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Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 1, 2015, 7:29pm
Thursday 1st October

So now we're into Autumn and don't we know it.  It has been cold and miserable today...the sun broke through briefly then shot away again.  I had a pretty slow start and went out at just after nine and my painter had appeared and asked if he could finish the wood today.  Now I thought it was finished but he went round the garden, brought up everything he could find and chop sawed it up leaving it in a pile by the door to the little house.  He had just finished the last when his phone went, he explained that he had to go home for ten minutes or so so off on his bike and came back and explained that the headstone for his son's grave was ready to be picked up in Kardjali and his friend wanted to take him in and did I have a problem with it...of course I didn' ten minutes later he was picked up leaving his bike and chainsaw in the workshop ...all under lock and key.  

Attacked the lavender and one bush has been trimmed and the flower heads are hung up and drying in the little house.  I've also planted lavender and rosemary cuttings and keeping fingers crossed that they grow.

I cleared up the rest of the sawdust from the little house and put all of my stuff into the old plastic box that we'd repaired and then set to stacking the newly chopped wood until I got bored with it so decided to watch a little Filmon and then I'd go back to it.  I shut the main door since it was cold and when I went out again at three I noticed that the wood had all gone and the painter had come back...called me apparently but I'd not heard him and he'd finished the job for me....played so to speak.

What he'd done though was to throw it into the little house porch as it looked like rain so when he went I stacked the rest of it in the little house porch so that if the snow's a bit nearer than the workshop to collect it from....Boots blacked and ready for it so to speak.  Suddenly looked at my watch and realised that I was out to dinner at my students so it was a rush job to get ready and I was only a little late.  It was lovely to see them again...they've had visitors galore from Turkey over the last few weeks and at last they have finished...they think.  I've managed to acquire a new pair of winter slipper socks...a present and I've just FB'd them to confirm that I wasn't eaten by a bear on the way home.... ;) ;)

Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so far...and keeping my fingers crossed that it stays that way.'s been an active but leisurely day and a very chilled evening...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 1, 2015, 7:51pm; Reply: 1
And a few photos....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 2, 2015, 4:20pm; Reply: 2
Friday 2nd October

Well it was a late start this morning since I stopped up to see Mock the Week and then Question Time but remember I'm two hours on than the UK.  It's a programme that I loved to watch in the UK but I'd forgotten all about it until I saw it on a trailer.  Things worry me about British Politics.  Tering the UK apart and new people that have such fixed ideas that they would make better despots than Prime Ministers.  

My painter turned up with his chain saw and headed down the garden only having a few logs to make petchka size.  We had a discussion about one of the logs that I thought looked like a donkey's head so it was spared the chop.  The second gto be salvaged was a log that looked like a pair of shorts and we had great fun making a pair of pockets that got tacked on.  There was also a root and trunk that was left down the bottom of the garden....this could be make into some sort of deterrent.....

So off he went with his trusty chop saw loaded onto a wheelbarrow to help out one of the old ladies at the top of the village.  I put the recently cut and chopped logs into the workshop and notice that my painter had left his, as we call it because it has everything in it, his Charlie Chaplin bag so put it into the house for safety.  I carried on clearing out the little house, got a load of washing out, pegged a couple of large pillow cases under the lavender so that I can collect it all.  

Charlie came back for his bag and as I gave it to him he said that there was lots of gold in the bottom,,,,,,I'll check it out next time he goes AWOL...Washing in, onto the airer, fire lit and fish finger sandwiches for supper.  Bath tonight...I want to luxuriate ...LN....the Librarian is coming over and it's Djebel day tomorrow.  She's staying the night and then off to Church on Sunday ...I'll keep you informed...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 3, 2015, 4:44pm; Reply: 3
Saturday 3rd October

Late start for of the clock and someone has stolen the mountains.  It was thick mist out there and even the kimono dragon appeared to be missing.  It took a while for it to lift and there was no sunrise as such but I was out in my PJ.s to identify if Gladys had left but no she'd gone back to the bottom of the garden and was under the rose bush.  Seems she's looking for a suitable place for the winter...she might be digging herself in soon.  On to the PC and I completed my passport application and all I have to do is get the photograph taken on monday and into the post with it and it was easier than I thought.

Cleaned through the bottom of the house because of the Librarian coming over tonight and it's more for my benefit than hers...old habits die hard.  Showered and washed my hair and cleaned the bathroom after I'd finished and then sat at my desk in the towel drying off and managing to do the Daily Mail Sudoku five star in ten minutes which was a bit of a record and finding the angle quite quickly this week.  Eventually got to drying my hair, did my nails and had a super slow morning.  At just before one the Librarian arrived and we had coffee and headed to Djebel and I found a parking place in the middle of town.  We headed to the stalls, found one selling chicken so we ordered a whole one and salad and the remainder is sitting in the fridge for later tonight.  We walked round the amusements where the children were having fun on the Bouncy castles, found a stall selling doughnuts and back to the car with them in a container and home James where we sat in the sun with the doughnuts and coffee feeling quite decadent.  Five each and now I still feel stuffed to the gills.

Came in at seven from the garden, fire going, vodka and tonics times two poured and we might have the chicken later if either of us feel like it.  Tomorrow it's an early start....we're off to a church service in JS's village just to make up the English contingent's numbers.  Unfortunately we have to leave at about seven thirty in time for the might be coffee and breakfast on the move. will be an early night for me without I get stuck into the rugby which might just happen...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 4, 2015, 5:51pm; Reply: 4
Sunday 4th October

So I was awakened this morning by the Librarian heading for the loo at four twenty and there wasn't much more sleep after that.  Fortunately I don't need that much but I played games on the Kindle and headed down just before seven and it was kettle on and tea and coffee in quicksticks.  Straight into breakfast...two spicy sausages with eggs and served up by seven ten and we were finished and ready for the off by seven forty.  We were off to church at a friend's village and there was thick fog around so wanted a fair shot at it.

There was a bit of a police gathering outside of Kardjali on the Haskovo road but I have no idea what it was about.  Five of the little beauties in a layby and nothing to signify why.  Well we arrived at our destination without Satnav saying 'turn around now' and over to our friend's house and no one home, no car outside so we headed to the church and he wasn't even there.  So in we went as the village priest started with the incantations and if I'd have known the words I would have joined in with the chorus.  There was a wonderful female singer going most of the work and when I complemented her afterwards she said her voice came from God.  I reckon it came from her lungs but we didn't argue about it.  It was a long service but I found out afterwards that they'd all been promised a bunfight and the meat didn't make it back to the village from Kardjali until just after eleven so we had several choruses.

The church was packed but it was a pity that they had to offer a free food and wine to get the people there.  I guess that the next service in two weeks time will be back to the normal congregation of six or seven instead of the seventy or so that turned up today.  Lovely weather for an outside party...the mist had disappeared and the sun had come out.  There were lots of bread loaves in the church that the local ladies had baked and they all got shared between the congregation....and what a lovely service it was.  Off we went to out friend's house and sat around in the sun discussing all that needed to be was just one of those days.

And so to the bunfight.  Tables laid out and chicken, pork, salad and beverages including wine and beer were on offer.  Why is it that I always seem to draw the short straw with the Librarian and have to stick to Fanta but now I'm home, the bottle is open and it's mine...all mine.

We stopped off at Lidl on the way back through Kardjali, picked up a few things on the way through including a couple of pizzas so it was straight into the oven with them and the Librarian went home stuffed including a bag of bits for the pizza and yesterday's chicken for the dogs.  She set off just before eight and we've had a really good day.  LN....The roof stayed up despite a few dodgy tiles...I can't be that bad....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 5, 2015, 4:00pm; Reply: 5
Monday 5th October

Well my intention to go into Kardjali to get my photo done for my passport has gone by the window.  I couldn't get into gear today and I think it has something todo with a busy weekend.  

Fairytale morning.  It was misty first thing but as it started to lift it was back to Narnia.  I sat out on the terrace and took a few photos, drank coffee and generally absorbed the morning and walked the garden noting that bottle brush is really flowering well.  In the rest of the garden there are lots of new plants where after the parched spell and the the rain, tobacco and several others are germinating new babies.  It all seems back to front to me as if they think it's spring again.  I've even found bulbs pushing through new shoots.  Searched the garden for Gladys and found that she had moved into a different area of the garden yet again.  

Back into the house and breakfast called.  I made myself a bacon and egg sandwich and sat in the sun watching the birds having the last of the sunflowers seeds, up on to the computer and went through the documentation for obtaining the new passport and realised that they want an original not a photocopy of a government document to confirm my address here so I was on the hunt for one that I don't mind sending to them.  Heard my name and my painter called round to check that I was OK and that I didn't need him to do any work for me.  He told me that he'd just finished three days at one of the other houses in the village and that he had more over the next three days or so.  His 'shop' in my garage is now down to one bottle and asked if the next time I was in Kardjali I could time replenish supplies and he would give me the money.  

Played a few games of sudoku and then the internet provider decided that the connection to the big wide world was not going to happen so it was time for head down and I've slept for a couple of hours.  As you can see it's back up.  Very still evening and after such a lovely day it's clouded over but there's not a breath of wind and the clouds are just hanging.  No need for any supper...breakfast is still lingering and I think all that's required is a glass of the amber nectar.  LN...definitely Kardjali tomorrow to get the photo done and the passport application in the post....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 6, 2015, 3:54pm; Reply: 6
Tuesday 6th October

Six thirty start but the rain had woken me up with a drip drip drip from the roof that overhangs the balcony.  Last year I tied a sock on the metal work,,,I'll be doing it again for this winter....Rain had stopped by the time that I managed to get out of bed and it had somewhat dried up but the sun had a hard job to break through the clouds.

Headed into Kardjali for just after ten.  I stopped off at the garage to see if they could do my antifreeze before I headed into town and check my oil but the  antifreeze was going to happen after lunch....they had a few cars in.  Parked up and went to get my photo taken and she was trying desperately to have my hair down but I stuck to my guns.  So two photos taken and they would be ready in an hour so off I headed to Mania to see what they were giving away but it was Tuesday and the best prices are on Saturday when the price per kilo reduces.  Anyway...found a body warmer for ten lev so I decided that it was worth having and it's washed and drying in the hallway.  Photos printed, over to DHL and I think I've bought shares in the company.  Delivery promised for tomorrow to the Passport Office and it was more than I wanted but apparently it's standard price for documents.   Lidl on the way out and then to the garage to get my winter antifreeze done and dusted for the winter.  Thirty five lev and I've had them check out whether I need new winter tyres for Beauty but they appear to be alright and will be changed next week.  

Noticed that Gladys has returned to her grazing area and is back to her original hidey hole....Lit the fire this afternoon and it's been a tele day for me and I'm warming up for Pointless and Eggheads.  Supper was a spicy sausage fried off with and onion and served with mayo.  I couldn't be more adventurous than that even though I'd picked up some duck breasts reduced in Lidl.  They need to have a bottle of wine to serve with them and I'm fresh out of it.

Only got photos of this morning and the desperate sun fighting with  the clouds.  It's been like that all day and a massive downpour this afternoon which has now passed over and the ground has dried up again.  Tomorrow it the journey out for the lawnmower....I have to do the lawn.  LN....the beer and biscuits are out...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 7, 2015, 6:06pm; Reply: 7
Wednesday, 7th October

Silly night last night.  I was off to bed at ten and awake at two and played silly games until three thirty but I managed to get back to sleep until six thirty. Horrific dreams last night but couldn't bring them back into consciousness....and perhaps as well.  Washed, dressed and Gouldjan came round this morning with her intended to return my diamond necklace lent to her as a goodluck for her betrothals. She's's got all the rings in place but no paper to prove my book back to the drawing board Cecil.  She also delivered a pot of her home-made yoghurt and some of the meat that was killed for the festival.  I was out into the garden at a sensible time and decided to attack the remains of the sunflowers and dig them all up.  They've been shading the rest of the garden and leaching water from the new plants so they had to go.  I planted out the shrubs that I had left and the lovely flowering honeysuckle is now between the wall of the old house and the terrace.  I put lots of sawdust and potting compost in the gap and I'm hoping that it settles into the environment.

Decided to get rid of the sunflowers and I've put the rest of the stalks and seed pods down the bottom of the garden for the birds.  I tidied up the shrubs under the wall and planted another couple and keeping fingers crossed that they will put down the roots well before winter gets here.  The lavender has been hair cut and it's hanging in the little house in the pillow cases.  It might be all brought into the house if it remains damp needs warmth to shed the seeds so that I can start being creative with it.  Got the lawnmower out and did the lower garden and it's down down to a reasonable length and I have stripes but for how long I haven't a clue.  I lost Gladys today but came upon her snuggled at the base of my new topiary in the cow garden half way down the garden.  She's a game girl and has been around for quite some time... ;) ;)  I did leave her a patch of green so that she doesn't have to go too far.

In and watched a variety of quiz games on television.  The donated meat was put into the oven along with potatoes, onions and leeks and despite the meat being a little too tough for my tender gnashers...the overall result was good.  I'd slipped a little red wine into the meat which you're not supposed to's holy meat and doesn't need anything. but the gravy was superb.

So not much on my agenda for tomorrow.  I'm tempted to get Beauty sorted ready for winter...or alternatively have a pleasant day doing nothing..LN...heck of a choice....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 8, 2015, 5:47pm; Reply: 8
Thursday 8th October

What a grey miserable day it's been today.  I had the intention of going out and strimming the bank that I didn't managed to get to do with the lawnmower yesterday but instead I boiled a couple of eggs for breakfast and lit the fire and I've been stoking it all day and watched the on and off rain.

I did managed to get outside and throw out the old bread that appeared to have a few touches of mould on it which the animals won't mind but I do.  Played a little on the DS but then settled in to watch Filmon...I did go through the list of things that I could do and afterwards did nothing,  I checked out my passport application and the documents have been received and it is being processed.  What an informative service the website provides....on-line updates.

Just before nine my time....I'm feeling very rested after a day of nothing.  As for tomorrow....down to the bread van in the morning, breakfast and Beauty is going in for tyre change and winter service.  Not too late a night for me and sorry no photos was such a grey day...LN...I'll get some for you tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 9, 2015, 5:21pm; Reply: 9
Friday 9th October

Silly stupid early morning...three thirty and I'm wide awake and looking for things to do.  Played with my DS which ran out of battery as did both Kindles....not much to get up to at all.

I tried to go back to sleep but there was no going back to the darkside.  So coffee, and games until seven and then it was down and out to check what was going on in the garden.  There was a hint of sun this morning but that was about it.  Fire lit and ashes emptied, wood in and then it was down for the bread wagon and a fresh unsliced that got part demolished with butter and apricot jam.  Washed up from last night and tidied the kitchen, internet for emails and facebook and then a chilled morning until I decided that I was recovering the hall sofa.  I got out the material that I should ever have bough and the same material as the lounge curtains will be used for the sofa cushions.

So outside with the sofa and codged it together...there is a way to do it and I'm not sure I did it correctly.  I kept the home fires burning this afternoon and I had a request to open up my Avatar's house to confirm that it wasn't dripping with water inside.  We closed it up again and then the son was at the door.  They were receiving a call but reckoned that Hacibaer had left the phone in Avatar's house....So open up the house again and yes...shed left her cardigan in the house with the phone in the pocket....

Fish in for supper with potatoes and peas and baked apples for pudding.  I've just watched Pointless and now expecting to see Eggheads and suddenly I have the Strictly I must investigate....where's it gone..... :-/ :-/

Nothing much happening tonight...closed up for tonight and fire going well.  Gladys had appeared again and walked the lawn or sauntered round for most of the day...what a little star she is...LN....I'm back to Strictly and trying to workout why Eggheads has been abandoned...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 10, 2015, 3:57pm; Reply: 10
Saturday 10th October

Six thirty start this morning and it was overcast and with a touch of rain.  Playing on the PC and there were a couple of woodpeckers patrolling the grass and I can only assume that they were picking up the sunflower seeds that had been deposited as I dug them up and moved them to the bottom of the garden.  At the same time I noticed that Gladys was not having a day off and I thought she was digging her winter abode but I was wrong.  She headed out and has been grazing on the grass but has now hid herself away again.  Down to the kitchen and it was boiled eggs with buttered toast and then I thought of all the things I could get up to and decided that after a shower and hair wash, I would do nothing apart from light a fire, get out the Kindle with a new book and stretch out on my newly covered sofa and enjoy the relaxation.  

Lay around until four thirty when my painter let me know that he was taking a bottle of the fizzy brown stuff from the magazine and informed me that the lady further up the village had lost of manure that she wanted to get rid of and it was much better than the stuff that Semile was about to deliver for me.  We worked out that I needed three cartloads and Remsie's husband would do the delivery for fifteen lev.  I can afford that so it's ordered.  My painter will help me distribute it round the garden.....veg garden first and then flower beds.  I am more concerned with my flowers than the veg...there are some good supermarkets in Kardjali.

So this afternoon the book went away and it was in for the rugby and it was a good game between Scotland and Fiji and now there is the Wales match about to come on.  And this evening...Strictly...Saturday night t.v.......what could be better.

Just been out....Gladys the end of the day is still out feeding and I'm surprised that she's not taken to the shrubbery.  Mince out and it will probably homemade hamburger and chippies with maybe and egg.  Not sure yet....I'll let you know.  LN...early update today....and tomorrow Sunday the day of rest although Saturday could have been in the same class...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 11, 2015, 4:01pm; Reply: 11
Sunday 11th October

Six thirty start and was it a dull one.  A good description of day and the weather would be 'variable'  Breakfast was nothing more than toast and coffee and it was about an hour on FB having a few good conversations and interactions.  As the wind picked up I decided to take in the swinging bench before it took to the hillside and that was more of a challenge than I'd bargained for.  I removed the cushions, the swinging chair and both went inside without a hitch but then I realised that the metal frame was wider than the door way into the little house so it went half in and I had to bring it out again and take it in the other way but it meant that I had to remove about three good loads of wood so that I had room to inch it in.'s in the dry for the winter.  Only the big table to come in now but the rain today meant that it will stay outside until it's dried off.  As I came into the house again there was a shout from the yard and my painter was standing there holding a carrier bag which he put down on the table and it was full of mushrooms that he'd been out collecting.  He offered me as much as I wanted but I settled for the ones on the table....I shall have them for breakfast tomorrow and he's a really caring chappie.... ;)

Then started on the chair and covered most of it to match the sofa but I ran out of steam turning my attention to mince and peas in gravy with a topping of potato wedges.  Different but it was an experiment that I won't be doing again.   It was OK but I've had indigestion all afternoon...I might need a little beer to sending along the tubes.

The camera came out more today to take the mountains and how they change due to the different weather conditions.  Rain came down in buckets at one point, howling gales, poor Gladys was out and about but soon put herself back in the bottom of the hedge and I've had the fire going all day.  And now it's time to get some more wood's not cold but it chases the damp away.  

Looks like a tele night tonight for Strictly and then it's an early night with a book.  Into Djebel tomorrow and the post office...LN....I've got to sort out the pickies...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 12, 2015, 9:04pm; Reply: 12
[b]Monday 12th October[/b

Not much to report today....winter checks on Beauty and off to the post office to post a birthday card.  A1 OK and now at the Librarians after supper and a bottle of the red stuff.  Tomorrow off to the local market to see what they are giving away....LN  time for sleep for's been a hard day....and good passport has been dispatched....LN....head destined for pillow....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 13, 2015, 3:56pm; Reply: 13
Tuesday 13th October

Woke up at seven this morning after a good night's sleep by the patter of tiny feet.  The dogs were being let out for their morning ablutions.  Lingered for a while summoning my senses and out to the kitchen to put the kettle on and get the day started.  The Librarian appeared we had more coffee and toast and eventually set off for market at about nine thirty.  Met up with one of the locals from her village and he treated us to coffee and then we started for the stalls while he went off for his breakfast from the local baker.  I bought underwear and another pair of reading glasses and a physalis fruit tree for the garden.  The Librarian picked up an apricot and another obscure fruit tree and the man gave me strict instructions that they were to be planted with sand underneath them so that they had adequate drainage.  It's good to speak the language...

Into the knicky-knack shop and bought salt, pepper, oil and vinegar condiment set in ceramic instead of the usual glass bottles.  It's a very pretty addition to my kitchen,  Down to the motel for a coffee, we were going to stay for lunch but I had this sudden urge for cheese and onion sandwich so I got cheese from the shop and back to the Librarians and she prepared the sandwiches while I sorted out her computer with a few updates.  Scans complete and bugs removed, photos uploaded from the camera to the computer and a few to facebook and ready for home at about four fifteen.  Fire lit, enough wood got in for the night and now to get my feet up for a little Pointless, Eggheads, bath and early night.  I like staying away but it's nice to be back.  On the other hand...I think Gladys has made a run for it.  I checked out the normal haunts but not to be found....while the cat's away so to speak....As for the weather was really cold this morning, the sun broke through this afternoon but it's a very low cloud base tonight, quite pretty but it's getting colder.  Winter has come quickly this year. come some photos...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 14, 2015, 4:16pm; Reply: 14
Wednesday 14th October

Well apologies first off but it wasn't me gov.....I was on the internet last night to my service provider and eventually they came back with the response mid morning saying that they had had issues with one of the servers and was the one supporting mine.  The email came with sincere apologies and hoped that I hadn't been inconvenience too much....and believe me...any hiccup is too much in my book.

Eight o'clock start for me and it was a slow one.  I was still in my PJ's when Hacibar came round with an invitation to a baby party on Sunday that's going to be held in Djebel.  It's for the daughter of one of my Avatar's nieces and unfortunately she won't be here to see it so I better take lots of photos and send them to her in Germany.

As for today.  I eventually got dressed and out into the garden and Gladys is still around and has yet another hidey hole.  I checked all the usual ones to no avail and then she suddenly appeared.  I planted up my new tree at the bottom of the garden digging a huge hole and filling it with decent soil and we'll see how it does.  Got the strimmer out and did some of the longer grass but it was too wet to get the lawn mower out so I'll have to leave it for a couple of looks like the change in the weather is on the cards and about time too.  We're not used to winter coming on so quickly.

Stayed out there until about two, got a fire's more a comfort factor, it's good to look at and I'm getting rid of a lot of the really old wood from the garden fence.  Gentle sunset which I just managed to catch and now for a spot of Filmon.  LN....the water heater is going's going to be bath night...I've just decided...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 15, 2015, 2:48pm; Reply: 15
Thursday 15th October

Well it was a late bath last night but I slept really well after it.  Just before seven this morning when I came too and a gentle start on the day and cooked bacon, eggs and fried bread to set me up for the day.  Washing blowing in the breeze and then I went down to check on Gladys and again she had moved positions but didn't seem to want to feed today at all.  Maybe she's having issues with the changes in the weather.

Bright start so it was out to the garden to clear some more of the builder's rubble from the bottom of the garden.  It seemed to be fairly dry out there so it was out with the lawnmower and did as much as I could avoiding the mole heaps that litter the grass.  I'll have to go round with the mole 'tablets' again...they make such a mess of the grass and it feels spongy underneath.  Got a phone call from a lady speaking on behalf of the courier people and asking me if I knew where the shop was in Djebel.  I said that I understood that it was being delivered to my door and sure passport has arrived and it's only taken nine days in total and I call that good service.  

Sat out for a while reading as an interlude from gardening but then I realised that I wasn't enjoying the book so it was up with the spade and out with the last remaining plants that needed planting.  The two kiwi have gone in and so has the pretty purple another spirea and everything else that's in pots is destined for the little house for the winter.  Took quite a lot of effort to clear the underwall...there were some huge lumps of stone buried from the building work but at least the plants will have a fighting chance.  Had a visit from my painter and he had a whole bag of clothes and I know not from where but he left me with a very thick cotton red shirt...he said that red isn't his colour...communism.  Went back to strimming the rest of the stuff that they mower didn't manage to remove and it's over for another week.

Tools away, out tonight for supper at my student's home so it's time I got ready.  I've done the blog just in case I'm late back or absconded by aliens on the way through the forest...LN....time to put party clothes on...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 16, 2015, 7:05pm; Reply: 16
Friday 16th October

Lovely night last night with the family and driving in I managed to get some shots of the night sky and the new road surface....and some of the signage.  Hard to miss and I think I counted fifty signs from the end of the village to the Djebel road. Home for just after ten and watched Filmon and Question Time...only problem is that it's too late when you add the two hour time difference on to it... :-/

Cold, damp, miserable today but I did do a spot of gardening around mid-morning.  Stripped the bed and the winter sheets are out...not the's not that cold you just need a warm bed to get into not cold cotton.  I've finished the new chair cover and added a layer of foam to make it more the Kindle out and I really need to find a new book series....I'm still struggling with Henning Mankell....I like his story line but the books have been translated from the Swedish and I find no enthusiasm in the translation...too much detail and the books feel contrived.

My old passport arrived and I'm so impressed with the service....and I could track it on line.  Monday I shall go to the immigration here and sort out my resident's permit that expires on the twenty fourth of this has to run in conjunction with my passport and I get it in five year chunks.  Only one thing left to do ...get my driving licence updated to a local one but it doesn't expire until February.

So my lunchtime beans on toast are still sitting heavy so no supper for me and tonight I'm washing it down with spring water,  I'm making a concerted effort to take off the weight that's gone on around the middle.  Not drastic but I want to lose about four kilos.  Time to throw a log's really cosy in here tonight....LN....hoping for good weather tomorrow...I'm sorting out some more builder's rubble...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 17, 2015, 2:43pm; Reply: 17
Saturday 17th October

Well it was seven ten when I surfaced this morning and it was very welcome.  I hadn't made any plans for today but I watch a very good video on the internet which was all about motivation and it sort of impressed me.  Beans on toast for breakfast and it was uphill from then.  

I started out weeding the little garden by the lilac tree but then I sort of made my way to the bottom of the garden and attacked the bottom of the garden where the men had dumped the crap at the beginning of the year.  There was a lot of broken and old twigs, lots of metal that had just been dumped..they left very quickly to go on to their next job and didn't tidy up like they usually did it was up to me and it did.  The bushes are trimmed and I found an oak that I didn't know about and it's now staked so that it stands a chance in the winter/  I also found a juniper that had been crushed by the rubbish that they's dug out from the wall and now it's supported against a wild plum.  I've had a very good day and burnt the ones that I could burn and dropped the rest near the place that Gladys appears to have chose for her winter abode...I want her to be safe this winter.

I found the rubic cube bit in the garden and it brought back memories of my daughter deciding that it it was easier to take it apart and do it from scratch than work it it's now in the treasure box.

Fish and oven chips doing what it should in the oven.  The fire is going and I'm now tuned in to the Rugby on Filmon and waiting for the match to start.  Tomorrow I have the baby party in Djebel and my student's mother has been invited as well so there will be someone there I know which makes a change.  Not sure if there is a bus going from the village but I'm sure I'll find out at twelve tomorrow.  LN...supper, Filmon...and rugby followed by Strictly...I love Saturdays....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 18, 2015, 4:52pm; Reply: 18
Sunday 18th October

Pretty late start for me but I didn't have to be anywhere until twelve this lunchtime to catch the bus to the baby party.  I was just about to jump into the shower at around ten and the next thing Haciber was at my door with a dish of her home-made yogurt and it appears that she's filling my Avatar's boots while she whiling away the winter in Germany.  Did my nails, and had an issue trying to get the right clothes to wear.  We've suddenly changed seasons and it wasn't cold today but it was damp and looked miserable out and that's the way that it's stayed for the rest of the day.

On to the coach with all my ladies and off we set.  There were only two standing this time where normally they bring in plastic seats and it was held in a different place than the normal venue...the Monica Hotel.  There must have been about a hundred ladies, my student's mum was there and we waved at each other across a crowded room but there was no chance to have a conversation and a conversation was what I didn't have.  Most are bi-lingual but choose Turkish at events like these and while I hold my own in Bulgarian...I did feel a little isolated but their country, their choice.  Chocolates came round first followed by the baby wreathed with money and the collecting box for the little one.  The food was good...chicken soup, chicken leg with potato salad and a very sticky gateau.  There was a bit of an event with the bus to take us back...some of the ladies had used the opportunity to do shopping in the biggest supermarket in Djebel and were missing when the bus was loaded so we had to go looking for them prying them out from the supermarkets before we could take to the open road.

Home for two thirty more or less.  I lit the fire which wasn't really necessary but pleasant to look at, did a tour of the garden trying to light the hedge trimming that had remained from yesterday but after a while I gave up.  I did the circuit and checked on Gladys and she doesn't seem to be moving far from where it appears she's going to winter up.

Just messaged Gouldjan to see if she is working tomorrow after her long sabbatical now that she's got engaged.  I'm off to Kardjali tomorrow to get my residentia sorted and I can save her a six thirty start if she has to go into Djebel.  Now going to settle in to an evening of Strictly - the results.....and an early night for me.  LN....must prepare the documentation for tomorrow and I might even see the doctor about my medical for my driving licence....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 19, 2015, 10:06pm; Reply: 19
Monday 19th October

My first morning thought was a happy birthday to my father....and I 'll lift a glass to you tonight.  As for this morning...six thirty start that got dwindled down by playing on the DS and then it was a rush to the finishing post to be ready to pick up Gouldjan at eight fifteen to take her to school...her first day back after two months.  As I was getting the car out one of my other neighbours was heading for Djebel so he got it, down to the bus stop and we loaded all of the clothes that she was taking in and distributes to the poor and on the way we picked up our new Kmet who was also heading into Djebel.  Men dropped off, Gouldjan dropped off and off I set for Kardjali with the intention of sorting out my local registration now that I had my new passport.  

Immigration office and came out with a form that had to be completed yet again.  They have all this information on the computer but we appear to have to jump through hoops and it has to be completed in Bulgarian so I really need help with the Cyrillic.  Next to the bank to pay for the new registration card and the tax and a declaration that I have money in the bank in Bulgaria so that I will not become a drain on the system.  Lastly I was told that I needed to have an official translation of my Health Card so I headed off to the office where the daughter from the Djebel Hotel works and with everything assembled, we went back to immigration and filled in the gaps in the form.  Everything complete and I received my new documentation at just after three this afternoon...a day's work well done.  This is only the white copy though, the official one with the photograph will be ready on the eleventh of November so that it runs in line with my passport renewal date.  

Finished my shopping and was home by about four thirty.  Haciber was chasing cows out of the street so I gave her her dish back that she delivered the yogurt in yesterday and gave her some apples that I'd bought today as a little thank you.  Supper of chicken with chippies and the update is late...I fell asleep after supper and have not long woken up so am guessing that I shall have a very short night tonight.'s too late to try to upload'll get them tomorrow...All in all ....five years to go before I have to renew again...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 20, 2015, 3:59pm; Reply: 20
Tuesday 20th October

Six thirty start but with a dream so vivid that you wonder whether you dreamt it or not.  Read for a while and played on the DS and eventually made it downstairs to make coffee at about eight.  On to the computer and my phone started ringing and it was Gouldjan asking where I was.  I turned the question round and she said that she was in the bus stop and that she'd missed her lift.  I told her to ring me back if she was still stuck in fifteen minutes and she did so out with the car and took her into Djebel and to work.  I put the washing in before I set off and it was 'cooked' by the time I got back so pegged out and then it was toast for breakfast to get the day underway.

The weather was good so it was a 'what can I get up to' day and I decided to use the strimmer to take down the lawn but the last strimmer blades that were ordered were the wrong size and they keep flying off the spindle so it was out with the lawn mower and it's all down to manageable length.  I went on to the internet and have ordered forty of the blades that fit the strimmer and it's free postage from Germany...result.  I carry on with the long wall garden planting up a honeysuckle that had never done well where it was planted..  I watered the other plants that I'd planted there and currently all seems to be good.  I came in and went out for the rest of the afternoon and did work in dribs and drabs but I achieved a whole load down by the all.  I can see an improvement.

Washing in, wood in, fire going and everything in my garden is rosy.  Gladys has yet again moved but still seems to be more or less in the same place so she should be digging herself a hole soon.  Beautiful day after it warmed up....supper cooked and eaten and a little beer on the go.  Nothing planned for tomorrow..LN....I'm about to enjoy my eventing...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 21, 2015, 3:45pm; Reply: 21
Wednesday 21st October

Woke up last night in front of the computer having fallen asleep watching Filmon.  Downside..I would wake up at silly o'clock and I did.  Four o'clock this morning and I was wide awake and had to fill my time with reading and DS until it was time to get up and get started.

Nothing much to report this morning except that it's cold out there but warm in the house.  Last night's fire just kept the temperature up and no need to get it going again until this afternoon.  I wasted the morning and eventually succumbed to Film on.  It was too cold to go out and 'do' so I eventually decided that the summer clothes should go away, get stored in my original coffin and the winter clothes folded and stored until they're really brought into their own.  Decided that it was chicken curry for supper so the chicken out of the freezer, into the pan and sauteed with onion, tomato juice, curry powder, dried chili and carrot until the frost was out of the chicken and then into the oven for a couple of hours,  The rice went on and onto the petchka until it was 'just softened' and served at about six...deliocious....and the rest of the sauce has been put into the saucepan with the remainder of the rice and will be soup tomorrow.

Bit if a 'non-day' tomorrow but the clothes have been sorted into 'keeps', 'charity' and 'is this any good for you'?  House lovely and warm, kitchen cleaned, finished and ready for the morning....No pictures today....I checked up on Gladys and she's roaming freely down the bottom of the garden...LN....and nothing on the agenda for tomorrow....I like it that way...LN
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Thursday 22nd October

Well it has been a day of rain, rain rain and it has now turned in to a day of thunder and lightening.  My fire has been going all day today and there has not much been happening on the home front.  I got in the wood, lit the fire and kept the home fires burning.  I've been stuck into a book all day and despite the fact that I've slagged off the author of my latest series of books...I've lain on the sofa all day and stuck with it.

The internet has been really slow.  Facebook wasn't doing what it should have done and was really slow.  Messenger was reduced to a ...wait and it might be displayed but it might have been down to my provider that was impacted by the weather.  

Not sure how long I'm going to be on..the thunder struck...I'm going to cut off now...LN...and no photos...tomorrow is another day...LN
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Friday 23rd October

Well I woke up at three this morning in front of the fire with my book resting on my knee.  So I checked my messenger to see if I was off to a meeting in Djebel in the morning and it had been called off because of adverse weather predictions for tomorrow which suited me fine.  Off I went to bed after confirming that the meeting would take place on Saturday morning...and so it will.

Seven thirty start this morning but the rain was still raining and the hillside was shrouded in mist.  This is not the autumn I know.  The weather this year has been not running to form at all.  I stayed in bed until eight thirty and finished my book with a cup of coffee and then down to the  lounge and cleared out the fire and got it going again and it's been going all day.  I did do a tour of the garden and decided that there was no need to water anything...nature was doing it for me and then out with the frying pan and bacon and eggs broke the morning fast.

Today has been a none day with regard to anything constructive.  I've realised that I have to take up a 'something' to fill in my days if the weather is going to be like this and today it's been Freecell and television.  I have a whole load of wool and lavender drying....I think it's got to be lavender bags for the potential church bring and buy sale that I'm trying to push for the church in JS's village.  We'll see.

So I'd got out some mince this morning and this evening I made my own hamburgers, used my painter's potatoes to make my chippies and they were served with tomato sauce since there was no more mayo in the fridge but it's on the list for tomorrow.  Fire going brilliantly and the house is super warm this evening. ...maybe it's a practice run for winter.  Tomorrow it's a nine o'clock start in Djebel.  We might take off for Kardjali...depends how the mood takes us.  LN...I have a little mastika on the go and a fire going....looks like it could be a very agreeable evening...LN
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Saturday 14th October

Silly morning this morning....I woke up at four twenty and couldn't really get back to sleep so DS and new book,  Coffee and tried to get back but at six thirty there was no way wo shower, hair washed and ready to set sail for Djebel at the allotted hour...Mrs' D of S was waiting in a spot prescribed but not described sufficiently and I was waiting where I shouldn't be but we eventually linked up.

Off to Kardjali and lovely day.  Money changed. breakfast of pizza. clothes at really good prices. we bought coal so that we're both ready for winter which is a bit of an in joke between myself and Mrs D of S ....over to Lidl and into Technomarket where she bought the things that she needed.  Back to Djebel and internet paid for for the next two months....local supermarket and we both bought what we needed, leva shop and she picked up her picture frames and I bought a new winter hat for five lev and then into a coffee bar to take a rest from all out endeavours.

Drove her home and me thinks she protesteth too much about the distance and fuel.  We sat and chewed the fat over coffee and then I'm back to mine.  Firelit, wine box opened, chicken wings into the oven and now suitable demolished....

Cold and wet this morning and there was a steady drip dip from the roof that resulted in me placing a sock over the metal railings on the balcony....the drip, drip woke me up at four...and the sock cured it.  Weather got better all day but now it's calm but the wind is cold....and now focusing on the rubgby...well somebody has to....Not sure who the good guys are....LN...we'll wait and see...LN
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Sunday 25th October

Well I remembered to put my clocks back last night before I went to bed but then got confused because the Kindle didn't automatically update.  I was up by four which would have been five in old money so to speak....and eventually went down for coffee and it's been quite a long day.  It was cold this morning and it took ages for the mist to burn off.  The sun was there but there was no heat in it and I ended up putting a scarf on and not taken it off all day.

I managed to get the washing done, stopped the bread van for a fresh loaf and bread and jam for breakfast.  My painter came round at around eleven and I told him that there had been a delivery of beer to his shop in my garage and he asked if I could get him some virgin olive oil the next time I went into Kardjali.  Now I'd bought one for me and not used it so I hoiked it out of the kitchen but he insisted that he paid me for that and the beer.  I reminded him that I wanted some manure for the garden and no sooner the word than the blow.....He said that he'd asked Remsier's husband if he could deliver a cartload of the stuff but he decided that he would go with the wheel barrow and he delivered four barrow loads and three are spread on the garden and the fourth is ready for me to repot some of my plants.  

Lit the fire at about three this afternoon...I got the feeling that once the sun went down so would the thermometer and I was right.  The washing is on the airer in the bathroom...despite the sun it was still a little damp when it came in.  Nice to see a sunset after the last few days and there is a clear sky tonight with an almost full moon.  I've got the rugby on but watching it on Filmon is a bit stop and start.....but come on Argentina but it doesn't look like it's on the cards.  

Just received a phone call from my son and it was good to talk.  I've got my invitation for christmas...I'll have to be looking for flights.  Back to the rugby's in windup.  Nothing on the agenda tomorrow...I think I'm coming down with a cold, I've had some unusually big sneezes....and there's a tickle in the back of my nose and throat.....I'll be stoic and try to work through it. bath and an early night..LN
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Monday 26th October

Four o'clock start and with a bit of a temperature, blocked nose and unable to breath.  Don't you just love colds.  I think you know what I are hot one minute and cold the next so you put a sweater on and then you have to take it off.  I did do a little on the computer, copied my Bulstat and laminated it since the original coating is not as good as it was...I'll have to ask for a new one that's if they still provide them.

Breakfast of a couple of boiled eggs...feed a cold and starve a fever and I was unsure what to do but it's done me for the rest of the day.  I lit the fire at around one despite that the sun was shining and it was a glorious day but I was determined to get settled on the sofa and get my head into a book...I really didn't feel like doing anything else.  I did get my head down for an hour or so but it was only cat-napping.  I'm trying to regulate my sleep pattern to take in the clock repositioning.

Hacibar came round this afternoon and brought me another dish of the meat and rice and I picked out the meat, ate some of the rice but really had no appetite.  I was doing OK until suddenly the nose blocked up again and the back of the nose seems really swollen but fortunately I found a packet of menthol throat sweets that I'd bought from England about a year and a half ago and they seem to be doing the trick.

Well all arrangements that I'd made for tomorrow with Mrs D of S and the Librarian have been shelved...I don't want to share my germs...they're mine all mine.  There will be other's time for a hot toddy...LN
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Tuesday 27th October

Not a bad start this morning and I went to bed sleeping upright so that I didn't have the blocked nose.  It worked ...sort of...but I didn't feel too bad when I faced the day.

Down to the kitchen and poached eggs on toast...the first one stuck to the pan so it had to be a second one that met my criteria.  Thoroughly buttered toast...way to go.

I realised that hiding my head in a bucket was not going to work so I went out to the garden, checked on Gladys and she appears to be doing OK.  She doesn't seem to be moving much but that might be the routine of the beast...I'll check her out tomorrow,

Sorted out the pallet shelving and swept up the leaves that had accumulated...seeds are all in the little house and so is the patio umbrella. It was time that it came in and it's safely ensconced too.   Bring winter on ...

Fire lit at four thirty and it's chugging along nicely.  Two chicken legs in the oven with a jacket potato...I thought that would suffice for tonight.  I can smell it from the kitchen so it's near to fruition so I'm going to say supper is ready and my evening is all before me...LN
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Wednesday 28th October

Well with the curtains closed last night in the bedroom I had to get up and open them to see what the morning offered.  It was clouds being whisked across the mountains and a sun trying desperately to break through which it eventually did.  I coughed and hacked myself through the morning but eventually made it down to the kitchen but it was only for coffee. I lit the fire and settled into a new book series that I've found but I think it is for children and a fairy tale probably set in Wales but it's quite a joy to read after my desperate Swedish detective....

So read for a while and went out and walked the garden.  Dear Gladys doesn't appeared to have moved and I hope she's or he's OK....but he/she will do her own thing...she just happens to be in my garden.  Got the wood in and then settled in the lounge reading my book and that's about all that's happened today. Took some photos of my little house on the opposite hillside tonight...bang in the middle of the day it will be fixed...  

Countdown, Pointless. Eggheads and Strictly and then I'm in for the gymnastic championships...see my choices are variable.  And now....everything is settled in for the evening...LN....there might be more activity from me tomorrow but there's no's all down to the flu germs...LN
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Thursday 29th October

I've had a very slow day today....the head cold appears to have gone but it's left me with a hacking cough that seems to be removing nothing from those two air filled sacks....I'll have to keep trying... :-/

Another beautiful day but with a chill wind so I walked the garden and that has been the sum total of my exercise.  Gladys hasn't moved much either and she'll have to dig a bit harder if she intends making herself a burrow for the winter.  No way is she moving in.  I put the joint of meat into a roaster bag and into the oven at just after two.  When defrosted I identified it as lamb and was an offering from my Avatar's daughter when she came to visit last time.  Don't think the butcher had certificates for his butchery skills but it tasted OK.  I roasted sweet and normal potatoes with onions, added peas towards the end of the cooking time and almost used up remains of the Bisto.  Unfortunately I feel like I used to after a Sunday roast in the UK...stuffed to the gills until the following morning.

Mrs Posta delivered two letters from my UK bank and there was a request that I contact them.  They'd tried contacting me without success.  So it was ten minutes to get through to the first person and through security, I hung on when I was transferred to the second department and after twenty five minutes I was still hanging and the phone went dead.  In for a penny I thought so again five minutes this time before I got back on to security and then ten minutes before speaking to the correct department and then twenty minutes for them to explain why documents I'd sent to them as proof of address were not adequate...even though I'd written all the details in English and translated it for them.  I mentioned that since I was phoning because I'd received a letter from them, I suggested that the address that they had on file could be verified...still not enough said the supervisor.  Just to add insult to injury...they cut me off and no way was I going to phone them back and they managed to get me on my mobile and again I had to go through security......I can do a passport on-line in nine days door to door....what's so difficult about banking.... :o :o  Mrs Post also delivered my strimmer blades from Germany so I can strim to my heart's content and I have forty of get through.

Gentle evening...couple of beers...soft sunset and now to chill after about an hour on the phone to the UK..LN and I still have to send them one more document...aaarrrgggg...LN
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Friday 30th October

So last night I lingered in the bath and even took my Kindle and read for an hour or so.  I’d had the fire going all day so the house was really warm and the bathroom with its heated towel rail is bliss when you get out.  I didn’t stay up long after that and took to my virginal couch  Unfortunately it was five when I started my day but it was a grey day.  There was a glimmer of sunlight in the north east but it took ages for dawn to break and it felt cold when I went out to check on Gladys and decided that it was not worth hanging the washing out so it went onto the clothes airer in the bathroom..  

After yesterday’s phone calls to the bank I was determined to get the letter off to them so I got a little shopping list together and I think I managed most of it.  I cleared out the beer bottles and delivered them to the garage so they can use them for selling oil, anything that needed to be ditched in the container in Djebel was loaded in the car.  Rubbish gone, bottles gone and letter gone…Success.

I stopped of at my student’s parents shop and we caught up since I hadn’t been there for a while.  I refused to hug saying that I was a germ area to be avoided and in her usual way she came up with how to clear congestion on the chest using honey and the palm of a hand to pat the area for twenty minutes to create a vacuum supposedly to get rid of the toxins…..maybe give it a try later.  I did go into the chemist and picked up a two day supply of antibiotics,  I seem to be coughing but not moving anything…I’ll give it another couple of days and only take them if I need them.  I topped up with fresh bread, spicy sausage, lemons and cheese and in the little supermarket I met Gouldjan’s mum so gave her a lift home.  She keeps insisting that I go and visit them and I’ll probably do it at the weekend.  I mentioned that I had flu so wasn’t really up to visits but she said she’d got it anyway so no problem.

Well, home for one thirty, cheese and onion sandwich on fresh bread for lunch, out with the Kindle and promptly fell asleep on the sofa in front of the fire.  I came to around four thirty, fire still going nicely so in for the evening.  The cheese sandwich is still filling the gap so might feel like heading for the kitchen later….but six my time and so far so good.  Mrs D of S reckons that red wine cures a cough so honey on the chest patting it gently and holding a glass could be the recipe for a good if not great evening…LN…I’ll let you know....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, October 31, 2015, 3:52pm; Reply: 31
Saturday 31st October

Happy Halloween everyone although I'm glad they don't really celebrate it here but I wonder how long it will be before they do..

Six thirty start and slept all through the night....absolutely wonderful.  A few coughs and snorts this morning but nothing to write hone about,  What a cold start to the day..there was a raw wind blowing and it's not stopped all day and it's still blowing now.  It was a cloudy start and again it's stayed like that most of the day.  As for me...shower and hair started to bug me...I'd had my bath but I needed to wash my hair so feel really clean.  Dried off, hair plaited and it would dry throughout the day.  Out to the garden, really worried about Gladys....she's not moved so I'm tempted to see if there is any life there.  I know it's winter but she should still be showing movement or digging for victory....

As for the afternoon.  The rest of the beef was turned into a shepherd's pie and it was really delicious.  The fire has been going all day and is still going strong since it is a really cold wind today and the temperature has been down to eight outside which isn't too low but cold for October.  I haven't a pumpkin for tonight but there again....what a waste of a food source.  As for this week's sports I've really been supporting the gymnastics and today we have first and second place in the pommel ...we are first and second in the world...what dedication.

As for this evening....I have a bottle of wine that appears that it's not breathing...I thing a little resuscitation might be in order.  I have Gouldjan coming round tomorrow to use my quiet and solitude to catch up with her work...LN....Tele for me and a gentle evening....LN

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