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JUNE 2019
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Elsa Peters
June 11, 2019, 6:02pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 11th June

I watched television until quite late last night so this morning's start wasn't that great.  I was in a dream that I wanted to carry on with but can I remember it now?  Not on your life.  Out on the terrace with a coffee, walked the garden and noticed that my new bottom garden is coming along in leaps and bounds.  The new yellow bush is putting on loads of new little leaves and is looking very healthy.  The bonfire had burnt everything away so I poked and prodded and removed the tin cans and they'll go to the container tomorrow...I found other things to do.  I planted up the sun daisies that I'd bought the other day from Kaufland and the geraniums went into one of the existing geranium pots with a pace and the other in the old fridge that's by the little house wall.  I topped them all up with new compost to give them a few more nutrients.

Poached eggs on toast for breakfast but what a let down the eggs were.  They seemed to disintegrate as I cracked them into the water and they'll be scrambled next time.  They didn't seem to want to stay together and they were only freshly bought yesterday, probably freshly laid but not delivered and sold quickly enough.  I'll stick to the Kaufland eggs in future.  

Off to Kardjali by twelve, I paid my telephone bills, went to the cheapy shop and they were running a special promotion.  Three blouses for one leva....so I managed to find three that were made of cotton and bought some material to recover the outside furniture for a bargain price,  Kaufland for meat and a few more items and then on to Lidl for a few more things and home for five thirty up the back lane and we both wondered where the day had gone.

Supper of belly pork with barbecue spices, jacket potato with today's offering of the first picked broad beans and there's till more to pick.   I have more plants to go in tomorrow purchased from Kaufland and the garden shredder is up for it's premier performance ....and then the mulched for the winter.  LN....Time to switch off.....LN
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Elsa Peters
June 12, 2019, 6:51pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 12th June

Another dreadful night...I was hot, cold, out of the bedclothes and back under them and at six I was awake but shattered.  Downstairs by seven thirty, dressed and ready to get down to the bread van for some fresh white for me and a cheesy bread if he had one..and he did.   Lucky old me.  Bacon and eggs sandwiched between the cheesy bread,,,worth getting up for.  Washing up done and dusted, cheapy clothes from yesterday into the washing machine and out on the line by ten...and I still felt jaded.  

I planted out the chrysanthemums that I'd bought yesterday and threw more poppies out over the wall.  My guest  got hold of the lawnmower and started on the little house lawn so I got out the strimmer and did the parts that the mower didn't reach.  I also did round the garden surrounds so that when I managed to get my hands on the machine and finish off what my guest had started.  I'd strimmed until had no more to strim so I set to to put together my garden shredder.  I laid the box on its side and slid out the contents since it was too heavy to lift.  I read the instructions again and again and started the assembly very carefully.  I know me...I get stuck in and then realise that I've missed a step out so not this time.  The feet were easy to put on, I turned the stand upside down and placed it on top of the motor and at first couldn't find the four screw holes to attach top to bottom.  I eventually located them and in like Flynn....and on to the next stage.  Wheels on, my guest added the UK plug adaptor so that I could connect it to the supply...and that's as far as I got.  

I carried on clearing the new bottom garden taking out some old wild roses that have been left to their own devices and found a plant that has a label on it so must have come from somewhere....I'll have to get my book out.  Pork joint in the oven with jacket potatoes and I went back to my labours.  Tools away, supper served, melon for afters, washing up done, and the heavens are about to open.  The clouds came over very quickly and it's a good job that the grass was done today, another day of rain, and it would have been very long to cut.  

Quite stormy out there and we've just had the first claps of thunder.  Nothing fixed in stone for tomorrow...we'll see what the morning brings weathers-wise.  Internet was off due to the storm but back now.   LN....Better post quickly....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 13, 2019, 6:59pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 13th June

It appears I've been all to cock on the days and days of the week and at last I've sorted it.  I think it all came about when the internet went down and again today it's been up and down all day.and so much so that this is going to be short and sweet and at least I've got the date right.

Six start but then I went off again and it was nine before I graced my guest with my presence....I think he was on his second cuppa and my coffee was waiting for me on the table.  I took it outside on the terrace, beautiful morning but first job was to replace the cushions on the outside furniture.  When the heavens opened all was safely gathered in and I'm not sure where the cat slept last night.  Not mine but he seems to have adopted me and my terrace.  Cooked for breakfast and then I was out to the garden.  Bonfire first, a little more of the copse cut away and now it's to my liking....just a few more shrubs to go in.  The garden shredder came out and it's OK but not really doing the job.  It chunks it more that delivers it in a form not suitable for the compost and recommends that you put it through again.  Sod that for a cartload of monkeys......it was spread on the little lollipop garden after I'd removed the stones.  It should do OK

We had a couple of hours out of the sun...it was very hot today and we didn't go out again until round about four thirty.  Trouble is it makes the afternoon short and supper time soon comes round.  Before that though I did manage to weed and dig over a 'fallow' patch of garden and only fallow because I didn't plant anything in it.  There's a new forsythia cutting in a cutout near the bottom of the garden and fingers crossed it will do OK.  No gourmet for me tonight....it was cold pork, chippies and baked beans followed by melon and washing up done, update to finish and then an early night.  I did manage a shower and hair wash this morning but I could really do with another...I might just go and put the boiler on.  No pickies....I've been fortunate with the internet.  LN....Starry starry night and Billy Moon out....LN
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Elsa Peters
June 14, 2019, 5:25pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 14th June

The first balmy night of the so called summer and I was up at two thirty opening the door to the balcony and then snuggling down under the quilt.  Normal order was restored.  I was straight off back to sleep according to my Fitbit and went through to six thirty and dog dozed until seven thirty,  My coffee again was waiting for me on the table so I said my good mornings and disappeared on to the lounge terrace to enjoy what started off as being a super day.  

Breakfast of bacon, egg and fried bread, washing up done and I went out to water the patio plants and if I’d have read the weather reports, I needn’t have bothered.  I tried with the bonfire a couple of times and gave up, it was up in the thirties and I wasn’t up for pushing the boat out with anything.  I came in at twelve and took to the sofa with my Kindle but didn’t manage to get off for an afternoon nap.  My guest took to the sofa in the lounge and did nod off and I think his conversation with the sleep gods in the form of grunts kept me awake.  I was just about to get out there and strim the bottom of the garden round the new bed and start to dig out the new burning base and I heard the feint rumble of thunder and from that moment on the sky started to get darker over Momchilgrad. It seemed to be raining very heavily towards the north east and then we got it.  Down it came, hailstones the lot and gigantic winds that threw pots and shrubs everywhere.  That eased, it seemed to clear up and then down it came again but now it’s turned into a beautiful fresh evening and everything is very green with the evening sun shining.

I curried the rest of the pork joint for supper with melon to follow.  Everything is washed up and I’m not sure if this is going to post or not.  The internet again is very patchy so I’m writing it in Word with my fingers crossed….so excuse the spelling mistakes.

I need to go into Kardjali tomorrow to get some wood stain for the mirror stand that’s going into the downstairs bedroom and it might mean a trip into the cheapy shop…rude not to. Just noticed that there must be about forty starlings on the electricity cable taking the evening sun all jockeying for positions…funny birds.  LN….Let my evening begin….LN

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Elsa Peters
June 15, 2019, 4:40pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 15th June

Restless night....I was falling asleep in front of the television, my guest was running an anti-virus on my other machine, I went to bed, woke up and realised he'd left it running and the noise was irritating me.  Out of bed, checked the results on the screen and yes...it was asking for money to continue,  Now I run this 'paid for' program on this main machine so why pay for  more.  I only use the laptop if I'm heading out on holiday.  My ears are so sensitive that even the slightest noise disturbs me...deafness is not my problem...   Eventually I went back to sleep with the door open to the balcony and hoping that the heavens didn't happen and the rain crashed in.

Seven start and it was a bit of a dull old morning but I still took my coffee out disturbing the cat as I approached the sofa.  I went inside to make my second cup and again went outside to see if there was any damage from last night's storm and fortunately there wasn't.  There were flower pots in strange places so I collected those up, I noticed that the wind had blown the top off the bonfire and everything was saturated in there so lighting it was going to be a challenge and despite my best efforts...nothing roared in to life.  

Breakfast of poached egg with gammon on toast, list made and ready for Kardjali today.  I had wood stain to buy from the only shop that seems to stock it and a short shopping list including the bus ticket for my guest who leaves on Wednesday.  We stopped off in Djebel, my student's mum was outside their shop so we had a catch up on my student who is working his summer break from university in America.  She is so proud telling me that he's taken a second job to make up his money and bought a bike for twenty dollars so that he can get between jobs quicker.I asked her to send him my regards and we've decided that I now have to work on the little one with his English language lessons.  

We carried on to Kardjali, the old road is now open and was only closed to make it safe after a few rock falls.  Wood stain first, bus ticket second, second hand furniture shop third where I fell in love with a rocker-relaxer only to be told that it was already sold....boo-hoo.  It was a little expensive but it's a pity it couldn't be mine.  I found a very cheap metal 'Nicktraucher' metal table notice and a very heavy highball glass at the grand cost of two lev.  Last of the big spenders.  We went up to my favourite swimming hotel to see if there was water in the pool and there was but only a few people there so we stopped for refreshers and are destined for the pool tomorrow if the weather looks good.  As it was the clouds were gathering so we headed for our last port of call, Lidl, topped up with a few items and headed home.  As it is I didn't last long, had an ice-cream on the terrace, went upstairs, lay on the bed and fell asleep waking up at six.  I checked on my guest and he's still fast asleep on the sofa in the lounge so supper looks like being delayed.

As I mentioned, swimming tomorrow if the weather looks reasonable, pizza for supper if I can get anyone to partake, pleasant evening now that the thunder has receded and no garden to water...nature has done it for me.  LN....No pickies...tomorrow is another day....LN
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Elsa Peters
June 16, 2019, 5:49pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 16th June

What a day...we should have gone swimming but it was one of those days that you couldn't quite tell if the clouds were going to come in or not.  As it turned out they didn't but by then we were on to other things.  

Usual morning except that the breakfast change slightly...ham and mushroom omelette....I wanted to use up the old eggs that seemed to do everything except stay together in the pan.  I added a couple of cheese triangles and it made quite a change.  Toast to follow and then it was all systems go after I'd washed up and tidied the kitchen.  I set about the bushes at the front of the house where they meet up with the grave garden.  Because of all the rain the shrubs have really taken off and it was almost a machete job to get through the undergrowth.  As it happens my little brushwood cutter did the job perfectly so the honeysuckle and the kerria have both had haircuts along with the rose and the odd bramble that had been hiding and was now exposed.  Once I'd got through I trimmed the rest of the shrubs that have flowered, cut back a couple of jasmines that have outgrown themselves and tidied round the well.  Not content with that i centred my attention on the rhubarb bed and the ousted the weeds....they seem to have enjoyed the rain too.  Lots of the old poppies have gone over the wall....if I'd have waited for the pods to pop, I would have been inundated.

Came in for a brief interlude and out again by around three.  The heat hadn't seemed to have decreased and walking from the grass to the main house terrace, as soon as you got to the steps it was like a wall of heat.  Bit of a tidy day and I managed to plant the honeysuckle in the new bed at the bottom of the garden along with another couple of plants that seemed to be suffering from over watering with the downpours we've had.  I think they'll fair better where the water can escape.

Super in the oven...roasted veg and chicken legs and and that should be ready around now so I'm going to wrap up.  There is only one pickie...the stork came in on a beautiful glide and yes, you've guessed, the camera was inside but I managed to catch it as it strutted in the field in the next village.  That promise to do better didn't come to fruition....my routine is all to cock so to speak.   LN...Supper is about to be served....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 17, 2019, 7:20pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 17th June

A very sleepless night last night.  I was awake at two and played that silly game until four eventually dropping off.  Soda Crush is such that you only seem to get more games allocated in the middle of the night...the rest of the time it's five and 'wait for next life'.  Up and about by seven on the dot, coffee on the terrace, back for the second cup which got left on the table and instead my attention was drawn to the strimmer...spooky.  Yard done, the rest of the grass between  the house and the wall complete, the wooden garden surrounds all neat and tidy and then the battery ran out.  I came in and cooked breakfast and then out again planting roses and a couple of 'no hope' yukka that my Avatar had given me that after sitting in water for three weeks had developed roots.  My intention for today was to clear out the little garden between the steps to the terraces but that became a job for tomorrow...I've got zinnia that need to be planted there to keep the humming moths happy in the autumn.

I moved on to the new siting for the bonfire and finished clearing the patch, took the old cans out of the burning container and emptied out the debris into the wheel barrow and emptying it on to the garden in the bottom right corner.  Next on the list was finishing the grass.  My guest had done one half yesterday but he was ensconced in Soda Crush so I took on the responsibility for heaving the mower around and by twelve it was finished...I was running out of steam at this point so I was in for water, settled in to the Kindle and got my head down for a couple of hours.  At four I showered and washed my hair, stayed in the bath towel until five on the sofa and eventually made it upstairs to dry my hair and get dressed.

I'd decided that I wasn't cooking tonight so instead we went to one of the hotel restaurants in the mountains overlooking Momchilgrad and had a very pleasant meal of lots of starters which is much nicer than one meal when the weather is hot and sticky.  We watched the sunset but by this time the clouds were gathering so at nine we set off for home along the Greek road and back up the dirt road and we were back for nine thirty and we just missed the thunder and lightening.  I caught the moon coming up as I waited for the computer to load, out on to the balcony for a few pickies but unfortunately some of them are too grainy to post.  

Lovely day...achieved quite a lot and a nice end to the day at the restaurant.  LN....Let's see what's worth boring you with.....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 18, 2019, 3:35pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 18th June

Funny old day.  I went down to the bread van at around eight fifteen only to be told that my Avatar was in hospital.  I enquired which one and got the reply that it was either Momchilgrad or Kardjali, no one seemed to know....I'd only mentioned to my guest that I hadn't seen her for a few days but since her son arrived from Germany, I was unsure if she'd gone somewhere with him.  I came back with cheesy read from the van so bacon was called for...the last breakfast for my guest and I toyed with the idea of going in to Kardjali to try and track Avatar down....and track her down I did.  

I'd spent quite some time this morning watching the log with the hole in it in  the yard.  I'd heard twittering coming from it but I'd had tits in there and also the sparrows had been in and out so I really wasn't sure what was in there nesting.  I walked over to it, saw a blue head and then took up position in the house on the stairs with the zoom on the camera and success.
Blue tits coming with beaks laden with goodies and leaving with nothing  so they appear to be very busy.  Eventually I made my decision and bu ten fifteen I was in the Nipper and heading for Kardjali giving Momchilgrad a wide berth.  I managed to park up at the hospital when the attendant saw that my car was very small and we managed to manoeuvre it near the barrier and it's free parking.  I went to reception and with broken Bulgarian I managed to ascertain that she was on the sixth floor so I took the lift and when I got to the sixth there were about ten doors going off so I stood hopefully in the small queue next to it and was called in.  Again I explained who I was looking for and was told that she was in room three along the corridor so took a guess on the door to the corridor and bingo...I was in.  I knocked on the door and opened it and in this small room there were four beds, four patients and five visitors and I spotted her straight away in the corner.  I got quizzed by one of the visitors, ignored her and went in and was told to sit on the bed which I ignored and sat on the frame of one of the other.  She looks OK, is on antibiotic injections and reckon that the cold and cough that she had had turned more serious.  I asked it she wanted me to get anything and she said that she was fine, had everything that she wanted but was obviously pleased to see me.  I think she's gone up in the estimation of the rest of the lodgers....she has an English person visiting her.  I joked that she was a bad woman and so was I so that's why we are such good friends and I'm not sure if the others understood but it didn't matter.  It looks like she might be there for a few more days...my guest leaves tomorrow so I'll pop in the next time I'm in Kardjali.

Lidl and home for twelve so it didn't take long at all.  I'd bought a French stick and tins of tuna so made tuna mayo baguettes followed by ice=cream and it's been an afternoon on the terrace where it was cooler.  Hot and humid today, it threatened thunder but it didn't amount to anything and it's turned into a pleasant evening.  Alarm clocks to be set for four thirty tomorrow so that my guest can catch the six o'clock from Kardjali to Sofia and he's doing his packing with not much enthusiasm. ...and if it doesn't fit Cinderella....it gets put into storage for the next visit or until I go to the UK.  Six thirty my time and it will be hamburgers and chippies tonight...nothing too taxing.  LN....Not looking forward to the early start....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 19, 2019, 6:32pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 19th June

So I'd just nodded off and my phone pinged to remind me to put it on charge which was just as well..I was relying on the alarms to get me in motion in the morning.  Back to sleep I went and at four thirty only one of the two that I'd set went off and I was too sleepy to find out why.  I was awake and that's all that mattered.  I heard my guest moving around downstairs and he was halfway upstairs with my coffee and I suggested that he went downstairs with it...it wasn't going to take me long to be ready for the off.  Washed, dressed, downstairs for quarter to five, keys at the ready so I took the Nipper out on to the grass outside the wall ready for the off.  My guest was having trouble putting his flight socks on so Florence Nightingale took pity...he had a flight to catch.  Into the car by ten after five, I did a last minute search and found a charger that he'd missed but he said that he had another at home so he would leave it.  I don't think it would have fitted in the luggage anyway....I'm getting quite a collection of his clothing left each time.  

There was quite a lot of early morning mist but I took the main road not the rough quick road.  It had thrown it down overnight and the last thing I wanted was getting stuck in the mud which collects after heavy rain and it ends up a little skiddy.  The police were in the garage on the way out of Djebel but we sailed through, just a few really foggy patches but no cows out this morning and we arrived at quarter to six and there were very few passengers waiting.  The luggage was loaded  and I asked the driver if he could put my guest off at the Metro stop so that he could get to the airport and it was arranged.  One of the other passengers had heard my request and after a couple of minutes she came over to us and said that for another couple of lev, the driver would take them to the airport since there were few passengers heading to Sofia.  My guest was over the moon, normally he has to negotiate a taxi and that can be difficult at that time of the morning with very variable prices.  Solved...  Off they went, I drove to the fuel station and topped up with gas and then home and fully energised to get going on the washing and out on the line when the fog lifted.  Five loads later, two beds stripped, sofa cushions washed, clothes left behind, hoover at the ready and bathrooms cleaned and ready for action.  A bacon sandwich helped me to get through the workload and I ate it as I checked Easyjet tracker and found that the flight from the UK had been delayed which meant the onward would be late.

The next time I looked at the clock it was four, the last quilt that the washing machine had struggled with since it is so large was pegged out and I sat down and had a few minutes to myself taking a photo of the bea-eaters that were on the electricity wires.  Unfortunately they are too far away but you get the idea.  It's quite surprising,,,,I've been going all day, no sleep but feel energised.  I should sleep well tonight, I've no need for supper, I attacked the remains of a pack of oatmeal biscuits this afternoon so had no room for any more.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow, it's started to thunder and I had to rush out to get in the final quilt as the raindrops were few but very heavy.  We've just had another downpour....what is it with this weather???  

Just phoned the UK and he's home safe and sound and absolutely knacked.  The flight was delayed by an hour when it left but the pilot must have made up some time...as all good pilots do.  LN....Soon be time for bed....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 20, 2019, 5:19pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 20th June

Didn't sleep well at all last night despite the fact that I thought I might.  The light stayed on, too lazy to put it off and at five thirty the sun was coming up anyway so I made coffee downstairs and topped it up using my little kettle upstairs.  Real hotel feel about doing that.  Just need a few packets of biscuits and room service to set it up each afternoon...that's going to happen...   We'd had rain overnight again so no need for watering duties and only a few wet patches on the terrace.  I felt pretty jaded this morning after the long day yesterday and the sleepless night and with lethargy boiled a couple of eggs and made toast.  I think also the house is very quiet now that I'm home alone and I need to get used to it again but it shouldn't take too long.  Kitchen tidied and everything put away, I headed down to the bonfire and set fire to it.  It burned pretty furiously for a short time so I put the lid on which acts as a bit of a funnel to make sure that everything is burnt away to discourage the cats from raiding it.  Stuff for them goes over the wall...I do not have cats she says vehemently but they seem to love me and the garden.  At least the lodger on the sofa seems to have disappeared.

So I took to my indoor sofa with a book and it wasn't long before my eyelids went southwards and I was surprised that the clock only showed quarter after one so I checked my Fitbit and that was showing two thirty....OK...battery change in the clock was required to get that pendulum swinging again.  Fortunately I had a spare on in the olive tin in the kitchen, where else do you keep them, replaced, adjusted and my life back on track.  I made a cup of coffee and took out a packet of biscuits and sat munching for a while realising that they were fast diminishing so will power took over and I replaced them in the kitchen.  Moving around and heard the latch on the front gate ping so looked out and I had a visitor who I thing had taken pity now that I was home alone.  I made coffee, it was a lovely afternoon to sit out and catch up on the 'news', gripes and groans, talk politics and exchange ideas.  More coffee was made and then off he went.  

I've just been round the garden with the camera and realised I have lots of things going over, new ones taking their place and now I'm into following the seasons and the flow of nature.  The linden blossom on the tree in the yard is buzzing with bees and the aroma from the blossom intoxicating.  The second one in the ripe for renovation property next to me is hitting me from the other side.  The honeysuckle slows down, the linden takes over and then it's the night aroma of the tobacco plants and the zinnias for their beauty.  Along with the zinnias we get the honeybee moths so expect to see a few shots of those in the not to distant future.  They're difficult to photo but worth it.  

I'm not going to Pilates....I've called it off for tonight.  I think I need to rest up a little before I start forcing my body into lots of different positions,  I'm actually alongside twenty to forty year olds so I do have to modify some of my movements. ...I don't bend like I used to.  Looking out for the moon again tonight.  Last night's was brilliant, very orange and I posted the photo on FB.  Nothing required for supper tonight so far and as for tomorrow, I need to strim the bottom of the garden and round the beds, weed this top between the steps that still hasn't been done and plant zinnias....and a little topiary on the wild plums is required at the bottom of the garden.  A leisurely day is forecast.  LN....Now for some pickies.....LN

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