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Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 1, 2014, 6:43pm
Tuesday 1st July

What a start but that man or Iman in the mosque has to turn down the volume and I'm thinking I'll have to have a word.  I also don't understand why it's blasting forth from he valley below and not from the mosque in my village or from the next.  I think he's doing it from his bed and not from the confines of the him the walk... :-/

Over to get my car sorted today and the telephone number for the VAR or (lime and water mix man) so that it can be delivered to the schoolmaster....I drove to the yard, the dogs were barking and nobody was home so I went to his shop where his daughter works and go Bekir to phone him so that it takes the pressure off me.  There were mumblings about the road wasn't good enough but that's not for me to worry about...let the men fight it out.  So leaving the garage and over to the supermarket to get a chicken and some potatoes and looked down and the garage had left a torch on my passenger seat so turned round and delivered it to my student's mum's shop so that it could be returned...I've also had a request for more English lessons but I'll save it until September or October...I don't want the hassle before then.  Picked up the few items from the supermarket and home for about one thirty and suddenly had the urge for corned beef and pickle sandwiches so opened the can and it was bliss.  Part of Lidl English week and with a bit of luck they won't sell out and it will get a 'reduced for quick sale' dropped on it so it could be an even better deal.

Rested this afternoon and the eyelids went south and was out for a couple of hours apart from the banging and coughing which disturbed me much for guest.  I came to at about the chicken in for supper and went out to help with the fence that was now required since the trim had turned into a major destruction and so the barbed wire that I bought yesterday was now being applied.  Helped out where I could with words of wisdom having lived here for several years and understanding local 'practice' but some of it fell on deaf ears.....but eventually it was complete and lord help the cow that tries it tomorrow...... :-/  Watched the lads bringing home the sheep today and the little five year old was shepherding three kangol puppies and being a man about it.  He also tried to emulate the eleven year old by forcing his walking stick between his arms and looking the part...I just love 'em....maybe it's what youngsters should be doing not playing computer games and posting on Facebook....

Tools away, supper over, a little beer on the go.  Tomorrow might be a day of rest...I fancy finding a pool, a sun bed and a lunch in the shade with a beer...LN....let's hope the weather is good enough to chase it...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 1, 2014, 7:10pm; Reply: 1
Photos because I can publish them on the first of the month....
Posted by: tcinbg, July 1, 2014, 8:00pm; Reply: 2
Quoted from Elsa Peters
Tuesday 1st July

suddenly had the urge for corned beef and pickle sandwiches

I succumbed as well, as you say, bliss.

Have you tried the blackcurrant cordial? Rather tasty.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 2, 2014, 6:20am; Reply: 3
Wednesday 2nd July

Thanks for the tip Trevor....I'll be on to it tomorrow....and thank you Lidl. ;) ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 2, 2014, 7:04pm; Reply: 4
Wednesday 2nd July continued

Not so much a continuation as an update.  Breakfast was a big fat bacon sandwich with brown sauce but unfortunately I'd had the fresh loaf of bread by the washing powder as I came home from the supermarket and despite the fact that no one else could smell it...I could so the rest of the loaf went out for the dogs.  Tomorrow I'll listen out for the mobile van and be there with my boots blacked.  Fresh bread.... ;) ;)  Stripped the chicken off the bones this morning and put it with the juices and into the fridge until supper time....nothing like being prepared. ;)

Out weeded my veg patch today until the heat was just too much to bear so came in at about one and played Angry Birds until my eyes lids were heading southwards and worked out that I had to do something before the rest of the day turned to oblivion.  Had the rest of the corned beef for a late lunch and then onto the sofa with my book that I'm not sure that I'm truly involved in but with thirty percent to go I'll finish it and at that point I'll probably abandon the series...It's not enthralling me.

Heard the stork clattering and it looks like he/she or it has taken to sitting on the electricity post to have a rest before it's onward flight.  I managed to get one shot of it but it was off to the hillside before I could get out on to the balcony for a better shot.  Prepared chicken in stock and sauce for supper with pasta and it went down well.  Decided to sit out on the terrace to take in the evening sun and Gouldjan came round with yet more yogurt and home made cheese but she was rushing off to prepare supper for the family...Poor Cinderella...she will be on the morning bus at six thirty in the morning...she has a long day.

Ten my time and almost ready for bed...apparently it's a new speaker in the next village and that's why it's so loud ....I suggested that after Ramadam we could go back to normal...we'll let's hope was good before.  Just finished the washing up and my kitchen is tidy for tomorrow...those that know me appreciate that this is a must....LN...I have a little drinking to do and some Turkish delight to finish.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 2, 2014, 7:08pm; Reply: 5
And the rest
Posted by: scarahfluff, July 2, 2014, 7:30pm; Reply: 6
Wow the sky looks amazing. Sounds like you have had a busy few days. Love the pictures, such a beautiful place to live.  :-):-)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 3, 2014, 6:10pm; Reply: 7
Thursday 3rd July

Early start but my guest was out before me since I'd promised a fun day.  Eventually we got out at ten or thereabouts since I couldn't find my insurance document for Beauty but on second investigation it was where it should have the car so that I could get her an MOT.  The other task today was to get my British Health Insurance transferred over here so I can choose a doctor and have everything on standby so that when the body finally collapses I have everything to hand, or foot or whatever gives.  

I've done it.  I went to the Polyclinic and knocked on the window where I thought things can happen and they did.  The lady took my documents, took a photocopy of my passport and my Bulgarian residency certificate and everything in the garden is rosy.  The only thing missing is the fact that I forgot my phone and they can't tell me when the registration is complete.  Tomorrow I phone them and leave my phone number....

My next challenge was to get my MOT and the certificate was being issued before they had even looked at the car....Thirty five leva paid over for another year and I'm all set to go.  The owner is great...I normally have quite a conversation with him but because I went with my guest...a man...he made himself scarce.  The Beast will go in when I have no visitors.

Lunch on Kardjali lake and we had carp and salad with cheesy chips and it was delicious.  The next venue was the school that I was originally intending to buy so that my guest could see what had been done to it by the ones that had actually purchased it.  Not what I intended...I wanted a spiritual sanctuary...they've got a teeny boppers dream venue.....Givot...

Back to Djebel via Mitchevsko and we stopped off at the thermal pools that have been regenerated.  There were supposed to be no more frogs in the water but I saw them lingering there and the plop, plop as they hit the water....not for me.  

Bread and a few final provisions from Djebel...I set to watering the garden but don't know why I bothered....we've just had a thunderstorm and the rain and wind from hell zoom in.  Beautiful skies though....tova et Bulgaria.....LN....I'm chilling, it's been good day with one satisfied guest...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 4, 2014, 6:46pm; Reply: 8
Friday 4th July

So happy Independence Day to my buddies over the pond...hope you had an enjoyable time.

Early start again and woke up with the light on so obviously went to sleep reading....and was breaking so carefully put my Kindle on to the side table and caught the sunrise.  It's such a lovely time of the day...peaceful, birds chattering and frogs calling but that didn't last for long when my mate opened up to full volume and did his stuff.  Bless him!!

Tried to video the sunrise but just at the crucial time I had the urge to sneeze and realised that it wouldn't go down too well so abandoned that and took the photo instead.  Down for breakfast but having a guest makes the morning slower and sitting at the kitchen table I saw three storks flying low over the valley so jumped up to get a better shot with the big camera but by the time that I'd got upstairs they were sitting in the trees in the next village.  The wind had got up somewhat and they seemed to be heading into it and having a pretty hard time of it.  So standing on my balcony I heard the gate latch go and Kingdom and his lovely Mrs Kingdom arrived for coffee.  Now this morning I'm totally unprepared with the breakfast things unwashed which for me is unheard of a ten thirty in the morning...but there were enough cups so we sat out despite the cool wind.  Now for us it is cold...the temperature was probably about eighteen but for Kingdom having arrived from the forty degree temperatures of Cyprus it was bliss.  I showed him the one inch long Spike the cactus that he left me which is now about one foot high and throwing out another shoot and the other one that he grew from seed.....apparently they are staying with place in Cyprus for them or for their homestead down country.  

There was a little problem with the registration of Windows 7 on my PC and eventually it was resolved...I think the key was being added in the wrong place so panic over.  Because it was cold I stayed inside and did some Sudoku, played Angry Birds and generally lazed and eventually I succumbed to lighting the fire.  This weather is depressing but the fire made it more bearable.  I got a super huge cherry tree log and that's ticked away beautifully all day and is still burning now.  Supper was tenderloin of pork with sweet and sour topping with potatoes and red cabbage and before anyone asks...about two spoonfuls each....and that's a little joke for those in the know.  Kitchen washed up and tidy and not sure what tomorrow will bring.  I'd like to find that elusive pool and get the rest of the legs the same colour as up to the's all a little slow this year.  Beer calls....LN....I'm off downstairs for a top up... and let's hope it warms up for tomorrow.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 5, 2014, 6:13pm; Reply: 9
Saturday 5th July

Well I missed the was going on seven when I woke this morning.  I opened the door on to the terrace and went out for a look at the world and decided to move the washing from the bathroom to the terrace to finish off drying.  Down to start a bonfire and it was only when I lit it that I realised the smoke was heading right where I'd put out the washing...ah win some and you lose some.

Breakfast of poached eggs and the rest of the cheapie ham from Kaufland and it set me up for the day.  Out into the garden and tackled the tomb garden putting out a new tomb and no it has nothing to do with long stay guests before anyone contacts the police.  It was the remains of the terracing and with the new wall, the level has had to be dropped so I was out with the spade, fork and anything else I could lay my hands on to get the job done and done it is.  The weeds are all gone, the levels are sorted, the window frame is in position and the petunias are planted up in one side and I've put poppy seeds, actually called 'Hypnotique' in the other so I don't know whether I'm going to have a fantastic display or I have to chew on them for the complete effect....

Just come in from the garden now....I've also tackled the front of the house garden and managed to move two of the concrete posts but the third has a mind of its own...Maybe tomorrow it will succumb to brute force and ignorance.  Supper is fish fingers and chips so it's not exactly 'gastronimique' tonight but it's all I can manage...I'm knacked.  Beautiful day, achieved a lot and gently tired.  Shower after I've signed off for tonight and to bed with a good book if I can find one on my Kindle.....LN....I'm about to serve up and then crash...LN
Posted by: tcinbg, July 5, 2014, 7:25pm; Reply: 10
Quoted from Elsa Peters
Saturday 5th July
but the third has a mind of its own..

Maybe you could borrow a sledge hammer and get your guest to break it into smaller bits.  

Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 6, 2014, 4:12am; Reply: 11
Sunday 7th July

As my daughter would say...more chance of hell freezing over Trevor.....I'll have a go myself with the sledge hammer later.  Seven on the clock and I've been awake since before the mosque kicked off.  Late supper of fish fingers and chips with loads of mayo sat pretty heavily and still does.  I've watered the newly planted stuff already, it looks like it's going to be another hot one so on with the shorts to even up the tan on the upper legs.  There is probably going to be a touch of the Neapolitan ice cream going on tonight....

Let the day begin.... ;)
Posted by: tcinbg, July 6, 2014, 10:05am; Reply: 12
Quoted from Elsa Peters
Sunday 7th July

As my daughter would say...more chance of hell freezing over Trevor....

I understand!

Maybe less energy sapping would be a SDS Drill with a hammer action and a stone chisel bit, if you had one of course. If you were closer you could borrow mine.

Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 6, 2014, 6:52pm; Reply: 13
Sunday continued

And the day began with tomatoes on toast and then out to carry on where I left off yesterday.  I shoved earth backwards and forwards and decided that the old cement surround from the well would make a good step down into the garden so out came the logs and it was successfully rolled and put into place and now I know how the Egyptians felt.  They got the Pyramids...I got a step.... ;) ;)

There was no visit to my student today....I was half expecting visitors which ever materialised but having said that...I had plenty to do.  Semile and Jaylan's boys were out there today with the cows and I could hear this little voice shouting to them...what a little treasure and not only do the older ones look after the younger ones but they have jobs to do at the same time.  It got very hot today and what was going to be five minutes on the bed with Angry Birds turned into a siesta and I felt much better for it.  I emerged from my cocoon and immediately set to clearing out the side path, digging up self set tobacco from the lawn and they're now looking all the better for it along the base of the wall.

Day of delivery for my guest....What I asked for and what I eventually get are never the same.  My request was for a chair and a table that would double as a footstool / leg rest if I ever had the time to take in the sun without feeling guilty about it.  What I got was a chair with a huge back that would fold down as a sunbed but the arms were far too high and it was so difficult to get in and out of.  Now I'm known to be difficult at times so I made him go through the process until I eventually got an admission that no way was it anything like the original remit so again...back to the drawing board Cecil.  So slight modifications and the table gets made tomorrow and it is now...a chair.

Lit the bonfire to get rid of the rubbish and noticed the sun set...pretty clouds/  I've been too busy today to take shots as it happened but tomorrow I'll photograph the step in the new garden and by then some of the flowers might be out.  Lawns tomorrow....they're looking shabby and nothing much on the agenda except a visit from the Schoolmaster and friend.  LN...I'm down for a bevvy after a very satisfying day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 7, 2014, 7:38pm; Reply: 14
Monday 7th July

Up and about at six this morning watering the garden so make sure that the newbies that were rescued from the lawn and put into newly created flower beds had a good start.  My rose who has now adopted the name of 'Rose' which seemed quite appropriate. also got her roots fixed with a good dousing.....

Bacon sandwiches for breakfast and that was over by just after eight of the clock so back out to it with the lawn mower until it seemed to die on me and had to have a mini service.  Apparently the oil was overfilled which spilled into the filter which choked up the air outlet which temporarily knackered it but all good now.  The School master with his 'special' guest arrived for coffee on their way to hear the good, bad and ugly news about one of his vehicles...Not sure what the outcome was but I had a frantic phone call from Bekir trying to locate the said wanderer since he'd run out of benzine for his chainsaw and machine oil.  The message was passed on but not sure of the outcome.

Back to it after they left and I worked on the flower beds and edging them until twelve when it got too hot to work any more.  Did part of what I intended...I wore a backless top this morning while gardening and I've managed to get rid of the stripes and odd tanning marks from yesterday.  It's a little Neapolitan tonight but, and this is especially for Princess, it should be brown tomorrow.

Afternoon nap and then out to finish the rest of the lawn and got it all watered and the rubbish taken  care of by seven thirty.  Quick showers and out to one of the restaurants in Djebel and managed to catch sight of a stork by the side of the road as we were driving in and got some shots of that and the sun through the forest.  Supper was cheesy chips, salad and pork kebabs and orange juice for me and beer for my guest.  A little on the expensive side for Djebel but there again it was just under a tenner so not exactly braking the bank.  Topped up with beer from the local supermarket and a few more essentials and now home sipping a mastica to me or ouzo, ir you're Greek or Pernod for the uninitiated...LN.....I'm signing off and catching up on my lack of alcohol or I'll never sleep tonight...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 8, 2014, 6:02pm; Reply: 15
Tuesday 8th July

Well the mastica didn't do it for me...a bit of a warm night and there was a flaming dog barking in the next village.  Don't you just love them.  My guest was not feeling very well so went back to bed and I was searching out the Imodium more as a precaution than anything else.  So no breakfast for him but I had a couple of boiled eggs with toast soldiers and that joke always comes to mind.....'What can you do with a soldier that you can't do with and airman?  Dip him in your egg.'  and I did.

Out to the garden and noticed that I had similar locusts to those that the helicopter was out spraying against and the bastards were attacking my new petunia grave so drastic measures were called for in a handheld spray bottle.....Attaka ...and they moved off.  Cleared out the poppy bed by the lilac ...they'd gone over and there was nothing to take their place now that the hollyhock has finished so I dug it over, threw sawdust over it, watered it well and lobbed some zinnia seeds on it.  Heard the phone and raced in to find that it was the Polyclinic to tell me that my documents for my health cover are completed.  I think she must have practised the was going well until I asked a question but I'll pick them up tomorrow and then I get to choose my local doctor.  No waiting list problem here. ;) ;)

Came in when it was too hot to do any other and took to my virtuous couch with Angry Birds and found a new level and slaughtered it or rather them.  Dry toast for lunch for my guest which was easy to prepare...I settled for the tuna mayo and rested beautifully for an hour or so.  Found some more tobacco plants in the lawn and now they are in the old poppy bed and it's pot luck....either they will or they won't.....

No cooking tonight.....he;s not up to it so I'll just settle for a beer and a packet of crisps later.....and tomorrow up to Kardjali for my documents and the bus to the airport for Thursday.  LN....I have some pouring to do and nobody to share the bottle with.....he appears to be abstaining...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 9, 2014, 3:43pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday 9th July

Early o'clock but suits me....beat the man in the mosque again but my did he go on this morning.  Watered the essentials and had plans to go into Kardjali for the transference of the healthcare registration but it didn't happen.  Stopped off at the school and found the name of Gouldjan's doctor and onto Kardjali.  Into the bus station and bought the ticket for six in the morning for the bus to Sofia for my guest far so good.  My residentia had expired by two days so now I had to go to the police to get my immigration documents updated which took a turn for the worse so that the doctor could register me in Sofia.  The first lady in Immigration chastised me for not having arrived at the office within the time scale but now I had to go pay the dues for registration but she hadn't given me the account details for the said administrations.  So back to Immigration with the numbers and two bills had to be paid amounting to twenty five leva.  So back to the bank and we made the payment from my account producing one slip of paper for the transfer showing the two accounts and when I went back to the office I needed two not one.  I did suggest photocopying but was told that it wasn't had to be two.  So back to the bank and by this time I was loosing the will to live and returned with the said two pieces of paper but the documents will not be ready by tomorrow.  There is also a problem that my UK passport has to be renewed next year so they will only give me a year and a half's permit and so eventually they will run consecutively. doesn't it.

I gave up....without a Bulgarian registration number which is not '7' and not even '007' I cannot be registered with a doctor so I'm going in on Friday to the Immigration and then on to the doctor when all should be in order hopefully. :-/ :-/

Back to Djebel to pick up Gouldjan from school so that she doesn't have to wait for the really late bus....deposited her home, back to mine, watered the garden and made enough noise to wake my sleeping guest.  Chicken cooking but with him suffering the hebey jeebies he's having a naked jacket without the trimmings.  I'll go for the full works.  Beer on the go....booked my early alarm call with Sony for four thirty...LN....what I do for guests to make sure they catch the bus and the plane....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 10, 2014, 5:46pm; Reply: 17
Thursday 10th July

I was having a very vivid dream and the alarm clock put a stop to that....I was into the world with a thump at four twenty.  There was a gentle snoring from downstairs so I clomped my way down, put on the kettle but subtle didn't work so I shouted that it was time to get up.  It wasn't me catching the plane. :-/ :-/  Coffee and tea prepared, I washed a dressed quickly and delivered the hold baggage to the car and started it just to make sure that it would.  It was reluctant a couple of days ago and I didn't want a performance with jump leads this early in the morning...but this morning...everything in the garden rosy.  Got the rest of the luggage and passenger and into the car by five and arrived at Kardjali well in time for the bus but any calamities and it would have meant a three hour car journey for me and that's not what it's all about.  Stopped for fuel on the way back and home about six thirty.  Stripped the bed, put the first load in the washing machine and pegged out for seven thirty.  Not bad going.

Breakfast for me was a couple of hard boiled eggs...I have weight to lose....nobody else notices but it's round the middle and I know it's there.  Princess would call it a Muffin Top.....I call it lazy eating and drinking.  The regime starts today.  Played a few games on the Kindle and got my head down until twelve thirty.  I had a pretty poor's always the same when I have to wake up to the alarm.  I keep checking that it's not time to get up and then about fifteen minutes before it is...that's when I seem to hit the real sleep.

Funny morning weather wise...It was cloudy but hot and the wind got up and it was a perfect day for drying.  Out with the second load by about two and decided that I would clean the downstairs and wash the floors over and remove all of the chair covers and get those washed as well.  Phone calls from the airport and the flight had been delayed so I spent some time following it on flight checker.  I was able to give my guest the departure time...there was no information at Sofia airport.  Eventually it got away at two thirty or thereabouts...a delay of about two and a half hours.  Anyway...he's arrived safely in the UK and is ensconced at home clearing out the pile of begging letter so I better stop sending them for a while.. ;) ;)

Supper was the remains of some tuna mayo on toast...a little beer on the go and now the garden is watered...I have nothing to do till the morning...LN....I think I shall sleep well tonight...and Kardjali tomorrow running the gauntlet of administration.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 11, 2014, 5:44pm; Reply: 18
Friday 11th July

Lovely long lie in this morning....I had trouble getting out for seven thirty which for me is magnificent....Breakfast was a couple of bananas while I walked the estate with a cup of coffee in one hand and juggling the bananas in the other....worth videoing but no one to do it so I'll leave it to your imaginations. ;) ;)

As I said slow to start and when the Librarian arrived I was just about cleaning my teeth and ready in other respects and so my job today was to get my residencia sorted and then on to register with the doctor but as it worked out my residency or the formal document will not be ready for another month but I have now been assigned the number 27...not seven but to register with the doctor I need the official document with the unique number with the check digit.  I did suggest that I could have a chip fitted instead of the photo and electronic signature but it got a little lost in translation...or it appeared to do.  So back to the polyclinic and told them that I wouldn't be finding a doctor until I had the 'official' number and she was fine with that.....I have the documents all in order now so it's become a simple process and at least they know my face.

Over to my underwear shop but no underwear but a couple of cotton black cotton tops for sleeping in at two leva each with a bead belt to go with one of them...bargain and then to one of the other reject shops and picked up a king size quilt for sixteen leva that will do as summer weight for the guest room.  They have single ones as well and I'm kicking myself...ouch that hurt....for not getting the single quilts for the third bedroom....Lunch in town....pita bread stuffed with everything except the kitchen sink and stuffed for the day.  The intention was to eat here but it's so cheap to eat out...why bother to cook.

Over to the market square and got another couple of plants from my local lady and I must take her up some of my cuttings so that she can have others to offer her other clients....she's a real sweetie so I give her my business.  Only problem is that all of hers have to come in for the winter...she needs to sell stuff that doesn't.  The Librarian and myself did a tour of the gardens of Kardjali and we have taken loads of 'bits' that need rooting and potting tomorrow I'm busy and if hers don't go or mine don't....we'll share or swap.  :-/  Leaving Kardjali the heavens opened and I was cursing myself for not getting my fifth load of washing in this morning...when it was all dry.  Got back to very soggy floor mats and fleece blankets but all sorted now.  It was a brief downpour but a lot came down but it's turned into a beautiful afternoon and evening and tomorrow is going to be a super moon so I'm informed and looking at the full moon's very big but up already so doesn't have the same impact as a rising one at sundown....we shall see.

Princess  phoned tonight and we talked Christmas and whether I was UK or not....I think she had invited the outlaws and wanted to make sure that I had an invite but after her visit here...not fussed.  I know they all care and they know that I am well taken care of where I am....I'll see how the mood takes me.  I might even make a visit with Gouldjan before then to show her England and France is also on the cards...She wants to go to Paris and no one from England really wants to go there....

No supper for pita wrap is still sitting and being digested.  Smiles from my lady in immigration and the polyclinic so I'm a persona not just a number on a computer.  I do try.  I attempt their language which is now partly my language and I think that this is appreciated.....I smile, I make mistakes but try to correct them and I do's important.  LN...I'm now going to bay at the moon with a little drink in my hand....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 12, 2014, 6:42pm; Reply: 19
Saturday 12th July

Slept through the man of the moment and his mosque this morning but I only missed the really early one.  Decided that I would uncover the white bits today so got out on my bedroom balcony in a bikini and no there will not be photos's not a pretty sight but brown flesh is always more healthy looking than white so I'm making a bit of an effort.  I'm guessing that the Neapolitan look will be around in the morning but I'll wear clothes that cover it up.  I kept the brain active with sudoku most of the was too hot to be in the garden and there really wasn't much maintenance today.  It threatened rain early afternoon and there was a rumble of thunder in the jungle and by the look of the clouds over Pamporova way, someone was really getting it but it wasn't me.  I suddenly remembered the rugs that were still out from yesterday and managed to get them in and down and the chair came in from the roof just in time and is sitting in my bedroom along with the table.  

And then it really started.....huge raindrops that have saturated the garden.  Absolutely wonderful for the flowers but not so good for my grass which will probably grow overnight and demand attention.  And note to self...I need to get some more petrol ready for the next onslaught.

Now I've been reading that we have the supermoon's supposed to be the nearest to earth it's been all year so I was thinking about it but not thinking about it if you know what I mean.  I went out on to the balcony to take a photo of a couple of Golden Oriels that were raiding my mulberry tree and suddenly noticed a slither of moon.  Yes, it's pretty special or rather it's now hidden behind the clouds.  

Student tomorrow and the swimming looks like being out of the window...the plan was to find a pool but I don't think that will be happening.  Soon to bed.....I've had a very lazy day and don't even feel guilty about it....LN
Posted by: scarahfluff, July 12, 2014, 8:31pm; Reply: 20
Ooh you got some lovely pictures of the moon. Its not dark here yet but will see if we have the same view later. Glad you have enjoyed your lazy day, you deserve it. Your always a buzy little bee. :-):-):-)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 13, 2014, 3:55pm; Reply: 21
Sunday 13th July

Five o'clock start and beat that man again but if his volume is up I'm very tempted to cut a wire at some point.  Now I'm hearing that this is being produced and delivered by the Hojja in Djebel and it's relayed down here and to the rest of the villages.  Friends in high places like at the top of a minaret might be able to make a little adjustment to the volume without me having to take drastic action.  I suppose the only alternative is to have the bells of the church in Djebel hooked up to the same relay and have those going off every Sunday at full volume.  The farmers would think that the sheep and cows had got hooked up to an electric fence.... ;) ;)

My kettle has given up the ghost and I'm using the gas hob for my coffee.  It reminds me of that camping smell first thing in the morning and it brought back memories of a Norfolk Broads sailing boat that my ex-father in law had on the Thames just below Henley.  We had some good times on it and just a quick happy birthday to my ex and his lady who are both celebrating their birthdays today...Hope you've both had a good day.

Over to my student and they have their cousin from Turkey visiting who was still snoring her little head off when I arrived.  The eldest managed to wake her though by banging the dust out of a carpet on the stairs leading up to her bedroom.  She arrived, was still half asleep and we sat around talking about the happenings of work, Djebel and forthcoming potential holidays until lunch of veal and potatoes with stuffed vine leaves, tzatziki, tomatoes and peppers was ready followed by water melon.  As for the holiday it was a toss up between Bursa or the latest development is a spa hotel in Davidkova which I'm warming to.  It's more like a sanatorium with doctors, thermal treatments and massages and who could blame me.

The Golden Oriole was out today and managed to catch him as he left one tree for another deeper in the valley.  Not a very good shot but it's was the best I could do and he wouldn't come back for a retake.  As for the magpie...he / she was having a lovely time this morning catching breakfast..I think the dew had brought them all to the surface and I noticed that the Acacia had got flowers on it which is it's first year for blossom....everybody else's has finished...mine's just starting.   First sweet peas are out against the front wall and really must do something with the ones that are ready for planting out and my chickpeas have germinated and standing about three inches high.  I better read up what to do with them....first year for me.

No need for supper tonight...I'm still replete from lunch.  There should be the Super moon again tonight at about nine my time so camera at the ready but looking at the cloud might not be happening.  I'll say LN.....Kindle out and chill until the camera shoot...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 14, 2014, 6:26pm; Reply: 22
Monday 14th July

Mackerel sky this morning and last night I actually closed the curtains so that that lovely moon wouldn't keep me from slumber and I shut the bedroom door so that the man in the hight tower would sing to the rest of the population but not to me.    And it worked...six and I raised my lovely head from the pillow grabbed a coffee and sat on the terrace downstairs watching the sky....bliss.

Boiled some eggs for breakfast and six more for the fridge for snacks.  I have put on weight while my guest was here and now comes the day of alcohol before six in the butter and no mayo... no cooked breakfast and salad for lunch.  Let's see how long it lasts.  Not a bad morning...I took cuttings of the things that the Librarian had half inched from your worship...I was looking the other way...and they're now in the nursery bed along with the others and suddenly the sky clouded over, there was a rumble of thunder and the rain started so back in doors.  Problem is the wind gets up and I worry for my sunflowers that are now coming to fruition.  Big as you like and ready to take on a yellow hue....and talking of yellow hues......I have a pair of Golden Orioles that are frequenting and there was a hell of a racket going on this afternoon.  I'm not sure if they are territorial to the point of murder or whether someone was attacking them but there was mayhem,  Lots of screeching and I managed to get some shots of them but the bastard of a camera wouldn't fix on to the object in question which was big and sorry for the poor shots...maybe tomorrow,  It's been a day for birds...lots of swoopers after the midges with rain and hot weather come midges....keep it up birdies.  

And talking of birdies...I have level three in all but one illusive Angry Bird.....I've sworn at it to no avail and it's still playing hard to get.  As for the rest of the day's been pretty chilled.  I toyed with the idea of digging up the baby beets and bottling them and found a super recipe for rhubarb chutney but's that as far as it got.  I also down loaded some plans for furniture from the internet and that's as far as that's got as well.  Ah well tomorrow is another day in paradise so they's after six my time so I can have that drink   LN
Posted by: gottaknit, July 14, 2014, 6:52pm; Reply: 23
Just been looking up about Golden Orioles and it is as I thought - as a child, my favourite bedtime reading was the bird book and oh how I longed to see an Oriole. The female is altogether drabber than the male, so if you have got two of the brightly coloured chappies scrapping, they are likely to be two misters, doing what the males of so many species do so well!  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 14, 2014, 7:53pm; Reply: 24
Monday continued....

Thanks Jean...that accounts for the 'noise' that appeared to be going now back to the showed it's lovely face again tonight but it's getting smaller as we speak...or as I write....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 15, 2014, 5:19pm; Reply: 25
Tuesday 15th July

Drew the curtains last night again because of the moon and it worked...six this morning, down for the coffee and back to bed with Angry Birds.  Now this is one heck of an angry bird...there are thirty puzzles in the series and you have to get three stars for achievement for each of them to complete the level.  I've managed twenty nine of them and the illusive 30th remains and illusive 30th.....I have two stars and keep increasing my score but still not enough...ggggrrrrrhhhh.  I could always buy a set of 'enablers' but that;s a little bit like cheating so 'one more day' as they said in Les Mis at the Bastille.

Funny weather again today.  I woke up to ground mist that appeared to burn off so out I went into the garden but still wearing the black top that I bought for sleeping in.  Suddenly occurred to me that the sun on my back was really painful and I know the top is black and it absorbs the heat but I wondered if it was made in China and had some substance on the fabric so straight in doors and into a cotton t-shirt.  Side garden weeded so now you can appreciate the old fashioned marigolds that are there, cleared out most of the onion bed and the mini cucumbers that I'm supposed to be putting into jars with vinegar when I get round to it.  I told there supposed to be courgettes but they don't look much like them to me.  I disturbed the lizard when I banged on the fence to throw a weed over for the sheep and he shot out and I think we disturbed each other.  He was very good....he waited on the tyre while I went in and got the camera and on my trip round the gardens I came across a very small tortoise and the ant on his back shows just how small he really is.

Boiled ham and hard boiled egg for lunch or rather brunch...I've missed one today and stayed out in the garden until about five thirty when the wind really got up and there's thunder rattling around now.  It's just very silly weather this year....I don't think it's been like this ever since I've been coming here,  Just tidied up my tools and put the wheelbarrow into the garage for the night....looks like it might start throwing it down any minute now and that's going to save me a job.  

Warming up for a soak tonight in my bath.  Showers are all very well but I'm thinking that a good lengthy dip will reach the parts that a shower can't.  LN.....I'm away to fresh pastures and my feet should certainly look a lot cleaner for the time that I intend to invest in there....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 16, 2014, 5:34pm; Reply: 26
Wednesday 16th July

So I lay in the bath last night and listened to the thunder and watched the flashes of lightening.  I go into PJ's, dried my hair and the storm suddenly got louder.  The wind got up, there was little space between the lightening and the clap of thunder but I was so relaxed that I nodded off.  I recall thinking that it hadn't rained and I'd not watered the garden but all my qualms were over when I head the downpour start and it was still raining this morning.  Bekir and Sally working at the Schoolmaster's place were rained off this afternoon and he was clearing flood water from inside the property at one this morning.....Don't anyone say we don't have fun.  I reckon he'll be sleeping in wet weather gear tonight and if I had a boat, I'd have made my bed in it by now.  Breakfast was a tin of cold baked beans as part of my diet but no toast to go with them.  I heard the bread van delivering this morning just after eight but I was too lazy to go down there and it was raining too hard.  Another day without bread won't hurt me.  As for me.....I had endless possibilities today and did...nothing.  I did manage to get the last of those Angry Birds this morning but goodness knows how I did it.  Just got the bombs in the right place I suppose but sometimes there seems no rhyme or reason to it.  

To say that I did nothing is not quite correct...I'll say that I did very little.  I've caught up with old friends on FB and made new on a couple of other sites playing the banter game, found a book on the bookshelf that I thought I hadn't read but I believe I must have gotten part way through it and still unsure whether I made it to the end or not.  Because it's so heavy, I checked out my disk of books that I acquired but it wasn't on there so I tracked it down on Amazon for the princely price of two ninety nine and it means that I can read it on the Kindle.  What I like about it is that it's not heavy when I go to bed and if I drop it when I nod off, it doesn't wake me up again.... ;) ;)

Went out onto the terrace and watched loads of buntings after the insects in the grass or seeds...not sure what they eat but they were flitting backwards and forwards.  I heard the calls of the Golden Orioles and caught a glimpse of them leaving the mulberry but they were just too quick to get the camera on them.  A flash of yellow and that's it...gone.

Pork chops for supper done it the oven and I can smell them cooking.  A little sweet and sour sauce on them and that should be enough for me for tonight,  A lazy and restful day...a new book and tomorrow is another day for making hay but only if the sun shines...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 16, 2014, 5:57pm; Reply: 27
Wednesday continued

After a good watering, I thought I'd take a few of the gardens....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 17, 2014, 5:10pm; Reply: 28
Thursday 17th July

Very misty start to the day again with the morning mist eventually burning off by about eleven of the clock.  Made myself a bacon omelette this morning so the  July resolution for healthy options resulted in a very full stomach and needing nothing until the mood took me at about four thirty tonight.

It's been another day of nothing.  I did put the chair back out onto the balcony now that the rain has ceased and hoping that it stays's a heavy thing to manoeuver in and out and this time I had to put it on its side through the doorway.  Either the door's shrunk or the chair has spread.... :-/ :-/  I eventually got up the effort to drive into Djebel to get some more paint brushes so that I can make a start on painting the railing that's if the rain stays off.  It did come over dark and dull about lunchtime and there was a rumble in the jungle but it seemed to blow over thankfully.  

Checked out my new cuttings and it appears that the new ones seem to have taken already and are pushing out new green shoots.  The bougainvillea has thrown up some new shoots so I suppose this weather is good for something.  Hacebar was chasing a couple of cows today and I've found out that they are Besir and I didn't know she even had any.  Apparently Hacebar doesn't have one at the was fed the wrong stuff and exploded if my translation is correct but anyway it's dead.  She's having a rough time of it...her husband is in Kardjali and has had an operation...I didn't ask for would have been difficult to explain and understand.  I offered to take her to Kardjali if she needs to go to see him....she knows where I am.

Went down to the garage in Djebel to get them to look at the spark plugs since it seems reluctant to get started but they were so busy I decided to leave it until Monday.  I've also checked in the Beast for its pre-MOT look well to get it done before I take it in.

Supper was fillet steak on fresh French stick and it was delicious.  Michael Jackson is singing his little heart out and all's well in my world. photos.....the likely songbirds never put their little faces out of the bushes and you had the garden and the flowers yesterd...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 18, 2014, 4:23am; Reply: 29
Friday 18th July

And good morning everyone.  Last night I spotted Harold out in the garden...not my resin bronze copy but Harold the living breathing one but it was dusk and my camera would not focus.  And this morning he was out there again, he ran across the garden and finally made his way to my veg patch so now I know who's been eating my new chickpeas.... :-/  I grabbed the camera and from my bedroom took some shots through the window but the camera would not focus and everything is blurred.  I knew that if I went out he would be off but I opened the flyscreen very slowly and managed to get a few before he ran off at quick speed down the garden, turned and sat for a while looking for the threat and then legged it over the hillside.  Looking at the eyes...he's a demon bunny.....but he'll be a dead one if he goes for my chick peas again.... ;) ;)

As I turned to go into the house I noticed the sun as it started its journey this morning.  Let's hope it stays today.  The morning mist is in the valleys and its starting to burn off.  Bodes for a good day.....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 18, 2014, 6:41pm; Reply: 30
Friday continued

Got to work early on...a couple of boiled eggs with soldiers for breakfast and then on the beams in the bedrooms two and three.  Now some guests love the gentle gnawing of my wee beasties that were in the wood while it was still a tree while I detest it.  I've more or less cleared my bedroom of the sound of munching but the guest bedroom has about three and the third bedroom I'm not sure.  So my mate down the wood yard suggested that the way to remove them was to paint on 'Gas' which I believe it's lamp oil and the bastards just don't like the smell and keel over.  I must admit when I was applying it with a paint brush I got the distinct high feeling that only youngster who sniff glue are partial too but I persevered, did the two rooms and I'm awaiting results.  

Decided that a trip to the Schoolmasters was on the cards.  I had my insurance for the Beast to sort out in Djebel, had to see Bekir and pose a few questions, catch up with the Schoolmaster and his antics and then on to Kardjali.  I needed potting compost to get some of the shrubs individually potted tomorrow and several things that I can't live without but Lidl hadn't got the flash fry journey was in vain.  The rest of the trip was OK though and I blame my ex mother in law for sowing seeds in my head this afternoon in Billa of her favourite dirnk of rocket fuel and so the items were dutifully purchased.  Gin, sweet vermouth and tonic water.....Why rocket fuel you may ask?  It makes you go pretty quickly.

Home and shopping packed away.  Nothing for supper, I'm not hungry.  The smell is lingering around the house and I only hope my wee beasties succumb to the charms of it and ...DIE.  LN...I'll give you an update tomorrow when I tackle my bedroom, bathroom and landing.  LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 19, 2014, 6:54pm; Reply: 31
Saturday 19th July

Was I a slow starter this morning.  My first eye opening was at five fifteen more or less and I vaguely heard that man from the mosque but then off I went again and it was just before eight for the second coming so to speak.  Accordingly it made the day go rather quickly but the best laid plans of mice and me went lady's anatomy skywards when I couldn't complete the task that I'd allotted to myself.  Firstly breakfast...three of my tomatoes were sitting in the kitchen gathering dust so they were wash, fried off and were delicious on toast and so to start the day.  Out on to the terrace and I heard Mr and Mrs Gouldjan in the field coming from their village so I headed for the fence and saw them bringing along a cow obviously going for a nuptial with the bull and she just didn't want to go.  A little friendly persuasion with a still helped a little but it was really hard work. Noisy old bird in the mulberry today and I noticed that it was a jay when it flew to the next mulberry in Star Mush's garden.  It really didn't want to come out from behind the leaves though.

The sunflower is about to flower and it looks absolutely lovely.  I've never seen one so dark orange before and with so many heads on it.  Those seeds will have to be saved for next year.  More sweat peas and my broad beans have really filled out with the rain and so have the mini cucumbers.  And no watering's ready to start raining again.

The Beast was due its MOT today, I checked out the documents before I was to set off to the garage to have the brakes, oil and bits checked and I was short of one.  Each year I pay into the offices in Kardjali a road tax and I had them for the previous five years...and this years ...that I know I paid....zilch.  So let's take the filing system apart....and while I was at it I decided to throw out five years of accumulated rubbish that clogging up the system and start a new labelled system for the remains.  All black sack of stuff for the bonfire tomorrow but as for that one document...still zilch.  Another look round the car, nothing,  Checked out Beauty, still nothing and then on to handbags and there it was, sitting in the bottom of my leather bag that I only take to town when I have paperwork to do.  By this time I'd abandoned the hope of getting the MOT done so it's been moved to Monday but at least I have a cleaned up filing system for the use of.  Played around with the Daily Mail sudoku and what a little bugger that was.  Three attempts on the computer and one on paper and still no joy but it was put to one side, I'd invited the Schoolmaster over for supper so now to the kitchen to get something organised.

Found a tin of corned beef, one of beans and made a corned beef hash which turned out OK.  It went down well with a couple of bottle of beer and we watched the thunder clouds forming and dissipating and at one point there was even a rainbow without rain.  He left just before nine to head home...I'm about to wash up and clean the kitchen for tomorrow.  Student tomorrow.... LN...I'm going to have to throw a sweater on...the temperature has dropped so much that I've had to shut the bedroom terrace door....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 19, 2014, 6:57pm; Reply: 32
And a few more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 20, 2014, 5:14pm; Reply: 33
Sunday 20th July

Got a friend travelling down through Romania and the offer was on for me to go and see Dracula's Castle.  Now I'm not adverse to travelling but having seen it a few years ago when I took the children ski-ing to that neck of the woods I can't say that I was up for travelling so far for so I sent him these comments....

'The Carpathian mountains contain the highest concentration of large carnivores in Europe, with estimates of over 6000 brown bears, 2500 wolves and some 1750 lynx living in the region. The Romanian Carpathians represent an exceptional tourist attraction.'  Steady as you go my friend, it's not only the Romanians you have to look out for by the look of it....haha...and his reply was...'Ooohh don't tell her.... I wonder if I could sue the Romanian government if she got eaten by a bear or wolves'.....I look forward to meeting them or him later this week....we'll see who makes it.

Over to my students today and she is suffering and feels that her glasses as prescribed by the local optician are doing her no good at all.  Now me...mine are plus two, plus two are easily catered for by the likes of the pound shops...hers cost a fortune and she's still not happy.  This week I might take her into Kardjali since she has a week from work to get them sorted.   Some times it's not what you say but the intimidation of you standing there.

Good day today...we had an interesting discussion about Nationality and where we really belong in the country we live in.  Even though some of it was getting list in translation we all enjoying it bearing in mind that we were in Bulgarian, Turkish and English and that's what Sunday's should be all about.  The outcome is that they are marrying me off to their grandfather who is over from Turkey for a holiday and then I'll be part of the family so no worries on any score.  I did say that the necessity of a weak heart and a big bank balance are the essential of any nuptial and he's deaf so he might not get all the clauses attached to the pre- agreement....It's a joke..believe me.

So the sewing machine ladies are having English lessons so that they understand colours and numbers attached to the garments they make and this funding is coming from Europe.  I have my concerns...a simple chart would suffice and the funding can go elsewhere....I can make the chart up in five minutes in power you think they would fund me.  Now my student's mum is not part of this culture and works in the factory shop supplying the necessary goodies to make their day go with a swing.  I'm in the process of teaching her English too so that she can speak to the machine ladies in English and watch their confused much for Euro grants.  Put the money into the schools and educate the teachers so that they speak English during the lessons and not get the students to get on with their workbooks.  Most have had twelve years plus of leaning English and not speak a word.  I had four years of learning French and am able still to communicate in French and my studies were fifty years teacher bounded in and spoke French from the moment he arrived until we moved on to the next lesson...that's taching for you... :-/ :-/

Back home and got the lawn mower out again...I now have stripes.  It's hard work but il looks good when it's finished.  No supper for me...I'm still full from lunch and after my hard work a bottle of beer was the order of the day and that will suffice.  I've just showered and feel much better for it....MOT tomorrow as I said and meeting the Librarian in Djebel and we'll have a ladies shopping day and have two more quilts to buy....really good valued and cheap as chips....LN....I'm out to catch the last of the sun and enjoy the evening...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 21, 2014, 5:18pm; Reply: 34
Monday 21st July

Seven start this morning, washing in and pegged out by eight fifteen, changed the insurance sticker on the Beast and over to the garage just before nine.  I arrived more or less at the same time as the garage owner's brother so I fitted in with the routing quite well...he got the coffee on and then put up the bonnet.  This morning's task was to give it the once over before I set off to get the MOT and everything was fine.  I joked with him that to lift the bonnet in the UK would be one hundred leva,  The Librarian phoned to say that she was running late so I asked if they would give the Beast it's birthday bath and it looked really good and ready for the boys in Kardjali and when she arrived she parked up and off we set.  Paid my dues so for an inspection and a spruce up...five leva..... ;) ;)

There was one humongous queue approaching Kardjali but fortunately I was taking the back road to the MOT garage.  My favourite man apparently is taking a break in Turkey so the boys set too...did the checks..issued the certificate and new sticker on the windscreen and I was out of the garage in about ten minutes.  Cost for the service..thirty five leva and then on to find a parking space which was really difficult to do.  Kardjali was heaving and not sure if it's because there are lots of people over from Turkey for the holiday or visitors from Greece now that the border is open.  I managed to find a park at the end of town that we wanted to be in and stopped for a coffee, down to the hardware shop and picked up some rather nice tea/coffee mugs and a jam pot to match, over to the quilt shop and one for me and the Schoolmaster and the Librarian picked one up as well.  i think the little lady thought that all her byrams had come together.  Drove back to the other end of town and realised that the traffic jam was because they had got part of the road up on the main Kardjali island and it was chaos.  I had to park in Kaufland car park to go to Billa but they hadn't any fillet steak so it was a wasted effort.  Back to the car, stopped off at Lidl for the bacon they didn't have the other day and then home via the Schoolmasters to drop off his quilt.

Back to the garage, the Librarian retrieved her vehicle and I was home for about four this afternoon....Pretty full day but we lunched in town so no food for me tonight.  Guests tomorrow about lunchtime and not sure if the guest room is required or not but everything ready in case it is.  I've just finished watering the garden, Semile has finished baling the hay from the opposite field with little Jaylan helping him and he's such a happy boy.  He's the young one that can be seen driving the tractor and I got such a big wave from him.  It's now being moved to storage by Remsie's husband with the donkey and load gone and one to go.

Time for a shower.  I just need to freshen up before I settle down for the night with the book.  It's been a good day today and I always feel happier when the cars are done and finished for another year.  A lovely calm evening....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 22, 2014, 9:51pm; Reply: 35
Tuesday 23rd July

I'm so late posting I think I've missed the day.....

Out to the garage this morning and they sorted out the problem with was a loose connection between the battery and one of the terminals.  Back home in time to receive my guests and we had a really quiet lunch while their washing dried on the this house you welcome guests and show them where the washing machine is...two weeks in Europe and they're ready to use it.

Over to the Schoolmasters this evening since he is a mutual friend and then down to the Macaza restaurant where we had a lovely meal with another couple of Danish colleagues.  Sorry it's so quick fairy godmother said midnight but I missed the deadline.....and it's heading for one already and no glass slipper to no Prince Charming.....charming...LN...tomorrow Kardjali....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 24, 2014, 8:01pm; Reply: 36
Thursday 24th July

Now before I say anything else I have apologies to make.  I made it upstairs to my PC last night after I'd had a hard day in the garden, looking after guests and fell asleep as I was trying to type it up and it had nothing to do with the local beer we were tonight we go and let's hope that I'll get to the end.... ;) ;)

I still have guests and we've had a brilliant few days with lots of laughs and the Jaffa cake doggy tongue party piece was very forthcoming.  To get the second biscuit you have to eat the first one in the correct order and other guests to this establishment will understand this procedure especially Princess...xx  Remsie arrived this morning and she told me that she is off to Turkey for a family wedding next week and that her son had been over from Belgium but had not gone back.  

This morning's mist burnt away and we've had a brilliant day weather wise...apart from the couple of spots that fell while we were going from the car to the supermarket this afternoon but really nothing to write home about.  This morning we were over to the school masters to walk the dogs and we set off with good intentions but the little one started suffering greatly with the heat so we turned round and walked back down the hill.  On the way up we met a woman filling up her watering can at one of the springs and she insisted on giving me a ....cucumber...I tried to explain that I am growing these things and don't even like them but she insisted so home it came.  

We stopped off and got fresh bread on our way home and also some white cheese bread from the local banichka shop and lunch was pretty late with the said banichkas, cold sausages and salad.  We sat out for this afternoon just watching the birds and the clouds go by and Gouldjan arrived at about six and we chewed over the fat, she spoke about helping out a Moroccan lady with an immigration request using French and off she went at about seven thirty and in we came to get cold chicken and bits for's been very relaxed today and my guests are enjoying the peace and quiet of the place.  Now down to keep them company again....LN...the men asked to be remembered to you...they're working their little socks off at the schoolmasters and I thing their rubber shoes are wearing a bit thin...Catch you later with a full update...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 25, 2014, 8:12pm; Reply: 37
Friday 25th July

Out into the garden this morning and watered the things that didn't catch the full force of the rain over night and the morning dew.  I also noticed that there were several tobacco plants that had decided to take root in the lawn so I dug them up and have given them as second lease of life in various flower beds around the garden.  I will be lawnmower day again tomorrow  since the grass has shot up because of the rain and they would have been floored,

Breakfast for my guests was a fry up and we sat around until eleven thirty chewing over the cud and at twelve we left for Kardjali.  The were supposedly leaving me tomorrow going back to the UK on the route that they took down here until I came up with the suggestion yesterday that they go home via Greece, Italy and Switzerland and the idea was adopted and they've booked the ferry for eleven tomorrow night.  Journey from here to the port is about six hours and today we've been planning likely stops along the way and it sounds like fun.  I was invited to join them for the trip back but what on earth do I want to go to the UK would be a quick turnaround and back here....I;ve got things like lawns to sort out.

So into Kardjali for a few things, over to the leva shop for some reasonably priced cotton trousers, I managed to find some sherry copas for when my guests have gone and I'm home alone with my sherry and port bottles, and then back to Djebel for a couple of loaves of bread and beer for them to take with them on their travels.  We sat out this afternoon. I got supper of chicken wings with potatoes and onions, bottled fruit and cream for pudding and now they are in bed getting in a good night's sleep and I'm about to hit the sack.  The weather has been a bit 'iffy' today.  Hot at times and quite a breeze blowing at others buy it's a calm night tonight.  As I said...all quiet on the western front...LN....I'll be all on my own tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 26, 2014, 4:05pm; Reply: 38
Saturday 26th July

Up at six thirty and caught the beautiful red sun from the bottom's really nice to wake up to.  There's not a lot of heat in it when it pops up and gives the world a lovely rosy glow and the windows in the little house reflect it...nice feeling.  My guests were up and showered by seven thirty and were working up to a day in the car heading for Italy.  Breakfast was poached eggs on toast and finished off with buttered fruit load.  They should be all right until lunchtime.  They are off over the border into Greece, north of Thessoliniki and over to Igoumenitsa and over to Brindisi for the ferry at eleven tonight.  Fourteen hour crossing and tomorrow...Italia and looking at the photos of the port and surroundings it really looks like it's worth going to.  I waved them goodbye and safe journey at eleven, stripped the beds, towels into the washing machine and pegged out for just before twelve.  Tidied round a bit and am now back to normal after playing all the back issues of Daily Mail sudoku and having an afternoon nap.  

My excuse for a lawn has taken off again and I'm needing to be out there with the lawnmower especially on the top half of the garden and tomorrow looks like it might be the day to do it.  I'm going to cancel my lesson tomorrow...I need a little space and Monday looks full on with picking up Gouldjan at eight thirty to take a load of clothes into school for the poorer families of Djebel. a visit to the photo printing shop, the curtain fabric shop to get the material for recovering my new sofa and chairs and I might even invest in a set of outside chairs that I've seen in Kardjali for the lounge terrace.  I'll think about it until Monday and make my decision then.  

Garden watered and tomorrow is also going to be a day for potting up 'bits' that are around and taking new cuttings of the ones that I might lose if the weather is bad this winter...I'd like backups just in case.  So it's going to be a potter day. It's been very hot today and at seven my time, there doesn't seem to be a lot of air around....a very still evening.  I did catch Semile's son racing the sheep back home despite the heat, stripped off to the waste and running as hard as you like...and he's eleven.  They all have their jobs to do here.  

Supper is going to be what I can find.  There's not much enthusiasm in the camp for cooking and eating a big meal.'s time for a 'sup' on the terrace....LN
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Saturday continued

My supper arrived courtesy of Haciba and she sat and we had a little chat.  She's a little bit worried...her husband has been released from hospital after a major operation and she is trying to cope...They are both old and there is not a lot of medical support for thoughts are with them.  I asked if I could help but I wouldn't know where to start.  She delivered six pancakes and I think it's the beginning of the celebrations for the end of Ramadam.....palechinka to give them the correct title and I do believe I have some icecream to have with them...sorry missed a treat.

So as the sun came it goes down...LN
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Sunday 27th July

So it's not so much that I manage a lie in when my guests leave but that I can get up at six in the morning and not creep down the stairs afraid I might wake up the happy campers.  So down the stairs I did go and out to water the garden before the sun really got up.  In for breakfast of poached eggs at seven thirty and then out to the garden again to pot up some of the plants that have been lingering namely some bizzie lizzies that were given me by Mrs Gouldjan.  They'd developed huge roots in a bottle of water so in they went into potting compose closely followed by four rooted forsythia and straight into one pot to see if the roots develop further.

So in I came for a shower since it was pretty hot out there and had settled down on the pc for a little light entertainment and I heard the gate latch go.  I went down and the boys from the village had come for their sweetie allocation.  I'd been told it was on Monday so wasn't expecting them but they were all there with their polythene bags and little Jaylan that chases the sheep and is obviously in training by his elder brother had the rucksack.  Magic.  I told them to come back saying that I wanted a photo and they dutifully 'em.

Decided the lawn was in need of a haircut so out with the mower and what could only have been described as the heat of the day.  The intention was to only do the top of the lawn but I just kept going and it's all down to a reasonable length and the garden is looking lovely again.  It was two when I came in and this afternoon has been a procession of other children from the village and the funniest was a little girl with a scooter with a basket on the front and the sweets were obviously too many for the basket and kept dropping out and the elder brother was trying to organise things.  Now this older brother is one year older so I took matters in hand, went into the house and came out with a carrier bag that I emptied all the sweets in to and hung it from the handles of the scooter...Job was a guddun...straight back home without any more mishaps.

Another quick rinse off and got some more books onto the Kindle.  I'd got nothing good on the go but found another three authors with several books to their credit so loaded them up...we shall see what we shall see.  Decided to lie on the bed for a while reading and that didn't last long and woke up suddenly at five and panicked because I thought it was morning and I was destined to pick up Gouldjan at eight thirty.  Doh....and not a drop of alcohol had past my lips.

Found some pork knuckle joints in the freezer and put two of them in the oven not knowing how much meat was on them.  I need not have bothered......there was loads and I served them with oven cooked potatoes and onions.  Out to water the garden threatened rain this lunchtime and there were a few rumbles of thunder but nothing materialised so it was desperately in need  and I noticed that at last I had a white poppy...the packet said white poppy but there have been lovely pink and white ones and at long last....a pure white one.  Tonight the garden is highly perfumed with tobacco and petunias...very heady...

So now nine thirty my time...I've shut up shop and am now off to my virginal couch with my Kindle and a new book.....Kardjali tomorrow and picking up Gouldjan at eight thirty at the bus shelter...LN.....lots of things achieved but without a lot of effort today....LN  
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Monday 28th July

Six start and it was a balmy night....I was pleased to get up and get that cup of coffee and then back to bed to finish the book that I started yesterday.  So nice to have another series to get in to.  The longer books are OK but I get bored reading them...low pain threshold.  Mist covered the mountains and hillsides and you couldn't see to the end of the garden.  The watery sun eventually broke through about eight but it took at least an hour to burn it off but it's been a scorcher ever since.

So went down to pick Gouldjan from the bus stop and no sign of her.  I phoned her from the bottom and she'd forgotten that I was going to give her a lift in with all of the clothes that she'd collected for distribution to the poor but five minutes later...I went from the bus stop and drove down her lane so that her father could load the car.  As I passed by Hacibe's house I noticed a lot of the local women sitting outside and I feared the worst.  Her husband must have passed over in the night and this was confirmed by Gouldjan as we drove by.  He's been ill for quite some time, had an operation and was obviously sent home to die and did.  

Gouldjan dropped off at the school and I carried on to the schoolmasters since we were on a mission to get a few things done before his lovely lady appears in Bulgaria.  Over to Kardjali and everything achieved apart from the fact that it's a holiday for Turkish businesses and my material shop was closed.  Over to Lidl....special offer on butter so stocked up and brought back a block of Cheddar cheese so lunch was sorted.  On the way back from Kardjali I noticed a gathering of storks circling, stopped just off the highway and photographed them and dropped him off, back to Djebel and picked up Gouldjan and her sister's husband, over to get some beer to stock up on supplies and some potatoes.  Dropped them off and came back and made a card for Hacibe as we would do in England.  I got Gouldjan to write up the Turkish before I deposited her at her house and have I had a laugh today with Bing and its translations.  If you know what it's supposed to mean and you do the Bing translate....not doing a good job.

Had my Cheddar and pickle sandwiches, took to my bed to read my book but that didn't last long....I dropped the Kindle so knew it was shut eye time and woke up at just gone five. Woke up and had a few messages from my ex guests now in Italy and gave them a suggested itinerary for Switzerland...the EP tourist guide......Just finished watering my garden and Hacibe came round to say thank you for the card and gave me a fruit drink and a sticky bun as is the custom here for a funeral.  Had I have been here for the event I would have had rice and meat and by the looks of the ditches around the house there were lots of people.  My only thought is why don't they take their rubbish home with them but this is Bulgaria...not in my back yard.

Lovely evening.....I'm thinking of finding a swimming pool tomorrow.....I need a day of chilling.....LN.....a little drink on the terrace would be good...LN
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Tuesday 29th July

Well the best laid plans of mice and me went amiss.  Had a really bad was so hot and sticky so at six I was up making coffee just to get out of bed and I woke up to a really cloudy sky so no point in planning the day at the pool.  

I weeded a couple of the flower beds and went out armed with fork and spade with the intention of starting to dig out for a new scrub bed at the bottom of the garden.  The space is currently taken up with a 'natural garden' of cornflowers and poppies with some super large weeds thrown in and builders rubble but I only managed to plant up the two olive trees and those hole seemed to take me ages to dig and my skin was leaking big time after about an hour out there.  The shrub garden is 'undug' and the weeds are still in evidence.  You realise out here that there is no rush to get it will be still there tomorrow and maybe the weather will be kinder.  The humidity is the thing that gets you and you feel pretty listless.

So into the shower and washed my hair, lightweight cotton clothing and got out the Kindle.  Finished the second book by the 'new to me' author and only thirty more to go.  Twelve thirty and got up and made some cheddar cheese and pickle sandwiches, I'm sure the novelty will wear off probably when all the cheese or pickle is gone and a trip to Lidl will be in order.  I did manage to get my head down for about an hour sitting in the easy chair in the stairwell and and the clouds rolled over, it threatened rain, the thunder rattled around but looks like it's missed me so now it's out with the hose pipe to saturate the poor plants.

Picked six cucumbers and managed to give four away...  Hacibe was walking by and I asked her if she had any and she said she didn't so I was on it straight away and offloaded them.  Result....Watering over...met a new lady this evening out with her children on holiday from Turkey and staying with Baise's son.  She speaks a little Bulgarian but her son at the age of twelve speaks brilliant English and told me that they had come over for the holiday and are going to Greece.  He told me his mother's name and had been studying English for four years in Turkey.  Puts English education to shame.  Even in Bulgaria the little ones start to learn English at's just a pity that the teachers can't speak it.

So supper is what I can's too hot to cook and the appetite is depressed when it's this warm.  Almost nine my time...soon be time for bed.  Quick update on my last guest....done Greece, Italy and now avoiding Switzerland and heading for, book and bed and possibly another shower before any of it....LN

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Wednesday 30th July

Six start and didn't even hear the early morning mosque.  Either someone has pulled the plug on the booster or the hodja has laryngitis.  Down for coffee at about six thirty and caught the really is stunning at that time of the morning.  Back in for toast by about eight and it's been downhill all day after that.  Tell a lie...I did pot up a few of the newbies, watered the patio plants and weeded another of the beds but that was about it for today.

You know I've been going on about finding a swimming pool well Mrs Dom asked me when we were going to do it so I suggested that we made a two days of it, stayed in one of the local hotels, ate as many cheesy chips as we wanted and generally chilled I booked it for tomorrow so fingers crossed that the weather is kind to us.  So today's task was to get some sun on some of those places that never see the sun to get a a bit of colour on them and jobs a guddum.  Most places are a little pink and as I would say to my should be brown for tomorrow and I'll have to wait and see.  So clutching my confirmation we'll be up there at about one tomorrow,,,,, ;) ;)

Beer came out a little early today really has been hot.  Supper was spare ribs with barbecue sauce followed by ice-cream.  Doesn't do much for the diet but I'll save that for another day.  Just finished watering the garden so the plants can take it all in tonight....It's a lovely calm peaceful evening...LN
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Thursday 31st July

We made the hotel and are having a beautiful down time.  Full report with pickles tomorrow.  L.N. very calm evening by the lake and heading for a fish supper. L.n.
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