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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2023, 4:30pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 1st October

Had a good night last night, woke up at seven and still felt full from last night's food so wasn't too eager to get breakfast.  I was out on the balcony at five after seven, clouds were on the horizon and the sun didn't really appear until seven thirty and the wind had a chill to it.  I soon came in and made coffee, didn't bother going out again so got washed and dressed, stripped the bed and got the sheets, pillow cases and duvet cover in the machine and was hanging it over the airer in the guest room and the quilt cover over the stair rail.  At nine I was ready for boiled eggs and toast setting myself up for a day of getting rid of the pile of logs on the workshop terrace but that didn't happen.  Definitely out of choice, I;ve got a few problems in the UK at the moment  and I needed to think about those to settle my little brain. I had a conversation with Princess, she was just making pancakes for breakfast and sent me a photo of them and she's under instructions that I want some of them the next time I'm home.  They looked delicious.

So eventually I found a short term solutions to the issue in the UK and the problem was resolved and then set to in the kitchen.  I washed up, sorted the meat that I'd bought yesterday from Kardjali, left one pork chop out for tonight and the rest went into the freezer.  That job is now on the list, it really needs to be defrosted and cleaned out and that definitely wasn't on my list for today.  At one I settled down and watch a Barbra Streisand film that I'd watched before but was gentle fodder for the brain with no thinking required.  Bed made up for tonight, pots water to give the poor things a chance in this very drying wind, bonfire at four, logs sorted into three piles of big, intermediate and shreddable.  There was no order when the son brought them on to the terrace, everything dumped on top of each other making it very difficult to get any momentum going so tomorrow, if the weather is good.....my day is full.

The pork chop and a jacket potato went in at six and the home-made barbecue sauce went on the chop around seven, supper should be ready soon and it smells delicious.  So time to get myself into gear, put the computer to sleep for the night, serve up my supper and settle myself down.  LN......I'm beginning to feel back to normal after those few hectic days.......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 2, 2023, 4:28pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 2nd October

Not much sun about today....there was hardly a sunrise and not much of a sun set.  I did sit out on the balcony but then came in, I was cold out there and I've just done the circuit and closed down the estate, doors and windows shut...winter draws on.  I managed to get down to the kitchen by eight, washed up from last night and made toast for breakfast and was ready to get going on my wood heap by about ten.  I'd already done a wash load, put it on the airer, one load off and one load on....I'm hoping the new washing powder will not aggravate the backs of my legs, I'm almost scratching holes in them.

I put in one of the new blades that I'd bought on Saturday from Lidl so that it should have made my life easier.  Well it did until it got bent so had to change it again this afternoon.  The first problem was that I didn't have an end wall to stack up to so I spent a while seeing how I could improvise and improvise I did.  I've got two very old step ladders that I was about to throw out but instead worked out a way to put the rungs upright and the support rail on the ground, obviously they're not parallel so it gives the appearance that the rows aren't level but they are, more or less.  I managed to drive three support sticks into first load of logs that I did the other day and now the ladder can't close on itself or open up and block the door to the terrace. I'm quite pleased with the result, it won't win any awards but it's very functional.  UNfortunately I kept looking at the heap so had a break, made a coffee and sat on the bench on the little house terrace with a bag of nuts and raisins until I'd worked up the energy to start again.  As I mentioned I changed the blade but I had trouble fitting this one properly so that it didn't wobble and it took me three attempts.  The older you get I think you're more safety conscious....no body to pick me up or notice if I have an accident.  

At five thirty I called it a day, I still have more to do by that's going to be tomorrows work.  The shredder wood is up against the wall and that's the easy bit....'feed me Seymour'.  The boiler is on and I'll be in the bath as soon as I've posted and I've just demolished half a tub of cream cheese with bread sticks so I'll not be cooking anything later....probably yogurt to finish off when I cosied up on the sofa.  LN.....It's been another good day and really quite successful......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 3, 2023, 4:31pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 3rd October

Early to bed and early to wake up but I managed to go off again and woke just after seven.  The rest of it has been a gentle day....I decided not to knock myself out with cutting and stacking logs.  I had my student this afternoon and I'd forgotten where we'd got up to reading The Witches by Roald Dahl so I photocopied where I thought we'd got up to last time but we;ve had holidays and rearranged football games since then.  Boiled eggs again for breakfast, I cleared up the kitchen, took a walk of the garden and noticed CD hiding in the bonfire garden catching a few rays of the sun but no signs of the others including Red...'the newby'. I checked out the heap of logs that is left to shred and saw and knew that I'd made the right decision about not doing anything with it today.

By now it was getting on for twelve and as I went across the yard there was a stream of cars moving very slowly and parking up on the verge.  A lady and man got out of one of them and I vaguely recognised them and asked them what had happened.  Sad to say that Beyser has died and it was still a shock even though she'd not been very well lately.  It's the first of the ladies that have passed that I've known for the last twelve years, she came to the house when my children came over and made herself known to them, one of the mainstays of the village.  She used to bring photos over that she wanted cleaning up, enlarging and framing, always asked how much but I never took anything from her.  I didn't go round to the house, I heard the hodja reciting his prayers over her and sent up a silent 'have a good journey' from me.  As I got my car out to drive to Djebel for my student, there was a crowd of men standing outside the house and I'm presuming that the women would be inside, I'm not really sure of the procedures but as I passed the graveyard in the village again, all men and no women.  I asked my student's mum what was the format and I guessed right but apparently no women are allowed in the graveyard.  A light will be left burning all night or maybe even longer and a glass of water will be available should the spirit return.

As for my student, we've not had a lesson for quite some weeks and he was keen to carry on with the book.  The pages that I'd photocopied were no use at all, I'd forgotten that we used the internet for the last lesson and he read the text from the screen.  Eventually we found our place and used the copy that I'd brought him back from England,  The Witches is now finished...next book Matilda.  A few passes of the ball, we have to play at least five minutes, maybe ten of football and then we moved back to the shop where I sat with his mother giving her an update of the lesson, discussing his football, homework and anything else that came to mind.  My student went to the local supermarket and came back with a pack of McVitie milk chocolate digestives, I mentioned that the dark chocolate were better, he said that they had them in stock so I went and bought a packet and we all agreed that the dark chocolate are better.  His mother had also had some leaks delivered, said that she had more that she needed and gave me one of the bunches so I think it's chicken and leak pie tomorrow and I might make one for them.  

Home and the cars have all gone and the village is quiet.  I'll go and find Zelinger tomorrow for an update and maybe put a few flowers on the grave.  LN......Now to find something for supper......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 4, 2023, 5:36pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 4th October

So last night I fell asleep watching a Netflix and woke up just as the last episode was winding up.  I was much too tired to watch it last night so went to bed and I was much too tired to go to sleep so ended up playing games until four this morning and eventually went off waking up at seven.  For some reason I decided to put my summer sleeveless t-shirts away, separate out the long sleeved ones and work clothes and sort out the shelving unit in my bedroom,  I also found some of my autumn jumpers out from my huge ottoman, they came out and the t-shirts went in.  I think it was a little early, we've had a beautiful day today, it was in the upper twenties and I was perspiring like a goodun as I worked on the wood on the woodstore terrace.  

I made poached eggs of toast for a late breakfast, sent an important email after a lengthy conversation with a doctor's surgery in UK and got a few ducks back into line.  I suppose I've got used to catching my doctor when she's having a cigarette outside the Polyclinic and getting an immediate appointment and then an instant referral to a specialist in the hospital if it's needed.  That's what I like about a third world country....   The washing up is still waiting to be done but it can wait until morning....it's putting nobody out.  I was delaying the inevitable, clearing one of the heaps of wood on the terrace so decided to watch the episode that I'd slept through last night and I think I need to go back another couple to get the full story.  It ended with so many things unresolved that I probably missed out on a few clues so back to the drawing board Cecil.

I ventured out at one and got set up with my reciprocating saw and set to work.  I eventually finished the heap at five o'clock, the shredder heap has grown and will be tackled tomorrow and the wood from the walnut I will do later.  Most of it is dead anyway since the men only cleaned the tree up so that will go straight for burning this year and won't have to dry out like the other.  Last job was to remove the remains of the shredder wood from the front drive, rake over the drive and get rid of the debris over the road.  That is now sitting in a log carrier and again that will be tackled tomorrow, looks like another busy day for me.  Had a lovely chat with my next door garden lady and her husband.  They'd arrived in the car with around tan bags of manure for the garden, he was lifting them out of the car, she was slinging them on her back and then going into the garden and spreading it out.  They offered to fill some bags up for me and since my other local benefactor is still thinking about it and has been for a couple of years, I might take her up on it.  If I take the Beast down, I can fill up a huge bag and back it into the drive.  

I came in at seven, supper was a couple of chicken burgers with potato croquettes and mayo and should see me through until morning.  The water heater is on and it's another bath time...it really does sort my back out after a day with the reciprocating saw, bending and stretching, lifting and stacking.  Mustn't grumble at my age...nobody to hear me anyway.  LN.....The work's getting done......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2023, 5:10pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 5th October

Fell asleep in the bath last night, yet again, crawled into bed around midnight and didn't wake up until eight thirty this morning.  I've been trying to catch up with myself all day but still not managed it.  The inevitable pile of washing went into the machine and was on the clothes airer by nine fifteen, the last two eggs were boiled and served with mayo and toast, second cup of coffee was prepared and I checked emails and caught up with admin.  Had a conversation with a friend, he and his wife that used to come over and stay here and hopefully they will be in a position to have a visit next year....I've told them the bed is already made up.  He usually drives over and she flies and it's been a while since we visited the Communist 'spaceship' headquarters and found ourselves being interrogated in German by some police guy protecting a wind turbine....what an adventure!!

So by eleven I'd prepared myself for the remainder of the shredding, machine out on to the woodstore terrace, two log carriers full of sticks and let the work commence.  It was slow going....where the men had trimmed them with the axe they'd left nodules on the main branch and the machine didn't like them so I had to prepare them with the loppers.  I did get one stuck in the machine, it was a little fatter than I thought it was, well one end was OK, so I used a kitchen knife and the metal cutters to remove the node, obviously taking off the electricity first, waddled it about and it was clear.  Power on and it went through as did the next two hundred or so but as I said...finished for this year.  Next job is do weed the beds, apply the manure and then the mulch to suppress the weeds for next year.  Well that's the theory according to Monty Don.  All that's left to do with the reciprocating saw is a small pile of thicker branches and the dead walnut branches....that's my tomorrow sorted.

I came in at seven, got involved in driver updates with my security providers and am now thinking about supper.  I've got frozen pizza and it's very tempting to get one in the oven and it should be ready when I get out of the bath....better not go to sleep.  Gentle sunset tonight, the fly-catched was on the electricity cables and bombing backwards and forwards having a last snack before bedtime....we seem to have something in common.  LN......Better not nod off in the bath tonight.......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 6, 2023, 4:40pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 6th October

Early to bed and unfortunately it was early to rise.  I woke at five thirty, couldn't get back off to sleep so made coffee, did a few Sudoku, washed and dressed and was setting myself up for the day of clearing the wood from the terrace.  First to get sorted was the walnut, the branches were dead and very dry and it didn't take me long to have cleared the heap and then it was time to go for the smaller stuff from the log carrier.  I made life easier by putting the log carrier on its side and cutting them against each other, the few that were left I put on the bench and the ones that were undersized I used the long handled pruners.  By ten I'd finished the lot, everything tidied away so came in and made beans on toast for breakfast finishing off with a bowl of yogurt.  I put Netflix on and watched an episode of my latest 'find', drank more coffee and then went out again to find other things to do.

I tidied the woodpile in the garage and swept up the leaves, oiled the lock that was making turning the key difficult, cleared off the tall shelves, sorted out the car bits and the paint and brushes so I know where things are.  When you have workmen in things get put into different homes and I need to know where things are as I get older so I spent a good half hour moving them back.  I also removed the old rotten wood that was hanging around and had a bonfire and put the bottom of the old burning bin on top of the new so that no sparks could fly.  Everywhere is so dry that it's better to be safe than sorry and we had a fire engine out yesterday to the bottom village.  I didn't see any smoke or flames but they were blue lighting it through the village, I could see where it pulled up but nothing after that.  That might incur a fine for a false call out.  I was sitting on the benches out front that unfortunately suffered when the tree came down and was trying to work out a way to loosen the bolts and then it suddenly occurred to me that bolt cutters are so named to do the job....so I did.  It means that I can buy wood, drill holes and replace with new bolts saving time and effort.

Television this afternoon, I put a chorizo pizza in the oven for supper , it was very tasty but may be a little over cooked.  I'd had to use Goggle translate to work out the cooking instructions.  I'd just cleared away when my friend from the lower village came round to see how I am and I somehow have got an early start for myself.  She doesn't work Fridays but needs to get into Kardjali tomorrow morning so I said that I will pick her up at eight, drive her to her apartment and then I can pick up the potting compost that I need from T-Maxx in Kardjali do a little shopping in Kaufland and some in Lidl and be home at a very reasonable hour.  The bonfire is still going well, I've had a really good week and was about to light the fire since the temperature has dropped and couldn't remember the last time I'd cleaned the pipes so I could do that tomorrow afternoon....it only takes about thirty minutes.  The rain that was threatening didn't materialise, it was blown away when the wind got up but somebody had it.  LN.......Bath and bed, it's just after seven thirty, nine thousand three hundred on the Fitbit, I'll have to do a few circuits of the house to achieve my ten thousand today.  LN.......Better start walking Felix......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 7, 2023, 3:53pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 7th October

So I had my late bath, went to bed fully relaxed at eleven thirty, not games, head in a good place and woke up thinking it was about five thirty....wrong....it was only one thirty and I had lots of sleep to find and enjoy.  It was a hard thing to do, I must have got back to sleep around two and managed until six and I realised that that was it.  Now it was into the world, email, games etc but it wasn't too much of a hardship, I was taking my friend home to Kardjali and picking her up at eight in the lower village.  I was on time and so was she, I stopped off at Djebel to hand over the brush cut blade for the strimmer that I'd found in the woodstore yesterday, it was no use to me since I'd given them the machine because it was too heavy for me to use.  They're under strict instructions that if I need them, the machine comes back but they're doing the work.  The traffic was light and I dropped her off at her apartment at eight thirty. she offered coffee but I wanted to get on with my day.

I drove into Kardjali centre and to Kaufland and there were very few people around.  I bought chicken wings and legs that were on special offer, fresh liver for a change and very little else.  My bill was light for a change and from there I went to T-Max next door to get the potting compost, it was a forty litre bag for about twelve lev a bag so I bought three of them.  I asked for help getting them on to a trolley, a very disgruntled man thought that he really shouldn't be helping by finding a flat bed trolley for me and when I asked for help getting them into the Nipper he just refused...'Not my job luv...'.  I managed to wheel the thing to the car, I'd parked right by the entrance to the store and succeeded on getting them on the back seat and I even returned the trolley though I was tempted to leave it where it was.  He'll be old one day.  Next stop was Lidl for a few things like large bottles of water, chocolate puddings, cheese triangles and Cheddar and I had fun at the checkout.  I unloaded my shopping on to the belt, left the bottle of water in the trolley with five of the chocolate puddings and put on e of them on the belt.  I would tell her how many I had to save her handling them.  It was going well until one of the bottles fell over, smashed into the puddings, one casualty all over the floor.   Red faced I told the cashier who got up from her chair, grabbed some tissues, mopped up the spillage and charged me for five, the damaged one ended up in the rubbish.  I apologised to the cashier who said that it was no problem and to the lady behind and they all took in in their stride.

Back to Djebel and stopped off at the car-shop to tell her that I couldn't stop, I'd got frozen food that needed putting away but she was so busy that I eventually got to chat to her.  The son's school day has been extended by two hours on two days, the football practice and match programme has been altered and she could see no way to have the English lesson next week as arranged.  I told her not to worry, I didn't want to add to the stress, he was more important and we'd see how it went for the following week.  The problem is that he really enjoys the lesson and now he's in the language school it is concentrating on German lessons and no English and she doesn't want him to lose it and neither do I.  He's so good for only thirteen years old and can hold a conversation easily.  Home for two, shopping away by two thirty, I walked the garden, made ham sandwiches for lunch, put the television on and slept for two hours...that was my Saturday in a nutshell.  Chicken leg with a jacket potato for supper in the oven....no need of a bath tonight...I'll be washing myself away.  I think it will be another gentle day tomorrow, maybe raking over the dried grass and removing grass form the flowerbeds and hopefully I'll get some manure delivered soon.  It the village fete tomorrow so I might be walking along to see what's happening, probably not a lot but one has to circulate.  LN....Lovely day and feel much better for my afternoon rest.....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 8, 2023, 4:10pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 8th October

So much for my afternoon rest, it led to a very disturbed night sleepwise.  I was ready to fall asleep or so I thought at around eleven thirty but my little brain had a different idea, it went into overdrive so I put the light on again and played a few games and the next thing it was three thirty in the morning.  Eventually I put the light out and tried again and I woke up from a very unusual vivid dream that, for the life of me I've tried all day to recall, but without success.  I'm putting it down to stress, workmen, my own very busy workload last week and I need to settle my body down again.  The gentle exercise I promised myself for today didn't happen, it's been a very hot October day, too hot to be outside.

It was the village fete worse than death today and I really felt that I should put in an appearance.  I had a shower and washed my hair and made a ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast and was ready to face the hoards by ten thirty.  I drove up to the centre of the village and parked up, lots of Turkish people who moved to Turkey when they were forced out in the late eighties come back to visit graves of relatives and the graveyard was buzzing.  There was a troop of dancers which no one was orchestrating, Turkish music blaring out and a singer giving it everything and lots of people standing round.  In previous years it seemed more organised, the dancers were following set routines but these were much younger, some wanted to dance, others were dressed up and didn't and there was very little format.  I left the old school playground which now looked so sad with windows missing, the roof has holes in it and the chimneys need repair but now that most of the able bodied have moved to Europe for work and money, nothing will be done with the school.  I went back to the main street and there were random stalls, children's toys, clothes for the older women and the statutory trainers that all school children seem to want.  I did strike up a conversation with one stallholder, he asked me where I came from, it was obvious to him that I wasn't Bulgarian and I replied to him in Bulgarian and said that I lived in the village.  He was amazed that I spoke the language, I responded that it wasn't perfect but adequate and that it was probably more than most of the locals who tend to speak Turkish on a daily basis.  Even my Avatar, who's gone early this year to stay with family in Germany, admits that her Bulgarian is better that it used to be now that I force her into using it.  I'd had enough, there were rows of chicken on spits, lambs being roasted but it wasn't for me.

I drove down to Zelinger's house to see how she was now that her good friend Beyser had died earlier in the week.  It reminds us how fragile life is, here one day and gone the next.  I gave her a big hug, one of the other neighbours came to see what I wanted and some just have to get involved.  She mentioned that her back was not good and I said that I had cream that I could give her for it, Deep Heat and she was over the moon with the idea so I drove home to find what I had in my medicine chest.  I had two unopened tubes so I found a little pot, squeezed some into it and walked back telling her that she as to rub it in morning and night and to wash her hands thoroughly after she'd applied it and not to touch sensitive areas...it would sting.  The pot wasn't huge and she's under strict instructions to ask if she wants more...I can't buy it in Bulgaria so replay on replacing supplies when I go to the UK.

I walked home, decided to walk the garden and look for tortoises and only managed to find 'Red', the latest into gang.  She had found herself under the wisteria near to the woodstore terrace and somehow tumbled her way down onto the terrace and carried on her way.  Her shell was very dirty, there was very little left of the nail varnish and she was either digging her winter retreat or trying to find a way out.  I photographed and moved on and left her to it.  I went back in the house and settled on the sofa with my Monty Don gardening book and trying to work out my winter schedule.....and promptly fell asleep waking up at five.  I only hope that it doesn't interfere with my sleep pattern, not another sleepless night.  

Sun's gone down, no wind tonight, temperature is still twenty two out and twenty six in with doors and windows open, the same is forecast for tomorrow and I've very tempted to go down to Greece for the day and to the beach to top up my suntan.  LN.....I'll see how I feel in the morning.....or maybe that day of gentle gardening that I promised for today .....LN  

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Elsa Peters
October 9, 2023, 4:49pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 9th October

A two thirty awakening  but managed to get off quite quickly and it was seven when I opened my eyes for the next time.  I made coffee upstairs, took it out on to the balcony despite the fact that there was no sun, mountain to mountain clouds and it's been pretty dull for most of the day.  I made poached eggs on ham for breakfast, washed up and threw myself into removing the wood burner pipes, opening up the wood store and getting out the brushes for the job in hand.  The vacuum cleaner was on hand just in case the contents of the pipes flew everywhere but it wasn't so bad, the only hiccup was when I used the hoover to clean out the fire grate and the debris got stuck in the hoover pipe.

Pipes removed and taken outside in a bucket so that most of the debris was contained.  There wasn't a lot of soot in them, quite a bit above the grate but that was to be expected.  The boiler comes apart very easily and in around fifteen minutes I was moving outside to concentrate on cleaning out the pipes.  Again that didn't seem to take too long so I put them back in place, hoover out the shower room to pick up any stray lumps that dropped down when removing the pipes from the chimney and even that was minimal.  I hoovered behind the wood burner, I'd forgotten to empty the ash can and when I did I undid some of the hoovering so I rehoovered.  Unfortunately I blocked it so took it apart and had a real job on my hands, the dust had made it difficult  to lock the connections between the dust collector and the filter and in the end I washed out everything that wasn't electrical and managed to get it all back together again....better than it's worked in ages.  Next job was to chop some starter wood and that's now sitting in the conservatory....and then the sun came out.

Job finished I thought I'd have five minutes with a coffee and Netflix and all it threw up was a system message....it couldn't connect, I had no internet so I phoned the local number to see if it had problems, it didn't, I did, I'd forgotten to pay for the coming year.  The girl didn't speak English and no Bulgarian that I understood, she mentioned something about three days but I told her that I was on my pay to pay it.  I went to the cash-point to make sure I had enough for the yearly fee, move the car and parked up outside and there was a post-it note on the window, written in lowercase which is nothing like the Bulgarian I'm used to and a girl from the next shop translated it for me.  She'd closed at three even though the hours written on the notice are until six.  I changed car-parks yet again, saw a red-cabbage on a street display and bought one, went to the garage shop and had it explained to me that you can go on to the internet site and renew and have three days to pay.  Unfortunately you have to have a login and know the password supplied by them so it wouldn't have done me any good at all.  

I drove home, checked the internet and it's up and running so tomorrow I'll drive in and pay my dues.  I've had cheese and bread sticks for supper followed by a chocolate pudding, not very healthy but adequate, it's almost eight my time so time to switch off and relax.  Tomorrow I'm having a day of getting more starter wood together, cleaning out and filling up my log basket just in case and tidying the little house porch and moving over some of the medium sized logs to have them nearer the house.  LN......Another job in winter preparation fulfilled......LN

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Elsa Peters
October 10, 2023, 5:49pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 10th October

Well at last I had a good night's sleep....just a short interval at two thirty but more or less straight back off to sleep...or it seemed like it.  I was on the balcony at around seven ten and watched the sky change colours until the sun broke through and came above the mountains/  I didn't wait for it to come up completely, the light changes completely and you lose most of the colours from the dawn.  I was back inside, coffee and was working out priorities for the day.  I settled for toast without butter and just apricot jam, for some reason I'm going off dairy products and eggs...I've been having a lot of red blotches come up, allergic to something and really must get the tests done before the end of the year.

Washed and dressed for town, I wanted to pay my yearly internet and I'm pleased to say that the price has remained stable for three years now.  I managed to park up near the shop, she confirmed the price for me and I explained that I didn't know that you could go onto their website and get three days grace on payment so she gave me my log-on name and the password and hopefully I'll remember it if I forget to pay it next year.  From there I went to the garage shop, she was in the middle of accepting an order so I went to the chemist to buy some pain relief gel for the neighbour that I gave the Deep Heat to yesterday.  I went in to the flower shop next door, I hadn't really seen her for a while and we talked out languages, visiting sites near Asenovgrad and the tours that my other friend is organising.  From thee I went to the hardware shop to buy some more blades for the reciprocating saw so I'm set up to get on with the starter wood and may be that's a job for tomorrow.  I must admit I haven't done an awful lot today but at least I'm feeling very relaxed.  I was home for around two, went down to deliver the cream to my lady at the bottom of the village and stopped for a chat.  As I walked back I noticed that the outside light is still on at Beyser's house.  It's the custom here so that the soul can find home if they want to return before they move on to wherever we all go to.  It will be lit for forty days....almost back to the forty days and nights in the wilderness.

I put supper in at five, chicken wings with roasted potatoes and onions and in a separate dish I diced up red cabbage, added oil and salt to the dish and put that in the oven alongside the chicken and vegetables.  Supper was ready just after six, everything was cooked to perfection and I feel very full.  I haven't had red cabbage for a year or so and it really was tasty and I've still got two thirds of it left.    Late update tonight, nothing planned so far for tomorrow, I might get the mower out to pick up and cut the dead leaves to add to the mulch that I've got from the shredder.  LN......Almost time for an early-ish night....I missed my afternoon nap......LN

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