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Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 1, 2015, 7:39pm
Friday 1st May

Six thirty start and what a beautiful morning it was....sun was coming up and stayed that way at least until lunchtime but that's another story.

I looked out and Star Mush daughter had plonked a car partly blocking my exit to pick up the men and it was with a little trepidation that I eased the car out of the the old saying goes...mind the gap.  I headed for Djebel realising that there was not enough fuel to do the outward/ inward/ outward / inward for the day so better to top it up before the day begins.  Got to the men for just on eight and notice Mrs Bekir standing at the end of their lane so went over for a chat.  It's the first time that I've really seen her since the grandchild was born and I heard all about the little newby.  

So back to mine, the bread van was just arriving and I decided to treat everyone to breakfast but all of the breakfast goodies had gone so we all had nothing tasty.  I ended up with toast and jam which filled a little hole well and the men were left to their own devices.  Emula was there in his work dungarees and I was hoping that they were going to do the trick and they appear to have.

The wall is coming along nicely considering they've only been at it for a week.  We've organised a digger machine to do the rest of the trenches and have their phone number.  It will make the job much easier for the men and cheaper for me.  I've already done my costings in my head.  Men home...they were leaving early today so that I could get to my student's for supper.  Emula decided that he wanted to come into Djebel with me so I had his company to take the men home and back into Djebel.  I stopped off for five minutes for an update on the Beast which I'll tell you about when I really understand it......and then over to my students.  

Now we have this running joke with table napkins where the father likes to cut them up into halves and if we let him get away with it quarters.  I arrived with three hundred of the beauties and we marked my name on the outside of the package and I've said that if I want three or four of them he can stop me and no cutting them up.  I think mother was a little embarrassed at his thinking and said that I don't have to bring serviettes with me....I laughed and said that I know and it's my little joke.  I tool lavender plants for the girls and a lavender bag that I'd made last year and the girls were over the moon and their brains are in the design stage for next lavender season.

Enough for's been a really chilled day apart from the thunderstorm that lasted all of three claps and you're out and a fantastic downpour that stopped play for a while.  LN.....I'm hoping that his posts OK can never tell for the first of the month and white rabbits ...I forgot...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 1, 2015, 7:44pm; Reply: 1
And wall update
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 2, 2015, 6:31pm; Reply: 2
Saturday 2nd May

Sleep of the just last night....woke up at seven, beautiful morning and took the day rather gently with coffee, internet and catching up with posts.

Stripped the beds and got the first load in this morning at the cheap rate, and the second, third and forth were at normal rate but it's still cheaper than the UK.  Dug out part of the lawn to make a new garden at the bottom of the garden and planted zinnia.  Re-edged the little house walled garden and found loads of self set poppies that are now spread far and wide around the rest of the garden.  I didn't manage to tackle the was just too damp so it's there for another day.

I came in and made beans on toast for lunch or rather was now heading for midday.  Came in at two after working on the garden again and I was surprised when a car drew up and the Librarian arrived clutching a Jasmine that she had found in Lidl...there were for both of us.  I'm going to take cuttings from this one....the last one I thought was ready for the garden perished.

So phone call from a friend in the UK to talk about their house and what needs to be done, it started to rain and my last load was getting a little damp so in it came and I lit the fire to make sure that it's aired.  I've half made up the downstairs bed and not even started on the upstairs bed yet.  It's supposed to be my migration day but as it stands now...not sure.  

Chicken wings went in with potato wedges, came out and have been demolished.  All that remains is the washing up which can wait for another day,  I've just watched the emergence of the new Princess and that was a short lived affair.  I'm pleased I was watching it at home and not from outside the hospital.  

Now to tackle the bed and to find a place where I can lay my little head down tonight....Tomorrow is a day like today....I will tackle what needs to be to be dome...

LN...I'm off to try to find a bed that's made up... LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 3, 2015, 4:59pm; Reply: 3
Sunday 3rd May

Well first night spent in my upstairs bedroom but it took me ages to get to sleep.  I think I'd got over tired last week, pushed myself a little yesterday and eventually made the bed up at midnight...and there wasn't a sound from the pavement...

I left the curtains open this morning and at six it was beginning to get light but there was only mist to be seen.  I decided not to lie in bed waiting for the view to come to me...I went down and got some coffee came back and decided that I would play Scrabble on the DS with the only partner I can beat....Arnold.  I don't like too much competition.  I opened the door to the terrace and listened to the birds, hoopoes, nightingales and cuckoos were singing their little hearts out and I'm not sure if they are trying to find partners or just keep the others off their territories.  It was rather strange hearing everything and seeing nothing but it eventually clear although hazy at about nineish.

I hung around on the computer this morning and eventually burst into action putting away my winter clothes and digging out tee-shirts and summer trousers.  I did leave a couple of sweaters close to hand just in case...not supposed to caste a clout until May is out and it's only just got here.  Sat out on the terrace with my coffee and watched the butterflies darting about.  I took the biggie camera out with the intention of getting a few good shots but the disk was full so that was put on the to do list.  I did managed to get one of the walkabout donkey though.  

So out to the workshop to get the fuel for the mower and noticed that the back tyre of Beauty was down so out with the foot pump.  It's still up as we speak so I'll be taking her in to have it fixed in the morning and the pump is sitting ready just in case it's down in the morning.  Cleaned the lawn mower, topped up the oil, put the petrol in, started to hack the garden but it was too damp to finish it off....It's been hot today so hopefully another day of the same and I'll complete it tomorrow.  I don't want it to get out of hand...that makes it too much like hard work.  I dug over the bottom flower bed and noticed the berberis has some lovely yellow flowers on it...not stunning but delicate.  I had an early supper /late lunch of pork, fried potatoes and baked beans followed by the rest of the dark cherries with cream....I know how to live on my hillside... ;)

Lovely calm evening....I've catnapped a little this afternoon and feel much better for it and off we go tomorrow on the second week of wall building.  Emula is with us again tomorrow mixing, humping and dumping while the men get on with finding and placing the stone.  That phase should be finished tomorrow and then the easy part with the breeze blocks.  So now going down for a little drink and I'm going to sit out and enjoy the evening....LN...and I hope yours is just as good as mine...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 4, 2015, 6:46pm; Reply: 4
Monday 4th May

Half five this morning so back to bed with a coffee and I really must work out to get the coffee maid upstairs and sitting on my desk so save having to walk down stairs,  I took it back to bed, caught the first glimmer or morning, opened the door to the balcony, listened to the birds and watch the sky change from the first showing to beautiful full blown pinks and blues.  

Went out and checked on Beauty and sure enough the tyre was flat so I phoned Bekir and told him that I would have to go to the garage first and would be with them by ten o'clock.  I tried to top up the tyre again but the connector to the tyre seemed to have air coming from it and the tube from the foot pump to the tyre had also sprung a leak and I worked out that there was more coming out than I was putting in so I left it to it's own devices and headed off at eight twenty.  Down to the garage and the tyre just about held up, the offending piece of metal was removed, the hole plugged and I was over to the bankomat to get money for the men and walking back I found a new azalea to add to the collection.  Picked up some geraniums and got to the men on time.

They continued to work on the wall and now we're doing away with the stone and onto the breeze blocks.  I started to throw the lawn mower around and it is all don and dusted...for a few days.  This weather is not my friend with regard to the get's saturated at night with dew and sun all day and grows like fury.  Phoned up and had a lorry of sand delivered and it was soon time for the men to go home.  It's been a short day for them today and I had company...Emula wanted to come along for the ride again.  

Tonight I've watched some of the snooker final, supper is finished and there is a glass of beer on the go...As for the moon I just managed to catch it right but it's playing hide and seek with the clouds tonight and now back to the snooker.  LN....I'll have to go and top the glass up...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 5, 2015, 5:58pm; Reply: 5
Tuesday 5th May

So this morning it was a late start since I stopped up and watched the snooker finals on Filmon TV....What a good match it was and I'm so pleased that the the one who won it won and the other was magnanimous in defeat....Well done you guys.  I was going to bed and waiting for Google to tell me the result but that lengthy frame grabbed me and I stuck with it.

Seven of the clock this morning and I heard the latch on the gate go at just after seven thirty and it was Emula wanting to go with me to pick up the men/  I joked with him and told him that I would say that he had slept all night i the car so that he wasn't late....I will have my little jokes.  Men were ready with little rubber shoes blacked and over to mine and straight way into the wall.  It is finished apart from its hat or lid as I like to call it and they've had a good day.  It got very hot around lunchtime so two of them had forty winks but I don't mind that...they definitely pull their weight.

I set too on the pile of stone that has been on my list for about three years.  I can't mow over it because of the stone underneath and it generally gets to be an eyesore but by thursday it will be transformed.  I have dug out most of the stones, piled it up so that it's either ready for use or pour concrete on it to make a wall but after another day on it I shall able to mow over it.  I might even put another window frame on it and make it a named garden.  The men slept, they came to and carried on with the wall. There was a point when we decided that another course of blocks would be right and we all agreed and it was done.

There is no work tomorrow...Bekir is off to a panir or holiday outing with the men from the village...I am off to the same gathering with my Librarian  and afterwards we are off to Haskovo to see if they have the bold to mend my lawn mower and two more of my aluminum for Bekir and one for Sally.  Ithink it they have them they might be 'podariks'  Got back from the men and did another hour in the garden.  I went out to take photos and my Avatar was working away on her garden/ my garden....everything she grows is mine so to speak...and those are her words not mine.  Hacibar came out and we jawed about the wall and workmen since she had three working on her I said ...out for the day tomorrow....rain is threatened but we're hoping it stays fine...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 6, 2015, 4:25pm; Reply: 6
Wednesday 6th May

Five thirty start and opened the door on to the balcony and listened to the birds and watch the sun come up….magical.  Down for coffee, round the garden and checked how high the clover had grown over night and realised that by the weekend I shall have to get the lawn mower out again.  

Shower, shampoo, ready with spare shoes packed for when the Librarian arrived.  I’d got on a new pair and I reckoned that my feet would now manage to cope with the new shoes.  The Librarian arrived at about eight thirty, we did a tour of the garden and she loved the wall and off we set for the fete worse that in Nikolovo.  We arrived at the destination at roughly ten and the first stall we noticed was flower for sale and it was earmarked that we would stop on the way back.  As fete’s go this was one of the tops.  Walking up the main path I was approached by Bekir…he was out with his friends from his village all of which I new so it was handshakes all round.  I love these guys.  Sally is doing his tobacco today…couldn't spare the time.

Had chicken lunch with bread and water…no beer …I’m a good friend and don’t abuse the alcohol if my chauffeur can’t.  Walked back and managed to buy the plants that we’d spotted earlier and then on to Haskovo and remembered that we had visited a nursery the previous year so we went to check them out and purchased loads….Wisteria, potentilla, spirea, pink tipped willow and lots more at reasonable prices.

Home for five and coffee was definitely required.  Plants watered and ready for planting tomorrow….I’ve a busy day ahead of me.  LN…I’ve had an interesting day…LN
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And there's more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 6, 2015, 5:06pm; Reply: 8
Wednesday 6th May continued

I am so pleased that I don't live in the UK..politics....what the heck are we voting for...not a clue....
Posted by: gottaknit, May 7, 2015, 7:13pm; Reply: 9
Seth remarked, and I think he is right, that the roundabouts seem to be going round the other way to what we are used to. And they are still in the northern hemisphere. Could it be that the general rule in Bularia is to drive on th other side of the road? Interesting thought!
Posted by: Princess, May 8, 2015, 9:15am; Reply: 10
Oooops, sorry I forgot! Mum called last night. A 'hurricane' went through the village yesterday and caused another power cut. She is fine, however the bus shelter roof is not so good and is no longer where it should be!. I'm sure photos will follow. :-/
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 8, 2015, 6:25pm; Reply: 11
So back to yesterday, Thursday 7th May

First off this morning I planted up some of the flowers from yesterday, some in pots and some in the garden.  The rest I decided could wait until I came back from my lunchtime appointment with fifteen local ladies.  Turkish was spoken most of the time bur I occasionally had comments passed to me but those that speak Bulgarian but it's definitely not natural for them.  Lunch dishes came thick and fast and you have to be quick.  You have a spoon and a fork and have to go for it with the inevitable slices of bread washed down with fanta or coke.

It broke up at about two and I sauntered home and felt incredibly tired so I settled down on the sofa in the hall and the temperature had dropped so I grabbed a small duck down blanket.  There was a clap of thunder, and it went so dark that my solar lamps were lit and the light really seemed to change and spookily so.  The it started....the wind came first with lashing rain and then the hail.  I think we did better than some of the other villages...our hailstones were standard size but the men's village served up golf ball sizes which damaged car windscreens and windows and considering that most people take out third party insurance...not many will be covered.  The thunder and lightening were continuous, the electricity went off, my special tree was waving in the wind and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would survive and it did,  Branches were swept from one of my large trees at the front of my house and I was surprised that the carpet on the top hall was damp but the rain was horizontal....the roof tiles didn't stand much of a chance.  It was short lived but I noticed the sunbed heading down the garden and I hoped it wouldn't hop over the fence and it didn't.  Out with the camera and caught the rain that wasn't going down the down pipes, I suddenly noticed that the area of the bus shelter hard standing had changed somewhat and the bus shelter was rammed up against the wall,  The wooden safety measures that I'd put over the well were that's another job on the list.

The electricity didn't come back on and stayed off until one today.  I went to bed at nine last night and woke up at one and it took me ages to settle off again....I envisaged eleven days like the last time.

Friday 8th May

Over to pick up the men but the fire brigade had done a sterling job of moving fallen trees.  I was shown a heap of hail stones that had fallen yesterday and they were much bigger than the ones that we'd experienced.  The men set to....more trench was dug and my job was to keep up with the burning of the stuff they were digging out and  I was pretty much there.  I made the decision that there was no way I was keeping my appointment with my student tonight.  I am far too tired after having very little sleep last night and working my little socks off today.

I drove into Djebel and caught sight of what I thought was Beauty leaving the car shop and it was.  Apparently it is hot off the production line and is under going final analysis and hopefully will be released early next week.  I can't wait to have him back.  The final saga will be to go into the KAT offices and get the new documentation processed now that it has its new engine.  Gouldjan called round tonight and drank me out of Cappuccino and we chatted about her week and mine.  Men have worked really hard on the wall but it really needs the third person to fetch and carry and make the cement.  Perhaps Emula might be able to make it on Monday.  Men home, a little drink and no food for me tonight....I'm far too tired but am trying hard not to get into slumberland mode so that I don't wake at silly o'clock.  LN....I want a lie in in the morning. Tomorrow I'm off to a prayer ceremony in aid of the village and later might make it into Lidl to try to get the lightweight strimmer...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 9, 2015, 4:41pm; Reply: 12
Saturday 9th May

Early to bed last eyes were on their way out before the rest of my body so I responded by legging it to bed before I fell asleep in front of the computer.  Wrong move in some was a four thirty start this morning and with a throat that felt as if it had been sandpapered I was down to the kitchen and made myself a hot water, lemon, orange, honey and aspirin salve and settled down again after the hojja has said his good mornings to me at six.  It was eight when I raised my head from the pillow so I reconconcted my earlier medicine and on to the computer.  I showered and had the intention of going to my prayer meeting but as the morning progressed the enthusiasm dissipated, the head hurt and the coughing got worse and I decided that home was best.  I lit the wasn't that cold but it was cheering and settled in with a couple of sudokus but the Daily Mail one from yesterday has only frustrated me today and today's hasn't even been posted.

While I was on the computer upstairs I noticed a man standing on my terrace so I went down to find out what he wanted.  He asked if the men were working and I replied that it was Saturday and they didn't and he asked to borrow a couple of bags of cement.  He said that he will return them tomorrow but I don't want to become the 'supplies yard' for the village.  Hard to keep track sometimes.

Drove into Djebel and two of the old men from the village were walking up from the mosque so I gave them a lift to their respective dropping off points.  They were both clutching free bags of meat and rice and one of them handed me a wrapped chocolate cake that he'd obviously been given....don't you just love 'em.  Went to the garage and handed the owner the documents to the Beast.  I realised that if he had to do more road testing on it then he'd need them in case he got stopped on a document check.  So today my Beast was off to Kardjali and soon to be home by the sounds of things.  Over to the chemist for more aspirin and I asked for the ones that you put in water.  Back home and made another fresh fruit juice mix, added one of the tablets and my what a mess it looked.  I think something had reacted badly with the acid in the juice so I'll stick to water in future.  

Seven thirty my time....I did manage a nap this afternoon and feel better for it.  I just hate post winter colds and I seemed to get through the winter without one.  Magpies and several other types of birds are raiding the grass and flying off with laden beaks.  I seem to have acquired a couple of starlings where I thought the sparrows were nesting...such big bullies.  Wedding tomorrow if I feel up to it otherwise I'll send a donation with one of the villagers.  I'm about to get on to Filmon and see what's of interest...LN...
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 10, 2015, 5:38pm; Reply: 13
Sunday 10th May

Seven thirty start this morning but felt like death warmed up but despite this I managed to get two loads of washing done and pegged out for nine.  The bathroom rug was also put through the machine so while there was nothing down the bathroom got a spring clean as well.  Walked the garden and noticed how the grass is still growing like fury and there's need of running that mower around again but not today.  It's still too wet underfoot.

Having said that...not to hot but there was a good breeze to get the washing dry.  My Avatar came round to see how I was feeling and she said that she'd been not too well yesterday with her kidneys.  Her house got very damp in the storm and she spent a lot of time clearing the amp clothes that were stored in the loft and putting them through the washing machine.  Toast and the remains of the pate for a latish breakfast and my next visitor was Remsie and I asked her to make apologies for me at the wedding that I felt I couldn't go to.  The cough suddenly kicks in and floors me so to speak.  

I downloaded more books on to the Kindle but nothing that seems to interest me at the moment.  I started the first series and realised that I should be in bed with the book so at one I headed up the wooden hills and woke up at four thirty so I must have needed it.  Out to the garden and got in the washing, folded and put it away and headed for the kitchen to do something with a chicken breast that I'd got from Djebel yesterday.  Since the taste buds appear to be shrouded in a mist I thought a curry might hit the spot and realised I'd made enough for tomorrow as that's another thing I don't have to think about.

Sitting at my desk I was aware that there was a very loud call from a hoopoe so I was out with the camera to try and catch him.  Found him in the yard by the garage but they are so timid that it was up and away before I could get the camera focused.  He flew off into the next field and I was down the garden after him, gave up, came in and there he was again but this time I spotted him on the pollarded mulberry but boy was he difficult to spot since his feathers are the same colour as the branches.   He saw there for about five minutes and it was funny to watch his head going back and forth as he made his strange call and then off he went into the field again.

Eight thirty my time and I've noticed that it's the season for the crane flies to hash themselves again the windows....and that's the big advantage of flyscreens...they do stay outside.  Kept up the flow of freshly squeezed orange and lemon drinks with the odd aspirin thrown in so I should be back to normal soon...Nearly time for bed so I'll sign off....LN...with not a bad end to the day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 11, 2015, 6:35pm; Reply: 14
Monday 11th May

What a bad night.  My throat felt like I'd swallowed glass and I was up and down all night taking honey drinks and sipping water.  I went back to my solid aspirin and left the fizzy solubles on the shelf.  It was still sore this morning so another drink at six this morning and back to bed.  Lingered in the pit and noticed that it had started to rain so I grabbed my phone expecting at any minute for it to burst into action and a message to say that the men had called the day off....however no sign of life so I set off at just after seven thirty and made it in good time.

The men were waiting outside when I got to the village and there seemed to be a little confusion.  They got in the car and I asked them what was wrong and they had no cigarettes.  The poster's wife hadn't turned up to open the shop when the poster went off to work so we tried the shop in the village next to mine but then it was straight off to Djebel to they could get in supplies, I went to the car shop for an update on the Beast and bought a jar of honey from the market and home for nine more or less.  Straight in for coffee and they proceeded to get soaking wet so I was out with alternative clothing but it cleared up by lunchtime so they weren't really necessary.

I burst into action this lunchtime and took the damp rug out of the bath where I'd dumped it when the storm hit, hung it on the line and scrubbed it with a broom and hosed it down,  It dripped well and I'm hoping that it stays fairly dry overnight so that it doesn't end up a big soggy mess.  The men concentrated on the wall, I set into clearing the polythene from their morning endeavours and followed it with the hedge clearing stuff and worked up quite a head of steam on the outside burning pit.  They've done well despite the weather and the forecast for the rest of the week seems to be OK with the chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon so we'll wait and see.  We might have another one from the lower village joining us for the rest of the week,,,he will be on stone shifting ready for the wall at the bottom of the garden.

Men home, the remains of last night's curry on to the cooker, fire lit so it was all systems go and supper ready by seven thirty.  No photos tonight...I've been just too busy to get the camera out.  The hoopoe has been around again today but not near enough for a camera shoot.  I ready for bed tonight....nine thirty my time so into my PJ's as soon as I've posted.  LN....and tonight I'm feeling as if the vitamin C has kicked in and we're beating the bug...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 12, 2015, 4:40pm; Reply: 15
Tuesday 12th May

Well recurring dreams most of the night and for the life of me I can't remember what it was about now but it was very real when I woke up at six but then nodded off for another hour and felt much better for it.  Honey and lemon drink for breakfast, over for the men who seemed in high spirits and back to me for about eight thirty.  They were straight at it but today was pretty slow going.  To stay on the line of the original fence since this side adjoins somebody's field that they do nothing with, we had to take down a smaller cherry since the way the roots went there was no way it was going to stand up for itself and as for the big way we could build a wall round it so down it went.  As for the fact that they are both cherries, as we say here there is no 'meat' round the stone so they are not a great loss as far as cherries go but it's still a shame for a big tree to come down.  We even had to resort to borrowing a chain saw from over the way and an axe since mine is still waiting for the new stale to be added by someone we know very well....Bekir.  He's only had it since the beginning of winter so that's not so bad and his theory is, you won't want it until next winter....oh yeah...

When he went to borrow the chain saw he came back with and invitation to another smartie party with the ladies of the village at Byser's house for twelve today.  I arrived a little late since I was watering the pot plants which were looking a little jaded after last night's howling winds.  Fifteen of us sat down to soup, banichka, chicken and rice and a big fat chocolate cake followed by tea and unbeknown to me my Avatar was slaving away over a hot stove in the kitchen.  She said that she prefers it there....Home for one thirty, fully fed and watered and the men were still struggling with the trench.  While they sat and drank their coffee I had an attempt to remove the root and they came back asking me if I wanted a cat and a mouse to tag on the end like the tale of the giant turnip.  We do have some laughs here.

I went up to play on the computer and I nodded off playing freecell to be woken up by Bekir clutching an envelope and remarking that the stamp was Spanish.  He stood while I opened it and I translated the letter for him.  A friend had sent me some beans and we then went through the children's book Jack and the Beanstalk and I said that I had to send him a cow so had he got a little further instructions on the beans are to soak them overnight before I plant them and they go in tomorrow.

Emula came round this afternoon and I was trying desperately to get him to work over the next couple of days but he really doesn't like work that much.  If he has money in his pocket he's OK but anything continuous and it's not on.  

Men home....beautiful calm evening after it's been blowing a cool wind all day.  Bekir loves it and Sally hates it.  I've lit the fire because I love to see it although it's not really necessary and not that cold at all tonight.  No food for me, I'm still stuffed from lunch...LN....and tonight we have a few pickies...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 13, 2015, 6:07pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday 13th May

Lovely long sleep and watched the sun come up over the mountains and the mist in the valley was quite stupendous this morning.  Got the washing pegged out by seven, hoed several flower beds and ready to fetch the men by seven thirty.

Lovely mellow journey in, had a chat with Mrs Bekir who was very vociferous about the fact that she had seen her son off to school, Bekir was working and she had to look after the sheep for the day....I think she was complaining but I couldn't take sides.

Home at the men set too immediately on the wall.  It was dig, dig, dig for victory and I stepped in and burned the polythene and tree roots and they were struggling slightly but we are down towards the bottom of the garden.  There is so much old metal work that kept the fence intact and dismantling it is not easy but ...hey...nothing is.  I kept them supplied with coffee, Bekir went for his statutory  nap and Sally was at the shovel sooner but hey, you win some you lose some.

I kept the home fires burning but then went on to clear the flower bed and remove the weeds from the top garden.  I planted a conifer that we'd rescued from the snow fall and I'm keeping fingers crossed now that it's under the soil.  The marigolds have gone in and I discovered two patches of sunflowers that have sprung up under their own volition.  Metal work in the wall, men have worked hard today and it's been a warm one.  Took them home and Emula wanted to join us on the journey.  The girl that Emula is chasing wasn't there tonight...we'll try again tomorrow.

Tried to cut the grass tonight when I got home but it's still too damp so came in and opened a bottle of mastica....chicken wings in the oven and will mayo so not exactly gourmet tonight...So LN.....I'm down to the kitchen and then bed beckons after lots of hard work today...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 14, 2015, 5:47pm; Reply: 17
Thursday 14th May

So today it was a beautiful start to the day ...very mellow and the sun came up but before I could take any pickies.  I went over for the men at the usual time and Bekir said that he had a problem with the sheep and so I left with Sally and a newby...seventeen years old and he reminded me of  my grandson.  Bekir said that he would follow in his son't car but I said there was no Librarian was coming to me and ten and passed his door so the lift was organised....result.

Into Kardjali and Basmar magazine and I got some more flower pots at reasonable prices.  Over to my cheapy clothes shop and a tee-shirt, trousers, two more summer tops for five leva and then on to our other cheapy shop for another bargain.  Into the shoe shop and another bargain and then into the Bank to draw out money from my interest that is paid monthly to pay for the repairs to the car.  The we met up with JS who is a contributor to my web at a restaurant and pizza for lunch and he paid...another result.  We made arrangements for further meetings...he's going to live in a village out of Kardjali but it's on the way to our Market garden so I'm sure we'll make it out there.

Back to Lidl and I returned the strimmer that gave me problems and they managed to get it to work....egg on face or what...but they assured me of their best attention at all times hiding their grins behind their hands...haha  Did my shopping, back to Djebel and my garage lady insisted that she told me everything they had renewed on the Beast and despite my protestations she gave me the full details.  I told her that I trusted them both implicitly and that I had no problem with the smetka (BILL) but she still had to spell it out. plants watered and will go in tomorrow....drove the men home and the newby still wants to work tomorrow...I think he might be in for a bonus and seems to work well with the men.   Lovely day with friends and superb shopping...LN...LF or Life's good as the slogan goes...LN
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Friday 15th May

Five thirty start and I only just beat the man from the mosque calling us all to prayer....The moon was the first thing that caught my eye this morning and it wasn't long before the sun followed it and lighting up the misty hollows.  Out to the garden for seven thirty, into the car and a leisurely drive over to pick up the three of them and on the drive back, Bekir said that Sally wanted to go into Djebel for tomato and pepper plants from the Friday market since all his had been flattened by the giant hailstones that we had the previous week.  So into Djebel we went and I told them they had twenty minutes to play and I met them round the market and I came away with tomato plants, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines that will get planted out tomorrow.  Sally offered to do it for me over his lunchtime but I garden work but I want to do it when they're not there.  Washing pegged out and the young lad set to mixing the mortar so the rest of the stone wall could be completed and they in was hell for leather with the blocks and by the end of the day I have the wall completed apart from the concrete pillars that holds it all together.  For that we need more of the gravel and that will be delivered on monday with the rest of the metal work to complete the long side of the garden.  The rest shouldn't be so difficult...there has been a lot clearing and keeping to our own borders since the field belongs to one of my neighbours.  The other two sides are onto rough grazing land and that belongs to the local authority so it's not so crucial.

I planted up a peony and a yellow spirea this afternoon and the yellow against the berberis looks really good.  Another trip to the market garden is on the cards...I just love the colour of the spirea and at three lev for a four inch pot it's not worth taking the cuttings.  Got a call from the garage to go to take the car in for the documentation but it was a four and no way would I have made it back to take the men home at six so that is scheduled for another day.  Piled the men into the car, got them home, filled up with petrol and then on to my student's home for supper.  Lovely evening with the family and a friend came round and it was most entertaining.  Father got out the lottery tickets, I bought one for one leva and won eight and was determined not to buy any luck was in but I didn't want to wear it out so to speak.  

Home for just after ten and I have to message them to say that I've got home safely....a weekend all to my little self so I'm going to work on the workshop terrace, get some rough wood supports nailed together against the block wall to get the wisteria, clematis and honeysuckles fully supported.  Next on the list is to plant up the veg, see if it's dry enough to get the grass mown and strimmer the edges with the new tool which seems to be very effective.

That's the plan...let's see what I's time for bed....
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Saturday 16th May

Happy birthday Susie 'P' my sister in is the day.

Up at five thirty this morning, made my lemon orange drink with honey, back to bed and then dog napped until seven thirty and then up and at 'em.  My hoopoe was having a field day on my wild plum but I couldn't go out onto the balcony from the bedroom he would have shot off like a bullet from a gun so had to take the photos from inside so bear with me.

I have a little trouble with munchie beasties in the  roof timbers so this morning I used lamp gas which was recommended to pain the beams.  It absolutely stinks in here but if it upsets the little lungs of the munchies...tough.  I did the bathroom and the spare room but gave up since my lungs weren't coping that well with the fumes but I looked at the clock and two rooms done and it was only nine thirty. Stripped my bed and the second guest room and everything washed and hung out by ten,,,what a morning...and it's only just started,  

Beans on toast for breakfast and I looked at the 'lawn' and plucked up the courage to tackle it.  The rain and warm weather has made it all super strength but the clover really does hold the moisture and it's a bugger to cut.  My lawn mower struggled.  I was emptying the bin every two laps of the garden and eventually it coughed to a standstill.  I cleaned the filter, emptied the fuel and cleaned underneath and could only do another few lengths before the poor engine was struggling again.  So I left it to dry out with a stick holding up the plate that covers the bin when it's in place...and result.  For the entire afternoon I worked on the garden until the moisture stopped the process but eventually it is complete.  What a job so it needs doing more regularly but the rain seems to stop the master plan so ...stop raining....

Supper is in...jacket potato with chicken wings and it should be ready in about twenty minutes.  I've just checked it and everything looks good...I'm going to say LN.....Good day and I've done loads...Tomorrow I have to strim the rest of the garden and then it will do for a week or so if the weather remains as it is but no rain is forecast for the next week or so....A little mastika on the go...LN
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Saturday 16th May

Happy birthday Susie 'P' my sister in is the day.

Up at five thirty this morning, made my lemon orange drink with honey, back to bed and then dog napped until seven thirty and then up and at 'em.  My hoopoe was having a field day on my wild plum but I couldn't go out onto the balcony from the bedroom he would have shot off like a bullet from a gun so had to take the photos from inside so bear with me.

I have a little trouble with munchie beasties in the  roof timbers so this morning I used lamp gas which was recommended to paint the beams.  It absolutely stinks in here but if it upsets the little lungs of the munchies...tough.  I did the bathroom and the spare room but gave up since my lungs weren't coping that well with the fumes but I looked at the clock and two rooms done and it was only nine thirty. Stripped my bed and the second guest room and everything washed and hung out by ten,,,what a morning...and it's only just started,  

Beans on toast for breakfast and I looked at the 'lawn' and plucked up the courage to tackle it.  The rain and warm weather has made it all super strength but the clover really does hold the moisture and it's a bugger to cut.  My lawn mower struggled.  I was emptying the bin every two laps of the garden and eventually it coughed to a standstill.  I cleaned the filter, emptied the fuel and cleaned underneath and could only do another few lengths before the poor engine was struggling again.  So I left it to dry out with a stick holding up the plate that covers the bin when it's in place...and result.  For the entire afternoon I worked on the garden until the moisture stopped the process but eventually it is complete.  What a job so it needs doing more regularly but the rain seems to stop the master plan so ...stop raining....

Supper is in...jacket potato with chicken wings and it should be ready in about twenty minutes.  I've just checked it and everything looks good...I'm going to say LN.....Good day and I've done loads...Tomorrow I have to strim the rest of the garden and then it will do for a week or so if the weather remains as it is but no rain is forecast for the next week or so....A little mastika on the go...LN
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If the above works as a link, do scroll down the pictures and see the Hoopoe in West Cornwall. :)
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Sunday 17th May

Just for the record Jean I can see them and hear them,,,the camera just didn't want to take them through the double glazing and windows aren't that dirty.... :-/

Out this morning to the garden early and aubergines, cucumbers and peppers planted by nine and breakfasted by nine thirty.  I must admit though that I've spent the last twenty minutes doing the Daily Mail sudoku which is a complete failure when it adds minutes to my average time.  Saturday's is yet to be done...and it's one of those that you need to print out so it might be for when the sun gets up to full strength which it's promising to do today....So better get on then and get the tomatoes in...updates later...
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Monday 18th May

Well I have just lost my post and goodness knows where it went.  So back to the drawing board Cecil and I'll try to remember what lies I told.  Sorry for last night by the way...I fell asleep in front of the computer...I'd worked so hard in the garden yesterday that I was absolutely knacked.

Six start this morning and the sun was coming up and was very red.  I grabbed the camera and caught it and off went the man from the mosque and he brought me to attention.

Over for the men but not without a severe level of panic.  I searched for my keys, behind the door in the kitchen, on the sofa, on my desk upstairs, in the bathroom but my eyes had been focussing on the normal level and I didn't look on the hook where I normally but the workshop keys.  So over for the men and we were back to being three and what a star the little one is.  Into Djebel with Bekir we had to order and prepare the metal for the columns and the aggregate man was going to pick it up and deliver it with his load.  Bekir was left to roam the market and catch up with his friends,,,I went into the garage shop and had ten minutes with my lovely lady.

Coffee for the men, work on the wall, I kept myself busy with garden work and planted several shrubs including the wisteria, the potentilla and after much chiding by Bekir I put in the conifer that I'd got from Lidl.  I want to plant down the wall but I think it's too early for that...they have to put the lid on it first before it becomes 'mine'.

Men home, paid, the boy is back to school tomorrow and Bekir is going to Djebel fete with his relatives from Turkey.  I'm off with the Librarian to the event and we both want to buy more flowers for the garden...

I'm going to say LN..I've got beer on the go and must think of something to cook for tonight.  Mrs. D of S arrives for the summer so I'm sure we'll be finding places to swim and dine....LN....I love summer
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And there's more
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Tuesday 19th May

Six start and out to water the garden.  I also picked up the garden shears and started on the little garden under my special tree and still in my PJ's.  No one to notice here.  Sat for a while and just enjoyed my men today so it's shower and shampoo and ready for the Djebel fare.  The Librarian arrived at half nine and we walked the garden and set off in her jeep to go into Djebel.  We'd watched the dancing and applauded as the local DPC parliamentarians were introduced and then got quite bored. We did the market, there were no flower stalls to talk of and that's what we really wanted so into the garage shop and decided to take the Beast into Kardjali and see if we could get the registration documents changed to reflect the new engine...and what a performance...

KAT usually close over the lunch period so we did Kaufland first.  There was a swinging garden bench on a metal frame and a sandwich toaster both at really low prices and it would have been rude not I did.  Stocked up on a few essentials, managed to get a few petunias that were reduced and then over to the takeaway hotdog stall and two hotdogs and chippies  for just under four leva.....again rude not to and then we were fortified for KAT,

Now this is a place that only the brave enter.  I had all my documents and was told to go into room two and I tried to explain that there had been a new engine fitted to the Beast and she wanted to know where the old car was that the engine came out of.  I said I hadn't got as clue and off she went with my documents, came back and told me that I had to go and find a technician in the yard.  And I found one and showed him the documents and it transpired that the original documents had not been completed properly and the engine size was recorded differently.  When then looked at the original engine that had not register the complete number but only the second part of it.  Eventually I got to see the big man who then talked at length to the garage.  I didn't know what was happening but I kept hearing the work for photograph and I thought that the chief inspector wanted a photograph of the original engine.  I told them that they should check the internet for the engine type which they did and some poor underling was given the responsibility of checking it all out and the chief was disturbed because his was the signature on the original document.  So eventually we get there....and documents are issued and the correct details are now on the documents except that they got the hear wrong but I'm not going to quibble at that.  It's so funny in seem to build family groups where you go into three different rooms and see someone following you or in before you and you start smiling at each other because you are still there and going through the process.

So back to Djebel.  It transpires that the chief wanted the garage to take a photo of the original engine, show it to the police in Djebel and then the police were to go down to the garage and confirm that the engine type and number were the same.  Now today being Djebel day, the officer said that no way could he go to the garage as he was on traffic duty and now it appears that everyone in Djebel knows what is going on with the Beast.  So tomorrow....the police will go to the garage but for what purpose except to confirm that the original mechanic didn't register the correct engine number only the second part of it.  Upshot is I have a few more horses under the bonnet than I had before and have to pay a little more annual tax.....but I have my documents and the new ones that allow me to go into Greece without any problems.

So home, Beast is in the drive, shopping unloaded and I have my documents in order.  Lunch is sitting heavy so I have a little beer of the go to help it down the alimentary's been a challenging day but that's Bulgaria for you at times...LN
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Envy your hoopoes, envy your stork! That rose is a gorgeous colour - no envy, since I could have one of those for myself!   ;)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 19, 2015, 7:04pm; Reply: 27
Specially for Jean

Life's good wouldn't envy my time at KAT though........ ;)
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Wednesday 20th May

Six thirty start and out with the garden hose to water the garden slouching around in my PJ's  Pegged out the washing by seven and off to pick up the men at seven thirty.  I went into the shop in the men's village and she told me that Sally had been out since five doing his tobacco and I replied that was why he came over to my house to work so that he could get his head down.  She responded with how long for and I said one hour was OK and then he was fine.  Now he's not the one who has the afternoon sleep, it's Bekir so Sally had a chuckle when I related the story to him.

Stopped off and picked up Mrs D of S on the way over, back to mine and we sat having a coffee and generally chewing over the fat.  She only arrived last night but had logged on to her internet and it appears that the winter storms had moved her antenna and the men were out within three hours.  Just like the response you get in England...not.  I went to the post office to check on the letter that I'm expecting from the UK and was led on a goose chase around Djebel.  No one knew the shipping company so that was a job for me when we got home chasing it on the internet.  Back to pick up the car, down to the supermarket so that Mrs D of S could top up with a few items, dropped her off at the taxi rank and there was already a couple wanting to go back to her village so a halved the price.

Coffee for the men and they were still trenching.  I was handed an rescued oak tree and that's now in on what will be the new boundary on the other side.  Sally very proudly handed me a root that he'd dug up which looks remarkably like a cow's head so I suggested that they mounted it on top of the new wall to confuse the bastard bovines.  Bekir's nephew arrived this afternoon at about five so it was coffee for all of them and what a result...he took them home so that I didn't have to make the trip.  

Supper over, nine my time and ready for a shower and bed.  I eventually tracked down the company that are delivering my letter and emailed them and the response was that it should be delivered tomorrow....Why after tracking it it had gone via Germany I will never know but today it is in Varna and at least that's Bulgaria.  So LN...shower and's been a very peaceful day...LN
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Thursday 21st May

One of those nights where you realise that you wake up and you need extra warmth because you've thrown it off in the night.  Warm sultry night when I went to bed but at five...all change.  It was only then that I realised that the banging had been from the terrace door that appeared to be shut but wasn't and was wide open this morning.

Out to the garden and watered everything my six thirty and I love my mornings.  Coffee and then over to the men picking up breakfast from their mobile van but it wasn't a patch on mine....I'll stick to the one in the village.They both set to on the wall footings and then Bekir decided that he was doing the metal work leaving Sally on the wrong end of the shovel.  Poor guy...the temperature went up to twenty five but Bekir was working in the garage in the shade.  I was out collecting  the stone that the men didn't want to edge the new little garden by the compost heap that was.  It only took about ten stones and tomorrow I'll rake over the soil and get some grass seed in.  It'll give the ants a change of diet.  

Dug over the grave gardens and noticed that I'd got some tobacco plants...I thought I'd lost them all and I have lots of marigold seedlings under the front wall that are coming on in leaps and bounds.  I'll be transferring them later on  to different parts of the garden but for the moment they can stay where they are.  Checked up on secret cache of zinnias and they are also starting to rocket.

Into Djebel to get some petrol for the lawn mower since I'm nearly out.  Tomorrow's task is to go over it all again and it shouldn't take too long since everything seems to have slowed down now that the weather has warmed up.  Also got some more coffee for the boys...that was low too.

Sally has managed to get down to the bottom line of the wall but he had to use the hammer drill where it changes from sand to stone.  In fact it looks like a donkey's hind leg...humpy bumpy but they're following the ground stratas....  The metal is in place so I'm reckoning that there is cement going in tomorrow and there is enough stone around the area so that they don't have to hump it from the top of the garden to the bottom.  Monday we have one or two more starting....we need labourers.

Men home...supper for me was a hunk of bread, butter and cheese and ham...not so much sandwiches but door stops.  A little gin and tonic on the go and the crickets are singing their little head of or rather rubbing their back legs raw.  LN....I'm in for an active day tomorrow and have a weekend away planned...LN
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Friday 22nd May

Beautiful sunrise and I was watering the garden by six this morning.  I'd planted out some of the ones that I bought the other day and sat with coffee on the terrace and into the car and over to the men by eight.  I actually filled up my windscreen wash bottle in was touch and go whether anything could see in or I could see out.  My village food shop was stopped at the well filling up as I went for the men so I bought breakfast for all of us and a loaf of bread.

Unlocked the workshop and into the house and put the kettle on.  I took the men their breakfast and coffee and I sat out on the terrace and had mine.  Played around on the internet for a while and managed the Friday sudoku in record time and then out to the garden.  I've managed half of the lawn today and the rest will be done over the weekend and cleared the bank under my special tree but the photos will have to come tomorrow.  It was almost seven thirty when I got back tonight from dropping the men off.  

So what have they done today...the column metal work is all cemented in place and part of the bottom wall trench has been started.  We fixed the straight line and it's been decided that it will all be done in stone so that the view from the house is good.  The kmet's brother came round tonight ...apparently Bekir asked his son if he could work for us and it was a negotiation of daily rate.  We're of the opinion that it you offer the higher rate then it becomes fixed.  I'd rather off a bonus if the work is up to's far more flexible.

Strimmer did it stuff today but I did resort to the scythe to get the level down around the big tree.  The clover does hide the moisture and really winds itself round the spindle of the strimmer so that was brought into play when the rest was manageable.

Ham sandwich for supper, the ham wants using and I'm fresh out of energy on the cooking front.  I'm going to say LN...a lot has been achieved but as I said the proof of the pudding will be in tomorrow's photos of the wall....LN
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Saturday 23rd May

Well another beautiful day and six thirty was watering the garden.  Stripped the bed and washing out for seven thirty and I've just fetched it in now.  Two coffees and I was ready for breakfast and it was a bacon sandwich with brown sauce...well it is 'le weekend'.

Haven't  done a whole lot today.  In fact I've done very little.  I did plant out the last peony into the new little garden, replaced the battery in the strimmer but that was as far as it go on the work front....Monday is a new week and that's when it will start again.  Today is a day off and shortly I'm off to the Librarians, out for supper tonight and I'll wend my way back tomorrow when the mood takes me.

Just a few pictures of the was too dark to take them last night.  Early post...not sure if I can get my laptop onto the Librarian's internet so it will be done and dusted for today.  LD....have a good Bank Holiday everyone...
Posted by: MikeyB, May 24, 2015, 6:55am; Reply: 32
I thought you'd be able to see the wall on that last pic, down the right hand side? Is the wall behind the trees then?
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 24, 2015, 3:48pm; Reply: 33
Sunday 24th May

To answer you question Mikey is behind the trees on the right of the garden looking towards the hillside....stone wall at the bottom so that it looks in keeping with the rest of it and the wall on the other side will only be showing by about two feet or so because the field falls away.  My fence by Gaudi might remain until it falls down by it's own devices...and that shouldn't take too long...

Lovely evening last night at the local restaurant and walked back under the moon and stars and the fireflies were out flashing trying to find a partner...Do you think I could do the same thing with a torch it might work.  Having said that, there were two locals walking to the mosque at about ten o'clock last night both with torches and I'm wondering it they were out doing what the fireflies were doing....makes you wonder...We had a little drink when we got down but both absolutely knacked and as for the man from the mosque this morning....I do wish he had a volume knob that I could reach....he's much louder than mine.

It was nice to have breakfast cooked for me this morning....spicy sausage and egg and off we went into the local town to make sure I had enough fuel to get home and come out in the morning and get the men.  We shopped and topped up alcohol supplies, back for a juice and water in the local restaurant and watched a police car going backwards and forwards trying to remove cows and wild horses from the road.  Prior to that they'd been sitting in their car photographing speeding motorists but it was suggested by a passing motorist that they do something constructive before there was an accident.

Back to the Librarian's and settled in to sort out her computer and log ons...We had to go through the process of getting a new password sent for Outlook and first off she handled the phone call with the code but it was in Bulgarian so next it was my turn and I eventually managed to get enough of the digits to succeed.  Cleared out the cache and debris and browsing history and it's speeded up considerably.  All good now but it was pretty late when this was achieved so I've decided to book for a second night here..from here to the men's pickup spot tomorrow morning will take me only ten minutes.  And now I'm having supper cooked for me and I'm listening to one of the neighbour's donkey braying it's head off.  Hope it's not like a poor version of the Godfather...ooopppsss.

So no photos tonight....I wasn't intending to be in for the long there'll be a bounty pack's my time to pour the drinks...LN
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Monday 25th May

Beautiful night's sleep and woke up at the Librarian's to the sound of a boiling kettle and what could be better.  The cups were ready with the coffee and I helped out by pouring the water into the cups and got a jug of the cold stuff so that we could get our faces into it immediately.  The mosque had kicked off at five or thereabouts and I'd dog dosed until I heard the kettle.  We sat and chewed over the fat while the dogs joined in with the mosque overtures at seven and the village news updates of hatched, matched and despatched and I was ready off to pick up the men at seven fifty allowing ten minutes to get to the men's village.

They were ready with little rubber shoes blacked or rather the dust removed, and we were over to mine for about eight thirty.  Coffee came early since I wanted my second cup and Bekir stopped the village shop and bought a box of chocolate cake slices which were breakfast.  I'd left the boot of Beauty open to transfer yesterday's shopping to the kitchen and the next thing I know my Avatar is delivering two full buckets of 'things' to my door so I told her there were lots more and to busy herself.  We had a little conversation and I asked her what she wanted and she said nothing but I managed to get out of her that she is going to spend the winter in Germany with her son and his family and I'm looking after her house....a real's her job to look after mine...she's not supposed to go anywhere... :-/ :-/

Finished a present for a friend and went off to the post this afternoon with my two letters and they are off into the great beyond.  Phoned up Gouldjan and asked her if she wanted a lift home and we stopped off at the local supermarket and both picked up a few things.  Dropped her at three thirty which was a bonus for her since the school bus at four wasn't running, and home and into the coffee making for the men as they worked the stone base of the wall.  It's rather like the trials of Hercules but tomorrow is my day for trudging backwards and forwards with the wheelbarrow...On the way down it will have three or four breeze blocks on the way back...nothing and my rate of pay is twenty lev a day.  By the end of the week I'll have eighty to spend on myself...result.

Men ready for home at six and I picked up a bottle of beer to deliver to Mrs D of S.  We have what we call this travelling bottle and it's to save the embarrassment of going to the local and topping up...we should really call it a 'face saver' bottle.  Remember we live in an area where most of the women don't drink.  On the way back with the men they saw a man at the side of the road and it was a 'do you want to pick him up or not moment'.  I found a safe place to turn round and went back for him needing to turn round to be going in the right direction and in his backpack he had a huge portable radio.  This seemed to be a bit of a talking point for the men and eventually I dropped them all off at the restaurant and I asked him if there was going to be music and dancing from his player so I said I'd be back later with friends.  The men found this funny so I wished them a good evening and over to Mrs D or S.  Bottle delivered, coffee drunk, home for just before nine so no chance to take photos of the men's endeavours today.  Realised I was hungry so got a sausage and an onion underway, beat up three eggs and made a super omelette putting a block of cream cheese on it and pouring myself a little mastica to sip while I created.  Supper was delicious and quick and easy, blog almost updated and tomorrow as I said I have my work cut out on paid work....LN...I'm back to my own bed and my own mosque with the lowered volume....LN
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Tuesday 26th May

Five start this morning and don't ask me why.  I have no idea unless it was to beat the man at the mosque.  Put a load of washing in at five thirty making it a cheap rate wash, made a coffee and sat out enjoying the morning.  There was very little sunrise...she showed her face and then disappeared behind the misty clouds that shrouded the mountains.  Washing out, garden watered and in my car by seven thirty to fetch the men.

I had one more today and it turned out to be the husband of Bekir's niece.  I'm not sure if he's back tomorrow, he's had a job interview at a Kardjali engineering firm and not sure if they are going to call him or not. Labourers are as scarce as hen's teeth in this neck of the woods.  The good ones go abroad...I'm just lucky that I have two that have other irons in the fire here.

So wall continues and my paid work went by the by although as I said ...I was paying myself for moving stone and breeze blocks.  Had to go into Djebel to get some more cement for the boys, one packet of cigarettes for my newby and three banichkas for the boys at Bekir's request.  I popped in to see my student's mother for a couple of minutes or so but delivered the breakfast still warm which went down well.  Lots of activity, laughing and joking but Bekir did manage his afternoon siesta despite the others talking.  I went out and pottered in the bank under my special tree, dug out some of the debris and planted up the Juniper Horizontalis that I want to cover the bank eventually and a couple of pockets with self set marigolds taken from one of the other gardens.  Unfortunately both wheelbarrows were in use so it still looks like a demolition site where I was of them is mine.

Men home, not sure if I want supper or not at this point so I'll give it an hour or so.  Not sure if I have the third man tomorrow...I'll see if he's at the allotted spot and if he is ...super...if not...I'm working for the day.  Beautiful night...the wind has dropped, lots of high clouds over the Greek mountains and let's hope they stay there.  Bekir's newspaper reports on the weather have become a talking point.  At the moment the computer seems to be winning but we'll see what time the thunder starts tomorrow.  LN....I think we've all had a good day.....LN
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Yet more pictures
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 27, 2015, 6:46pm; Reply: 37
Wednesday 27th May

Five thirty start and I was out with the water this morning even though it had threatened rain for later on in the day.  The plants needed it.  Just before six I sat down with my coffee on the lounge terrace, looked up and a very red sun was peeping through so went in and grabbed the camera and managed to catch it before it disappeared again.  Funny old sky this morning and by the time that I left for the men it was spitting with rain but I managed to meet up with the local magazine and got breakfast for us all.  

It was fine in the men's village and as expected, the third man didn't appear.  I suppose a steady job with one baby and another on the way is a better proposition than labouring even though he'll be subjected to shift work.  We sat down with coffee and breakfast and then it was all systems go to beat the impending thunder storm.  It stayed off for the morning and hit us at three this afternoon and was it a sharp short downpour.  I'd been working on the little garden at the base of my special tree and planed up the lavatera, zinnias and marigolds and the tobacco goes in tomorrow.  It should look good when they all take off.  Storm blew over and the men went back to the mixing and laying the blocks and unfortunately it was too dark when I got back to get a pickie of the progress.  I started tidying up some of the polythene dug out from the trench and lit a bonfire keeping it going with some of the hedge stuff that had been cleared and it was going well until the storm returned at about half five with more thunder.  Into the car by six and it was a slow journey there and back...the road after the rain was a little slippery and I didn't want any mishaps.

Fire wasn't really necessary but it's nice to look at when it's blowing a hooley out there and bucketing down.  I did fall asleep in front of it and woke up about half an hour ago....I must have needed it...five is a little early...I must remember to draw the curtains tonight just in case the storm returns.  LN...let's get some pickies posted....LN

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And a few more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 28, 2015, 5:51pm; Reply: 39
Thursday 28th May

Beat the sun and beat the mosque...after a very restful night's sleep.  Took a video of the sunrise but spoilt it by commenting 'come on' but I was concerned that my battery was running out ...and it did but it still worked.  No need to water the garden...there was a tremendous storm last night and everything was more or less washed out but the grass is growing nicely already so I guess I know what I'm doing on Saturday.

Shower, shampooed and realised that I might have a bit of a problem on.  If I was leaving the men today while I went out to play with the Librarian and Mrs D of S I had to get into Djebel and get some cement so that they were able to carry on with their endeavours.  Out with the Beast, over to the men's village, back to Djebel, handed over the money in the shop, cement loaded into the Beast and Bekir went off to get breakfast for us all.  Back home...on with the kettle and settling down to a coffee and breakfast when my compatriots in crime arrived and we were off to town.

First stop Mania where we had lots of bargains, over to the other car park, Mrs D of S into the bank to set up a new account, I got a pair of shoes from the shop next door and then we hit the second Mania.  Sat on the wall and waited for Mrs D of S to finish her work and then off for lunch...chicken wings, chippies and salad with soft drinks. Round the market for tomato plants and I bought a male and female kiwi plant, over to Kaufland, on to Lidl and back to mine for coffee and delivered coffee for my men.  They'd worked really hard today...they wanted to know if the wall had to go up one more layer of blocks and it did, they'd tidied up outside the wall and it looked really good but by the time that I'd got back the men had blocked it off for the cows so I couldn't get out to take photos.

Men home, fire ticking along, supper needed more time so I opened the wine and waited and watched Pointless and Eggheads.  Finished off supper with a Grand Delight double chocolate pudding...delicious.  Going down to the fire being switched off's been a very damp day.  Hoping for better weather for tomorrow....LN
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Beautiful sunrise :)
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 29, 2015, 8:13pm; Reply: 41
Friday 29th May

Short and sharp tonight...I've just got back from my students after a lovely evening, PJ's on and a little mastika to help my eye lids but I don't think it will take much tonight...

Cold and miserable start and it was lunchtime before there was any of that promised sun.  The men's local shop had run out of Bekir's cigarettes so we were straight into Djebel and the men shot off in different directions but they seemed to come back with what they wanted and Bekir provided breakfast for us all.  I made the coffee and we sat in the yard and about fifteen minutes later there was a shout and Bekir had remembered that they needed a special size wood to create the wooden top for the wall and that could be found in...Djebel where we'd just come from and we also needed a few kilograms of size seven nails as well.  This time we took the Beast so that we could bring the wood back with us and it was ten thirty before there was very much action.  A call was sent out for Semile to bring his tractor and straighten the coiled metal and the promise was made that he would come down after lunch and we're still waiting.  I busied myself with a bonfire and got rid of the tree trimmings that had to be taken down for the wall but I notice that there is still a lot up there than needs to come down which was part of the storm and snow damage and that's a job for the men.  Bekir had his lunchtime siesta despite the fact that there was little heat in the sun and meanwhile Sally got out the back pack pump, mixed up some Roundup and sprayed the area where the little kitchen terrace is going to go.  The weeds had fairly ...or unfairly taken over.

Lots of banging and hammering to straighten the metal for the cement topping....busy keeping my bonfire going and Haciber came round with food, drink and a chocolate bar for the three of us as a mevlit offering remembering her husband's passing.  Managed to get the men in the car and ready for home at six, dropped them off and I'm back to Djebel and over to my student's home for supper.  Remembered to take a melon with me as an offering and there was also cherries and strawberries from their garden.  We really do have some serious and interesting discussions and it's fun to watch the rest of the family join in with some English and they test me on my Turkish.  Home for just after ten and had to confirm that I'd got home safely....into my jimjams and a little mastika to hand and a few messages went backwards and forwards....really nice family.

Tomorrow I have no plans except that I want to remove the stone from the little terrace and get out my reciprocating saw and get rid of some of the's beginning to bug me now that I can't see the terrace at all.  The kiwi plants (male and female) have to go in against the wall and near to the cranberry so that they'll go upwards and spread....and the idea is to put a seat round the cranberry so that the kiwi doesn't get squashed at all.

And so to bed...just a few pickies of the wall....and two more days and Bekir is on his holidays to Izmir for a week with his sister to a family wedding.  His wife can't go....there is too much work to do.  LN....I'm off to my slumber sack...LN
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And yet more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 30, 2015, 5:16pm; Reply: 43
Saturday 30th May

What a lazy bones I've been today.  It was eight when I woke up nine before I went out on to the balcony to open up shop.  I did a late load of washing last night at cheap rate so that went out onto the balcony on the airer...I was too much effort to walk down the garden and peg it out but there again, it was almost dry.

I used the Kindle to check the morning emails and Facebook but was spurred on to put the big machine on when I was messaged by Mrs D of S to tell me that she had cracked the Daily Mail sudoku in just over seven minutes so the race was on and that was my downfall today.  I tried it online a couple of times, restarted and ended up printing it out twice and eventually managing it late this afternoon.  I wasn't all the time playing it.  I cooked a late breakfast of sausage, mushrooms, bacon, onions with two fried eggs while I know she only settled for a bacon sandwich, weeded one of the flower beds and planted up some of the zinnias from my secret stash under by special tree and in the cow garden as it's now become known thanks to Sally and his imagination creating the vision from the root he dug up.  I also managed to grab a few photos of a stork as it circled looking for new ponds to scavenge and terrorise the frogs and posted a couple on FB.

Bed called this afternoon.  I took the printed sudoku with me eventually finding the solution and then got my head down and woke up at six thirty my time.  I reckon last week fair wore me out...this building lark is hard work.  Not much in the line of food going though my brain at the moment but it might hit me later that I'm hungry.  My brunch was very substantial and it's not that I've been very active to work it off.

Filmon tv going on shortly...not sure what there's to watch but I'm sure I'll finds something to waste some time until bedtime.  I haven't yet managed to find a book series that I'm in to...I must look back on the cd I have for something interesting and inspiring. The evening has turned out to be calm although the wind has a chill to it....thunderstorms planned for the next two day or so...according to internet weather but I'm not sure what Bekir's newspaper has to say on the subject.   I'm going to say LN...time to relax even more....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, May 31, 2015, 5:45pm; Reply: 44
Sunday 31st May

What a busy day.  No Daily Mail sudoku today I thin Mrs D of S broke it with her record time yesterday or I did when I kept trying to solve it.  Any way...let's hope it's up for tomorrow.

Bacon sandwich for breakfast followed by shower, shampoo and nails ready for the baby party at twelve.  Walked down to the meeting point and I was pleased to see that my Avatar was coming along.  Sometimes she side-steps these occasions but because it her close neighbour's son's birth that's being celebrated....she got her finery on.  We sat around waiting for the bus to take us into Djebel and when it arrived it was a fifteen seater so Haciber stopped off at her house and came back with two plastic stools so that no one had to stand.  It was a rickety old bus but we got there and climbed the steps to the restaurant and were given a chocolate and a fridge magnet as a keepsake.  There were about one hundred ladies and children there, no men are invited it's strictly a female thing.  Soup, followed by chicken and potatoes, rice and beef and some very sticky honey buns to finish on.  Plastic bags were handed out for those that couldn't manage to eat it all and the bones went to the cats. All finished by two and back home for two thirty and this time I had one of the plastic stools and was door person making sure that it was shut properly....I have my uses.

So got out the lawnmower and now I have stripes.  It was a little temperamental and decided to give up the ghost two thirds of the way round.  I cleaned the filter but I'm guessing that it needs to dry out properly...the grass is still damp from the downpour the other night.  Cut back the forsythia, cleared bindweed from one of the smaller beds and Haciber came into the garden and gave me a box of Pepper Kokka biscuits that her son had brought over from Sweden for me.  I think they appreciate that I look out for his mother.

The Bee Eaters are back and I spent about half an hour trying to get them in flight to show off their feathers.  Not much success but I did upset a sparrow who I think has nested in the roof when I went out onto the balcony with the camera.  So eight twenty my time....I'm going to try and watch Filmon again tonight but last night it was absolute rubbish....I think too many people had logged in to watch the cup final.  No food for me....lunch sitting heavy....LN....early start for the men so early to bed...LN
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