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APRIL 2017
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Elsa Peters
April 1, 2017, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 1st April

Silly four o'clock start so I put the light on...well I tried...it made me jump when it went 'pop' so I was changing light bulbs.  I do keep a stash in....and they are the old screw in type so easy to do and buy....not like in the UK.  So I played for a while on the Kindle and got my head down at six for another hour and I was up watching the sun come up over the hillside and it's been a beautiful day.

Breakfast of toast with boiled ham and another cup of coffee.  I walked the garden, left the washing up and it's still waiting for my attention and went out into the garden determined to get on with the creative process...and I did.  I've started on the other side where we have the outside tap, cleared the stones from round it and it didn't stop there.  I needed the rubble from under the heap that's at the bottom of the garden to dump at the base of the wall.  I've managed five wheelbarrow loads of old roof tiles and they're already dumped, raked some of the smaller stuff against the stone wall and there must be another ten loads still left to do.  I've shifted some stuff and I feel knacked.  Between barrow loads I got the strimmer out and used up two battery loads and I'm amazed how much wild chives I have.  I've never noticed it before ...maybe it's come from the birds.

My pyrotechnic farmer has been out again and set three fires going.  I still haven't managed to speak to him to ask why but I'm guessing he's getting rid of brambles.  The stork came over very low and where was the camera...in the house and by the time I'd got it, it had moved off and I caught sight of him waddling towards the bee hives int he next village.

I came in at six thirty and got the fire going...it just makes it more like home.  Tools away until tomorrow...that's if I've got any energy left and don't ache too much.  Supper is about to be served....Chicken wings with roasted veggies and there's an apple baking stuffed with sultanas.  Time I headed to the kitchen...LN...Going to stuff my face....LN

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Elsa Peters
April 1, 2017, 5:46pm Report to Moderator

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Photos,,,you can't post them on the first posting of the month

Attachment: good_morning_9691.jpg
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Attachment: picking_off_the_buds_9091.jpg
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Attachment: stork_off_for_a_walk_176.jpg
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Attachment: pyrotechnic_farmer_at_it_again_4973.jpg
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Attachment: bo_tending_his_sheep_8333.jpg
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Attachment: old_tiles_about_to_get_buried_9985.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 2, 2017, 4:09pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 2nd April

Seven twenty start this morning but I was up late watching the Voice on Filmon.  I predicted who would go...bad choice of song for me anyway and I think she's looked better.  I must say that Sir Tom still has it music wise...as for personality when he's making comments on the artist...I'll reserve judgement....in fact it's wrong to judge...I'll just hold an opinion....

Down to the bread van and the poor driver is suffering from a cold so I didn't longer long.  Came back and made to ham sandwiches with the fresh crusty bread, went up to the computer on the landing, finished my breakfast and there was Haciber at the door with some hot frothy pancakes that she expected me to eat straight away...so I did.  The upside is that I haven't felt hungry all day...stuffed to the gills you might say.  I put the bench out on to my bedroom balcony, sat in the sun for about an hour and got my top half pinked up a little...the legs are always slow to go.

I'd decided that there was no digging today...I'd done enough yesterday but I really couldn't help myself but it wasn't in the same place.  I put a load of washing in and while it was cooking I got out the strimmer and did a battery full on the longer bits.  The lawnmower has to come out soon...it's getting too long for the strimmer.   I planted the hyacinths that I'd bought cheaply from Kaufland because they'd gone over and armed with my spade and another Bulgarian tool I headed for the bottom of the garden.  I decided that I'd start dismantling the stone pile and sort it in to ones for edging flower beds, tiles and concrete that can get buried and the stone I don't want will get lobbed on to the hillside from whence it probably came.  I then realised that once the wood heap has been removed there would be a fairly big dip against the wall so back to the drawing board Cecil...I might need some of that stuff that I'd started to lob.  Came in for a coffee and a biscuit and went out with a different purpose....the one outside chair, the front gates and the shady table and benches have been painted with the old engine oil to give them protection and colour.  It should dry off in a couple of days and there's more to do tomorrow.  Oh ....the joys of self sufficiency and independence...it never fails to amaze.  Wood in and more kindling and I can hear that fire popping .  Lovely evening....I've just put the boiler on so that I can have a bath before the final of the Voice tonight....I think it's a nine start my time so it should all fit nicely.  I'm just about to fry off a spicy sausage with onions...a girl's got to keep her strength up....LN...I've had a good and productive day...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 2, 2017, 4:13pm Report to Moderator

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And more pickies

Attachment: donkey_back_to_the_green_stuff_6246.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 3, 2017, 4:14pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 3rd April

Six thirty start and the sky was just showing the lovely blue and pink predawn sky.  I went back to bed with my coffee and the Kindle and waited for the sun to come up before I started my day....we did it together.  Washed and dressed and headed down to the bread van to be told by Haciber that he didn't come today.  It's market day in Djebel so maybe Mondays are now off the agenda...this might take some pre-planning...and she gave me a Swedish ginger cake that her son had brought me over yesterday.  She hides stuff under her cardigan so that the other neighbours don't see it...they all do it....so everybody is going around with something up their jumpers...so I put it under mine so that no one knew that I'd got it.  So what did I have for breakfast?  A slice of ginger cake with my second coffee.  I actually want eggs from the van...I'd saved some of last night's spicy sausage and onion and I was going to make an omelette....another idea down the drain.

So I forced myself into action today and it started off with the in box exercise.  I knew that I really needed to move the pile of wood that's sat there for almost two years.  The men dumped it there when they were rushing off to another job and never revisited it when we came to do the wall at the end of last year.  I was also dreading demolishing it as I wasn't sure what was lingering but all I found was one very large slug....and that's gone off to find somewhere else to rest it's weary body.  I move the burning barrel to the bottom of the garden...it seemed to make more sense than carrying wood and got it established on three breeze blocks.  It's sorted into wood that can be used for garden surrounds or trugs, starter fire wood and the rest has been burnt.  There's that horrible smell of old mildewed wood and so it had to go.

Tools down and away by six thirty....I've had a splendid day today and I can see results but tomorrow I've decided to have a day off and I'm meeting the Librarian at nine and we're off to Benkovski market.  It's time I bought the petunias ready for the pots.  The terraces are looking a little bare.  I'm going to have to hut for supper....I've done no forward planning on that front but beans on toast are sounding very inviting.  LN...I'm off the the kitchen now the seed has been sown...LN

Attachment: the_long_walk_sorted_78.jpg
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Attachment: got_it_to_start_and_then_it_died_8366.jpg
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Attachment: burning_the_debris_9690.jpg
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Attachment: thats_better_8365.jpg
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Attachment: bringing_the_sheep_home_6330.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 4, 2017, 3:49pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 4th April

I ws late starting this morning and was surprised that it had rained overnight and the terraces were wet.  There was a hint of pink in the sky though as if it might brighten up and I was hoping so since I was heading to the market in Benkovski.  I didn't bother with breakfast and got a wiggle on....I was stopping off at Mrs D of S's...Mr D is back for the summer and I wanted to drop off a quilt cover that I'd picked up in Kardjali and a set of stacking cups for the little one.  Into the Beast and I made it for eight twenty, refused coffee since I was walking the market and made it for the Librarian's motel at the allotted nine and she hadn't arrived.  She screamed up about five minutes later and I became a taxi for two of her neighbours.

We managed to park quite near the market and generally had a meander.  The flower lady didn't have any petunias which was my main reason for going....and said that they would be ready in a couple of weeks.  I mentioned the fete day at Nikolovo which is where I normally buy them and found out that it's this weekend...so we might be having another trip out...weather dependent.  We called in at out  favourite dinky doo shop and they were selling petunias so I bought eight plants in white and various purples and a couple of fir trees and also a couple of big bowls that were exceptional value at two lev fifty each.  Dumped the goodies in the car and walked back to the local supermarket to see what they have that is different and then to for early brunch at the chicken wrap place.  Back to the motel and sat outside for water and orange juice mixture but that wind was cold so we didn't stay for long.  I was home for one thirty, unpacked the goodies, watered the plants and put them in the little house for protection and lay on the sofa playing games until my eyelids went southwards.  Lit the fire when I woke up and now it's Filmon time while supper cooks.  I've had a relaxing day and it was much needed after the efforts of yesterday.  It's one thing achieving but it's another when you do too much.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow...I might put the new firs in at the bottom of the garden that's if the weather hold...the threatened thunder hasn't materialised yet.  LN...Supper smells good...LN

Attachment: himalayan_poppies_hiding_1035.jpg
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Attachment: new_petunias_and_blue_containers_3990.jpg
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Attachment: two_new_fir_trees_7316.jpg
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Attachment: old_logs_for_tonight_780.jpg
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Attachment: wind_chimes_are_rattling_tonight_2558.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 5, 2017, 5:08pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 5th April

Silly four start, played on the Kindle for an hour or so and then went back off until seven twenty....result.  It was a bit of a dull start but the thunder and rain that was threatened just hasn't materialised.  About two this afternoon I was hoping that it would so that rain would stop play but no such luck.

Breakfast of fried egg sandwich...I didn't feel very adventurous.  I managed to clear the kitchen of the two days of debris and waited for the weather to warm up a little before I went out armed with my fork and spade and headed to the bottom of the garden.  Initially I was going to dig a hole near the stone wall to plant one of the conifers.  No go....it was stone chippings all the way so I picked another spot to play in.  So down under the walnut and planted the rest of the cheap bulbs that I bought from Lidl, tobacco and zinnia seeds.  I came in for an hour or so and then assembled the seed packets that I'd bought over the last couple of weeks and thought they'd do better in soil than sitting in the packets.  I raked over the soil that was already sitting in some of the square pots from last year and planted up busy lizzie, more zinnia and some sort of vine that has very large flowers but apparently the younger ones don't smell very good so I'll wait until they get bigger and choose the spot well for planting them.  The next challenge was to dig over one of the sections of the veg patch and I've planted up cosmos, oriental poppies and snapdragons.  I also found some oleander seeds and they're in another of the square pots.  Finally the spade came out again and I've dug about a third of the way along the wall, replanting a spiraea and one of the new pot plants has gone in. What a busy girl...

So lit the fire at five thirty and it's ticking along nicely...supper is done and dusted.  I boiled some potatoes, fried off a couple of onions with a Bulgarian sort of corned beef, added the potatoes to the mixture and several slices of beetroot.  Success on a plate.  I now have another sink of dishes and pans to sort but they'll be done tonight.  I do like coming down to a clean kitchen.  No pickies...I've been too busy to be floating around with a camera.  LN...I'm now back to Eggheads...LN

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Elsa Peters
April 6, 2017, 4:10pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 6th April

Six start this morning and beat the sun again.  I took a coffee back to bed, opened the curtains and noticed that there was lots of cloud hanging in the valley so I was up and out with the camera on to the balcony to capture the moment.  The sun eventually made it through but there was no redness in the sky...the cloud got thicker and it had to fight its way through and suddenly...it was there.

I was washed and dressed by seven and out to the garden with my second coffee but I didn't linger long...it was cold out there and there wasn't much heat in the sun.  Then I heard it....there's a cuckoo back but not my hickuping one yet.....I'll wait for it's special call.  Two loads of washing done and hung out and then I grabbed the hoe and cleared the rest of the weeds from the middle section of the wall.  Now into the swing of things I set about clearing the steps garden of chickweed that had started to take over.  It's where I grow the zinnias and tobacco and there are a few self sets that are now planted where I want them not where they fell.   I also moved one of the low growing firs that's never done well where it was and that's now sitting in one of the smaller beds underneath the wall, edged the bed with wood so that I can strim it easily and generally tidied it up.  I came in for breakfast and used the last of the spicy sausages and fried them and an egg and had a huge bun out of the olive bread that I'd bought on Tuesday.

Out again and painted the old engine oil on the remaining chair and table outside furniture and that was quickly moved into the garage as the weather deteriorated.  I went in for a coffee and five minutes break that there was an almighty clap of thunder so it was quickly outside again, washing in, tools away, more wood in and fire lit.  With the rain and driving wind the temperature had dropped dramatically or perhaps my summer thermostat is taking over.  Washing away...cheese and onion roll for lunch, half an hour with my eyes closed now that the temperature indoors had improved.  

Currently I'm being saturated with the David Attenborough on BB2...The Grand National has upset my normal viewing but now the sun is out again and I could be out there taking advantage of it....well I could be...   but I won't be.  Leisurely bath tonight....I might be heading into Kardjali tomorrow for a mooch....LN...The garden can wait...LN

Attachment: pre_dawn_9957.jpg
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Attachment: very_calm_morning_3007.jpg
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Attachment: and_here_it_comes_4757.jpg
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Attachment: seed_factory_6912.jpg
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Attachment: and_then_it_struggled_8020.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 7, 2017, 4:27pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 7th April

Another stupid night...awake from two until four of the clock and I still haven't a clue why.  I'd dreamt pretty deeply when I woke thinking it was around seven, turned on the light and thought the batteries had run down in the clock but checked with the watch....it was correct.  It was cold last night but the fire had been going so the house was OK but no rhyme or reason to it.  I did manage to get through until seven but thee was no sun to see.

It wasn't quite raining this morning but it was cold, I was surrounded by the clouds in the valleys on all sides.  I was the centre of my own little universe,  I went out to check the temperature but I really wasn't out there long and it's quite true...if you feel cold in the house, go outside and when you come back in again you realise that it's not cold at all.  

I've had a very lazy day.  I found some books that I'd brought over with me and forgotten about.  I have a really good design book and maybe it's time to start thinking about the little house and what I want to do with it.  Time was heading for ten thirty and breakfast was calling me.  I found the remains of the cooked sausages and the cold potatoes so they went in the frying pan and I made an omelette which has kept me going all day.  I struggled without a fire but lying on the sofa reading with Sting belting out in the background made me realise that the fire was necessary and it's been going ever since.  The rain came around one and it's been falling ever since.  It's been good in that it's forced me to lay down the tools and have a day doing very little...the trouble is...I have trouble slowing down my brain.  

So the wind's dropped, the clouds are pretty solid now and it looks like it's set in for the night.  I'm watching France playing Britain in the Davies Cup...and not an easy match to watch...our guy doesn't seem to manage the clay very well.  I didn't manage Kardjali today...I didn't fancy running between shops and getting wet.....LN...Maybe tomorrow....LN

Attachment: early_low_cloud_1613.jpg
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Attachment: and_to_the_side_277.jpg
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Attachment: now_the_winds_picked_up_6619.jpg
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Attachment: and_now_its_really_set_in_1101.jpg
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Elsa Peters
April 8, 2017, 3:30pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 8th March

I vaguely remembered going out and photographing the moon last night as there was a really peculiar halo around it.  I saw it first from the stairs and thought it was a refraction from the windows so out I went and captured it.  I've not seen anything like it before....I thought it really strange.

Six this morning and you couldn't see the mountains because of the fog and it was a really cold start.  I made coffee and went back to bed...it was the warmest place.  Washed and dressed in quicksticks into a double later of sweaters and thought a hot breakfast would do the trick.  I was expecting the sun to break through later so I was delaying the fire lighting but by eleven I could wait no longer.  The fog eventually lifted but the temperature didn't go up much at all.

I spent the morning reading and doing a few Sudoku....I played on the internet and found some curtain eyelets and the equipment for inserting them into curtain tops to save applying curtain header tape....Not a bad price and I shall get them ordered tomorrow and use the local delivery service from the UK.  You sign up and the company issue you a reference number that gets added to any internet order you place, it is received in the UK and then comes out ot Bulgaria and matches up with a local delivery company either to your local depot or to your door.  

Did a little bit of work outside.  I cleared the rest of the wood from the little house bathroom.  It's been in there for the last four years and I swept the area lifting clouds of dust and put it in a bucket.  Only four rooms to clear now.  Looked at the lawn and decided that the strimmer would have to do...far too wet for the lawn mower and it's looking surprisingly green.

Chicken legs in the oven for supper, the Davis Cup is on and it looks like this is where we go out.  The boiler is on for a leisurely soak tonigh...the Voice has finished so it looks like early to bed for me.  I'm settling into a re-read of Outlander and it's surprising how much I've forgotten.  LN...Legs and fire to attend to...LN

Attachment: strange_halo_round_the_moon_8967.jpg
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Attachment: overspill_9790.jpg
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Attachment: there_is_some_blue_about_5928.jpg
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Attachment: as_you_can_see_7031.jpg
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Attachment: but_not_a_lot_3954.jpg
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Attachment: strimmed_and_looking_green_2656.jpg
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