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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2014, 6:24pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 30th October

So yet again the village had rain to wake up to but there was a little less than there had been for the last few days and the temperature had improved somewhat.  I caught the hojja this morning with his morning ritual but I was straight down for my lemon drink, back to the computer and down for coffee and breakfast by eight.  Didn't need bread this morning...I made do with the old stuff.

Decided to go into Kardjali today....I was undecided but I thought I might get trench foot or cabin fever if I didn't just go out for the hell of it so I did.  Picked up five bags of coal for the winter, a whole fillet that's now sliced, a kilo of chicken wings separated into three bags and all in the freezer and a chicken that just got roasted and served with a jacket potato for supper.  I did the charity shops but not much to write home about or purchase and got home for about four.

Played around with the pipes into the chimney inlet from the petchka. There wasn't a lot of smoke in the bathroom but I could smell it, did something about it and my minor adjustments seemed to have worked.  I'll so the real job in the morning when I can get the pipes out completely...

So supper over, another Dexter book underway and time to get into my new pj's and snuggle down....LN....not sure what tomorrow might bring...it might be the Librarian and Zlatograd....I need to take in my old UPS to see if the man can fix it so that I have a spare...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2014, 6:26pm Report to Moderator

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Just a few more

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Elsa Peters
October 31, 2014, 4:47pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 31st October

Damp start again and it didn't look like there was going to be anything to write home about today but eventually the sun came out but it was about three o'clock this afternoon before it did.  Lit the fire even though I had every intention of going out today so I phoned the Librarian at about eight thirty and she was up for a trip to Zlatograd so I post hasted, dressed and was in the car by about nine ten and over to the restaurant near her village for just on nine thirty.  She was muffled up to the nines with the hat, scarf and so I turned the heater down before she melted.

Round the market and looked at a pair of knitted sock that I liked but the price was inflated because I was English and as I walked away the price dropped by a couple of leva....don't these people learn.  As it was I bought nothing from her where I would have probably spent if I felt I wasn't been ripped off.  Nothing else worth having on the market and the trouble is that I'm used to the old fashioned English markets where things are cheaper.  In Bulgaria the things can me more expensive...you just have to watch it.  Over to the leva shop and found a couple of gifts for my student's mum.  I can't say too much about them but I think they'll be just fine.  Over to the supermarket and picked up bread, a couple of packs of cakes and a wine box and we set sail for the repair man but the cupboard was bare so to speak.  No sign of anyone ever working in the unit so I'll have to keep looking.  

Driving back to her village and we stopped off at a fish restaurant for lunch.  Unfortunately there were workmen there installing windows in the newly enlarged what was once the summer dining area and there was also a chimney going in.  The son apologised and said that tomorrow would have been a better day but the food was good and the bill very acceptable. I dropped the Librarian off, went straight into Djebel since I'd not notice the fuel gauge and I reckon I'd come back on fresh air.  Over to the hardware shop and bought some large headed tacks for the upholstery to hold the material in place before I got let lose with the electric stapler.  As it happened I chose to put up the inspection light in the garage for when I have to go into the workshop.  Unfortunately mine works and the one in the workshop that Bekir put in doesn't so that's another job for tomorrow.  

No hint of anyone celebrating Halloween here despite Lidl's attempt to sell anything associated with it.  I did hear someone ask what it was all about and all I heard was that it was an 'Americanski parsnik'.  I was going to carve my pumpkin but it seemed such a waste...I might do the little one tomorrow and have my own little party.  Not into food...lunch is still in the upper regions despite having climbed several ladders this afternoon to achieve luminance in the garage....I think that wine box is worth opening...well it is Halloween... ...LN

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