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MAY 2016
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Elsa Peters
May 25, 2016, 5:59pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 25th May

So last night's toss of a coin to decide whether we would swim or not wouldn't have made any difference.  We got kitted out for the pool, arrived there at ten minutes to seven and were told that the pool was closing at seven because it was a national holiday.  I made the point that there was no mention on this in the hotel at all and I was shown a poster on the public entrance to the pool and gym to which I replied that why should I use that entrance when I'm a guest....There were apologies but it didn't soothe the spirit so we went to the room to get back into bar wear and the receptionist made the mistake of saying 'Good Evening' to which I replied well it would have been if the pool hadn't have been closed with no notice at all to hotel guests.  Another red face and a grovel.  Angus steak burger for supper and back to the room for nine thirty....neither of us wanted to oversleep.  I had a passenger to deliver to easyJet.  

We set off at nine thirty from the hotel and there was a gale blowing so it was on with the body warmers.  Lots of traffic around but negotiated it well and off he went to strip off virtually at security and I was only waiting just to see if he reappeared clutching his packet of coffee that he was concerned would be confiscated.  I waited ten minutes, went back to the car park, paid over my two lev for parking and set off for home.  It's a long way but Beauty did me proud despite the rain that was bucketing down.  I travelled at about seventy most of the way, had a petrol stop fifteen miles from Kardjali and headed for Kaufland...a toilet stop was required and I picked up some eggs, potatoes, chicken wings and bread.....back to normal.  I was home for just after two thirty so I had a really good journey...I felt tired after the drive....I'm not used to motorway driving...but I managed to get three loads of washing done, the car sorted, supper in and I had a phone call from England confirming that the eagle had landed.

There was a phone call from Gouldjan and tomorrow I'm doing the Djebel run....I've more yoghurt to pick up that her mother has made and Beauty needs to go in...the windscreen washer bottle either has a hole in it or one of the pipes and needs sorting.  It's good to be back...the weather is warmer down here than Sofia....it was cloudy when I arrived but it cleared and the washing dried very quickly.  I have no photos....too tired to take any and promise to do better next time.  I've put the boiler on for hot water and I'm about to go and soak some of the tiredness away.  LN....Back to normal...LN
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Elsa Peters
May 26, 2016, 6:09pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 26th May

So I managed the soak in the bath last night and then promptly went to sleep watching Filmon.  I woke up to Jeremy Clarkson on some quiz programme, watch it for a few minutes and then headed to bed and slept soundly until seven this morning.  Not much to do this morning, I put a load of washing in, pegged it out by eight and was ready to pick up Gouldjan at eight thirty this morning.  She came bearing gifts of yoghurt so I stopped off at home and dropped off the yoghurt and then carried on to take her into Djebel.  

Coming down from Mount Vitosha on Tuesday I'd had a intermittent flashing oil warning light and the oil was OK and I wanted the contact to the light investigated.  The second issue was that there might be a leak from one of the wash bottle pipes or the bottle itself so two jobs for my garage lads.  Warning light....new contact put in place and fixed in minutes...the second one took longer.  The wheel came off, the wheel arch came off and a small pump was removed,  The garage thought that it was to the back washers but I showed them where I filled the wash bottle for the rear washers so that wasn't it.  The wash bottle for the windscreen was on the other side of the car from where the wheel had been removed and by a process of elimination, we worked out that this leaky pump was for the headlights which had never worked.  It was  that my guest had filled up the wrong bottle, hence the water going straight through on to the floor.  The leaky pump has been removed and joins the car aerial up and down machine in the boot.  Neither are too essential for day to day driving.......

While the men were working on the car I had great fun watching the chickens.  There are a couple of dogs that get fed bread and the chickens would steal it, race around the yard with it in their beaks being chased by other chickens that were determined to take it from them.  I've never really watched them before...very comical and a really important cockerel determined that no other should mate with his hareem.  I left the garage, headed down to the water board and explained my water pipe at the bottom of the garden.  A man came round this afternoon and had a look at it and seems to think that it was put in by the previous owners of the second house on my land and he's going to investigate and let me know.

The sun was out by this time but as I drove home I managed to beat the rain and get in the washing.  Along with the rain came thunder and lightening so I stretched out on the sofa and managed to get my head down for a couple of hours.  The temperature had plummeted so I lit the fire when I woke up to take the chill off, shut the door and now I can let it go out...it's done its stuff.  Cold chicken wings for a late lunch so nothing for supper.....a little bit of Filmon and then an early night with my book.  Sofia did me good.....I now know that my Beast is not as expensive as it used to be now that I have the more efficient engine fitted and the experience of driving on the motorways with fairly heavy traffic on the ring road has renewed my confidence.  Antiques road show is on...I hate how they beat down the dealers...I'm going to try it next time I visit and antique shop.   LN....I bet they have more success that I would...LN    

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Elsa Peters
May 27, 2016, 5:27pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 27th May

Slept down stairs last night....the fire was going and there were clothes scattered on the bed upstairs.  It's nice to be able to choose.  It was a seven start and again a bit of a grey day so I played on the pc for a while and eventually got dressed.  I'd put a t-shirt and long trousers on and no socks and while tidying had come across my painter's telephone number and I remembered that my Avatar had asked me for it so I set off for her house.  Her little black shoes weren't there and I heard conversation from over the way and my ladies were having a true coffee morning though it hadn't yet been served.  I was given a cushion and told to sit, handed over the telephone number and they were commenting on the fact that I had a short sleeve top and no socks so Beyser decided that it wasn't on and went in the house and came out with a new pair for me.  I told her that I didn't need them that I'd got lots at home but that wouldn't do for her.....I had to put them on there and then and pull them over my trousers.   You couldn't make it up.  So the coffee was served and out came the breakfast of new potatoes still in their skins with a dish of salt.  'Yash, yash' was the command and we all dived in.  I eventually eased myself out of the mix and was home for ten forty and set to to clean the house from top to bottom....job completed by twelve thirty.

I got back and moved the outside table that had wintered in the lounge on to the patio.  I had to make space for the new ones and putting them together was so simple.  I had visions of having to put all the slats together to make the top but it was already done.  Four legs, four inserts to take the posts, four washers and four nuts for each table.  Half an hour and they were in situ.

I decided to strim the drive and the under wall and I'd more or less finished when a car pulled up.  Guests had arrived so it was down tools, on with the kettle and we sat outside until the wind got up and we were getting sandblasted so moved inside.  They were very impressed with the tables....I might even check out the website and order some chairs to match.  They stayed until around six thirty, I waved them goodbye and went out to finish the strimming and decided to attack the bush that was growing on the little house terrace.  It had sort of taken over and there are no flowers on it so I had no reason to keep it....I've really given it a haircut.  It was reluctant to burn but that can be sorted tomorrow.

There's a lovely reddish glow of sunset shining into the house from the guest bedroom and off the sun goes for another day.  Tomorrow it's lawn trimming yet again.....this weather is rubbish...it should be starting to die back by now.  I'm down to the kitchen to see what I can find.....LN....I'm more picky than hungry....LN

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Elsa Peters
May 28, 2016, 9:33pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 28th May

Sorry it's late....I've been out enjoying myself...

Seven start and not much to write about...toast for breakfast and today looked like it was going to be a good day except for the threat of thunderstorms which fortunately passed us by.  The intention was good....the lawn needed doing but it was much too wet at nine thirty this morning so it was out with the strimmer and I tackled under the front wall and the little side garden round the flower beds and waited for the sun to burn off the moisture before the lawn mower came out.  It wasn't happening...there was hardly any wind and despite the sun, there was still water held under the grass and clover so I settled down with a book I'd started and went from nine to forty five percent and really got into it.  It's a new author for me and there are nine in the series...so it looks like I'm set for a while.  Opened a can of tuna for lunch and demolished a small packet of biscuits...so much for my diet and then the call for action.

Out with the lawn mower and despite its reluctance to start, it eventually burst into action and so did I.  I did the top half of the garden as far down as the burning pit but I was emptying the grass box every three or four runs and it was so hard and heavy to push.  I persisted though and managed the side garden and more runs down to the bottom but I eventually ran out of steam and gave it up as a bad job.  I was also running out of time....I had an evening out with friends at a new restaurant for me and it was shower and shampoo time before I could hit the high life.  Eventually decided what to put on and it was in the Beast for six thirty and I arrived at two minutes to seven and they pulled up at seven.  I'd heard that this hotel had a heated pool and by golly it did.....full sauna facilities and gym and daily cost...ten lev...and I'm hooked already.  It will become a weekly trip for me in the winter....

The food was good, the service OK with a couple of youngsters doing their best running between tables and we sat chewing the cud and eventually left at eleven....home for eleven thirty more or less so I beat the bewitching hour and the Beast remains the same....no pumpkins or white mice.  I brought it in the drive so that the yard lights would come on but the stars tonight are magnificent...so little light pollution here.  Feeling good with my little world but it was good to stretch it out this evening.  Tomorrow it's the rest of the lawn....weather permitting and we'll see how long it lasts this time...bring on the summer.  LN...It's been a good day...LN

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Elsa Peters
May 29, 2016, 7:54pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 29th May

What a silly night.  It was two before I laid my head on the pillow.  I went on to Filmon and watch Peter Kaye and having eaten so late felt as full as a little tick so to speak....and uncomfortable.  I then seemed to spend the night between trying to go to sleep and in the bathroom sort of on the hour every hour so by seven I was whacked and didn't really start getting my act together until nine.

I settled into my book...the rest of the lawn was too damp to attack so I thought I'd leave it for a couple of hours or so.  I did managed to get a line of washing done and the bonfire lit but back to the book.  At ten thirty I though it had had enough time and it was out with the lawnmower to finish off the main part of the lawn and I carried on until the petrol ran out, gave it a good clean and again back to my book and finished it.  Quite an abrupt but adequate ending and I'm looking forward to the next in the series.  

Settled on the sofa and promptly went to sleep to catch up on that that I'd missed last night.  I came to about three to find I had visitors sunning themselves on the terrace....they'd brought round 'stuff' that I'm going to keep for them until they return.  We sat out in the sun until roughly five thirty, they went on their merry way and I got in the washing and changed very rapidly and off to my student's home for supper.  Mother had gone to a concert in Turkey but it was good to see the rest of the family again.....it's been a few weeks....they've had guests and so have I.  Mother arrived bearing gifts with a superb green nut baklava being one of them....delicious.  Nice drive home....the stars are all out but it's still not like a normal night here....it's cold.  Tomorrow I'm helping out with documentation in Zlatograd so it's an early start, I need to remember to get coffee and fill the petrol container so that I can complete the rest of the grass before it gets too long.  Rain is forecast for Tuesday.... ...When will summer arrive?  Sorry no pics...it's been a day of action and catch-up.    LN...Off to get my head down....LN
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Elsa Peters
May 30, 2016, 5:34pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th May

Six start after a really good night’s sleep.  I had to be out by eight so there was no rush but I was a little concerned about contents of the coffee tin….it was balancing on crucial.  I took a cup out to the garden and watched the sun come up over the clouds that were hanging over the eastern mountains.  The camera came out….the light was very gentle and I think I got some good shots.

So in to the car by eight, and I headed for the motel in the Librarian’s village.  I hadn't let her know that I was in the vicinity….I was off to Zlatograd with a couple of friends to see how far we could get registering the electricity account from the previous owner into their names.  I knew the lady in the office from previous encounters so went in gently by explaining that if she spoke Bulgarian slowly I would be able to understand but if she rattled on…I would have a hard time.  She smiled and by the end of the encounter, the deed was done, the registration was complete and they are able to go to the bank to arrange automatic payments.  I suggested that a box of chocolates were in order and I understand they were gratefully accepted…just a little thank you…there were lots of documents that she had to complete manually and it wasn't a straight forward transfer.

So I dropped off back at the motel and decided that since I was in the Librarian’s village I would pay her a call and apparently she was really confused that the Beast was parked and I was no where to be seen.  I filled her in on the detail, we had a late lunch and I was home for five thirty.  I sorted out her computer for her and did a mini-training session with her and headed home intending to finish the lawn…..and it didn't happen.  I got my book out and read for an hour or so but it has to be done tomorrow morning…there are supposed to be thunderstorms by eleven.  The race will be on.  

So a little Filmon,  No supper is required, the late lunch will do until tomorrow.  I feel I've had a really successful day…LN….And fingers crossed no rain tomorrow…LN

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Elsa Peters
May 31, 2016, 4:12pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 31st May

So where has this month gone....it beggars belief.  There's a slow down to the end of the month....I've had guests, friends I've helped with their move over and now June is for me.....unless you know any different....

Six thirty start and I kept looking at the rest of the grass that needed a haircut and eventually at nine I was out there revving up and ready to go.  I wanted to beat the rain...another few days on the grass and it would have been out with the strimmer to take it down before the mower would have managed it.  It was a really warm day and pushing that thing with it's wonky wheel over the newly formed mole runs was hard work.  I struggled on for a couple of hours, there was no sign of rain or the supposedly impending thunderstorm so I came in and got settled into my book until I'd got the courage to go out there again.  I repotted a couple of inside plants that were going out for the summer and the jasmine is now climbing up the little terrace fencing.  The sweet peas are almost putting their tendrils in that direction too but I'm thinking that the ornamental gourds might swamp everything in their path.....we shall see.

I came in at one and food was calling so it was a couple of hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise and beetroot and that was it.  I've taken off a couple of kilos and just want to shift another couple and should manage it now that it's hotting up a bit and there's more chance to get outside.  A full stomach requires rest so they say so I settled down with my book yet again and the eyelids headed southwards and I didn't come to until four thirty and still no rain.  Out I went and I've cut down the entire lawn again and it's looking good.  It should now all grow at the same pace.

Tools away, showered and hair washed.  I've perspired so much today that I really needed to get to feel fresh again.  I went out to take a few pickies of the garden and there was a rumble of thunder in the distance and the rain has just started to come down.  The upshot is that I don't need to get out there and water the vegetable garden or the flower pots.....every cloud has a silver lining so to speak.  I'm posting early ...if the storm takes off it will be no internet for me...I don't want to be fried to my keyboard...You know that tiredness you feel but there is a sense of well being about it!!  LN...I'm feeling it now...LN

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June 1, 2016, 8:06am Report to Moderator

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Been lovely reading your blog again. Big hugs from Spasovo, Chirpan. Xx

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