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Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 1, 2018, 6:52pm
Saturday 1st September

Early start after a night of walking the tiles to alleviate cramp in the lower calf...don't you just hate it when that happens...I took my coffee outside, finished the tidying of the garden and spotted three pairs of shoes that really needed love and attention so I polished them all.  There's so much dust around when you're having work done.  So I found the fly screen for the outer door and replaced it.  The men had removed it when they were doing the outside but it's just nice to have the outer door open looking into the yard.  I gave the garden a good watering today...I'd neglected it yesterday with the men being here and working on tidying the workshop.

I decided not to go into Kardjali today...the tiles can wait until Monday.  The  rubbish that I'd collected was going to be no more.  I started the fire off with the rubbish from the house, dragged the container down to the bottom of the garden, got the hose and watered around the burning pit.  I didn't want to set the hillside on fire and in between kept the hose on the beds at the bottom of the garden.  As for the rest of the was too hot to be out working and I booted up the computer, did a couple of Sudoku, switched it off and settled myself on the sofa....the morning had taken its toll and I was off with the fairies for the next hour or so.  I managed to stay awake to watch the athletics but it was touch and go.  

So no pictures on the first of the month blog entry....I'll make tomorrow more exiting.  LN...Time for the Proms.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 2, 2018, 3:58pm; Reply: 1
Sunday 2nd September

Well it's been another hot one despite a pretty cool start....and I must remember...September is here.  General house maintenance first off and made it down to the bread van ...having looked at the Lidl loaf it was turning a lovely shade of green and the one from Friday would probably have broken the knife if I'd have attempted it.  I sat out with my coffee and watched the finches attacking the sunflowers.  They'd started on the zinnia at the bottom of the garden but that was too much of a stretch for the camera but fortunately they came up for a camera shoot.  One was hindered by the baby and soon flew off.

I used up the four eggs from the last lot by scrambling them and cooking them in the microwave...and that was breakfast sorted and after such a huge breakfast I was surprised how much I got through by one today.  Just a small load of washing done and I headed down to the bottom of the garden to look at the Japonica Kerria that I'd planted out a couple of days ago and joy oh joy...the first leaves have come out.  I dug another hole through the rocky terrain. loaded it it with compost and put in one of the small berberis plants that I'd planted after it broke off a biggie.  I made another hole by filling it with water, digging out the rocks with the garden fork, adding more water and repeating the was deep enough to put in another of my babies...a wild philadelphus that had lingered in a pot for a while.  It stands more change in than out with the weather being so hot.  I did try another photo session with the humming moths but they were just too fast and difficult to get into focus....they really love the buddliea and the zinnias....Next time.

I've had an easy afternoon and a siesta and now settled in to watch the Burleigh highlights on the Beeb.  Too hot to think about food and tomorrow, early start for the men and then into Kardjali for the tiles.  I wasn't sure if they'd be open today or not so didn't bother.   So on to the new week....LN...Back to work....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 3, 2018, 5:15pm; Reply: 2
Monday 3rd September

Six start and sat in bed with my coffee playing Soda Crush until seven thirty.....what a waste of time but I did manage to eat all the chocolates, I found the bears and popped the bottles and even ended up at the top of the leader board in one of the challenges.  Fair set me up for the day.  Quick flip round the bathroom, into jeans and t-shirt and out for the men at seven forty and arrived one minute late...and they were waiting for me. ;) ;)

So all my work in tidying up the garden for the weekend has all been undone by the men today...but I certainly can't complain about the amount of work that's been done.  Sally has finished the inside and outside plastering, Bekir has finished off most of the tiling outside....and just the window sills to do and the grouting.  I've lined up Sally's job for tomorrow...the guest room wall needs filling in where the ceiling wood has shrunk back,  It's not bad but the rest of the house has been done.  

I went into Kardjali first thing and got ten more of the floor tiles, tried one of the hardware shops to see if they kept balustrade bars for the top of the landing and was directed to a new firm that I'd not heard of before.  I've checked them out on the internet and they do metal stair runs and look very interesting.  I stopped off at Lidl and bought breakfast for me and the boys and a bench saw in case we end up doing the stairs ourselves...that's me and the boys.  I got back at ten thirty and I'd already laid out the coffee for the men but they'd obviously been too busy so I set too and delivered coffee and breakfast for them which was really appreciated.  I've yet to find my coffee cup...I made it, put it down and it's yet to be found.

I had visitors this afternoon and they stayed until it was time for the men to go home so I asked them if they would do the honours.  I'm just about to go out and tidy up the's not that I get paranoid about it but if the wind picks could be anywhere.  LN...Another day another dollar....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 4, 2018, 6:11pm; Reply: 3
Tuesday 4th September

So it was another morning of playing games after a good night's sleep.  Out of bed again late but jumped too and I was over to the pick up joint on time.  I was about to get out and buy breakfast for the boys from their equivalent of my bread van but Bekir had bought it already,  Back to the village, I made coffee and we settled down to breakfast but unfortunately mine was supposed to contain white cheese but I think the mouse on the production line had got rid of mine.  They settled in and got on with the work carried over from yesterday.  I had a bonfire, finished clearing the veg patch and by now it was time for more coffee  and Sally's work was more or less finished so I was soon on the campaign trail and found him the edgings on the upstairs beams in the guest room.  I think he huffed and puffed a little but stoically carried on and the punch line was that I wanted the walls doing over with var...the Bulgarian equivalent of whitewash.  

They finished for lunch and I took off for Djebel to buy the var, some cement, more silicon for the tiles on the window sills and I got a phone call when I was there to pick up a bag of terecol,, now that Bekir had been told that I wanted the rest of the window sills doing.  It's a job that has been missed but on my snagging list for the rest of the week.  On the way in I stopped at the local petrol station and asked them if they new the man that had the trailer wagon so that I could get Beauty out of the way.  I found him, he said 'a couple of hours' but at five thirty we were still waiting.  I set the battery charger into action so that I could get it out of the drive and by the wall making it easier for them, to fill in time I set about removing the bark from the tree trunks that were left over from last years delivery of winter wood,  Sally neatened up the mushroom that had been hidden by Beauty and helped me finish the logs and when the wagon didn't turn up, I got Bekir to write a note, I put the payment and the car key in the glove box and left the note under the windscreen wiper.  Driving back with the men, we met the wagon on the road, flagged him down, explained what we had done and told him where to leave the car if the garage was closed when they got there.  I meant to take a photo but the men were champing at the big so never go round to it.  

Men home, me home, egg and chippies for supper, washing in and put to air, my bed remade after it was stripped this morning, guest room is ready for more love and attention tomorrow and it's going to be an early night for the boys tomorrow...I have an appointment at the opticians at six fifteen in Kardjali.  Organised or what!!  LN...Off to polish my halo...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 5, 2018, 4:47pm; Reply: 4
Wednesday 5th September

Early start, a few games and back to sleep for an hour or so and out of bed by six thirty.  The sun was stunning as it came up between the clouds, I toyed with the idea of watering the garden, left it for a while and there was a gentle pitter patter and I'd saved myself a few stotinki on the water bill.  Off to fetch the men and it was chucking it down but more or less clear when I got to their village.  I'd forgotten to get the men's coffee packets yesterday, tried their local shop but they didn't have the right variety but fortunately I met their bread van who was able to supply the coffee sachets and also marmalade filled buns for breakfast...result.

Coffee and buns for all of us and Bekir's job for today and there wasn't an option to accept or not accept. was to finish off the surrounds of the door frame in the corridor as they call it.  Into the Beast, Kardjali down the back lane and the first wood yard didn't have the width we needed but the second on did.  Two uprights and the cross piece, ready trimmed to size, twenty two leva.  I also ear marked wood for the corridor furniture but today was about door, identifying wood for the stairs and getting those two jobs sorted.  Mine can come later.  Beast loaded and we headed back to Djebel to buy bolts to attach the new wood to the old and Bekir has made a brilliant job of it.  We left Sally painting the upstairs guest room with var and he'd more or less finished that by two this afternoon so he was sourcing the tiles for the step from the bedroom to the balcony and we decided to use the same as the bedroom.

Guests arrived around three so it was kettle on and feet up for an hour or so.  He'd kindly brought over his ladder to do the inside windows but with so much dust around and likely to be around for a few days yet I had to refuse his offer...another day.  Fortunately they offered to stay for a while and take my men back so at five they left, I smartened up a little and headed into Kardjali to get my eyes tested.  I arrived and was told that I was too late and that my appointment was for five fifteen and unfortunately I didn't have my appointment card with me but I checked it at home and it definitely looks like eighteen so tomorrow when I pick up my glasses I'll give it to him.  Anyway the optician saw me, gave me all the tests for glaucoma and checked over the retinas and the outcome is that I need glasses for driving and my reading glasses have gone up a fraction so all is good since it's been over two years since they were checked last time.  I have a lovely purple pair for driving and I'm having the new lenses put into the old reading glasses....saving on new frames.

Home and it's a very still evening, there are clouds and only a glimmer of a's a very funny light.  Nothing much on the agenda for at the usual time and now it's my time.    LN...Relax....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 6, 2018, 8:14pm; Reply: 5
Thursday 6th September

Early start this morning and I was out and in the car by seven thirty and had decided to take the Beast.  There was wood to buy for the stairs and I wasn't sure if the men wanted more cement.  They were surprised when they saw the Beast so I told them the plan and off we went to the wood  yard.  The owner was running around like a headless chicken and couldn't see to out needs saying that he hadn't got the much for customer service.  Any how the men sorted out what we wanted, cut it in to suitable lengths and we headed up to the next man in the chain that had a band saw and lathe and was able to clean it up for us so that it's fit for purpose.  The downside was that it wasn't going to be ready until tonight so we arranged to pick it up in the morning and also taking down five more lengths that I've had for a year or so so that can be planed too.  

The men got on well with the jobs allocated and after a little discussion we got there in the end.  Bekir has done one or two electrical jobs for me, Sally is finishing off the window sills that were part of year three's project and better late than never.  I loaded the five planks in the Beast securing them well and I'll have to head to Djebel to make sure that there's enough diesel in the tank and then it will be all hands to the pump while we try to get all of the wood in the Beast.  I think Sally will be sitting on the bonnet or the roof.

Over to the family for supper tonight after I dropped off the men and we've had a very lovely evening with lots of laughs and now safe and sound after my drive through the forest with only hedgehogs for other road many of them about.  LN...Looking forward to lights out tonight....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 7, 2018, 5:58pm; Reply: 6
Friday 7th September

Funny old night.  I actually got up at five and made my first coffee and I'm not really sure why I had such a disturbed night except that I seemed to stock up on food on my visit to my family friends.  So it was off to my new found friend this morning and deliver the wood.  Before that I had to go into Djebel to get fuel so that I could go and get back safely so I left at seven ten and was really early to pick up the men,  On the journey over the wood was secured in the boot area but I hadn't secured the bit that was sticking between the was swinging between the two so I took it very slowly round the bends.  Sally managed to find somewhere to park his bottom the the back of the Beast, round to the wood man and we managed to park near the door to the workshop.  We unloaded the new ones to be planed, loaded up the ones that he;d finished and I offered the money so far and he refused and said that he would finish the job first.  So back we came, the Beast was unloaded and the wood put in to the little house, I made coffee and we sat in the garden drinking it and then went to out allotted tasks.

Sally's job was to sort out the old wall of the house, the old plaster was removed, it's had new plaster put on it and all that needs to be done now is to replace the old light and the electrical socket, Bekir was applying the tiles to the upstairs's window sills, and I took the lounge apart and spent an hour or so washing everything I removed.  Beautiful day so everything was quick to dry and Bekir asked me if the tiles used were to my liking....and they weren't so I headed in to Kardjali to see if I could get ten of them but no luck...I couldn't get the right shade of brown like the ones that I used in the bathroom.  I also thought I'd pick up my glasses while I was in town and blow me down....he had gone on holiday and not back until the seventeenth of this month.  I stopped off for gas since the bleeper had gone off on the way in and the bill was twenty six leva for a full tank and so home James.  

The clouds rolled in around four thirty so I got the washing in before ir chucked it down but it went as quickly as it came.  We headed back to the wood man, I paid the bill for all the work and I was amazed how cheap it was so I gave him a little bit more, I found some lovely off cuts that will make super sunflowers, over to the men's village and delivered the men and some wood that Bekir had bought in Kardjali.  I'm absolutely knacked tonight, I unloaded the rest of the wood and stacked it in the little house,  it I only had cheese and biscuits for was too much effort to even think about what to do,  My weekend looks to be sorting out the lounge...I've got mattresses and cushions everywhere...I never learn that men working before guest arrive is not really recommended.  LN...Ten days and counting...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 8, 2018, 5:33pm; Reply: 7
Saturday 8th September

Well I thought I would sleep the sleep of the just last night but I only slept just about five hours.  I was awake at five and there was no chance of getting off again.  My head was buzzing...I wanted to get lots done today but the 'in-box' exercise ability has slowed down somewhat...some decisions didn't come easily.  I achieved quite a lot before breakfast,  heard the van, two loaves and no fishes...the village could feed itself.  For me there was a packet of bacon looking decidedly lost in the fridge and it's no more.  A whole packet on four slices of bread with brown sauce has kept me going up until now.

The bench for the porch has been tarted up and is ready to go back inside except that with the men building the stairs next week it's probably better to leave the porch more or less empty.  The two Turkish mattresses have been taken off the sofas in the lounge and the original ones put back and both have new covers.  I suppose I've been a little lazy this year...two much rain at the beginning of the summer and too hot for the last few weeks and my fall left me with very little enthusiasm to do very much.  It still hurts when I do 'stuff' but I keep telling myself that the exercise is doing me's my mantra.  The second guest bedroom is tidied, the first guest bedroom that Sally put the var on is still empty and tomorrow morning I'm going to give the beams another hit with the insect killer.  I can't hear any munching but I'm going to take the opportunity now that it's empty and that's my first job of the morning, the windows will be the next job, the bed sorted and then my guest will have the choice of upstairs or downstairs.  Her choice.

The little kitchen shelf that goes back to the wall had been emptied out and now I know what was stored there.  I've got too many dish washer sponges but at least now they're all in the same place and I think they'll do me for the next few years.  It's one of the things that you see in the cheapy shop and decide that you're probably short of...wrong.  

I've got a fascinating programme running on BBC2...the scanning of the pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx....I marvel at technology when it's applied to the ancient objects.  And now...they are showing the old Roman towers and Saladin's fortress after the conquering of Egypt.  LN  Supper time can wait...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 9, 2018, 5:29pm; Reply: 8
Sunday 9th September day of rest...not.  Six start and played silly games for an hour or so, washed, dressed and had a bonfire to start the day off.  The problem is that when I take the garden fork down to the bottom of the garden I always end up digging around for an hour or so and today was no exception,  I cleared some of the weeds from the new shrub garden near the bonfire at the bottom of the long wall and it was still going this afternoon.  There was a lot of rubbish left over from the men's efforts and now that's all gone and I think I was actually delaying the proposed work in the guest room.  It was a beautiful morning and I sat with a coffee and noticed that there were loads of butterflies about so I had a David Bailey hour or so with the camera and published them on FB and they've been admired my loads of people.

I put the internet on and watched Monty Dons gardens of the world and caught the end of it, watched some of Gardener's World and the realisation that I was putting off the dastardly deed hit me so I switched it off, headed for the little house and got the debug stuff, a paint brush and by twelve it was done....ceiling beams, side tables, bed frame, chest and hand made chair.  The windows are all sealed, the door is closed and it can smell for all it's worth...It should be clear tomorrow, it's not as acrid as some of the other compounds so I could start by doing the floor over and then it will be all ready to get it furnished.  Jobs a guddun so to speak...

Back to the internet and watched the end of the Great North Run and Sir Moe finishing off the men's race in style...such a talent.  I fixed tuna mayo sandwiches for a late breakfast, early lunch and off it went again, five minutes on the bed with Soda Crush and I woke up at four after a very deep catch-up sleep and feel much better for it.  Bekir phoned to say that he's got visitors and won't be able to work tomorrow which suits me fine.  A little 'special to me' has a birthday tomorrow so I'm sure I can fit in a visit at some point...
I'll see how I feel in the morning.  An evening of admin answering some of the emails I haven't managed to get round to and time to create a plan for tomorrow.  I might even have a wood working day....the outside sink bench has had to be moved now that they've finished the outside rendering of the conservatory cum porch so to get the tap into the centre of the sink I have to take about three inches off the side away from the sink so that I can move the worktop along and put it back where it used to be.  Oh a woman's work is never done.

Chicken in the oven and it should be ready in an hour or so.  I forgot to put it in earlier but there's no rush....the tuna is still lingering.  It's been a good day but the trouble is, once I start on maintenance...I keep finding other jobs.  LN...Where did I put my dark glasses....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 10, 2018, 5:08pm; Reply: 9
Monday 10th September

Five thirty start...I think I slept too much yesterday.  Too dark to do anything except play Soda Crush, six it was coffee time and seven it was a trip round the garden, watering and weeding.  The frog garden is looking like a garden again with the grass removed and it was so dry underneath that the hose was left on it for a while.  I want some rain that counts, not just to wet the top soil.  Gardening in PJ's, back in the house by eight thirty so washed and dressed and breakfasted on toast and my home made strawberry jam.  I started to make a list of the things that I wanted to achieve today and I think I've knocked a few of them off but not many.  I've been deviating and did some that weren't even on it so that's the end of lists for me.

I didn't manage to see the birthday girl today...I'll save it for tomorrow.  I've done two loads of washing, the guest room is ready, floors washed over and windows cleaned and bed made up.  My guest will have the choice of upstairs or down...she lives in a bungalow so might prefer the lower living.  So starting the windows meant that I moved into my room and did those as well inside and out.  I didn't move into the lounge...the men have yet to do the stairs so there could be 'shite' everywhere.  Having done the floor over in the guest room I moved down and gave the porch tiles their first clean but it needs to be a little more thorough.  Grouting takes some moving .   but again it will be when the men have waved fond goodbyes for the year.

No photos today...just been too busy.  One week and counting before my guest arrives,  men are working tomorrow and in my book the stairs are my priority....I'll  be comparing it to their list.  Good day today but knacked.   LN....I should sleep well....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 10, 2018, 5:08pm; Reply: 10
Monday 10th September

Five thirty start...I think I slept too much yesterday.  Too dark to do anything except play Soda Crush, six it was coffee time and seven it was a trip round the garden, watering and weeding.  The frog garden is looking like a garden again with the grass removed and it was so dry underneath that the hose was left on it for a while.  I want some rain that counts, not just to wet the top soil.  Gardening in PJ's, back in the house by eight thirty so washed and dressed and breakfasted on toast and my home made strawberry jam.  I started to make a list of the things that I wanted to achieve today and I think I've knocked a few of them off but not many.  I've been deviating and did some that weren't even on it so that's the end of lists for me.

I didn't manage to see the birthday girl today...I'll save it for tomorrow.  I've done two loads of washing, the guest room is ready, floors washed over and windows cleaned and bed made up.  My guest will have the choice of upstairs or down...she lives in a bungalow so might prefer the lower living.  So starting the windows meant that I moved into my room and did those as well inside and out.  I didn't move into the lounge...the men have yet to do the stairs so there could be 'shite' everywhere.  Having done the floor over in the guest room I moved down and gave the porch tiles their first clean but it needs to be a little more thorough.  Grouting takes some moving .   but again it will be when the men have waved fond goodbyes for the year.

No photos today...just been too busy.  One week and counting before my guest arrives,  men are working tomorrow and in my book the stairs are my priority....I'll  be comparing it to their list.  Good day today but knacked.   LN....I should sleep well....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 11, 2018, 5:35pm; Reply: 11
Tuesday 11th September

I'm going to apologise in advance...I am upstairs and the cameras are downstairs and a ladder is in between.  Six start and over for the men at seven thirty and it's been all systems go all day.  More wood from Djebel and a lot of 'stuff' from the hardware shop.  We'd bought some stain to match the woods on the front door but the first one looked like a first baby's nappy so that was abandoned, the second was more of a match but less of what I wanted and so we mixed the two together and unfortunately for baby bear it was not quite right so tomorrow I'm off to Kardjali to try and get some proper wood stain.  I'm such a perfectionist.  

So the wood was removed from the Beast, we briefly talked design yet again and with a lot of effort the old stairs came out.  I cleaned up the area, Sally was busy going over the areas with var where the old stairs had been and the new design is taking shape.  The original plan was to use some of the uprights but after the wood had been planed and sanded there was going to be too much of a difference in colour so it will all be treated the same...I couldn't wait years for the old to match with the would never have got there.

Nails have all been removed from the old wood and it's stored in the garage, the house is a complete mess but omelettes and eggs spring to mind but another good day on it and it should be back in use.  I popped in to deliver a card for the little one's birthday and she's got lots of new toys and things...lucky little two year old from Samodiva.  I stopped for a fruit juice, managed to scab some lavender plants from them which will go in tomorrow and home for eight more or less.  It was such a beautiful crescent moon tonight but too dark to really take it and as I is down, I'm up and that ladder is better negotiated when there is someone else in the house...and there's not.  LN...All will be revealed....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 12, 2018, 7:42pm; Reply: 12
Wednesday 12th September

So no time for pickies again today.  Phoned the Librarian last night after hearing that she'd had some bad news from home and has to go back to the UK.  Unfortunately her printer was naff so couldn't print the boarding pass or to add her additional details to the booking so that took up most of the morning and had to ascend the ladder to get it done.  Her computer downstairs and my printer upstairs with a ladder in between is not conducive to instant access to either so the computer came to the printer.  Then we had the bother of printer drivers when I swapped mine over but eventually we got there.  Next stop was Kardjali to get her bus ticket for the six a.m. to Sofia, more screws for Bekir and I managed to get the wood preservative for the door frame to match the existing.  

It's also been a day of making more plans for the stairs.  I think Bekir both have fixed ideas and it was trying to find the compromise and I think we're almost there.  Sally looks on and sides most times with me but not always.  So men home, the Librarian is tucked up in the downstairs bedroom and the alarm set for four thirty, I've climbed the ladder yet again to get the blog done and to hit the sack but everything should be back to normal tomorrow.  Yet again the camera is downstairs and I refuse to tempt fate....I've done that enough today.

Score me a black mark...I can take it....five days and counting before my guest arrives.  LN...Better get a wiggle on...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 13, 2018, 5:18pm; Reply: 13
Thursday 13th September

So I set three alarms for this morning so that I could get the Librarian to Kardjali for the six o'clock bus to Sofia and the first one brought me to the surface at four fifteen.  I washed and dressed, descended the ladder in time for her alarm going off at four thirty.  Coffee, scouted around and sorted out a few things and we were in the car by five ten and Kardjali for five forty five.  As the day's worn on I've been feeling more knacked and it won't be long before I lay down my weary head.. :-/

It's been full on with the men today.  Bekir seemed to be doing OK on his own with Sally moving in with the support for the stairs so I set him to work building me a shelving unit for the porch using the old stairs and it looks really good.  The on going plan is to attach a shelving unit to it under the kitchen window and a hanging section for winter wet clothes and wet shoes.  It's coming together nicely and that should be happening tomorrow,  

I think Bekir has hit a few snags with the stairs and at the moment I'm still not sure how it's going to look but at least it will be stronger than the previous ones.  There's still some tweaking to do and I can always get some more wood...the only thing I don;t have is time with my guest arriving on Monday.  Bekir has already said that he will probably be working on Saturday and any changes can be made after she has left.  I then have fourteen days more or less before my Princess and co arrive.

Tried to go on to TV Catch-up and they appear to have made some changes and again with Daily Mail Sudoku...why can't the world stand still for those kind of things.  I have to sign up, there may be a subscription later on for downloading stuff but all I want to do is  watch the normal UK channels.  I'll give it some thought.

Just a few pickies of the last few days....I need something to get my mojo up...let's see what tomorrow brings.  LN....Biscuits and bed...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 14, 2018, 5:32pm; Reply: 14
Friday 14th September

Well at three fifteen this morning I was wide awake and looking for fun and I found it but trying to get to the bottom of the mess that I'm in.  Everything is everywhere and waiting for a space to be cleared of workmen's shite so that I can sweep up, collect the debris and get reorganised.  On the positive side we've got lots done today but what a drain on the energy banks.  If only I had Duracell... ;)

So as I said very early start and had to negotiate the ladder once more but at least I was standing on one of the flats near the top so that I could bridge the gap.  Having had my recent fall, I'm taking it very carefully....I don't really need a season ticket to the x-ray department.  I washed  and dressed, I was desperate for a cup of coffee and so desperate that I forgot where I'd put it down and eventually I had to follow my nose.  It was on the halfway point of the stairs...or what there is of them.  I came to a conclusion before I picked up the men....the other treads have been recessed in and the second section will be surface mounted with supports underneath.  I acknowledged that t's not going to be finished to my standard in time so we have to compromise and revisit it later.  It's now been established that we need two half landings so that we can manage the stairs easily and that should make tomorrow's work achievable.

Now as for Sally....he chugged on with the old stairs that is now a shelving unit, I had a full length shelf put in and hanging section for wet clothes with a plastic container underneath,  Winter is coming John Snow.  He painted it with a new lot of stuff that I managed to get from one of the shops in Kardjali and it looks really luscious...deep in colour and hides the crap wood.  So at five tonight we got a phone call from the wood people to say that my winter wood was on its way...eight cubic meters of it but this year it's already chopped and just needs moving and stacking.  It never rains but it pours.  The upside is that Sally will work tomorrow and so the two of us will put it away, Bekir is working on the stairs and at last the plan is in place and it should be ready for my guest's arrival on Monday.  

I dropped the men off, put the Beast back in the yard and parked Baby by the wall ready for tomorrow morning, came in and carried on with the painting where Sally had left off.  I had to clean two of the uprights that had var on them so I'll leave that until tomorrow morning when the wood is dry.  Not a clue about supper...looks like I'm going to have a rush to the finishing post again...situation normal except that everything should be fine for when Princess arrives...I'll only have to top and tail it.  Beans on toast I reckon.  LN...The ladder calls...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 15, 2018, 7:21pm; Reply: 15
Saturday 15th September

Four thirty start and I seemed to fill the morning with something until it was time to go and pick up the men and that seems such a long time ago.  I just knew that it would be yet another day and I was proved right...I am picking them up in the morning,

Sally and myself settled in and put the wood away into the workshop and I think it was in record time'  Sally was on the wheelbarrow and I was on the stacking until he was beating me so he came to help stack.  I suggested that we could have five minutes and he said that we would when it was finished.  All put away and I swept up the floor, carried on and cleared away the remains of the stack using the rake, picked it up and dumped it at the bottom of the garden and I have to do the same again tomorrow to clear the rest of the yard from the sawing and planing.  

I headed into Kardjali after lunch and managed to find everything I wanted in Lidl including a new metal kettle, back home and sat under the trees in the yard with the men with their afternoon coffee.  I'd mentioned that the door to the woodstore and the frame needed a new finish so he finished it with the new stuff that I bought from Kardjali.  I also have a new top shelf on the hanging space in the porch and back to work they went.  I made a start on the windows, out with the hose and did the outside of the stairwell four with just water with the spray jet on and they look OK.

By five thirty it was obvious that we were in for another day so I'm picking them up and I'm hoping it won't be for a full day...I have so much to do.  Men home, the gas ran out in the car on the way home and I toyed with going back to Kardjali and then instead headed home....I really needed sleep so I came upstairs and put on the computer and sure enough, I put in two solid hours of t.v and watched absolutely nothing.  I'm off to bed now,,,it's early but very necessary.  LN....Hope it's a better news tomorrow....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 16, 2018, 6:14pm; Reply: 16
Sunday 16th September

So fell asleep in front of the computer last night for three hours or so, woke up, went to bed and came to at about six thirty and boy did I need it.  It's been a bit of an uphill struggle for these last few days culminating in me having to fetch more wood for the handrails for the stairs.  One is up, one is ready to go up...I have stairs now from the bottom to the top and no more 'mind the gap' and ladders to negotiate.  

It's going to be a quick update...I still have the hoover to throw around and they are working tomorrow.  The handrail yet to be erected is fairly crucial when you don't know the property.  The other one going across the windows to protect them will go in also but the one that stops my desk falling to the lower level can wait....It's a heavy old desk but with the old rail demolished I shall have to find somewhere else to hang my wet bath towels... ;)

Guests called in this afternoon and made me slow down for an hour or so and asked if there was anything they could do....I almost gave the list and said 'pick one' but it would have been in jest.  I did the garden this morning since there wasn't much opportunity of finishing anything in the house, the dist and sawdust just keep rolling in despite their best efforts.  I've more or less finished the windows, only a couple left where they're working and ornaments and things to redistribute in the corner where they're working.  All fun and laughter here at 'OK Corale'.  

I'm down to the kitchen for a ham sandwich to fill that gap and it won't be loog before my head hits that pillow.  Photos tomorrow...just too knacked.  LN....Plovdiv by eight tomorrow night.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 17, 2018, 9:34pm; Reply: 17
Monday 17th September

It's another quick one....picked up the men at the usual time and it was all systems go.  I have handrails on the inside of both flights and a long one on the wall to stop anyone crashing into the windows.  As for windows....Bekir did his monkey act and managed to clean the atrium windows both inside and out straddling precariously between ladder and window sill and it was best not to look.  Sally with his forty five kilograms was standing guard on the bottom of the ladder and not for those with a nervous disposition.

I kept busy with the garden and out of their way.  I couldn't start until they'd finished and eventually I threw them out at two of the clock and I was back home for just after half past and then it was all systems go.  I needn't have rushed so much...I showered at four thirty, washed my hair and it was in a heck of a mess.  I'd been lazy and hadn't put a brush through it for a couple of days so plenty of oil went in and I eventually managed it.  I didn't bother to dry it but but he time I got to Kardjali most of it was dry and it was scooped up anyway into a hair clip by the time I got to the airport.   I seemed to fly up to Plovdiv...I pulled off on to a side road and waited for the flight arrival time and then made my way to the car park.  They've introduced new parking charges and I managed to get away with only two lev.

My guest arrived and not having seen her for thirty five years we looked at each other and it was 'is it, isn't it and then she smiled and it was.  Into the car and we broke the journey for a kufte and cheesy chips and then carried on home.  It's late...twelve thirty and tomorrow is going to be a lazy day.  Pictures of the completed stairs tomorrow...I promise...LN...Tired but now to relax....LN  
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 18, 2018, 9:22pm; Reply: 18
Tuesday 18th September

Well I was awake at seven and what a wonderful night's sleep.  I think I woke up at two and switched the light off but went straight back off.  I went down and made coffee, the morning was cloudy, no sign of my guest and by eight I was sitting on the terrace beginning to wonder where she was.  She eventually appeared, had slept well in the downstairs bedroom and appeared on the terrace in nightdress.  I made her a tea, she went inside to find a dressing gown since the morning was a little nippy, I was in my velour 'night and day suit', heard the bread van and skipped down the road as I was for a couple of loaves and he had tout manik.  Breakfast was solved. ...eventually we managed to shut up enough to eat the cheesy buns, washed, dressed, a tour of the estate and we headed in to Kardjali around lunch time.  I managed to pick up my new glasses, the shop was at last open and I'm pleased with the ones that I've got for driving, the flashy new purple'

We drove down to my usual parking spot and found an empty place and parked up, down down to the Bureau de Change kiosk, set off around the bazaar and bough a kilo of seedless grapes and then off to Emona restaurant on Kardjali lake for a fish supper of carp and cheesy chips.  Very filling and only twnety seven leva for the both of us.  With the Bulgarians and the  Romanians picking it out of the lakes in the going to become as rare as hen's teeth.  Lovely evening on the lake and we were rewarded with a very gentle sunset.  The canoeists were coming home but I couldn't catch them.  I'd forgotten my camera and was using my phone.  Set off for home at roughly seven after a very successful day as tourists.  LN...Another gentle day tomorrow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 19, 2018, 7:19pm; Reply: 19
Wednesday 19th September

Min e was a seven start and I was out for a coffee watching the morning come to life.  The sparrows were very active and the finches getting their breakfasts and my guest lingered in her pit until around eight fifteen....she'd had a restless night.  I got dressed and was ready for the bread van but he still had no eggs.  Haciber was arranging lots of goodies for a mevlit so I carried the boxes back for her to her house and as a reward I got three eggs from her...we now had breakfast sorted.

Poached on toast followed by toast and jam and we sat around in the sun watching anything that happened in the garden.  There were various visitations, a woodpecker, more finches attacking the zinnias and a pair of circling eagles riding thermals.  We had tuna mayo for a late lunch, took the Beast in for a wash and brush up and this evening headed into Momchilgrad for supper at a very reasonable restaurant and up the back lane and home for nine thirty.  A lovely day of rest, recuperation and general chit-chat on past, present and future.

Just a few pickies of today.  LN...a well needed rest for both of us....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 20, 2018, 9:46pm; Reply: 20
Thursday 20th September

I know...late again but guests need attending to.....

Seven thirty when I woke this morning and I felt really guest didn't surface until eight thirty and said that she had difficulty easing herself out of bed...she was just so comfortable.  We sat drinking coffee, baked beans for breakfast and I brought the car into the drive so that I could clean the worst of the muck off.  I intended taking it into the garage for a wash and brush up but was ashamed of the way that I'd let it go so soon after acquiring it....I moved on to watering the garden and again we sat in the sun watching the birds and didn't manage to get into the car and off to the wooded hills until two thirty.  

I drove up to Mischevo  and we stopped at a picnic spot so that my guest could take some photos.  The view of the surrounding mountains are magnificent and we just enjoyed the view adn the sun for about half an hour or so.  By this time the beans had worked their way through and we were bot hungry so I suggested we went into Ardino where we settled down to beef kufte/ burgers with cheesy chips followed by coffee.   Real potatoes...fried to perfection.  We went down the high street and there were so very beautiful flowerbeds really well tended that just deserved to be photoed.  Back in the car and we went to see the school that we had our sights on that has now been turned into an hotel and settled for a coffee and a brochure to take away with us.  

Back on the road again and into Lidl for a few items, I stopped off and filled up with gas and eventually home by nine.  We were both still stuffed to the gills and didn't managed to make a sandwich until guest didn't want to wake up hungry about three this morning....What a bad hostess I am.  Over to see Mrs D of S tomorrow and then on to Zlatograd to see the renovated buildings and the handicraft centres.....What a full programme.  LN...I need my beauty sleep ....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 21, 2018, 3:56pm; Reply: 21
Friday 21st September

Seven start and out to the terrace with the coffee and into the normal routine.  Down to the van for bread, eggs, biscuits and cheesy bread, frying pan on and bacon and egg on to a section of cheesy bread and breakfast was complete.  Dishes washed, washing done, washing pegged out and in the car for half ten and over to Mrs D of S house.  The little one is a little ray of sunshine and D of S was busy erecting an edifice in the garden.  I made the introductions and it turned out that they knew each other's area of the homeland, juice and water melon and by twelve we were on our way to Zlatograd.

It's a beautiful town and the old buildings have been renovated.  We did the leather shop, potter and the dinky doo shop and then went to the hotel for a coffee.  Back on to the tourist trail and we ended up at the school and church but the church was out of bounds...the door was locked.  Back into Zlatograd town for a late lunch and driving back we stopped off at my plant pot site and I bought another bougainvillea but this time a red one....well it's supposed to be.  Arriving home we settled down to an ice-cream, washing in and now my guest is resting her weary head and the rest of her and now I'm off to cook supper.  It's going to be barbecue spare rib pork chops with sweetcorn and roasted sweet potato and onion.  LN....Wish me luck....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 21, 2018, 4:00pm; Reply: 22
And there's more
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 22, 2018, 8:34pm; Reply: 23
Saturday 22nd September

Dreadful night with cramp disturbing my sleep and I was hopping around the bedroom cursing and you do.  I think I might have to put sock on tonight...the temperature had dropped and I was with the normal weigh quilt and that could have been the problem.  We shall see...My guest was out taking photos of the morning before I was down the wooden hills so I made the coffee and set myself up on the terrace.  Coffeed out I made bacon and eggs for breakfast on cheesy bread followed by toast...I shall be dieting next week or working frantically in the garden firstly to catch up and secondly to drop a few pounds.

We headed in to town with the intention of checking out the cheapy shops and planned to go swimming.  I packed the swim bag and loaded the car stopping off at Djebel to introduce my guest to my student and his mother and heard about their holiday...four days away virtually unheard of when you run a business in BG.  My student had had to hold the fort.  I went to the hardware shop and drew a picture of cup way would she have understood without the pictorial additions scribbled by my own fair hand on their adding up sheet.  I bought a selection of sizes for a very reasonable cost.  We carried on to Kardjali to the Lev shop and my guest managed to get a couple of pairs of pyjamas / leisure hangouts in velour like the ones I had donated to a good cause.  The lady in the shop remembered me and found them in the storeroom,  I picked up some hair clips, some Nivea shower gel and that was the sum total of my purchases but my guest also settled for three Bulgarian vests for the winter.  Strange thing to be looking out for on a scorching hot day... ;) ;)

In the cheapy shop she picked up a couple of jumpers and two blouses and I found a green coat that I bought for her.  Designer label with an inner button jacket and an outer zipped jacket which looked superb ...well worth the three leva.  On to the next and there was very little to buy but we both managed to find a jumper each so our journey was worth while.  By this time it was late and it was very hot.  I reckoned that by the time that we got to the swimming pool there would be little chance of getting a large umbrella for shade so instead we headed for the pizza restaurant instead and topped up.  Kaufland for bottled water, chicken wings for tonight's supper and a few more items and home for about four thirty.  

It was very hot so head down time for both of us, supper in the oven by six thirty and a little dose of Strictly after watching the programme of the hidden Istanbul...fascinating bot Istanbul and the way that they photographed it and produced three d imaging.  Eleven thirty and my guest has retired and I'm about to do the same thing.  No pickies today...normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.  LN...Night, night Florence...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 23, 2018, 9:03pm; Reply: 24
Sunday 23rd September

So it was Sunday and still is...the day of rest.  I was late waking up for the second time and out with the hose watering the pot plants and the nearby was set to be thirty degrees today and didn't we know it.  We sat out with the coffee, heard a noise by the front gate and my lovely neighbour from the garden next door had arrived with two bags of cow manure in the wheelbarrow and mekitsi  or fried fluffy pancakes to you, that she had made that morning and had brought it for breakfast.  I got out the yogurt and the pine tip syrup and jam and marmalade and it was a scrumptious feast and not really expected.  I brought the bags into the yard after breakfast and dumped them on the vegetable garden and now I can re pot  my pot plants ready for the winter.  The current soil is very sandy, very hard and very near the end of its shelf needs nourishment.

As for the rest of the day, we sat around reading and doing very little else until lunchtime and I served up tuna mayo with smoked cheese and beetroot and ti filled a gap.  It was heads down this afternoon, too hot for my guest to be outside and too hot for me to do anything out there so I played Soda Crush until I fell asleep and eventually came to at around five, shower and hair wash and we were ready by seven to go and find the restaurant in Momchilgrad.  It was OK but the service was slow and the food not as good as I've had on a previous visit but it was very busy and the kitchen appeared very stretched.  We'll be giving it a wide berth for a while especially on a Sunday.  

Not quite a full moon tonight and again I've been a lazy mare and not got any photos to post.  Greece tomorrow after we've done the market and maybe try to find a hairdresser for my guest.  I've offered to do it but she shied away. ..I wonder why.  LN....Camera of charge for tomorrow....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 24, 2018, 4:42pm; Reply: 25
Monday 24th September

Really good night's sleep, coffee on the bedroom balcony and watch ed the sun come up and thought I'd video'd it only to realise that I had to press the record button to start the record...bummer.  Down for more coffee, bonfire, washing, ham and poached eggs for breakfast and then in to the car and we were heading for Greece.

Not many at the border crossing and we were over in around fifteen minutes which is pretty good going.  I took the old road through Komotini and picked up the road for Fanari....there are other beaches but I know this one and the restaurant is good and not too expensive.  We parked up and had a coffee and set off for a walk round the harbour and to the top of the bay.  We'd taken swimwear with us but both decided that and in those area you have trouble reaching would be disturbing for both of us so we sat on a bench , stripped off the top to undies and took the sun.  It has been a beautiful day and the breeze coming off the see made it very comfortable for about and hour or so.  Unfortunately the toilet facilities for what they were worth left a lot to be desired so we headed for the restaurant and had a late lunch.  The meal was OK...we had mousaka but not so good as we both were capable of making but it filled a gap.  We were in the car by four fifteen, took the main road to the Bulgarian road and were overtaken by several cars that we waved to as we made good time in our queue at the border.  Home for six more or less and now settling in for the night.  The moon is up and almost full but unfortunately there are clouds hiding part of it tonight.  

Nothing much on the cards for tomorrow.....we might head for Momchilgrad market to see what they are giving away.  LN....And relax.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 25, 2018, 6:56pm; Reply: 26
Tuesday 25th September

So at three thirty this morning I was awake and playing Soda Crush.  I didn't realise that it was that early but I managed to do one of the puzzles that had eluded me and move on to a couple of new ones so success was at my fingertips.  Fortunately tiredness stepped in, down with the Kindle, lights out and back to sleep until seven thirty.  I think it was the wind that woke me was whistling  in through the window and gushing past the long windows in the bedroom.  Things were getting blown about and flower pots littered the yard along with the lid from the bucket of stuff that gets downloaded into the village containers.  

By seven it was dull and cold out there and such a change from yesterday on the beach in the sun.  I was hunting out a polo neck jumper and fleece trousers ready to go down to the bread van,  Everybody was complaining about the weather, I came back with fresh bread and eggs and put them to good use.  Two bacon and cheese omelettes knocked up in no time and it paved the way for a very simple day of topping up the base layer.

The morning and afternoon was spent entering information into Find my Past and following the lines on my mother's and father's sides.  I've found names in the family that I've not heard of before and it's opened my eyes a little.  I've found addresses that I didn't know of but it all came to a halt when we ran into an 'oops 500 ' message so we abandoned it headed for the kitchen for a very late lunch.

Lovely moon tonight and yesterday and tonight there were fewer clouds around.  Tomorrow we're off to central BG, Shipka Pass and the Memorial museum that's if the weather is good.  The last time I went you couldn't see a hand in front of you....not that I wanted to but my guest felt happier that way.  And now to settle down for the night and a little more Soda Crush...before bedtime.  LN....Intrepid travellers on the move tomorrow.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 26, 2018, 9:40pm; Reply: 27
Wednesday 26th September

I was presented with a cup of coffee by my guest this morning.....getting into the habit just as she's leaving.  What a cold morning it was.  The windows had all been shut last night but it was a really crisp cold day at seven thirty and it has been the same all day.  It's the wind rattling down from the north.

So washed, dressed and in to the car for eight thirty and we intended having breakfast in Djebel which we did.  From there I went down to the garage so that I could have my tyres, oil and water checked out before we set off on out travels.  It transpired that the oil needed changing and so did the air, oil and gas filters and we were still on out way by ten thirty so not so bad.  So off we set to Haskovo, on to Dimitrograd and the first stop was Kazanluk where we managed to see the Thracian burial mound and went to the rose museum.  We drove on from there and found the statue of the unknown guy who looked just the same as he did the last time I was there and it was then that the fun started.  We spotted the landmarks of the things we wanted to see and we started climbing up towards them.  The sky was ominously dark on the other side of the mountains and the Shipka Pass but fortunately it didn't rain and we'd prepared for it with coats and jumpers but at one time me thought we were going to get blown off the mountain and the little car was wobbling a little at the summit.  We'd taken out photos and then it started to ....snow....not much but we felt it was time to quit the summit and get further down on on to the next port of call.  By the time we got there the Shipka tower was looking very stark and there were only a handful of people there.  We did manage to climb to the top....all two hundred and one steps and came down supporting each other as it was really blowing a gale and we counted the same number on the way down,  Back in the car and we ended up at the summit pit stop and settled for chicken soup and bread with a great fat cake to follow.  Onward then to the Shipka Memorial Church....unfortunately it was all closed up for the night so we could only take pickies of the outside....but still very beautiful.

On the road again, it was  a long journey back to Kardjali but we stopped off at one of the restaurants before Djebel and had lamp sticks with salad and chippies,  I settled for the water and orange juice and my guest settled for a...wait for it...gin and tonic...the first of the holiday.  Home for eleven and it's been a full on day and we've seen everything we set out to see.

As for tomorrow it's going to be a down day...a few last items from Kardjali and packing for my guest....and I think I might be having to light the woodburner tomorrow....Winter is coming John Snow...LN...Bedtime and I should sleep well.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 27, 2018, 9:58pm; Reply: 28
Thursday 28th September

Sorry Sorry.....I have been researching my family tree tonight with the help of my guest..a new pursuit and I am back to 1832 in only one week.  And lo and behold....I think we have found a landlady of an ale drinking is in my blood.  I've also put names to the two stillbirths that came between my sister and myself that neither of us knew anything about until my dad confirmed what I had been told in a message given to me by a medium in my local spiritualist church.  I'm also wondering if there is any Jewish blood rattling thought these veins...we have a strange smatterings of associated names.... :-/

Slow morning on the home front.  My guest is packed and we shall be leaving for Plovdiv around one tomorrow and stopping off in Ascenograd for a meal before the flight.  We went to the soup kitchen for lunch and she had the distinct impression that it was like a soup kitchen in England for feeding the down and outs and was pleasantly surprised by the geraniums that adorned the courtyard and the lack of down and outs.  I suggested that they were all working in England.

On to Kardjali for last minute shopping, a stop off at Lidl and I cooked supper for us....eating out is all very well but roasted veg with pork tenderloin with honey and soy sauce followed by plums and thick cream equalled most of the meals out we've had.  Almost one so it's time I headed for my virtuous couch.  The it is now called is filled up with gas and ready for the last big hike but it's so economical.  On our trip yesterday, I must calculate how many kilometres we put on the tyres, the grand cost from Kardjali to Shipka and the monuments was about forty lev....and I shall be making more trips.  And now to extra cover on the bed, it was a little cold last night so I'll be applying another quilt.   LN....Bed socks at the ready....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 28, 2018, 7:51pm; Reply: 29
Friday 28th September

So I've just caught the end of Monty Don....I left the airport in Plovdiv at seven forty, stopped at my favourite restaurant for chippies and a hamburger and another bottle of water, more gas for the Nipper and home for ten fifteen.  A very good journey considering the twisty turns in the road.  I was going to stop off for bread along the way but I'll save it for my bread wagon tomorrow morning.

We headed in to Djebel this morning and I managed to get my guest a hair wash and set so she will be all smart when her son meets her at the airport in about half an hour's time.  Coffee and a little shopping in Djebel, a walk round the parks and another trip to the soup kitchen for lunch.  It was so little waiter was rushing around working up a sweat, new table cloths where necessary, settling bills and clearing the tables for the next wave of visitors.  I popped into a material shop and found a remnant of felted material that will make me a sleeveless coverall for the winter to go over another sweater...all I've got to do is make it.

We were home for one thirty, two loads of washing done and pegged out and it's still on the line...too dark to get it in and probably damp so fingers crossed it will be fine tomorrow and ready to take in around lunchtime.  We sat out in the sun on the terrace and wound up my guest's ten day break.  I shall miss here...she's helped me get started on the search for my past and given me lots of hints and tips when searching for information.  I think she's really going to miss being here...she can come back next year....bookings are now being taken... ;) ;)

No pickies again camera took its life into its own hands, the display was covered in instructions and I couldn't see what I was aiming at.  This morning I played around with it seeming to get no where fast and suddenly, this afternoon, I must have got the button combinations just right, Baby Bear, and I managed to get the screen back.  A little surprise tonight at the airport, I spotted my newbies from one of the local villages who were depositing their guests at the airport for the same plane as my guest.  Their guests had already gone through to departures so we sat for a while chewing over where we'd been and seen and off they set for our neck of the woods but they were doing it via the main roads not over 'high chaparral'....Full moon tonight so a very pleasant drive...time for bed now....I'm shattered.  LN....Preparing for the next wave....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 29, 2018, 7:57pm; Reply: 30
Saturday 29th September

Very lazy day....eight start and the house seems surprisingly empty.  I made coffee, it was a dull old day and fortunately yesterday's washing was still intact on the line...nothing had ended up in Greece.  I didn't bother to get dressed...I was going nowhere today so washed and made breakfast of bacon and eggs with fried bread and the washing up is still waiting to be done but I did managed to tidy the kitchen.

I got the washing in at eleven and just beat the rain.  Not much fell but the washing was dryish so it was on to the clothes airer with it but by one I'd decided that it was to be the first fire of the winter.  I brought in a few more logs into the conservatory, I'd got kindling already and it's been going all day.  There's been no sun at all today so no outside heat coming in and fortunately no inside heat going out.

I found a quilt in the downstairs bedroom, put it on the sofa and started to read my book but I didn't get very far and it was eyes southwards.  I woke up at about three and there was a knock on the door and my neighbour from down the way has invited me to a meat and rice session tomorrow but it did cost me six lev for the privilege..  Had to go to the car to get my purse, I'd left there last night but ended up raiding my bread van pot for change...had only notes.  She was leaving at four and Gouldjan and her husband arrived to give me a gift and came in for tea and cake and for a chat.  They left after about an hour and I've invited them out for supper on Tuesday, he drives back to Germany on Thursday, and we'll go to the restaurant where they held their formal wedding celebration.  It will be a fitting gift for a lovely couple.

So Strictly photos it's been dull and dreary but I need more rain for the garden...everything is dry and crispy.  I'm not in the mood for food...the chocolates and biscuits that my guest brought over that we part demolished are  no more...I'll have the same again next year though...salty crispy biscuits.  A little X Factor, bath and fresh PJ's and then to bed.  LN....No ancestry tonight....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, September 30, 2018, 8:00pm; Reply: 31
Sunday 30th September

Silly night last night...I was watching TV until late since there wasn't an ounce of sleep in me, ended up having my bath at midnight and then went back to trying to find more relatives.  It was two thirty when I took to my virtuous couch, seven thirty when I woke up and nine thirty before I got to get ready to face the day.  I didn't bother with breakfast...I had a meat and rice luncheon to attend but as it turned out I ended up bringing a bowl of the stuff back to mine, it was raining so there wasn't any alfresco dining.  I arrived and most of the village women were sitting around at Zelinger's house under the canopy in the dry and there was a huge honey and yogurt cake in the middle of the table.  I was given a spoon and told to get stuck in which I did and then that was whisked away and most of the villagers had already handed over their buckets while I handed over my bowl.  Two huge vats of the stuff were prepared and a few of the women were questioning why there was so much but for six leva which was the 'joining fee' I suppose that wasn't bad.

So back home and I had a bowl of the rice for lunch and settled down to an afternoon nap.  I woke up at about two thirty and was just coming round when thee was a knock on the door and our new next village interlopers arrived for coffee and chats.  They stayed for an hour or so, I lit the fire and made a second cup of coffee and off then toddled around four and I settled down again.  About half an hour later there was another knock on the door and this time I was surprised to see that it was the Librarian having returned from England today.  She'd taken a taxi from Kardjali, on went the kettle and we had a brief catch-up and off she went to air the house, light a fire and get things sorted this end.

The home fires are still burning brightly, I cooked pork chops with barbecue sauce and served it up with potato wedges....a nice quick meal.  I've just watched the first elimination for Strictly and so far this year I've not really warmed to any of the contestants ...maybe it will come later.  Almost eleven my time and I'm not going to sit up playing ..'find my great uncle Bill, etc'...early night tonight.  Bekir hasn't phoned so I'm not sure if I'm expected at the restaurant tomorrow morning....I'll give him a call first thing. but if it's raining like it is at the moment....I think they'll give it a miss.  LN....Wash and bedtime....LN
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