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Elsa Peters
September 20, 2015, 6:38pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 20th September

Early start for me and watched the sun come up over the mountains and it's such a lovely start for the day.  Down for coffee and out to the garden to get rid of the little house rubbish before the wind got up so that it's not flying everywhere and by eight thirty it was all cleared and I was ready for breakfast.  My guest was already cooking his eggy bread but I told him to go ahead...mine would be bacon and egg with fried bread...it was in my brain so had to happen.

On to the computer after I washed up and cleared the kitchen and it was with a sad heart that I heard the news that a very good friend was no longer with us.  I don't know the details but RIP to a beautiful and boisterous lady that I'd worked with and my very good wishes go out her companion for the last couple of years.  She couldn't hack life....but devastation for those that she left behind...so, so sad.....

So I sat on the terrace this morning in the sun and emptied out the poppy seed and I got almost half a jar full.  Now it may not seem much to you but there are probably about a million of those little things that are a little gold mine for Mrs D of S who sells the things...I also stipped out the zinnias and the large white daisies....we are see rich until someone decides to buy.  I also potted up one of the cacti that are the babies of the one that I massacred since it was flopping all over the place...and there are more to do.

Lunch arrived courtesy of Hacibar.  Her sister is over from Turkey and they had a Mevlit for somebody or something and so I got the statutory back of rice and meat with a bag of fresh figs and a clove and cinnamon drink.  Straight into the kitchen with it, two plates and sorted.

So to horse....I'd checked up the schedules and lined up the Davis Cup for this afternoon and spent the waiting time digging out the old wood from the porch in the little house. It did take quite a time so up for the tele and then down for the remainder and I've more or less finished.  All the wood is where it should be for the winter and what's not there yet...I've a place it and congratulations to the Davis Cup team...and a million thanks to Andy Murray. ...obviously knacked but worked his little socks off to succeed.

Sat out with a little drink tonight and in the dusk I heard a rumble in the jungle and it was a lone cow munching at my hedge.  I sent her on her way thinking it was time she was on her way with wolves and stuff around.  No supper for me...sandwiches for my gosti and a bag of crisps for me with a little drink. Djebel market tomorrow so might do the promenade...see how we feel....LN....and God speed dear friend and I'm raising my glass to you now...LN

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Elsa Peters
September 21, 2015, 5:54pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 21st September

Late start for me after a super early loo stop at five twenty....I must remember to switch that alarm off...   Seven thirty and the sun was up up already so out to the garden and hung up the overnight washing, back in and it was poached eggs for breakfast and then I set to on the wood to clear up the remains of the debris from yesterday.

Phone call from Mrs D of S and could I pay her internet...I am an angel of mercy.  My pian mush...Shieep was standing in the square and wanted a lift into Djebel.  It was eleven and he was under the influence already so it was in the back with him.  Internet paid and my home phone paid,  it had been niggling me.  My guest had written his shopping list on a piece of wood and it became the centre of attention as I bought the required objects,  I referred to it as a 'tablet' and suggested that the beauty of it was that it required no electricity.  Shopping done and into the my student's parents shop for a bit of a chin wag and I found out that it is a Bulgarian holiday today.  It's all do do with the shaking off of the Ottoman empire and Bulgaria becomes one again.  

Tomorrow is the start of the Muslim Byram...their special celebrations so no work out of any of them at this time.  My painter came round and said that he'd like to work but there were too many hungry eyes so he's having a rest. Weather clouded over around four and there were a few claps of thunder and no lightening  and then the rain started but it was only a threat.  I was out clearing the little garden in my tomb garden and planted up a shrub that had sat on the terrace but with the weather changing...it might stand a chance.  Got a fire going tonight...with the rain came the cold wind and it's made the house feel warm and welcoming.  

Nothing on the agenda so far but if they rain falls ...it might be a trip to Kardjali and maybe Haskovo for a day out.  Nuff for tonight...LN....I'm going to get my book out and take to my virginal couch early...Only eight thirty my time but I'm feeling fair knacked...LN

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Elsa Peters
September 22, 2015, 7:18pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 22nd September

Late start and couldn't end my dream.  I was investigating a murder and I believe that the priest did it but I had to use old documentation to open the grave...I'll never know.  The noise of from the kitchen of my guest furtling around kept me from the end of my dream so I was up and making coffee, showered and shampooed and muesli served for breakfast and ready to hit Kardjali by nine.

Telephone call from the Librarian and she has flu so that's one home call I shan't be making until she sounds the all clear.  I contacted Mrs D of S and I'll pick up her requirements from Kardjali but unfortunately, the wine box was already sold out before I got there...she can hang out her washing but not celebrate doing it...

Home for twelve more or less and I settled in to working in the garden and my guest headed for the little house workshop and carried on with what I'd asked him to make for me.  The weather was unsettled today...grim this morning which headed for acceptable and with slight rain showers this afternoon.  I dug over the vegetable gardens and circulated the wood shavings and chippings that I'd put on the gardens and then in to cook supper.

Pork sweet and sour and roast potatoes but I did manage to put in some baked apples using a new apple corer that I'd bought in Kardjali and it worked a dream.  It had quite a broad diameter so it took out all of the little shell bits that normally surround the core...success..... Watched Pointless and Egghead and in for a Top Gear about converting a combine harvester to a snow plough and I think the team are hilarious...such a  sad demise but I don't think whey'll be down for long.

So ten thirty my time and almost time for bed....nice day...I have a new seventy meter extension cable to connect my new hedge trimmer to and my new apple corer....what could be better than that...LN....it's been a good day but unfortunately I don't appear to have taken any photos today despite opportunities in Kardjali...appologies and LN
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Elsa Peters
September 23, 2015, 4:32pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 23rd September

What a miserable day but at least I've got loads done.  Scrambled eggs for breakfast with ham on toast...nice mixture and then to horse so to speak.  I decided to set to on the path from the workshop to the garden and clear the little house bed of weeds.  They're had been lots of twigs from the wall building exercise and bits of stone and bricks and the soil have accumulated over them and the lawn mower just wouldn't have managed it.  Out with the Bulgarian tool...all cleared, strimmed with my trusty new friend and it's looking good and tidy at least.  It's one of those jobs that you know's there but ignore until you can't ignore it any longer.  Steady stream of children for sweets today and ladies with pancakes for Byram....I also had delivered a piece of meat for one of the younger ladies and it's now roasting in the oven with potatoes.

So the rest of the day.  We were sitting down to lunch and a whirlwind arrived in the form of one of Mrs D or S's neighbours.  They were passing and he checked to see if it was OK if his wife and son could see the house.  So conducted tour and I brought out the photos...it's quicker than explaining what it was like from beginning and she really loved it.  I reckon that she'll be pushing for central heating now that I've explained how mine works.  So off they went and back to my gardening.  I've made a start on the Walnut garden by digging out the couch grass and making a flower bed.  In went a spirea that I had by my and two forsythias from my cuttings.  Also in the pot I found three lavenders so they're in it too.  Watered them well in...but we shall see what we shall see.  I think I've given them a fighting chance now that the weather has changed.

So as I said...the meat is in and small roasties are nestling in next to it.  I've got a few peas left over from the other night...they'll do...after all it's not Masterchef...Bit more work on the Walnut garden tomorrow...I need to lower the level of the patch and take out the rubble that was dumped and find a new home for it.....LN....I'm kitchen bound to sort out supper...this is too much like hard work for me...eating every night...LN

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September 23, 2015, 5:56pm Report to Moderator

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Go Ilyas - Spyion
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September 23, 2015, 7:41pm Report to Moderator

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I see my bench is still going strong against the new wall in the garden! It must be getting on for 5 years old already!?  
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Elsa Peters
September 24, 2015, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 24th September

Mikey B that bench will be here as long as I am and yes...it's still going strong.  I think it's found its resting place at last....There's a jasmine to the left and honeysuckle to the right so it will be a sensory patch to sit my guests in when they've forgotten the deodorant...As for you Mrs D of S...the tortoise is called Gladys....Gladys Friday...Glad the working day is over...Glad I filled up with beer at cheap rate...Got it...xx

I heard my guest rattling around in the kitchen so I thought I'd lie there and the washing up from last night was done.  It's taken me the whole of the holiday to realise that I am not responsible....Straight into bacon and eggs with fried bread since I'd missed the early morning bread van and it was a little on the 'second day' side.  Upshot is...it's not stuffed with preservatives like the English stuff.

So my guest went off to the workshop to continue making my chest for the third bedroom and I set off down the garden to carry on sorting the walnut garden and by about lunchtime I was knacked but I'd achieved a lot.  Lunch was toasted sandwiches since as I said, the bread was not worthy, but I found a strange cheese stuff with olives in it and it went down well with ham.

Back to it this afternoon....I've cleared the old pots from the wall and the underwall of the little house and got rid of the old pots that are past their sell by dates.  We hang on to things sometimes that should be got rid of ....and I did and one heck of a bonfire it produced.

Supper is in...chicken wings with potato wedges.....can't be arsed being creative but last night's lamb joint was absolutely delicious and I gnawed the bone clean.  So after another good day in the garden that's shown results I'll say LN.....and here's to a goody tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
September 25, 2015, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 25th September

So I awoke this morning and caught the rising sun and went back to bed.  Down for coffee, heard the bread van beep and as I walked out into the yard I realised I'd forgotten that my painter was coming to get rid of the rest of my big logs and some of the smaller stuff from the workshop patio.  So jumped into another shirt so that I was respectable for the neighbours. the painter offered to go down on his bike to the bread van and I told him that all was well and I could managed to get there in time and off I went/  There was only Bysinger down there ...the rest had been and gone or not bothered.

So threw two loaves into the kitchen and I went on with opening up the workshop, connecting electricity cables and digging out old huge lots and we had a fun time splitting and they were all dumped in the yard for me to stack.  I did attempt at splitting one which proved an embarrassment for yours truly...but at least I tried.  Thunder was rattling around Greece and there seemed one heck of a storm over Benkovski...hope the Librarian survived.  Because it was threatening I managed to get the wood into the little house porch but had to go some to do it.  Everything tidied away and down it came...for a couple of minutes.  The painter got going with his trusty machine and sliced up everything in sight on the little house terrace and now I have to stack and cover with polythene for the winter...I'm actually running out of space for wood storage.

Lit a fire this afternoon and set to reading a book.  I'd fair knacked myself this morning shifting about two cubics of wood and tidying up the yard, workshop and new storage area so relaxed with the Kindle to try to get to the end of the book that I'm wondering why the heck I'm bothering to finish it....ninety five percent and I might find out who did it in the last five percent.

Supper was sweet and sour pork ribs and I did succumb to wedges once again...they are quick and easy and need no preparation and deliverance....A little sherry has seen mine down and thanks to my last Welsh buddies for the importation...and same again next year please without you are still threatening me with November...My guest is on the dark rum and blaming a tightness in the stomach on nothing in particular.  I think it was down to the soft cheese that I suggested he binned instead of putting it in an omelette....

Rain has cleared up and the moon is out...funny old day today but I'm now back to my book and with only five percent to go...it should be solved.  This is only the second in the series...can't see me going much further with it.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow except into Djebel for hinges for the lid of my new chest and milk for my guest....Might even make it to Kardjali ...he wants a new Bosch planer...and this could be on his expense account...LN...Bath tonight and a good soak....I got pretty dirtier earlier...LN

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Elsa Peters
September 26, 2015, 7:24pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 26th September

Out this morning to catch the start of the sunrise but I forgot all about it.  The cow that had been chased off last night for decimating my lilac bush was lying down not far from the fence and obviously hadn't made it home for the night.  At first I thought there was something wrong with it but suddenly I saw what I thought to be something like a stoat or a weasel  run across its back and disappear on the far side of it and then  reappear but unfortunately I'd taken my small camera out, back in to get the biggie but I never caught sight of it again.  I've notice some strange droppings, a couple on the wall and one lot on the terrace and the painter and I had noticed some strange noises coming out of the metal drainage pipe under the ground outside my main gate....so may be we have some thing big and furry living down there.  

I made a bit of noise to see if the cow responded and she did...up she got, dropped a pile of shite, had a lengthy pee and went back to the lilac bush to continue where she'd left off and no sign of her furry friend. and despite my efforts I hadn't managed to catch it on film.

Off to Kardjali this morning after stopping off in Djebel for banichka and yogurt drink.  Paid a visit to the cheapy clothes shop and managed to get a few bargains in the autumn sweater range and a lightweight sky jacket all for six lev and headed for the hardware shop to get some hinges for the new chest.  Next stop was the Bosch shop for a new rotary sander since mine seems to have given up the ghost and gone to that great machine heaven in the sky.  Kaufland for some cheap beer and they still didn't have stock of the winebox that is supposed to be on offer, into Lidl for a few items and then back to the bus station to pick up my guest's ticket for the six o'clock for Sofia on Wednesday morning so that's another job done.

Two loads of washing done when we got back, lit a fire and now the clothes are airing in the bathroom.  Supper was a pork dish with onions in mushroom soup served with pasta and a little beer to wash it down.  I've just watched Strictly on Filmon...and I've picked out Peter Andre for starters but there's still a long way to go.

Bed time said Dougal...I'm knacked and think it might be something to do with moving yet another ton of wood yesterday but at least all is safely gathered in.  LN.... Dushinkovo fair day tomorrow but it depends on the weather as to whether we make the effort to appear...we shall see...LN

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Elsa Peters
September 27, 2015, 4:24pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 27th September

And this is supposed to be the day of rest.  Six thirty start so not so bad and played a few games of sudoku on my tablet until I heard rumbles from the jungle downstairs and I could start to make some noise.  Breakfast of tomatoes on toast and then I burst into action in the garden and it has been none stop since then.  There was a heap of yellow stones that was near the toilet and the rest of the stone for the little house terrace and it is no more.  It's now down the bottom of the garden mainly under the rose bush and the top area has been strimmed and tidied.  I also worked on my special tree rock garden and put in another juniper horizontalis to cover some of the weeds...and we shall see what we shall see.

Didn't go to the fete worse than death...didn't feel sociable so just got on with working in the garden.  Lunch was a bit of a get what you can find situation and we managed to find enough and I was out there again.  I did play for a while on the pc and I heard a thud on the windows and unfortunately found a finch in the bucket that I use for giving cuttings a drink before I pot them up...not in a very good state so it's been cremated and sent on its way with a little prayer.  

Finished at five this evening and the chicken went into the oven with roast potatoes and should be ready any time soon.  Wonderful cloud formations this evening.  The thunder that was threatened rumbled ever so slightly and we had a few huge drops of rain that did nothing more than make a noise and off the cloud went.  Supposedly there is a blood moon tonight and a total eclipse starting at three in the morning....I might see it...I might not...if insomnia strikes I'll get the camera out but looking at the cloud base....I shall be lucky if I see it.  And now down to be the perfect hostess....LN....I'm just putting my pinnie on....LN

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