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MARCH 2018
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Elsa Peters
March 29, 2018, 4:38pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 29th March

Seven twenty this morning and it was straight through after watching the re-hash of The Full Monty...brilliant....and for such a good cause.  I made my way down to the bread van for fresh bread, eggs and cheesy bread for breakfast and it was cold out there despite the sun.  I'd put my wellingtons on and really enjoyed stamping in the puddles and my ladies really did smile as they saw me walking down the street. I came back and had the cheesy bread with coffee, tidied the kitchen and then headed out to see what was happening in the garden.  I checked out the pots on the little terrace and knew the reason why I was cold last night despite a fire going well.  There was a film of ice on the water that had collected on the top of each pot. so I drained it off and today's task was to sort out the pots, get out the ones that needed sunlight and clean up the geranium pots from last year ready for putting out.  Lots of the 'twigs' that I'd put in last year have now got little green buds in the nodes and I'll find out what they are when the leaves come out.

The Librarian was due this morning, I'd let her borrow my Kindle to start on the Game of Thrones since I hadn't been able to load them onto her Kindle when she was over on Friday. I tried another cable that I had and this one managed to make the connection.  I took off a load of books that she'd finished, loaded the new and there is only book five in two parts that she'll have to read on mine.  I bought them from Amazon and you can't seem to copy them over.  We sat out in the garden with coffee until the wind got up and nearly blew us off the terrace.  We moved inside and watched the first video of Game of Thrones....it was to put faces to names when she reads the books.

We had lunch of cold meats with beans, beetroot and cheese which filled the gap and off she went at around two thirty and I went back to my pots.  I'd intended digging more of the weeds out but I'll leave it for another day of good weather and it should make it easier.  The garden is still under water in places but the clover and chickweed love it.  Gardening day tomorrow for sure...nothing else to do....not a bad life.     LN...Ladies Full Monty tonight....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 30, 2018, 5:10pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th March

So last night was a very late night again.  I stayed up to watch the ladies version of The Full Monty and what a brave lot they were.  Let's hope the message get across and well done for the ladies that had had mastectomies...they were touching on some very raw feelings.  The things that you don't know about celebrities...I wasn't really feeling like sleep at the end of it so I settled in for another episode of Game of Thrones...very gory...just the thing for bedtime...

Seven fifteen start and the sun was already up.  It wasn't so cold last night but the wind was still pretty cold.  I settled for toast for breakfast with marmalade and got up the courage to get out there and set to on the biggest of the gardens along the wall but firstly I got out the strimmer and attacked the grass in front of the house.  I'd charged up both batteries or so I thought but I' thinking that they are old and remain cold.  I used up the charge that was in both of them and now they show a red light when I put them back on the chargers.  Next thing on the list is to buy one with a new charger and see how we go.  I've not done the research yet on price and  availability...why is nothing simple.  Llidl give them three years guarantee but I've a feeling that it doesn't include the battery.

Anyway...back to digging and it was really hard going.  The ground is still very wet and the soil was clinging on the the roots and the roots were clinging on to the soil....so much so that I've knacked my wrist and am back to wearing my wrist support.  In for a rest and had a little kip and back out there again.  I'm amazed though, I've knocked off sixteen thousand steps on the Fitbit so it must have done something for the weight.  I've got a new target weight that I'm heading for ...and the activity will get more as the weather get's better.

I came in a six and lit the fire and used a lot of the really old wood from the little house.  I'm determined to get rid of the heap in the front bedroom of the little house so that when the men come back the window can be removed and the door installed and I need to order a new door for the wood store that leads out to the patio.  It's got a door without a lock on it and when your working in the garden and need one of the tools, it means walking round to the garage entrance to get in there.  So chicken legs went in to the oven after I'd lit the fire, I went out again to tidy up and worked for another fifteen minutes on the garden.  I should finish it tomorrow....all being well.

Only a couple of pickies of the working area today....I've been too busy.  LN..Chicken is ready....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 31, 2018, 5:13pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 31st March

Well it was a six thirty start but I decided to stay in the nest...I was just to cosy to begin the day and it was just before eight when I came to for the second time.  That bah that I was going to have last night got delayed until this morning....coffee and a couple of bananas for breakfast and I luxuriated for an hour or so.  I tried to get on the internet and I kept getting the message that it was 'Resolving Host' which in this neck of the woods that I'm connected to their servers but it's not going out to the outside world.  The solution was to get the Targa external drive fired up and I watched another episode of Game of Thrones.  I kept trying out the internet and ended up closing down the system, bringing it up again and lo and behold...we were connected.

Made my Easter cards today for my ladies....and suddenly realised that I needed to get some eggs to go with them.  I set off for Djebel and the choice was very limited so I carried on to Kardjali, Billa first, Kaufland and Lidl and got together quite a selection.  I'd printed cards off before leaving and put them into gift bags so assembled pressies for Both students and their families.  It's not Easter here until next week so I don't know how that works...but they're having theirs tomorrow.  Both are delivered and I was home for about five thirty...where has the day gone.

Tomorrow out for lunch with the Librarian and Mrs D of S plus the little one....well it is Easter Sunday in my book and I have a few more eggs to deliver.  It's the Voice tonight on ITV...live semis but it's on father late now that Ant and Dec, well one of them, has been forgiven his trespasses. I suppose there's such a lot of money involved.  Just finished supper and I seem to think there's a bag of marshmallows in the kitchen with my name on them.....rude not to.  LN...Another month bites the dust...LN

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