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MARCH 2020
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Elsa Peters
March 30, 2020, 4:12pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 30th March

Eight o'clock start and I really didn't want to wake up this morning.  I'd been in and out of sleep from seven but eventually the call of the coffee took over.  The fire was out but hadn't burnt through so that was going to be my starter for tonight.  The sun was up, morning had definitely broken so after my coffee I settled for toast and cheese triangles again, I'm saving the remaining egg and I'll look out for my neighbour to see if the chicks have been laying and she has some to spare.

I read for a while and made a couple of phone calls and I was called an angel by my long time friend int he UK.  I phoned up to see how she was and she was grateful for the call and wanted to vent I think.  Her boiler had packed up and this is the friend that will not use technology and her second problem was that her garage was supposed to pick up her car this morning for a service and MOT so I updated her that the UK had extended MOT's for six months, according to the internet.  She asked me if it was true and I said that as far as I knew it was...and that's when she called me an angel and I made her promise yet again to get the internet going. So with her waiting on for two calls, one from the gas man and the second from the non-active garage, I made the call brief.

I headed out and my mission was to get the lawn mower out and see if it would fire...and it did...first time and then petered out.  I left if for ten minutes, tried it again and that was it, it was running...well.  I checked out the strimmers while I was waiting for the mower and the new one didn't need the chord changing and the old one turned on and I had to bang it to turn off.   So now the mower was going I got it down to the garden and managed to cut the grass down to the mulberry tree.  It was hard going, it was very damp still so I was emptying the catcher fairly frequently and then, the clouds rolled over and it started to rain so I had every excuse to pack my toys away for another day.  It stopped again so I managed to do another job, the old tree trunk nest that the tits had used last year I moved on top of the little terrace wall but put on old stainless dish on the bottom of it and another enamel dish on the top to stop the rain.  Let's see if we attract anything.  I took one of the benches from the little house, put it on the terrace and gave it a clean.  I've had quite an active day but it soon came to a halt, there was a squall, lashing rain and horrendous wind so I locked up outside and lit the fire and it's doing what it should...warming up the house.

I didn't make Djebel today, I only needed eggs since I didn't see my lady so it will be saved for another day.  LN....An angel...that's a first....LN

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Elsa Peters
March 31, 2020, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 31st March

Well it's been a funny old day.  The weather looked like it might be good but there was a cloudiness to the air which made it dull even though the sun was shining and that wind was very cold and cutting.  I made coffee and poached my last egg, thought about going in to get some more but forgot the idea as quickly as it had come to light.  I cleaned the kitchen, made more coffee, started to watch morning TV and sort of got sucked in to the virus update and switched between that, emails and FB.  Normal routine, fire cleared out and laid for later and I'd taken out some beef yesterday so I put it into the slow cooker with paprika ready for supper.

I did make my way outside with the garden fork and cleared the bed under the main house terrace throwing the weeds over the wall for the sheep.  I also moved the huge garden cloche back onto the garden but it's still upside down, I've yet to get something into the vegetable garden that needs protecting.  I came in for more coffee to get warmed up again and decided to sort out the seed packets that were in the little house and also some that have found their way into the conservatory.  I've got seeds going back to 2017 and most of those have been thrown into a container and I'm going to throw them at the bottom of the garden and see what comes up.  There were lots of old zinnia but I do have a couple of packets that I bought last year with a 'sell-by-date' of 2021 so I've got time to get them in.  I brought the potting compost in and planted up some specialist tree seeds to see if I can manage to get them to germinate.  It's been a long old day and I've managed to stay awake so should have a good night tonight.

I lit the fire at four thirty and cooked the pasta at five thirty and so it was an early supper for me.  I didn't use all of the sauce so I added water and that going to be the basis for soup for tomorrow.  Fire going well and so well that the reflections on the glass of the fire and the garden made it look like the forsythia was on fire and it looked really strange.  Eight fifteen my time...book and bedtime.  LN....It's getting a bit boring though....LN

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