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JULY 2015
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Elsa Peters
July 7, 2015, 6:48pm Report to Moderator

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And the rest

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Elsa Peters
July 8, 2015, 6:48pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 8th July

And again the blasted man or men was or were out to wake people up for their breakfast....I'm going to get my own back when Ramadan has ended in eight days time...watch this space...

Awake at just before six and caught the sun coming up...there's something special about mornings here provided you are up early enough to enjoy them.  There's a peace about the morning that unless you've sat on the terrace and experienced it...I can't describe.  It's the bird, the mosque and the morning noises.  Out to fetch the men and stopped off at my magazine half way between the lane and the junction and bought the breakfast for all of us.  Men were a bit slow off the mark so I waited and out they came with demob happy faces but that soon changed as the temperature rose.  Coffee and breakfast on the terrace for all of us and then they set to.  The job today was to fill in all of the gaps in the long wall and Bekir said that it was a job that could be done later.  Now I've got several of those so I said that this wasn't going to be one of them...I wanted the wall finished and it is apart from the fact that I have to pour water over it for the next few days morning and night so that it gets to be strong.  Really hot weather is not good for concrete.

I strimmed the ditch outside my house and made a good impression.  My battery ran out with about two foot to go so I finished it by hand and it looks so much better.  I showered and shampooed and off to Kardjali to get my lawnmower back and I thought I might as well get the Beast MOT'd at the same time as I was doing my work and Mrs D of S's....The Beast done and I got five lev discount for being a good customer from the owner and a kiss of the cheek to go with it.  I think I might have been ripped off with the lawnmower but I'll give it a go tomorrow to check it out and the part for the strimmer they didn't have in stock so they'll order it and will let me know when it arrives.  Kaufland for a few items and I managed to pick up some new cushions for the benches but they only had three of the size and I needed four so I have a slight adjustment to make.

Home stopping off in Djebel to pick up Gouldjan on the way so that she could have an early afternoon, coffee for the men and they set to tidying the garden before they left.  There aren't tools on the floor of the workshop but I have the impression that I shall need to reorganise....they're off the floor but goodness knows where they are.  Breeze blocks stacked in the garage and I've been round tonight picking up reels of wire that were forgotten but at least my front fence has been straightened out so that I can get it painted.

So men home...and they won't be coming back until September /October at my request...I want to enjoy the summer and work is something that is for spring and autumn.  Stopped off at Mrs. D or S and the part for the strimmer is in my safe possession....I'm having a down day tomorrow...a little of this and that and a restful day....I don't have anything on the agenda.  LN...the end of work session and into my holiday... and I've come to post pictures and the battery is low....you'll have to wait until tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
July 9, 2015, 4:43pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 9th July

Well it was a really late start this morning.  I woke up and saw the dawn and then back to slumber and it was eight before I came to.  No men, no taxi service and watered the garden.  I stripped the bed and put the washing in and noticed that the electricity had gone off so my sheets sat there and came in and had to use matches to cook the bacon for a sandwich and I sat out on the terrace and enjoyed it.  Started adjusting the long bench cushion but it's still waiting to be finished.  The idea was to do it on the sewing machine but with the power off it's on the back boiler.

I managed to get the mower out of the Beast and managed to start it both sides and worked on the grass until it got so hot out there that I had to come in.  One of my neighbours came round with his grandson and bought me a couple of mekitsi....the yeasty pancakes.  He wanted to see the wall at the bottom of the garden...apparently one of his friends want a stone wall building but he said that he's not experienced in that type of wall building and did my men want to do it.  I'd already said that I believed they were working elsewhere but that they wouldn't be available...they have their own work to do with tobacco and farming stuff.  

I managed to catch a few shots of a lingering stork with nothing in its beak fortunately.  The rest of the day has been spent watching television...I love Wimbledon...but I did manage to cook a chicken with roasted vegetables including a couple of beetroots that I took from the garden.  They were so sweet....my favourite crop.  

So now it's a summary of the tennis for the day and now I'm back out with the mower to see how much I can get done tonight. Time to water the garden though...I's been a scorcher today and it looks more settled than it's been so far this year.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so far...I have enough food, beer, wine and spirits...Beauty and the Beast are having a holiday....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 10, 2015, 5:59pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 10th July

Not such a late start this morning....I was out to water the garden and caught the sun coming up just before six and out with the strimmer until the battery made me give up....I'd managed the top garden so that I could attack the flower bed where I'd lost the broom because fo the snow.  I'd tried to rally it round but to no avail but at least I think I have two or three cuttings from it...and fingers crossed.

Coffee on the terrace before I set to on the top garden....and got the bonfire going so that I could get rid of the rubbish as I went.  I dug up lots of the lovely morning primrose but they just take over and they weren't looking their best so out they went.  Out with the broom, in with a berberis, tobacco and marigolds and it's looking OK.  The thunder was rumbling around from around lunchtime and the welcome rain has bedded in the plants nicely.  

So as for my day....kept the bonfire going as I carried on with clearing the frog garden but rain stopped play so to speak.  The thunder thundered and lightening was hitting the hillside so I got my head down for a couple of hours after a lunch of chicken mayo and potato salad and slept through until five thirty my time which meant that I was straight on to Film on and Andy Murray playing Federer and unfortunately Andy was completely out played.....better luck next year.

Over to the Librarians tomorrow...she has need of a hammer drill and we might well be swimming in the afternoon since the outlook is good for tomorrow.  I'll take an overnight bag....sunday looks good too.  Lovely sunset...so as it came up so it went down....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 11, 2015, 6:40pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 11 July

Well I have nothing much to report today except that it has been loverllleee.

I received an invitation to a wedding last night and as yet I'm not sure whose it is.  It was lovely to receive it with my name on the envelope written in the latin envelope and not cyrillic....they'd gone to a lot of effort....delivered by Emula and my sheep farmers youngest ...

Early start but sat outside and there wasn't a sunrise since there was lots of rain last night and lots of hill fog this morning that blanked out the sun;  I sat out on the terrace terrace with my coffee and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the birds.  Golden Orioles were prevalent by their calls but my woodpecker was out there banging away on my walnut tree.

So boots blacked and on my bike so to speak by eight thirty delivering my hammer drill to the Librarian.  She is having her carport that was devastated in the winter storms restored to it's previous glory and needed the drill to do it.  The men carefully explained what they intended to do and by eleven thirty we felt the pull of the swimming pool and off we set.  Only tow boys waiting for the off as they were topping up the pool as we got there and we ordered orange juice and water, swam before the rush came, cheesy chips and salad before the lunch time rush and we had a final session in the pool until we could stand the shouts from the children no more.  We settled for final water and icecreams and the bill at the end of the day....fifteen leva which I consider well worth the investment.  I must admit though that I am duty lobster for tonight but I assure you it will be brown by tomorrow as I used to tell my children.  

Absotively day in the sun with swimming really does warm the soul.  We went to Benkovski to make final purchases at the supermarket but mainly to get some money out of the cash point.  Offered advice  to her builders which was dutifully received,  coffee and home for seven and in time to water the garden.  My washing is in on a four hour delay and I'll soon be ready for bed with that warm afterglow that only a day in the sun can bring in you...

LN...tomorrow is a furniture day should I choose to accept the challenge...let's see what the weather is like....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 12, 2015, 6:34pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 12th July

Well it's been a day of rest.  The noisy breakfast crew were out again at two thirty this morning and I can't decide if they've been enjoying themselves and getting in the last of the wine and food before they take to their beds to sleep through part of the not eating day.  Soon be over though.

I did wake at six thirty but decided that there was more sleep in my so catnapped until just before eight.  Coffee on the terrace, came up with some marvellous plans for the day and most of them are now carried forward until tomorrow.  Bacon sandwich for breakfast so start the day properly, I'd put a load of washing in last night on the delay programme so that I got cheap rate electricity so that got pegged out and then hand washed a wool cardigan that seemed to be hanging around waiting for attention.  There is a wool programme on the machine but it takes fifty minutes and for one item it seemed a bit of a waste.

Sorted out the bonfire and got rid of lots that was unburnt from the last time and decided that the frog garden had to be stripped and sorted.  This was another bed where the evening primrose had taken over so now it's planted up with one of the big shrubs and zinnias from the stash at the bottom of the garden.   Came in when it got too hot to do anything else, had a couple of attempts at Saturday's sudoku, ended up printing it out, went to lie on the bed to complete it and it was four my time when I woke up...just in time for the Wimbledon final.  Not a good game....I think Federer played better against Murray and I just can't take to the other....horses for courses so they say,

Washing in, watered the garden so most of the flowers can recoup overnight....I've just showered, not really in the mood for food but the urge might get up to speed later.  It's been a restful day and tomorrow I think I'm picking Gouldjan up at eight thirty to take the clothes in to school that she distributes to those less fortunate.  After that I think I'm heading in to Haskovo with the lawn mower...let's see if I can get it fixed once and for all....the strimmer's all very well but it's like the Forth Bridge...when you think you've got there you have to start again.  Enough for now...about to dry my hair, get a little drink and go back to my printed sudoku....LN....it could take some time...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 13, 2015, 5:41pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 13th July

Five thirty start and the mosque was going big time and appeared to have done all night.  Out of bed, coffee and garden and the strimmer played a big part in it.  By seven I was back in the house with a battery that needed topping up again and up to the bathroom, washed and dressed. lawnmower into the Beast and over to my Avatars to pick up the clothes that I was taking to the school.  Down to Gouldjan's village and the rest of the loot accumulated and into Djebel and everything dropped off at the school.

I carried on to the garage shop to see if they could come up with a solution to my lawnmower issues and they couldn't so I headed off to Haskovo to see if they could solve my problems.  The poor man behind the counter shook his head and had nothing that would do the job...he didn't keep the part in stock but what we managed to achieve was to get the part sent to me....the cost of the part twenty lev and the cost of the courier and I would pay for everything when it arrives.  Very civilised but still not sure when it will be arriving.  I did buy a metal shelving system for the workshop at a really reduced price...bargain.

Driving back from Haskovo I was amazed at the fields of sunflowers and it had to be caught on camera.  Back In Kardjali I did the supermarkets and picked up some small cushions that are the same pattern as the new bench cushions and they will cover the arms of the bench that I've decided are hard on the ribs.  Some chicken for the freezer, phoned Gouldjan to see if she wanted to go home but she couldn't leave work until three and it was only two so I was destined for home.

Cars secured in the yard, everything unpacked and it was now it was time for a little siesta and I slept until five thirty.  Now back to usual television and the temperature has now dropped and I'll be out with the strimmer after Eggheads.

Result with the part for the lawnmower thanks to a very helpful assistant...I'll await the arrival to see if that fixes it...LN.....heading for a restful evening...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 14, 2015, 7:52pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 14th July

Six thirty this morning and I was out in the garden strimming as per usual and I turned round and noticed the sun was just coming up.  I went in and grabbed the camera...it would be rude not to.  

There was lots of dew on the grass and it's really not like out usual summers....it's too damp and the weeds just love it.  I'd watered last night but looking at the clouds there was no need to go round again except that I planted the potentilla in the Frog garden and re-sited some marigolds to join the zinnias I'd put in yesterday...Those did get a watering but as it turned out nature was on my side and gave it a good sprinkling after lunch.

Came in at eight or there abouts and it was a bacon sandwich for breakfast and I sat out on the lounge terrace and enjoyed the food and the view.  I'd looked at the heap of ballast that the men had ordered up and decided that it would be much better moved nearer the wall so out with the shovel and it was a good half an hour's job to move it so that now if I have to unload shopping I can get either car within spitting distance of the entrance door.  I did uncover a little frog who wondered where his world had gone but I'm sure he's found another.  

Next job was to make a new cover for the water meter box.  One of the delivery lorries had run over it and it was on Bekir's list of 'jobs to do' that were never done.  Out come the Lidl wood preservative and it got two coats and it's off the list,  I moved on to the gates next and spruced them up with the same stuff and then on to the little garden bench at it got the same treatment.  Next I had a visit from Zelinger with a gift of goodies to eat, a candle and a box of matches.  Her daughter from Turkey had arrived and paid for a Mevlit to be sung at the mosque and the goodies were for the villagers and talking about the mosque...the poor hojja has been singing his little heart out all day but I began to be a little concerned...I can now sing along at various times.....

In to the house for five minutes on the computer and I lay on the bed and started to play with the DS and I messed it all up by my eyes closing on the program that's supposed to relax you and it does.  Absolute rubbish score so I decided to take the recharged stimmer for a trip round the garden and cleared a lot of the big weeds from round the outside toilet area.  Finally got round to a bonfire and cleared the old debris from the acquired beehive that Bekir didn't want, the old wood from the broken lid to the water meter box and some from the bottom of the garden. Busy day and I feel that I've achieved a lot and I like days like that.

In for half five, showered, shampooed, hair dried and into the car for six twenty and off to my student's for supper with the family.  It's a strange night going out midweek but they have had guests from Turkey coming thick and fast and more arrive for two weeks tomorrow.  They are fully gosti-ed out.  So home after a lovely evening.....tomorrow more of the same from me....I have my list and I'm going to stick to it and have my pen at the ready to tick them off....LN....a little mastika and bed...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 15, 2015, 4:17pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 15th July

Well it was a four thirty start this morning and for no other reason than I woke up.  I did become aware of the dogs when I opened the door on to the balcony but they were in the distance but when the mosque strikes up, they do love to join in.  Tried to get my head down again but to no avail so out to the balcony to catch the morning mist on camera and down for coffee and on to the lounge terrace to wait for the sun to come up.  I do so love my mornings.

Got some good shots that I posted on FB, spent around five minutes looking for the battery for the strimmer that I thought I removed last night but not put it on charge but found it attached to the machine.  Had a visit from one of my neighbours and my fence will be started tomorrow so a shopping list was put together so that he has everything he needs when he gets here.  Straight on to the charger for later and out to the garden to get the bonfire going again to continue where I'd left off yesterday.  nine thirty Gouldjan was at my door,,,she'd missed the bus and wanted a lift into the next village but since I had the shopping list to get I decided to take her in...two birds with one stone but the local road builders had other ideas.  They had the asphalt laying machine blocking the entire road and no one could go in any direction.  I sat there with other drivers for half an hour and one of them decided to go down the back road and into Dhebel the back way so I off loaded Gouldjan with a neighbour and I went back to my gardening.  

Tuna mayo for lunch and pottering and ticking off on my list and at three decided to try it again and this time I only had to sit for fourty minutes before I was allowed through along with other cars being allowed back into the village.  Picked up my Avon from my student's mums shop, found Gouldjan in the library so picked her up to go home and it was five when we got back.  

Avatar has been round and asked me if I will deliver the food to the mosque tonight for the end of the fasting....It's Byser's night to do it and my Avatar has tomorrow night's banquet so I shall be doing another chauffeuring run.

Lovely evening....I might even ask them to turn the volume down a bit tonight...you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours so to speak...and I'll save the alcohol until the food run is complete...LN and there's nothing on my agenda for tomorrow...what a nice feeling...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 16, 2015, 5:52pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 16th July

What a lovely night's sleep...no drunken fasters banging tin trays to wake up their neighbours......I was up at five thirty though and watered the garden and made up for the lack of effort last night and the plants really needed it today.  The daisies that I dug up yesterday and repotted are looking good after one night in a controlled environment...I'd put old cow dung in the pot along with my local soil and watered it and the daisies well before they were planted...The soil on that side of the garden is not good since the water leaks off on to the hillside since it is three feet below my garden level but when the new wall is completed in September, I'll drop stone into the gap along with a few trailer loads of shite and it should be OK.  

My painter arrived and I never noticed him until I looked out of the guest bedroom window,  He was actually ten minutes early so I went out and sorted out the stuff that I'd bought for him yesterday from the list he'd provided.  Today was on a Muslim holiday today and only worked for four days...apparently he'd had a 'look' from one of the ladies so had decided that he would leave at lunchtime.  As for me.... I strimmed until my battery was flat and  got my hammer and nails out and made my sewing table and it's firmly ensconced in the third bedroom.  Just a little more sorting out to do.

It's been a yeasty pancake day today and my latest delivery was from Haciber and she insisted that I took four.  I think three of them are destined for the freezer.  My neighbours arrived and I was asked to move my car into the yard and I refused saying that I'd strimmer the whole are yesterday and there was plenty of room for two cars without me moving mine.  The latest request was if they could use my wifi and I'm very careful who I let in to my internet connection so the answer was no.  

So the sun's gone down on my day...I've had a really good day and the third bedroom is almost finished and I need to make a shelf now to take the jars for all my sewing bits and that's a job for tomorrow since there is nothing on my agenda.  My lawnmower bit didn't arrive so it's probably Tuesday of next week....I'll have to keep that strimmer topped up....LN...and I've just caught the last of the sunset...LN

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