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Elsa Peters
August 31, 2018, 4:46pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 31st August

Again a six thirty start and I was pleased to wake up...I had one of those dreams that you want to come out of and just can't.  It was a leisurely wash and dress putting on the same jeans from yesterday but with a clean t-shirt and I remembered to apply deodorant...the days are long and hot and there's work to do.  I met my bread wagon along the road so stopped and got fresh bread and a cheesy bun and that was my breakfast.  As I brought the men back he was in the next village and I stopped him and got breakfast for the boys...my treat for the day.  So made them coffee to go with breakfast and I sat out on the terrace and enjoyed mine...well most of it...the birds got the rest.  So Bekir's challenge was to find a piece of kit for applying the tile cement and bearing in mind that we'd not used it for seven years I was at a loss at to where it was.  I rarely throw anything away that looks vaguely like it is a special piece of kit so after searching for ten minutes, the next option was to drive into Djebel and buy a new on...CBA on the search front and I was looking for it on and off all day and didn't managed to find it but at least work was getting done.  We had a con-flab about how the tiles had to be laid.  It's an old house and nothing is really straight but we do what we can and now they're down and they'll do...the only outstanding bit is how we match up with existing hall tiles but I'll give it some thought over the weekend.  So outside is more or less complete apart from the window sill tiles...but we're getting there.

So Kardjali tomorrow for another ten tiles...the floor area was calculated but not the surrounds.  I think that Bekir thought thee was more left from the bathroom ..just need another ten.  I'm heading out now to water the garden...I've finished tidying now they're back home, the yard is cleared and I've put the tools away that they left out.  Pork chops with barbecue sauce are in the oven with potato wedges and they should be ready in about ten so time to post pickies.  LN....We've had a good day....LN

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