the beer might help it to go down.  Carrying on with King Arthur and he's doing battle royal up and down the country and it suddenly hit me how differently he is portrayed by the different authors.  Will the real Arthur please stand up!!   Almost eight my time...tonight I shall be in bed at a respectable hour, read for a while and then lights out and hopefully a good sleep....well see though...LN...I might be having visitors myself tomorrow..let's see how it pans out...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 4, 2014, 5:28pm; Reply: 3
Sunday 4th May

Beautiful sleep...woke up at just before seven and went through all what could be nicer.  Very slow start....I heard the rain but didn't bother to get up and look at it but when I did the sun was shining and it was still raining.  Come on's May for goodness sake but having looked at the long range...not good...yes there will be weather...but as for what sort...who can say.  I think it very much depends on where you are and where the clouds decide to dump it.  I want it to go grass is getting longer by the day and the poor old lawnmower is going to struggle I know.

No breakfast apart from a chunk of bun loaf in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other as I went out to view the estate.  Back in and had a few conversations on FB and then it was time to head down to Djebel for my student.  The house was so tidy and it was put down to the fact that the father and the elder daughter are in Istanbul living the high life while those remaining carry the can.  It's holiday time here but some take it before and others after the weekend and some like my other student are lucky enough to get the week off.  We don't have a lesson as such...she practices listening, speaking English and translating it for her mother into Turkish and then the responses back again for me into either Bulgarian or English.  She definitely gets put through her paces.  Fish for lunch with potato salad and banichka and stuffed to the gills so to speak.  Mother was off to a party this afternoon so she got suited and booted for the occasion.  I left at just before was a long session but really enjoyable.

Got some wood in and lit the's seems to go cold in the evening at the moment.  Few more conversations on FB but my visitors didn't arrive so now off to my bath listening while a You Tube mix of Bulgarian music is playing in the background.  Men tomorrow unless the weather proves really useless for outside work....just have to see what tomorrow brings.  Just missed that bloody stork again with the camera as he moved on to his next site....I'll get him or her eventually.....never will get the photo call. beer glass is empty and the bath is full....I'll top up the beer and head for the bathroom...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 5, 2014, 5:37pm; Reply: 4
Monday 5th May

Straight through until six ten this morning...I could get used to this.  Phoned the men at seven twenty and made the wrong decision.  Only a few spots of rain dropped on this idyllic abode, around lunchtime there was a short sharp shower and later but it looks like it might throw it down overnight.  The men were working at the schoolhouse today...they could work inside and as I said, a wrongly calculated guess...I could have had my wall finished. :-/ :-/

Breakfast was a bacon and egg sandwich and it was much more tempting than a bowl of cornflakes which was on the menu but I chose to ignore.  I looked at the excuse for a lawn and got out the trusty mower that Bekir things is much more an ornament than a tool but managed to do the top half of the garden before it gave up the ghost.  It struggled but it wasn't as much cutting it as frightening it into submission and eventually it died for its art.  Phone call from my guests that I expected yesterday and they turned up at just before twelve.  We chewed over the fat as friends do and they left about four thirty and I'm meeting them tomorrow morning on a property search.  The men are off to one of the village celebrations and it's St George's day so where's that flag and flagpole.

As to the weather...that wind is coming from the north and is cold.  The clouds are racing over and I keep reminding myself that it's May but it should cheer up about Wednesday so I'm unreliably informed from the internet...and yes....I did phrase that correctly.  I think I have more faith in my Avatar's cockerel.

Opened the wine tonight since the beer is finished.  Kingdom's lady love has arrived and is now experiencing the chill of Bulgaria after the warmth of Cyprus...I wish her well.  LN....there's no supper on the horizon since I managed to finish the bun loaf this afternoon piggy that I and my book with fifteen percent to go and then on to the next in the series...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 6, 2014, 6:46pm; Reply: 5
Tuesday 6th May

Welcome St George's Day Bulgaria...highly celebrated and more lambs to the slaughter and put on spits that you would care to think about.  Lazy start and I was out viewing properties today with a couple of friends and while I was waiting for them I decided to scythe the grass down to give my lawn mower a rest.  Thank goodness they arrived. I was just getting into the swing but running out of steam... :-/

Off we set and picked up the Librarian and her son so that we could find one of the houses again and find it we did....lots of photos taken and it's one for the shortlist dependent on the price.  Found the one that very nearly ripped out the sump of Beauty the last time I went looking for it and the property agent's car broke down and again that's shortlisted.   On the way back there was a marshy piece of ground and we discovered what we thought to be wild orchids intermingled with the buttercups and loads of frogs doing what frogs do at this time of the year.  On to the next and one that I really liked but not enough land with it for me and finally dropped off the Librarian and then on to Kirkovo to find that it was their holiday day and the fair was in town.  Walked round the market and had lunch, getting home at just on six and the question was...where has the time gone?  Sat down with a coffee and the next minute I have a phone call from the schoolmaster whose car had broken down just north of Kardjali while taking his guest to the airport in Plovdiv.  Too late to get her to the airport so I went to collect and found a field of storks on the way and so a photo shoot was essential.  I got them home at about eight thirty and now home, glass in my hand and feeling guilty about this being so late...still I have a few different photos for you....LN....I better get them posted...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 6, 2014, 6:48pm; Reply: 6
And there's more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 7, 2014, 9:49pm; Reply: 7
Wednesday 7th May

I've had a lovely day with friends and the last thing I wanted to do was finish the conversation and disappear to finish my blog...I will tell the story's worth telling....LN...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 8, 2014, 6:09pm; Reply: 8
Thursday 8th May

So yesterday's stretched out day....friends arrived at about lunchtime and I was digging away trying to remove an old root so that I can get a new tree in.  It was pretty much down tools, coffee provided and I was in rather a heavy discussion with the men about the terrace and where the walls were to go.  I thought it was pretty much laid in stone so to speak but no...they had their own ideas about what would be aesthetically correct.  Off we went to view a property that they'd seen before but Bekir made a phone call and it was arranged for them to go and have another look inside.  Job was a guddun and went to a new restaurant  for me, Romantica, for lunch.  We hadn't been sitting there long when there was quite an intense moment.  A lady walked in with her partner and the waiter immediately came over to our table and started looking around and it transpires that they had set off for Kardjali and when they arrived she realised that she hadn't got her handbag.  Several more joined in 'hunt the bag' but unfortunately nothing came to light.  So we had lunch and left the restaurant and discovered that we had a puncture, quick change of wheel and then back to the garage to have the tyre repaired at a gigantic cost of five four leva.  I stopped off at the garage shop to borrow money to pay the men for last week since all the cash points in Djebel were out of action.  

And back home at just on six to find that the instruction hadn't been followed and I had about two foot of stone walling that was in the wrong there were discussions and my visitors knew to keep their heads down, and the outcome was that the wall was taken apart and the new footings established.  Again it was wrong so it was remeasured and new lines of attack drawn and now everything in the garden will be day.  So in between  them taking it down and putting it up again, I was getting supper underway and getting the veg ready for when I'd dropped the men off.  Seven thirty when they left, eight thirty more or less by the time I got home, straight into finishing supper and so we didn't sit down until about nine thirty and out came the wine.  I'd left the update too late to write anything sensible so hence the garbled quick message but I suppose better late than never.  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 8, 2014, 6:23pm; Reply: 9
Today in pictures

Friends left this morning heading for Greece via a cashpoint and I had my dental appointment at eleven and again was hopeful that one of the three in Djebel were working otherwise I couldn't pay my debts or for my dental treatment.  New kid on the block this morning, it appears that my normal dentist was involved in something more important than a clean and polish but I think I want my original back...please...pretty please.  He was very thorough but there seemed to be an awful lot of blood in the bowl and yes, they look good but everywhere is tender this evening.  Cost for one hour in the chair...twenty leva but unfortunately hiding under the plaque I have three small holes that need attention so back next week to the Butcher of Djebel.  As for the rest of the day...I arrived back and Bekir advised me that we were short of bags of cement so I threw a bit of a wobbly since I'd only just come back from Djebel.  Out with the Beast, I wasn't going to risk Beauty with five bags of cement on the springs.  Work still in progress.  I dropped the men off and lit the fire when I got back.  It's been a beautiful day but the wind still has that chill about it and the temperature's dropped tonight.  Men in the morning and they're finishing early since Bekir is going to an organised hunting course so that he can be out with the guns in the hunting season.  Me thinks he's going up in the world. to post and then an early night for me...this building lark can be a little stressful....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 8, 2014, 6:25pm; Reply: 10
And a couple or three more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 9, 2014, 6:25pm; Reply: 11
Friday 9th May

Slow start to the day.  I woke up at about six thirty but didn't get my act together until I realised that I needed to pick up the men.  I was over to the restaurant early and Bekir came out whistling carrying his bag of clothes for his 'course' later in the day.  I worked out that at some point I would need to get cement so decided that it was better to get into Djebel before we came here and Bekir very kindly went off to get breakfast of Banichkas and a white cheese brioche that I much prefer with yogurt drinks for all of us.  I came out of my student's father's shop and saw Bekir and Sally disappearing towards the market so I followed and ended up buying twelve tomato plants, six cucumbers plants and four peppers.  They were still sitting in the plastic bag at lunch time so Beklir suggested that I put them in but no sooner the word than the blow....he dug over my vegetable patch and in went the plants and dressed with some white stuff that he got from the hardware shop that he said would deliver tomatoes and cucumbers by the next thinks there is a slight exaggeration therein.

So they continued on the terrace steps and at this point in time I can't say that in grand designs they do anything for me.  They are completed, the jury is out and the final decision will be when the cladding comes off.  Bekir went off to his course, his mates picked him up leaving Sally for an hour or so with nothing to do so we set to and dug some of the stones in under the new wall at the front encapsulating the garden where I've planted out the shrubs.  Between us we managed it and he is such an easy person to work with.  He understands stone, splitting it and placing it so easily.  I've just got to lower the level of the drive a little and all will be revealed tomorrow.

Dropped him home about six and headed to Ms Kingdom's house complete with a house-warming gift of a bottle of beer.  I had coffee, she had beer and have just got home.  I've lit the fire and yes I know it's late but it does make a difference especially if you have got cold in someone else's house.  Wine on the go, food to be sourced and all's good in my little world.  I'll do a rain-check on the terrace brain is already working on the 'fix' but I might come round to it eventually. glass is only half full.....never half I'm down to the kitchen...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 10, 2014, 6:04pm; Reply: 12
Saturday 10th May

Very chilled day and not only me....I'm talking about the weather again.  Maybe I'm expecting too much but I bet my next visitor is pleased that I moved him from May to June and so now we keep out fingers crossed.

Managed to get out in the garden for a while and finished off the yard.  Raked it and spread some ballast over it and it's looking very presentable and even swept the shelf that Harold my bronzed hare sits on but still hasn't been visited by my real live one that comes down every morning for his or her breakfast.  Just too quick for the camera though.  If I make any movement on the stairs to get the blasted thing he's off to pastures new so to speak.  Got a load of washing out, the wind was brisk for a while and got it in and on to the airer before it started raining and then I succumbed.  I had no intention of lighting the fire but when I came to sit and read for a while I gave in and got it going.  Cooked a Weiner Schnitzel for lunch but have been suffering all's lying a little heavy.

Settled down at about two thirty with a Sudoku and yes you've guessed it...there was a moment when I could see the numbers and then the eyelids headed southwards and off I went but was awakened just after three by the schoolmaster who'd popped round to drop off some rooting gel which is one up from the stuff that I used in England.  We walked the garden once I'd managed to get him a tea, we surveyed the wall and both reckon that once the wood comes off it should work.  We sat out in the sun for a while while the thunder thundered ever so gently in the distance and that like everything today came to nothing.  A little sun, a little rain, a little cold wind and a little thunder.  He left around five clutching some zinnia seeds with the intention of going back to plant a tree or at least dig out a big enough hole to take a reasonably sized tree.  Good luck with tree stump is still waiting Bekir's chain saw so maybe Monday if the weather is kind and they can work.

No supper for me...still stuffed from lunch.  In for a chilled evening with Mr Lawford, Arthur and Merlin and an early night.  LN...and I promise photos tomorrow or the newly created Harold domain... LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 11, 2014, 5:39pm; Reply: 13
Sunday 11th May

Well the weather was so good this morning that I cancelled my student and decided that the garden was the place to be and so it was.  I dug, planted out my shrubs, turned over behind the bench and generally sorted the corners.  I'd got several plants that were still as they came from the market garden and needed love and attention and today they got it.  Several more cuttings taken now that I've had a delivery of rooting gel...let's make use of it.  The veg garden is now planted up with broad beans, carrots and red cabbage and if any one asks how day I might tell them....about ten heads.

Breakfast was a huge mound of bacon having managed to get to half packs opened.  Fried bread and egg and that almost did me until seven thirty and then it was into the freezer again and fish fingers and potato wedges raised their little heads and have just been demolished with the statutory mayo and tomato sauce.  Little visit from my first tortoise this morning ...little soul hugged the hedgeline and disappeared into the field.

As for the was too hot outside and I'm not complaining but sensible so in I came and settled on the sofa in the lounge with the Kindle but that lasted for about ten minutes and off I went.  Is it an age thing?   I don't know..but I felt so much better for it and I do start at six. I also found my embroidery that I brought out from the UK and found it was quite restful and soothing....could make a change from getting stuck into a book.

Placido is singing his little heart out tonight ....I'm about to get a red on the go....It's amazing how a change in the weather lifts the spirit...LN.....I'm switching off and relaxing for the evening...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 12, 2014, 5:42pm; Reply: 14
Monday 12th May

Early morning start after last night's chilled evening...five thirty and I was back with Mr Lawford and I've got about twenty five minutes of the book left according to my Kindle countdown.  Didn't manage to finish it, off to get the men and I had Ms Kingdom to pick up for a morning's shopping in Djebel.  Beautiful morning though but it's been a day of variances.  The wind was a little chilly, thunder has been heard to rattle round this evening and now it looks like rain over Momchilgrad and it might even be heading this way.

Stopped for a coffee at home and then we headed into town and first job was to show her the internet shop and to pick up her receipt for her six months of internet.  The two men that did mine came out the day after she arrived after I'd prepped them, she'd paid them since normally you get three days to pay but she has no car at present, and the receipt was ready and waiting for her.  They're really a good bunch.  Quick trip to the market, I bought some more coffee for the lads and a new dibber for my plants in since I can't find my old one.  I got another couple of plants, an oleander and a bottle brush both of which are not frost harder and will need to come in for the winter.  Off to the supermarket where we both filled up with essentials, like beer, and on the way home my phone went and the Librarian informed me that she was sitting on my terrace awaiting my return.  We sat around in the sun and had a coffee and at about two she was heading home and I realised that she could give Ms Kingdom a lift to save her waiting around for me to take the men home.  Result....I had the intention of getting down to finish my book but that never happened...the terrace was finished, I started digging out ready to get some plants in and realised that there was a whole load of damp cement under the top soil.  That was my job and I chose to accept it.  My tree root is out, the men have started clearing for the new wall and terrace at the back of the workshop and then we won't start again until October.  Pictures of the wall will be included was too late when I got back.

More guests arrived while I was sitting having afternoon coffee with the men, they are now fed and watered or red wined and beered and I'm about to get back to my book, eventually, for that last twenty five minutes before I move on to the fifth in the Pendragon glass is in need of a top up and I'm down to play 'hostess' with the 'mostest'....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 13, 2014, 6:41pm; Reply: 15
Tuesday 13th May

So today would have been my forty second wedding anniversary if it had lasted the course.....still in touch with my ex though and we both raise a glass to the occasion.  Why shouldn't we, we have two fabulous kiddiwinkles together....

Five thirty start and Arthur has died and we're now in search of the Holy Grail and thank you Mr Lawford for a fabulous series.  My guests were sleeping the sleep of the just as I set off for my men this morning and they disappeared at about ten and I went to the dentist for eleven.  So there wasn't a lot happening and I waited for the super luxury chair.  My original dentist bade me a good morning and off he went leaving me in the hands of his new apprentice.  Into the chair I got and two hours later after asking me if there was a root canal in the tooth which I was unable to answer, so an x-ray was taken and there wasn't, if there was cement in there, again which I was unable to answer since it was done about thirty years ago and so he proceeded to drill a big hole leaving little of the tooth behind.  There was a lot of pushing and pulling, looping stuff round the cavity filling it and baking it with the hand held and then grinding and removing all of the stuff he'd put in because I was unable to bite because it was so high.  Eventually he said that he had done very bad work that day and that the head of the practice, who is my normal dentist would replace the filling with good work on Friday free of charge.  I said that I thought that excessive and that I would let him look at it and make a decision otherwise he could go ahead and start on another one.  Now everything must be done by the other one... :-/ :-/

Sat with my student's mum and chewed over the fat for an hour or so and back home and the men have worked really hard on the terrace behind the workshop and again it was too late to take photos by the end of the day so tomorrow is a day of photos....promise.  Bekir also informed me that he would not be able to work for the rest of the week since his daughter is getting married on Saturday and he has things to do in the house and lots of guests.  It suits me fine...I have things to do too and a week without the men means that I can get on with what I want to do which is mainly gardening and sorting out the building debris which with the best will in the world accumulates.  

Had a huge bonfire tonight and play was stopped with my guests cooking a mackerel supper with boiled potatoes and salad to wash it down and I've just cleared away and washed up.  There's going to be a late start men and no guests rushing anywhere...LN
Posted by: linda g, May 14, 2014, 4:47pm; Reply: 16
Hi Elsa, SNAP mine too, would have been 36yrs for me if it But did u realise you had put Monday the 12th and Monday :P  Made me laugh, you obviously want to celebrate 2 days in a row.....hehehehehhe.  Love from all...xxxxx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 14, 2014, 7:17pm; Reply: 17
Wednesday 14th May

Thanks Linda for putting me straight and I've made the changes.  I think it's because I have guests here and my head isn't quite where it should be...and love to you all.... ;) ;)

What a panic this men so it was a slow start but at nine twenty five Hacebar was at my door pushing her telephone in my hand and asking me to call a taxi.  Her son who was catching the ten o'clock bus to Istanbul had forgotten his man-bag with his passport and all his documents and I suddenly realised that if we called a taxi it wouldn't make it in time.  So into the car we trundled holding the bag and set off for a speedy trip to Kardjali getting there with eight minutes to the departure time.  So I stood in the bus station looking for someone looking for me and there was nobody looking in the least bit perturbed so I headed for the ticket office and explained my problem to a young lady who promptly took me to the correct office for the bus company.  She opened the bag and took out the passport and went on to the four buses bound for Turkey and tried to see if the man was on the bus but wasn't.  I got the impression that she thought I'd found the bag and was trying to return it.  As the minutes ticked away, a taxi came screaming into the bus station and we spotted each other ....Hacebar's son is the one that brings me ginger biscuits from Sweden so the office person gives him his passport but he is now worried where is the bag......she explained that it was in the office so off they went and I saw bus beginning to pull away from the bay and put up my hand to stop it and was helped by the first lady and so they both returned from the office, him clutching his bag and her demanding to see his ticket before she's let him on and off he went thanking me greatly for the effort involved and he'd now get his flight to Sweden which is where he works.  

So back home...Hacebar is almost in tears that we made it and he was safely on the bus.  Her donation to charity was refused and I've told her that he has to bring more ginger biscuits with him next time he comes over.  Over to the school masters at lunchtime with my guest meeting up with his guest.  They all know each other from the internet but had not met face to face so it was strange sort of gathering.  Lunch at one of the local restaurants, back home for about four thirty and I went gardening while the others got their heads down for a couple of hours, went out with my camera and who should I spot than one of the local lads driving his father's tractor.  Little star he is and gave me a big wave.  Gouldjan arrived and gave me a little present that she'd brought back from Varna and while we sat on the terrace, my dentist and friend arrived and informed me that my original dentist that was going to do the repair job had a course so couldn't keep the appointment so another has been made for next week.  What brilliant service. ;) ;

Beautiful moon tonight but we did have a heck of a shower earlier but it saved me watering the garden and the plants that I potted up this afternoon.  I've had a good day and should sleep well tonight.  LN....down to chat for a while and then to bed...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 15, 2014, 5:06pm; Reply: 18
Thursday 15th May

Seven ten start and slept really well.  Makes such a difference and showered, shampooed and out to the bonfire not that it makes much sense, to take it all apart to get rid of a bag containing the rest of the fish bones from the other night.  It had to be burnt otherwise the cats would have had a field day but there was a bit of a wind blowing despite the fact that the sun was shining, hence the taking it apart.  Off at nine thirty this morning over to the school master while my guest had an away day visiting local archaeological sites and ethnographic towns.

Over to the electrical wholesalers, all the stuff purchased for the school masters renovations and I managed to save them some cash by using my supplier.  The lovely lady in there was apologising that her English was not up to standard since she is now having to learn Greek to service the number of new customers from the other side now that the new road is open.  We had a funny moment when I started to translate from the English to Bulgarian for the English visitors and she complemented me on my translation capabilities even though they were the wrong way round and we both laughed at it.  I think they appreciate that I was bringing in other people to use their store.  

Back to the school for lunch and then into Kardjali again to collect the rest of the items that were forgotten from the list.  Finished at the local Kaufland and bought potting compost and several new plants for the garden for under the new terrace wall.  Home guest are back from their travels.  Fire lit, supper cooking and the beer and wine are on the go.  It's been a very restful day....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 16, 2014, 6:18pm; Reply: 19
Friday 16th May

Up with the lark this morning and out in the garden by six thirty.  I was determined to clear the bed to the side of the frog garden of bindweed and when I started digging I found that there were lots of marigold seedlings.  I rescued what I could and all replanted but this time in a more orderly fashion and those I didn't have room for are destined for the front wall.  The new conifer for the new terrace wall still needs to be planted out but I've worked out the design now for the area between the new terraces but it looks like tomorrow is fully loaded with activity.  

My guests left at around ten thirty after we'd breakfasted and I set to with washing the bedding so that I could make it up for the Librarian for tonight.  The sun did show its face for the first few hours today but then the wind got up and the clouds came over again.  I managed to get rid of the tree debris that Sally and Bekir had provided me with on Monday but there was a tremendous gale that lasted for about three minutes and then everything went calm again.  It was almost like the one that took out the trees from my garden a few months ago.  Got the lawnmower out and shoved it around over the long grass and managed to get through a little more but it does need the strimmer over it.  Trouble is that it is still so wet underneath and it makes it impossible to do.

Over to the Librarians this afternoon to collect her as she's stopping the night and we're off to Kardjali at the crack of sunrise so that she can get the six o'clock bus to Sofia and then onwards to London.  She's really looking forward to seeing her family....The remains of last night's curry has managed to feed two of us and the washing up can wait.  Emaula has been round and invited me to the prayer ceremony for his grandmother tomorrow but unfortunately I am off to Bekir's daughters wedding at twelve so can't manage both...What a popular girl I am.

The alarms have been set for four thirty and hopefully into the car for around five.  So early to bed for both of us with Kindles....LN....I think I'll be off as soon as my head touches the pillow tonight...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 17, 2014, 4:30pm; Reply: 20
Saturday 17th May

Alarm bells rang at four fifteen this morning...mine went off and the Librarian's failed miserably but I was there to see that everything went like clockwork.  I did the washing up from last night at four thirty this morning, got coffee and tea underway and at five we were in the car and heading for Kardjali.  Dawn was breaking in the eastern sky and we made the bus station in good time.  She was allocated seat number eight, and off she went making her way to the airport.  I tried to phone her but I think she was out of range which is surprising considering the number of times I've been on that bus and phones keep going off but anyway it's not important...I've had no 'please collect me' so I'm assuming all went to plan.  Driving home the sky was indescribable but I'll try.  There were vivid red streaks and a mottling effect interspersed with the grey of rain clouds and the almost full moon was covered in a thin layer of pink cloud.  So where was my camera...sitting at home and has done for the rest of the day as I even forgot to take it with me when I went to the wedding.

Home for six fifteen and I headed for my bed after I'd put the overnight washing on the airer but I knew that I was on a hide into nowhere.  My solution was to run a bath and relax in there for a while and after soaking and generally saturating myself I got out and it was...nine fifteen.  Too late to sleep and too early to get ready but I played a few games of sudoku having not bothered for a few days, dried my hair, sat in the sun coming through the balcony terrace door and read for a while catching up on Merlin and the Holy Grail.  Nails done, make up done and after several changes of outfits settled for black trousers and top and emerald green jacket, one of my finds from my other favourite shop.  Set off and arrived on time and was greeted by Bekir and allocated a seat with his family and his niece, who speaks English and her one year old little girl.  There were about one hundred and sixty guests at the venue and dear Bekir was rushing around making everything OK.  Sally was there and we had a few words.  I knew a lot of the guests since they are from Bekir's village and I wave to quite a few of them every morning. Mrs Bekir gave me a hug and was pleased that I'd made it and I gave her one because I was pleased that I'd been invited to share a family occasion.  At one point thought Bekir did say that it was too noisy and he had no opportunity to get his head down for a few minutes.  I did suggest under the table but there were too many people keeping tabs on him.

Bulgarian wedding are all back to front compared to the English.  Everybody gathers, the couple dance, the rest start up and this goes on for about an hour to very loud music.  Next the couple get covered in money by the guests and finally everyone gets up for a photoshoot with the happy couple.  Bekir insisted that I have a photograph taken and his niece used her camera and he suggested that Sally was included which I wholehearted agreed with.  Unfortunately Sally sat on the floor so you might only catch his head.  His niece is going to email me the'll just have to wait.

Left at about three thirty and Bekir took me to my car and setting off I saw two men from their village and picked them up and it was obvious that they had had a little more than Fanta and Coke on their table.  I shouted to Sally to get a tin of yellow paint...I really must paint my car yellow... ;) ;)

Stopped off at Ms Kingdom's on the way back and arranged Mondays lamb bash at Djebel's fete worse than death.  On to FB and all the other bashers have been given instructions.  As I are to follow but I've had a brilliant day....just a shame that it was such an early start but I wouldn't have see the morning sky if I'd have been lingering in my pit.  LN....I'm now settling into the bottle of beer that I gave to Annie a couple of days ago....I said I'd run out and we've now decided that we'll always have a travelling bottle....LN
Posted by: theroo, May 18, 2014, 5:14pm; Reply: 21
Hey, I have been tasked with the simple job of saying "panic ye not, there are interweb issues over at castle elsa and she'll be with you all soonest".
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 19, 2014, 4:27pm; Reply: 22
Monday 19th May

So yesterday I was working away on my pc and the internet went off.  I scrabbled around and rebooted the pc and the router and ....nothing.  Everything was telling me that I was connected but that the security side of the connection just wasn't happening.  I phoned Theroo to see if he was up and running and he didn't go off line, or so he said today until ten last night but was up and running this morning where mine wasn't.  Picked up Ms Kingdom for a day in Djebel for the fete day and checked my Kindle on her connection and it went in straight away.  Into the shop, she checked the connection and said that there didn't appear to be a problem but said that she would send the men out this afternoon.  As it happened, no one came but the problem was definitely at their end and was obviously fixed when there were lots of error reports.  All back to normal... ;)

Met up with Theroo and his guest in Djebel and we walked the market, listened to the speeches, had a coffee and moved on to the spitted lamb and bought a kilogram of the stuff, bought as ready cooked chicken, headed to the supermarket and bought salad stuff, fresh bread, beer and wine and back to mine for a long lunch.  Tasty, very tasty and we sat out in the sun for the rest of the afternoon and they left about forty minutes ago.  I offered supper but I think we were all stuffed from lunch and it would have been gluttonous to do so.

Lovely evening...washing up all done and no beds to change...tomorrow is likely to be a day without the men since Bekir still has his family over from Turkey for the wedding.  Sally might work as there are things he can do on his own but I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings...Bekir might even want to get out from under everyone's feet.  I'm still waiting for my emailed copies of the wedding photos...I promise to post as soon as they arrive...LN...all my guests have gone and so out with the bottle...heads or or wine?  The beer has it...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 20, 2014, 4:42pm; Reply: 23
Tuesday 20th May

Beautiful start to the morning and I posted the pickie on Facebook stating that it was a lovely morning to wake up to and it was.  Bekir phoned at six forty to tell me that he couldn't work and I anticipated it ...he has so many of his family over from Turkey that he has to give them some attention.  He did sound pretty groggy this morning though so perhaps they're still celebrating the wedding.  

I read for a while this wasn't that I couldn't get motivated but you have to imagine the task in hand first and then work up the enthusiasm.  So I sat imagining the task and then set to and I came in at about seven this evening having done everything that I set out to do and more.  The new terrace wall is planted up with tobacco, white poppy seeds and Peppie's white flowers which have yet to be named, the zinnias that are only babies have been replanted and the rest are sitting in soil waiting to be put round the rother flower beds. The marigolds are in, the little fir tree is in and I've done good to speak.  I also tackled the tomb garden and got rid of the mound of soil that was left over from the excavation of the old tree stump but that's about it for now over there.

As for the weather.  It was a cold start, warmed up pretty well and I was out there in t-shirt until I squirted cherry juice all down the front of it and being pale pink it will never be the same.  I washed it in the outside sink using soap, rinsed it but it's still there.  That should teach me that I should put the cherry in whole and not bite into it.....doh...Lunch prior to the catastrophe was tuna mayo with the remains of the potato salad but I couldn't get into it since the tuna was in brine so out it went for the cats   :-/ :-/

Worked in the garden for the rest of the afternoon.  Got the lawn mower out at about five thirty and have reclaimed some of the field to be more like a lawn.  It's just hard work on the lawn mower and it's still pretty damp underneath and again we've had a sprinkling of rain.  I shall have to stand in the garden and shout at the top of my voice that it's summer and hope someone up there takes some notice.

Supper is going to be what I can find....It's seven thirty five now so I'm relaxing after I've put the tools and the lawn mower away.  Tomorrow I've got the dentist at ten thirty to repair the damage that the newby did but to be honest, it seems to be OK and I think he's being a little paranoid....I do bad work....let me beat myself up... :-/ :-/

LN....Crickets are belting out tonight despite the rain....and I'm off to the kitchen...I'm hungry...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 21, 2014, 6:17pm; Reply: 24
Wednesday 21st May

Well I've had a wonderful, fabbidosa, happening day.  Morning was so chilled...I went out on the balcony from my bedroom and took a video and posted it to facebook and the birdsong was just magnificent.  So many different out there at that time of the morning and brilliant to wake up to.  Out into the garden at six thirty and dug over the lower flower bed and distributed the soil that I dumped yesterday so that they all got some of it.  It's one of those flower beds that was part and parcel of dumping the house spoil in the initial build so maybe I'm putting some of the goodness back.

Over to pick up the men at just after seven thirty and it was a toss up as to whether I went and paid my bill for the cement blocks and cement for the new wall and patio build...but Bekir had to pay the balance on the wedding so we decided to get it off our backs.  We were invited to coffee free of charge and I should hope so to...we are good customers in one way and another.  

So back to mine and the men continued with the wall build digging and thrashing about and I got myself ready for my expert dentist to make sure that the other one had done a reasonable job.  I arrived at the allotted hour and was put in the big chair and I don't really like the look in his eyes and he slaps on the rubber gloves and mask.  Any way a little drilling and bite, bite, bite and my bite is now restored to as it was.  I declined any further treatment...that can come when I have pain.

Men carried on clearing and and I thought they'd struck the polythene mine but the decided to cut and burn and there was one hell of a fire but I left it in their capable hands.  The spoil has been distributed around the garden to level off the lower areas and I decided that the lawnmower was to be my faithful friend and we worked together until I ran out of benzine....and none in reserve.  I did managed to clear most of the little house lawn/field and tomorrow ...little by little I should manage to get most of it down.  It's still very damp underneath but clearing it will do wonders.  So I was now without something to occupy me so I turned my attention to the other part of my vegetable garden which had been commandeered by weeds.  It is not cleared.  I took the men home and went back to work on it coming in at eight thirty tonight and still clutching my beer glass that had been my faithful companion since I'd returned home.

Just had a visitor...Emula has been sent to advise me that there is a bit of a party and prayers going on tomorrow for the village and I've been invited.  It's up at out little mosque and I think I shall be there for the benefit of my soul but this time with headscarf at the ready.  Rice and meat after the prayers have been lunch for me and the boys.  I'm now going to say goodnight...I don't want supper, I had cheeses on toast at lunchtime and the need is not there.....Nine ten my time...soon time for bed and I go with a serene outlook on my men have achieved and so have I....LN....I'll pray for you tomorrow...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 22, 2014, 5:14pm; Reply: 25
Thursday 22nd May

Early start again and I am quite used to switching on the light, making coffee and then going back to bed with Merlin.  I'm on the last book but this seems to have taken a turn and now is up to the modern day if not a little into the future but I seem to have two versions of the same book and don't ask me how I managed to achieve it.  The Kindle gave me a preface to the book...the old Kindle didn't and it was only when I started to read it on the other that I noticed the difference.  Now synchronised and all is back to normal :-/ :-/

Over to pick up the men and this morning they are working on the rest of the wall and terrace while I go and say my prayers at the little mosque.  I decided to put on a headscarf out or respect and didn't get recognised initially.  I sat on the floor initially in the vestibule with some of the ladies but was invited inside to sit on the floor with the rest of the ladies from the village.  The men and the two Hodjas were behind the curtain and for the next hour and a half the two Hodjas sang their little socks off with the ladies joining in with the refrains.  I've got the hang of most of it by now and recognise the prayers knowing when to slip in the odd Ameen.  There was an awkward moment when I was trying to juggle a plastic cup and serviette when a lady came round with some hand freshener in a bottle and I got liberally sprayed more or less from head to foot with rose water.  I actually think it overpowered the Samsara.  So out came lunch in the shape of rice and meat with a bottle of juice and a chocolate slice of cake wrapped in plastic and we all sat around eating our fill when the Hodja suddenly started up again and we were singing along, touching our hearts and wiping our faces and then it finished as soon as it started and we carried on eating.  We all trooped out...there was lots of rice and meat left in the cauldron but I declined the offer of some for the house having been told that Bekir had made his own way to the venue and retrieved enough for himself and Sally and not a prayer crossed their lips.

Into Djebel to get benzine for the lawn mower and set to this afternoon to continue retrieving my garden from the clutches of nature.  I worked away and noticed that the sky to the east was getting rather black and there was a rumble of thunder in the jungle so I put the mower away and suddenly the heavens opened.  Now after all my prayers this morning it wasn't a nice thing to happen but it really stopped play.  The men came in, it literally poured out of the sky and hale covered the patio.  The guttering was overflowing and as suddenly as it started it stopped.  Meanwhile back in the little house....we decided that the walnuts collected last year were still fair game and we sat around eating them until it had really stopped.

So men back to work for a short while, I went back on the internet since the computer was shut down during the home and not a drop landed in their village.  So much for praying to the Almighty...they get rice and no rain.  LN....I've lit a fire and about to jump in the shower and just noticed that the Bea-eaters are back, doing aerodynamics and adorning the electricity cables....need to get out the doom lens....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 23, 2014, 3:34pm; Reply: 26
Friday 23rd May

Five start and then turned over and it was almost seven....those are the sort of mornings I like.  After yesterday's downpour and me leaving the sunroof open for part of the storm I ended up this morning with a little wet bot when I collected the men.  It was fairly misty on the way over and then patches of really hot sun leaving steam on the road making it it more misty.  At one point though I wasn't sure if it was inside or outside so I got the heater on to dry up my immediate environment... :-/

Last night there was a family keeping vigil on a donkey that they though had been struck by a of its back legs was bandaged and I think they were waiting for the vet.  I saw the farmer still sitting there when I came back last night but this morning on the way over I looked out for it and it was lying down.  I carried on to the men but on the way back I slowed down so that we could have a good luck and the donkey is no more.  Bet no one reported hitting it!! :-/ :-/

So what have the men done today?  Still wall building and we're now up to the third course on top of the stone-concrete wall.  I was very tempted to have it all stone again but I remembered that it's a wall off the workshop that's to keep the cows out and the neighbours from looking in and has to be five feet or so tall.  It's functional not artistic and cheaper than stone work.  I"ve been out sorting out the stretch of ground between the house and the stone wall but it all came to a halt when the wind got up, the clouds came over and the rain came down but this time only briefly.  I took to the activity centre with my book and just as my eyes were beginning to close I forced myself to get back to work since it was only a brief downpour.  Repotted my azalea that's looking a little sorry for itself and the hibiscus is in a bigger pot since the wind kept blowing it over.  

Men about to be taken home...think I need a quiet night I'm bush wacked....LN..I have men calling...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 24, 2014, 6:04pm; Reply: 27
Saturday 24th May

Well last night I had a request for two showers from the school master and his guest.  His water has been off for two days but I berated them for not bringing towels.  Apparently the guest had said do we take them and the response was that it would be alright without and it actually wasn't.  I made the point that I would have to wash them once used and unless they saw the sign swinging in the evening glow which read...Public Baths...they should have put their thinking heads on.  So I made them wait while I had what was left of the hot water and we headed into Djebel for supper.  Back home for ten thirty and we sat up until twelve and off they went.  His guest was leaving for Sofia this morning and four hours on a bus without a shower wouldn't have gone down well... :-/

Reasonable start this morning but it was a bit of a cloudy and I couldn't seem to get started.  I had a bonfire and chopped back some of the bushes near the tomb garden that were keeping the sun off the new shrubs that I've put in but by twelve I was reading and ready to get my head down lying down on the lounge sofa.  The door to the terrace was open and I was awakened but a funny sensation.  There was a throbbing coming through the sofa mattress and being half asleep I got up and closed the door thinking that the wind had got up.  There were a couple of cracks from the stairs and the front door and I noticed that one of my tea light ornaments was swinging violently so I stopped it , wondered what the heck was going on but then it all subsided and I tried to work out if it was part of a dream I was having.  Eventually came to enough to get on to the internet and check out and type in 'earthquakes' and was directed to a site and yes, we'd just had one.  I wondered if that was the reason that I'd felt unusual this morning and just couldn't settle to anything, the last one that I'd experienced was in Gibraltar but a long time ago  ..

So excitement over....I went out to sit out with my book but the urge to get on came over me and the lawnmower came out yet again to get on with reclaiming my garden from nature which I did until it started to rain.  It wasn't a lot but enough for me to have the excuse to put it away and another couple of days and it will be mine all mine again until the next time.

Supper was gammon with potato wedges with a little beer to help it down and now I'm back to my book six of the Pendragon series.  I'm not sure about this one....I feel the author was very good at dialogue in King Arthur's Britain but he hasn't quite got the touch for twenty first century members of Parliament and 'touch your forelock people'.  I can live with it...there is supposed to be a twist and I'll see it out.  LN....what and exciting day but it makes me realise how fragile is the earth's crust...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 25, 2014, 4:07pm; Reply: 28
Sunday 25th May

One of those nights where you wake up on the hour every hour and I was so pleased to see a seven on the clock so that I could get up and start anything.  I made a coffee, walked the estate and sat outside reading but the sun just wanted to stay behind a streak of white could so I gave up and settled in the lounge.  I really don't see the point of freezing just to get fresh air when I can sit inside, open the door and take a few deep breaths.  

Cleared out the old bread from the kitchen that had tinges of mould on it....I can't stand the smell and I know some people pair it down but not for me....out it went on to the hillside for the animals and birds.  I thought about steak for breakfast and realised that I really wasn't that hungry so got washed and dressed after doing the Daily Mail sudoku and set off for my student getting there just after ten thirty having been stopped on the way by Emula who wanted me to pick up some cigarettes for him from Djebel as he was on European election duty at the Kmet's office.  I did explain that I wouldn't be back until three ish but he was fine with that.  Mother was working in the garden and father was sitting out directing operations.  He's a man and he's had an operation...I will say no more.  Lunch today was chicken livers with onions and a bowl of home made yogurt to follow and we were just finishing off when guests arrived.  It happened to be my Avatar's brother and his wife along with their grandson and they proudly told me that he had received a cash award for being the top student in Kardjali.  He's off to Sofia in October to study computer engineering.  When introduced they said that my Avatar had told them that she had an English neighbour and they said that they were pleased to meet me and now were able to put a face to a name.

Home for three just as the heavens were about to open again.  I stopped off and bought the cigarettes and as I approached the office I put my hand to my mouth as if I'd forgotten them and the look of exasperation on his face was classic.  I wound down the window and he asked me if I had forgotten and I smiled and handed them to him...relief washed over him.

Washing in before the deluge which lasted for about five minutes, thunder was rattling around but seems to have stopped and I sat out and finished my book.  Arthur is king.....and Merlin is still knocking around.

I'm about to head to the kitchen and flash fry fillet steak and serve it with chippies and a couple of eggs.  I might even run to sliced fried onions with it and I'm now starting to drool....LN....I have things to do which involves a cooker and a corkscrew...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 26, 2014, 7:31pm; Reply: 29
Monday 26th May

And yes I know that I'm late but the men worked until they could do no more today.

Six o'clock start this morning and sat out and watched the sun come up but again there was that band of cloud that kept the warmth from filtering through.  Wrote my 'To Do' list out this morning before I went to pick up my loyal companions and they seemed full of beans but there was no early morning tobacco for Sally and his was so damp overnight that there was no way they could have picked it.  So they started straight away with the wall but at about nine thirty Bekir wanted a pow-wow.  I'd heard him talking to the lady who has the vegetable garden next to my land but thought they were just passing the time of day but no, this was serious stuff.  Her and her husband had watched the footings going in and had said not a word about where it was all happening and even suggested that it we wanted to chop trees down to make life easier then it was OK with them.  Marvellous what one extra day will do but this morning's beef was that the oak tree that I thought I'd won was being reclaimed.  Various suggestions were put forth by Bekir which was to take down the existing wall and move it so that it was now in line with where they wanted the new boundary.  I put forward my suggestions that we left it where it was so that I didn't have to shell out extra money for extra work.  Bekir's compromise was to put a dog leg in in and bring it back in line but because there are lots of trees in the way it was impossible to run a line down to the bottom boundary to see whether we were right or wrong.  So the upshot is...they keep the oak, I keep the dog-leg and they live with it as it stands...which is now six foot high from my side.  I look forward to the rest of the wall building in September.....I might be making a new claim on that oak.

Onto the sunbed this lunchtime while Bekir snoozed on the grass under the cherry and Sally sat and pondered the new wall.  Off with the t-shirt and down to my undies rolling up my shorts so that at least I didn't get a variety of tide marks which is easily done in this heat.  So back to it working on the wall garden but by about three the clouds had rolled in, there was thunder in them there hills and down came the rain, but ever so lightly for about an hour.  It was on and off, I had a brief interlude inside but back to it and it started to come down slightly heavier but I stayed with it and at least it wasn't cold today and no hail stones.

Men were late leaving so over to theirs for just before seven and decided to visit Ms Kingdom to check that she was OK and invite her to the builder's yard tomorrow for a look at the different types of wood.  Arrangements made, I'll pick her up before the men tomorrow and drop her off on our way back to mine after we've replenished the metal for the top of the wall.  Got home just before nine.... supper was a potato, onion and cheese omelet ...went down well and now I'm thinking of getting my little head's been another busy day...and could be the same tomorrow...LN :-/

Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 27, 2014, 5:48pm; Reply: 30
Tuesday 27th May

Up at five and put the washing in so that it would go in at night rate and out for six....Went back to bed and started reading another Rutherford because it seemed the most interested loaded onto the Kindle but I must look for more.  The 'New Forest' is closely following on from his 'Sarum" and I think I need a break from the phrases and descriptions...overload.

So off to pick up the men but went into Djebel to get some cash before I set off to but the metal to go in the rest of the wall.  I was picking up Ms Kingdom and yes I could have asked her for a sub until tonight but that's not off to the cashpoint and one one didn't work but managed to get enough for what I wanted.  Mrs KD was waiting and picked up the men and over to the suppliers and Bekir advised her and ordered what she wanted...he's such a good bloke at organising.  Dropper her off, hers is delivered by lorry on Friday...mine was put in the boot of Beauty and the men were having to mind their was an accident waiting to happen but it didn't.

Men were busy with the wall and I decided to clear out the porch and tomorrow the weather shield comes down and there is a new welcome mat being installed.  The raised plinth means that the dust settles underneath but I need to amend the existing with a few nails and more long planks.  The rest of the day was taken up with using wood preservative on the antique stuff that I have around and black paint on the metal and to finish it off Emula arrived clutching what he said at first was a pottery family heirloom but we managed to get out of him that it came from a house that he demolished so he wanted twenty leva and Bekir told him that it was too much and despite the fact that I like it and would have paid it, Bekir wouldn't let me and we settled for fifteen but bear in mind that he still owes me the balance on the ciggies that I got him on Voting he got sixteen for it.

As per normal the weather disintegrated this afternoon.  I was working in the garden and have coloured up beautifully but the clouds came over and the rain set in about three thirty and hung around until the end of the day with the thunder rumbling in the background....Don't know the answer to won't ask the question.

Men home...Emula is working tomorrow moving the tiles to near the outside toilet and digging the trench for the roof downpipes and stacking them near my little house garden.  We'll see how much he achieves before he wears us all out with his chatter.  Robbie Williams was playing tonight but for some reason he doesn't want to go on to the next track....Fire is going and there's really no need but the smell of wood smoke is worth the cost of lighting it...I cooked a spicy sausage at about four so no need for food tonight....I'll settle for a little mastica tonight...LN....I'm down to sort out Robbie...I wish...LN
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And there's more
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Wednesday 28th May

Just before seven when I came to this morning and out with a coffee to view the estate but it was a little nippy and damp out there.  The sun was struggling hard but there were several layers of mist around.  Off to collect the men and by the time that I came back it had burnt off and it's been a beautiful day with only a few mounting clouds this afternoon and the odd rumble of thunder.  Now the men have this theory....they weren't mixing cement today and it was just prep work and shifting stuff and they reckon it only rains when we are laying concrete and to date that's been the case.  So on that theory it will rain tomorrow...they have a lot to lay.  Emula's job was to move the old roof tiles and they have been put on a concrete slab next to the outside toilet and handy for when we decide that the outside toilet should be a pretty little thing with a tiled roof and the thing should flush.  But it's way down the list of essentials. ;)

Had a little trip into Djebel to get some junction pipes for the water course and the outside sink fittings and so I made use of the opportunity and paid my home phone bill after being threatened with excommunication.  I am now a fully paid up member and can't wait to see if the discount of one leva is applied to my next account...Also went into the one leva shop and managed to pick up some new biros since everyone that I seem to pick up to use never seems to work.....but ten for about eight pence is about right.  Also came back with a huge new plant that is supposed to flower all through the season but I must remember to bring it in for the little house is going to be full me thinks.

Facebook message for some strimmer cable from Ms Kingdom and I delivered some that I had in my workshop but much too thick so I'll do it in Kardjali when I'm there tomorrow.  Men home, IU had to carry on to Djebel for fuel so that I can pick the men up in the morning, two spicy sausages with a fried egg for supper washed down with a little beer.....I'm tired tonight and I've just realised how late it is so I'll say goodnight after I've posted to the big city tomorrow...LN
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Thursday 29th May

Early start...five thirty out on the terrace and wondering why but made my coffee, the sun was coming up and the birds were singing and I reckon I now know was a beautiful start to the day.  Into the shower and hair was my day in the big city so wanted to look my best....and that's a joke but it was important to smell good.  Over to the men....Sally wasn't able to play today...he had taken his wife to the hospital because of a bad back and I remarked to Bekir that it wasn't September and the tobacco finished so he had no right to take up doctor's time.  Having spoken to my Avatar this evening...apparently the polyclinic is rampant with people with bad everythings and she herself appears to be suffering and is due at the clinic any day now.  Fortunately her daughter in law is here so she will get it sorted... :-/ :-/  Not down to me this time.

So as for my day.  I left the Bekir and Emula knowing that they knew what they were doing for the day and I went over to the schoolmasters, we headed into Kardjali to sort out his residency documents and that involved a translator.  I spoke about one of the daughters from the hotel that I used to stay at and that she does translation and blow me down but she was the one that the schoolmaster was using today but she was a little expensive.  I think fifty five leva for about one and a half hours work in anybody's book is expensive and she suggested that when my residency needs updating in July I go to her office and she will organise it.  On your bile sweetie...I can do it myself since mine is just an update.  We didn't do too much in town....over to my bed shop and he bought a mattress and once it was strapped on the roof of the jeep we headed to his place.

Hope for about three and I was so tired I started a sudoku and I fell asleep doing in  while the men worked away.  Four thirty I came to and made them coffee and set about with the lawn mower to try to break the back of what was left but ended up with the scythe ...the grass is really is so long.  The school master arrived at five thirty having taken one of his cars into the garage and he was on his way to take the Librarian's son home, dropped off a chair that I have acquired and I had arranged that since he was passing Bekir's door he could do me a favour.  Soi while they had coffee, the men and I had beer since no one was driving...Job was a guddun. ;)

Lit a fire when they had all gone.  The chair is now installed in the hall just in case it rains and I'm told that there is a sofa to go with it that might be here tomorrow....and why not.  Feeling very chilled but knowing that I have a guest next week tomorrow is going to be a day of cleaning and preparation.  I've yet to move my bedroom upstairs leaving my winter bedroom free for my guest who prefers a cool dark den...

Now down to the kitchen to find something to nibble on.  We has lunch in town so there's no real need...just a yearning...LN....a very chilled day and loads achieved by the men...LN
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Friday 30th May

Early start and so much so that I was knacked by about ten.  I called in at Ms Kingdoms to deliver the strimmer cable this morning and she said that we'd had one hell of a storm last night.  Now I'd heard the rumble in the jungle just before I laid my weary head on the pillow but that was as far as it went.  She said that she'd thought about my concrete where I hadn't and yes... the plastic buckets were full of water and it really must have been a downfall.  So checked out the damage with Bekir and all that was amiss was there was a little patch missing where they hadn't put the downpipes in and it had poured down.  Easily repaired and it was ...I also have a window ledge where there was nothing before and the outside of the wall is now faced up as is my side.  Sally had to be inventive with an umbrella though...he used an insulation board balanced on the top of the wall with the weight of the hammer holding it in place.  

I've pottered and pushed in the garden today.  The Vesuvius type mounds are now flat to the earth and I've cleaned out one of the beds near my Tomb garden and that's now seeded with rye grass....The soakaway is now complete in the garden with the addition of two extra lengths of plastic piping and as push came to shove, they'd tidied up most of what they've touched for the last few months.  I had a gardening lesson from Sally and my tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are now strung up awaiting that burst of strength that takes them from being low life to soaring in the upper echelons.  

Men home and paid them for their endeavours this week....Bekir is looking forward to ten days of his own work and then they move on to the Schoolmasters to start knocking seven bells out of his roof.  Supper tonight is chicken wings with thinly sliced potatoes and onions covering them and I'm down for a looks like there is enough for the five thousand....LN....I'm just about so see how much I can manage...LN
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Saturday 31st May

And yes it's raining again and what a miserable morning to wake up to.  So this month is almost over and it would be good if June brings us the sun back.  The view from the desk is just as magical in its own way though.  The way that the clouds rise off the mountains, dissipate and then build somewhere else needs to be checked out regularly.  I sat at my desk this morning and at first it looked like the mist envelope the top of the big pointy one and then it smothered it and went somewhere else.

Took me a while to get going this morning and I put some new curtain rings on the pole in my downstairs bedroom....and started the big clean for my guest who is arriving on Tuesday.  Two loads of washing were done when I saw a glimmer of sun and most of it dry enough to get put on the airer and should be finished by the morning.  I got the scythe out again and cleared some more of the grass...there's only about twenty square meters left to cut down and then when it dries out or should I say, if it dries out, I can get the mower over it.  I threw most of the trimmings over the fence for the animals, there was no way that you could get a fire going.  Finished off the chicken wings from last night for lunch, poodled out in the garden until it started to rain again and there was the odd rumble of thunder and it's starting to get through to me.  Did manage to get some poppy pictures before the rain came down and this is a special one to go with somebody's new d├ęcor.....  ;) ;)

Lit the fire to cheer the place up a bit, cooked beans on toast for supper and promptly lay down on the activity centre and dropped off to sleep which is the result of getting up at five thirty in the morning.  When I eventually came too I thought it must be about two in the morning but it was just after ten so it's probably an early start again tomorrow..  Note to self....get back into the correct sleeping pattern.  LN.....back to my book but this time I'll be in bed if I fall asleep....LN
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