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Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 1, 2017, 3:06pm
Wednesday 1st February

Well no white rabbits but the ears of my bronze one in the yard are showing through the might be retreating...some hope.

Six twenty start this morning and it was pretty raw out there when I emptied the ash can.  Not that I had far to go...I've sited the bucket just outside the door inside the weather curtain and it's surprising how that acts as an airlock.  Obviously it would be better if the curtain went to the top under the balcony but that would take effort on my part and if it snows again, I'll do it properly.  For a guddun... ;)  I had to light the fire this hadn't survived but it was up and running in quick sticks...just that...two sticks and a firelighter and soon belting out and whipping hot water through the radiators.  The house held thirteen degrees in the stairwell, the other side of my internal curtain but as the time drifted on, that sun came up and as you can see from the thermometer, it hit twenty and upwards and is still there now.  I got dressed which meant putting my padded trousers on top of my two layers of pyjamas. slipped another sweater on, washed, hat, gloves, coat and boots and out to catch the van at just before eight.  Now his horn's not working, most people hang around for him.  He was there for about five after eight and I got bread, eggs and chocolate biscuits and skipped on home before anyone else turned up.  Haciber was coming down the road as I walked home and we spoke about how slippery it glass this morning.

So fresh crusty bread for breakfast with Vegemite...a present from Linda in Australia.  It's pretty close to Marmite and I wanted something without the effort of cooking and that fitted the bill.  I phoned the Librarian and had news of a friend that I was expecting and didn't want to hear...the cancer got the better of him so I lit a candle in the lounge and gave him a few minutes of my time.  Too early but there again...the big C doesn't seem to care.  Went for the walk round the garden to see what was breaking through the snow, lit my bonfire, my painter chappie was walking along the road and came in for a chat.  There's no work at the moment so the ball'sin his court when he wants to come and chop the rest of my wood...if he wants work it's there so maybe when his brother returns to Copenhagen where he works.  Settled down on the sofa with my book and yes you've guessed it...eyelids south and woke up wanting something to do.

I shook the fire into life, went out and filled the log carrier, took the metal spade and attacked the road yet again and removed more of the ice.  Normally we get men working on the road and spreading the sand and salt...this year zilch...and lots are complaining about it.  Lovely sunset tonight which probably signifies another cold one.  Pork sweet and sour tonight if I ever managed to get it in the oven, roast potatoes and mixed veg.  Right kitchen calls and I need to bolster up the big log with smaller ones so that the fire's got some heat in it.  LN...the photos follow...first posting of the month...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 1, 2017, 3:41pm; Reply: 1
And here they are
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 1, 2017, 4:07pm; Reply: 2
Evening trip out with the camera
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 2, 2017, 4:05pm; Reply: 3
Thursday 2nd February

Eight twenty when I woke up this morning.  I must admit I was in and out of my dream until I opened my eyes and decided it was time to get moving.  The house was warm, there was nothing to raise from the dead in the wood burner so I didn't bother.  I checked out the thermometer and it was OK...and the sun was up so the temperature could only go up and it did.  

I've basically had a very lazy day again.  The height of activity was to get out metal spade and attack the ice on the little house terrace, the balconies on the big house but despite the sun it was still difficult to chip away.  The ice layer will take some getting rid of.  The bird feeding station was topped up but with the thaw the birds seem to be finding their own tit-bits.  

This  afternoon I was sorting out one of the drawers in the bureau by my desk  It all started by needing a black pen to sign a form destined for the UK so I went through all the pens that I could find, tested them out, threw out the ones that didn't work and have identified the ones that I'm prepared to buy refills for....from my supplier in Kardjali.  I've still gone this magpie mentality about the old days any desk with a pen wasn't safe from me.

So curtains drawn, fire lit, temperature has dropped and I need to get it warm for tonight.  It's six my time, I haven't thought about supper yet and maybe I should except that I finished off the packet of chocolate biscuits at three this afternoon.  Wrong but it seemed so right at the time.  Tomorrow isn't planned might be a meet up with Mrs D of S and the little one. I need to find a new book...I've finished Shutter Island and not really sure what I've read.  Apparently a really good film was made of it...the director must have been a miracle worker.  LN...Kitchen calls...LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 3, 2017, 4:32pm; Reply: 4
Friday 3rd February

Let the birthdays's Princesses twenty ninth again for I don't know how many years so that makes me a lot more years young than I care to think about....I had flowers delivered to her place of work and deposited funds in the 'Bank of Mum' so that she can choose what she wants....It's different when you can go out shopping together and she can choose...too far away this year...maybe next...Big love to you....

Five thirty start and didn't bother going off again.  I rescued the fire but there was really no the sun came up the temperature rose dramatically so it ticked over until eleven and then I relit it this afternoon.  I found my third baking the snow melted it emerged...I must have put it out on the terrace for the birds before the snow really came down.  In the little house looking for the metal spade. I spotted the remains of the daffodils that I hadn't managed to plant and they were sprouting.  They are now in new potting compost, in the house and progress will be reported on.  I've also potted up some Alium and blue poppies that need a frost to start them so that should be tonight then.  Again...progress will be reported on.

Played around with the Kindle and loaded some new I've got something to get my teeth into.  Read for a while and got my head down and at three I decided to head of to see Mrs D of S and the little one to deliver the and bed linen and books... that I'd had sent over from England in the last parcel.  Lots of snow on the road especially going through the forest and at one point I almost turned back but braved it.  The road to hers was again patchy and everyone thinks that the heavier the car the better...not so...Princess used to fly like the wind in her little Calibra was a nightmare.  So stopped for coffee, had a very sensible conversation with the little one,  made it back safely, got the fire going and into my PJ's and it's just after six my time.

Shopping tomorrow in Kardjali....I really need a few things that I can't live without a shredder...Yes I know...I can burn everything but the thrill of feeding in paper and it gets destroyed instantly...and they were on rude not to.  I'll let you know what other bargains I managed to pick up.  I'm getting withdrawal symptoms...I haven't been to a cheapy shop in weeks.  

Lovely sunrise and sunsets today so I'm going to bore you with pickies...LN..Kitchen, fire and book...LN
Posted by: Princess, February 3, 2017, 6:43pm; Reply: 5
Hi Mummy, thank you so much for my beautiful flowers. They're beautiful. ❤️ You, 👸🏼 Xxx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 4, 2017, 4:46pm; Reply: 6
Saturday 4th February

As for the flowers Princess you are very welcome...but your house did look a little like the Interflora warehouse....such a popular young lady ;) ;)

So silly four o'clock start so I said happy birthday to my mum, coffee, read for a while and then got my head back down again until a sensible seven favourite programmed hour.  I didn't bother lighting the fire...I was off out to the big city today with the Librarian for a day of mooching and did we mooch.  We were both there with our boots blacked at the allotted hour, she worked to a list and I'd left mine in my bag so it was all from memory for me.  I came away with quite a light bill and fortunately we hit the checkouts at the correct time...the Bulgarian tend to shop in the afternoon.  So to the leva shop and I got the firelighters that I'd written on the list and they're about half the price there to the other stores so four boxes were purchased.  Into one of hour cheapy shops and I picked up a couple of sweaters and a huge curtain that I can do something with.  It wasn't the cheap day but when you take into consideration the fuel to head up there again,,,it was worth paying the extra.  On the the pizza shop and breakfast for me, back into the car and up to the main car park. We had a quick trip round the shoe shop, a coffee down the market, I managed to buy some large bags of dried fruit and then back to Kaufland for the Librarian's jeep and then on to Lidl.  Few top up items from there, we transferred over luggage so it ended up in the right place and then headed for home.

I stopped off in Djebel to get to the cash point, fresh bread and chicken wings for tonight and my supper is now ready.  Jacket potatoes look like I left them a little long but I'm sure they'll be delicious.

So it's been a beautiful day today and it was a day for stripping off that extra sweater and enjoying the sun.  Parked up and unpacked and the thaw really has set much so that I managed to move the orangeria and get its lit back on so that it protects the broad beans that appear to be doing well now that the snow's melted.  The drive is pretty waterlogged but that was an awful lot of snow to get rid of but the wind's got up and the temperature is dropping now.  Hatches are battened down....LN... sighing off and getting my supper....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 5, 2017, 4:25pm; Reply: 7
Sunday 5th February

Early start and looked outside and it was raining cats and dogs.  Calculated that it needed a boost to the heating programme so got the fire going at around seven thirty and it's been ticking over all day.  I've been burning big logs and used some of the smaller stuff to just bring the pump into play now and again.

Bacon and fried eggs for breakfast...yes...eggs.  One didn't seem sufficient to see to my needs...I settled in with my book until I got bored and needed some activity so went out on the ear-ring back hunt but still no joy.  Having said that...I found the ear-ring so it's no great loss but I won't consider it lost until all the snow has melted.  Seek and thou shalt find... :o  Washed the huge curtain that I bought yesterday and it's come up really well and it's dangling over the banister into the hall way...despite the sun, the air is still very damp.  Went out and uncovered more plants that have been completely submerged and noticed how some of them have remained green and are even in bud.  Also noticed that I have had a minor outside toilet is no more even with a hard hat.  One of the side walls has collapsed and it's amazing how the concrete roof is still surviving....I think I' going to take the rest of it down.  I have only one Acro prop....the Librarian has the other two and it might have fallen down by the time I get back from there.  I think she's developed a mud slide in her lane.

Watched the Davis Cup doubles last night so it was a late to bed.  I'm presuming that it continues tonight on the BEEB so I'll have a late night again.  I've had supper already...tonight I cooked the minute steak from Kaufland with mushrooms and onions and despite the fact it took just over a minute to cook, it took forever to eat and it's over the wall for the animals tomorrow.  Utter rubbish and not cheap.  Curtain rails are up for the downstairs stairwell windows and I've found out enough material to make the curtains from scratch.  They will match the lounge ones....just need to look out for some lining material.  The rails are only temporary and the curtains will go up as a insulator when it lots of minuses...and according to the predictions...that's the week after next so I've got time to get my mojo working and get them made.  

So   Djebel tomorrow I have another birthday card to get in the post....LN...Back to the fire and my book until the tennis starts...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 6, 2017, 5:07pm; Reply: 8
Monday 6th February

Seven twenty five start this internal clock is running late.  Fire was still going so I boosted it up and it's been ticking along all day.  It wasn't so much cold as damp and despite its first efforts, that sun hasn't really done much all day.  Out for a while and back behind the clouds but I've been too busy to notice.  I had my bonfire and tidied up the mess that the interlopers had left overnight and chased away a loppy dog that just sort of stood there and looked at me.  I knew there was nothing in the fire pit to really interest it ...I'd eventually chewed that steak last night and forced it down.  Breakfast was interesting me so I sliced up the remains of that steak very small, peeled a few mushrooms and sliced up a small onion, chopped up three rasher of bacon and all went into the frying pan.  Two eggs whipped up, poured on the top and I had an omelette of sorts and forgot to mention that I sprinkled grated cheese on it.  It was delicious and filled the gap.  

So two lots of wood in and I used the medium sized ones from the garage.  The ones that could be a toss up as to whether they were chopped or not.  Too late...they're in now.  The remains of the toilet is still standing and I  was so tempted to give it a nudge but resisted.  Back in the house and decided to answer a letter that I'd received in October.  We have spoken on the telephone but she doesn't have the internet so not up to date with the daily happenings so I hand wrote four pages of A4, included some photos of the snow and a Baba Marta card.....yes, it's that time again.  I made more new cards and a birthday card for my son and so off to the post office tomorrow.

Not a lot happened this afternoon...I like designing cards so spent some time on it, I read for a while and it amazed me when I looked at the clock and realised it was six thirty.  I'm off to my student's house for supper tomorrow...the road should have cleared with yesterdays sun and rain and a dull day today.  I'll be snacking for supper tonight....that omelette is still sitting heavy.  LN...Eggheads, fire and book...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 7, 2017, 2:30pm; Reply: 9
Tuesday 7th February

So it was an early start but I soon went off again.  It was the howling wind and the rattling door screen that woke me up and various things getting hurled round the terrace.  I thought I'd got everything sorted last night but the new pottery hedgehog was precariously perched on the end of the little terrace wall so I was out there to put it onto the steps next to the cat.  It couldn't fall any further. I also brought in the bird feeding but dish before that went walkabouts.  The fire was still chugging along nicely so I didn't bother doing anything to it..despite the rain and the wasn't that cold.

Seven when I came to again and now it was pouring down and I really did burst the fire into life.  No sign of the sun in that very grey sky and the clouds were whistling overhead so I needed the warmth for comfort.  I circled the terrace for signs of anything else in the wrong place and noticed another stainless steel dish that I think was the original bird bowl so that was brought in.  I also saw that the clothes line props had been forced to the ground due to the wind so they were reestablished in the rightful places.  The orangeria seems to have taken a bit of a bashing and I'll do the repairs when the rain stops. Off back to bed with a coffee and the Kindle while the fire took hold and there was an flash of lightening followed my a deafening clap of thunder.  How near was that and it was closely followed by another with no gap in between.  And that was about it....just the two.

Breakfast of sweet bun loaf with lots of fruit in it. I found the curtain material and lining out for the stairwell curtains, measured them up and cut them out but decided it wasn't a day for getting the sewing machine out.  Instead I kept the fire chugging away, started another book and have watched the deluge of water filling up the hillside and the pools appearing on my garden,  There's a lot of rain falling.  My telephone pinged and it was a text from my son on his annual ski-ing pilgrimage...a week with the 'boys'. Head down for my afternoon siesta and now to burst into action to get some apples in the oven and bake them to take to my student's house tonight for pudding.  I'll be leaving at five thirty so I better get my a into g....if they're going to be cooked in time.  

So quick call to action...apples, fire, change clothes, Beast, drive into town remembering letters that my student's father can put in the post for me since that's where he works...and in for a pleasant evening.  LN...I'll report tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 8, 2017, 5:34pm; Reply: 10
Wednesday 8th February

Such a silly night last night or rather this morning.  Two thirty...not an ounce of sleep in me so I was reading until five thirty, dog dozed for an hour or so and was still up and at it at eight.  There's really no rhyme or reason for it....but it's probably through lack of activity.  It's so damp and miserable out there and has been all day...bring on spring.

Two lots of wood in today and I've got plenty of dry stuff to last me the day but with the temperature dropping over the weekend, it's good to get enough of the other in so that it will dry out.  I did put the orangeria back together again as well as I could...the wind had bent the hinges and it needs a little love and attention and it was raining too much to do anything about it.  I'll save it for another day.

I managed to knock off the second book in the series of five today and it was a very comfortable place to be on the sofa. I didn't have a sleep today so hopefully I should do OK tonight but I still have three books to go so I shouldn't get bored if the sleepy dust doesn't last me out the night.  I did play around with the curtain rails and I just couldn't get them to stay up.  The plaster is so soft that if you put pressure on it crumbles....back to the drawing board Cecil... :-/

Sweet and sour spare rib chops topped off with pineapple and a large jacket potato.  I'm not happy with the last lot of potatoes I bought from Kaufland.  They seem to go really soggy when they are baked and have no body to them.  I've only got another eight kilos to go before I lob them over the wall for the animals.  Lots of starlings in the garden pecking at the ground so there must be something there to interest them.  I did do another search for the back of my ear-ring but nothing to report.  Now heading to the kitchen to do something with the rest of the pineapple....something sweet to finish on.  LN...Off to be creative....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 9, 2017, 5:26pm; Reply: 11
Thursday 9th February

Five start this morning but I ignored my Kindle on the bedside table and got my head down again.  Have you ever had such a long dream or so it seems and then you wake up one hour later...six thirty for me but was that a dream and a half.  Got the fire going since it was a little chilly this morning and there was going to be little help from the sun...I was not going to see it all day.  I checked out the thermometer and it's hovered at the zero all day and the wind has been really cold.

So washed and dressed ready for the  bread van and since his horn still doesn't work I stood looking out of the window towards the road and then decided to go out and look for my ear-ring back again and the van was coming down the road.  He signalled that he would stop for me outside the house but I flagged him on so that I could maybe see some of my neighbours but no one else appeared.  I mimicked the horn hoping that it would get a few of them out of their houses but still no one emerged.  Apparently he's getting his horn fixed tomorrow...that should make life a little easier for him and he should start making money again.

Made chicken, mushroom and sweetcorn soup this afternoon ...had it for lunch and wasn't it a let down.  I have a whole pan of it but I think the animals might get it over the wall tomorrow unless I put some curry in it and spice it up a little...I'll give it a try.  I was out this afternoon taking a photo of my water meter clock so that I can challenge my bills.  I don't get a bill and only get demands through a text message and have noticed that my bills have rocketed.  I'm thinking that they're not even reading it so hence the photo.  The office is in Djebel so I'm off there tomorrow....wish me luck.  Beyser came round this afternoon and gave me five presents and I'm not sure why.  She's one of the neighbours that hasn't really much command of Bulgarian and insists on speaking Turkish to me.  I smile, nod and we get there eventually.

It's supposed to be snowing by seven's late.  As I used to say to my's too cold for snow and it's what my mother used to say to me....and my daughter now comes out with history repeats itself.  So no supper for me...that soup is still lingering.  LN...Wish me luck with the Waterboard...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 10, 2017, 5:52pm; Reply: 12
Friday 10th February

The sleep of the just and it was the magic seven twenty again this must be something in the water.  I did wake up briefly at five and there wasn't any snowfall but at seven twenty there was.  Not much just a covering but boy was it cold.  Lit the fire and got that roaring away and went out to give the birds some bread since they were hopping about on the wall looking for something to peck at but I didn't stay there long.  Boiled eggs for breakfast but I left them a little long in the water so no dippy eggs for me.  The upside was the pirates didn't get me for leaving egg yolk on the plate.  

My next activity was to concentrate on my water meter and try and work out if I needed a new one.  I phoned my painter since he knows these things and he was on his way to my house to deliver a letter...result.  I was lighting the bonfire when he arrived so we headed for the water meter and with camera in hand I took another photo.  We packed it away again and applied the polystyrene insulation as a frost protector and armed with the printed photo we headed for Djebel.  Fortunately he hadn't got any work today with it being so cold.  We took it steady...there was only a light covering of snow but it wasn't good out there and managed to park outside.  In we went and I know the lady in there quite well and she looked at my account.  I don't get monthly bills since I pay electronically but we've agreed that in future I shall get one.  Now apparently they don't read the meter every month so hence my thirty leva bill.  It was to make up for the underpayment over the summer.  Now that's OK for me, but for those on a limited local pension it's a bummer....that's a lot of money for one month.  So she told me that the last guessed reading from the computer was seven hundred and seventeen cubic meters and she explained to me that you don't read the clocks....the number that you need is the one that we weren't able to read so she arranged for a meter maid to attend to get an accurate read,  We drove home and checked the reading and it is less and reads seven hundred and eleven so to date I've overpaid and it's going to take another couple of months before it's adjusted.  Great if you can afford it...rubbish if you can't.

So I topped up the fire again and lay on the sofa with my book....I couldn't seem to get warm today so I lit the little wood burner in the kitchen to give it a boost.  It was a raw wind today and then the freezing fog came down but no more snow so far...I think it's too cold for snow today.

As for supper...I've picked the chicken out of the soup and tonight it will be a curry.  That ad the rice is sitting on the big wood burner finishing off....the birds can have the rest of the soup tomorrow.  It was an experiment went wrong but there can't get it right every time.  So nearly time for Eggheads and that jackpot is huge at the moment, my curry should be ready so I'm kitchen bound.  LN...I hope the birds like it for breakfast....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 11, 2017, 4:44pm; Reply: 13
Saturday 11th February

Seven fifteen this clock is fast.  Coffee, fires, both of them and then took the morning to come to.  It was cold, cold, cold out there so I chose my attire carefully.  Fleece pyjamas covered by padded trousers, two layers of socks, an extra fleece jumper covered by a wool cardigan.  I think this is the coldest daytime spell for a while brought on my an extra cold wind.  I went out and put the remains of a loaf out for the birds and the rest of the soup got sloshed onto the garden.  I'm not sure whether it was a scraggy new cat that found it or the birds but it's all gone now.

It's Saturday and full of possibilities but none were acted upon.  It was cold, cold, cold out there.  I did do the garden saunter but soon came in again but got the camera out and took photos of the rooks that were hanging around the trees and the hillside.  They are such nervous specimens....the slightest hint of movement and they are off but en mass they did harass a magpie after the lobbed goodies. Beauty went on life support in the form of the battery charger so that I could move her over in the garage to get at the logs at the back.  I've just remembered to disconnect and it's worked, started first time and I've nudged her over.  I't amazing how you forget about gears and things...I'm so used to driving the Beast.  I loaded up the two log carriers and a basket of the really old wood to kick start if the wood burners go low, got them all into the house, went to lock up and that new scraggy cat shot out of the little house...lucky escape and perhaps it's found its new name.

Settled in and watched the temperature rise in the house to comfortable, read for a while, had a sleep and started to watch the rugby, got bored and found that Shrek was on so settled in for that. They're supposed to be for children but the hidden jokes make it all worth watching.  Class acts.  About to settle in for the England Wales match once I post this...supper is the remains of last night's curry which was superb and then back to my fire.  As I said I've just disconnected the charger and it's going to be lots of minuses tonight with high chill factor.  Not a night to be out and about.  Might have a visit tomorrow so it will be hoover out at the crack of just in case...have to keep up appearances you know... ;)  LN...Rugby and supper....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 12, 2017, 5:50pm; Reply: 14
Sunday 12th February

Silly four thirty start this morning so I topped up the fire and kept the house warm...I was having a little person as a visitor later in the day and can't have little people getting cold.  I made a coffee and went back to bed and eventually got out by seven thirty thinking I needed a visit to the bread man but I'd still got enough to last until tomorrow.  I wasn't up for breakfast this get days like this and I was tossing up between a shower or bath, running the hoover round or going back to my book...and is Sunday.  I settled for the hoover, top to bottom, I washed the stair down and the visible floor tiles, thought I'd picked up my earring back in the hoover so when the house was finished, I removed the said bag and headed out for 'outside duties'.  I tidies up the bonfire area where the animals had scattered the rubbish far and wide, relit the bonfire, went through the contents of the hoover bag and found a self tapping screw that obviously was what I thought was my elusive back to my earring.  I got in a basket of the really dry rubbish wood from the little house to burn in the kitchen wood burner and then settled back into my book with only twenty percent left to read.      

My Kindle pinged and Mrs D of S asked if she could head over to pick up my trolley dolly suitcase since she couldn't manage a rucksack and a baby when she goes on her travels with the little one.  I did offer to take in the little one until she comes back...I think daddy would be a tad she let me down gently.

Cheese sandwich for lunch and an early supper for me.  Diced up a load of vegetables and put them in the oven to roast along with about seven chicken wings.  I thought I did enough veg for two sittings but no such luck...I demolished the lot with mayo while watching the rugby.  Another good match and the French just seemed a little smarter.  I answered the door to Remsier's grandson and he handed me an official looking document in Bulgarian.  It's something to do with the village and Djebel and he kept pointing out the three letters in the header but I haven't a clue what it's about so I'll head into Djebel tomorrow and my student's mum can do a quick transl;ate for me.

Boiler's going to be a nice leisurely soak with one set of pyjamas and on with another.  This weather does make you lazy...padded trousers on top of pyjama's the way to stay warm.  Just a little Filmon while the boiler warms up to 'piping'.  LN...This could take some time...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 13, 2017, 4:16pm; Reply: 15
Monday 13th February

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago...I gave birth to my first born at three ten in the morning on the thirteenth of this month.  Have a happy birthday son and lots more of them hopefully.  Only one question ...where did all those years go?  When we come to look back on the years there are bits that come back in buckets and other years that have just gone by but when we really start to think about it, each year is significant for some special event.

Lovely moon last night and apparently it's called the snow moon....bit late for me...most of the snow has disappeared but as for that cold icy air and wind that it's left's raw out there.  So usual routines starting at seven clock is running fast.  I didn't make it to the bread van....I'd had my bath last night, went to bed with dampish hair which is not ideal so was drying it off this morning before I went out just in case it set solid in the icy wind.  One load of washing completed and again I was tossing up whether to give it a blow or not and I decided not.  On to the clothes airer in the bathroom and now it's ready to put away.

Into Djebel in the Beast complete with my letter that I needed translating...just in case it was giving me notice to quit Bulgaria.  I parked up on the main town centre park and it's unusual to find spaces on market day.  My student's mum said that she too had a letter, it's from the local authority informing that the village has a policeman allocated to it and giving me a specific number to call should I have any problems.  This might be a time to get the documentation for Beauty sorted own policeman.....I wonder if he speaks English. ;)  So went to the card shop, over to the leva shop, walked the market, into the supermarket and home for one.  The fire was still going so topped it up, huge cheese and onion sandwich made with the fresh loaf that I'd got in Djebel and had a couple of hours sleep this afternoon.  At this point the fire needed rescuing, chicken in the oven for tonight and the rest will be curried.  It's only Monday and those ducks appear to be lining up.

I phoned the Librarian and tomorrow we are meeting up and heading down to Zlatograd.  I get most of my minced beef from there...I pick out the lump of beef, it gets minced before my eyes so I know what goes into it.  Some of the stuff that you buy from the supermarkets should contain a government health warning.  I'll be popping in to see Mrs D of S either on the way over or on the way back...have a little something to leave for the little one.  Time for Filmon now...I've just checked the chicken and it's cooked to perfection...LN....Let the evening begin....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 14, 2017, 4:46pm; Reply: 16
Tuesday 14th February

Just before seven start and lit the fire despite the fact that I was out for an early start.  It's a feel good thing.  Coffee, put the washing away checked the thermometers in the house and there were three different readings.  I ignored the one at minus fifty and guess that one's not working, the other wasn't showing the same as the one that I brought over from the UK so I reckon it must be showing China degrees and global warming couldn't have reached the factory yet.  They only cost one leva so I'll have add the error factor each time...that's when I work out which one is correct.... ;)

Out of the house for half eight and the Beast was a little reluctant to start.  I checked the thermometer in the car and it was showing minus eight so now I knew why.  If I'd been out all night in that temperature...I'd have felt the same way.  So I delivered the hat and scarf present for the little one and got to the motel to meet the Librarian for nine thirty as agreed.  We had a coffee in the motel since we both needed the was just so cold...and then into Zlatograd for some shopping.  I stopped on the way to get some diesel and twice now I've been asked if I'm Russian when speaking Bulgarian.  It means one of two things...either I'm speaking it to technically correct for a Bulgarian or the extra clothes that I'm wearing made him think I could be a shot putter... ;)  Dinky do shops are a must and picked up a present for Princess that I think she'll like, butchers for the mince meat that they mince in front of your eyes so that you know what's going in, one whole kidney, lunch of half a chicken each eaten al fresco despite the chill but in a sheltered spot with the sun on us and then back to Benkovski to finish at the supermarket.  What a lovely gentle day.  In the one shop I spotted a frog hat suitable for the little one and so I dropped it off on the way back and stayed for an hour or so playing with the baby until she got bored and fell asleep.  So much for my baby skills.

I got the camera out on the way back and it's good to have some colour in the pickies....Lit the fire, unpacked the car and the mince is waiting for me to put it into individual bags in usable chunks, I did managed to eat a big fat chocolate cake with my coffee and put the rest of the shopping away.  I think I might be having a guest for the next couple of days...better start sorting beds out.....LN  Not used to this entertaining lark...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 14, 2017, 5:00pm; Reply: 17
Just a few more pickies
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 15, 2017, 5:55pm; Reply: 18
Wednesday 15th February

Happy Birthday to big Bob...hope you have many more.

As for last night rib was giving me a hard time and I was toying with a visit to the doctors this morning but instead I stripped beds, got that washing done and got ready for my guest.  I also fiddled around with the latch on the under house room.  Somehow the catch doesn't want to undo so I was using my intelligence to try to fix it no avail.  So I was playing around in the garden with my pyjamas on and snow boots and I heard a whistle from the yard and there is only Emular that does that when he can't see me.  Apparently the mayor had received a telephone call from the post office to say that there was a parcel and letters down in the next village for me and could I go down and fetch them.  I said to Emular that I would take a few minutes to throw some clothes on and he decided to come with me.  It's a good job that he did.  The post office is undergoing a refit and they've moved it down the road and I never would have found it.  So one parcel and three cards...all warming up for my birthday.

Beds remade and the Librarian arrived after lunch and we sat down to a bit of a ploughman's lunch and sat in the sun enjoying the beautiful day.   I got the fires going around three and I heard some activity out in the street and there was one of my neighbours with his wife on top of the haycart and two other neighbours taking photographs.  I rushed inside for camera and managed to record the happy scene.  More wood in and I was tasked with taking off the Voice Navigator from the Librarian's laptop when there was a rustle at the door and Gouldjan's mother was there.  She insisted on giving me two lots of meat from her fatted calf and a huge container of her home-made yogurt.  I offered coffee but instead opened a bottle of was cold out there and one for the Librarian and one for her and I'm still on the wagon after fourteen who'd have thought it.  Off she toddled complete with another bottle of red and three large apples...I'm such a bad influence on my neighbours.

So we sat down to a chicken curry supper and fresh yogurt and apricot jam, everything washed away and I've just downloaded the instructions for removing said Voice Navigator.  Wish me luck ...I'm off see if I can manage it.  LN....Down to the fire and my Kindle...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 16, 2017, 6:11pm; Reply: 19
Thursday 16th February

Not a particularly good poor rib was aching but today I managed to get some tablets that should do the trick....They're the ones that were prescribed when I did in the last lot. Seven start and the Librarian came to about the same time so we coffeed, the house was warm so there were no fires to sort out and the sun was up over the hills already.  We sat around until breakfast was calling so it was a couple of poached eggs on toast for the pair of us, washed dressed and we were out in the car for eleven.

We set off up into the hills through a village called Mishevo heading for Ardino.  There was still lots of snow left on the high roads and we met a bunch of loggers who insisted in having their photo taken and we were suitably impressed by the toilet roll hanging from one of the branches.  Civilisation in the back of beyond.  We managed to get round the wagon and as it happened we turned right on the main road and went up to visit a hotel that I knew before it became a hotel.  Some of you will know that I intended buying a school when I first came over which didn't come to pass and I was messed around rather badly by a Bulgarian Estate Agent.  Anyway that's water under the bridge and unfortunately we weren't able to have lunch looked like the hotel had closed down for the season.

Backinto Kardjali and we headed for our restaurant by Kardjali Dam.  The food is always and it's not crowded at lunchtime so the service is excellent.  Back into Kardjali and a little bit of shopping and I managed to pick up a cheapy sweater and dark red pigskin jacket for approximately six English pounds...and now I must find a cruise that I can take it on.  Home for five, fire going and my student family arrived at six thirty complete with cake and presents.  They are so lovely and I've arranged to take the two daughters swimming in a couple of weeks time at an indoor swimming pool.  

So nothing for me for supper...I'm far too stuffed from lunch.  Tomorrow I have presents and card to open and thanks's been a temptation to get my sticky paws on it.  Two cakes bought from the shop and I shall be delivering it round the village tomorrow to my ladies....LN...Get the serviettes ready.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 16, 2017, 6:19pm; Reply: 20
And yet more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 17, 2017, 4:46pm; Reply: 21
Friday 17th February

So up at seven and the Librarian was still catching a few zzz's so I crept down, washed up from my visitation last night...cups and cake plates and was creeping back upstairs with my coffee when she appeared.  I'd already got washed and dressed, I wanted to get down to the bread van and see if he had any cheesy bread loaded to go with the breakfast.  Unfortunately not so I ended up with another packet of coffee biscuits for Ron...'later on'.

I cooked breakfast, bacon, fried nardinitsa and egg and decided that my presents would wait until I'd cleared the kitchen and could sit down with a coffee and time to savour the moment.  The Librarian had given me a basket of assorted goodies, lots of chocolate and cookies and those might not be shared with anyone.  A little and often until they're devoured.  The present from my neighbour was a mug with a picture of a cow on it with a cow shaped handle...different and I don't think it has the same meaning as one delivered in the UK....we get on OK.  Cards came next and thank you for thinking about means such a lot being out here and remembered and then it was time for the present from Princess.  I love her presents.  I opened a book first off and we both love the Hungry Caterpillar book and this one is a spoof on it...The Hungover Caterpillar...a splendid read, secondly I had a pottery interwoven heart that's now hanging on my memory wall, one bar of chocolate and I have four others that I'll eek out over the next few days.  Telephone calls from Germany from Gouldjan and later one from my daughter telling me not to get too excited about the unwrapped presents...we both do silly things sometimes.

So with the excitement over we headed into Djebel to the soup kitchen restaurant and it was about right after the huge breakfast.  We took two cars and parked up, and at four leva sixty for two chicken soups, bread, water and yogurt drink it was good value.  We got back into my car and headed for a new shopping outlet that's opened in Momchilgrad....we'd seen it but now made it there before.  The items are from Turkey and I think a little expensive but good quality.  Solid walnut topped tables and designer chairs and sofas.  Back to Djebel, the Librarian set off for home.  I bought two boxed of chocolates from the supermarket, into my student's mum's shop and got the chocolates out for the family, delivered a card and pressie for my birthday buddy, over to the petrol station,ordered the diesel and realised that I had to go to the cash point....and told him to wait but he insisted on filling me up first, then over to the cash point and back to the garage to pay.  Just like England egh....

Back home and Haciber came round with two photos that I have to print and frame, she went off with cake for her and Beyser and then I delivered cake to my next door neighbour.  Fire going and I'm in for the night....I've had such a happy amazes me how caring people can be and the goodwill of the locals.  It's really quite touching.  No supper...too much cake and chocolates and there's a box of Belgium Specials should I get peckish can afford to do it at my age.  So no pickies today....I might post them tomorrow.  LN...Thank you all you lovely people...LN
Posted by: tcinbg, February 17, 2017, 6:14pm; Reply: 22
Sorry to be late, didn't forget, just got very busy today. Tell you more later.

Happy Birthday

Lets hope we have many, many more.

Trev xx
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 18, 2017, 4:26pm; Reply: 23
Saturday 18th February

Thank you Trevor...better late than never and I appreciate the oldies must remind the others that we still exist... ;)

So today was a day of endless possibilities and what have I done?   Very little.  It was a beautiful spring day from inside the house but that wind was quite chill so I wasn't out there long.  The fire was still going so it was rescued, I had a bonfire to get rid of the kitchen rubbish, fried nardenitsa and egg for breakfast and then the rest of the spicy sausages with onion, the beans that Haciber delivered yesterday into the slow cooker and that will be my supper.  By the looks of the contents of the slow cooker, it could be my supper for the next three days.

I spent time this morning tidying up the large logs stacking them to the far side of the garage giving me access to some of the smaller stuff.  I'd started stacking the cut logs there first before I realised how many of the uncut I would have left and they got sort of buried.  A little bit of effort and I shall be able to clear the smaller ones, stack the big ones until my painter finds time to get himself over here with his axe.  I'd have a go at it myself with the lump hammer and wedge but having nobbled one of my ribs...I'm taking the easy route to the loot.  I've plenty to see me through.  The rest of early afternoon was trying to find a couple of photos that I know are somewhere on the pc but can I lay my hands on them...can I buggery!!  and I know I put them somewhere safe... :(

Long birthday call from the UK and then off for a bath this afternoon.  I drained the boiler but stuck the immersion on again and stayed there until there was another tank full and topped up the bath.  I must have been in there for an hour and a half reading.  My hair needs drying and I'll get round to it when I've posted....enjoying my second day of my new year.  I haven't managed to do Haciber's photos....I need to go into town to get two identical frames since they are of her brothers that are no longer here...can't have one better than the other.  So about to have my supper....down by the fire and then see if there is anything worth watching on Filmon...LN..Enjoy your evening everyone...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 19, 2017, 5:46pm; Reply: 24
Sunday 19th February

So last night I was still searching for that elusive photograph of my old next door neighbour.  The intention was to print it off and frame it for his daughter's birthday on the 23rd of this month...and at twelve thirty last night I found it and printed it off before I lost it again.  Late to bed and read for a while so today felt a little lethargic and had a very lazy day.

I didn't bother with the fire...there was a little pink in the sky and I wasn't sure which way it would go.  I laid the fire ready, emptied the ashcan and waited to see what unfolded and I didn't have to wait long.  It started to rain so I got the matches out and I've kept it going all day.  Beans on toast for breakfast and with beans last night...I'm saying no more.  I framed the photo, made a birthday card for her and it's wrapped ready for delivery.

On to the sofa with the Kindle and it was head down after a few minutes and I think I was on catch up from last night.  Last night's supper was on for tonight as well, I warmed it though and it went on to the wood burner until I was ready.  The chocolates came out as the weather closed in and the television went on at about six and I didn't realise that Tipping Point was on at the's nice easy watching and listening.  I've just finished the bean supper so I shall be on the move all day tomorrow.  Nothing on the agenda tomorrow so far....if it's still might be another day of mellow unfruitfulness.  LN..Hoping for better weather tomorrow....LN

Posted by: MikeyB, February 19, 2017, 7:48pm; Reply: 25
Shame the beast doesn't run on Gas... You could be self sustainable at this rate!!  ;D
Posted by: tcinbg, February 19, 2017, 8:20pm; Reply: 26
Quoted from MikeyB
Shame the beast doesn't run on Gas... You could be self sustainable at this rate!!  ;D

I larfed!! ;D

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 20, 2017, 6:05pm; Reply: 27
Monday 20th February

Silly night again last night and before you boys kick off about methane on the hillside...I'm putting it down to too much coffee... ;)

I was awake at three and felt like I'd been asleep for hours.  I settled back on the pillow, Kindle in hand with a hot chocolate drink courtesy of Princess.  It was one of the novelty items packed in my birthday goody bag.  I read for a couple of hours and settled back again eventually coming to at seven thirty.  No need to get to the bread van...I had enough from the last time.  The fire was going and I topped it up...looking was a cold blowy day and as  I looked out of the window I noticed that the shutters were closed on my neighbour's house so I guessed she was going back to Turkey and to confirm it I heard the car engine start up. I managed to get outside in time and handed over the photo of her father and her birthday card and settled in and copied and printed off the photos that Haciber had asked me to do which are now ready for framing.  I also finished off my Baba Marta cards and managed to get them into envelopes.

By this time we were heading up to twelve so I played around on the PC for a while and set off at two intending to go to Kardjali.  My ladies were out for a walk, demanded to know where I was going and Beyser asked me to get her four kilos of oranges while I was out and about.  Instead of going to Kardjali I thought I'd give my Djebel leva shop a try to see if they had any suitable picture frames since that was my reason for going out.  Fortunately they did, I also bought some small gift bags, a set of mini wood carving chisels for the princely price of twelve lev.  Off to the post office and my seven letters are hopefully heading to the UK as we speak, I managed to get the oranges from the market, stopped off at the supermarket for a new crusty loaf and headed home.  I dropped off the oranges, parked up, sorted out the shopping and the fire and then had the urge to mend the lock on the under house room.  Using brute force and ignorance as suggested by my biannual house guest...I thumped it with a chunk of wood and it opened.  It now works.....with a nail on the inside to spot the latch sticking and it was out with the wood filling foam and jobs a goodun.  

Battened down for the night....cheese and onion crusty sandwiches followed by a choc ice and a huge log on the fire to counter the dropping temperature.  It's destined to be minus two tonight...I'll wait and see.  I'm picture framing tomorrow and then I have one more photo to other neighbour sitting on top of the hay wagon.  LN....Time for Egghead...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 21, 2017, 4:40pm; Reply: 28
Tuesday 21st February

Sleep of the just last night and I had trouble opening my eyes, I didn't want to wake up....ten after seven I popped out of bed and looked out.  I couldn't see anything...someone had stolen the mountains, the wall at the bottom of the garden and it was white over with frost.  Kettle on, fire topped up, emptied the ashes, coffee made and on to the sofa with the kindle.  I had very little to do today or so I thought.  I made fried egg and put it on the fresh bread that I'd bought yesterday for breakfast, topped up the coffee again and on to the PC to catch up on FB and Hotmail.  

I went out and checked that the under room door was still opening and swept the rubbish from the bottom of the steps dumping it in the fire pit but I didn't set fire to it.  I filled up the log carrier from the workshop supply ...they are much drier than the ones that I'd been burning and brought it into the house.  Back to the PC and Haciber is now the proud owner of two photos copied and framed of her brothers and when I delivered them I was shown another of of her daughter and son when they were at school so that one was just framed.  The first two were quite difficult to do....they were from old paintings so it was a matter of scanning them in but then the dimensions were wrong so they took some fiddling but in the end...everything was good.

Fire was topped up and I settled on the sofa with the Kindle to play a few games and Haciber was at the door with some home made fresh hot bread.  I've told her to stop giving me gifts...I do things for her because I want to but they do like to give things in return.  So two chunks of bread later with lashing of butter and indigestion is setting in....serves me right.

Fire going, in for the night....a little bit of wood sorting on the agenda for tomorrow and there's some wire hanging rails that they used to put the tobacco on that need to be removed.  I keep running in to them every time I go in there.  So Filmon, no supper....and again nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except to frame up the one of Hassan's wife sitting on top of the hay cart,  LN...Relax....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 22, 2017, 4:50pm; Reply: 29
Wednesday 22nd February

Happy birthday to my b-annual house guest....another birthday and he's now one year older than me again.  Now I feel better... ;)

Seven start, pegged out the washing done overnight at cheap rate and it was beautiful but cold.  I didn't stay out there long and was soon back in in the warmth of the house but didn't bother with the looked like it could be a good day today and I wasn't disappointed.  Breakfast was another fried egg on the two day old bread but it still went down well and I ate it walking round the garden and seeing which shrubs had buds lingering and again I was a happy bunny.  The winter flowering jasmine that only went in at the end of last year is still green and has forming buds and the forsythia look ready to go at anytime and I hope there isn't a heavy frost to knock them back again.  I'd forgotten about my snowdrops but I have a few in the frog garden that are flowering and the daffodils that made a valiant attempt before winter set in are now shoving up flower heads so daffodils inside and out.

So today I managed to print off and frame the lady on top of the hay wagon and the group photo and they're sitting on the hall table for delivery.  I also made a card for one of my long standing friends and that will get posted tomorrow.  I also created a sheet of address labels....I get fed up of searching for addresses in both of my address books.  I should get organised and have a cardex system....I used to have but haven't got round to it here.  I had a read problem with the printer today...not sure what happened but I think it was down to the fact that I tried to print a photo that was copied and stretched from another and the system just didn't like it.  I cleared the print queue, removed and replaced the data cable and eventually I got it going again.  Unfortunately I think the black cartridge is running's managed on the ones that came when purchased so it's not done too badly.

So this afternoon has been finished my Dexter book, the fire was lit at four thirty and it's chugging along nicely.  I've got a packet of mince out to do something with and I'm not sure yet what...but I have the idea to make a couple of home-made hamburgers...there's a thought.  Not many photos today...just managed to catch the sunset...the sun was up this morning and I've been far too busy being creative.  LN...Hamburgers with chippies...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 23, 2017, 5:40pm; Reply: 30
Thursday 23rd February

Lovely sight when I looked out this morning...the crescent moon and it had to be photographed.  No fire going but not needed, the sun was just hiding behind the mountain and about to raise her little head so it was straight on to coffee, internet and the washing up could wait for a while longer...and it's still waiting.  The rest of the birthday cake went over the wall for the animals, I didn't bother with breakfast and I was determined this morning to find a photograph of my painter that I took early last year.  I'd searched before but not located it, I wasn't sure when I'd taken it but I found it...and immediately saved it to the desktop so I wouldn't lose it again.

I went outside to take a few photos and generally do my tour of inspection, decided to empty and tidy up the burning barrel and empty what hadn't been burnt down the bottom of the garden.  I grabbed the wheelbarrow, managed to manoeuvre the barrel into it, rescued the metal spade from the Beast and headed down the garden dumping the rubbish along the base of the wall.  I did a bit of digging down there removing some of the old builder's rubbish and left the wheelbarrow down there.  My work was done when I returned the barrel to its home.  I watered the plants in the little house and noticed that some of the potted daffs were coming through and on my way out noticed three beetles on the porch window ledge.  Out with the camera again and they looked as if they had either just hatched or woken up but the size of them should mean that they should never take flight...they are huge.

Back in the house, I put some music on and the Kindle came out.  The lids did head southwards for an hour or so, I collected the wheelbarrow from the bottom of the garden putting the spade back in the Beast just in case the snow returns and prepared supper.  Tonight I'm having sweet and sour barbecued pork with oven baked potatoes and onions and there's a baked apple lingering in there as well.  I can smell it from here and it won't be long before I'm enjoying it and it's time I checked it out.  LN...I have other fish to fry...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 24, 2017, 5:09pm; Reply: 31
Friday 24th February

Lovely night's sleep, the sun was coming up, the sky was blue and I was full with the joys of spring.  So much so that I washed what was in and around the sink in the kitchen, cleaned the cooker, cleared and degreased the worktop next to the cooker, washed down the cupboard doors and the kitchen tiles and it was downhill after that.  I didn't have any wasn't a priority so I made made my way upstairs to the pc and slummed for the next couple of hours.  I was disturbed around twelve...Remsier was out there with a letter from my UK bank advising me that the interest rate had dropped yet what's new.  She stayed for about half an hour and she complained about her health, her eyes and her husband and as a parting shot she mentioned that her gas bottle was empty and if I was heading into Djebel maybe I could take the bottle in with me and get it filled.  I'd toyed with going into Djebel but I really need to go into Kardjali to get some admin done but nothing is pressing until next month.  I'd apologised for being in my pj's so as soon as she left I got washed and dressed to face the day, well what was left of it.

I finished off my address book sitting at my table in my stairwell and then remembered that I'd been teetering on the brink of buying a tablet from Argos so I was on to the internet, bought one and arranged to have it picked up from the outlet in one of the towns in West Sussex.  I would have bad it delivered to my UK address but they were out of stock at the depot so I chose the back of beyond store knowing they'd have stock.  And I have it....except that it's in England and I'm not....I might have to book an adhoc flight.

The afternoon was spent on the sofa with the first in another book series.  I'll let you know but not a very exciting start...I fell asleep,  Had a burst of energy, peeled potatoes and put them on to boil, opened a tin of local corned beef type stuff and mixed it with some baked beans....topped it with the mashed potato and popped it in the oven.  It should be ready anytime now so I'm going to sign off, go down and check it and settle in for the night and swimming tomorrow with my students.  LN....Perfectly relaxed day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 25, 2017, 4:20pm; Reply: 32
Saturday 25th February

Seven twenty start again, kitchen immaculate, I did it last night so it was a straight run to the kettle and coffee.  It was a pleasant enough morning, sat contemplating the world and the rest of my day.  I didn't bother with breakfast again...I was still stuffed from last night...the shepherd's pie that I'd made was enough for two nights or so I thought but have you ever tried to leave the other half in the dish and head for the didn't work.  I put the empty dish into soak last night and thought I'd never get off to sleep....too much food.  I did spend time watching my scraggy old cat in the burning barrel, went out on to the balcony and two shot out and I think I'd disturbed scraggy trying to have his wicked way with a youngster.  He chased her round the burning barrel and I think managed it but she soon went back to eat.

So at eight thirty I had to step up a gear.  I hadn't a clue where my swimming gear had been stashed at the end of last year but it was in my summer clothes box that get's renamed at the end of the next season.  In may it will become a  winter storage box.  It's big, it's long and it's deep and it's been suggested it would make a very good coffin.  Washed, dressed, winter coat taken off the legs, swimsuit on, top layers and then into the Beast for nine twenty for my meeting at ten at my student's house.  I stopped off at the supermarket and put some money on my's a new system where they take the money, phone up the phone company for you and you pay the assistant...clever...they've done away with vouchers.  

On time, they were ready and the younger one decided that she would sit around with a book while the older one and myself practised swimming.  We logged in, we were shown to our changing room with hairdryer and lockers, stripped off and headed for the pool.  This was splendid for me, useless for my student, the water was warm as you like but the bottom wasn't graduated.  I could just manage to put my feet on the bottom at the shallow end and my student being six inches shorter that I was...not a snowball in hells chance.  She got in once when I found her a swim ring but she hadn't got the confidence so she headed for the steam room while I managed twenty minutes of backwards and forwards and until I was joined by one other...I was the only one in the pool.  Then a family arrived determined to throw a ball around and make noise....I was out...we both got changed and headed home.  Coffee and lunch at their house and home for two thirty feeling squeaky clean..and refreshed.

Fire is on and only a few pictures from my student's phone.  I forgot all about taking them.  No supper except for a box of chocolate biscuits that I happened to find in the kitchen when I was making my coffee.  It's just started raining so the trip into Greece tomorrow is definitely is a festival day in Zanti but no point in getting cold and wet...too old for that.  LN..Looks like another day of rest and relaxation.....and rugby...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, February 26, 2017, 5:36pm; Reply: 33
Sunday 26th February

Silly night last night...I couldn't get to sleep and at two I decided that the book was the better option than lying there.  Eventually got off and was awake again at six thirty so up with the lark,,,not that many birds were out it was a rotten morning.  Layering clouds that eventually decided to drop their load and then as quickly as it started it stopped.  I lit the fire...I hate damp and cold ...and it's been chugging along all day.  I went out to throw out the old bread for the birds and stood in the yard waiting for my mobile shop but after ten minutes came in again.  No sooner had I settled down with a coffee than I heard his car horn and headed down with what I thought was enough cash...I only wanted bread.  So when I got there he asked me if I wanted a cheesy bread and I questioned it...normally there aren't any on a Sunday...the bakery doesn't work but there it was...he had one for me.  I was now in debt to the tune of fifty stotinki so I went home, picked up the money out of my change pot and waited for him on the return journey.  Breakfast was sorted...I sat at my table in the stairwell with a fresh coffee and headed up to the PC on the landing to waste a few hours.  I was going to clear out the flower beds but it was cold, damp and not the day to be out there slogging...there's plenty more of the spring left.  

I settled down to Monty Don's world gardens, the Andrew Marr show and Sunday politics.  I managed to stay awake for all of it and from the top landing watch my scraggy cat and the tabby younger one skipping up the garden.  They must have already checked out the burning barrel...there was nothing in it so I headed out and the little one shot up a log against the wall and shot over it...scraggy couldn't manage it and took an easier route stopping at the top to glare at me eventually going down the other side.

There was a bit of a concern this afternoon.  I thought I heard a noise and a gypsy was knocking on my window.  I went into the guest room and looked out and there was a yellow car parked outside my house.  It was obviously her transport into the begging ground.  I wend down and opened the door and she was definitely begging.  I got the story about the need for an injection and an operation and I was a little upset, she'd obviously looked in the kitchen window and asked for oranges and apples that were on my kitchen table and then came out with the fact that I live in a big house.  I reckon that they should sell the car and pay for anything they have to pay for.  I followed her to the front gate and neighbour wit the garden next to my house stopped and commented on the car and we both had the same opinion.  There's my heart and my head...sometimes I have an internal battle and at the end of the day I felt OK with my actions.

Rugby this afternoon and surprising tactics from the Italians...confused the hell out of every one.  Second session of The Voice tonight...I better check my eyes out...they might be changing shape...turning square.  Before the match I made a spag bol and that's on the wood burner and should be ready or burnt...maybe I should go and check.  Relaxing day....I think I'm heading into Kardjali tomorrow morning to get my company business and car admin sorted and taxes paid.  LN...Supper time for me..about to get the spaghetti on....LN
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Monday 27th February

Silly early five thirty start so I read for a while and then got my head down again...eight thirty when I roused the second time and felt really good for the extra few hours.  Went back to bed with a coffee, attended to a few messages on FB deciding that I had to get washed, dressed and out into the big bad world if I was to accomplish the things that I'd written on the 'to do' list.  Most I've done, the last few have been carried forward on to the next one... ;)...and soon and so forth and so shall it be.....

Getting the horsepower ready to go into Kardjali, I noticed that the front driver's side tyre was looking a little bald and not wanting to have a thumping fine descend on me I decided to do something about it and that entailed having two new tyres.  Needs as needs is done.  I went down to the garage, they were ordered, fitted and the Beast valeted inside and out and ready by two this afternoon.  I think it was partly my fault...I'd been driving with not the correct amount of pressure in the tyre or it hadn't held the pressure since the others were fine but at no point did I think that it might have a puncture.  Anyway...the deed is done soif anyone is using the Beast...can you please wipe you feel before you get in not like on the way out as you usually do.  I made my way to the river while I was waiting but the kingfisher wasn't around today...I did look.  Ionly had chickens in the yard and another couple of puppies.

So in to Kardjali by two thirty.  I managed to get the new bulbs for the bathroom light fitting and they have the most absurd connection.  They were difficult to get out and difficult to put in so I'll do it when there's some natural light in the bathroom.  Over to pay my car tax and I was told to go was too early...over to submit my company declaration that the company is inactive so there's no tax liability but I was directed to the statistics office down by the museum.  I found several official looking buildings and eventually after climbing to the forth floor...I found four ladies, explained why I had been told to come to see them and the hadn't got a clue what to do.  Eventually after a few giggles they issued me with a document and I took it back to the first office, they looked at it and said that it was mine and I should file it.  I attempted to complete the second for in Bulgarian and eventually after much scratching of heads, the form was submitted and I have another receipt that I was told to file with the first.  The company was formed in order to buy the house with land...if you didn't form a company you could buy but I think that the new people aren't taught the history of land and house purchase...I think they were more interested as to whether I had paying guests staying so they could calculate revenue which wasn't even in existence.

Kaufland for a few goodies and then on to Lidl.  It's been an expensive day but at least I'm legal on the road and in respect of my company declaration.  Home for just after six's been a long old day but at least it's been sweater weather and very pleasant out in the sun.  More of the same tomorrow please....I've bought potting compost so I might have a gardening day tomorrow.  Might be spaghetti bolognaise tonight if I can raise the effort...otherwise it might be a cheese sandwich ...and that seems the easier of the two options tabled in the last minute.  LN...Kitchen calls....LN
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Tuesday 28th February

Ten to eight this morning and couldn't be bother to go get bread from the van and I had a healthy tropical muesli and if I have much more of that I think I shall be spending too much time at the dentist.  I need to put more milk on it and for those that know me...I don't do milk coffee, black tea, etc.

Washed, dressed by eight thirty and managed to put the stupid halogen light bulbs in the bathroom fitting.  I was standing on a chair with my arms over my head and you can't even see where you're supposed to put the two prongs.  It's a press and twist but they never seem secure but they're in and they light up...result.  Kitchen tidied, bed made, muesli, first load of washing in and pegged out, second load in and pegged out and then came the hard part.  I washed a couple of 'hand wash only' and then put them in the washing machine on the rinse and spin cycle and they've turned out a treat.  It's been such a lovely day so it was all dry and ready to bring in at four and I was able to put if straight away.  Another sweater day..  

Gardening this afternoon and I was amazed how many bulbs I've got coming up.  I used the rake to clear the old leaves and last year's debris and they wheel-barrowed it to the bottom of the garden and dropped it at the bottom of the wall.  I've still got lots to do but at least I've made a start on it.  I've also cleared under the cherry tree and removed the old bricks and stone chippings again dumping them.  I didn't come in until five was such a super day.  Fire lit...not really necessary but nice to look at...jacket potato in the oven at six to that should be ready soon and it's a big one that will be lashed with cheese and butter.  

I'll be round the village early with my Baba Marta wrist bands for my neighbours and then off to Haskovo with the Librarian.  They've got some good offers on and I need some of the bare root shrubs to get in at the base of the wall.  We're hoping to head out for nine thirtyish so we'll probably visit our market again and we might have the pleasure of our German shopkeeper who sells antiques out of his van in a layby and insists on speaking German to me.  No pickies today...I've been far too busy but there should be lots tomorrow....I can smell by must be ready...LN...Kitchen bound...LN
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