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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2012, 3:43am Report to Moderator

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Monday. 1st October

White rabbits, pinch and a punch, sky beautiful, it has that blue and orange glow that threatens another really hot day.  Watch out boys, I think it will be a scorcher up on that roof.  Six thirty woke up this morning and I would take a picture of the dawn but I've been and left my camera plugged into the pc so by the time it charges, the sun should be up and charging across the sky.

Have a good day everyone...
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Elsa Peters
October 1, 2012, 5:55pm Report to Moderator

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Monday continued

What a day of activity.  Winter clothes hanging up, summer clothes sorted into 'washed and ironed' for holiday, going away probably not to see the light of day and if this fits in the bag it will to all the way to Australia.  Mikey B you would have been so proud of me...the iron has been worked today for the first time since you left and my packing is underway.  Lists have been made...nail varnish and remover and the likes, hair bands and scrunchies sorted and the water board have been informed that any outstanding bills will be paid in December so don't come gunning for blood.

Readjusted the new grey travelling trousers so that they fit and all my gear is ready to jump into on the morning of the ninth.  Even my leather rucksack will take it's place in the travelling bag...this time I want no incumberances but I really must check if alcohol is required to be packed and then shipped to Australia.

Men had a day of it today....it has been so hot and Sally was mixing another load of cement stuff after lunch and Bekir was nowhere to be seen.  I'd missed him asleep under the shade of my huge tree.  I love Sally...he is so conscientious.

So going home tonight I had a flag down sign from the man and lady that were trying to sell half a house.  I didn't stop on the way out of the village but stopped on my way back and was offered another two houses for sale. Now I don't want to make any money out of this.....as long as they pay my builders daily rate and his expenses that's OK.  Should they chose to give us 'finder's fees' that would be OK as well.  I shall tell you what the owner is expecting, if you want to undercut then my builder will negotiate and then it's down to you.  I want no part in this....I was told the same story and got stitched up...believe me I wouldn't do it to anyone else.  

Sewing done...I have made a sun top, a headscarf and belt out of the material I bought the other day.  My grey trousers are adjusted and fit and I went into town since I broke my sewing machine needle and couldn't find the replacement anywhere.  Ten needles...two leva...England eat your heart out.

Lovely night tonight.  Now we had slagged off Senile who had promised his tractor to staighten out the metal for the roof and then he appeared.  I don't know if it was the result of a telephone call but the tractor was at my gate and waiting.  I was sorting out the bed quilts and changing from summer to winter for when I get back but Semile was there, his son ran down the road and jumped up into the cab and the deed was done.  One end of the cable was attached to my big tree and the other to the tractor and it was straightened out in quick sticks.  It is now cut up into lengths and ready for tomorrows final assault on the metal and concrete on my garage and workshop.

So...LN....the men are finishing off the concreting tomorrow and the wood starts....I might even have the semblence of a roof by the time I go to England.  LN...my glass is empty.

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linda g
October 2, 2012, 6:13pm Report to Moderator
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Hi Elsa, Great pics as usual. Are U leaving on the 9th Oct???? where do you fly to, to pick up the ship???? I guessed Singapore.
Not sure if u know, but the smokes limits are in place now, if any asks u to buy them. And not sure about the duty free booze, I think my daughter bought in a bottle of Jacks to Oz from their travels to drink here...

I will P/msg u on FB with my phone number if u need it. Take care and see u soon.
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Elsa Peters
October 2, 2012, 6:31pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 2nd September

Not so early start like six thirty and generally took it easy this morning but was late to pick up the men.  They were even later since they didn't bother buying stuff for lunch until after I arrived...bad boys.

Still had yesterday's bag of cement in the boot so took it steady homeward bound.  Unloaded as soon as we arrived so that it didn't do the circular tour and yet again.  Washing out this morning...had to soak my new roll neck since it's acrylic and had started to dry already with creases.  Got out the two year old fabric softener and it really needs diluting...almost like treacle.

Window men turned up, Emaula turned up so I had five people working on my house this morning.  Windows look amazing...very pretty and now we have an abundence of keys that we have to locate at the right moment...gggrrrhhhh.

Last of the concreting is done on the roof...timber was started today and we had to get down one of the biggies stored over two years ago,  I think we have enough...I have asked the questionand get reassured that we have enough.  I just don't want ...'well we need more' on Friday afternoon.

Did my student and don't think the text was really stretching but the homework I though was.  Imagine an interview with the man who invited the bicycle and what questions would ask him.  Let's see what he comes up with.  Bought some meat and bread from the supermarket...home around five thirty...men home at six, cooking supper around eight after I'd watered the garden and for goodness sake...it's October and still watering.

Supper over....book about to be started...got the message tonight that Amazon America screwed up on the cost of sending to Bulgaria and they want to compensate...take that as being a yes then.

LN....I'm about to take to my couch....it will be  a long day tomorrow and a parting of cash for the windows...

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Elsa Peters
October 3, 2012, 5:36pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 3rd October

Slow start to the morning...six thirty start for me and then it was all hell let loose.  Over to pick up the men.  Emaula was chopping, ney chipping old wood to get rid of last year's stuff before we move into the next.  The men were up on the roof but that was after they had done the negotiations with various village vendors and we had four loaves of 'dog bread' and thirty kilograms of pidgeon food.  I was asked by the driver if I spoke German and it transpired that he had worked in Belgium for four years so he thought he'd try me out.  I resorted to Bulgarian and told him it was a better option since my German had come from my uncle's prisoner of war handbook.

Saw the men scratching their heads and Bekir checking out my 'E' shop for bits so suggested we went into Djebel and got what he really needed.  Twelve big bolts, washers and what goes on the ends of bolts (nuts) and they are now securing two five meter lengths of wood and supporting the roof timbers...shimple.  Emaula chopped for Bulgaria but I had to stash it away in the little house...short attention span that guy.  

Off to Momchilgrad to pay for my windows and came back with a fly screen that they had forgotten for the bathroom but since it is stuffed with wood don't see that it would be a problem this year.  Asked me if I would like a coffee at the yard and suggested that after paying for the windows a double vodka might be in order...I settled for water since I was driving.  Roof coming on in leaps and bounds...tomorrow should see the wood and the hardboard (I know not what for) and then we should be into my bitumen.  I've told the men that if they want to work while the cat's at play they can.  Log the days and payment eventually.  

Lovely cloud formations tonight but Bekir was fascinated by an apple tree that had apples and blossoms.  We reckon that it has a 'cuckoo glava' (bird brain) and doesn't realise that we are in autumn.  I left him with the camera after I saw beads of perspiration beginning to appear on Sally's brow as I snapped away and drove at the same time.

Home now....update is late...that cloud formation decided to become very noisy and there were a few flashes of lightening.....all cleared now hence the update.  Meanwhile had a shower...feel so much better....and off to bed with my Kindle....good Gresham book.  LN...tomorrow is another day.

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October 3, 2012, 6:50pm Report to Moderator
Guest User
These are wonderful photos of the clouds Elsa, very dramatic and atmospheric.  You are so good with that camera of yours.  I love seeing what you catch with it each day.  
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Elsa Peters
October 4, 2012, 6:50pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 4th October

Well thank you kind lady...I do what I can.  Most times it's only point and shoot but I suppose it depends what you're shooting at.

Thundered and lightened all night and it was flash, flash, flash.  The thunder tripped my outside light and it was like Blackpool illuminations so it was switched off at the mains to try to get some sleep.  As I said it was all night and woke me several times so at five thirty I was out of the virginal pit and making coffee but the dogs were howling as well so out with the Kindle and eventually got into action at around seven.  The rain stopped about this time and there was a hint of pink in the sky so men were on for today.

I phoned my librarian this morning and could only assume she was feeding the ten thousand and eventually she returned my call.  She came over, viewed the estate and the improvements, has decided to order her wood from whence mine cometh, and off we went to Kardjali.  She had immigration papers to clear and I needed to go to the bank to make sure that there was enough money in one account to pay my electricity bill whilst I'm away. Not that it would affect me but I think I might come back to a mush from the freezer.

Men still working on the roof and it was obvious that they hadn't put in enough support timbers in their normal belt and bracers fashion so more was found and is now in place.  Spent the late afternoon sorting out the terrace and removing 'decorations', like terracotta pots and wooden antiques to the house for the winter.

Kardjali shopping was fun but who was the bright spark that forgot it was Thursday and my student and only remebered while we were sitting having lunch so had to phone and apologise but it's rescheduled for tomorrow.  I was having so much fun in the shoe shops over here and came back with three pairs for my holidays (photos to follow) just too tired to do it today.  Supper was pan fried pork fillet and with it I finely sliced a potato and an onion and pan fried that....not slimming but really delicious.  Note to self..remember that...and do it again.

Enough for tonight...it's almost ten of my clock and my head is thinking about getting horizontal...I have men to pick up in the morning.  LN...back to my Kindle.
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Elsa Peters
October 5, 2012, 5:00pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 5th October

The Kindle didn't last long last night...early to bed, early to rise makes what of a woman?  Six start but it was dark as you like and when there was a glimmer of daybreak I thought someone had stolen my mountains.  Nothing, zilch but at least the garden was damp over again so my hose pipe could remain unattached to the outside tap.

Picked up men, sorted outside bringing in the sun umbrella, built a cow wall between the house and my tumbledown at the front/side of the entrance gate, lawn mower in, more pot plants in, had a bonfire, coffeed the men and into Djebel for my student.  The text today was about designer clothing and sweatshops so maybe I am improving his education.  He loves his Nikes and Adidas so maybe he will think twice.  His attention had gone when the lesson was three quarters way through so now is the time to introduce the crossword.  If I know the word in Bulgarian then I will give it to him but we have some anomalies where the Bulgarian for 'rabbit' is the same as Bulgarian for 'hare' but we got there in the end.  I gave him some homework but we'll see.  I shan't be here for a few weeks so he might have forgotten all about me in that time but his homework has been pretty good of late.  I'm thinking he might be looking forward to the lessons.

Home by fourish.  My sheep farmer stopped me in Djebel and said that my librarian who visited me yesterday must have been asleep when she was driving home and there was....to use his words...almost a 'catastroph'.  Now he is prone to exaggeration so maybe he had to move over slightly...the speed he normally travels at I've nearly copped it a time or two myself with him or his brother at the wheel.  The Brits fight back.  My ladies called round today and I have more photos to get done for tomorrow.  They asked for three, then four and so I offered five or six...like buy one get one free.  They did ask the price but I said that it was more than they could afford so we'd discuss it later.  Now you know that the price is nothing...but they don't.  Remsir came round and she had not heard that I was off to the UK for a short while.  I showed her my Bulgarian trousers and top and she asked if they were a present and I told her that I had bought them but had made a belt and a scarf for the set.  She was so surprised but they are delightful....and photos will follow.

Men home...supper in the slow cooker tonight.  I've got tired of having to think about it so I have chili spicey sausage with pototoes already cooking and as we speak ready to serve.  Men have been banging away today and insist on working tomorrow and Monday to give them a fighting chance of securing the roof for winter.....we probably wont have tiles but the bitumen and battens will be in place.  I'm saying goodnight now...checked out the work that Emaula has done pricewise and he is eighty leva for this week.  Got a phone call on the way back to say that the police were active in my men's village and were my documents in order....how they think about me.  Yes they were active but I drove through unscathed.  I wasn't even pulled and considering that on paper my car is still owned by the previous, previous, person and the annual tax can't be paid because his mother is dead...explain that in Bulgarian...I wouldn't know where to start.

Supper is about to be served...LN...tomorrow is about getting all my chargers in one place and packed with my undies and the evening stuff that I have managed to get together.  LN...I've got food to serve up...

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Elsa Peters
October 6, 2012, 5:57pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 6th October

Early start like three thirty so read for a while and then got my head down again until seven...what is it with me?  Number seven is still playing up and sometimes I'm not sure where to put the pillow for comfort but I stopped the tablets so that my head was at least in the right place.  You know what  it's like.

Men working away, Emaula swanning it beautifully but now I have the answer.  There is a pile of stone that needs moving and I'm going to ask Bekir how many days he thinks it will take....I pay him for the job...not the days...result.  My roof is fully boarded and Monday we have hardboard (and I still don't know why) and then my bitumen going on with battens.  I think that is all that we'll manage for this year unless they want to work while I'm away.  If it's tiled when I get back and the cement floors are in place....yippee.

Sponge and makeup bags sorted.  Most of the makeup had to be ditched...I just don't wear it these days.  Chargers ready sorted and all electrical ready to go.  Tomorrow I'm off the the fair...for a brief while, spending the night at my librarians and will pick up the men on Monday.  She needs a crash course in connectivity, email and skype so I have my duty to do before I leave.

Recieved my confirmation that my booking at the hotel is confirmed so Tuesday night is sorted and then over to Terminal one for the easyJet to Gatwick.  Train and bus down to my house and then I'll wait for the visitors to arrive...no hope or Bob....

Supper tonight was chicken wings with tomato and honey glaze with chunky crispy bread washed down with my first beer for ages.  Thanks to the abstinence I have taken off ten pounds which suits me just fine.  So food over, I'm now down to a little Ouzo before I hit my virginal couch...village fair tomorrow and not sure if or when I shall make my presence felt.  House clean is on the agenda for tomorrow...I want it  nice to come back to.

LN.....about time to chill and then to my Kindle...it's beginning to hot up at 50 percent down....LN
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Elsa Peters
October 7, 2012, 6:21pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 7th October

Yes I'm late again and the best laid plan of mice and me are shot to pieces again.  So tonight I was going to see the librarian and crack open a bottle but it all went lady's anatomy skywards.  She's is not on the tinternet and since I am paying my internet provider while I'm away I decided that she could use my old laptop and to stop confusion I decided to set her up with her own log on.  Now that part was easy but I also wanted to update the Avast and Malaware bytes for her protection as much as mine and that was where the fun started,  I've not given her administrator rights since she's not even sure what the mouse is and has already called in Rentokil at the mention....so thought it best not to.  She has a lovely email address that I have conjured up for her but the password is really imaginative so she has to remember that as well.   So back to where all this started.  The database for Malaware was goodness knows how many days out of date but at last I managed to do a quick scan still in the hope of heading for that bottle but as the time dragged on I realised that there was no way that I was going to make it this side of midnight so I phoned and gracefully declined.

As for the rest of the day.  The morning was pretty productive.  I cleaned all through, got the washing out early and expected the world and all its friends round since it was a fete worse that death in the village.  I decided not to go.  Instead I became that photographic studio and produced the said works of art for my Byser and co. and Gouldjan appeared this afternoon and we swapped Skype details that we promised to do ages ago and never got round to and fortunately no one came.  Next week for her at work is going to be a challenge.  They have no director, are having to do the documentation themselves and are up for review by the powers that be....I don't think she is looking forward to it....

So tonight's supper was toasted cheese and ham sandwiches....as I said I was looking forward to being waited on but it wasn't to be.  Tomorrow it's...pick up men, head over to her house for about eleven, get the lesson underway and over by about three, back here and homeward with the men at about six thirty.  Busy day,

Nine thirty my time thereabouts....I'm in for an early night and some good news...apparently I'm going to be reimbursed for my outlay for the tax on my 'Kindle' gift.  I now need to calculate exactly how much it cost me but I notice that they even charged me import duty on the carriage....tova e Bulgaria....LN
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