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JULY 2017
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Elsa Peters
July 1, 2017, 4:41pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 1st July

Update will be later.....my main machine has been commandeered....and no way I can manipulate pickles on this little thing.

White rabbits and all that jazz....
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Elsa Peters
July 2, 2017, 6:19pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 2nd July

Well that promise of a late update didn't happen....sunshine superman acca my guest decided to update my old laptop to Windows 7 and since the laptop didn't respond to my wifi...my connecting cable from my big machine was removed from mine and put into the laptop.  With only another one hundred and twenty updates to go I gave up and went to bed...a girl has only so much stamina after temperatures in the upper thirties.

Seven start this morning and after emergency watering yesterday for a very forlorn and dehydrated hydrangea...the rest of the garden got the same treatment....both hoses on the go and sprinkler system in place.  Just as well it was well up into the thirties again today and I'm about to go out and give them a top up.  Breakfast and then my little neighbour's daughter gave me a yell from the bottom of my wall and I suddenly remembered that I'd promised her a Suffolk latch for her door since her mother has arthritis and can't manage the one that was fitted.  So tools at the ready....my guest became a workman for the morning and despite having to plane the door to make it fit the door frame...between us we managed it with me as labourer and it now works.  I've told her not to tell the rest of the village where she got it from...they're too expensive to get posted over here.  After that we went down to the village spring to fill up the water bottles.  My Avatar was down there with her daughter in law and we sat watching them fill theirs and then we filled ours.  I took pity on my neighbour's daughter, she'd walked about five kilometres  yesterday pulling the load in a granny trolley...it was a my suggestion that we used the Beast and came back with enough to last them.  

Home by three and the laptop has at last loaded the Windows updates and is on its own connection and I'm back to normal.  It was at my suggestion that we went to Djebel and tried out the swimming pool behind the police station and it wasn't as busy as I thought it would be.  As usual there were lots of young lads working off their energy jumping and diving but also several young families which was nice to see.  It's quite a big pool so you feel you have your own space and can move around easily.  

Dried and dressed by seven and we headed into Djebel town and found another restaurant that I've not used before.  There were very attentive waitresses, food ordered, delivered, eaten without any fuss and a bill that certainly wasn't going to break the bank.  So home James by eight thirty....my neighbour's daughter has just been round with some flowers as a thank you and we've settled on a trip to Greece when things settle down again...when she hasn't so much gardening to do.

Sun's down...nothing planned for tomorrow yet...I'll have to check out the weather.  It's supposed to be changing and getting cooler with perhaps some rain...I hope not...I'm getting used to it.  LN....To hose, to hose.....LN

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Elsa Peters
July 2, 2017, 6:23pm Report to Moderator

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And this afternoon

Attachment: and_todays_venue_7333.jpg
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Attachment: space_to_move_5665.jpg
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Attachment: boys_at_play_25.jpg
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Elsa Peters
July 3, 2017, 6:59pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 3rd July

Six start and the red sun was just a glimmer between the mountains and the clouds.  I was out with the camera....the forecast for today wasn't good and we were expecting thunder and lightening by nine but it was much later...it didn't arrive until three this afternoon and boy didn't it throw it down.

It was a super morning for gardening...it was cool, there was a breeze and I was out there until eight thirty when I came in to cook breakfast.  The internet was down earlier on but after breakfast I caught up with my Sudoku and daily 'horror-scopes' courtesy of the Daily Mail and then down to get the bonfire fired up....what a routine I have.  Back to the gardening and removed the poppies from in front of the side beds and planted up some of the flowers that I was given last night.  I didn't bother watering them in...I knew what was coming later.  I came in when the thunder started and took down the internet and it got darker and much louder.  Eventually the wind got up, the clouds closed in and you couldn't see the mountains and then the heavens opened and not only rain but really large hail stones which bounced over the terraces and the gutters had problems containing the downpour....it was shooting off in all directions.  In retrospect...I should have got the cushions in from the outside chairs but it was too late....they'll dry off eventually.

So that downpour went away, blue sky emerged with fluffy white clouds and the mountains were revealed again.  There was a brief shower which seemed to come from nowhere and really didn't last but the air is much fresher even though the temperature seems to be rising again.  Tomorrow is forecast to be sun and cloud and I'm staying around...I have three deliveries that should be made from various couriers...we'll see what turns up.  The items coming from Germany I've tried to use the tracking number for but it states that the items have been passed to a local courier and no mention of the name.....Situation normal then.  

Just watched my first Wimbledon of the year....two British ladies through to the second round....still a long way to go though.  I'll be square eyed by the end of it.  Supper of chilli sausages with white beans and my was it spicy.  It called for a large dollop of  yogurt to cool it down.  So the sun has gone down, no need to water the garden for the next week by the amount that came down....I exaggerate....but nothing for tonight.  LN....A book at bedtime for me....LN

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Attachment: and_it_broke_through_7901.jpg
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Elsa Peters
July 4, 2017, 4:55pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 4th July

Seven start this morning and I sat out with my coffee watching the hillside and suddenly there he was....Harold my hare and in fact there were two of them....Mr and Ms Harold.  They shot off in different directions, I shot off into the house and grabbed the camera and focused on where I'd seen them and back came one of them.  Yesterday morning I was out at six and caught a glimpse of movement in the garden but by the time I'd focused the camera it had gone but I was rewarded this morning...

Out to hang out the cushions from yesterday where they had got completely saturated and noticed that the bowls and buckets were full...the plants were having a good drink.  I sat on the mesh chair which was the only one salvaged drinking my coffee and then took to a spot of gardening before my day really began.  The bread van arrived and had failed to toot his horn at the stop prior to mine so I was still in my PJ's as he shot down to the square.  Unabashed I neatened up my hair and headed down for eggs and bread and told the ladies that they were in fact PJ's and not my day attire.  They were respectable enough....

Decision of the day was to take away the bonfire pit and it's going to be filled with different types of berberis and summer flowers.  It's been good while it lasted but it much more suits the bottom of the garden and to have it in half a barrel and this afternoon I removed the bricks from   the surround and the metal and unfortunately think I have unhoused a lizard, a frog and some very big spiders.  The bricks are at the bottom of the garden and I think I might be constructing a bug shelter down there...symbiotic living.  Tree trimmed and the area tidied at the front of the garage, cows fed on the trimmings and one huge bramble removed so that the roses can flourish.

Jacket potatoes are in and the remains of last night's chilli will be warmed up to fill them.....almost eight my time so duty calls.  LN....I'm kitchen bound...LN

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Attachment: found_on_the_terrace_8432.jpg
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Elsa Peters
July 4, 2017, 4:58pm Report to Moderator

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And a few more

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Attachment: girls_heading_back_1701.jpg
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Attachment: best_sort_of_tobacco_997.jpg
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Elsa Peters
July 5, 2017, 4:18pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 5th July

It was a seven start this morning and the woodpeckers were back firstly on my special tree but it moved up into the canopy so there were just a few shots and secondly on the red plum.  There looked like really good pickings.  I didn't see Harold but the sheep came over early so he was probably tucked away for safety, especially with the dogs looking after the sheep.  So the next incident was that the martins swamped the single nest that I have on the little house as if trying to encourage the baby to leave the nest.  It's little head was out and he was being fed, there must have been fifteen to twenty around the nest at the time...spot mother if you can...

Boiled eggs for breakfast for a change, emails and sudoku, and then I set about tidying up the debris from the tree chopping last night.  I'd put the branches out for the cows but needed to take the remains down the lane.  I cleared it all and scraped the old leaf and soil from the area and dumped it in the new flower bed/bonfire pit and I'm still undecided what to grow in there...and think I'll leave it for a time.  The next area to be assaulted was the old wood that had been dumped at the bottom of the garden.  It was made up of a mixture of the cheap facing wood and decent planks bought for the wall building and now it's sorted...good wood in and the old stuff is stacked against the long wall.  It just makes life easier.  

Order of the day is tennis....I watched the Konta match and she is through to the third round.  Brilliant game, three sets and both could have won....but the BG number one triumphed.  Andy Murray is now playing the German with long flowing locks...I've got the sound on and will go back to watching it after I've posted.  Wimbledon is ace....

Out for supper tonight....I really can't be bothered cooking so I need a shower and shampoo, it's seven my time, so better get into gear.  LN...I'll update on the venue...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 6, 2017, 5:58pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 6th July

Well for the first time this year I was woken by a pesky mosquito with that high pitched drone in my ear....I sat up quickly, put the light on, escaped to the loo and there it was again....Out with the spray....the bathroom was done first and then the bed area and I've heard nothing since but seen no dead bodies.  Tonight I'll be out there with the spray before I settle my weary head...

Down for coffee at six thirty and my guest was already up....it could have been my thumping about that disturbed him.  I took my coffee on to the terrace and closed the door behind me so that the house temperature didn't dip but there was no real need.  As the sun came up so did the temperature and we've had a beautiful cloudless day and up in the thirties.  Breakfast of scrambled and toast and I went out water the garden and Remsier's grand-daughter was in the garden.  Apparently they had received a message from the post office to say that there was a letter for me so at ten I was into the Beast to go and fetch it.  As I set off I saw the man hanging around the garden next to mine and certain people in the village have suggested that he was tapping in to my internet.  I drove very slowly by him and had my window down and he really gave him the 'stare'.  He wasn't talking on the phone so I wasn't really sure what was going on...something didn't feel right but no way would be know my password without he took a guess and struck lucky.  So off to the post office and she wasn't there and I was told that it would be eleven before she arrived so I headed back home and picked up two really elderly ladies who wanted a lift to my village.  They managed to scramble in but I made sure that I helped them out....I don't carry insurance for injuries...

Back to the post office for one fifteen, on to Djebel and then on to Kardjali and to the new swimming pool I'd heard about.  Not far out of the town, easy to get to and not too crowded with the benefit of a pool attendant blowing his whistle readily for anyone gaming around.  We managed to get a couple of sunbeds fairly easily, the pool is large so wasn't crowded out and I really enjoyed my time in the water.  I'm a little pink round the edges but that's to be expected.

Kaufland and Lidl armed with a shopping list so no great shocks...Came back the back way and home for a reasonable time.  I've just had ten minutes with my Avatar discussing my internet thief and if she sees him from her window she's going to give me a call.  We both decided thought that he would be better in a green t-shirt not a red one...then he would blend into the bushes.  Anyway...supper calls...French stick and cold meats...it should fill the gap.  LN...Kitchen bound...LN

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Elsa Peters
July 7, 2017, 8:23pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 7th July

So I woke at six this morning, read until seven and then got my head down again until nine.  After that I was trying to play catch up all day.  Bacon and eggs for breakfast eventually, I went down to see if my farmer had got my sheep droppings ready but he was just about to take the sheep for their water so I arranged to go back at eleven.  On my way down the man that I think is taking my internet was there again but this time in a green shirt...he must have been reading yesterday's blog...

So at eleven I took the Beast down to the farmyard, pulled it into the hard and the farmer and his grandson were filling up the bags for me.  I'd only asked for five but he was busy doing nine and they managed to fit them into the Beast.  I offered to pay...he refused payment but I forced five leva into his hand and suggested that he gave it to his grandson for working on the farm.  He's a student at the language school so probably needs the cash.  So home with my booty and three bags have gone into the new bed, one down the flower bed under the front wall, one is for the little house side beds, three have gone into the original veg garden and one more for the bottom of the garden.  It's not all been distributed yet but it's in situ.  The new bed surround is in place and ready to be planted up.

I did manage to get the lawnmower underway this afternoon and complete half of the garden...the second half I shall do tomorrow....the rest of the day has been taken up by tennis coverage and I've only just finished watching Andy almost getting thrashed.  If the Italian could have played a more controlled game he would have won....very inspirational play.

While I was watching the tennis I saw a cat on the newly mown lawn and it appeared to be eating something but I couldn't make it out.  When it sauntered up the garden I noticed that there was a white patch still on the lawn so I was out with the camera and it was the remains of a small snake.  I didn't know that cats went for snakes...but they are now welcome in my garden.  

Quick shower for me now that the tennis is finished.  There's nothing much on the agenda for tomorrow so far....but I think it might be time to visit a pool.  LN....Time for tennis catch up....LN

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Attachment: bit_gory_7946.jpg
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Attachment: trying_to_work_it_out_4447.jpg
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Attachment: these_seem_to_have_taken_5761.jpg
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Attachment: billy_moon_3221.jpg
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Elsa Peters
July 8, 2017, 5:34pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 8th July

Back to my six thirty starts and I ate all the bubble gum and spread the jam....this is thanks to Candy Crush.  I realised that I'd left the hose on the garden all night so went out to switch it off...everything was still standing and not too waterlogged and the plants look healthier for it.  On to the next station and dropped the hose off and switched on the outside tap....in this heat...the plants really need it.  So the remains of the poppies have been dug up...I've only one bed to tackle.  They are looking really bedraggled with only a few flowers so it was over the wall with them.

The final plant surround was sorted and is in place....it does look a little bit Brahms and List...I think it's the lie of the land.  Planted up another couple of tobacco into one of the poppy gaps under the main terrace wall...one is looking good ....the other I think needs a little more time.  As for the rest of the garden....I was surprised by a gladiola that suddenly appeared.  It' a beautiful two tone and there are four of its mates ready to burst forth.  The oleander is in full flower,the weigelas are all doing well and they'll all do better when I get that sheep poo down and out of the bags.

So this afternoon it was back to the swimming pool in Kardjali.  They appear to hitch up the prices for Saturday and Sunday but you certainly don't get the jumpers there and if you do, the man is soon out with his whistle.  Home for eight....I didn't fancy stopping off for food....I felt clean and tired after my three swims, managing to do about ten widths of a very wide pool each time, so I think it might be a ham sandwich or fish fingers if I can raise the energy.  The swimming things are in the washing machine and will be out on the line ready for tomorrow...shame not to.  LN....It's been a good day....LN

Attachment: beautiful_gladiola_1569.jpg
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Attachment: and_the_oleander_2013.jpg
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Attachment: buddlea_flowering_2386.jpg
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Attachment: weigela_1509.jpg
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Attachment: sheep_droppings_waiting_to_be_spread_3053.jpg
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Attachment: two_new_petunia_pots_7951.jpg
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Attachment: stacked_for_doing_stuff_with_2646.jpg
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Attachment: and_off_it_goes_7678.jpg
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