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MAY 2015
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May 8, 2015, 9:15am Report to Moderator
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Oooops, sorry I forgot! Mum called last night. A 'hurricane' went through the village yesterday and caused another power cut. She is fine, however the bus shelter roof is not so good and is no longer where it should be!. I'm sure photos will follow.
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Elsa Peters
May 8, 2015, 6:25pm Report to Moderator

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So back to yesterday, Thursday 7th May

First off this morning I planted up some of the flowers from yesterday, some in pots and some in the garden.  The rest I decided could wait until I came back from my lunchtime appointment with fifteen local ladies.  Turkish was spoken most of the time bur I occasionally had comments passed to me but those that speak Bulgarian but it's definitely not natural for them.  Lunch dishes came thick and fast and you have to be quick.  You have a spoon and a fork and have to go for it with the inevitable slices of bread washed down with fanta or coke.

It broke up at about two and I sauntered home and felt incredibly tired so I settled down on the sofa in the hall and the temperature had dropped so I grabbed a small duck down blanket.  There was a clap of thunder, and it went so dark that my solar lamps were lit and the light really seemed to change and spookily so.  The it started....the wind came first with lashing rain and then the hail.  I think we did better than some of the other villages...our hailstones were standard size but the men's village served up golf ball sizes which damaged car windscreens and windows and considering that most people take out third party insurance...not many will be covered.  The thunder and lightening were continuous, the electricity went off, my special tree was waving in the wind and I was keeping my fingers crossed that it would survive and it did,  Branches were swept from one of my large trees at the front of my house and I was surprised that the carpet on the top hall was damp but the rain was horizontal....the roof tiles didn't stand much of a chance.  It was short lived but I noticed the sunbed heading down the garden and I hoped it wouldn't hop over the fence and it didn't.  Out with the camera and caught the rain that wasn't going down the down pipes, I suddenly noticed that the area of the bus shelter hard standing had changed somewhat and the bus shelter was rammed up against the wall,  The wooden safety measures that I'd put over the well were missing....so that's another job on the list.

The electricity didn't come back on and stayed off until one today.  I went to bed at nine last night and woke up at one and it took me ages to settle off again....I envisaged eleven days like the last time.

Friday 8th May

Over to pick up the men but the fire brigade had done a sterling job of moving fallen trees.  I was shown a heap of hail stones that had fallen yesterday and they were much bigger than the ones that we'd experienced.  The men set to....more trench was dug and my job was to keep up with the burning of the stuff they were digging out and  I was pretty much there.  I made the decision that there was no way I was keeping my appointment with my student tonight.  I am far too tired after having very little sleep last night and working my little socks off today.

I drove into Djebel and caught sight of what I thought was Beauty leaving the car shop and it was.  Apparently it is hot off the production line and is under going final analysis and hopefully will be released early next week.  I can't wait to have him back.  The final saga will be to go into the KAT offices and get the new documentation processed now that it has its new engine.  Gouldjan called round tonight and drank me out of Cappuccino and we chatted about her week and mine.  Men have worked really hard on the wall but it really needs the third person to fetch and carry and make the cement.  Perhaps Emula might be able to make it on Monday.  Men home, a little drink and no food for me tonight....I'm far too tired but am trying hard not to get into slumberland mode so that I don't wake at silly o'clock.  LN....I want a lie in in the morning. Tomorrow I'm off to a prayer ceremony in aid of the village and later might make it into Lidl to try to get the lightweight strimmer...LN


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Elsa Peters
May 9, 2015, 4:41pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 9th May

Early to bed last night...my eyes were on their way out before the rest of my body so I responded by legging it to bed before I fell asleep in front of the computer.  Wrong move in some ways...it was a four thirty start this morning and with a throat that felt as if it had been sandpapered I was down to the kitchen and made myself a hot water, lemon, orange, honey and aspirin salve and settled down again after the hojja has said his good mornings to me at six.  It was eight when I raised my head from the pillow so I reconconcted my earlier medicine and on to the computer.  I showered and had the intention of going to my prayer meeting but as the morning progressed the enthusiasm dissipated, the head hurt and the coughing got worse and I decided that home was best.  I lit the fire....it wasn't that cold but it was cheering and settled in with a couple of sudokus but the Daily Mail one from yesterday has only frustrated me today and today's hasn't even been posted.

While I was on the computer upstairs I noticed a man standing on my terrace so I went down to find out what he wanted.  He asked if the men were working and I replied that it was Saturday and they didn't and he asked to borrow a couple of bags of cement.  He said that he will return them tomorrow but I don't want to become the 'supplies yard' for the village.  Hard to keep track sometimes.

Drove into Djebel and two of the old men from the village were walking up from the mosque so I gave them a lift to their respective dropping off points.  They were both clutching free bags of meat and rice and one of them handed me a wrapped chocolate cake that he'd obviously been given....don't you just love 'em.  Went to the garage and handed the owner the documents to the Beast.  I realised that if he had to do more road testing on it then he'd need them in case he got stopped on a document check.  So today my Beast was off to Kardjali and soon to be home by the sounds of things.  Over to the chemist for more aspirin and I asked for the ones that you put in water.  Back home and made another fresh fruit juice mix, added one of the tablets and my what a mess it looked.  I think something had reacted badly with the acid in the juice so I'll stick to water in future.  

Seven thirty my time....I did manage a nap this afternoon and feel better for it.  I just hate post winter colds and I seemed to get through the winter without one.  Magpies and several other types of birds are raiding the grass and flying off with laden beaks.  I seem to have acquired a couple of starlings where I thought the sparrows were nesting...such big bullies.  Wedding tomorrow if I feel up to it otherwise I'll send a donation with one of the villagers.  I'm about to get on to Filmon and see what's of interest...LN...

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Elsa Peters
May 10, 2015, 5:38pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 10th May

Seven thirty start this morning but felt like death warmed up but despite this I managed to get two loads of washing done and pegged out for nine.  The bathroom rug was also put through the machine so while there was nothing down the bathroom got a spring clean as well.  Walked the garden and noticed how the grass is still growing like fury and there's need of running that mower around again but not today.  It's still too wet underfoot.

Having said that...not to hot but there was a good breeze to get the washing dry.  My Avatar came round to see how I was feeling and she said that she'd been not too well yesterday with her kidneys.  Her house got very damp in the storm and she spent a lot of time clearing the amp clothes that were stored in the loft and putting them through the washing machine.  Toast and the remains of the pate for a latish breakfast and my next visitor was Remsie and I asked her to make apologies for me at the wedding that I felt I couldn't go to.  The cough suddenly kicks in and floors me so to speak.  

I downloaded more books on to the Kindle but nothing that seems to interest me at the moment.  I started the first series and realised that I should be in bed with the book so at one I headed up the wooden hills and woke up at four thirty so I must have needed it.  Out to the garden and got in the washing, folded and put it away and headed for the kitchen to do something with a chicken breast that I'd got from Djebel yesterday.  Since the taste buds appear to be shrouded in a mist I thought a curry might hit the spot and realised I'd made enough for tomorrow as well....so that's another thing I don't have to think about.

Sitting at my desk I was aware that there was a very loud call from a hoopoe so I was out with the camera to try and catch him.  Found him in the yard by the garage but they are so timid that it was up and away before I could get the camera focused.  He flew off into the next field and I was down the garden after him, gave up, came in and there he was again but this time I spotted him on the pollarded mulberry but boy was he difficult to spot since his feathers are the same colour as the branches.   He saw there for about five minutes and it was funny to watch his head going back and forth as he made his strange call and then off he went into the field again.

Eight thirty my time and I've noticed that it's the season for the crane flies to hash themselves again the windows....and that's the big advantage of flyscreens...they do stay outside.  Kept up the flow of freshly squeezed orange and lemon drinks with the odd aspirin thrown in so I should be back to normal soon...Nearly time for bed so I'll sign off....LN...with not a bad end to the day...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 11, 2015, 6:35pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 11th May

What a bad night.  My throat felt like I'd swallowed glass and I was up and down all night taking honey drinks and sipping water.  I went back to my solid aspirin and left the fizzy solubles on the shelf.  It was still sore this morning so another drink at six this morning and back to bed.  Lingered in the pit and noticed that it had started to rain so I grabbed my phone expecting at any minute for it to burst into action and a message to say that the men had called the day off....however no sign of life so I set off at just after seven thirty and made it in good time.

The men were waiting outside when I got to the village and there seemed to be a little confusion.  They got in the car and I asked them what was wrong and they had no cigarettes.  The poster's wife hadn't turned up to open the shop when the poster went off to work so we tried the shop in the village next to mine but then it was straight off to Djebel to they could get in supplies, I went to the car shop for an update on the Beast and bought a jar of honey from the market and home for nine more or less.  Straight in for coffee and they proceeded to get soaking wet so I was out with alternative clothing but it cleared up by lunchtime so they weren't really necessary.

I burst into action this lunchtime and took the damp rug out of the bath where I'd dumped it when the storm hit, hung it on the line and scrubbed it with a broom and hosed it down,  It dripped well and I'm hoping that it stays fairly dry overnight so that it doesn't end up a big soggy mess.  The men concentrated on the wall, I set into clearing the polythene from their morning endeavours and followed it with the hedge clearing stuff and worked up quite a head of steam on the outside burning pit.  They've done well despite the weather and the forecast for the rest of the week seems to be OK with the chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon so we'll wait and see.  We might have another one from the lower village joining us for the rest of the week,,,he will be on stone shifting ready for the wall at the bottom of the garden.

Men home, the remains of last night's curry on to the cooker, fire lit so it was all systems go and supper ready by seven thirty.  No photos tonight...I've been just too busy to get the camera out.  The hoopoe has been around again today but not near enough for a camera shoot.  I ready for bed tonight....nine thirty my time so into my PJ's as soon as I've posted.  LN....and tonight I'm feeling as if the vitamin C has kicked in and we're beating the bug...LN
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Elsa Peters
May 12, 2015, 4:40pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 12th May

Well recurring dreams most of the night and for the life of me I can't remember what it was about now but it was very real when I woke up at six but then nodded off for another hour and felt much better for it.  Honey and lemon drink for breakfast, over for the men who seemed in high spirits and back to me for about eight thirty.  They were straight at it but today was pretty slow going.  To stay on the line of the original fence since this side adjoins somebody's field that they do nothing with, we had to take down a smaller cherry since the way the roots went there was no way it was going to stand up for itself and as for the big cherry...no way we could build a wall round it so down it went.  As for the fact that they are both cherries, as we say here there is no 'meat' round the stone so they are not a great loss as far as cherries go but it's still a shame for a big tree to come down.  We even had to resort to borrowing a chain saw from over the way and an axe since mine is still waiting for the new stale to be added by someone we know very well....Bekir.  He's only had it since the beginning of winter so that's not so bad and his theory is, you won't want it until next winter....oh yeah...

When he went to borrow the chain saw he came back with and invitation to another smartie party with the ladies of the village at Byser's house for twelve today.  I arrived a little late since I was watering the pot plants which were looking a little jaded after last night's howling winds.  Fifteen of us sat down to soup, banichka, chicken and rice and a big fat chocolate cake followed by tea and unbeknown to me my Avatar was slaving away over a hot stove in the kitchen.  She said that she prefers it there....Home for one thirty, fully fed and watered and the men were still struggling with the trench.  While they sat and drank their coffee I had an attempt to remove the root and they came back asking me if I wanted a cat and a mouse to tag on the end like the tale of the giant turnip.  We do have some laughs here.

I went up to play on the computer and I nodded off playing freecell to be woken up by Bekir clutching an envelope and remarking that the stamp was Spanish.  He stood while I opened it and I translated the letter for him.  A friend had sent me some beans and we then went through the children's book Jack and the Beanstalk and I said that I had to send him a cow so had he got a little one.....my further instructions on the beans are to soak them overnight before I plant them and they go in tomorrow.

Emula came round this afternoon and I was trying desperately to get him to work over the next couple of days but he really doesn't like work that much.  If he has money in his pocket he's OK but anything continuous and it's not on.  

Men home....beautiful calm evening after it's been blowing a cool wind all day.  Bekir loves it and Sally hates it.  I've lit the fire because I love to see it although it's not really necessary and not that cold at all tonight.  No food for me, I'm still stuffed from lunch...LN....and tonight we have a few pickies...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 13, 2015, 6:07pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 13th May

Lovely long sleep and watched the sun come up over the mountains and the mist in the valley was quite stupendous this morning.  Got the washing pegged out by seven, hoed several flower beds and ready to fetch the men by seven thirty.

Lovely mellow journey in, had a chat with Mrs Bekir who was very vociferous about the fact that she had seen her son off to school, Bekir was working and she had to look after the sheep for the day....I think she was complaining but I couldn't take sides.

Home at the men set too immediately on the wall.  It was dig, dig, dig for victory and I stepped in and burned the polythene and tree roots and they were struggling slightly but we are down towards the bottom of the garden.  There is so much old metal work that kept the fence intact and dismantling it is not easy but ...hey...nothing is.  I kept them supplied with coffee, Bekir went for his statutory  nap and Sally was at the shovel sooner but hey, you win some you lose some.

I kept the home fires burning but then went on to clear the flower bed and remove the weeds from the top garden.  I planted a conifer that we'd rescued from the snow fall and I'm keeping fingers crossed now that it's under the soil.  The marigolds have gone in and I discovered two patches of sunflowers that have sprung up under their own volition.  Metal work in the wall, men have worked hard today and it's been a warm one.  Took them home and Emula wanted to join us on the journey.  The girl that Emula is chasing wasn't there tonight...we'll try again tomorrow.

Tried to cut the grass tonight when I got home but it's still too damp so came in and opened a bottle of mastica....chicken wings in the oven and will mayo so not exactly gourmet tonight...So LN.....I'm down to the kitchen and then bed beckons after lots of hard work today...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 14, 2015, 5:47pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 14th May

So today it was a beautiful start to the day ...very mellow and the sun came up but before I could take any pickies.  I went over for the men at the usual time and Bekir said that he had a problem with the sheep and so I left with Sally and a newby...seventeen years old and he reminded me of  my grandson.  Bekir said that he would follow in his son't car but I said there was no need....my Librarian was coming to me and ten and passed his door so the lift was organised....result.

Into Kardjali and Basmar magazine and I got some more flower pots at reasonable prices.  Over to my cheapy clothes shop and a tee-shirt, trousers, two more summer tops for five leva and then on to our other cheapy shop for another bargain.  Into the shoe shop and another bargain and then into the Bank to draw out money from my interest that is paid monthly to pay for the repairs to the car.  The we met up with JS who is a contributor to my web at a restaurant and pizza for lunch and he paid...another result.  We made arrangements for further meetings...he's going to live in a village out of Kardjali but it's on the way to our Market garden so I'm sure we'll make it out there.

Back to Lidl and I returned the strimmer that gave me problems and they managed to get it to work....egg on face or what...but they assured me of their best attention at all times hiding their grins behind their hands...haha  Did my shopping, back to Djebel and my garage lady insisted that she told me everything they had renewed on the Beast and despite my protestations she gave me the full details.  I told her that I trusted them both implicitly and that I had no problem with the smetka (BILL) but she still had to spell it out.

Home...new plants watered and will go in tomorrow....drove the men home and the newby still wants to work tomorrow...I think he might be in for a bonus and seems to work well with the men.   Lovely day with friends and superb shopping...LN...LF or Life's good as the slogan goes...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 15, 2015, 8:07pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 15th May

Five thirty start and I only just beat the man from the mosque calling us all to prayer....The moon was the first thing that caught my eye this morning and it wasn't long before the sun followed it and lighting up the misty hollows.  Out to the garden for seven thirty, into the car and a leisurely drive over to pick up the three of them and on the drive back, Bekir said that Sally wanted to go into Djebel for tomato and pepper plants from the Friday market since all his had been flattened by the giant hailstones that we had the previous week.  So into Djebel we went and I told them they had twenty minutes to play and I met them round the market and I came away with tomato plants, peppers, cucumbers and aubergines that will get planted out tomorrow.  Sally offered to do it for me over his lunchtime but I refused...my garden ...my work but I want to do it when they're not there.  Washing pegged out and the young lad set to mixing the mortar so the rest of the stone wall could be completed and they in was hell for leather with the blocks and by the end of the day I have the wall completed apart from the concrete pillars that holds it all together.  For that we need more of the gravel and that will be delivered on monday with the rest of the metal work to complete the long side of the garden.  The rest shouldn't be so difficult...there has been a lot clearing and keeping to our own borders since the field belongs to one of my neighbours.  The other two sides are onto rough grazing land and that belongs to the local authority so it's not so crucial.

I planted up a peony and a yellow spirea this afternoon and the yellow against the berberis looks really good.  Another trip to the market garden is on the cards...I just love the colour of the spirea and at three lev for a four inch pot it's not worth taking the cuttings.  Got a call from the garage to go to take the car in for the documentation but it was a four and no way would I have made it back to take the men home at six so that is scheduled for another day.  Piled the men into the car, got them home, filled up with petrol and then on to my student's home for supper.  Lovely evening with the family and a friend came round and it was most entertaining.  Father got out the lottery tickets, I bought one for one leva and won eight and was determined not to buy any more....my luck was in but I didn't want to wear it out so to speak.  

Home for just after ten and I have to message them to say that I've got home safely....a weekend all to my little self so I'm going to work on the workshop terrace, get some rough wood supports nailed together against the block wall to get the wisteria, clematis and honeysuckles fully supported.  Next on the list is to plant up the veg, see if it's dry enough to get the grass mown and strimmer the edges with the new tool which seems to be very effective.

That's the plan...let's see what I achieve....LN.....it's time for bed....

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Elsa Peters
May 16, 2015, 3:45pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 16th May

Happy birthday Susie 'P' my sister in law...today is the day.

Up at five thirty this morning, made my lemon orange drink with honey, back to bed and then dog napped until seven thirty and then up and at 'em.  My hoopoe was having a field day on my wild plum but I couldn't go out onto the balcony from the bedroom he would have shot off like a bullet from a gun so had to take the photos from inside so bear with me.

I have a little trouble with munchie beasties in the  roof timbers so this morning I used lamp gas which was recommended to pain the beams.  It absolutely stinks in here but if it upsets the little lungs of the munchies...tough.  I did the bathroom and the spare room but gave up since my lungs weren't coping that well with the fumes but I looked at the clock and two rooms done and it was only nine thirty. Stripped my bed and the second guest room and everything washed and hung out by ten,,,what a morning...and it's only just started,  

Beans on toast for breakfast and I looked at the 'lawn' and plucked up the courage to tackle it.  The rain and warm weather has made it all super strength but the clover really does hold the moisture and it's a bugger to cut.  My lawn mower struggled.  I was emptying the bin every two laps of the garden and eventually it coughed to a standstill.  I cleaned the filter, emptied the fuel and cleaned underneath and could only do another few lengths before the poor engine was struggling again.  So I left it to dry out with a stick holding up the plate that covers the bin when it's in place...and result.  For the entire afternoon I worked on the garden until the moisture stopped the process but eventually it is complete.  What a job so it needs doing more regularly but the rain seems to stop the master plan so ...stop raining....

Supper is in...jacket potato with chicken wings and it should be ready in about twenty minutes.  I've just checked it and everything looks good...I'm going to say LN.....Good day and I've done loads...Tomorrow I have to strim the rest of the garden and then it will do for a week or so if the weather remains as it is but no rain is forecast for the next week or so....A little mastika on the go...LN

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