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JULY 2016
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Elsa Peters
July 10, 2016, 6:37pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 10th July

Thanks Jean....you are my working Wiki.....I'll keep posting them and you can keep naming them...

Usual morning, coffee out on the terrace that was until the wind got up and then it was more about battening down the hatches.  It's calmed down a little now and I suppose I should go out and see what's what and what's where.  Breakfast started off as a mushroom omelette but it sort of stuck to the frying pan so it turned into mushroom scrambled eggs on toast.  No too bad..I'd bought the mushrooms last Tuesday and they should have been used up before now...I forgot all about them...they were lingering in the fridge. Next job was to wash up, tidy the kitchen, I cleaned and put away the slow cooker now that summer appears to have arrived.  I suspect that there's a little OCD about me.

I sauntered into the garden this morning and checked up on the plants that I cleaned the weeds out of and some that I'd repotted.  It's too hot to leave them unattended.  I also took the garden furniture cushions out and I suppose I ought to check where they've got to and then got onto the computer to check out emails and FB and suddenly I spotted the stork heading in my direction.  Now this beauty has the flight path near to the house so I rushed out with the camera on to the balcony and managed to get a few good shots but looking up at the sky there were two white large birds circling.  I think these were white storks and the other a black one.....Lovely morning...

As for the rest of the day...sorry.....wall to wall tennis but as I've said...once a year for me.  Fantastic Murray match and I really enjoyed the doubles and the emotion between Heather Watson and her partner.  Half nine my time and it will be soon ready for bed....things to do tomorrow...I got a woodworking day.  LN....TV off and now for a while with my Kindle...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 11, 2016, 7:24pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 11th July

Seven start this morning and the sun was well up in the sky so I was out there with my coffee...would have been rude not to.  Watered the garden and noted that there is a mole heap where the long hose finishes and the small hose begins....bastard things....I shall be out with the mole tablets tomorrow morning....there was no time today.  

The Librarian phoned at nine thirty this morning to what time I would be arriving so I gave her one o'clock as a rough guide.  I'd still not cut the wood for her bench so at ten I was into the little house workshop, out with the workbench and started to cut the timber.  I'd only got the legs to do and the cross pieces, the rest of the wood was still at hers.  So packed the cut wood and the tools it into my wheelie thing, into the Beast with it and a few plants that I intended dropping off at Mrs D of S's on the way there.  I dropped the back seat of the Beast and slid in my table from the terrace which I agreed the Librarian could borrow while she had guests over from the UK.  It's solid and seats eight so is a useful piece of kit to have when you have a house full.

Two when I set off so Mrs D of S would have to wait until the way back.....I cut the rest of the wood and the bench was assembled and is sturdy as you like.  Maybe a bit overkill on the size of the timbers and nails but as I always say...nobody will run off with my terrace furniture...they won't be able to lift it.  So at five we were sitting on the bench and looking at three lengths remaining so I offered to cut the timber for a smaller bench about one meter long and she can put it together tomorrow using the biggie as a template.  Pizza for supper with potato wedges, Mrs D of S's on the way back and home for nine thirty.  Sorry no pickies tonight...I've been far too busy sawing and hammering.  LN...Shower and bed...and will do better tomorrow...LN.
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Elsa Peters
July 12, 2016, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 12th July

Five thirty start this morning and haven't a clue why it was so early.  Watched the sun come up with my first and second cups of coffee from the lounge terrace and looked down and on the table were some eggs and a small marrow that had been left by 'somebody'.  I thought it could have been my painter but he normally doesn't come into the garden if the Beast is not there.  The garden was watered by seven  and every thing is really dry and could do with a good downpour...not that I want it but it would be nice for the garden.  The air was chill this morning despite the sun being up so I went back to bed with my book and snuggled down again until it was time to head down to the bread van.  I left the house at eight and on my way down, Avatar emerged from the house and we managed to pass a couple of minutes before the van arrived and she solved the mystery for me....Gouldjan had left the goodies last night, had waited for me but then given up when she phoned me and heard it ringing in the house.  I'd forgotten to take it yesterday in my rush to the Librarians.

So bread and cheesy buns from the van and Avatar and myself sat in her garden and had breakfast.  One of myother neighbours had told me that one of her chickens was run over by the local bus and she stopped the driver on his return journey and demanded twenty leva from the driver.  I came back with the bus had paid road tax and the chicken hadn't and shouldn't have been on the road anyway and locked away in the garden.  I'm not sure if he paid it but apparently she ate the chicken anyway....We were offered coffee by Haciber but I refused because I'd had three cups already to kick start me into the day.  

Back home, took my chicken or rather Kaufland's chicken from the freezer with the intention of roast chicken and veg with gravy for supper.  I went out to burn the rubbish and decided that it was time to harvest my onions and they're now sitting on the lounge terrace drying off.  Some of them have reached a decent size and must be worth about two leva if I sold them on the open market....and that's going to happen

By eleven I decided that my place would be in my bikini on my bedroom terrace away from view.  There was a bit of a stiff breeze which kept the flies away and the breeze kept me cool as I read my Kindle devouring the last of first in the new series.  I've finished it but not sure if I want to try to find another set....it was OK but that's all I could say about it.  I stayed out there until half twelve, came in for a cold drink and on to the PC doing emails and FB and meandered around for a while and settled on the sofa and siestered until about three.  Yesterday had fair drained me...it was non stop in the sun being creative.  

Chicken in, while I read for while and then potatoes on to boil, sliced onion in with the chicken and red cabbage slice to serve with it along with Bisto gravy.  First roast for a while and I enjoyed it but what a lot of faffing around but somehow a fly had gotten into the house and I spent a time keeping it away from my chicken.  I eventually opened the kitchen window and it found itself trapped between the window and the flyscreen and I was much happier....I knew where it was.  Cold chicken and potato salad for tomorrow along with beetroot...planned out already.

Lovely evening but that breeze is still there.  I need to get the hose out again...there is no respite from that darned ball in the sky.  Off to the garden...LN...a woman's work is never...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 13, 2016, 6:22pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 13th July

Funny night last night.  I went for a quick back to get rid of the salt from my skin and got into bed and not an ounce of sleep was in me so I read for a while.  Thought it was about time I gave it a try, did about and hour and wide awake again so did a few Sudoku on the kindle and eventually got off at about three.  I managed it through until about six, the sun was just coming up so I went out to worship but there were bands of dark clouds cutting the sky and again, not much heat in the sun at the start.

Stripped the bed and got the washing on, sorted out the cushions for outside now that it looks more settled and since my big table is now gracing the Librarian's terrace.  I got the old plastic one from the workshop, gave it a good scrub down and found a table cloth that I bought in Lidl and attached it with shower curtain rings so that the wind won't blow it away.  Really useful things...it also use them to support plants on the metal supports on the workshop terrace and cheap at half the price.  Moved a few plants around that seemed to be suffering despite soaking them regularly, washing out, second load in and by the time I was hanging out the second load the first was almost dry.  Breakfast was next on the agenda so a couple of poached eggs worked for me.  Out in the sun for one and I know it's the hottest part of the day but I settled for an hour and then it was back inside and on to the sofa for a read and siesta.  Made the bed up, washing in and put away and again I'm looking at nine o'clock and another day is over.  Lots of banging going on today...a new roof is going on in the next village and pesky finches have been attacking my sunflowers before they are ready to be attacked.  I'm on sunflower watch tomorrow.

Just a couple of photos today...there have just been odd pockets of sheep that appear to have detached themselves from the rest of the flock and there really isn't any food for them at all...everywhere is so dry but they seem to have found their way home.  LN....I'm heading for Michael Portillo's great train journey....LN....I think I might have to do something tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 14, 2016, 5:23pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 14th July

Straight through last night…the sleep of the just…I beat the sun again but only by a cat’s whisker….and I went back to bed with my coffee to watch it.  Out to the terrace after about half an hour and noticed that I’d left the little house unlocked last night and one of the terrace doors open…a refuge for lost cats, dogs but looking through it this morning….all was safe.

Out with the hose pipe and finished the watering by seven thirty.  I washed and got scrubbed up a bit to go down to the bread van and my desire this morning was one of the sausage buns that I’d been introduced to by Avatar.  There was no sighting of Avatar until I drew level with the house and apparently she’d slept in until eight and was looking as if she’d just woken up which she had.   Lazy bones….  I was the first one in the queue and managed to get the sausage bread that I wanted, walked home and sat on the terrace at the new clean table to eat it.  It was a let down…the sausage was OK but it was full of a substandard tomato sauce….I shan’t be having it again.  

The rest of the morning was spent emptying old pots and filling them with soil that I’d dug up from the compost heap.  I changed a few things over, hoed the rest of the beds and worked until it got to hot to be out there so came in and went on the internet and after that settled down with my book.  Lunch was tuna with beetroot….I’ve managed to take off ten pounds and only five more to go to get down to the weight that I want to be….nearly there.

Afternoon nap and a little more messing around outside…no sunbathing today…duty lobster yesterday after only one hour in the sun but as usual ….my normal response is that it will be brown tomorrow and it was.  Eggheads now….and then have to water the garden tonight…it really has been a hot one.  Only a few pickies of the terrace furniture and tomorrow I’m out to get the wood to be creative for the workshop terrace….it’s looking very empty.  LN..Checking out the wood prices…LN

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Elsa Peters
July 15, 2016, 5:39pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 15th July

Normal morning except that I was up before the sun and managed to get some good shots of the sun.  It was very pleasant watching the morning emerge from the mist until the urge to be active hit me and it was out with the hose pipe and it was all finished by seven thirty.  No need for the bread van, I had enough from yesterday so it was the old stuff lobbed over the fence for the animals and then the rubbish burnt to clear out the kitchen.  I did hose the surrounds of the burning pit…didn’t want to light up the hillside for the wrong reasons.  The dogs appear to have been in there again despite there was nothing that would sustain them…one night I’ll have to stay up to see the visitors I get.

Breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers but wasn’t able to wash up…the water went off and it’s amazing how many times you turn on taps…the brain doesn’t log the fact until it comes on again.   I phoned the Librarian to see if she wanted any help with anything before her visitors arrived and we arranged to meet in Kardjali at two o’clock at the hardware shop.  She’d found out that her neighbour was in Kardjali hospital and she’d had to rescue his donkey from the next village towing the donkey slowly back to their own village.  That must have been a sight to see.  We managed to find him in the hospital and gave him the good news about his donkey.  Apparently he’s up for surgery on Monday but he isn’t in pain so he’s a little confused and we’re crossing fingers for the outcome.  As we left the hardware store I saw that they’d reduced my sunbed and so it was out with the credit card...that’s one thing I won’t have to make.

We stopped off for pizza to top her up before she went off to the airport to pick up her family, back to Kaufland for my car and then back to load the sunbed into the Beast…..and it’s still there now.  

The Davis Cup has been rained off so we’re back to the Eggheads.  No supper for me…the pizza will suffice until morning…and now I have work to do….LN…Hosepipe at the ready…LN

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Elsa Peters
July 16, 2016, 4:58pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 16th July

Silly night again watching Filmon and it’s only when it reaches the bewitching hour that I realise that the UK is two hours behind.  I checked out FB and saw the political situation in Turkey was in a bit of a state so sent a message to Mrs D of S….D of S had headed to Turkey for a sojourn and I wasn’t sure that he’d arrived back.  Of course it was one thirty in the morning when I sent the message so I wouldn’t find out until today but I was still concerned.  Yes…all safely gather in…the wanderer had returned.

Usual morning routine….load of washing in and pegged out….garden watered and it was out with the hoe round the new shrubs down the bottom, picking out the weed and leaving the grass so that I can mow it when it eventually turns green again.  I can always hope.  Sun bed out of the Beast and it’s ensconced on the lounge terrace for the time being, switched off the fridge to deice it since there was no way I could get anywhere near the icebox and then promptly forgot about it,  The mat is now drying on the terrace.  All cleaned out and back into action and just needs topping up with food.  Brief break for beans on toast for breakfast but I’m still trying to work out where the rest of the morning went.  

I do know where the afternoon went…wall to wall tennis and athletics from Monaco and it’s just after half seven my time and I’m watching the doubles and the second Murray is making a pig’s ear of it….and they’ve won so Britain lead 2-1.  

As for the weather today…really hot all day except for a raging wind this afternoon that shot everything around the terraces again.  It was heading in from north east and now it’s turned round again but it has dropped.  No photographs today….it would be much of the same today…I’m about to run a cool bath to get rid of the salt and lob some cream on…I need to freshen up.  LN…Book at bedtime soon…this weather is tiring…LN
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Elsa Peters
July 17, 2016, 6:12pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 17th July

Late night bath last night and no accident with the Kindle.  Not much hot water since I hadn't put the boiler on for the top up but enough to clean the salt of the day away.  Bed by eleven and didn't wake up until six thirty so it was a good night's sleep and I've felt good for it and no siesta.

It was a lazy morning....I watered the garden but that was about the height of the activity.  I took the Kindle outside and read until nine when the hunger pains kicked in and I had two poached eggs with toast. cleaned the kitchen, made the bed and thought about a shower to wash my hair but thinking I was out there later doing 'stuff', I'm washing my hair tomorrow since I'm off to the big city....Kardjali.  I took the camera out with me since there were several humming moths hanging around and managed to get a few shots despite their fleet of wings so to speak,  Boy are the quick.  I also notice a new yellow butterfly that looks a similar version of the white one that the lavender was swamped with last week.  My patterned bright yellow one looses it's colour when it brings in its wings and very difficult to catch in flight....I promise to try harder tomorrow.

I sat out on the terrace under the umbrella and worked out the angles and dimensions for the bench round the tree half way down the long wall.  It was back to circles, angles and Mr Parkes my old mathematics teacher would have been proud of me....much water under the bridge and I still managed to work out the lengths I needed to cut if I make it out of wood.  Alternatively I take it to a metal worker and he does it for me but at what cost....I'll find out tomorrow when I get a quote.  Got lunch underway...a mince meat chilli con carne with kidney beans and potatoes added...prepared on the top and put in the oven until I wanted it.  I was intending to take a portion over to my Avatar but it wasn't to be.....it was a little bit too spicy for her tastes so I have enough for tomorrow.

Tennis this afternoon and GB are through to the next round of the Davis Cup with a rubber to spare and no Andy Murray only in the wings watching.  As for the weather today....cool start...hotted up around lunchtime and was very humid.....a rumble of thunder that amounted to nothing and it's clouded over again and rain is predicted.  With that in mind I moved the plastic storage box that's been housed in the downstairs bedroom to the kitchen terrace and the cushions are away.  Quick shower tonight to remove that salt layer and at nine my time....I shan't be too long...my vampire book stands at seventy percent....time it was finished.  LN....Quick FB and computer off...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 18, 2016, 5:07pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 18th July

What a good night's sleep and yet again...kind of sets you up for the day.  I didn't have to be anywhere until nine this morning so it was a lazy start but again...a dash to the finishing post as per normal.  I went out and watered the garden...everything is so dry but I don't think the amount of water that I put down touches the sides so to speak...We need a couple of hours of torrential rain but it doesn't seem likely.  There were clouds around this morning and no sun to speak of but by eight thirty all that had changed...back to normal and the temperature must have climbed to upper thirties today with summer gale force winds.  Bit of an exciting morning.....I was looking for the watering can so that I could take water to the bottom of the garden and could I find it...not on your life.  I searched everywhere and came up the garden terrace steps for one last look and went head over heels over the hose pipe scraping my knee and my elbow yet again.  This time I blame the rubber gardening shoes that don't go as fast as I do sometimes.  I sat for a while on the terrace and smiled to myself and for Mr D of S....'I had another fall you know'....but up I got and they were only scrapes and no pouring blood.  The knee has stiffened up now a little but otherwise OK.

So down for nine to pick up my painter and we headed along the rough road into Kardjali.  Over to the cheapy shop but i t didn't open until nine thirty so we left for the normal parking space by my bank.  I needed to go in there to sort out my internet banking and the painter headed off for his visit to the dentist.  We agreed to meet at eleven which we did....I'd had a lovely conversation with the English speaking young lady in the bank and with a little more practice she would be very good so we've arranged to meet for coffee so that she can let rip.  My painter had had an extraction and proudly showed me the said tooth that was also a bridge.  One of the roots was intact but the dentist apparently administered a relaxant and he had an injection too before the deed was done.....and all for twenty leva....eight pounds of yours and my money...try that in the UK.

We went down to the market and the Librarian's son and wife literally 'bumped into me'.  They're over for a holiday and thought that was a good way for the first greeting.  We chatted for a while and will catch up later I'm sure over a swim.  On to Kaufland for the free toilet facilities, round the shop for a few things including four pepper steaks for a reasonable price destined for the freezer and a bill of thirty three leva which for me is virtually unheard of.  Back to the cheapy shop and I have a few more 'gifts' for a friend which can be made into something else with a little imagination.  Back to Djebel since my painter had some documents to complete and home for about one thirty so much achieved in little time.

I slept the afternoon away after getting the new gifts washed and on the line and that's another day gone.  Quickly over to Eggheads...I thought a picture of horizontal washing wouldn't really do it for you so I might try for the sunset later...I've been far too busy today.  LN...I think a market tomorrow and a swim somewhere....let's see what I can find to do....LN...the days are all mine...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 18, 2016, 5:43pm Report to Moderator

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And a few more

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