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JUNE 2019
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Elsa Peters
June 21, 2019, 5:02pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 21st June

So I did it again last night and stayed up to watch Question Time and half way through I wondered why.  The panel had to be reminded of the questions asked several times....they all seemed to want to get the party politics over with no one wanting to answer the questions.  I turned the computer off and headed for bed and that's when the toothache kicked in and I was down to the kitchen for one of the stronger painkillers that I've got.  At three this morning I made a promise to myself that I would be at the dentist surgery today...and I was.

Lovely morning to wake up to.  I watched the sun come up with the first coffee of the day on the bench and I'd put cushions down which will be made permanent features of the outdoors that if the weather gets to be anything like summer and the rain goes on to find pastures brown.  We have good mornings and then we normally have the showers but today they were late...came at five this evening.  So toast for breakfast and I decided to investigate further my leak in the bathroom.  I managed to pull the unit holding the wash basin away from the wall and found that it's either the hot water supply cut off valve or the pipe leading to the mixer tap so I left it in the off position awaiting Bekir's call that he can come and fix it.  At least the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom can dry out now.  

By ten I was in the Nipper and heading for the dentist surgery and by ten thirty I've arranged an appointment for Monday at twelve for an inspection and filling and then other work will need to be scheduled as required.  I've decided that this year I'm going to have everything done including new crowns and screw in replacements if necessary...it might cost but it will be done and dusted.  I carried on to the hardware shop and bought the replacement hot water cut off valve and carried on to my student's parents shop and we talked for an hour or so.  The husband came up from the garage and we had a chat, he went back to work and came back an hour later and I'm still there so I made a swift exit state left....I only fill in the gaps between customers so there's no problem with him but we joke about it.  I was home for twelve thirty, played on the Kindle for a while and promptly decided to catch up on the sleep I hadn't managed last night.  The gardening I decided could wait and it will still be there for me tomorrow.

I went upstairs to shut a few doors and I heard my fly screen open and close and as I came downstairs I noticed that Remsier had come in and was sitting down on the sofa.  I haven't seen her for a while and guessed that she had come to see if it was OK to pick the linden blossom that they dry off to make tea....and I was right.  She got her phone out, telephoned the daughter in law to bring bags down and ten minutes later she'd arrived with her daughter and the process began.  I firstly moved the Nipper from under the tree just in case there was any climbing involved...they can damage their bones but not the roof of my car and I reminded them that they weren't insured...it was all down to them.  I set Remsier off with some cut off branches and a bag to keep it in but they mother and daughter were a little factory.  Mother up the tree and daughter on the floor while I supplied some cut off branches for them to work on.  Any way three bags later, I'd just got the garden hose from the grass on to the terrace when the heavens opened, rain stopped play for all of us, I threw the not empty branches over the wall for the cows and some over the road in Haciber's field for the donkey and put a jacket potato in the oven for me for later.  The rain was very heavy while it lasted with a hint of a rainbow which came to nothing and now it's turned into a pleasant evening.

The tooth seems to have settled down now that the dentist appointment has been made but I'll make provisions and take a tablet before I get into bed tonight.  It's in the wee small hours that those things seem to kick off.  So the things from today's list just get moved on to tomorrow....another empty day to fill as I wish.  Supper should just about be ready or let's see what I can add to it to make it a gastronomic delight.  LN....My tree looks depleted....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 22, 2019, 4:49pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 22nd June

So I had a better night remembering to take my pain killers for the toothache before I went to bed.  Supper was a meagre affair...just the potato with butter....I didn't do anything with it except eat it.  

Six thirty start this morning, the sun was up but there was still the hint of last night's rain so I didn't water the garden but they need a really good soaking tonight and they'll be seen to as soon as I've posted this entry.  There were loads of butterflies out this morning on the lavender as as I walked the garden I realised that there were just loads of the same type everywhere.  We'd had the black and white ones last week and now it's the orange ones.  There were loads of bees buzzing around, the garden was alive.

I had a bit of a funny morning.  I went into my newly departed guest room to put something away and accidentally knocked the new mirror frame and realised that I had to put tow restraining horseshoe nails to stop the mirror sliding forward.  I know that I had some so headed out to the little house and the woodstore to find them and you can guess what happens.  You find other jobs to do and the screw and nails are sorted out into individual boxes and the sandpaper box now has a lid on it.  I also remembered that I'd started my breakfast so back into the kitchen and popped the toaster on, buttered the toast and lashed on the Marmite.   Still not sure if I love it or hate it but it filled a hole.

I went on to the computer to do my emails and I heard the fly screen open and close so I shouted down, 'Who is it and what do you want' at the same time that I realised it was the Librarian.  She'd come to check how I was now that I was home alone, I made coffee and she stayed for an hour or so.  I invited her to lunch in Djebel but she'd arranged to do something with one of her ladies in the village.  We walked the garden, I've a list of the plants that she wants and we've arranged to do something next week after we both get out dental appointments out of the way.

A gentle afternoon watching tennis, almost eight my time and I must think about cooking a couple of hamburgers that I got out of the freezer this morning.  I can't say I'm fussed.  I found a box of truffles that I'd forgotten about and they are no more.  Pretty messy to eat though...they had a coating of cocoa powder and it seemed to go everywhere sticking to my fingers and I'd touched my mouth at some point. ...another wash was the order of the day.  

So Friday's jobs are still on the list and incomplete....moved on another day.  LN.....Let's see what tomorrow brings.....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 23, 2019, 7:17pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 23rd June

What a day.   I woke up at six this morning and it seems to have been none stop in the garden except for the time that I've been glued to the tennis on the computer and well done to Lopez for winning the single title at Queens and then going on to win the doubles with Andy Murray in back to back matches.  As he said he wasn't sure how he did it...his tank was empty and was running on adrenaline.  

So first off I managed to weed the little garden between the steps and plant it up with zinnias taken from the pink Greek flower bed where there was excess.  It was a bit of a slow process, there is so much grass this year, it's all seeded and the weather, hot with lots of rain has been perfect for it.  I was flagging three quarters through but managed to stay with it and made scrambled on toast for breakfast and sat at the desk in the stairwell to eat it.  The temperature was climbing...it was twenty seven out and thirty two in and the outside station is in the shade.  Next task was to use the heavy duty electric hedge trimmer and I took down the wild philadelphus now that it's finished flowering and then moved on to the hedge beyond the acacia and the large berberis and now I can see more of the view from the terrace.  I don't want it to be like a prison in her and that's why the wall is fairly low so why hide the wall and the view with high level bushes.  I also removed loads of the poppies that have gone over to given the other plants a better change of survival and less competition for water as the season moves on.

By now it was so hot that I came in and settled on the sofa out of the sun and waited for the temperature to drop.  I went out at four and it was out with the lawnmower and started with the grave garden.  I worked at it until it ran out of fuel and came in to watch the tennis and Lopez single win.  In the interval between , thirty five minutes to be precise I filled the machine with fuel and carried on completing the main  lawn and the second only leaving the top section of the little house garden where the mole has been particularly active.  I'm going to be burying the mole tablets tomorrow....the runs are a menace to shipping...

In to watch the Lopez/Murray match and it was really exciting but you have to love tennis.  It's shower time now....I've shed lots of fluid today but have made sure that I've kept myself topped up with water and fruit juice.  The chocolate hobnobs didn't stand much of a chance...they need to be replaced tomorrow.  I did take out some mincemeat to do something with but that can wait for tomorrow.  Dentist tomorrow at twelve, Avatar is out of hospital coming home in a taxi which I told her off for...she could have phoned me.  I'll go round in the morning to see if there is a shopping list of 'can't live without'...the bread van doesn't come tomorrow so I'll have to get her bread.  Wish me luck....a filling tomorrow for sure and then it appraising what needs to be done.  LN...This may take some time Oates...LN

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Elsa Peters
June 24, 2019, 4:54pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 24th June

I was just settling off last night at around twelve thirty when my neighbours returned from Turkey for another holiday.  At first I didn't know what was happening, there was lots of giggling, crashing around and cars manoeuvring and I had the thought that my ladies were having an 'all-nighter' and hadn't invited me.  Silly idea really so I went into the guest room and saw the grand-daughter with a flashlight in their garden...my faith in my neighbours had been restored.   I eventually got back off again and slept straight though until six thirty...I needed it.  I knocked up over twenty three thousand steps yesterday on my Fitbit.

Toast and Marmite for breakfast, out to the garden and finished the rest of the grass treading down mole hills.  I popped over to Avatar's with some slices of bread and to confirm what she wanted from Djebel and she was making soup and I'd only just had breakfast.  Her shopping list was....carrots....and nothing else and she was telling me that she had to get out into the garden and give it a tidy round since her son was coming back from his two weeks at a health spa.  I looked straight at her, told her that she was silly and reminded her that she'd just come out of hospital and that she should leave it for her son unless she wanted to find herself back in the hospital. I think I got through to her.

It was warm already so I had another shower and washed through my hair again before I got ready for my visit to the dentist.  I parked up easily, arrived ten minutes early for my appointment and waited in the corridor.  I was called in, sat in the chair and was man-handled from start to finish....his technique has changed and I came out feeling almost assaulted.  I have to go back next week for the treatment to be completed, I recognise he's good but I didn't enjoy the experience and his prices have certainly increased.  

Over to my students mums shop and we chewed over the fat about my dental treatment or lack of it and she agreed and had found out the same way.  I remembered the carrots from the supermarket and bumped into my other student, she was working so I didn't spend long talking to her.  Home for three and have had a very pleasant afternoon doing not a lot, watching a little of the tennis from Eastbourne and a few quiz games.  I used the mincemeat to make hamburgers, made a few chippies and was eating supper at five thirty....

Almost eight my time, it looks like it might rain tonight but I'm about to get the hose pipe out and water the terrace plants.  LN....Strimming tomorrow...and then all done....for a week or so....LN
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Elsa Peters
June 25, 2019, 5:19pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 25th June

So it was a very disturbed night last night.  My noisy neighbours were out there until twelve thirty last night jawing away...unfortunately the house is not fit to live in yet so they live outside until they decide it's time to go to bed.  They're only here for a month and then they go back to Turkey...it used to be so quiet here.  Eventually I went to sleep but woke up at two thirty and played stupid games until four and despite the game still being very active and I was on a winning streak....I closed up the Kindle and settled down again until eight so caught up on some of the missing zzz's.

Breakfast was a fried egg cooked in the hamburger pan from last night and I was sincerely tempted to cook another one...but will power took over.  Avatar came round to pay for the carrots that I got for her yesterday and we had a sneaky look at the vegetable garden and it's been on the list as you know.  She tried to pull a few weeds out and the ground was so dry that they'd really got fixed so out came the hose pipe when she left and I soaked it thoroughly...it had move from list to 'agenda'.  I somehow found myself upstairs sorting out the winter wardrobe and getting the summer stuff onto the shelves, half way through that I ended up sorting up the vegetable patch and now it's ninety five percent done...just a few sections for tomorrow.  I found tomatoes that are growing, my beetroot seem to be OK and some are ready for harvesting, parsnips and carrots will be watered regularly and the gherkins or little cucumbers are now strung up after a few amendments to the tomato support.  Tomatoes get strung up tomorrow.

Brief interlude for lunch, tuna mayo sandwiches and that's going to be enough for me for the rest of the day.  Tried to have a bonfire to get rid of the old rotten wooden paths between the veg in the veg garden but it was having none of it.  I didn't try too hard, the wind had picked up so it should be better tomorrow when I have more household stuff to get rid of.  So I tidied up outside and toys put away, watered the little house long wall garden, some of the new seedlings were looking a little 'crispy' and came in and finished putting the sweaters away and hanging up the summer clothes.  I've just looked out of the window and the little white cat is scavenging something and I've put nothing out so I hope it's the mole...serious work required in that direction.

Shower time...the perspiration has been dripping off me today despite the wind.  Temperature inside thirty one and outside, twenty nine...close call today.  Final weeding in the morning and that strimmer is going to earn it's keep ...I know I keep threatening but D'Day is approaching fast.  LN....And relax....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 26, 2019, 6:32pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 26th June

Better night's sleep last night but I still woke up tired and aching.  I walked around gingerly loosening up and then settled back on the sofa with my second cup of coffee.  It was a dull old morning, brightened up by nine more or less, another fried egg for breakfast, washed up and was ready to start on the garden knocking off the things that I'd put on my list.

Out to the terrace and cleared out the tub that had been overcome by grass.  I found a couple of nasturtiums that were in need of love and attention so I watered the soil, added some compost, planted up a few more nasturtiums from another tub, robbing Peter to pay Paul and I added a petunia that was the casualty of weeding yesterday in the onion patch.  One not so lonely petunia now.  Number one on the list finished.   Number two was to pot up the bottle brush cutting that had developed a fantastic root system in a jar of water and a hypericom that had taken root in the wall on the terrace that I'd pulled out yesterday.  I set to with the strimming using my old little strimmer and was doing OK but it was slow so I decided to give the new machine it's first outing but I'm not surer I've adjusted it correctly.  It was heavier to use and I was quite grateful when the clouds rolled over, the thunder started and I was having to tidy the tools away quickly before the rain really started coming down.  The wind struck up and I was soon in the house and taking to the sofa and I thought that was the end of my list for today...but it wasn't.

I got my head down and when I woke up. the rain had stopped and the terraces dry.  I resumed the strimming but this time using the battery operated one which seemed much simpler and easier.  I finished the garden in quicksticks and moved on to the grass at the front of the house avoiding the odd cowpat and after strimming I raked the grass getting rid of the stones so that next time I can use the little electric mower...there's method in my madness.  The bushes have been trimmed and are now perfect spheres much to the amusement of my neighbours.  Chicken leg into the oven with a large potato and supper was underway.  As that came out a diced eating apple went in with a little water, cinnamon and butter and that was my pudding served with some clotted cream and it all went down very well.  No need to water the garden, it belted it down,  

If it's fine tomorrow I'm concentrating my efforts on the garden round the walnut tree..garden surrounds first, weeding avoiding the several walnut trees that have started to establish themselves.  If it's raining I'm going to have the day off.  LN....Another good day.....LN

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Elsa Peters
June 27, 2019, 5:17pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 27th June

Silly night again when the neighbour's young grand-daughter decided to have a good hearty laugh at twelve o'clock and I was just nodding off.  I was very tempted to get the lawnmower out at seven this morning but my good nature got the better of me.  I got disturbed again by something at four and spent the next couple of hours reading.  I felt absolutely whacked but got going at six thirty with coffees, made scrambled eggs and had finished breakfast by seven thirty and fully washed up by eight.  Down to the bread van and bought bread and chocolate biscuits and it must have been a premonition, I have Ms D of S and the little one coming over tomorrow morning after shopping in Djebel.  While at the van I've been invited to a mevlit  taking place on Saturday at our little mosque.  I stopped off and mentioned this to my Avatar and we have a date.  I'd put a load of washing in the machine so pegged it out, it was a beautiful day and dried very quickly.

I was on the sofa by ten with a the Kindle and a new book and read  until the eyes went southwards and it was twelve thirty by the time I came round and there was no energy to do anything so I carried on reading, made a sandwich for lunch and really didn't do anything at all.  I watched Eastbourne tennis and the wind was blowing the tosses for the serving allover the place.  There were loads of double faults and the players were getting very frustrated.  I had a phone call from Bekir who wanted me to pick him up to come out to sort my water problem and then I suddenly remembered that I'd tried the water earlier and the water board must be doing some repairs in the area.  No water supply to the house so I had to say no to Bekir.  It's on his back burner and the water's still off now.

Not too bothered by supper or finding it....it's too hot and I still don't feel to good.  Hopefully it will be all quiet on the northern border or the mower will definitely be out tomorrow.  LN...My whinge is over...LN
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Elsa Peters
June 28, 2019, 3:40pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 28th June

Reasonable night last night and a seven o'clock start.  I carried the travel kettle downstairs but goodness knows why.  All I needed was the water bottle to fill the kitchen kettle but I suppose there was a method in my madness, the water was still off so I filled that up to take it back upstairs.  As it happened...one was enough.  Catastrophe this morning.  I was playing Soda Crush and a message came up on the screen that my machine couldn't connect to the application.  I thought it strange, went back into it and ...started at game one.  My history has been obliterated...so much for technology.  It did happen to Ms D of S a while back but I really wasn't expecting it.  Back to the drawing board Cecil.

Washed with cold water and a flannel, dressed and went over to Avatar's house to see if she wanted anything from Djebel.  As I said, the water was off so I wanted another ten litres of drinking water, when it comes back on it might not be fit for consumption out of the tap so I'm getting prepared.  I also wanted a few things for lunch in case Ms D of S and the little one stayed.  I was back for eight thirty, I'd provided a taxi for my painter and his work buddy to the Cmet's office and another neighbour was deposited at the supermarket and made his own way into Djebel....he obviously didn't want to wait for the Friday bus and I'm free.  I unpacked my shopping and had a little bit of a tidy round just for my benefit, put a bottle of water in the downstairs toilet just in case and set out to clear some of the bed opposite the veg garden, dig out the weeds and grass,  ready to plant up the red hot poker.  I'd collected a little of the 'white tor' fertilizer from Avatar and that will go in the bottom of the hole with some new compost.  The soil is fairly poor along that border.

Ms D of S arrived more or less on time and she knew what was for lunch.  The girl in the supermarket had told her what I'd bought when I went in...so much for village life.  The little one is still a little shy around me but had brought with her a picture that she'd made for me so I added it to the other on the freezer door.  We sat outside, I'd sorted out the umbrella to keep the sun off the terrace and the swinging chair but I couldn't find the top cover so that's something else I shall need to sort and maybe make another.  Lunch was pickie bits but I failed on the cucumber stakes...I'd forgotten to get one.  We went out again and walked the garden and I noticed a rather large tortoise walking cross the grass.  Now this really confused me...the wall goes all the way round and all that I could think is that one of my neighbours put it into my garden from the road.  There are no hole in the wall apart from drainage holes and no way could it have got through one of those.  The little one started collecting the wild plums so I found a bag for her to keep them in and we joked that I have a little scrumper and in the first photo she looks like she's been caught in the act.  Bless her.

Off they went, the weather closed in, thunder, lightening and rain so I secured the umbrella to my balcony rail so that it stayed upright.  I settled on the sofa with the Kindle and read for a while, had half an hour's sleep and then went back to my book.  The thunder is still rolling around, it's tried to cheer up and then thought better of it.  I've got bits of cheese and ham that I'm going to throw into an omelette tonight, tomorrow I've got the mevlit or prayers for the village and I've paid for that already.  The water's back on so I shall be having a shower tonight, there's no phone call from Bekir so he's obviously not coming round tonight to do the plumbing....it will keep.  LN...Kitchen, shower and bed....LN  

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Elsa Peters
June 29, 2019, 3:59pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 29th June

So I woke up at five this morning and got stuck into my book.  Coffee at seven, toast for breakfast, shower, hair dried and ready to hit the village and listen to the mosque hodjas singing out the prayers to their almighty.  

I headed down the village at around ten thirty and there were lots of ladies already there, I was welcomed into their midst and took my place on the floor inside the mosque.  Serviettes were handed out and the toilet water to freshen us all up.  There was a slight problem with the electricity and a cable was extended to the next door property to a power socket and it seemed to provide power to the lights in both areas.  The odd phone went off, children were playing games on phones and there were prayer beads being handed around that had picture beads in the threading.  My curiosity got the better of me and I asked one of the ladies if I could enjoy the experience.  I saw something but not sure what it was but didn't question it any further.  The clove syrup came round, the prayers continued and then the rice and meat was served but unfortunately the plastic plates were very bendy so took some negotiation to keep it on the plate.  Along with the plate we were expected to juggle a yogurt drink.  We all trooped out, bags of extra meat and rice were handed out for us to take home with us and I walked home with several of the women from further down the village with lots of offers for me to visit different houses for coffee.  The meat was put in a metal container in the kitchen, it was much to o hot to go into the fridge...it will be my supper.

The afternoon has been spent reading, I'm really stuck into this book, different style from what I normally go through and in some ways it's quite a depressing book.  Jewish, a mention of concentration camps and living under the regime for teenagers.  A little interlude was spotting Houdini, my newly named tortoise making its way across the grass and heading down to the bottom of the garden.  I lost sight of it as it was nearing the wall in the bottom left of the garden and I've investigated but see no signs of any humps and bumps of grass clippings.  I checked the rest of the garden but again, no trace and I'm still confused as to how it got in.

Easy day tomorrow, I might mow the grass if we don't get any rain overnight and if the weather is really good, I might get my legs out and extend the tan from the ankles up.  The weather really hasn't been that good this year at all.  LN....My bag of rice calls....LN

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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 30th June

So I was awake at six this morning and it looked a very promising day.  The sun was up, not a cloud in the sky and I was almost toying with the idea of finding a swimming pool but as the morning wore on, the clouds rolled in.  I didn't feel like getting out of bed and starting the day so I settled in to carry on and finished the book on the Kindle.  I mentioned yesterday that it was quite a sad tale and by the time that I'd got to the end, I really felt under the weather.  It's saving grace was that despite loosing all of her family in an air-raid, she went on to live a successful life in Australia.  I don't think it was a true story but it was very credible.  I emerged from my bedroom at nine and then settled in to the computer to do the normal tasks and eventually managed breakfast of a toasted cheese and ham sandwich.  I took this up to the computer and messed around and for some reason, the hang dog was hanging over me...that book has unnerved me somewhat.  

The rest of the day went by, I kept looking at the garden and the intention was there to get the lawnmower out but instead I lay on the bed had my afternoon nap and the inertia slowly lifted.  I'd only managed one thousand seven hundred steps on the Fitbit so I imagined myself pushing the mower around so at four twenty I headed out, fired it up and the main house  grass is finished and the petrol ran out on the last run ...I could hardly believe it....it was almost as if I measured it out.  At six I had put the mower away, watered the patio plants that needed it and sat on the terrace with a glass of water.  I went to brush the dust off the sofa cover and as I did, I lost the silver ring and watched it scud over the terrace but didn't see where it went.  I guested it had fallen off the terrace and in the lavender bush but there were so many bees having their fill that no way was I making them angry.  I checked the grass and garden between the two lavender bushes and didn't manage to find it but it can wait.  I know more or less where it is.  I went to the new bonfire garden and watered the Greek plant and planted the Mahonia that was still sitting in it's pot so I watered it in well.

I came in at eight more or less, supper was cheese biscuits and some soft cheese and I settled down to watch Professor Brian Cox  We are a very insignificant planet size wise....and when you think about how much of the planet is at war...it's good to be informed of the bigger picture.  The gardening has done me good and the Fitbit is now showing a healthy eleven thousand.  Tomorrow I'm heading in to Kardjali to take the second son of my student's mum for a swimming lesson.  I've offered to help out with transporting him since they both work and tomorrow night I'm going to my other student's family for supper.   It's going to be a busy day.  LN....Dragon's Den is on.....LN

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