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Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 1, 2015, 6:21pm
Wednesday 1st July

So I woke up with the mist and didn't see anything until I hit the high spots of the road to pick up the men.  No Greek nothing.

Bekir was sitting outside waiting for me...I think sitting with the others in the restaurant now that he has given up smoking can make the mornings hard.  He got into the car and handed me a mint bonbon and I think that they have been his lifesaver for today.  It got very hot today....I had to go into Djebel to get some more bags of cement and ended up loading them into the Beast since the man of the house didn't start work until twelve.  I struggled with the last of the four, the bag burst and we had to load it into a polythene bag and that was the one that beat me.  Fortunately there was a knight in shorts that lifted it into the back of the Beast climbing up into the back to more the ones that we'd managed to get in.  Driving home I came up behind the sand wagon and he let me pass him so that I could get home and open the gates for him to reverse in and drop his load.  His hydraulic lift was playing up and I had visions of four cubics of sand and gravel having to be unloaded by hand but it managed to grind up to the semi-vertical position and dropped its load.

I was out gardening and planting up part of the new long wall.  The jasmine and a new honeysuckle have gone in and an hydrangea, I had a bonfire and all was going well until the heavens opened at about half three and we all settled in to the garage to wait for it to stop.  Eventually it did...I plucked four beetroot from the patch and into the water and on to the cooker with them and they played a big part in supper.  

The men were ready to go home.  They've chugged on well with the this morning and thunder and raining for an hour this afternoon.  I should like to remind that person upstairs that it's July and why should Wimbledon have it and we don't.  Men home and I came in and took two spicy sausages, sliced up an onion, thinly sliced a carrot and cooked them off adding the beetroot at the last minute and a good dollop of honey.  I grabbed a dish and ladled some into a bowl, covered it with tin foil and delivered it to my Avatar.  When I got there, here sister was there and it appears I provided supper for them both....She offered me home made yogurt which I refused...I still have some from Sunday from Gouldjan's mother...I'll take it later.

Beautiful moon again's that time of the month again.  I'm fed and watered and ready for an early's been a good day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 1, 2015, 6:43pm; Reply: 1
And the photos have to go on a separate post....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 2, 2015, 6:24pm; Reply: 2
Thursday 2nd July

Well what a day it's been.  We had the inevitable fog this morning after a warm day and a thunderstorm which cleared as I climbed over the mountain and got above it and came down again as I headed for the men's village.  As I approached the junction there was the bus for Turkey blocking my entrance to the lane down to the restaurant.  I managed to creep round the back of it and as I looked back towards the bus I notice Sally heading towards my car.  I stopped and waited and he'd just seen his daughter off and so off we set for the restaurant and it seemed strange to be delivering him in the morning and not at let the neighbours talk....  ;)

So out they came from the restaurant and off we set for home and the journey was uneventful until we got to the road into my village and it was spot the digger, lorry, new excavations and general hazards and eventually we made it.  Sally moved towards the wall while Bekir came to the house and said that we needed to go into Djebel for more cement and metal for doing the top of the wall.  He was trying to persuade me to go for the pre-constructed slabs of metal but I wasn't having any of it and wanted the same that they'd used for the rest of the wall capping.  I know it will probably outlive me buy why should I store up trouble for anyone else.  So we got the metal cut into two meter lengths, picked up four bags of cement, Sally has been tarting the wall all day since I said that it had to look like the others and there were far too many holes in it and I was assured that it would....It looked great from the house but since my garden is about eighty meters long...I went down for a closer look and that's when I set the standards or rather they did by doing such a good job on the terrace walls.

The men wall built and Bekir was busy all day making the wooden templates for the wall capping and I set too clearing out the little house bedroom flower bed.  The evening primrose were past their best and the mint had taken over the bed so they have both gone, the forsythia and japonica kerria and the cotoneaster have all had a haircut and they've been joined by a berberis, tobacco plants and marigolds.  My next task was to start clearing the ground where the men have been storing and chipping away at the stone so that it's fairly smooth underfoot.  

So men home...there will be photos of the efforts of the day but on the way back from dropping off the men I stopped off at Ms D of S's for a coffee and chat and we're off on Saturday with the Librarian for swims at her village hotel if the weather looks good enough for it.  Best get the strimmer out....

So watched the sun going down and the moon coming up and it surprised me how red it is tonight....those are the only photos I have for you...sorry....mine and the men's work will be posted tomorrow....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 3, 2015, 8:10pm; Reply: 3
Friday 3rd July

So early morning and you couldn't tell this morning's sunrise from last night's moonrise...very, very similar...

So out with the camera this morning to catch the sunrise and off went the sun behind the clouds and it was a catch it if you can day for the rest of us.  Off to collect the men and managed to catch the mobile shop for breakfast goodies.  My Zelinger was out there but none of the other locals were abroad so back with my booty and breakfast and coffee was served.

The men chugged on with the wall and I headed over to Djebel to hand over the order for my Avon catalogue and then to the garage for them to look over Beauty before setting of for the MOT station so that Beauty could have another years health insurance.  Brakes checked and considered to be OK...into Kardjali and the certificate was being issued before they'd even looked at the car and she passed with flying colours.

Kaufland and picked up some yellow roses as presents for Bekir and Sally since there were none to be found in the garden, Lidl and caught up with some old friends that I hadn't seen for a couple of years despite living not twenty kilometers from each other, men home and the wall is looking remarkably like one but just needs the finishing touches.

I settled in to watch the Heather Watson match against Serena Williams....what a game.   Better luck next time....Peanuts and beer for what could be better.....I'll make up for it with a good breakfast....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 4, 2015, 7:06pm; Reply: 4
Saturday 4th July

Early start and I slept with the door to the balcony open last's the first time this year.  There was a beautiful start to the morning but I sort of guessed that it wouldn't last long.  As soon as the sun was up there were clouds that were going to hide it for most of the day.  I made coffee and sat out on the terrace and by seven I was out in my pyjamas strimming the grass until the battery was flat.  Onto the pc and did a few emails and stuff and got round to cooking breakfast which was what I found in a saucepan and whipped up three eggs and made an omelet and it was delicious.  I've never had sausage, onions and beetroot in an omelet before.

Got a load of washing in and out and I was tidying the kitchen when there was a couple of horns going outside so out I went and there is my favourite digger driver and he was asking me to move Beauty.  As I got to the car I noticed a lorry parked on the other side of the road, I drove down and turned round and noticed that the bus shelter was being manoevered but way could he get it on the back of the lorry.  The last I saw of it...the digger driver was going up the road with it balanced on his bucket and I'll check out where it ended up when I go out tomorrow.  I went out to where it had been and tidied the area of the bits of broken tiles and tall weeds....I might even throw some flower seeds on it tomorrow and hope that another bus shelter isn't delivered.  Realised that the clouds had come over and a few rain drops started to fall and it was quickly in with the washing and put on the airer and I got enough wood in to start the fire if necessary but there was no need.  They seemed to roll over as quickly as they came in.

Gouldjan came round this afternoon while I was watching the end of a tennis match.  She brought round some clothes that had been given to her for her school charity and it's my job to deliver them to the school.  She came round with yogurt, eggs and supper and we walked the garden and she admired the wall.  We both took photos of the sunset and then off she went and I'm back with the tennis and Andy Murray....and he seems to be having problems in the third.  Ten my time....tomorrow I'm off to the Librarians for an overnight stay so it's shower and bed....that's when Andy's finished doing or not doing his stuff...LN
Posted by: linda g, July 5, 2015, 2:22pm; Reply: 5
Hi Elsa, Lovely pics as usual. Hope all is ok. All good here. Weather cold and raining. Mum said Hello. Take care Linda & All OZ.
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 5, 2015, 6:38pm; Reply: 6
Sunday 6th July

Thanks Linda and lots of love to you all and big hugs for you and your mum....

Six start and the sun was it's normal welcoming self and so much so that it drew me out to the garden and I was out with my strimmer again until the battery died and had a big burn up of the cement bags that were hanging around.  Got rid of loads of weeds and it was about nine when I made it back to the house.  In for a shower, shampoo and I was ready for the off at about eleven.  I'd toyed with the idea of swimming but the clouds had started to come over so I thought better of it.  It's one thing getting in to the water but if the sun's not hot enough, to lie on a sunbed in a wet bikini I reckoned that the old bones wouldn't take too kindly to it....there will be other days if the weather actually starts to behave like summer.

So I arrived at the Librarians for just before twelve and I'd stopped off at her village shop and topped up the beer supplies so that I didn't pull on her resources...We sat and chewed over the fat outside until the flies got the better of us and we moved upstairs into the cool.  One of the locals came round to sort out his donkey that had damage to a leg but I think it's work for the vet not amateurs.  We took the kindles to our respective couches and both nodded off for an hour or so.I woke up to the sound of water boiling and coffee was forthcoming bringing life back into the soul.

So at seven I suggested that we went down to the Motel for supper to save anyone having to cook or even think about it and because she's suffering from a sprained ankle we took the car.  Supper was the local hamburgers with salad and cheesy chips.  And the bill without the beverages...thirteen by anyone's standards.  I checked out the pool and it was a big temptation to get in there but that would have been more of a shock to the system so later this week when it's up to thirty four's game on.

So LN....I have a mastica and a friend to join on the's been a very restful day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 6, 2015, 7:03pm; Reply: 7
Monday 6th July

So we sat on the balcony last night and watched the fire flies skitting around.  Suddenly there was a couple of torches that could have been huge elephant fireflies but instead turned out to be a couple of locals on the hunt for four cows that they'd lost.  I left too early this morning to find out if they'd managed to find them... :-/

Woke up at six and couldn't quite work out where I was but managed to catch the sun coming up over the acacia trees.  A nice start to the day.  I made coffee and put the morning cup ready for the Librarian and she eventually surfaced at about six thirty and we sat out until seven thirty when I realised that washed up the cups and had to get my backside into gear and get ready to pick up the men from their village.  They were ready with little rubber shoes blacked  and over to Ms D of S to pick her up as she had work in Kardjali to do and I was taking my lawnmower in for repair so two birds with one stone so to speak

Hardware store to see if they stocked and item that I wanted and they did....dumped off the lawnmower and left my telephone number and the manuals for the machine and the motor, off she went to the bank to find out why she was having problems with getting the code for internet banking and then to the phone shop to sort out why she could only make emergency calls.  She'd enlivened an old Sim and I know from my time in telecoms that if a number has elapsed then that could be reallocated...and this was the problem.  It had been re-issued to her but was already allocated to a new subscriber who had complained so her phone was deactivated....What a performance.   Eventually she took out a new sim card to save any more embarrassment....and well done've fluffed it up again.

Kaufland for a few essentials but it was way too busy, hot dog lunch outside with drinks for five leva for the both of us and then back to Djebel where she went on mission to the market, I picked up two bags of cement, phoned Gouldjan and took her home to save her waiting for the bus.  

Made coffee for the men at four and delivered beer for Sally at five thirty and coffee for Bekir.  Took them home and stopped off at Mrs D of S to deliver the goodies that we'd picked up in Kardjali and which she couldn't manage in the taxi home.  Had a coffee, home and fish finger sandwiches for was the easy option.  I'm watching the Djokovic game as we speak...pretty tomorrow...I'll be glad when this wall is's been an expensive project...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 6, 2015, 7:05pm; Reply: 8
Pictures from today
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 7, 2015, 6:43pm; Reply: 9
Tuesday 7th July

So I could have slaughtered all my villagers this morning at two a.m.  Well some of them anyway.  There are certain individuals who make it their business to wake up the others to have their breakfast to fit in with Ramadan,,,Some idiot was banging on a drum at two this morning and I could have willingly place it in one or the orifices of his was certainly male.

So woke up at six and the sun was already up and I missed it.  Could have strimmed this morning but didn't ...I save it for later in the day.  Over for the men and Bekir got into the car with one of his pigeons in a box and yet again on of them was being tested to find its way home...The results will be posted.  When we got home it was dutifully was supposed to do a couple of circuits to orient itself but didn't and off it set.

Men wall building but I noticed that they had brought the table from their lunch room out into the open and given it a wash....I finished it off but it's back there so they obviously thought it was way passed its sell by date.  It was a hot one today and I would have felt sorry for them except that they had gone to work somewhere else before coming to me and it had delayed my end date even though I'd booked them in March....So my wall is more or less finished and they will go off to pastures green....another couple of days or so and I shall start enjoying my summer.  They've normally gone by now.

In to Djebel this afternoon I had a letter to post.  ..I went down to the garage and told them that I had either a donkey or a mouse in my steering that was making odd noises and it had an injection and is now fixed and then I also asked them to take a look at Beauty's back doors ...Bekir's didn't open from the inside and Sally's didn't shut properly.  Unfortunately on the way home Sally's opened so I'm not sure it's really been fixed.

Played in the garden this afternoon and uncovered flowers hiding under the hedge growth and they're now liberated.  Men home and stopped off at Mrs D of S house and picked up her repairs that I shall deliver tomorrow when I pick up my lawnmower that has been fixed.  I've had a lovely day ...despite the heat I've done loads in the garden and finished off with a bonfire of the cement bags.  The intention was to sit out on the terrace tonight but there was one bloody mosquito that had other ideas so in I came....LN....Men and then Kardjali tomorrow for my mower....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 7, 2015, 6:48pm; Reply: 10
And the rest
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 8, 2015, 6:48pm; Reply: 11
Wednesday 8th July

And again the blasted man or men was or were out to wake people up for their breakfast....I'm going to get my own back when Ramadan has ended in eight days this space...

Awake at just before six and caught the sun coming up...there's something special about mornings here provided you are up early enough to enjoy them.  There's a peace about the morning that unless you've sat on the terrace and experienced it...I can't describe.  It's the bird, the mosque and the morning noises.  Out to fetch the men and stopped off at my magazine half way between the lane and the junction and bought the breakfast for all of us.  Men were a bit slow off the mark so I waited and out they came with demob happy faces but that soon changed as the temperature rose.  Coffee and breakfast on the terrace for all of us and then they set to.  The job today was to fill in all of the gaps in the long wall and Bekir said that it was a job that could be done later.  Now I've got several of those so I said that this wasn't going to be one of them...I wanted the wall finished and it is apart from the fact that I have to pour water over it for the next few days morning and night so that it gets to be strong.  Really hot weather is not good for concrete.

I strimmed the ditch outside my house and made a good impression.  My battery ran out with about two foot to go so I finished it by hand and it looks so much better.  I showered and shampooed and off to Kardjali to get my lawnmower back and I thought I might as well get the Beast MOT'd at the same time as I was doing my work and Mrs D of S's....The Beast done and I got five lev discount for being a good customer from the owner and a kiss of the cheek to go with it.  I think I might have been ripped off with the lawnmower but I'll give it a go tomorrow to check it out and the part for the strimmer they didn't have in stock so they'll order it and will let me know when it arrives.  Kaufland for a few items and I managed to pick up some new cushions for the benches but they only had three of the size and I needed four so I have a slight adjustment to make.

Home stopping off in Djebel to pick up Gouldjan on the way so that she could have an early afternoon, coffee for the men and they set to tidying the garden before they left.  There aren't tools on the floor of the workshop but I have the impression that I shall need to reorganise....they're off the floor but goodness knows where they are.  Breeze blocks stacked in the garage and I've been round tonight picking up reels of wire that were forgotten but at least my front fence has been straightened out so that I can get it painted.

So men home...and they won't be coming back until September /October at my request...I want to enjoy the summer and work is something that is for spring and autumn.  Stopped off at Mrs. D or S and the part for the strimmer is in my safe possession....I'm having a down day tomorrow...a little of this and that and a restful day....I don't have anything on the agenda.  LN...the end of work session and into my holiday... and I've come to post pictures and the battery is'll have to wait until tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 9, 2015, 4:43pm; Reply: 12
Thursday 9th July

Well it was a really late start this morning.  I woke up and saw the dawn and then back to slumber and it was eight before I came to.  No men, no taxi service and watered the garden.  I stripped the bed and put the washing in and noticed that the electricity had gone off so my sheets sat there and came in and had to use matches to cook the bacon for a sandwich and I sat out on the terrace and enjoyed it.  Started adjusting the long bench cushion but it's still waiting to be finished.  The idea was to do it on the sewing machine but with the power off it's on the back boiler.

I managed to get the mower out of the Beast and managed to start it both sides and worked on the grass until it got so hot out there that I had to come in.  One of my neighbours came round with his grandson and bought me a couple of mekitsi....the yeasty pancakes.  He wanted to see the wall at the bottom of the garden...apparently one of his friends want a stone wall building but he said that he's not experienced in that type of wall building and did my men want to do it.  I'd already said that I believed they were working elsewhere but that they wouldn't be available...they have their own work to do with tobacco and farming stuff.  

I managed to catch a few shots of a lingering stork with nothing in its beak fortunately.  The rest of the day has been spent watching television...I love Wimbledon...but I did manage to cook a chicken with roasted vegetables including a couple of beetroots that I took from the garden.  They were so favourite crop.  

So now it's a summary of the tennis for the day and now I'm back out with the mower to see how much I can get done tonight. Time to water the garden though...I's been a scorcher today and it looks more settled than it's been so far this year.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so far...I have enough food, beer, wine and spirits...Beauty and the Beast are having a holiday....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 10, 2015, 5:59pm; Reply: 13
Friday 10th July

Not such a late start this morning....I was out to water the garden and caught the sun coming up just before six and out with the strimmer until the battery made me give up....I'd managed the top garden so that I could attack the flower bed where I'd lost the broom because fo the snow.  I'd tried to rally it round but to no avail but at least I think I have two or three cuttings from it...and fingers crossed.

Coffee on the terrace before I set to on the top garden....and got the bonfire going so that I could get rid of the rubbish as I went.  I dug up lots of the lovely morning primrose but they just take over and they weren't looking their best so out they went.  Out with the broom, in with a berberis, tobacco and marigolds and it's looking OK.  The thunder was rumbling around from around lunchtime and the welcome rain has bedded in the plants nicely.  

So as for my day....kept the bonfire going as I carried on with clearing the frog garden but rain stopped play so to speak.  The thunder thundered and lightening was hitting the hillside so I got my head down for a couple of hours after a lunch of chicken mayo and potato salad and slept through until five thirty my time which meant that I was straight on to Film on and Andy Murray playing Federer and unfortunately Andy was completely out played.....better luck next year.

Over to the Librarians tomorrow...she has need of a hammer drill and we might well be swimming in the afternoon since the outlook is good for tomorrow.  I'll take an overnight bag....sunday looks good too.  Lovely as it came up so it went down....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 11, 2015, 6:40pm; Reply: 14
Saturday 11 July

Well I have nothing much to report today except that it has been loverllleee.

I received an invitation to a wedding last night and as yet I'm not sure whose it is.  It was lovely to receive it with my name on the envelope written in the latin envelope and not cyrillic....they'd gone to a lot of effort....delivered by Emula and my sheep farmers youngest ...

Early start but sat outside and there wasn't a sunrise since there was lots of rain last night and lots of hill fog this morning that blanked out the sun;  I sat out on the terrace terrace with my coffee and enjoyed the sounds and sights of the birds.  Golden Orioles were prevalent by their calls but my woodpecker was out there banging away on my walnut tree.

So boots blacked and on my bike so to speak by eight thirty delivering my hammer drill to the Librarian.  She is having her carport that was devastated in the winter storms restored to it's previous glory and needed the drill to do it.  The men carefully explained what they intended to do and by eleven thirty we felt the pull of the swimming pool and off we set.  Only tow boys waiting for the off as they were topping up the pool as we got there and we ordered orange juice and water, swam before the rush came, cheesy chips and salad before the lunch time rush and we had a final session in the pool until we could stand the shouts from the children no more.  We settled for final water and icecreams and the bill at the end of the day....fifteen leva which I consider well worth the investment.  I must admit though that I am duty lobster for tonight but I assure you it will be brown by tomorrow as I used to tell my children.  

Absotively day in the sun with swimming really does warm the soul.  We went to Benkovski to make final purchases at the supermarket but mainly to get some money out of the cash point.  Offered advice  to her builders which was dutifully received,  coffee and home for seven and in time to water the garden.  My washing is in on a four hour delay and I'll soon be ready for bed with that warm afterglow that only a day in the sun can bring in you...

LN...tomorrow is a furniture day should I choose to accept the challenge...let's see what the weather is like....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 12, 2015, 6:34pm; Reply: 15
Sunday 12th July

Well it's been a day of rest.  The noisy breakfast crew were out again at two thirty this morning and I can't decide if they've been enjoying themselves and getting in the last of the wine and food before they take to their beds to sleep through part of the not eating day.  Soon be over though.

I did wake at six thirty but decided that there was more sleep in my so catnapped until just before eight.  Coffee on the terrace, came up with some marvellous plans for the day and most of them are now carried forward until tomorrow.  Bacon sandwich for breakfast so start the day properly, I'd put a load of washing in last night on the delay programme so that I got cheap rate electricity so that got pegged out and then hand washed a wool cardigan that seemed to be hanging around waiting for attention.  There is a wool programme on the machine but it takes fifty minutes and for one item it seemed a bit of a waste.

Sorted out the bonfire and got rid of lots that was unburnt from the last time and decided that the frog garden had to be stripped and sorted.  This was another bed where the evening primrose had taken over so now it's planted up with one of the big shrubs and zinnias from the stash at the bottom of the garden.   Came in when it got too hot to do anything else, had a couple of attempts at Saturday's sudoku, ended up printing it out, went to lie on the bed to complete it and it was four my time when I woke up...just in time for the Wimbledon final.  Not a good game....I think Federer played better against Murray and I just can't take to the other....horses for courses so they say,

Washing in, watered the garden so most of the flowers can recoup overnight....I've just showered, not really in the mood for food but the urge might get up to speed later.  It's been a restful day and tomorrow I think I'm picking Gouldjan up at eight thirty to take the clothes in to school that she distributes to those less fortunate.  After that I think I'm heading in to Haskovo with the lawn mower...let's see if I can get it fixed once and for all....the strimmer's all very well but it's like the Forth Bridge...when you think you've got there you have to start again.  Enough for now...about to dry my hair, get a little drink and go back to my printed could take some time...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 13, 2015, 5:41pm; Reply: 16
Monday 13th July

Five thirty start and the mosque was going big time and appeared to have done all night.  Out of bed, coffee and garden and the strimmer played a big part in it.  By seven I was back in the house with a battery that needed topping up again and up to the bathroom, washed and dressed. lawnmower into the Beast and over to my Avatars to pick up the clothes that I was taking to the school.  Down to Gouldjan's village and the rest of the loot accumulated and into Djebel and everything dropped off at the school.

I carried on to the garage shop to see if they could come up with a solution to my lawnmower issues and they couldn't so I headed off to Haskovo to see if they could solve my problems.  The poor man behind the counter shook his head and had nothing that would do the job...he didn't keep the part in stock but what we managed to achieve was to get the part sent to me....the cost of the part twenty lev and the cost of the courier and I would pay for everything when it arrives.  Very civilised but still not sure when it will be arriving.  I did buy a metal shelving system for the workshop at a really reduced price...bargain.

Driving back from Haskovo I was amazed at the fields of sunflowers and it had to be caught on camera.  Back In Kardjali I did the supermarkets and picked up some small cushions that are the same pattern as the new bench cushions and they will cover the arms of the bench that I've decided are hard on the ribs.  Some chicken for the freezer, phoned Gouldjan to see if she wanted to go home but she couldn't leave work until three and it was only two so I was destined for home.

Cars secured in the yard, everything unpacked and it was now it was time for a little siesta and I slept until five thirty.  Now back to usual television and the temperature has now dropped and I'll be out with the strimmer after Eggheads.

Result with the part for the lawnmower thanks to a very helpful assistant...I'll await the arrival to see if that fixes it...LN.....heading for a restful evening...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 14, 2015, 7:52pm; Reply: 17
Tuesday 14th July

Six thirty this morning and I was out in the garden strimming as per usual and I turned round and noticed the sun was just coming up.  I went in and grabbed the would be rude not to.  

There was lots of dew on the grass and it's really not like out usual's too damp and the weeds just love it.  I'd watered last night but looking at the clouds there was no need to go round again except that I planted the potentilla in the Frog garden and re-sited some marigolds to join the zinnias I'd put in yesterday...Those did get a watering but as it turned out nature was on my side and gave it a good sprinkling after lunch.

Came in at eight or there abouts and it was a bacon sandwich for breakfast and I sat out on the lounge terrace and enjoyed the food and the view.  I'd looked at the heap of ballast that the men had ordered up and decided that it would be much better moved nearer the wall so out with the shovel and it was a good half an hour's job to move it so that now if I have to unload shopping I can get either car within spitting distance of the entrance door.  I did uncover a little frog who wondered where his world had gone but I'm sure he's found another.  

Next job was to make a new cover for the water meter box.  One of the delivery lorries had run over it and it was on Bekir's list of 'jobs to do' that were never done.  Out come the Lidl wood preservative and it got two coats and it's off the list,  I moved on to the gates next and spruced them up with the same stuff and then on to the little garden bench at it got the same treatment.  Next I had a visit from Zelinger with a gift of goodies to eat, a candle and a box of matches.  Her daughter from Turkey had arrived and paid for a Mevlit to be sung at the mosque and the goodies were for the villagers and talking about the mosque...the poor hojja has been singing his little heart out all day but I began to be a little concerned...I can now sing along at various times.....

In to the house for five minutes on the computer and I lay on the bed and started to play with the DS and I messed it all up by my eyes closing on the program that's supposed to relax you and it does.  Absolute rubbish score so I decided to take the recharged stimmer for a trip round the garden and cleared a lot of the big weeds from round the outside toilet area.  Finally got round to a bonfire and cleared the old debris from the acquired beehive that Bekir didn't want, the old wood from the broken lid to the water meter box and some from the bottom of the garden. Busy day and I feel that I've achieved a lot and I like days like that.

In for half five, showered, shampooed, hair dried and into the car for six twenty and off to my student's for supper with the family.  It's a strange night going out midweek but they have had guests from Turkey coming thick and fast and more arrive for two weeks tomorrow.  They are fully gosti-ed out.  So home after a lovely evening.....tomorrow more of the same from me....I have my list and I'm going to stick to it and have my pen at the ready to tick them off....LN....a little mastika and bed...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 15, 2015, 4:17pm; Reply: 18
Wednesday 15th July

Well it was a four thirty start this morning and for no other reason than I woke up.  I did become aware of the dogs when I opened the door on to the balcony but they were in the distance but when the mosque strikes up, they do love to join in.  Tried to get my head down again but to no avail so out to the balcony to catch the morning mist on camera and down for coffee and on to the lounge terrace to wait for the sun to come up.  I do so love my mornings.

Got some good shots that I posted on FB, spent around five minutes looking for the battery for the strimmer that I thought I removed last night but not put it on charge but found it attached to the machine.  Had a visit from one of my neighbours and my fence will be started tomorrow so a shopping list was put together so that he has everything he needs when he gets here.  Straight on to the charger for later and out to the garden to get the bonfire going again to continue where I'd left off yesterday.  nine thirty Gouldjan was at my door,,,she'd missed the bus and wanted a lift into the next village but since I had the shopping list to get I decided to take her in...two birds with one stone but the local road builders had other ideas.  They had the asphalt laying machine blocking the entire road and no one could go in any direction.  I sat there with other drivers for half an hour and one of them decided to go down the back road and into Dhebel the back way so I off loaded Gouldjan with a neighbour and I went back to my gardening.  

Tuna mayo for lunch and pottering and ticking off on my list and at three decided to try it again and this time I only had to sit for fourty minutes before I was allowed through along with other cars being allowed back into the village.  Picked up my Avon from my student's mums shop, found Gouldjan in the library so picked her up to go home and it was five when we got back.  

Avatar has been round and asked me if I will deliver the food to the mosque tonight for the end of the fasting....It's Byser's night to do it and my Avatar has tomorrow night's banquet so I shall be doing another chauffeuring run.

Lovely evening....I might even ask them to turn the volume down a bit scratch my back and I'll scratch yours so to speak...and I'll save the alcohol until the food run is complete...LN and there's nothing on my agenda for tomorrow...what a nice feeling...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 16, 2015, 5:52pm; Reply: 19
Thursday 16th July

What a lovely night's drunken fasters banging tin trays to wake up their neighbours......I was up at five thirty though and watered the garden and made up for the lack of effort last night and the plants really needed it today.  The daisies that I dug up yesterday and repotted are looking good after one night in a controlled environment...I'd put old cow dung in the pot along with my local soil and watered it and the daisies well before they were planted...The soil on that side of the garden is not good since the water leaks off on to the hillside since it is three feet below my garden level but when the new wall is completed in September, I'll drop stone into the gap along with a few trailer loads of shite and it should be OK.  

My painter arrived and I never noticed him until I looked out of the guest bedroom window,  He was actually ten minutes early so I went out and sorted out the stuff that I'd bought for him yesterday from the list he'd provided.  Today was on a Muslim holiday today and only worked for four days...apparently he'd had a 'look' from one of the ladies so had decided that he would leave at lunchtime.  As for me.... I strimmed until my battery was flat and  got my hammer and nails out and made my sewing table and it's firmly ensconced in the third bedroom.  Just a little more sorting out to do.

It's been a yeasty pancake day today and my latest delivery was from Haciber and she insisted that I took four.  I think three of them are destined for the freezer.  My neighbours arrived and I was asked to move my car into the yard and I refused saying that I'd strimmer the whole are yesterday and there was plenty of room for two cars without me moving mine.  The latest request was if they could use my wifi and I'm very careful who I let in to my internet connection so the answer was no.  

So the sun's gone down on my day...I've had a really good day and the third bedroom is almost finished and I need to make a shelf now to take the jars for all my sewing bits and that's a job for tomorrow since there is nothing on my agenda.  My lawnmower bit didn't arrive so it's probably Tuesday of next week....I'll have to keep that strimmer topped up....LN...and I've just caught the last of the sunset...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 17, 2015, 6:22pm; Reply: 20
Friday 17th July

Five thirty start and out washed and dressed for the day by six.  I got the strimmer out and by seven thirty I had done down the lane on the other side of the little garden wall so that my painter could carry on regardless but it all went a little pear shaped.  I went in a got buttered fresh chunky bread on a plate and a jar of really thick apricot jam and was heading outside when I saw my painter and he made me know how it happens sometimes...your brain is somewhere else and it comes as a surprise. He asked me to put my plate down and gave me the customary greeting as a mark of respect for one of the oldies.  Your hand is kissed and pressed to the forehead and I was so touched and I thank him for his greeting.  Today he couldn't work...the same ones that had criticised him for yesterday had obviously got through to him and had bowed to pressure and so he should.  There is no urgency with the railings...we agreed he would do them when he wanted and also agreed that two coats would be better than one so I'll leave the arrangements in his capable hands.

I had a guest around lunchtime who is visiting her parents.  Apparently her parents had told her that there was an English person in the village and she made a point of finding me out.  Between broken English, Turkish and Bulgarian we spoke for about half an hour with the promise that she would come again before she went back on Sunday.   Lots of garden tidying , bushes at the bottom of the garden trimmed and some heaps of stones moved down from the workshop terrace down to the bottom of the garden and I came in when the temperature really soared.

I phoned the lawn mower shop to check where my parcel was and was told to phone back after two when there would be an English speaker.  Again I was to phone back at four when he was guaranteed to be there and he was.  I reordered the part and took every number that I could find on the lawn mower, the exact part was identified and it will be couriered on Monday and delivered on Tuesday....result.  The Librarian arrived around two thirty and I'd got beetroot from the garden and was in the process of boiling it when she arrived.  We had coffee, walked the garden and she left with ready cooked beetroot and her ding-dong Avon that I'd ordered for her.  We are swimming on Monday if the weather holds and will have an early start before the lads turn up for their bombing practice.  

Watered the garden, didn't manage to get a final strimming in tonight but there is always tomorrow.  Only a trip to Djebel on the agenda for tomorrow....I want to stock up on local tonic water and fruit juices that are on offer and I also have an order from the Librarian for some of the same.

Nice sunrise and sunset tonight...only captured the fall....far too busy in the garden this morning....LN.....very mellow day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 18, 2015, 7:39pm; Reply: 21
Saturday 18th July

Well it's been a very chilled day with lots of activity and not a lot of capturing on camera..  I sat out this morning and watched the sun come up and I was too comfortable to go get the camera to capture it...and that's been the story for the rest of the day.

My painter arrived at seven thirty this morning and made me jump since I hadn't heard him...He set to work immediately and he realised that he had need of a special brush to get underneath the railings and his word for it was a brush known as 'bird's beak' and I was unsure what he wanted but it was a paintbrush with a hinged bit in the middle that you can angle to do in the crevices.  My painter noticed that my tyre was without air at the bottom so I pumped it up and straight to the garage and the problem was some metal embedded in the tyre.  That was another five leva spent....

Stopped off at the shop and bought a chicken and several cartons of juice and some of them are for the Librarian.  They were on offer at the local supermarket and the local bottle of tonic to go with it.  I watched the Davies cup and the doubles match...and then it was time to get the chicken cooked.

Really hot today so not much activity this afternoon and tonight is pretty much the same....LN...there will be photos tomorrow....
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 19, 2015, 6:20pm; Reply: 22
Sunday 19th July

Five thirty start and up and at it.  Out with the hose and watch the sun come up and the bonfire was still going so topped it up and got quite a good head of smoke.  Out with the strimmer and was surprised by my painter at seven fifteen who brought me round potatoes, carrots, onions, runner beans, cucumber, a small marrow and two bunches of herbs.  He proudly told me that there were no chemicals at all and having cooked some of the carrots, beans and potatoes for supper tonight....they were delicious.

So off he went on his bicycle delivering to other parts of the village but he was back just before eight and set to immediately.  It was a scorcher today but I helped him out by trimming back the shrubs that were covering part of the railing but I asked him to be careful with the sunflowers but there was really no need...he's just so caring.  At ten thirty I asked him if I could get him anything to drink....some juice and I was surprised when he said yes and we sat on the terrace and his only comment was that it was very sweet.  He suggested I got a juicer and made my own and it's a reminder to me that I have one and what the heck am I buying juice for.  As he was tidying up I noticed that one of his trouser legs was covered in paint and he explained that he'd tripped over and it had gone all over his leg and he asked if he could take what was left in the bottle of paint remover to get it off his leg.  So tomorrow he's back and he said that he thought he would finish tomorrow and I reminded him that there were the railings round the balconies to do as well and he said that he'd forgotten about them.....and off he set at ten minutes to twelve having done his half day with the remover strapped to his bicycle.

I'd had a good morning in the garden carrying on tidying from the building work and sorting the wood into piles for processing either on the bonfire or to keep for winter.  I filled up a couple of barrow loads of rubble from by the stone heap and generally cleared it ready to think about putting down some grass seed.  There are a few wild plum to dig up where they've spread onto the paths and down the wall to the bottom of the garden,  I want to try and keep that area clear so that there is a clear path along the wall.  It was all go and I came in dripping with perspiration, tried to get on the internet and the providers were having problems so played a few games of Freecell to cool down and then decided to shut up shop and get my head down for a while and it was four thirty when I surfaced.  I strimmed the middle of the grass and got rid of the plantain heads that bash against your legs when you walk the garden....finished for five thirty, showered and washed my hair and sat out in a bath tower on the terrace combing my hair out and enjoying the silence.  I stayed out until a couple of little flies forced me in and set to cooking some potatoes, carrots and beans for supper to have with the cold chicken from yesterday.  

So tools put away, garden watered, nine ten my time and I'm wondering where the day has gone....fortunately tonight there is a breeze picking up so it could be a comfortable night....LN.....I'm over to my virtuous couch...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 20, 2015, 5:23pm; Reply: 23
Monday 20th July

Well missed the sunrise but I lay and watched the rosy glow from my bed as it came over the hill.  It had been a bit of a strange night...having slept for three hours yesterday I wasn't surprised by my lack of interest in getting some zzz's in but by one I'd had enough so got the DS machine out and played for a while until I reached that hypnotic state....It struck me last night that with the door open onto my bedroom terrace and listening to the night birds and the screech owl that seems to settle in my's like sleeping outdoors with all of the benefits....most flying things kept out and just the sounds of the night.....

Full on this morning....I was waiting for my painter to arrive to see if he needed anything from Djebel before I took off on a jolly and sat on the terrace repairing a linen top that I'd bought in Mania for stotinki but the pocket was coming adrift.....all repaired, dipped in water and hung out on the line so remove the creases but as I said it's linen so it doesn't really matter.  When my guy arrived he asked me if I was going into Djebel and I said yes if we needed anything so he wrote me a list of sunflower seeds for nibbling on and a bottle of Ariana since the mobile shop didn't have any.  Being committed now to a trip I asked him how much sandpaper we'd got left and I put another four meters on the list.  I went on to Messenger and left a message for the Librarian that I would be there for ten and to warm me up a sunbed.  Shopping done, sunning gear gather and as it happened there was no one in the pool at all so we had the pick of the beds and swimming by ten thirty and it was bliss until the bombers arrived at about twelve thirty and a group of young girls at one.  Now the girls were really girlie and the boys were like bees round a honey pot.  Upside was they congregated down the shallow end so the rest was free of the blighters.  The Librarian's neighbour joined us for lunch and back in the pool for a final swim and we left at three and I was home for three forty five more or less and only just managed to get back into the village before the asphalt machine started doing it's stuff at full road width....nothing in and nothing out.  Washing done and out for four fifteen and back in dried and aired for seven and it's a beautiful evening.  There's a pair of blackbirds scurrying across the law and dipping to feed and several birds on the roof with nesting or feeding requirements...It's my with you...

So as the sun goes down I'm looking a little like the evening sky despite lashings of sun cream...but as I say...I should be brown tomorrow and there's that lovely afterglow of a day in the sun...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 21, 2015, 7:23pm; Reply: 24
Tuesday 21st July

What a full on day.....Lovely morning and I apolgise for taking more photos of the rising of the sun but hey...I'm on a par with the Egyptians and almost worship it.  Bed stripped, machine loaded, coffee brewing and I sat outside for a good half an hour just doing nothing but enjoying my morning.  There were a couple of golden oriels doing there stuff, the martins were aerial bombing and there was a sparrow that seemed determined to get into the martin's nest but he was also give a short sharp message that it was a no fly area.  My painter arrived and started work and we were trying to invent something to paint the underside of the railings since the gap is not uniform...hand made railings and all that.  The first one that he suggested patented didn't really get off the drawing board and failed at the first hurdle but there will be more prototypes tomorrow....

Gouldjan arrived at nine fifteen and had missed the bus and the milk wagons and wanted a lift into Rogosche which is the nearest pickup point for the through buses to Kardjali.  I noticed that I'd got text message from the couriers that were delivering my but for the lawnmower but since the road was subject to closure because of the asphalt machine I asked her to phone and have the part delivered to her school.  So she phoned me at eleven to say that it had arrived and everything in the garden seemed loverly.  I pottered for a while, my painter had finished what he set out to do and the next thing I knew he was bringing out the bicycle for the little house and pumping up the tyres.  He lowered the saddle and opened up the gate and I cycled down to the turnaround at the bottom of the village and back again much to the amusement of my Avatar.  The fear of the roaming dogs stops me going out further but I might just give it a try.  Gouldjan's father just missed the performance but came in the garden to talk to the painter and was amazed how much garden I have.  From the road my garden looks nothing....but once inside it's like Mary Poppins'  bag...goes on forever.

I set to with the table for the terrace that will also serve as a leg rest to one of the chairs on the terrace and blow me down there is a courier at the gate with another parcel.  I accepted it, paid the dues and opened it up and it was the part that I appear to have ordered twice and it was being delivered by two different companies.  Any road up...I fitted it so I am now a lawnmower engineer and fired it up and it went so I knocked off half of the lawn but in the heat of the day maybe not a sensible thing to do so came inside and got my head down for an hour or so.

Table complete, Gouldjan came round and delivered the second parcel and we tried to work it out but couldn't.  I can only think that the original order placed by the man at Practice was delivered by the first courier to Gouldjan and my follow-up telephone call created a subsequent order but not to's in reserve.  Took Gouldjan home, watered the garden, final nails in the table and put on wood preservative and another coat will be applied in the morning.  All tools and bike away and supper was anything I could find to throw into the frying pan and it worked out well.  A little beer to wash it down and nothing on the agenda tomorrow.  The balcony rails will be completed tomorrow and then I need to find sunshine superman something else to do....can't let him go that easily.

LN.....I'm shutting up shop for the night after a very successful day...LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 22, 2015, 6:32pm; Reply: 25
Wednesday 22nd July

Awake with the birds but this time watched the glow of the morning...but then had to go out and capture it.  Watered the garden and I feel so sorry for the poor flowers and shrubs....they're getting burnt to buggery despite two watering sessions a day...I think I'll have to leave the hose on trickle all night to see if it seeps into the ground.

Sat out with a coffee and started to hand sew the two pieces of the extra large cushion that I've doctored to make one that matches the other three.  I was stitching away and suddenly heard a noise that didn't fit in with the surroundings and it was my painter and it was only seven thirty.  He was keen to show me the rollers he'd made and I joked that it looked like his would be patented and not mine.  He'd made those yesterday afternoon to solve the problem of painting the bottom of the bottom rail....inventive bloke.

I looked at my outside sink area and realised that it was time for a makeover.  It's never made it to any 'to do' list but out with the plastic window from the winter snow shield and it was looking better already, out with the dark brown wood stain and I did the screen, the wood underneath the door mat that stops the mat getting wet and the shelving unit that supports the outside sink.  My Avatar's ladder came into play for painting the metal on the balcony but then there was a problem on his getting down.  He thought it was an intrusion going through my bedroom but I put his mind at rest...were not as precious about it as the local ladies.

He left at twelve and went to say goodbye to his brother who was working in Denmark and flying out the next day.  I think he's going to miss him...his father had died earlier in the year and they have been working on the family house.  So he said his farewells, came and told me and then on his bike and home but asking me if there was anything I wanted from his garden tomorrow.  The are such kind souls.  Tools away, door closed and outside key removed and I had ten minutes on the PC and then head down for a couple of is really that hot.  Tools out again and painted the outside arm chair with the same wood preservative and I had a memory of it being the first chair that I'd made when I got here......the rest will be done on Friday...tomorrow it's off to Kardjali for a day in town.  Planted out a spirea in the little house garden and nearly went base over apex on a root that was just a tad over the ground height so out if came...but it was bigger that I thought it was initially but that's the last time I'll trip over that one.

Lovely sunset as per normal, the moon's up already.  I've just watched Eggheads and the prize money roles over for another day....who will beat them?  The screech owl that just started up so it's almost time for me to take to my's been another busy old day...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 23, 2015, 7:50pm; Reply: 26
Thursday 23rd July

Five thirty start, garden watered, sat for a coffee for a while and then burst into action.  I trimmed a jasmine that had gone wild on the little house terrace with my new Bosch trimmer that appears to only take the light stuff so maybe I need a proper hedge's on the list.  I noticed that a new white fuschia cutting was in need of finding a home of its own so took a flower pot and poked at the soil with a potting shovel and a frog or toad (I know not which) jumped to the top of the pot and frightened the life out of me.  Now I'm not good with country things and that goes from the big to the little but I had to go and get the camera.  Last seen on the terrace and obviously has a new home where it hopes it won't be disturbed.  I sat out in the sun for a while abandoning all hopes of repotting the  fuschia and attacked the two parts of the bench seat to make them into one again and looked up and there was my painter explaining that one of the other people from the village wanted him for a day of cement workings but he'd told him that he had to ask me first.  I immediately agreed that he could work when and where he wanted....I only have another couple of days or so unless I really start to look for other work for him and there is really lots to do.  So off he went with a clear conscience and  I dragged the second long bench out from the kitchen window terrace and got to work with the wood preservative wanting to finish it by the time the Librarian arrived which I did.  Showered, shampooed, lipstick on and off we set taking two cars with the intention of leaving hers in the garage and we'd take mine to Kardjali.  So the best laid plans...the road asphalt machine was taking up all the carriage way and when asked how long the response was that when they hit a wide patch we could go round them.

We turned round, I dropped my car off and off we sent to go down the 'rough' back road to the main Greek highway and we were in Kardjali for just after ten.  Over to Mania for a few things that neither of us could live without, a look round the other one, into the bank but my favourite lady is on holiday for the next week or so so I'll leave that work for when she returns.  Out to lunch, pizza, cheesy chips and salad and on to Kaufland where I spotted a bargain.  I'd notice the ordinary Kindle at twenty four percent discount the previous week and thought it was a bargain but now it was on at fifty percent reduction at just seventy eight at the present exchange rate it was a really good buy.  Two years guarantee with it and then on to Lidl and caught the end of the English week and grabbed a few pots of marmalade and some cans of Guinness....and rude not to.

Back for three thirty more or less, unpacked my shopping, registered the Kindle, watered the garden again and it was time to go off to my student's home for supper delivering gifts of Madeira cake and a Honeydew melon. Lovely night with the family...there schedule has been really upset with all the comings and goings of guests from Turkey....and the four of them still have to work.  So home now....a can of the black stuff on the go.  It's been a warm old day and looks as if it's going to be a warm old night but with the terrace door open and the bathroom least there is air circulation.  LN.... from a lovely starry night in BG.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 24, 2015, 6:28pm; Reply: 27
Friday 24th July

Four thirty start and I'm not sure of the reason why but I thought I take advantage of the cheap rate electricity so the first load went in.  Back to bed with a coffee and waited for morning but I was half way through watering the garden when the sun managed to briefly show it's little face between the clouds and then disappear and it was considerably cooler this morning.  I got a fire going in the garden and cleared more of the scrub that's been left around from the strimming and some of the old wood,  How much old wood does a girl need...I'm getting seriously overrun by it now that the old fence is down.  My next job was to take the heads off the white and pink poppies and to get them sorted for next's seed collection time only this year I'm going to have them all correctly labeled not just stuck into tins.

My painter arrived this morning at eight and had sweetcorn and beetroot with him and by nine the beetroot were bubbling on the cooker.  The sweet corn are still in their outers and I must remember to put them in the fridge.  I checked my messages on FB and there was one from Mrs D of S telling me that she was heading for Kardjali on the bus and since I hadn't managed to exchange the head for her strimmer I arranged to meet her at ten thirty leaving my painter to paint and with full instructions for closing the house down when his time was up.  Strimmer head changed, drinks in the restaurant, Kaufland, Billa and Lidl and I shall drop off the heavy stuff on Monday on my way for a swim weather permitting since she taxies it back from Djebel.  Got home for about three and head down until five and was awakened by the sounds music from the bottom square.  There's a local wedding tomorrow so it will be on with the gladrags but the night before there is music and dancing in the square but unfortunately the ladies party is the other side of Kardjali and most people will be going over there.  I made my way down picking up my Avatar on the way down and met up with my local ladies just off the square and managed to get a few photos.

Back we trooped to Avatar's garden and we sat around in the garden and it's such a beautiful evening.  More men are making it to the square and the music is still going but it will probably still be going after I've laid my head on the pillow.  Last day of the painter tomorrow and I had to get in some more reserves.  He's done a fantastic job and he's so thorough....and not a bit spilt where it shouldn't be apart from his trousers when he tripped over the honeysuckle and I did notice that they were now cutoffs just below the knee sort of long shorts.  

Gardening day tomorrow but more of a gentle day.  I need to sort out Gouldjan's bedroom for Sunday night but the wedding is tomorrow and I'm chauffeuring some of the local ladies.  Now for a little drink and then to bed said Zeberdee......LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 25, 2015, 10:05pm; Reply: 28
Saturday 26th July

Rosy glow of morning woke me up but I did nothing about it but eventually went down for coffee but firstly I had to wash about two days worth of dishes before I could enjoy the solitude of morning on the terrace.  Watered the garden and decided to get the lawn mower going to attack the areas that I didn't do the first time I took it on a test run but it started OK and it was throwing dust and seeds out of the catcher so there is obviously enough through draught.  My painter arrived this morning at seven thirty and he'd finished the balcony by eight thirty saying that he wouldn't charge me for this morning as he had to get back to sort his own garden out and had to get into Djebel to go to the supermarket.  I needed to go in anyway to get to the cash point as I wanted to settle up with him so I said that I would take him to save him going on his bike.  We were there by nine and I asked him how long he wanted and we settled on  nine thirty back at the car.  He was waiting outside the supermarket and suddenly he rushed back in and came out with a watermelon  and when I saw that it was only just over a lev I went in and got one for myself.  We put the big ladder back in the little house, he helped me carry the outside sofa to it's summer resting place on the terrace and then off he rode shouting that he'd see me tomorrow and since I've already paid him for tomorrow....I better find something for him to do....

I set to on the downstairs bedroom and washed everything in sight, put wood preservative on the second chair for the terrace as the thunder rolled around me and eventually the skies broke and dropped their load.  It did clear up for around four thirty but I was showering and shampooing and getting ready for the wedding bash at one of the local hotels.  Picked up Gouldjan, Avatar's daughter and her cousin from Djebel and we arrived in good time getting a good table to view the wedding activities.  Lovely evening and my three local lads were busy with the cameras and throwing money at the guys playing the Bulgarian bagpipes.  Home for midnight and there wasn't a sound from the pavement but I can expect it later...we beat the bus home....Easy day tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, July 26, 2015, 7:28pm; Reply: 29
Sunday 26th July

What a day of activity.  Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest but it didn't turn out that way.  After last night's late night it was seven before I raised my little head from the pillow and didn't burst into action until half of the clock.  I watered the garden which was much needed and move the chair that was sitting in the middle of the yard to its rightful place on the lounge terrace and generally sorted out the cushions.  Tomorrow's job should I choose to accept it is to recover the cushions and generally smarten them all up but I'm so pleased that the two chairs and the sofa are out there with the new table and it looks the d's b's so to speak.  I think this year is about pulling it all together.

My painter came by around eight and he said that he was off fishing.  I did ask him about a rod but his comment was that he knew where the fish were and would use a net...discretely.... so that no fine is incurred in the taking of the contents of the river..Off he went on his bicycle and I thought that was it but he came back to take one of the bottles of beer secreted in the garage and said that beer with fish was superb...and off he went explaining that he has work to do for the next few days but if I want him for painting the hall, kitchen and downstairs bathroom he's available now that I've got the paint and roller.  Jobs a guddun me thinks.

Fantastic bonfire of old sawdust, shoes, hedge trimming and some of the rubbish from the little house.  It was a bitsa day....nothing specific but enough to keep me going until I ran out of steam and my overnight guest accommodation is all that could be asked for.  I'm just about to print up a bill for her as a joke,  I got the call at four saying that she had lots of luggage and could I collect her from the next village and I asked her if she had moved out because no way was she moving in.  She has her sister over from Turkey and the house is not built for what was expected of it and the children are not exactly early to bed birds like in the UK.  Any way...picked her up and with ten minutes she was fast asleep in the downstairs bedroom and dead to the world for the next two hours.  I decided that I would tidy up my seed collection on the lounge terrace until my eyelids sang a different tune and I was out for the count for an hour or so.

Into the house I went and clattered around a bit reminding her that she had come to work on stuff for her work and off she went up to the landing desk to make a start on it.  I put chicken wings in the oven, made potato salad and cooked the beans that my painter had delivered.  I served up at nine and now she's working again, I've washed up and having fine minutes of my time on here.  She's back home for six thirty tomorrow morning and I'll take her into work at eight since I want to insure the Beast...I think it's expired.  I'm delivering toilet rolls, wine and beer to Ms D of S tomorrow and she might be up for a swim if the weather looks good.  I need a day of rest....and it's a lovely feeling after a day in the sun by a pool.

Half ten and she's still tapping away...I'm going to say LN and tell her it's lights out by eleven...Only the one photo today...I was amazed by the cloud formation...the lower dark clouds were up with the big white ones...see what you make of it....LN
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Monday 27th July

So I was awake before Cinderella's alarm went off and making my coffee to take outside.  It was six o'clock and as the sun came up I asked her to come outside and watch the sun.  I don't believe she actually appreciates the beauty of where she lives, takes time out to wonder at nature and she was amazed at the redness of the sun as it comes up.  I showed her the reflection in the little house.....I think she was overwhelmed.  

So into the Beast and I dropped her home and saw the rest of the village out to catch the six thirty bus into Djebel.  Beast into the yard and Beauty out and I left Gouldjan to find her own way into work because being Monday and market day, there is a nine a.m. bus.  I was off to Ms D of S to deliver the essential supplies and then on to the Librarians to share the sun and the swimming pool for the day.  Unfortunately Ms D of S couldn't join us...she had windows being fitted and two men knocking seven bells out of her upstairs.  I stopped for a coffee and made the pool by ten and by ten thirty I was with the Librarian in the pool and getting in the exercise and only a few families with small children were there early on before the bombers arrived at one ish.  I had a run in with one of the boys and asked him why he couldn't stick to one half of the pool instead of jumping in willy nilly all over but I think it went over his head.  If H & S got involved I think they would close the pool down but hey...tova e Bulgaria.....

Finished our lunch, the boys lunched and we swam and left the pool at two thirty and it was a good job that I did.  I got home just as the asphalt machine was level with my Avatar's house and ten minutes later I would have been parking up and walking home.  So Beauty in the drive and out with the camera to take pictures of the men working the machines and one actually posed for the them to have that sort of energy in this heat and my golly was it hot must have been in the upper thirties.  Swimwear washed and hung out and I sat out on the lounge terrace and nodded off for an hour or so in the shade.  Came in, caught up with technology and played a few Freecell and then ready for Pointless.  Decided to cook the steak I bought the other day from Billa and what a load of rubbish it was....not worth the investment and I think it was misnamed.  Fortunately the lunch that we had at the pool still filled the gap so I didn't go hungry.

Little mixed martini with tonic tonight and it's a very refreshing drink.  I've been invited to a Mevlit tomorrow at Haciber's house and it might get me out of accepting the challenge to get the covers done for the outside furniture....... but we'll see what tomorrow brings.  I only have to get the insurance for the Beast sorted but that's at my students mum's shop so not too difficult to organise.  Temperature has dropped but not a lot but the windows and doors are open and there is a breeze blowing through.  LN.....I've had a very chilled day despite the temperature...LN
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Tuesday 28th July

Saw the sun come up from my sofa on the lounge terrace this morning and was too idle to get the camera out.  It was the same as yesterday and the day before and I don't want to bore you or make you envious.  I hear it's not summer in the UK at the present time.  Maybe if we turn the world off and set it back to default settings we might get back to four seasons.  Did go through a couple of cups of coffee before I really kicked in this morning and noticed that there were a few ants in the kitchen.  I reckon they came in on the herbs that were delivered by my painter...I should know better than to bring them inside before I've doused them in water and the second lot I think came in with the pears that Gouldjan brought the other night.  Out with the spray and the ant powder and then out to the garden.  I watered the garden and at seven forty my painter arrived to tell me that he had other work on somebodies roof and that rain was expected next week.  Now the job that I'd lined up hasn't date code on it so I was happy for him to be elsewhere so off he went and I attacked the oriental poppies and pulled them up and collected the seed pods.  I can sow them where I want, not have them everywhere and have to pull them up.  

It was such a hot old morning that I decided to get out the terrace umbrella and sort out the stand and the stand weights.  Now this is such a big thing to maneuver and I had two attempts to get the umbrella into the stand until it occurred to me that it would be easier if I brought the stand to the umbrella while it was lying on the ground.  In like Flynn and then realised that it was in the wrong place and that there would be no shade until five that night so moved two of the cheeses from the base....moved them to where I wanted the umbrella to sit, moved the umbrella and moved the second two cheeses over on to the base.  When there is only one to carry out these jobs you become inventive.  Next problem was that the dust had got into the plastic pipe so I couldn't slide it to an upright position to got the oil can out and now it aguddun so to speak.

Ten thirty was looming so I was into the shower, clean clothes and head scarf and over to Haciber's house for the mevlit (prayers for her husband's passing).  Lots of local women there and I am really welcomed as part of the village and I love it.  Two hojjas sing the prayers and it's getting now that I can sing the refrains but I look on it as a time of centering my own spirit.  It's almost hypnotic and at the end you feel really tired but relaxed.  The red clove drink comes round, you all have a serviette, hand cologne is distributed and after an hour and a half meat and rice is shared out, a yogurt drink and a chocolate bar are also handed out....a few more prayers and a few 'Ameeens' and we're all on our way.  It's a very social in one room and women in another but one day I'll be in with the hojjas just to make a few feathers fly.

On the way out I was asked by Semile if I'd had a problem at the wedding the other night.  It had been 'reported' that I'd had trouble with one of the drunken young men and I confirmed that I could handle drunken young men and there had been no trouble and we laughed.  I am so respectful of the concern that they have for me in this village....people care.

So home and played pc's for a while but the ants were back so the kitchen was taken apart.  I fetched the tiles of the central island unit and washed them all and got out the wood preservative bezir and put two coats on it and the tiles will go back tomorrow.  Everything that could harbour them has been ousted.....only bottled stuff comes in now.  Sat out and played seeds this afternoon until I felt sleepy enough to get my head down on the outside's very sticky tonight and the wind got up so the umbrella was secured for the night.  The outside furniture has another day of reprieve....maybe tomorrow.  A little beer on the go....chicken wings from the other night are being investigated as a filler...the meat and rice was the lunchtime meal.  Seven fifteen my has all the makings of a storm and I really hope it rains to freshen things up....LN.....I'm going to watch tele...LN
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Wednesday 29th July

As my phone went last night I was surprised and answered it and it was Cinderella and she wanted to come over and stay for the night.  I offered to pick her up but no, she was going to walk up and ten minutes later she'd arrived.  I think two children and parents in her home that is normally for mother father and herself is proving to be a challenge especially since the children do not sleep until three in the morning and she has to be up to catch the bus at six I offer respite...wait till she gets the bill.... ;)

So I was up at six and she was up and on the terrace waiting for me.  I told her the mistake that she'd made was that she hadn't put the kettle on but off she trotted ready to get ready for the day.  I made my coffee and sat out for a while, watched the sunrise, watered the garden, cleared out the weeds from a couple of the pots and then set to in the kitchen.  I just hate ants and I seem to have found the interest point....a jar of honey with the top not firmly screwed down so everything was taken out of the shelving, bezir or a form of varnish covering the shelves, all tiles washed and most replaced but I ran out of steam so tomorrow is another day.  It has been four years since the depths of the shelving has been investigated and there were so many jars of 'stuff' that were given to me and still seem to be in good condition.  Good saved, not good binned and tomorrow it's a day to the rubbish container but I'll offer the jars to my Avatar....they always need them.

Too hot to do anything this afternoon.  Hacibar came round with a bottle of home made Iran which is stored in the freezer and we looked at the thermometer and it was reading thirty eight degrees.  Slept for a couple of hours until four thirty, carried on with the kitchen and gave up at seven...too much like hard work and as I've said, tomorrow is another day.

Not much on for tomorrow so far...but things change.  LN.....I'm finishing this and taking to my's a much warmer night than it's been for the last few nights but at least with the doors open I get all the breeze that's going....sleep tight...LN
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Thursday 20th July

No telephone calls from Cinderella last night but she did offer her boyfriend to paint my lounge and bathroom that I declined.  He has his own work to do.

Five thirty start this morning and it was straight into the kitchen and started where I finished off yesterday. It was all going well until I'f replaced all of the tiles and stuff into the shelving unit and suddenly I had ants back on the worktop so out with the cooker. mop brought into play with extra strong gel.  Back of cooker cleaned and vinegar and chilli dutifully dropped...I need to find the source.

Out to the garden and watered everything in sight....and then back to the kitchen...I have to beat the bastard besties....  The hoover came into play...thought I'd finished and they were out again about the washing machine so more vinegar and chilli.  Did a bit of time on the p.c. and chatted with a few friends on Messenger.  Two of the clock and I was off to Djebel to get the Beast insured.  On the way in I met up with the roadmakers so I was sitting there with the engine running and I suddenly realised that my thermometer gauge was a little more than it should be so I lifted the bonnet and there were four helpers that fetched me water, topped me up and got me on the road again.  Straight round to the air pipe, water pipe and it cost me nine leva.  Back to the shop to buy my insurance and it's come down forty leva so that's fine by me.  Left them a whole load of beer and water bottles for selling their oil.  Stayed n the shop for about and hour and chatted with my student's easy for both of us.

Home and sorted stuff to up upstairs and into the kitchen and finished off or so I thought and the buggers were out again.  Spray out and they were no more and this could be the routine for a few mornings...I will beat them...believe me.  Sat out for a while and enjoyed my evening but the moon crept up on me...nothing and then this.  LN....I'm in now but still enjoying the view from my desk...LN
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Friday 31st July

It's going to be a quick one tonight...the weather is closing in and that blue moon should be going behind the clouds any minute but at least I captured it.  It's magnificent tonight but not blue....and the old familiar phrase of springs to mind...'once in a blue moon' and it was explained on the web this morning.

Lazy start...those blasted ants had to be attacked again so cooker and fridge out and loads of powder sloshed behind them.  I'd watered the garden since any help is necessary to keep some of the flowers going but at such high temperatures it seems like a losing battle.  Any way...I keep trying.  Saved a couple of plants that were seriously in need of hydration and one is now repotted until be calm down a bit weatherwise and I found out the material to make the covers for the outside furniture but that's as far as it got.  The sewing machine is out and the tape measure so I'm working up to it so to speak.  Got yesterday's washing in and stripped down the bed and pegged that out.  That's what I love about here...I could have put it back on the bed in thirty need for a dryer here.

Had my statutory afternoon nap and decided that a shower was the order of the day and to wash my was feeling very sweaty.  Got dressed and went out to sit in the shade and noticed a carrier bag on the bench by the table that I recognised as belonging to my Cinderella and as I turned the corner to the lounge terrace there she was...lying out on the sofa in the shade and only half awake.  I suggested that she went to bed which she did and in that time I had my painter round who took the pallet that I was deconstructing deconstructed and I was explaining what I wanted to do with it but it took him a while to get there.  Another man from the village came in and I reckoned that he was soliciting my painter for work and as he has other work at the moment and I'm next on the list...he was told to get in line.... ;)

So Cinderella went home but she wants to come back for the night to get a good night's sleep bother to me and she's due back at about nine thirty.  Funny old day but enjoyably relaxing but the moon as gone as expected, I've just secured the outside cushions under the lounge terrace and the rain has started to bucket down and boy do we need it.  LN.....I'm in for the night....and the thunder and lightening have just joined in...LN
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