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JULY 2016
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Elsa Peters
July 1, 2016, 6:28pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 1st July

Early start and yet again and it was a pale pink and grey sky and not really worth recording for posterity.  It was coffee and back to bed with the kindle and at last the book is livening up.  Same author, Robert Crais but no main characters that I've read about before and I'm finding it hard to associate with newbies.

Out to water the garden.  The clouds cleared away quite quickly and I spent time sorting out the bench outside the front door.  It had become something of a dumping ground for metal that I'd excavated from the garden and I think that flower pots breed overnight when left to their own devices.  I didn't mention it yesterday but there appears to be an attack of Colorado beetles especially on tobacco and some peoples potatoes have been decimated.  I was lucky. I spotted one on my flowering tobacco so I was out with the spray bottle and there seems to be no more today when I checked.  Apparently they live in the soil all winter and obviously the conditions are right for hatching.

As for the rest of the day.  I phoned the Librarian this morning to see if she wanted to find a swimming pool early on but she didn't answer her phone.  Instead I found my lazy chair from the little house, heaved it up to the bedroom balcony, bikinied myself up and slapped on the suntan oil and boy was it hot out there.  I came in at one before I'd pinked up, and it was a book at bedtime despite the fact that bedtime was one fifteen in the afternoon and I was out for the count until four thirty this afternoon.  Roasted veg and chicken for tonight's supper and there was enough to run over the road with a reasonable portion for Avatar.  

It was tennis for the rest of the afternoon and evening and that's why the update is late.  Both Williams sisters are through to the next round...really good games both going to three sets.  Nothing on for tomorrow so far...it might depend on the weather.  As for today in summary...fine in the morning, clouding over by lunchtime, thunder and threatened rain which didn't arrive....it's summer...for goodness sake.  LN...Out with the spring water...it's still an alcohol free zone...LN
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Elsa Peters
July 2, 2016, 6:17pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 2nd July

So there's one advantage of the man with the drum at two thirty...you don't get into such a deep sleep and at five thirty your almost ready to face the day.  I did make a coffee and go back to bed for a while but I was out there at seven thirty and on a mission.  Out with the strimmer and did the grass on the outside of the wall and then set to to restain the gate.  It had been repaired and the upright nearest the wall on the bigger of the two was a different colour and now it's all the same.... more or less.  I used up the last of the Lidl garden wood stain but had already bought one locally that was supposed to be dark but it was a tad darker than the other but they've both blended in well. Maybe another coat....I'll see if it needs it tomorrow.  So by nine I'd finished both tasks and I headed for the workshop terrace garden and dug up the dandelions in the rough ground under the cranberry tree.  I collected it in the wheelbarrow and moved on to the bench and cleared that as well.  I started on the little house garden removing the mint that has gone everywhere but after about half an hour the enthusiasm waned...it was heading for twelve so I move inside for a session with my book and then the weather changed.  Gale force winds, grey skies and thunder but unfortunately no rain...it looks like Kardjali got it and Momchilgrad but none for me.  

Tuna mayo with loads of beetroot for lunch while I finished my book.  I tried to go to sleep but I couldn't get comfortable today which doesn't normally bother me...out like a light but at four I was out there again.  I finished the little house bed, dug up some self-set hollyhocks and they're now down the bottom of the garden and watered in, trimmed the hanging branches from the cherry tree and lobbed them over the fence for the animals.  Assembled bonfire fodder and got a good one going much to the dismay of the neighbours who only returned from Turkey this afternoon.  Watered the garden since there doesn't look like anything is left in the sky for me.....

So that's the end of Robert Crais and I don't think I shall be buying his latest.  A lot seem to go off the boil or burn themselves out.  Nothing for supper...I don't think there's much space after the pretty hefty late lunch.  Time to catch upon the tennis...I've been far too busy today but there again...you get days like that.  LN....let's see if the enthusiasm spills over to tomorrow....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 3, 2016, 6:12pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 3rd July

Two more nights of the man with the tray and then we can all get a good night's sleep.  If he comes round to collect money for the job he's done...I don't know whether to tell him I'd have given him more if he'd not bothered.  Next year we'll come to an agreement before the event or I'll have a month in the UK...

So five thirty start again.  I don't seem to make it up from a sleep disturbed night and it was coffee, out and watched the morning, not that I could see much of it.  There was lots of mist and you couldn't see the mountains at all or even down to the valley but it was still pleasant being out there listening to the birds.  There was a late owl about, the hoopoes and a golden oriel was shouting about something.  Of course we have the usual mob such as blackies, sparrows and starlings to add to the mix and lots of activity from the martins.  Came in for a second coffee and washed up from the last day or so, down for the bread van for a new loaf and Avatar asked me if I wanted pancakes.  I said that I was about to have fresh bread with butter and jam and it would be rude not to since it was really fresh and walked home and just as I was finishing off my breakfast...three pancakes arrived so it was out with the lemon juice and sugar...English fashion.  

Now the lawn or the excuse for a lawn because I live on a field more or less had some really stringy vine things growing in it and every time I head down to the bottom of the garden they sort of attach themselves.  They are no more.  Out with the lawn mower despite the fact that it was warming up as the sun got higher in the sky and finished it by twelve.  Unfortunately where the grass has dried up and the old mole has been very active, I must have resembled a sheet of sandpaper and I've beautifully carried out a facial abrasion...I used the machine without the box on the back.  

My painter popped round to check me out and I mentioned that I needed to cut back the grape vine that was rampaging over the electricity cable to the little house and no sooner the word than the blow.  It was all down and the branches dumped in Haciber's field over the way....he said it was OK...the cows would eat it and it's no longer my problem.  I think he's finished his other work so if it looks like a cloudy day one of the days next week I've got a few jobs for him....I want to get the water supply to the bottom of the garden sorted and if I have to put a new water clock on it and have it as a separate supply...so be it.  Hacibar came round with some more pancakes and I realised that it was pancake day for Byram and tomorrow we have the children round for the sweets.

Tennis this afternoon and a sleep but went out to do one little job in the garden and ended up weeding the grave gardens and under the shrub wall to the lane.  I was really surprised when I looked at the clock and it was a quarter to nine.....Where's the day gone?  Any way....nothing on the agenda for tomorrow...I might see if I can get a little time on my chair on the balcony....I didn't manage it today.  LN...no thunder, no rain even though it's been promised...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 4, 2016, 4:43pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 4th July

So it was a long soak last night listening to Sting.....I didn't fall asleep though, didn't try to teach the Kindle how to float and felt much better for the relaxation.  It didn't work though...last night of the proms started in recognition of the end of the local early morning breakfast ordeal as per normal and today he was round collecting money for his services to the village and still banging on the blessed drum.  So my nights are disturbed and now my day.  I put it around....please don't knock on my door...be feared for your lift if you do....and he didn't....

Early morning start and the sun was very red at first but by the time I'd changed the battery in the camera and ready for action...it had started on its yellow phase.  Having set that...washing was in and pegged out for seven thirty, garden was watered since it had failed over night to drop any moisture at all.  I cleared out the fridge of anything that looked in the least suspect and decided that one one remaining tomato needed attention so into the frying pan went a packet of bacon and the said tomato.  No sooner was I ready to serve than Avatar appeared with the speciality of the day...four frothy hot pancakes or chuvec and the bacon is still in the pan to be made into an omelette for tonight.  I found a jar of homemade fig jam and it was delicious and they were delicious and I felt stuffed.  

I had visions of tackling the bottom of the garden and removing some of the remaining rubble but the vision was short lived.  I went upstairs and was jumping into a swimsuit with the intention of trying out the sunbed on the terrace when the first of the children arrived for their sweeties.  It was then that I realised that it would be a steady procession for the next hour or so, so my plans were altered.  I set about tidying up outside yet again after the overnight winds.  It clouded over and in was in with the washing quickly as the rain started but stopped just as quickly when Byser arrived with yet more pancakes.  I went down to Avatars clutching my newly arrived pancakes and yet another neighbour appeared and gave me two more...So all my neighbours give each other pancakes but it is a very special day for them.  Word has got back that Lidl and Kaufland were heaving....all buying everything for the celebrations.

I did manage to get out again until the call to bed with a book hit me and I was down until four thirty.  I've started a new series about vampires and I'll keep you updated.  Kardjali tomorrow with my painter and I've already got a varied shopping list but I'm going to look for a flat sunbed so that I can do the underside.  Failing that ....I shall be buying the wood to make one...the design is already in my head..easy peasy...and some nails.  I also need some anti histamine cream....I have a few little bites that are niggling me and they are only small but they really do itch.  It's probably when I'm out gardening...need some cream to put them off.  So all quiet on the western front...the clouds have again gone over and so has the thunder...I might be watering the garden yet again tomorrow. Omelette and Film on for the tennis and then a book at bedtime.  The little drummer boy should have put his toy away for this year...LN...my turn to wake the village with a saucepan and a wooden spoon...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 5, 2016, 1:30pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 5th July

Sleep of the just...no men with drums or tin trays and wooden spoons and the five thirty start was OK with me.  Coffee, garden, sun up, bonfire that wouldn't get going despite lots of love and attention,  Eventually I got it roaring by eight thirty and at eight forty five I was dousing it with water...I had my painter to pick up at 9.00 and I didn't want to set the fire alight while I was out shopping.

Kardjali by nine thirty and firstly to the cheapy shop with a shopping list for someone else and the need was satisfied.  Kaufland, Billa,Lidl and home and all new items washed and dried for delivery this afternoon.  The update is early...I'm off to the Librarian's tonight and she has a problem with her internet so not sure if I'll be able to get on later.  Swimming tomorrow at the fish restaurant....looking at the weather forecast it should be wall to wall sunshine but we'll wait and see.  We can always have lunch and come home.

I'm off now to pack my kit bag and pressies....I'm half watching Venus and I'll have to drag myself away from it.  LV....it's too early to say LN
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Elsa Peters
July 6, 2016, 6:45pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 6th July

Pressies were delivered and gratefully received and over to the Librarians as stated.  The internet connection was as I expected...it was the service provider.  Mine had been a bit flaky over the last few days with Filmon coming to a grinding halt when I least wanted it and the 'resolving host' message appearing at the bottom of the screen.  Salad and cold meat evening meal and in bed by ten thirty and awake by five this morning and it was a different view of the sunrise.  Sky was just as pink and came up over the trees but I captured it through the dream catcher on the window to try to get a different effect and still not sure it it worked or not.  So I did a few practical things for her this morning and we sat out at six thirty chewing over the fat and planning the day.  We both needed money from the cash point, I needed fuel for the Beast so we seemed to juggle cars all day but ended up with them both in the right place at the end of the day.  The swimming day seemed to be out as the clouds came over from Greece so we were off to the wood yard and picked up enough to make a bench that we'd sketched out on what would have been a f** packet if either of us smoked.  As we were heading out I saw the internet van heading down from her house to the middle of the village and sure enough, I knew the boys from Djebel and they confirmed that they were having problems with their servers,

As the day drew on it cleared up so we headed for the swimming pool in her village, sat down for a drink and managed to grab a couple of sunbeds before hoards of children descended.  It was all downhill from there....what is the great fun in bombing everybody in sight and the management don't blink an eyelid at it.  I just hope there are no accidents and someone gets really hurt.  So we were in the water for about forty minutes or so, ordered lunch and back to hers for about four and a few more little jobs completed and we sat out on the loungers taking in the rest of the sun.  

Home for seven more or less and my new neighbours had visitors and they'd parked right in the middle of the piece of ground outside my front wall.  Now this space is easily big enough for two cars side by side if you park sensibly so I left the Beast fronting out the invader, my reason being that tomorrow we're off early for an MOT so why bring it into the drive...no brainer to leave it out and it made me feel better....   

Garden watered, night clothes on, just about to watch Murray on Film on.  I don't need supper, my lunch was adequate.  I've had a lovely day...sun and swimming go down well and I'm thinking of getting a kiddie pool to put on the workshop terrace out of the way and a sunbed that I can lie down on.....the join is obvious.  I'll see what's on offer in Kardjali tomorrow to meet the requirements.  LN....back to the tennis...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 7, 2016, 6:20pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 7th July

Six start and beat the sun by a few moments and sat with a coffee and watched it come up.  Waggy was out finding something in the grass to breakfast on and my single note something was chirping away.  I keep trying to find it in the tree but haven’t managed it yet so I still don’t know what it is.  Now I’m on a mission.  I was absolutely swamped my swallows or martins or both.  I tried to photograph them but they’re so quick….I missed them all.

Shower and washed my hair and made sure that I had all the necessary documentation at the ready for my MOT.  I set off at nine, stopped off in my student’s mothers shop for a brief interlude with her and her husband and arranged to take the Beast in for a wash and brush up before it had its photo taken.  Their little son had finished nursery and came into the shop.  He’d found a playmate and come into the shop, quickly changed into his Spiderman costume and two seconds later there were two fully dressed Spidermen with masks and you could only tell which was the son because he was smaller than his friend.   I carried on to the garage and their son who I call my ‘Mr Ten Percent’ when he works in the shop was washing cars for a salary now that school is out for the summer.  All essentials were checked and the tyres topped up, a quick shampoo and set and I was heading for Kardjali by ten.

I use the same garage in Kardjali and I joked with the man that another year had gone and how was his English.  He said that he’d still not learnt any but now his sons were running the MOT end, I handed over my documents and they were making out the certificate and issuing the window sticker before it had even gone on to the rollers to have the brakes checked.  Ten minutes and thirty five leva later I was driving out and sorted for another year.  I stopped off for pizza in a street restaurant, into Lidl for a couple of items and back home, load of washing done and pegged out and settled in for the tennis this afternoon.  I had a little nap in front of the computer, peanuts and pineapple juice as a wake up and I’m watching the Williams sister in the doubles.

Woodworking day tomorrow….I’m thinking about making my sun bed….LN…Now where’s that cigarette packet again…LN

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Elsa Peters
July 8, 2016, 6:18pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 8th July

Time for a confessional....It was the usual routines this morning....coffee, watching the morning and getting the garden watered since it was such a hot day and no moisture fell over night.  The martins were really active again and I'm not sure why they all seem to gather around the only nest that I have on the little house.  If it's to catch the bugglies, that's OK with me.  There was my beautiful coloured lizard out this morning and as I watered the patch of garden under the terrace he was licking the water from the leaves.  He didn't seem fazed by the hose pipe and I didn't try to get him...honest.

And now for the confessional.....It was much too hot to be out there so I spent the day watching tennis.  It was men's semi-final day and it should be a good match on Sunday....I hope the young Canadian puts up a good fight against Murray but I do hope that Murray does manage to win.  We shall wait and see.

So it's the women's final tomorrow so there won't be much activity yet again.  I might try to work up some enthusiasm to manage to do something before it begins....I have to remind myself that I'm allowed to have time off....I'm retired for goodness sake.  LN....Shower time for me and a good dousing for the garden...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 9, 2016, 6:54pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 9th July

So it was up before I was this morning and it was out with a coffee and I remembered to take the camera out with me this morning.  I was just amazed how many butterflies and bees were breakfasting on the lavender this morning.  So many varieties but the humming moth was just too quick to catch...maybe it was hungry and fighting off the competition.  

I gave the garden a good soaking this morning...it was destined to be really hot today and it was.  My only activity today has been to chop the legs off the potting bench that I made for the little terrace.  It's now a table on the main terrace...the one that I made last year came in for the winter and hasn't gone out again.  I like it where it sits in my winter lounge or summer lounging spot.  It's the right height and has a shelf under it that hides a multitude of sins...

The rest of the day has been tennis, tennis and more tennis and the ladies finals is on now so I'm between the two.  It started with the wheelchair finals this morning and what a good match that was and the English pair won....how good was that.  Serena this afternoon and mixed doubles and Andy tomorrow...so not much chance of anything else getting done.  Thank goodness it only happens once a year but there again with the Olympics later on in the year.....ahh well, that's only every four.

Fish finger sandwiches for lunch between the matches and no need for anything tonight.  LN....I'm back to the tennis....LN

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July 10, 2016, 7:47am Report to Moderator
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Gorgeous butterfly that Swallowtail (at least that is what I would reckon it was) and the another variety is Painted Lady- they have supposedy got as far north as us, but haven't seen any in south Lincolnshire yet. Plenty of the little white peskys, but been a fairly poor year for butterflies this year so far.
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Elsa Peters
July 10, 2016, 6:37pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 10th July

Thanks Jean....you are my working Wiki.....I'll keep posting them and you can keep naming them...

Usual morning, coffee out on the terrace that was until the wind got up and then it was more about battening down the hatches.  It's calmed down a little now and I suppose I should go out and see what's what and what's where.  Breakfast started off as a mushroom omelette but it sort of stuck to the frying pan so it turned into mushroom scrambled eggs on toast.  No too bad..I'd bought the mushrooms last Tuesday and they should have been used up before now...I forgot all about them...they were lingering in the fridge. Next job was to wash up, tidy the kitchen, I cleaned and put away the slow cooker now that summer appears to have arrived.  I suspect that there's a little OCD about me.

I sauntered into the garden this morning and checked up on the plants that I cleaned the weeds out of and some that I'd repotted.  It's too hot to leave them unattended.  I also took the garden furniture cushions out and I suppose I ought to check where they've got to and then got onto the computer to check out emails and FB and suddenly I spotted the stork heading in my direction.  Now this beauty has the flight path near to the house so I rushed out with the camera on to the balcony and managed to get a few good shots but looking up at the sky there were two white large birds circling.  I think these were white storks and the other a black one.....Lovely morning...

As for the rest of the day...sorry.....wall to wall tennis but as I've said...once a year for me.  Fantastic Murray match and I really enjoyed the doubles and the emotion between Heather Watson and her partner.  Half nine my time and it will be soon ready for bed....things to do tomorrow...I got a woodworking day.  LN....TV off and now for a while with my Kindle...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 11, 2016, 7:24pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 11th July

Seven start this morning and the sun was well up in the sky so I was out there with my coffee...would have been rude not to.  Watered the garden and noted that there is a mole heap where the long hose finishes and the small hose begins....bastard things....I shall be out with the mole tablets tomorrow morning....there was no time today.  

The Librarian phoned at nine thirty this morning to what time I would be arriving so I gave her one o'clock as a rough guide.  I'd still not cut the wood for her bench so at ten I was into the little house workshop, out with the workbench and started to cut the timber.  I'd only got the legs to do and the cross pieces, the rest of the wood was still at hers.  So packed the cut wood and the tools it into my wheelie thing, into the Beast with it and a few plants that I intended dropping off at Mrs D of S's on the way there.  I dropped the back seat of the Beast and slid in my table from the terrace which I agreed the Librarian could borrow while she had guests over from the UK.  It's solid and seats eight so is a useful piece of kit to have when you have a house full.

Two when I set off so Mrs D of S would have to wait until the way back.....I cut the rest of the wood and the bench was assembled and is sturdy as you like.  Maybe a bit overkill on the size of the timbers and nails but as I always say...nobody will run off with my terrace furniture...they won't be able to lift it.  So at five we were sitting on the bench and looking at three lengths remaining so I offered to cut the timber for a smaller bench about one meter long and she can put it together tomorrow using the biggie as a template.  Pizza for supper with potato wedges, Mrs D of S's on the way back and home for nine thirty.  Sorry no pickies tonight...I've been far too busy sawing and hammering.  LN...Shower and bed...and will do better tomorrow...LN.
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Elsa Peters
July 12, 2016, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 12th July

Five thirty start this morning and haven't a clue why it was so early.  Watched the sun come up with my first and second cups of coffee from the lounge terrace and looked down and on the table were some eggs and a small marrow that had been left by 'somebody'.  I thought it could have been my painter but he normally doesn't come into the garden if the Beast is not there.  The garden was watered by seven  and every thing is really dry and could do with a good downpour...not that I want it but it would be nice for the garden.  The air was chill this morning despite the sun being up so I went back to bed with my book and snuggled down again until it was time to head down to the bread van.  I left the house at eight and on my way down, Avatar emerged from the house and we managed to pass a couple of minutes before the van arrived and she solved the mystery for me....Gouldjan had left the goodies last night, had waited for me but then given up when she phoned me and heard it ringing in the house.  I'd forgotten to take it yesterday in my rush to the Librarians.

So bread and cheesy buns from the van and Avatar and myself sat in her garden and had breakfast.  One of myother neighbours had told me that one of her chickens was run over by the local bus and she stopped the driver on his return journey and demanded twenty leva from the driver.  I came back with the bus had paid road tax and the chicken hadn't and shouldn't have been on the road anyway and locked away in the garden.  I'm not sure if he paid it but apparently she ate the chicken anyway....We were offered coffee by Haciber but I refused because I'd had three cups already to kick start me into the day.  

Back home, took my chicken or rather Kaufland's chicken from the freezer with the intention of roast chicken and veg with gravy for supper.  I went out to burn the rubbish and decided that it was time to harvest my onions and they're now sitting on the lounge terrace drying off.  Some of them have reached a decent size and must be worth about two leva if I sold them on the open market....and that's going to happen

By eleven I decided that my place would be in my bikini on my bedroom terrace away from view.  There was a bit of a stiff breeze which kept the flies away and the breeze kept me cool as I read my Kindle devouring the last of first in the new series.  I've finished it but not sure if I want to try to find another set....it was OK but that's all I could say about it.  I stayed out there until half twelve, came in for a cold drink and on to the PC doing emails and FB and meandered around for a while and settled on the sofa and siestered until about three.  Yesterday had fair drained me...it was non stop in the sun being creative.  

Chicken in, while I read for while and then potatoes on to boil, sliced onion in with the chicken and red cabbage slice to serve with it along with Bisto gravy.  First roast for a while and I enjoyed it but what a lot of faffing around but somehow a fly had gotten into the house and I spent a time keeping it away from my chicken.  I eventually opened the kitchen window and it found itself trapped between the window and the flyscreen and I was much happier....I knew where it was.  Cold chicken and potato salad for tomorrow along with beetroot...planned out already.

Lovely evening but that breeze is still there.  I need to get the hose out again...there is no respite from that darned ball in the sky.  Off to the garden...LN...a woman's work is never...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 13th July

Funny night last night.  I went for a quick back to get rid of the salt from my skin and got into bed and not an ounce of sleep was in me so I read for a while.  Thought it was about time I gave it a try, did about and hour and wide awake again so did a few Sudoku on the kindle and eventually got off at about three.  I managed it through until about six, the sun was just coming up so I went out to worship but there were bands of dark clouds cutting the sky and again, not much heat in the sun at the start.

Stripped the bed and got the washing on, sorted out the cushions for outside now that it looks more settled and since my big table is now gracing the Librarian's terrace.  I got the old plastic one from the workshop, gave it a good scrub down and found a table cloth that I bought in Lidl and attached it with shower curtain rings so that the wind won't blow it away.  Really useful things...it also use them to support plants on the metal supports on the workshop terrace and cheap at half the price.  Moved a few plants around that seemed to be suffering despite soaking them regularly, washing out, second load in and by the time I was hanging out the second load the first was almost dry.  Breakfast was next on the agenda so a couple of poached eggs worked for me.  Out in the sun for one and I know it's the hottest part of the day but I settled for an hour and then it was back inside and on to the sofa for a read and siesta.  Made the bed up, washing in and put away and again I'm looking at nine o'clock and another day is over.  Lots of banging going on today...a new roof is going on in the next village and pesky finches have been attacking my sunflowers before they are ready to be attacked.  I'm on sunflower watch tomorrow.

Just a couple of photos today...there have just been odd pockets of sheep that appear to have detached themselves from the rest of the flock and there really isn't any food for them at all...everywhere is so dry but they seem to have found their way home.  LN....I'm heading for Michael Portillo's great train journey....LN....I think I might have to do something tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 14th July

Straight through last night…the sleep of the just…I beat the sun again but only by a cat’s whisker….and I went back to bed with my coffee to watch it.  Out to the terrace after about half an hour and noticed that I’d left the little house unlocked last night and one of the terrace doors open…a refuge for lost cats, dogs but looking through it this morning….all was safe.

Out with the hose pipe and finished the watering by seven thirty.  I washed and got scrubbed up a bit to go down to the bread van and my desire this morning was one of the sausage buns that I’d been introduced to by Avatar.  There was no sighting of Avatar until I drew level with the house and apparently she’d slept in until eight and was looking as if she’d just woken up which she had.   Lazy bones….  I was the first one in the queue and managed to get the sausage bread that I wanted, walked home and sat on the terrace at the new clean table to eat it.  It was a let down…the sausage was OK but it was full of a substandard tomato sauce….I shan’t be having it again.  

The rest of the morning was spent emptying old pots and filling them with soil that I’d dug up from the compost heap.  I changed a few things over, hoed the rest of the beds and worked until it got to hot to be out there so came in and went on the internet and after that settled down with my book.  Lunch was tuna with beetroot….I’ve managed to take off ten pounds and only five more to go to get down to the weight that I want to be….nearly there.

Afternoon nap and a little more messing around outside…no sunbathing today…duty lobster yesterday after only one hour in the sun but as usual ….my normal response is that it will be brown tomorrow and it was.  Eggheads now….and then have to water the garden tonight…it really has been a hot one.  Only a few pickies of the terrace furniture and tomorrow I’m out to get the wood to be creative for the workshop terrace….it’s looking very empty.  LN..Checking out the wood prices…LN

Attachment: lounge_and_bedroom_terrace_2527.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Friday 15th July

Normal morning except that I was up before the sun and managed to get some good shots of the sun.  It was very pleasant watching the morning emerge from the mist until the urge to be active hit me and it was out with the hose pipe and it was all finished by seven thirty.  No need for the bread van, I had enough from yesterday so it was the old stuff lobbed over the fence for the animals and then the rubbish burnt to clear out the kitchen.  I did hose the surrounds of the burning pit…didn’t want to light up the hillside for the wrong reasons.  The dogs appear to have been in there again despite there was nothing that would sustain them…one night I’ll have to stay up to see the visitors I get.

Breakfast of boiled eggs and soldiers but wasn’t able to wash up…the water went off and it’s amazing how many times you turn on taps…the brain doesn’t log the fact until it comes on again.   I phoned the Librarian to see if she wanted any help with anything before her visitors arrived and we arranged to meet in Kardjali at two o’clock at the hardware shop.  She’d found out that her neighbour was in Kardjali hospital and she’d had to rescue his donkey from the next village towing the donkey slowly back to their own village.  That must have been a sight to see.  We managed to find him in the hospital and gave him the good news about his donkey.  Apparently he’s up for surgery on Monday but he isn’t in pain so he’s a little confused and we’re crossing fingers for the outcome.  As we left the hardware store I saw that they’d reduced my sunbed and so it was out with the credit card...that’s one thing I won’t have to make.

We stopped off for pizza to top her up before she went off to the airport to pick up her family, back to Kaufland for my car and then back to load the sunbed into the Beast…..and it’s still there now.  

The Davis Cup has been rained off so we’re back to the Eggheads.  No supper for me…the pizza will suffice until morning…and now I have work to do….LN…Hosepipe at the ready…LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 16th July

Silly night again watching Filmon and it’s only when it reaches the bewitching hour that I realise that the UK is two hours behind.  I checked out FB and saw the political situation in Turkey was in a bit of a state so sent a message to Mrs D of S….D of S had headed to Turkey for a sojourn and I wasn’t sure that he’d arrived back.  Of course it was one thirty in the morning when I sent the message so I wouldn’t find out until today but I was still concerned.  Yes…all safely gather in…the wanderer had returned.

Usual morning routine….load of washing in and pegged out….garden watered and it was out with the hoe round the new shrubs down the bottom, picking out the weed and leaving the grass so that I can mow it when it eventually turns green again.  I can always hope.  Sun bed out of the Beast and it’s ensconced on the lounge terrace for the time being, switched off the fridge to deice it since there was no way I could get anywhere near the icebox and then promptly forgot about it,  The mat is now drying on the terrace.  All cleaned out and back into action and just needs topping up with food.  Brief break for beans on toast for breakfast but I’m still trying to work out where the rest of the morning went.  

I do know where the afternoon went…wall to wall tennis and athletics from Monaco and it’s just after half seven my time and I’m watching the doubles and the second Murray is making a pig’s ear of it….and they’ve won so Britain lead 2-1.  

As for the weather today…really hot all day except for a raging wind this afternoon that shot everything around the terraces again.  It was heading in from north east and now it’s turned round again but it has dropped.  No photographs today….it would be much of the same today…I’m about to run a cool bath to get rid of the salt and lob some cream on…I need to freshen up.  LN…Book at bedtime soon…this weather is tiring…LN
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Elsa Peters
July 17, 2016, 6:12pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 17th July

Late night bath last night and no accident with the Kindle.  Not much hot water since I hadn't put the boiler on for the top up but enough to clean the salt of the day away.  Bed by eleven and didn't wake up until six thirty so it was a good night's sleep and I've felt good for it and no siesta.

It was a lazy morning....I watered the garden but that was about the height of the activity.  I took the Kindle outside and read until nine when the hunger pains kicked in and I had two poached eggs with toast. cleaned the kitchen, made the bed and thought about a shower to wash my hair but thinking I was out there later doing 'stuff', I'm washing my hair tomorrow since I'm off to the big city....Kardjali.  I took the camera out with me since there were several humming moths hanging around and managed to get a few shots despite their fleet of wings so to speak,  Boy are the quick.  I also notice a new yellow butterfly that looks a similar version of the white one that the lavender was swamped with last week.  My patterned bright yellow one looses it's colour when it brings in its wings and very difficult to catch in flight....I promise to try harder tomorrow.

I sat out on the terrace under the umbrella and worked out the angles and dimensions for the bench round the tree half way down the long wall.  It was back to circles, angles and Mr Parkes my old mathematics teacher would have been proud of me....much water under the bridge and I still managed to work out the lengths I needed to cut if I make it out of wood.  Alternatively I take it to a metal worker and he does it for me but at what cost....I'll find out tomorrow when I get a quote.  Got lunch underway...a mince meat chilli con carne with kidney beans and potatoes added...prepared on the top and put in the oven until I wanted it.  I was intending to take a portion over to my Avatar but it wasn't to be.....it was a little bit too spicy for her tastes so I have enough for tomorrow.

Tennis this afternoon and GB are through to the next round of the Davis Cup with a rubber to spare and no Andy Murray only in the wings watching.  As for the weather today....cool start...hotted up around lunchtime and was very humid.....a rumble of thunder that amounted to nothing and it's clouded over again and rain is predicted.  With that in mind I moved the plastic storage box that's been housed in the downstairs bedroom to the kitchen terrace and the cushions are away.  Quick shower tonight to remove that salt layer and at nine my time....I shan't be too long...my vampire book stands at seventy percent....time it was finished.  LN....Quick FB and computer off...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 18, 2016, 5:07pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 18th July

What a good night's sleep and yet again...kind of sets you up for the day.  I didn't have to be anywhere until nine this morning so it was a lazy start but again...a dash to the finishing post as per normal.  I went out and watered the garden...everything is so dry but I don't think the amount of water that I put down touches the sides so to speak...We need a couple of hours of torrential rain but it doesn't seem likely.  There were clouds around this morning and no sun to speak of but by eight thirty all that had changed...back to normal and the temperature must have climbed to upper thirties today with summer gale force winds.  Bit of an exciting morning.....I was looking for the watering can so that I could take water to the bottom of the garden and could I find it...not on your life.  I searched everywhere and came up the garden terrace steps for one last look and went head over heels over the hose pipe scraping my knee and my elbow yet again.  This time I blame the rubber gardening shoes that don't go as fast as I do sometimes.  I sat for a while on the terrace and smiled to myself and for Mr D of S....'I had another fall you know'....but up I got and they were only scrapes and no pouring blood.  The knee has stiffened up now a little but otherwise OK.

So down for nine to pick up my painter and we headed along the rough road into Kardjali.  Over to the cheapy shop but i t didn't open until nine thirty so we left for the normal parking space by my bank.  I needed to go in there to sort out my internet banking and the painter headed off for his visit to the dentist.  We agreed to meet at eleven which we did....I'd had a lovely conversation with the English speaking young lady in the bank and with a little more practice she would be very good so we've arranged to meet for coffee so that she can let rip.  My painter had had an extraction and proudly showed me the said tooth that was also a bridge.  One of the roots was intact but the dentist apparently administered a relaxant and he had an injection too before the deed was done.....and all for twenty leva....eight pounds of yours and my money...try that in the UK.

We went down to the market and the Librarian's son and wife literally 'bumped into me'.  They're over for a holiday and thought that was a good way for the first greeting.  We chatted for a while and will catch up later I'm sure over a swim.  On to Kaufland for the free toilet facilities, round the shop for a few things including four pepper steaks for a reasonable price destined for the freezer and a bill of thirty three leva which for me is virtually unheard of.  Back to the cheapy shop and I have a few more 'gifts' for a friend which can be made into something else with a little imagination.  Back to Djebel since my painter had some documents to complete and home for about one thirty so much achieved in little time.

I slept the afternoon away after getting the new gifts washed and on the line and that's another day gone.  Quickly over to Eggheads...I thought a picture of horizontal washing wouldn't really do it for you so I might try for the sunset later...I've been far too busy today.  LN...I think a market tomorrow and a swim somewhere....let's see what I can find to do....LN...the days are all mine...LN

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Elsa Peters
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And a few more

Attachment: pink_tinged_sky_3889.jpg
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Attachment: close_up_on_the_moon_5719.jpg
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Ouch and sympathy for the graze - the things we do to ourselves!
Now as to those flying insecties :-
Humming Bird Hawk Moth - boy are they fast. Only ever seen one once - they don't often make it to this country, at least not that I have seen.
Swallowtail - gorgeous.
The little yellow fellow is a Clouded Yellow, which arrives here en masse just occasionally. True experts can tell you which have been clouded yellow years.
We are still poor for butterflies this year, and come to think of it, not many dragonflies either.
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July 19, 2016, 8:22am Report to Moderator
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Seth instructs me that I am right in it being a poor year here for butterflies, but that the dragonflies are fine - he saw half a dozen this morning on his walk with the blonde. They just haven't been showing themselves to me.
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Elsa Peters
July 19, 2016, 4:04pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 19th July

Thanks for the update Jean.....yes I agree and not a drop of alcohol in sight or on site for the last six months and I still fall over things.  I think I change direction too quickly to check where I'm putting my feet and wearing glasses some of the time and not others doesn't really help.  I only need them for reading but sometimes find myself outside with them on...doh.  As for butterflies...we've seemed to have them in batches but the lavender has been the main attraction for most things this year.  Lots of the other flowers are slow...despite watering them they seem to shut down....so we might be lucky tonight...we have clouds.

So as for today...pretty slow at the ranch.  Usual chores, boiled eggs again and just a chunk of cheese for lunch plus half a honeydew melon and yogurt so a pretty healthy day.  The swimming pool option wasn't one...there were some big fluffy clouds up there and I didn't fancy paying for the privilege of lying on somebody else's sunbed when I'd got my own. I spent the morning on the terrace and it was quite pleasant with the clouds obliterating the sun at times and I must have been out there for a couple of hours.  I've been on the internet this afternoon looking at flights to various places...a lot of the cruises this year seem to be 'cruise only' so I thought it worth checking how much the flights would be if you did it all separately.  I managed to find a flight to Fort Lauderdale for about two hundred and forty dollars and the cruise goes from there and over to Barcelona so overall a reasonable costing.  Now to see what the travel company would charge if they had to book the flight.  Back to the sunbed and a new book.....the third in the series....and this could be the last one that I read so I won't slag the author off...yet.

Supper is the chilli from the night before last and it's warmed up and ready to go when I've posted the blog.  It's been a chilled day and I really hope it rains.  I have left the hose pipe on the terrace garden...it really needs a good soak so it's having one.  LN...My supper calls...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 20, 2016, 3:20pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 20th July

Two late visitors last night, Gouldjan with a bottle of yogurt drink and my Avatar with a bowl of home made yogurt....who's a lucky bunny.  Gouldjan stayed round for an hour and a half giving me the update on her life and Avatar for two minutes and she still remains very private...

The upshot of last night is that Gouldjan needs to go to one of the other towns tonight and I'm picking her up at six thirty so I better get it into gear.  I'm not ready yet and should be but decided to add these words of wisdom before I left just in case it turns out to be a late return...maybe one of the local restaurants has our name on it for tonight.

As for today....I settled on the balcony to take shots of the morning and only managed one...the camera card was full so that was a let down.  As it happened the first was the best bit and the sun has been in and out of the clouds all day and still no rain.  I managed to enlarge and frame a photo for Beyser and she was throwing money at me.  I told her no money...I didn't want to return to being a photo studio where I'm inundated with work to be done.  I had the tears and many thanks and we ended up with neighbours eating tikva or pumpkin in her garden.  Well they ate and I watched....they put so much sugar on it that I can't stand it.

The rest of the day I've been stretched out and reading and now I really must rush...I have five minutes to get ready and five meinutes to get to the meeting point.  I'll take the camera for another view of one of the other towns and post later....LN...I'm just putting my skates of...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 21st July

Sorry I'm late tonight....I've just got back from my student's and a night with her family.  If I say I'm leaving before ten I'm told that it's 'early' and I have to report that I've got home safe and sound which I've just done.  We've been talking a lot about the Turkey situation...they have lots of relatives living there in Istanbul and Bursa...not a pleasant time for them....let's just send out a prayer whatever your beliefs...

Lovely night with Gouldjan in the restaurant last night...I haven't been there for a year or so and boy has it changed.  They've got an extension into the garden, the food was plentiful and we did it justice leaving only bread and a portion of a sort of pizza that she was taking home for her mother.  Again it was good to get away from home surroundings and share an evening together and the only disagreement was the bill....I insisted on paying something towards it and she was quite adamant that didn't but I got my way as usual....We both came away feeling good.

Lovely sunrise which didn't last long as it promptly went behind the clouds.  Again it looked like rain but nothing materialised.  Normal garden duties, bonfire, poached eggs for breakfast and washing hung out,  The plants are really feeling the heat, the poor hydrangea needs digging up and the roots investigating...I'm not sure if it's over watered, dry or just not draining away but it won't be tomorrow.  I was out on the sunbed this morning until the flies got the better of me so it was inside with the book and a bit of drowsy time until the mood took me to get ready for this evening at my students.

Kardjali tomorrow with Mrs D of S for a bit of a shopping trip and it's boots blacked by nine.  Early start and early return before the heat really stack up.  LN....I'm off to bed with my last ten percent...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 22nd July

Lovely morning this morning and I watched the sunrise from the bedroom balcony......not a cloud in sight and that certainly makes a change/  There was a heat haze hanging over the mountains and the calls of the different birds were rattling round the garden,  I'd moved outside to the terrace when I realised that the golden oriole's call was pretty close and it had moved to the mulberry which is half way down the unwalled garden and then it was joined by three of it's mates.  I was so lucky to see them....they are so shy and normally you only catch a flash of yellow and it's off again....hence the flash of yellow on the second shot of the bird.  They didn't hang around long but their calls could be heard on the hillside.

Garden watered and I had to be ready for nine for a trip into Kardjali.  Mrs D of S was driving over, she was leaving her car here and then over the back road in mine.  We both had lists but I don't think either of us stuck them especially when we hit Lidl.  In and out of the first shop with only a few purchases and it was time for breakfast and it was two really fresh rolls with the sausage baked in the middle with the local yogurt drink to wash it down.  A little more shopping and we headed for my favourite stationary shop so that I could get some one hundred and sixty gram printer paper that I use to make cards...it's got more body.  Another stop off for water and fruit juices...it was really hot today, Lidl and then home.  A quick unload, a few more items transferred over to her car and off she went and we both had the intention of getting our heads down this afternoon.  The heats come back with a vengeance.  

It was five when I woke up and I headed for the kitchen.  I'd bought a filet steak from Lidl that was reduced and that was supper along with mushrooms and onions cooked in the same pan and chippies...oh...and a fried egg.  Delicious and I'd finished supper by six thirty so time to catch up on FB and emails and you know that moment when you post something that you feel is a humorous comment and one comes back that hits you in the middle of the forehead and you wonder where that came from.  I deleted my comment, deleted the retort and sent a private message but I think the damage has been done.  Maybe the sense of humour diminishes with the rise in temperature....another one off my Christmas list...it's getting better all the time...   On a brighter note I've just had a phone call from my painter who has gone to Sofia to work for a month or so,  His only complaint...everything is expensive there and that's a local for you.

Ready to start a new book...the fourth in the series and I suppose they are easy reading.  Nothing on for tomorrow but I hear that the swimming pool in Djebel is working so I might just take a look.  I've got one in the diary for next week....a swimming date with Mrs D of S on a day yet to be determined....and it's time for a relax.....LN...Nowt so funny as folk so they say....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 23rd July

Beautiful morning and not a cloud in the sky and it's been that way all day.  Upside...temperature has been hot, hot, hot...plants have suffered yet again despite having a morning drowning.  I resorted to digging two hydrangeas up and they're sitting in a bucket looking much better and tomorrow I need to get the pick axe out and dig a bigger, deeper hole in a shadier spot and get some grass cuttings in the bottom and compost to feed them up a bit.  The roots were dry despite having watered them twice each day.  

As for me...breakfast was bacon, mushrooms and fried egg and after all said and done...it is 'le weekend'.  Washing out and it was a toss up between sun lounging or swimming and the sun lounging won.  I thought that pools would be busy being Saturday so it will be better during the week.  Out with the strimmer and got rid of the long straggly plants...it wasn't worth getting the mower out.  As it was I got fairly pebble dashed as the dust was kicked up and stuck to my perspiration.  I needed a shower when I came in to get rid of it.

This afternoon has been spent watching the Anniversary Games athletics from the Olympic Stadium and it really was the last efforts to excel before Rio.  Mo was absolutely superb in the five thousand meter and shows real dedication as he decimates the field.  We did managed to get another one in second place which bodes.  

So I checked out the lane for hedgerow fruits and noticed that there are lots of sloes this year and despite the drought there are blackberries but I'm not sure how full they'll be.  I'll be picking the sloes a little later....I'm not sure my lot have cottoned on to sloe gin and vodka but as it stands at the moment it will only be for guests.  The mood to imbibe still hasn't kicked in.  No supper...I had a cheese and onion sandwich while I was watching the athletics and it's still sitting midway but there is a bar of chocolate with my name on it in the fridge...that should do me for later.

So tomorrow is more of the same.  I have two really difficult on line Daily Mail Sudoku and I've had to resort to paper and they're evil.  That should keep me out of mischief for tonight.  LN...They could take some time....LN

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Sunday 24th July

So it was a bit of a lazy morning but it was a late night.  Despite no sleep in the day I seemed not to have an ounce of sleep in me when it came to the bewitching hour.  I'd turned Filmon off fairly early resorting to my Sudoku and I forgot all about watching the live Mrs Brown's Boys and only thought about it this morning.  Ah well....next time.

So six fifteen start and the sun had beaten me yet again.  It was such a beautiful cloudless day that I stripped the bed, put the single feather quilt in the washing machine and it was out on the line by seven.  The bedding went in next and there was a fair breeze blowing but as with feathers, you need that as they seem to clump together and I wonder how ducks manage.  Garden watered, the hydrangeas that I dug up yesterday are now back in the ground but with grass cuttings dug into the soil and hopefully this should retain more water and give bulk to it.  The choisya has had the same treatment, that was looking a little sick this morning.   I also took the nasturtiums from the container and they're now planted out and should do better with more depth to the roots.  I moved breeze blocks from the workshop to the terrace, swept it and cleared it and using a couple of four by twos as I like to call them, made a perching bench on the workshop terrace and all that by ten thirty.  I was hungry but didn't know what I wanted so put the computer on, caught the tail end of Andrew Marr and ended up watching a program where a fat lady was saying that she was mortally wounded when being told that fat wasn't healthy and she should do something to prolong her chances of not becoming diabetic.  She was very irate and said that she had nothing wrong with her....so be it...in denial.  Computer off since there was nothing worth watching and it amazes me that it's mostly antiques, cooking and gardening programmes....OK if you like that sort of thing....anaesthetic for the television cooks and gardeners but I'd rather have the real thing.....

Early lunch - late breakfast called and I found a veal escalope in the freezer so it was that slapped between two slices of toast and slathered with mayo and tomato sauce.  I did have a side dish of beetroot for the salad combination.  Settled in with a few games on the Kindle, it was too hot to be out there gardening and it was siesta time waking up at four this afternoon.  Washing in and bed made up ready for tonight.  I've just had a shower and washed my hair and I was out in my dressing gown on the sunbed to dry off and chill only coming in to dry my hair and get into something cooler.  No supper for me....might be crisps later.  Off to water the garden then on to my next book....I'm sticking with her for a while...too lazy to search for another series yet awhile.  LN...the garden calls...LN

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No I can't identify the buttermoth on the outside of the glass!
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Elsa Peters
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Monday 25th July

Butter moth Jean....have we just made a new category?  I found a new one today...medium sized black and white but by the time that I'd got the camera it had gone and haven't seen one since.  Thank you for your input...haha...

Beautiful morning again and the sun was up before me again.  I wasn't late, six fifteen but the day had started.  It was coffee, terrace, watering and the work I did yesterday on the ailing plants seems to have worked.  The choisya is standing up for itself as are both hydrangeas.  I know it's early days and they are still in intensive care but they won't be moving into the side wards anytime soon...

I was down to the bread van for the morning gathering and to pick up my bread and cheesy bun for breakfast.  On the way back with my Avatar there was a bit of a discussion going on between Avatar and Besir, the lady that I did the last photograph for.  Now this was all in Turkish but I read body language well and I guessed that she wanted another photograph doing and Avatar had refused to ask me.  Beyser went to her house and I continued with Avatar and I'd read her well and it was confirmed and Avatar said there was no one she was going to ask me to do it for her.  I went home and I settled down on the terrace under the umbrella with my cheesy bread and more coffee and was tackling the bastard sudoku that's bugged me since Friday and I heard the latch on the gate.  Beyser came into the garden with some tomatoes and eggs in a bowl and promptly went into her purse, came out with money and a photograph.  I took the photograph, told her to put her money away, transferred the goodies into one of my own bowls and virtually sent her on her way.  Half an hour later I'd done it and delivered it to her and now I need some more frames...I'm getting pretty low.

So my task for today was to unpick the quilting on a cot bumper that I'd bought in my cheapy shop.  The material is Pooh Bear, double sided but the pictures don't line up on both sides so I'm having to take it apart before I tackle the next phase of the project which is to make it into a soft book for a child.  Job's a guddun.  It was very soothing sitting in the shade beavering away on something so mundane and the next stage is to get it washed to see if the original machine hole will close up again before I get creative...fingers crossed.  I did stop for lunch and made a very substantial tuna mayo sandwich on the fresh bread that I'd got this morning and I don't thing there's room for anything else until tomorrow.  

Early posting tonight....I might be in Kardjali with my student tomorrow...it depends if their guests are in or out or I might just happen to find a pool I need a break from hot sweaty days.  Water for the garden and shower for me and that bastard sudoku is about to get started...yet again...LN..I just hate being beaten...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 26th July

Normal morning and thank goodness the plants are responding to the love and attention that I’ve been giving them with the digging in of old grass cuttings.  Now why didn’t I put it straight on the garden instead of lugging it down the bottom of the garden to dump it.  I shall know for the end of this year and the beginning of next.  I suppose the problem is that there will be some seeds in it but if I put manure on…the seeds come out but coated for extra germination.  The lesser of two evils.

The washing is still out there….it’s time I went out there and got it in but everything has been an effort today.  I was doing OK until around twelve, I’d cooked poached eggs for breakfast and they sat comfortably.  There was a brief spell of activity when I removed the welcome mats and the wooden platform by the front door and used a varnish on it putting back some colour.  I also took the plastic window out leaving the frame in place.  I usually take it down but there’s no man around and it’s very heavy so it can stay.  I did emails and played around on FB, succeeded with the DM Sudoku in quicksticks, got the Kindle out and promptly fell asleep.  I was out for about an hour or so, toyed with the idea of going some where for a swim but there were clouds scooting over the sun and I felt it wasn’t worth the effort so I settled on the terrace in the shade and read my book.

The washing is in, the sun has gone down and I’ve taken a few photos.  The village children were out, they were on their way to somewhere and offer an ‘hello’ greeting if they see me and giggle because they are speaking my language not theirs.  I’m in for the night now….destined for the kitchen to find something for supper but I’ll leave it for a while until the hunger pains start…if they do.  LN…I’m hoping for better weather tomorrow…LN

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Wednesday 27th July

Funny old day.  I caught the sun this morning with the camera....as I opened the bedroom curtain I saw it very red in the sky so it was up to the upstairs balcony for a couple of shots.  I grabbed a coffee and took it outside to have a few minutes before I watered the garden, came inside and sat at my desk to sort a few things and noticed the woodpecker on my tall fir.  Realising the camera was now outside and I'm in it reminded me of the barrel of bricks ...and I met the barrel coming down...it always seems to be in the wrong place for casual shots.  So I crept downstairs and went out of the lounge terrace door very gently and suddenly there was a flash and Harold Hare.....mentioned in previous post....was legging it to the bottom of the garden.  Quick as a flash I grabbed the camera, all thoughts of the woodpecker had gone and it crossed my mind that there was a stone wall now and how was Harold going to negotiate it.....and he did.  He promptly jumped on top of it, sat for a while and then scampered off and out to the hillside.  Beatrix Potter eat your heart out and I'm guessing that my beetroot have no tops on them and I wondered why there didn't seem much improvement despite my constant watering....and now I know.

Next job was to clean out the half oil barrel that's been sitting near the garage for the last few months.  That going to find a use on the workshop terrace with a tree in it to add shade to the area.  Down to the bread van and saw that Haciber had visitors from Sweden having coffee in the garden.  They greeted me in Bulgarian, I responded in Swedish, they asked me where I was going and in a mixture of Bulgarian and Turkish I said that I was after bread for breakfast.  What a multicultural village I live in.  Boiled eggs for breakfast and four more left in for hard boilers, buttered toast and more coffee and then up to the desk to check up on emails and FB.  I posted Harold and his photo and there were lots of responses to one of last night's sunset that I'd posted.  Around ten or so the Librarian arrived with one her neighbours and asked if I would go with them to Kardjali to visit her other neighbour in hospital.  I think I was going along as translator but there appeared to be no one to ask how he was and not being family I doubt they would have told us anyway.  We went down to the hospital shop to see if they could top up his mobile phone but they hadn't got access to the internet and when we got back to the three bed ward our patient had his PJ's part way down waiting for an injection.  In my usual fashion as the nurse was about to make the injection I asked if he wanted a photo taking and I thought the man in the next bed was going into a fit of laughing...I only hope he hadn't got many stitches.  We left the neighbour to keep watch and we headed down to town to get it topped up in the shop and then back to the hospital, lunch of soup bread and yogurt drink followed by creme caramel and all for the princely sum of eight leva for the three of us.    We had a brief trip round the market, I bought a water melon for eighty stotinki and I was home for two thirty.

I checked messenger and Gouldjan had left me a message to ask if I would be in so I confirmed that she was still at work, would be there until four so I set to buy my paint for the wood smartening up and a tin of metal paint for the half oil barrel.  I dropped the water bottles off for the oil recycling at the garage shop, bought the paint and picked Gouldjan up by the bottom supermarket.  Home just before five, I'm now on Harold watch and my camera is by my side and will remain there.  Not sure what's happening tomorrow.  It might be a swimming, it might be a painting day....it depends how I feel.  Another lovely day...LN...I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings...LN  

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Thursday 28th July

What a lovely day.  Sun was up before me but only just...a big red ball on the horizon.  No sign of Harold Hare and I hope it stays that way.  The lads from the village saw his picture on my wall and they really can't be trusted.  I know that he's quick and I'm hoping quick enough...

Out with my coffee and it is a beautiful time of the morning to be watching and listening to the birds with their different calls,  I got myself into gear and watered the garden and by seven thirty I was considering putting the buddleia.  It had flowered in its pot and was now looking to expand and looking a little distressed sitting on the terrace.  So down to the bottom of the garden I went armed with shovel and garden fork, one plant pot containing the said bush and a ten litre bottle of water.  I'd given it a good soak last night and talked to it this morning telling it what was going to happen but there was no reply so maybe buddy was going along with the idea.  There was a lot of digging to do.  Firstly I had to remove the gigantic weed that was growing there, pretty as it was and then it was a matter of removing, broken roof tiles, one shoe which is quite normal, no jar tops this time round, stones and dug up concrete,  I've mentioned before that the bottom of the garden was the dumping ground and now I'm trying to reclaim it and partially succeeding.  So twenty minutes later the hole was dug and the pile of decent soil put to one side, I filled the bottom of the hole with the grass cuttings, from the heap, soaked it with water, put some of the soil on top, teased out some of the roots and in it went.  More grass round the outside of the stem and another heap of water on it.  I shall now sit back and wait and see if we are successful or not.  It's now in intensive care as they all are with the drought we are having.

Cooked late breakfast of mushrooms, bacon and egg, lay out for a while with yet another cup of coffee with the Kindle and then decided that I needed to be active so moved to the table, put the umbrella and unpicked the latest project and one step nearer to making it into a book.  Emula came into the garden and sat for a while and he was the bringer of bad tidings with relation to Harold.  I was very firm when I told him that if he touched it....it would be the last act he would do.  Nature's nature but no where my Harold is concerned..

Had a wash and changed into Djebel clothes deciding that I needed to get my insurance sorted just in case there's no time tomorrow.  I went in with a list and didn't refer to it all the time I was there but I think I got most things.  More picture frames, two ten litre bottles of water in case it goes off and a chair back support.  In fact I bought two.  As I walked back to the car I saw my favourite restaurant lady and she asked me what it was.  I explained and showed her on her office chair in the shop and she said she could do with one....and now she has one.  I went back and bought a second one and the girl was most confused until I related the story.  My lady wanted to pay me for it and I refused yelling 'podruk' as I walked away and laughing as I walked by her the second time clutching the new one.  Back to the car shop where I'd sorted my insurance and Gouldjan was waiting for me.  She's seen the car and again I've decided to paint the Beast yellow and become a taxi.

Home for six, chicken wings, potatoes and onions are in the oven and should be  ready in about half an hour, garden has to be watered first so I better get it into gear.  My new back rest is in situ and so far so good....had word to day that a friend has had a car accident but he's fine, just in shock and now the hose can wait..my supper is ready.  LN..I'm kitchen bound...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Friday 29th July

Out for five thirty and waited for the sun to come up and it didn't disappoint today.  Lovely red ball and it's been out all day with a vengeance.  Normal morning with coffee on the terrace and watched a grass hopper or concrete hopper and not sure which, watered the garden and realised that what I thought was a jasmine that came out as a stick from the UK is actually a Japonica Kerria since it now has a small yellow flower on it.  Need to go back to the UK and find the real thing this time.  Took a few photos of the shrike and then set to at the bottom of the garden intending to dig a hole to take another forsythia but I think I hit bed rock.  I'm going to fill it up with water tomorrow to see if anything happens to it....if it doesn't drain away no point in planting anything.  I came in at ten...it was just too hot out there, made some toast and got on the sofa with the Kindle.  I didn't have to be anywhere until one thirty but by eleven thirty the eyes were going so I rested for a short time or so I thought but waking up at one I had to get into gear so to speak.  Shower and hair washed and new nails by one thirty awaiting my chauffeur to take us to Kardjali for a little shopping and then on to the restaurant for a late lunch. We hit Stenata at four and had a super meal, into the car and then off to Plovdiv airport, the holiday is over for the Librarian's second born and his wife but they had a good send off. We took the cross country route through Assenovgrad to the airport and arrived just before seven so if anyone wants to visit....Stanstead Plovdiv is much better to any of us in the south.

We said our goodbyes and home for just before ten...we've made good time and tomorrow were off to Kardjali to get the work finished that we didn't managed to do today with a nine start.  Enough of an update...I'll make up for it with pickies.  LN....I need to get my beauty sleep...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 30, 2016, 6:47pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 30th July

Disturbed night last night.  I went to sleep for a while then felt exceptionally as if I wanted to relieve my stomach of its contents and went back to thinking that I'd had nothing since that impressive meal.  I wasn't sick but the perspiration was pouring off me so back to bed but sitting upright and eventually I gave an almighty burp and eventually go off to sleep.  I can only think that I'd eaten too much and it was a digestive problem.  Up half the night meant that I didn't wake until eight twenty, the sun was up, the bread van had long gone and I had half an hour to get my town gear on...the Librarian was due.  I managed to water the pot plants and the newly planted buddliea but that was about it.  I took the car out and pointed it in the direction of the rough road but that all changed when she got here....we were taking her car down to the garage to get the headlight bulbs changed for some that would actually light up the road not the dash.

Into to town via the garage explaining a couple of other problems that needed sorting, cheapy clothes shop where I picked up a large pillow case that I can make into a wall hanging for my upstairs bedroom, into the shoe shop where we got told off for opening boxes to find the colour and size that we wanted and bought nothing just to make them completely happy.   Finished at Lidl so I could pick up some more fizzy water and bumped into Bekir my builder and we sort of agreed that he will be with me in September to finish the wall, get the terrace done and a little work on the corner of the second house.  Back to the garage where they'd managed to fix a couple of problems and had checked out other things surrounding the main problem but were too busy to really identify it.  We transferred over the shopping and off she went to look after the remaining guests.

I parked up, unpacked the shopping, got the first load of washing on the go, pegged it out and started the second.  It's not that clothes get dirty here, too much perspiration and you need to freshen them up.  New pillow case as a wall hanging is now on the project list.  I sat out for a while in the shade with my Kindles checking emails and eventually reading but the eyelids were heading south so I moved inside.  I'd got the huge patio umbrella up and using a bungee cord I attach it to the bench in case the wind really gets up and I was woken but the bench being dragged across the terrace so up I shot and spent the next ten minutes trying to get the umbrella down since the wind appeared to get up to gale force.  Eventually I managed it, back to my sofa bed and off I went again until five.  

Action stations:  Washing in, garden watered which takes about an hour, the hojja sang me a blessing as I carried out my tasks and I think he's anew one that likes to improvise a little.  By now I've got to know the tune and a lot of the words...with this guy I recognised little...bring back the old ...pretty please.

I caught the sun going down and it looked really huge tonight so I'm going to post a couple of shots but it was very limited in the photographic department today.  I'll show you the pillow case picture when it's done...it's on the agenda for tomorrow....the swimming pools will be far too busy to put in an appearance.

So just after half nine my time and where did the evening go.  Potter day tomorrow....no visits to make ....and no supper,  I don't want a re-run of last night.  LN...Rested but ready for bed...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 31, 2016, 4:27pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 31st July

Six fifteen start to the day and it was all systems go...well for a time anyway.  I did sit out reading this morning until I had to resort to the mosquito spray for some very small little flying hazards and I didn't want to get a new lot of bites now that the ankle ones have more or less gone.  They's only the odd scars where the urge to scratch and pick are left.  At seven thirty I was up for the second cup of coffee and I burst into action clearing the long bench under the kitchen window and moving it on to the yard.  I got out the paint and brush from the little house and the bench is now painted and protected for another couple of years.  Not content with that I moved on to the bench and table under the trees by the garage and those are now done and it was only half past nine and still not much heat in the sun despite there not being a cloud in the sky.  

Breakfast called and so it was out with a packet of bacon but it didn't go without a hiccup.  There must have been lots of water in the bacon and the hot fat shot out of the pan and onto my arm.  I slapped it under the cold tap and put some liquid soap on it to break up the grease but it's been stinging and has left a red mark but no blisters.  I cursed a little, turned down the heat and managed to fry and egg and enjoyed a bacon and egg sandwich...as they say...no pain no gain....   I left the bench out in the yard until it was dry and dragged it back into situ and it looks much better.  I've got the outside sink one to do next but the mood had dissipated...tomorrow is another day.  I did manage to repot one large cactus that I agreed to look after for a winter four years ago and I remembered to wear gloves this time round...vicious things,  They should only be allowed to grow in the desert.

As for the rest of the day...there had been a pretty strong wind blowing all day.  The umbrella went up this morning but came down pretty quickly since it was at a peculiar angle despite being attached to the bench and it's been a little Filmon sort of day. I lay out on the sunbed with the Kindle at about four thirty to catch some sun and the eyes did close for half an hour or so.  I came in at six thirty, had a shower and feel better for it and I'll be out with the hose pipe as soon as I've posted.

Nothing on for tomorrow at the moment....it's been a very pleasant day..... LN..Hose pipe at the ready...now go...LN

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