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Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 1, 2015, 6:17pm
Tuesday 1st September

And my guest was snoring his little head off as I went around my morning chores....watering the garden, clearing the bonfire and burning the bathroom rubbish.  I watched the bee eaters swooping and catching their breakfasts and they appear to be gathering on the electricity cables with a view to taking off into the sunset and another life...I'll see you again next year....I put the beetroot that my painter had brought round yesterday into a pan and simmered it as per the instructions and we've had it at every meal for the rest of the day/

There was life around eight thirty and breakfast was the standby of tomatoes on toast closely followed by toast and marmalade and I put forward the question as to whether it was going to be a down day or a day of activity and we decided that it was a day of tranquility.  I did burst forth and tidied the garage ready for the men to put the final coating on the stone wall so that the winter wood can be stored at the back of the garage.  My next job is to move it all from the workshop...or maybe my painter will be doing it for me.  

Lunch was cold meats with the salads and we both took to the kindles this afternoon and snoozed for an hour or so and then it was back to it.  I made my way with the strimmer to the bottom of the garden and got rid of the brambles that were starting up and as my battery ran out....Gouldjan and her sister with her little one appeared and we sat with orange juice and had a special time that you only have with little ones.  He was running around the garden, on to the garden swing and back to the swinging time was had by all.  

Supper went in...pork slices with sweet and sour sauce with potato wedges and lots of mayo accompanied by the beetroot salad and tomatoes.  Well and truly stuffed....nine thirty my time and time for a little drink....and a lovely chilled day was had by all...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 1, 2015, 6:36pm; Reply: 1
And for the pictures
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 2, 2015, 7:59pm; Reply: 2
Wednesday 2nd September

Early start for me and the mosque was active from six and every animal in the vicinity joined in the chorus.  I was up trying to get a video of the sounds if not the picture but by the time I'd got the camera the hojja was into the second refrain and the animals had lost interest.  They work on the shortened version.  There were two very bright planets visible before the sun rose this morning and I believe they are Mars and Venus.  I tried really hard to take photos but the magnification worked but then shrunk it down again so that it wasn't really worth photographing.  I really must read the book.....

Up to water the garden after yesterday's really high temperature and it looked as if it was going to be the same today and it was.  It has been in the mid thirties all day and even tonight my skin is leaking like a sieve.  Over to my Avatar's house this morning since I'd offered my guest's services to fix a new lock to her outside gate.  Over we went armed with screwdriver, extension lead, drill bits and managed to get the old one out after we removed the rivets.  Straight into Djebel but by the time we got back I reckoned she'd gone for her afternoon siesta and so we had lunch and then settled in for ours.  My guest took up the lounge and at this point I was still reading so moved onto the sofa in the hall and off I went for a couple of hours.  I woke at five and so off we went to successfully fit the lock and when it came to payment I told her it was a hundred leva and if she hadn't got a hundred then I wanted nothing.  We eventually came to an agreement....six eggs and some potatoes tomorrow.

Just before seven we set sail for my student's house where we were expected for supper and we've had a lovely time with the family.  The lottery cards came out and there were two wins which were reinvested in more tickets and at the end of the day...ten leva a a little fun was had.  Nice drive back through the forest and I noticed the moon on the horizon and it was a really bright orange.  By the time I'd got back home it was a little higher in the sky but I managed to get a couple of shots.  

One mastika and a vodka orange on the go.  Time to sit out on the terrace and enjoy the evening.....A very relaxing day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 3, 2015, 4:16pm; Reply: 3
Thursday 3rd September

So I missed the planets this morning and the sun was up before me.  Out to the garden with the water pipe and over and a telephone call from the Librarian was a swimming day today down at our favourite pool.  It was far too hot yesterday to lie around in the garden...I needed water.  My Avatar was out with the cement again renewing the top on her stone wall and Haciber was keeping her company but away from the cement.  My Painter arrived on the scene but unfortunately I couldn't help him out with a lift...he wanted Kardjali and we were heading in the opposite direction.....

Into the car by ten and picked up the Librarian by ten twenty and it was a little like a Brit's gathering.  Mr and Mrs D of S had decided to have a morning round the pool as a respite from builders and there was a distinct lack of locals so we had the pool to ourselves.  They didn't arrive until much later and it was only a couple of children....the parents didn't get involved...... Brilliant day, superb lunch and we stayed until near four o'clock but D of S was off after lunch to help out the workmen...such a stalwart youth.

Washing done and hung out so that the swim gear is ready for the next time, garden watered and decided on an early update but there might be photos of the moon  later.  I shall be ready for it tonight.  One of the photos today is specially for you Mikey B....the baby pool ....the trout and carp lake, the chalets and restaurant.  So relaxed after a day of swimming and relaxing under a hot sun and for those of you not getting such a good deal out of the weather....I'll blow a little your way.  LN...time for a little beer and it's self service in the kitchen tonight...chef's night off...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 4, 2015, 5:31pm; Reply: 4
Friday 4th September

Usual morning but the blasted cats had upset my old burnt tins store and scattered them on the garden....I'm going to lie in wait tonight..  Breakfast was served at just after eight and washing up finished by nine...what a fit lot we are me and my guest....not.  The washing was left out last night so I waited for the dew to evaporate from it and got it in before I lit the bonfire.  Very careful these days ...everything is still tinder dry so you keep the hose to hand.

Sorted out the workshop this morning and cleared the floor of the debris.  My builders have a way of scattering tools on the floor so that they can see what's there and to hand or rather to foot but I just like stuff on shelves ...everything has its place so the new shelving unit is going up tomorrow but it's a toss up if it goes back into the little house workshop or into the new workshop.  The walls need to be cemented over first and the men just ran out of time last year...ah the fall or if not them somebody.

Thirty six degrees in the shade today so there wasn't much activity this afternoon.  We did set to around five thirty though.  There's been a concrete pipe in the yard ever since I bought the houses and we never did get round to investigating what was down there.  I guessed that there might be a water meter clock and after almost tripping over it several time we decided to get the pick axe out and have a look at it.  We removed the top layer and found that there was a stone lodged in the hole, I filled it up with water to soften it up a little and managed to get the stone out and under the stone there was lots of sacking.  After removing that there was an old pipe with a big nut on it...obviously a stopcock type thing and after a little effort we managed to remove the surrounding pipe.  We placed a stone on top of the metal work just to protect it and filled the baby in.  We had quite a giggle about it...for five years it's been there and it's taken that long to remove it...ah well.

Trout in the oven for supper and it should be ready any time soon..... it will be served with Roesti potatoes and garlic in the cavity with lashings of lemon butter....Lovely sunset tonight and the temperature has dropped to about twenty five....looks like being a warm night...LN...I'm back on kitchen duty....and there's a bottle that needs opening...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 5, 2015, 7:09pm; Reply: 5
Saturday 5th September

Normal routine but shook my guest out of his bed, stripped it and everything out on the line by nine.  We were in Beauty and into Kardjali by ten thirty taking the down hill route from the next village up from me onto the main Kardjali -Greece road and took a couple of photos of the road on the way down including the stork heading for its feeding ground.  

Parked up and there was a gathering going on in the square but by the time we got there the dancers were finished and the band was just winding down.  I'm not sure what it was in aid of but there were representatives from the local towns with awnings set up and a lot of eating and drinking going on.  We were heading for the machine repair shops to see if we could get a part for a jig saw that is due for the scrap yard if we can't.  No joy today...maybe we have to take another from the graveyard to check them out.  

Supermarkets and ending up at Lidl for a few top ups..the local hardware shop for some new gate hinges and back to Djebel for the coach screws to fix them to the wall.  The washing had found a breeze from somewhere and the under blanket was draped on the hillside but the others had managed to hold on.  Sleep called for the pair of us for a couple of hours...even with the breeze it was thirty seven coming back in Beauty and it didn't seem to get any less.  Out to the garden and there was a tortoise munching what he could find but he seemed to appreciate the water that was standing round the Berberis.  Beautiful night...we sat out with Emula sipping beer and chewing over the fat of the increase in local Kmets.....but why I shall never understand.  We are going to have a digger machine and a lorry to sort out our rubbish dump according to the mayor of Djebel....I thought fly tipping was illegal but obviously not in my village.....I burn all of mine and have no problems.

Into the house by nine and it was eggs mayo with sliced chicken for supper....lunch in town was very filling.  Now a little more to drink and bed calls...a very restful day despite the heat...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 6, 2015, 6:33pm; Reply: 6
Sunday 6th September

So I was o count down this morning knowing that I had to get out to my students, bacon and eggs for breakfast and just after nine fifteen I checked my messenger and there was no swimming today.  The young lady was not up to it so it was stand down and slum for the rest of the day.  I'd done the usual like watered the garden and had a bonfire so all those clothes that would have wanted washing had we gone to the pool didn't happen so I stripped my bed and got a good load going and everything pegged out by just after ten.  Unlike yesterday, a raging hot wind took most of it off the line as soon as I'd pegged it out but it was rescued and rehung. ;) ;)

So this morning I was into the workshop and did a general sort of all of the little pots of stuff that get accumulated.  My builders have a habit of saving bent nails, the intention is good but they rarely seem to get straightened out and used...they are off to the nail bed in the garden and should do well round the hydrangea.  Bit of a pickie lunch and I suddenly remembered that I'd asked for my Tarot cards from England and it hit me that I had the cards but no book to decipher it all so I spent the afternoon downloading the meanings of the Major Arcana and reformatting the text and another reason I wasn't out was that it was ticking over at thirty seven degrees again.....much too hot to be doing anything outside.  

The clouds came over so I took a beer on to the swinging lounger and just watched the world go by....there's something really good about this part of the world and the scenery changes all the time.  It's amazing how the sun plays on the mountains and catches the nooks and crannies that you don't spot unless you have nothing better to do.  I put supper in the oven, sweet and sour pork with jacket potatoes and roasted beetroot and went out to water the garden just to top them up with moisture.  I missed sunset but the remaining cloud formations were interesting.  Tomorrow it's supposed to be down to the mid twenties and it will be a welcome change.  Djebel tomorrow since it's market day and I have a couple of letters to get in the post but as for the rest of the day...absolutely nothing on the agenda...nice....LN...I hear a beer calling me from the's a hard life....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 7, 2015, 5:50pm; Reply: 7
Monday 7th September

Cloudy. cloudy start and there was a chill in the air...utterly brilliant.  I didn't water the garden...I did have a bonfire and I sat out enjoying the calm and reading until my guest decided to surfact.  As I was about to suggest toast and marmalade for breakfast, the electricity went off so I ended up using the gas to cook bacon and's not the weekend but any port in a storm so to speak.

I got my stuff assembled for my bank in UK in answer to their request to prove my existence and right to use their services.  I think they've got a cheek...I've only been with them for twenty years but it's to comply with new banking regulations or so they say.  Into Djebel and the post office for eleven and clutching my receipt for my two letters we headed for the market.  Lovely morning...I don't normally go into town on a Monday but met up with several local friends that I haven't seen for a while and so we caught up with each other.  I am thoroughly accepted here and love it.  

Little bit of shopping in the leva shop, down to the supermarket and home for one thirty more or less.  Made lunch and by this time the clouds had departed and the temperature was ticking over twenty seven and five minutes on the computer and it was a short walk to the bedroom for me from the landing and sleep beckoned......two hours later I was up and at 'em...grabbed my nail varnish holdall and a bowl of water from the kitchen and I was in for a foot soak and pedicure.....brilliant.  Avatar came round and asked if I wanted some of her home-made iran.  I was just applying a base coat to my nails so I suggested she joined me on the swinging bench and her eyes fairly shot up when I got a bit of speed up on it so I slowed it down.  Over to her house and she filled up two Ariana bottles with iran and they're sitting on the table outside since I have no room in the fridge.  Not sure about supper....we're both still stuffed from lunch so a little beer might do the trick tonight.  

There's a chill in the air and quite a cloud base tonight.  I'd suggested that swimming might be on the cards for tomorrow so I better check the weather forecast since I have six bottles of the local beverage to deliver to Mrs D of S....the travelling bottles.  Almost nine my time so I'm about to join my guest downstairs....and a little light reading before bedtime.'s been a very pleasant day with temperatures that have been comfortable for a change...maybe we're into autumn...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 8, 2015, 6:37pm; Reply: 8
Tuesday 8th September

Five thirty start and it was a grim day.  Grey clouds from wall to ceiling and someone has stolen the Greek mountains..they are no longer there.

Guest was up and active and sitting in the kitchen with his Kindle going strong by seven thirty so I was up and at it, watered the garden despite the threat of rain and out to the bread van to top up on essential supplies so that I didn't have to get the car out today.  So what did I do?  The outside intruder light was replaced since the other bastard seemed to want to come on at all hours day and night.  We'd tried to adjust the day/night setting but that seemed a waste of time so the new one should sort out the problem.  It actually was a little precarious with sunshine superman balancing on a wooden stool half hanging over the balcony with my hand half way down his trousers trying to hold on to him should he over balance...As one would say...there would be more chance of plaiting nasal secretions...he's a big boy but we managed it between us.  I've just checked it lights as I hit the gate and lasts for about three minutes which will give me plenty of time to get a key in the door..

So the next challenge today was that the camera battery charger was living a life of its own and only partly charging batteries.  There is new one order from eBay and the postage to Bulgaria is for free...amazing and I've had notification that it's in the post already...

Out to the garden eventually and spread the load of shite onto the underwall garden and got rid of the weeds so one job achieved.  The rest of it is going to be scattered on the flower beds but there is an urgent need for my sheep farmer to drop a load in the lane so that I can cover the rest of the veg soil is just so depleted of nutrients....but there again is has been so dry for so long that even the worms have deserted us.

In to cook Lidl cod portions for supper with oven wedges and peas and I still managed to cook too many peas that there are always some left...Lots of lemon and mayo and really delicious and followed by some Turkish Kek or cake and adequately stuffed so to speak.

The rain that had been threatening all day eventually arrived late this afternoon and no sooner had I collected up the outside cushions than it stopped and there was a hint but nothing to write home about.  The forecast for tomorrow is sunny and cloud and it depends on the percentages of either as to whether we do the swimming pool thing or not....I'll let you know.  LN...the washing up is in the bowl for the morning...CBA tonight and tomorrow is another day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 9, 2015, 7:57pm; Reply: 9
Wednesday 9th September

Well after a brilliant start after the rain was full on Narnia with the mist clinging to the mountains and I just love it.  Breakfast of toast and stuff and we were off to the Librarians and a day of swimming.  I had to stop off for a beer drop at Mrs D or S's and it was at this point that she said that she wouldn't be joining us for a swim....lightweight just because the weather had changed.

Librarian picked up as arranged and over to the pool and the signs were up for 'No swimming' so we had a coffee and were told that the pool hadn't been cleaned and that it was OK but it was down to us and so in we went but goodness was it cold.  I sat on the edge of the pool with the Librarian and eventually she was in first and I was in closely behind but once you were in the was surprising how soon the body got used to it and we were in there for about fifteen minutes of pure exercise...up and down the pool until we were both knacked.  Lunch beckoned and after that we sat in the sun on the beds and really chilled down.  One thirty and we left the pool and headed for Zlatograd.  I wanted to do the leva shops and head for the butchers and top up my supply of minced meat.  You choose the chunk that you want mincing and the man or woman does if for you but at least you know what is in there.....pure meat.  Dropped off the Librarian, home for six and it was on with the beetroot so that it's ready for tomorrow and out with the equivalent of corned beef and served with toast.  And that was supper...I'd had a hard day too.

Out on the patio watching the world and reading the book of Tarot that my Librarian had found out of her stash...all requests for readings are to be a postcard please.... ;) ;)

Lovely day...chilled and calm after the swimming despite the greenery in the pool through lack of cleaning....lovely day in Zlatograd and everything was there that we needed....I so love Bulgaria....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 10, 2015, 6:16pm; Reply: 10
Thursday 10th September

What a start to the was raining but hardly enough to wet the soil.  I took my coffee out onto the terrace and sat under the swinging bench while the rain rained and the clouds scudded southwards.  I was only out in summer pj's so I didn't stay long and it was eight thirty before my guest rose from the dead so it was spicy sausage and beans for breakfast while I settled for beans on toast and it kept us both going for most of the day.  I set to on my Tarot document and finished redesigning it clearing all of the formatting and adding my own and finished it off with a contents list hyperlinked to the pages...clever old's been ages since I did anything like that.  Meanwhile...I offered lunch but it was refused...that breakfast was very filling.

Managed to get a load of washing done and by this time it had dried up and the sun was out despite the clouds over towards Smolian.  I cleared the rest of the cow shite from the front wall and spread it on the garden. picked up loads of stones and the weeds and dumped them at the bottom of the garden.  It's been a 'do-it' day. The strimmer came out and used upside down trimmed or rather hacked the hedge but it's improved the view of the mountains tremendously.  I've also cleared lots of the debris from under the walnut tree and tomorrow I'm going to dig it over and get rid of the stones and builder's rubble that's sat under the tree for a few years now.  At four we downed tools. sat on the terrace and downed glasses of beer.  In to cook supper of chili spicy sausage with garlic bread finding a bottle of red to go with it.  Nectarines and yogurt to finish off...nine fifteen my time and nearly ready to hit the sack....there's been no siesta today...the whips have been out.  

No photos...nothing worth photographing this morning and the under walnut will look better when it's finished.  Did spot a tortoise under the hedge and I reckon he was frightened almost out of his shell with the noise of the strimmer going passed his or her nose.  It appears to have moved on so no harm done.  LN....I'm going to be sociable now...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 11, 2015, 5:44pm; Reply: 11
Friday 11th September

Pretty grey day to wake up to  and there was a hint of rain..I made a coffee and sat out on the lounge terrace with it but there was a chill in the air.  The bea eaters were making their mark on the electricity cables and gathering in funny groups...some times they were wide apart and then clustered up as if they were their own little families.  

Breakfast of bacon and eggs and the remains of last night's garlic bread was fried and it sort of set us up at least until lunchtime.  Phone call just after nine to see if I wanted to order my wood from the woodyard and yes I did and delivery was promised for today.  Went into Djebel to get the money for the wood from the Bankomat, picked up the Avon from the shop and home in plenty of time for the rest of the day.  Worked in the garden until lunchtime and that was a cold affair and onto the swinging bench but was awakened by the telephone confirming that the wood would be delivered today at some point and probably in the next couple of hours.  Bit more work clearing the bottom of the garden and at three forty the little tipper lorry arrived and dropped its first four cubic of oak and off they went again and at six this evening it dropped the second four cubic so I telephoned my painter and he's coming round in the morning to assess the situation....

Spots of rain this afternoon but as soon as the second load of wood had arrived it started to rain....I think it's something to do with dampening the spirits against the euphorbia of winter wood arriving.  Supper was the remains of last nights reheated with a tin of beans and it served us well....just a little mastica to see it down and now I'm planning on getting a book out and chilling for a while.  LN...a very productive day....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 12, 2015, 5:21pm; Reply: 12
Saturday 12th September

Heck of a thunderstorm last night...not many bangs but a lot of flashes so I was awake by five.  I did a couple of Sudoku and then hit the pillow again but I had such horrendously vivid dreams that I couldn't settle.  So up by six thirty and out to the garden despite the damp conditions to take my coffee and I was intrigued by a few birds that were leaving their perches, grabbing insects and going back to the same spot so found that they were Spotted Flycatchers...intriguing to watch.  

Breakfast of last night's oven chips with a spicy sausage in an omelette and it lasted through until lunchtime.  Heard a machine in the garage and my painter had arrived with his log cutter the likes of which I haven't seen before.  Apparently he uses this for the small ones and the chain saw for the biggies...tomorrow is the day and I sent him off with a couple of bottles on account.  Continued with the hedge and dug over the frog garden removing the last of the marigolds that haven't really done anything this year.  The ground was too dry and there were too many of them.  Trimmed the philadelphus and took ten cuttings so we'll see how many we get and planted out a spirea after digging it a bit hole and filling it full with goodies.  Cold lunch...and over in quicksticks and back to it climbing over the wall with ladders to reach the other side of the hedge.  Carried on sorting the bottom of the garden and raked it so that it will be easier when it's time to mow the grass.  Poster arrived and tooted outside and he had delivered the charger that I'd only ordered three days ago from the UK....I was amazed at the speed of delivery.....
Chicken in for supper and went out and bonfired all the stuff that I'd raked and then opened one of the sherry bottles that my last guest brought over for me.  Lovely dramatic sky tonight....not that it bodes well for tomorrow...we shall see.  Down for kitchen duties...chippies need to go in...LN    
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 13, 2015, 5:22pm; Reply: 13
Sunday 13th September

So what is this about Sunday being the day of's not been like that at all but it did start off well with me sipping coffee swinging on my bench.  I showered and washed my hair since there wasn't enough hot water for a bath last night and it was down hill after that.

My guest had been fixing a lamp in the garage and had lost a nut and a bolt while he was doing it last night so this morning's task should I chose to accept it was to sweep the garage before my painter started cutting the wood with his antiquated tool to see if I could find it.  So bath, broom, dust...all went to bowlocks.  Any way my painter arrived at eight and set about sorting the wood...he's such a tidy worker and so I removed the new roof tiles that were being stored in the garage so that we could have the whole run of the back wall for the wood. I went down to the bread van to top up and as I came back Haciber and My Avatar were laying out something on the ground to dry in the sun.  I asked the question and it's called Tarnar and it's made up of flour, tomatoes, peppers and I think it has yeast in it and when it's dry it gets crumbled and stored in jars to have for breakfast unlike mine of  bacon and eggs that left me fortified to get stacking to match his cutting.  

Avatar came round to see if she could help with the wood and we sat for a while and had a few giggles and I told her to go and stopping my painter from working.  Twelve fifteen came and today's wood was all complete...the remainder requires the chain saw and an ax to cut and chop.  Off he went on his bicycle and I went back after lunch to clearing the bottom of the garden and bringing the debris up to the burning pit and then I found in the little garden a passion flower that I thought I'd lost flourishing in the weeds.  That's all sorted now...the competition has gone and I also found another that seemed to be on its last legs and that's been fertilised and watered proficiently.

So...I now have lights in the that automatically comes on in the garage and a replacement on the house for when I stay out late which doesn't happen very often...Wired for light and not for sound.  Eight my time and sorting out something for supper is next on the agenda....all go in my neck of the woods...LN....I have duties to perform...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 14, 2015, 4:42pm; Reply: 14
Monday 14th September

Morning started at six this morning and I found that I was lying in the crumbs from last night's packet of biscuits.  I didn't have supper but got peckish and so the packet of biscuits filled the gap.  Out with my coffee at just before seven and watch the sun come up and it was a beautiful calm morning.  The mist was hanging low in the valley but there was a real stillness to the morning. I went out to the woodstore at silly o'clock this morning. emptied the shelving unit, moved it and replace the stuff and generally tidied out the room.   I came in and logged on, did my stuff and I was out for my painter as he swing his bicycle into the gate, cooked breakfast for my guest and went out to see what was happening.  The painter set to immediately sharpening the chain on his saw but he was having real problems getting it to fire up so I went over to my Avatars and we borrowed their chain saw.  Eumula came round and soon there was a couple of chain saws not quite in unison but the piles of logs was quick to diminish.  Coffee break for Emula and his work today cost me a packet of cigarettes...we hadn't negotiated a rate and it will go up tomorrow to two packets of cigarettes.  A toad was discovered in the pile of now lives on the other side of the road...

Al work stopped at twelve thirty....the chain saw went back to my Avatar in a very clean state...I'd helped out with the log clearance and had stacke quite a few but the rest are scattered in the gard and tomorrow they will get chopped and stacked in the new place that I've found in the workshop....I'm getting prepared for winter.

So after they'd left...we set off for Lidl to get a few things...home for five, supper in for five fifteen and eaten by seven.  I can now relax knowing there is nothing that I have to do tonight.  Emula and my painter are back tomorrow with two axes to grind and I shall be stacking....what a day....,my winter wood is almost complete...LN...and now for a little drink...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 15, 2015, 6:09pm; Reply: 15
Tuesday 15th September

Six thirty start to the day and lingered in my bed until seven thirty and realised that my painter was due so it was a into gear.  I was out sorting some of the logs by the time that he arrived but since there were two axes on the go this morning, I disappeared into the house and let them get on with it.  Breakfast of bacon and eggs to keep the wolves from the door and talking about wolves...there have been several sightings apparently of the larger wolves that are normally associated with Greece.  My sheep farmer was out with his gun and two dogs that lived in the forest have been shot after they killed a calf and one wolf that's had a sheep or two.  

As for the day...they chopped and eventually they finished and then it was my turn to go into action to remove the wood from the yard and get it stacked for the winter.....It is all away....let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.... ;) ;)

Not much else to report today.  It's been a good day and the gathering of the logs was interspersed with the odd glass of beer just to keep the dust down and tomorrow's job is to sift through the dust and put the sawdust on the garden and the larger stuff as tinder.  .Supper was a chicken and mushroom pasta dish that went down quite well.  Just about to go for a shower...I appear to ache all over but it might pass with a goodnight's rest....and a little more tawny port...LN....there are things to do....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 16, 2015, 6:52pm; Reply: 16
Wednesday 16th September

Early night for me last night so it was a five thirty start but managed to cat nap until seven.  Out for a bonfire so that I could get last night's washing pegged out and despite a bit of a sorry start with low cloud it eventually lifted to be a brilliant day.  My painter called round this morning to tell me that he was tired from yesterday and I seconded that.  He'd met up with a metal worker who was going to do some work for him and they'd already taken the measurements for the job and it was still only seven thirty.  We agreed that he would do the splitting as and when he wanted to.  He's such an early bird....

Breakfast was a toast and muesli was too much of an effort to cook and it seemed to take forever to get down to what I wanted to do.  I cleared the rest of last year's logs out of the wood store and they're stacked in the garage....I've said there's no urgency in getting then split but I think my painter is coming round tomorrow.  He reckons that the monetary rewards are on his side of the seesaw so the next batch of work is without money....and I like it that way.  I've paid in advance so to speak.  I swept the drive and got up most of the sawdust and it's now spread on the should mulch in nicely when the shite goes on next week.  I also dug over one of the little veg beds preparing it for winter broad beans....they'll have the polythene thing over them for snow protection.

Gentle exercise this afternoon...the hinges on the gates were being replaced by my guest and it got a little bit fretful when one of the bolts snapped as it was being tightened.  The air turned a tadge blue and I removed myself from such language but didn't understand most of it.. ;)

Eventually tidied everything away by eight and so supper was a bit of a codge of spicy sausages, onions, last night's pasta, a little chili and soy sauce followed by ice cream....Sufficient for hungry souls and tomorrow we are off to Kardjali with Mrs D of S and the Librarian to top up the pantries and the just has to be done.

My guest has taken to his virginal couch at just after nine thirty...he's worn himself out today.  I'm wondering what I can get up to to pass an hour or so...otherwise I shall be up at the crack of again.  So LN...lovely crescent moon tonight and it looked as if the planes heading over were going for it but they missed.....LN
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Friday 17th September

Six thirty start and had amazing dreams last night but didn't like the end of it so tried hard to continue with it but to no avail.  Grabbed the camera as there were three woodpeckers knocking seven bells out of the walnut tree but the camera was at full stretch.  Despite a heavy dew I watered the garden especially the pots, there is not much water in the subsoil.  Thirty five had been predicted for today and it lived up to expectations.

Shower and shampoo and ready for eight shifting cars around so that the Librarian could pull in outside the wall.  Beauty went back in the drive and I was turning the Beast round as she arrived with Mrs D of S.  In for coffee and a chinwag and off we set going down the dirt road to meet up with the main Greek highway.  We were doing well on the bottom part of the road but as we were about to hit the dirt track we were stopped in out tracks but a herd of cows with a cowherd who was trying desperately to get them out of our way and only succeeding when a van was coming the other way but we managed to find a pull in.  

Kardjali was busy today so we headed for the top end of town where we normally park and did the charity shop where we all picked up a few bargains, down to the restaurant in the square for coffee and Princessas that  are half toasted bread covered in melted cheese and ham so for those of us that hadn't had breakfast it was a godsend...for those that had it was a top up.

Down to Kaufland and we all seemed to have a spend-up and the biggest problem was that the Librarian and myself had spotted plastic garden storage boxes at twenty lev each and she'd got one and I'd bought two.  Coupled with cat food, dog food, giant washing powders and beer I ended up having to drop the children's seats in the back of the Beast and the rest was stored on the back seat....we were a full load.  Off to Lidl for my hedge trimmer, back to Djebel where I was asked to get a couple of items since Mrs D of S had no means of escape...behind the seat was absolutely crammed full.  So home with a mish-mash of shopping and we all claimed our own....if for more coffee and they were on their was by two and we'd put one of my boxes up to see how easy it was to assemble and it was.

Not much happened this afternoon.....Remsier came round and it was good to see that she is up on her feet again after being kicked by one of her cows.  This time I was turned back into a photographic studio....she'd brought the grandchildren along that needed photos for school permits and buses so it was four of each.  Supper was tandoori chicken with roasted vegetables and corn on the cob...stuffed and ready for a drink now.....Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow.....I want an easy's still ticking over at about twenty three this evening...looks like it's going to be a warm night...LN
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Friday 18th September

Four thirty start and played silly games on the DS for a while, tried to go back to sleep and nothing doing so started reading but I couldn't get into the groove.  Got up at six and down for coffee and out to water the garden.  It didn't stop there.....I planted up a couple of shrubs, removed cuttings that hadn't taken for the buckets and sat and watched the morning unfold.  Lovely sunrise and was tempted to put it on to FB but didn't..the trouble is if you get on the internet you can still find yourself there two hours later and it really is a waste of time.

Cooked an omelette for breakfast, stripped beds and got it out on the line, attacked the wood store and stacked the metal in a much better way.  I also removed some more logs for splitting from the woodstore to the garage and my Painter will do them in his own time.  Hammered in some large nails in one of the beam in the workshop and now the garden tools are suspended and not hanging around on the floor and it looks more organised.  Having moved the metal, I make up the second plastic storage chest that I got yesterday and managed to find enough wall space for it.  Tomorrow I'm going to put the small wood into it so that it's stored in one place.  The next thing to tackle is the little house porch where the men stashed the shuttering which ended up a bit of a jumble to say the least.  

No lunch today...the omelette managed us through until we set off for the restaurant in Djebel that I always used to go to.  Supper of liver, a dish of pork, onions  and peppers with a huge plate of cheesy chips.  I made a joke about the potatoes coming from his wife's village and I was right and he even had a photo to prove it.  I was on the wagon because I was driving but back home now and a little mastica on the go.  Worked hard today and feeling that gentle tiredness that exercise creates.  It's been a corker today...well into the middle thirties.   LN....I'm looking for a good night's sleep so fingers crossed...LN
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Saturday 19th September

Well that was an early morning toilet stop this morning but then I decided that it was head down for the second instalment and I did.  Seven when I woke up, the sun had beat me and I made coffee and sat on the swinging bench enjoying the morning and getting another layer of the brown stuff on.  Not much happening this morning apart from the sheep that seemed to have been thrown out early to start their scavenging and it's still pretty poor pickings.  It was up to thirty six again today so it was time to work inside.  My guest didn't wake up until nine so breakfast was late and it's amazing how like the cow's tail you was ten thirty before I'd washed up the breakfast things and put everything away.

So into the little house and cleared a load of crap that had accumulated by me or left by the builders.  Two old boxes of small wood for starting a fire was transferred to the wood store and some of the bigger stuff was cut down into starter material.  After I'd sorted the lower level I climbed to the first via the ladder and gave it a good going over.  There was lots of builder's rubble on the concrete floor and it is no more.  Out onto the balcony and tipped everything on to the space where the kitchen patio is going so it's not been delayed for another time.  Wonderful I threw it over the balcony the wind carried the dust over to next door's garden...a little more of the problem shared.

The plan was to get my head down this afternoon but instead I moved the wood that I'd thrown down into the appropriate places...burnable to the wood store and potential building stuff was stacked.  The next phase was to remove the old wood from the concreting phase from the little house porch and ask them when they appear this year what needs to happen to it.  They have the final part of the wall to build before the winter sets more cows for me inside my borders... ;) ;)

Supper was the minced meat from it was minced meat with onions, potatoes, carrots and peas for us tonight.  Just showered so feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to sink into newly washed sheets and pillow cases.....One bit of sad news Avatar is off to Germany to spend the winter with her son and family.  I think she found it hard last year...well we all did....but they called her bluff and are taking her away.  I'm not sure she wants to go and she's remaining very stoic about it.  I've got the key to her house so I've told them that the parties will be one weekly followed by a rave every month....I've given her a sachet of my lavender to keep her company on the should relax her and take away some of the worry of her first take off and landing.  I did warn her about the loo on board and the woosh it makes...she said that she refuses to use it but I'll wait for the update.

So it's been a good day... more things have been hung up in the wood store and one of new plastic chests is already full of starter wood.  Tomorrow I'll finish the little house porch and then make a start on walnut collecting...gathering in the harvest so to speak.....and so I'll say LN.....all go in my neck of the woods...LN
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Sunday 20th September

Early start for me and watched the sun come up over the mountains and it's such a lovely start for the day.  Down for coffee and out to the garden to get rid of the little house rubbish before the wind got up so that it's not flying everywhere and by eight thirty it was all cleared and I was ready for breakfast.  My guest was already cooking his eggy bread but I told him to go ahead...mine would be bacon and egg with fried was in my brain so had to happen.

On to the computer after I washed up and cleared the kitchen and it was with a sad heart that I heard the news that a very good friend was no longer with us.  I don't know the details but RIP to a beautiful and boisterous lady that I'd worked with and my very good wishes go out her companion for the last couple of years.  She couldn't hack life....but devastation for those that she left, so sad.....

So I sat on the terrace this morning in the sun and emptied out the poppy seed and I got almost half a jar full.  Now it may not seem much to you but there are probably about a million of those little things that are a little gold mine for Mrs D of S who sells the things...I also stipped out the zinnias and the large white daisies....we are see rich until someone decides to buy.  I also potted up one of the cacti that are the babies of the one that I massacred since it was flopping all over the place...and there are more to do.

Lunch arrived courtesy of Hacibar.  Her sister is over from Turkey and they had a Mevlit for somebody or something and so I got the statutory back of rice and meat with a bag of fresh figs and a clove and cinnamon drink.  Straight into the kitchen with it, two plates and sorted.

So to horse....I'd checked up the schedules and lined up the Davis Cup for this afternoon and spent the waiting time digging out the old wood from the porch in the little house. It did take quite a time so up for the tele and then down for the remainder and I've more or less finished.  All the wood is where it should be for the winter and what's not there yet...I've a place it and congratulations to the Davis Cup team...and a million thanks to Andy Murray. ...obviously knacked but worked his little socks off to succeed.

Sat out with a little drink tonight and in the dusk I heard a rumble in the jungle and it was a lone cow munching at my hedge.  I sent her on her way thinking it was time she was on her way with wolves and stuff around.  No supper for me...sandwiches for my gosti and a bag of crisps for me with a little drink. Djebel market tomorrow so might do the promenade...see how we feel....LN....and God speed dear friend and I'm raising my glass to you now...LN
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Monday 21st September

Late start for me after a super early loo stop at five twenty....I must remember to switch that alarm off... ;)  Seven thirty and the sun was up up already so out to the garden and hung up the overnight washing, back in and it was poached eggs for breakfast and then I set to on the wood to clear up the remains of the debris from yesterday.

Phone call from Mrs D of S and could I pay her internet...I am an angel of mercy.  My pian mush...Shieep was standing in the square and wanted a lift into Djebel.  It was eleven and he was under the influence already so it was in the back with him.  Internet paid and my home phone paid,  it had been niggling me.  My guest had written his shopping list on a piece of wood and it became the centre of attention as I bought the required objects,  I referred to it as a 'tablet' and suggested that the beauty of it was that it required no electricity.  Shopping done and into the my student's parents shop for a bit of a chin wag and I found out that it is a Bulgarian holiday today.  It's all do do with the shaking off of the Ottoman empire and Bulgaria becomes one again.  

Tomorrow is the start of the Muslim Byram...their special celebrations so no work out of any of them at this time.  My painter came round and said that he'd like to work but there were too many hungry eyes so he's having a rest. Weather clouded over around four and there were a few claps of thunder and no lightening  and then the rain started but it was only a threat.  I was out clearing the little garden in my tomb garden and planted up a shrub that had sat on the terrace but with the weather might stand a chance.  Got a fire going tonight...with the rain came the cold wind and it's made the house feel warm and welcoming.  

Nothing on the agenda so far but if they rain falls might be a trip to Kardjali and maybe Haskovo for a day out.  Nuff for tonight...LN....I'm going to get my book out and take to my virginal couch early...Only eight thirty my time but I'm feeling fair knacked...LN
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Tuesday 22nd September

Late start and couldn't end my dream.  I was investigating a murder and I believe that the priest did it but I had to use old documentation to open the grave...I'll never know.  The noise of from the kitchen of my guest furtling around kept me from the end of my dream so I was up and making coffee, showered and shampooed and muesli served for breakfast and ready to hit Kardjali by nine.

Telephone call from the Librarian and she has flu so that's one home call I shan't be making until she sounds the all clear.  I contacted Mrs D of S and I'll pick up her requirements from Kardjali but unfortunately, the wine box was already sold out before I got there...she can hang out her washing but not celebrate doing it...

Home for twelve more or less and I settled in to working in the garden and my guest headed for the little house workshop and carried on with what I'd asked him to make for me.  The weather was unsettled today...grim this morning which headed for acceptable and with slight rain showers this afternoon.  I dug over the vegetable gardens and circulated the wood shavings and chippings that I'd put on the gardens and then in to cook supper.

Pork sweet and sour and roast potatoes but I did manage to put in some baked apples using a new apple corer that I'd bought in Kardjali and it worked a dream.  It had quite a broad diameter so it took out all of the little shell bits that normally surround the core...success..... Watched Pointless and Egghead and in for a Top Gear about converting a combine harvester to a snow plough and I think the team are hilarious...such a  sad demise but I don't think whey'll be down for long.

So ten thirty my time and almost time for bed....nice day...I have a new seventy meter extension cable to connect my new hedge trimmer to and my new apple corer....what could be better than's been a good day but unfortunately I don't appear to have taken any photos today despite opportunities in Kardjali...appologies and LN
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Wednesday 23rd September

What a miserable day but at least I've got loads done.  Scrambled eggs for breakfast with ham on toast...nice mixture and then to horse so to speak.  I decided to set to on the path from the workshop to the garden and clear the little house bed of weeds.  They're had been lots of twigs from the wall building exercise and bits of stone and bricks and the soil have accumulated over them and the lawn mower just wouldn't have managed it.  Out with the Bulgarian tool...all cleared, strimmed with my trusty new friend and it's looking good and tidy at least.  It's one of those jobs that you know's there but ignore until you can't ignore it any longer.  Steady stream of children for sweets today and ladies with pancakes for Byram....I also had delivered a piece of meat for one of the younger ladies and it's now roasting in the oven with potatoes.

So the rest of the day.  We were sitting down to lunch and a whirlwind arrived in the form of one of Mrs D or S's neighbours.  They were passing and he checked to see if it was OK if his wife and son could see the house.  So conducted tour and I brought out the's quicker than explaining what it was like from beginning and she really loved it.  I reckon that she'll be pushing for central heating now that I've explained how mine works.  So off they went and back to my gardening.  I've made a start on the Walnut garden by digging out the couch grass and making a flower bed.  In went a spirea that I had by my and two forsythias from my cuttings.  Also in the pot I found three lavenders so they're in it too.  Watered them well in...but we shall see what we shall see.  I think I've given them a fighting chance now that the weather has changed.

So as I said...the meat is in and small roasties are nestling in next to it.  I've got a few peas left over from the other night...they'll do...after all it's not Masterchef...Bit more work on the Walnut garden tomorrow...I need to lower the level of the patch and take out the rubble that was dumped and find a new home for it.....LN....I'm kitchen bound to sort out supper...this is too much like hard work for me...eating every night...LN
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Go Ilyas - Spyion :)
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I see my bench is still going strong against the new wall in the garden! It must be getting on for 5 years old already!?  :P
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Thursday 24th September

Mikey B that bench will be here as long as I am and's still going strong.  I think it's found its resting place at last....There's a jasmine to the left and honeysuckle to the right so it will be a sensory patch to sit my guests in when they've forgotten the deodorant...As for you Mrs D of S...the tortoise is called Gladys....Gladys Friday...Glad the working day is over...Glad I filled up with beer at cheap rate...Got it...xx

I heard my guest rattling around in the kitchen so I thought I'd lie there and the washing up from last night was done.  It's taken me the whole of the holiday to realise that I am not responsible....Straight into bacon and eggs with fried bread since I'd missed the early morning bread van and it was a little on the 'second day' side.  Upshot's not stuffed with preservatives like the English stuff.

So my guest went off to the workshop to continue making my chest for the third bedroom and I set off down the garden to carry on sorting the walnut garden and by about lunchtime I was knacked but I'd achieved a lot.  Lunch was toasted sandwiches since as I said, the bread was not worthy, but I found a strange cheese stuff with olives in it and it went down well with ham.

Back to it this afternoon....I've cleared the old pots from the wall and the underwall of the little house and got rid of the old pots that are past their sell by dates.  We hang on to things sometimes that should be got rid of ....and I did and one heck of a bonfire it produced.

Supper is in...chicken wings with potato wedges.....can't be arsed being creative but last night's lamb joint was absolutely delicious and I gnawed the bone clean.  So after another good day in the garden that's shown results I'll say LN.....and here's to a goody tomorrow...LN
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Friday 25th September

So I awoke this morning and caught the rising sun and went back to bed.  Down for coffee, heard the bread van beep and as I walked out into the yard I realised I'd forgotten that my painter was coming to get rid of the rest of my big logs and some of the smaller stuff from the workshop patio.  So jumped into another shirt so that I was respectable for the neighbours. the painter offered to go down on his bike to the bread van and I told him that all was well and I could managed to get there in time and off I went/  There was only Bysinger down there ...the rest had been and gone or not bothered.

So threw two loaves into the kitchen and I went on with opening up the workshop, connecting electricity cables and digging out old huge lots and we had a fun time splitting and they were all dumped in the yard for me to stack.  I did attempt at splitting one which proved an embarrassment for yours truly...but at least I tried.  Thunder was rattling around Greece and there seemed one heck of a storm over Benkovski...hope the Librarian survived.  Because it was threatening I managed to get the wood into the little house porch but had to go some to do it.  Everything tidied away and down it came...for a couple of minutes.  The painter got going with his trusty machine and sliced up everything in sight on the little house terrace and now I have to stack and cover with polythene for the winter...I'm actually running out of space for wood storage.

Lit a fire this afternoon and set to reading a book.  I'd fair knacked myself this morning shifting about two cubics of wood and tidying up the yard, workshop and new storage area so relaxed with the Kindle to try to get to the end of the book that I'm wondering why the heck I'm bothering to finish it....ninety five percent and I might find out who did it in the last five percent.

Supper was sweet and sour pork ribs and I did succumb to wedges once again...they are quick and easy and need no preparation and deliverance....A little sherry has seen mine down and thanks to my last Welsh buddies for the importation...and same again next year please without you are still threatening me with November...My guest is on the dark rum and blaming a tightness in the stomach on nothing in particular.  I think it was down to the soft cheese that I suggested he binned instead of putting it in an omelette....

Rain has cleared up and the moon is out...funny old day today but I'm now back to my book and with only five percent to should be solved.  This is only the second in the series...can't see me going much further with it.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except into Djebel for hinges for the lid of my new chest and milk for my guest....Might even make it to Kardjali ...he wants a new Bosch planer...and this could be on his expense account...LN...Bath tonight and a good soak....I got pretty dirtier earlier...LN
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Saturday 26th September

Out this morning to catch the start of the sunrise but I forgot all about it.  The cow that had been chased off last night for decimating my lilac bush was lying down not far from the fence and obviously hadn't made it home for the night.  At first I thought there was something wrong with it but suddenly I saw what I thought to be something like a stoat or a weasel  run across its back and disappear on the far side of it and then  reappear but unfortunately I'd taken my small camera out, back in to get the biggie but I never caught sight of it again.  I've notice some strange droppings, a couple on the wall and one lot on the terrace and the painter and I had noticed some strange noises coming out of the metal drainage pipe under the ground outside my main may be we have some thing big and furry living down there.  

I made a bit of noise to see if the cow responded and she did...up she got, dropped a pile of shite, had a lengthy pee and went back to the lilac bush to continue where she'd left off and no sign of her furry friend. and despite my efforts I hadn't managed to catch it on film.

Off to Kardjali this morning after stopping off in Djebel for banichka and yogurt drink.  Paid a visit to the cheapy clothes shop and managed to get a few bargains in the autumn sweater range and a lightweight sky jacket all for six lev and headed for the hardware shop to get some hinges for the new chest.  Next stop was the Bosch shop for a new rotary sander since mine seems to have given up the ghost and gone to that great machine heaven in the sky.  Kaufland for some cheap beer and they still didn't have stock of the winebox that is supposed to be on offer, into Lidl for a few items and then back to the bus station to pick up my guest's ticket for the six o'clock for Sofia on Wednesday morning so that's another job done.

Two loads of washing done when we got back, lit a fire and now the clothes are airing in the bathroom.  Supper was a pork dish with onions in mushroom soup served with pasta and a little beer to wash it down.  I've just watched Strictly on Filmon...and I've picked out Peter Andre for starters but there's still a long way to go.

Bed time said Dougal...I'm knacked and think it might be something to do with moving yet another ton of wood yesterday but at least all is safely gathered in.  LN.... Dushinkovo fair day tomorrow but it depends on the weather as to whether we make the effort to appear...we shall see...LN
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Sunday 27th September

And this is supposed to be the day of rest.  Six thirty start so not so bad and played a few games of sudoku on my tablet until I heard rumbles from the jungle downstairs and I could start to make some noise.  Breakfast of tomatoes on toast and then I burst into action in the garden and it has been none stop since then.  There was a heap of yellow stones that was near the toilet and the rest of the stone for the little house terrace and it is no more.  It's now down the bottom of the garden mainly under the rose bush and the top area has been strimmed and tidied.  I also worked on my special tree rock garden and put in another juniper horizontalis to cover some of the weeds...and we shall see what we shall see.

Didn't go to the fete worse than death...didn't feel sociable so just got on with working in the garden.  Lunch was a bit of a get what you can find situation and we managed to find enough and I was out there again.  I did play for a while on the pc and I heard a thud on the windows and unfortunately found a finch in the bucket that I use for giving cuttings a drink before I pot them up...not in a very good state so it's been cremated and sent on its way with a little prayer.  

Finished at five this evening and the chicken went into the oven with roast potatoes and should be ready any time soon.  Wonderful cloud formations this evening.  The thunder that was threatened rumbled ever so slightly and we had a few huge drops of rain that did nothing more than make a noise and off the cloud went.  Supposedly there is a blood moon tonight and a total eclipse starting at three in the morning....I might see it...I might not...if insomnia strikes I'll get the camera out but looking at the cloud base....I shall be lucky if I see it.  And now down to be the perfect hostess....LN....I'm just putting my pinnie on....LN
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Monday 28th September

Funny old evening and funny old night.....As for the moon it came up and looked superb and then the clouds started coming over and there was a magnificent electrical storm over Turkey or Greece thunder just flashes.  I found that the camera on consecutive photos did well and I took over seven hundred in the space of fifteen minutes or so.  Like a kid with a new toy...I'd not used it before but I certainly will again...

So at two fifteen this morning my guest was creeping upstairs for his camera to take pictures of the eclipse.  I was trying not to be awake...I'd already seen that there was no moonshine from my windows and that the clouds had already taken a firm footing.  Unfortunately when I wake up, I wake up so it was about five this morning when I put my little head down on my pillow and managed to get off again.  And this time...wall to wall rain clouds that burst on to the hillside so my plants have had a serious watering and we might even have reached down to the subsoil.  The downside lawn is looking incredibly green and it could be out with the lawnmower on Friday....

Also last night I was disturbed by the barking of a dog and this afternoon when I went out to check on Gladys I heard whimpering and howling.  I checked and it was coming from the next field and it was a dog that I didn't know.  It appeared to have been caught up in something and me not being very good with dogs had thought about contacting Semile for a solution.  We had to go into Djebel to get some male to male connectors which we needed replacing the kitchen sink tap and on the way back I thought I caught sight of the dog so arriving back home I checked out the field and it was no longer there but there was a considerable branch down on the ground where it had been so it looked like it had worked its way free.

So the kitchen tap is half finished, the chest that my guest has made me is sitting in situ and can be loaded with my curtain material tomorrow, so that's two coffins I have now OH so if you have need...I have a spare.  My guest leaves on Wednesday so we are on countdown so tonight we met up with the Librarian and a local friend from the village and went out for supper.  Really pleasant evening and sorry for the late update. eclipse or supermoon tonight...looks like I've got to wait a while for the next....LN
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Monday 29th September

Six thirty start this morning and what a morning to wake up to.  Wall to wall clouds...not much of the mountains showing and it was cold.  September is still here...why is it so cold now.

The new kitchen tap had to be completed before I could clear up the kitchen and cook breakfast which turned out to be bacon sandwiched between a cheesy bun from the bread van.  As I went out of the gate he was arriving and promptly stopped outside the gate...such service.  I lit the fire about ten this morning and it's been going ever since.  The wind was so cold today.

So the curtain material was transferred into the new chest and the old plastic thing was dragged down the stairs and we spent the morning renovating, hot gluing wood into the frame and applying metal corners and now it will be kept in the little house and all my 'house bits' will be ensconced.  Lunch was what we could find and unfortunately my guest decided to put two old oak planks on the petchka and I sort of blew a fuse ...I was worried about the chimney setting on fire.  I'm used to the fire and living out here...he just didn't think.

So I've changed round the seating area in the corridor and the chair that faces the garden is now facing the petchka....I think I'm going into winter mode.  My guest is packed, sandwiches made for the bus tomorrow, alarms have been set and we're keeping our fingers crossed that someone wakes up otherwise I'm driving to Sofia.  

Lots of ravens or big birds in and over the garden today...I think the rain has brought up all the stuff that they like.  Heading for bedtime soon..LN it's going to be a five a.m. start....LN...
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Wednesday 39th September

Set alarms on both phones so that I didn't oversleep and managed to wake my guest up for departure.....Four thirty this morning and still suffering from the aftershock.  Loaded and set off at five and into Kardjali for five thirty so plenty to spare before the six departure.  I chatted to the driver to make sure that my guest was dropped off before the bus station and at a taxi rank so that there was no problem time wise to get the airport otherwise it can be tight.  So it all worked well.

I was home before six so stripped beds, bath towels, sofa cushions and everything that needed washing was put in to wash...five loads in all and even though it looked like it might rain, it never did.  There was one point when I thought the sheets might end up in Greece but the pegs held there ground.

Moved most of the outside furniture inside today...only the sofa left which is destined for the downstairs bedroom anyway.  The chairs are in the space under the stairs and I've put wheels on the outside table that made so that it's easier to maneuver.  Not without its problems I was screwing the wheels on the of the screws jumped to the side and I stabbed my index finger with the screw driver and my...did it bleed/  Bandage off tonight so that I can type...and the Sudocrem worked wonders.

Lit the fire this afternoon to air the washing...that which was half dried is in the bathroom upstairs on the airer and should be OK by tomorrow.  Phone call from my guest to say that he's arrived safely in the UK....he's still on Bulgarian time while I'm on Bulgarian time but knacked after a four thirty start.

So the weather never really took off today...the clouds were hanging around...sun at times but nothing to write home about.  It's supposed to be better tomorrow so keeping fingers crossed.  Had my supper already and it was the remains of some mince with carrots and peas found in the freezer and I put mashed potatoes on the top...a sort of shepherds but without the sheep. will be an early night for me...I'm feeling jaded....LN
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