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MARCH 2020
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Elsa Peters
March 10, 2020, 6:29pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 10th March

Another silly night.    I watched my quiz night...yes all of it and didn't go go sleep in front of the screen until I'd finished watching Miriam whatever her second name is looking at the different approaches to how to counteract obesity.  She said that she hated her body and my only comment would be....at seventy plus if you don't like your body why go around in shorts....I've given mine away.  So there was the end of a  vampire programme showing when I woke up and so I ended up sending emails and looking at FB as you do when there's not much sleep in you.

At two thirty I took to my bed, read for a while and was awake at seven thirty this morning.  It was a bit of a dull old day, no need to rescue the fire so I moved the half burnt log to the back of the fire box, emptied the ash can and set the fire for tonight.  Coffee, back to bed with Soda Crush and the game that had eluded me came good and two others with it,  Poached eggs on toast for breakfast and I was intrigued by Piers Morgan interviewing the aspiring Labour leader about transgender in athletics and whether women's rights are being abused,  I should imagine that Twitter was fired up.

I dressed for gardening but didn't go out with much enthusiasm....I just hate weeding.  I potted up a new shrub that I got from Haskovo, had a bonfire and got stuck in to the under terrace bed, ran out of steam and came in for a coffee.  I went out again...it started to rain and...then it stopped so I carried on with the garden and now it looks good and I'm spurred on to get some more under my belt.  I also looked at the two pallets that I'd cadged together to cover up the builders' gravel heap and I'd thought about taking half of it off and reducing the height...so I got on and did it.  I started off with the hand saw, realised it was going to take me ages so got out the reciprocating saw and it was done in quick sticks and I'm pleased I got on with it.

I came in at five when the rain really started, demolished a packet of cheese biscuits, lit the fire and put the boiler on deciding that after bending and stretching in the garden I needed to relax in a Badedas bath and I emerged after an hour and a half....and a little sleep.  More gardening tomorrow if the weather clears up and maybe get some more seeds going and I can work in the little house to get that done.  LN.....It's been a good day.....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 11, 2020, 5:04pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 11th March

Reasonable night and I was pretty slow off the mark.  I skinned a spicy sausage and fried it with a slice of bread and popped in an egg and sat in the table by the stairwell and had just finished when I saw Beyser on the terrace.  I was still in reasonable PJ's so went out to the conservatory door to see what she wanted.  Now this lady is the one that I take to hospital when she needs it but my villagers know that I do 'emergencies' but not 'road trips' even for money.  I don't want to be a 'taxi' and end up where I might as well paint the Nipper yellow and buy a sign for the top of it.  Just my thing.  So seeing her there I anticipated the worst but she's the one that only speaks Turkish so I have real problems understanding her and her requirements....and I was in the same position this morning.  I got 'Kardjali', didn't understand the next word that she repeated several times so I suggested we found Haciber who at least has a stab at Bulgarian so we walked down the village together towards Haciber's house and she was walking towards up after visiting another neighbour.  

On the way down Beyser was pointing at the receiver dish on her house and repeating the word that I didn't understand and I was getting the picture that her dish wasn't working and she 'wasn't getting a picture' and I was thinking that she has relatives that could sort this out for her on the telephone.  I was becoming a commodity.  Haciber on the other hand wasn't taking prisoners and sort of dismissed her request and suggested that she spoke to her grandson who drives the bread van to the village so got him to sort it.  I was not involved now...it became a village issue, Haciber went towards her gate, Beyser went into hers and I walked home.  It was nothing to do with me now and I still don't know what it was all about.  I was tempted to phone a friend and find out what the word meant but I'll ask my student's mum tomorrow.

The rest of the day has been a lazy day.  The weather cheered up but I got the fire going and after getting washed and dressed took to the sofa for no other reason that I really wasn't feeling very good today.  I think I'd done too much yesterday and I think my age was just getting the better of me.  I've worked out to respect what my body is saying to me and don't feel guilty anymore about taking a day off.  I did manage to get a load of washing done and peg it out, pot up a few more seeds, hoover the conservatory but that was about the sum total of the day, the fire is still going and how cosy is the house.

Student's lesson tomorrow so I need to find a text that will interest him.  I gave him homework and let's see if he managed it despite the draw of games on his phone.  Let me see what I can find for supper...I think it's going to be something simple and probably cold...the the theme of the day continue.  LN....Soon be bedtime....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 12, 2020, 6:58pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 12th March

Lovely night last night...slept through until six thirty this morning and felt refreshed and raring to go.  There was a little pink in the sunrise, grey clouds covered a lot of the sky and the mists were forming in the valleys as the sun heated up the ground.  I opened the door to my bedroom balcony, it was cool but was getting warmer and I do like fresh air through the house.  I washed and dressed for the garden, the sun was really getting up a head of steam, at nine I made two slices of toast and slathered a couple of cheese triangles on took them outside and walked the garden.  I needed bread but there was no horn calling all to purchase our needs so I made do.  I moved to the sofa with the Kindle and my second cup of coffee, read for a while and went out at nine thirty...it was such a beautiful morning with no wind.  I found the pot of old engine oil and decided to paint the stubs of wood that remained after I'd cut down the pallets and instead applied the mixture to the entire structure and what a difference it has made.  

I came in for another coffee and a few more pages and was surprised by my phone ringing and it was the Librarian asking if she could pop over.  I told her that I was not expecting to go out before three thirty...I had my young student at just after four....so I went back to the garden.  I found lots of nasturtium seeds in last year's pot so I cleared out the weeds and got it ready for this year.  It looks like I've lost the oleander from last years pots and fortunately I've grown another six from seed so I have replacements.

The Librarian arrived, we sat in the sun and off she went at mid-day.  I went back to the garden and worked on it until two, used the remains of the bread to make a corned beef and brown sauce sandwich, another coffee and then a quick wash and change and I set off at about four and headed into Djebel.  Had a lovely hour with my student, he'd done his homework that I set last week and at six fifteen I went down to the shop underneath the flat and sat with his mother and father leaving them at around seven.  I stopped off at the supermarket at the bottom of the town, bought fruit juice, bread, bottled water, peanuts and bought the last of there primulas left over from the 8th March.  No supper required, I've started on the peanuts and that will suffice until breakfast.  LN... Another week nearly over....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 13, 2020, 5:32pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 13th March

What a lovely moon it was last night...it's not full but it looked huge so I got the Canon out to get the detail and froze on my balcony...well worth it.  This morning was just as lovely in it's own way.  Gentle sun coming up and lots of mist in the valley..it was going to be a good day and there wasn't any wind.

Coffee. Soda Crush, boiled eggs for breakfast with toast, washed and dressed and I was ready to face...the sofa and the beginnings of a new book.  That day was going to last so there wasn't any rush.  I went out at twelve more or less and today was all about tidying and putting some of the newbies into bigger pots.  I also had trimmed back the fir that didn't look as if it was going to survive in the half barrel on the terrace and now it's been rejigged and new plants put into it.  It was a hard job getting the old one out.  It had put down good roots but maybe it was the very dry summer and the few really cold nights.  The oleander from seed is in a new home as is the fire bush.  The rest of the day was taken up cleaning up the old pots and the plants that still can't go out because it's too early for them and next week is supposed to be back to minus figures and down to minus six according to the long range.

I lit the fire at five, used up the rest of the corned beef with half a can of baked beans and put it in the oven, boiled three potatoes and mashed them and back into the oven and I now have a corned beef hash....and I'm half way through it.  I did try to sort the printer out this afternoon but I'm thinking I have to buy new cartridges tomorrow but at least, thanks to the net I know now where the sensor is.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow apart from buying cartridges so that means a trip to Kardjali.  LN....Maybe an early start.....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 14, 2020, 5:09pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 14th March

This morning I woke up at four, read for an hour. slept again until six thirty and so my day started.  It was another beautiful start to the day and so I gently rolled into it, did my emails and on FB I found that Bulgaria was now in 'lock-down'.  Supermarkets, chemists were the only places that were officially recognised as being open...as to the rest of it, it will cause a shiver through the community and the point about BG is...whose going to police it?  I washed, dressed eventually, my Kindle needed to go on charge so I settled for boiled eggs again.  They are the ones that my friendly next door garden lady gave me in exchange for the leaf gatherer tool that I bought her as a gift.  Bulgarians don't like gifts, the mentality is that there has to be a gift in return and the eggs were very welcome.  I kept them for a week as instructed since they were so new and the yolks are so yellow and taste divine.  I finished the kitchen and took to the sofa again and read for a while....but my conscience got the better of me...the day was so good to waste.  My telephone went and the Librarian called off her visit for today which was fine by me and the second call was from my student's mum.  Her mother passed over around five weeks ago and a mevlit or prayers for the dead had been organised for tomorrow afternoon but with the 'lock-down', the hodja that was going to run the service had called off.  They had managed to find another one but this was having to be for family only and everyone had to be notified.  I was still invited so it's now happening at ten tomorrow morning in Kardjali at her mum's old house.

So I eased myself off the sofa and headed out to the garden.  A few more pots were sprayed blue which makes my terraces look very Mediterranean and having bought the pink pot I needed something to put in it and the Choisya with its beautiful bright green leaves would really show it off.  The second one has been put into a clay pot but this one is likely to go into the garden when it's settled down.  They've both come into the conservatory for the night though, the wind has got up and the roots need to really get established in the new compost.  I tidied up outside, back to the book now that the battery was charge.  The Kindle was OK, my battery was running down so it was head down for a while and I felt much better for it.  

Fire lit and windows and doors closed...I'm in for the night.  The clouds have come over and it looks like rain will arrive either tonight or tomorrow so my visit to Kardjali will be damp for the occasion.  Off to the kitchen, I have supper to think about.  LN...There's got to be something in the freezer.....LN


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Elsa Peters
March 15, 2020, 5:34pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 15th March

Six thirty start and I didn't have to be anywhere until 10.00 today and so it was a lovely leisurely start to the day.  Woodie was out flitting between my three trees on the northern wall and it was very difficult to see it on the wild plum because of the blossom.  I also had a crow who obviously had something stuck to its beak or had got its beak stuck into something and he was on the walnut at the bottom of the garden really headbanging.  I meant to go down to the walnut and see if I could see what it was but time ran out this morning and it was much too wet to get down there when I eventually got back from Kardjali.

It had rained overnight. was starting to dry up but there was a lot to come later in the day and I noticed the rivers are really swollen as I drove into Kardjali.  I arrived at ten on the dot, I'd had instructions as to how to get to the apartment where the mevlit was to be carried out so I parked on  the car park next to Lidl and set about my quest.  I found the door but it was pitch black walking into the apartment block but I managed to find the stairs to the first floor and I was told to keep turning left.  I tried to open a door that was obviously locked and I made so much noise that a door opened and I was welcomed in,  I was in the right place.  The hojja had already started so I joined two other ladies in the 'ladies room', was presented with a clove pink drink that is usual, a serviette and a dash of hand freshener and I sat down and let the atmosphere flow.  I find these services very healing, very relaxing and come out of the session completely shattered and very calm.  A few more people that I knew arrived but because of the C virus, people were advised not to come.  Food had been prepared so at the end of the mevlit, we were served food but boxes were made up for delivery and it became a little like a production line.  It's a shame...a lot of people would have come.  The meat with the rice was superb and cooked by one of the chefs of Djebel and there was a delicious honey cake for afters.  The spinach filo filled banichka I can't comment on...there was 'green' in it and it's well known that I don't do green.  

I left with my goody bag around two in the afternoon and headed to Lidl but there was a queue of people waiting to go in.  They were restricting entry so I carried on to the electrical store but that's always empty anyway to no issues getting in there.  I found the printer cartridges that I needed and tomorrow I'll attempt to get the thing working again since it looks like the garden will be out of bounds....rain and low temperatures will stop play.  I eventually made it to Lidl and was allowed in but what a mess when I got there.  It's offer changeover day and they don't seem to worry about customers, they might be open but they all seem to be on a mission.  I got what I wanted but there wasn't any washing up liquid so on my way home I stopped off at Djebel and bought some and I didn't have to queue to get in.  Quick update....it is only the restaurants and bars that are closed for business, the shops can continue.

Home for three thirty, lit the fire and it's roaring away like a 'gud'n'.  I noticed that there is snow on the mountains toward Greece and the temperature has gone down to one degree at the moment so it was wise to bring the newly planted up from outside....that's a drop of fifteen degrees from yesterday to today.  Inside I'm still reading twenty one so it's more or less stayed the same.  I love my house.  Nothing for supper tonight, I'm still full from lunchtime and I'll save my goody bag until tomorrow.  LN....Very relaxing day....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 16, 2020, 5:05pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 16th March

Really dismal start the day.  There was a front which stretched along the mountains to the south east, the sun tried, struggled but eventually made it through.  It was minus two degrees outside and what a change from the last few days...winter was back.  There was snow on the mountains, ice on the terrace and that wind was brutal.  The fire was just in so I gave it the kiss of life and resuscitated it and it's been going all day and the house has maintained around twenty one degrees despite outside not having warmed up at all.

I got dressed eventually and made poached eggs for breakfast, forgot about the toast and had to trim it and as you can see from the photo. The plate looked messy but the food tasted delicious.  By this time the sun had come up so I put my body warmer on and headed down to the bottom of the garden to get rid of the household rubbish but forgot to put my hat on and that wind was cruel.  I even pulled the collar of the body warmer up as I walked back to the house.  I certainly wasn't doing much outside today...and I didn't.  I read, slept, played games, sorted out the printer and that now works so fairly productive on one front.  I did go out to fill up the starter wood container and get in some smaller logs....I seemed to have only really big ones in and looking at the wood store....I might have to get out the axe and split a few of the big ones...or find a man who will.

I got a chicken leg out of the freezer this morning with the intention of cooking it for supper tonight and unfortunately it's still sitting in the kitchen and nothing has happened to it....it's going in the fridge for tomorrow and I'll find something else.  Mother Hubbard's cupboard is not completely bare.  My night for quiz programmes on the television tonight and I think I've had enough rest today to manage to watch all of them and now wake up at the end of any of them.  LN....Kitchen bound and the fire needs attacking....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 17, 2020, 5:19pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 17th March

And so white over this morning , the outside thermometer registered minus four and the broad beans didn't take to kindly to it.  They are flat, came up a little today and maybe they will recover.  Summer last week, spring in the middle of the week and now we're back to winter.  I put breakfast television on to catch Piers Morgan and after ten minutes or so I didn't like the chariot he was driving though the morning.  He was on a mission, stirring the pot like a good one and obviously he knows better than the experts working on it.  Yes I see his point ...on the one hand with the schools being open there is the potential for it to be carried home but what are we all to do?  I think the more you hear about the symptoms, a lot of people living by themselves will be imagining all sort of things.....    

I made bacon, egg and fried bread for breakfast, took to the sofa afterwards since I wasn't feeling too well,  My chest felt tight and it's the remains of the cold I had three weeks ago...I really don't feel that I've managed to shake it off and reading FB....a lot of people feel the same way.  It was such a beautiful day  and from minus four up to eleven degrees outside in the blink of an eye more or less, I went out and walked the garden....I needed to get moving.  Back inside the house I went to open the window to get some air in and decided to strip the bed down to the mattress and get it all washed, dried weather permitting and back on for tonight.  It's done and I even ironed the pillow cases that had hung outside so that there was no danger of bringing in unwanted guest...the nibbly kind.  I was disturbed by a knock on the door and it was my 'next door garden' neighbour and bearing gifts.  She had bought round a saucepan of home made yogurt that she's made overnight, I transferred it my bowl, washed her pan out and thanked her.  I also mentioned that if she wants to sell any eggs, I would like to buy them.  The last lot were very tasty and I'm down to the last three.

More book, more sofa, ironing and I made the bed up ready for tonight and lit the fire.  Chicken into oven with carrots, potatoes and onions and that was ready at six thirty and served with mayonnaise and I'm feeling much better due to the activity and a sense of achievement today.  I also have a super clean bed to snuggle into tonight.  I have the feeling that I might be getting creative tomorrow.  LN...Fire poking time....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 18, 2020, 5:03pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 18th March

Five thirty start this morning and I was up before the sun.  It was really good to get into a newly laundered bed so the work yesterday wasn't in vane.  I do remember last night watch Joanna Lumley in Cuba but I don't remember the end...so when I woke up I staggered straight to bed and didn't even stop to read my book....snuggle down into the nest until dawn.  It was another cold night, minus two and the hillside and gardens were white over, the beans had started to recover but had suffered again. I also noticed that one of the bare root new shrubs that I'd bought at Haskovo and potted up has wilted with the weather.  Hopefully it will come back.

So from the residue of the onions from last night's supper, a couple of rashers of bacon and one whisked up egg, I made an omelette for breakfast.  I would normally have used two or more eggs but I'm on an economy drive so that I don't have to go out.  I cleared the kitchen and washed up and settled down on the sofa when my phone went and it was Princess on her way to work.  She's been feeling a lot like me, hasn't managed to shake off a cold and one day fine and the next feeling flat as a pancake.  She's still working since she's the office manager and at the moment she's fine.  We had a catch-up and I told her not to bother with a mother's day card.  I can pick one from the ones that I've saved and put that up for the neighbours to see and just to remind me that I'm a lucky bunny to have such a beautiful caring daughter.  

So back to the sofa and suddenly there was a ring tone that I didn't recognise and it was Messenger video calling.  I've not really used it before , I don't like the 'video' bit of it but it was one of my guests from last year and again the topic of conversation was the virus and how we are coping with it.  We discussed family tracing, she's managed to get back to the fifteen hundreds and I mentioned that I've hit a block at a 'great' going back to late seventeen hundreds.  I need to have another go.

Logs in, more reading and I've finished the second in the series and about to start the third, eyes southwards, fire lit and now I've closed up for the night.  The created spurt didn't happen...maybe tomorrow.  I shan't be going to my student for the English lesson tomorrow....hopefully staying safe and protecting myself.  LN....Supper search now on....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 19, 2020, 6:18pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 19th March

Up just before the sun again and it was another cold morning with a hint of frost on the garden,  The fire was very welcoming, there were flames coming from it and it was a toss up whether I fed it or starved it....and I fed it but it naturally went out when I shut the air-vents and I used it to get it going again tonight.  It was up to twenty five degrees in the house at around ten this morning and went from minus two to eleven outside in the same time-span.  

I;d taken a packet of ham out of the freezer yesterday so for breakfast I had toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. I heard the bread van driver tooting his horn so all is not lost in the village.  I was surprised that he's still doing the rounds and I'm more tempted to drive into Djebel than to risk the van.  Our supermarkets are very quiet anyway  so I can't see them queuing outside.  I certainly shan't be going into Kardjali.  I had a bonfire, took the garden fork down with me with the intention of weeding the flower garden at the bottom of the garden.  The sun was shining and it looked very tempting but that wind again was cold and I have warmer days to look forward to,  The last thing I want is a chill.  I loaded up the log carrier and dragged it into the conservatory and really must sort out some smaller logs.  

Book time and the third book Vagabond is underway, tried again with an extra hard game in my Soda Crush and it's still not out....I know it will only give up when it's ready to...it's not what I'm doing wrong.  I did emails and dropped one to Princess thanking her for her Mother's Day card that was received about four years ago....nothing like posting early I said and it brought a smile to her face I know.  I also attached a photograph so that she knew which one I'd chosen.  With the restrictions on travel and the airlines, a card probably wouldn't get here anyway.  I had my afternoon nap, back to the book again, phoned and cancelled my student's lesson for this afternoon explaining that I was so mean that if I had the virus, I wasn't going to share it with anyone and I didn't want it from anyone else either and she perfectly understood offering that if I needed anything to let her know.

Fire lit at around five thirty, supper tonight was tuna with beetroot, potatoes and mayo so I kept it light.  A little TV and bedtime....nothing very much on the agenda for the next couple of weeks.  LN.....In the lap of the gods.....LN
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