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Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 1, 2019, 8:47pm
Friday 1st November

So the house managed to hold the temperature last night but with no fire going today it was a little chilly to get up to.  If I had had been in this evening I would have got it going today but knowing I was out tonight I didn't bother.  It was cold this morning at five degrees and raining as I headed out to feed the birds with yesterday's bread.  I left it in a big chunk thinking that might slow them down a bit,

I was very slow off the mark this morning,  Seven when I awoke and after playing Soda Crush it was eight thirty before I got out of bed and headed for a top up for my coffee cup.  I made only toast since I couldn't find any beans to go on it.  Memo to self,,,check the underneath storage and it's now on the list for the next shop day.   After that I settled in to the rugby not really bothering about supporting one or the other but it was obvious that the Welsh were outflanked at every twist and turn of the game.  They tried hard but the NZ lot were just sharper.

With the weather changing so rapidly I spent the rest of the morning putting away my summer clothes and bringing out winter sweaters and pyjamas.  The shelves are all tidy and we'll see how long that lasts.  After tidying everything away I got the hoover out and did my bedroom first, landing, other bedrooms and bathroom and headed down the stairs still attached to it.  Lounge, corridor, downstairs bedroom, kitchen and conservatory all shipshape and I can have guests again.

Into the Nipper by five and headed out to Djebel to my student's home.  I was meeting her at five thirty and we were going to visit her sister's new home and off we set for Kardjali.  I knew more or less where the house was and the food just kept coming.  Her husband is working in Denmark and she has nothing to do but cook and she's good at it.  Eventually we set off for the restaurant and I felt that I'd filled up already.  I managed to find a parking space quite near, there was live music playing, we ordered, it was delivered and doggy bags were order of the day for the girls but I managed all of mine.....and this little piggy.....and you know the rest.  I drove the sister home, my student came out clutching pumpkin pie for her father, I drove home to Djebel and dropped her off.

Home safe and sound and all quiet on the western front.  Rugby final tomorrow so don't want any guests until the afternoon.  LN....Should sleep well tonight...full as a little tick.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 2, 2019, 6:41pm; Reply: 1
Saturday 2nd November

Five thirty start, back to bed with my book and washed dressed, washing done and breakfasted by eight.  It was a much better start tot he day...the sun came up very gradually eventually shaking off the clouds but the wind was chill.  I pegged the washing out expecting to have to finish it off on the clothes airer but I was surprised, that chill wind managed to get the clothes dry.

I put the computer on so that I could get settled in to the rugby...I got bored with the run up to it so was only half concentrating.  I went down to the kitchen, found the rest of the spaghetti bolognaise and the can of tomatoes that was reluctant to open the other night, opened a can of cannelloni beans, added chilli powder and put it in the slow cooker and that was designated as supper.  Eventually the game began, I got very frustrated watching it and in the end left them to it...they were on a hide into nothing.  Promising so much and delivering very little.  I don't see how a game can be won by forcing penalties and kicking balls between the posts.

So I headed out and started sorting out the plants that had to go into the little house.  The swinging bench proved quite easy to move from the terrace to the little house, much easier than I's long, it's wide but I obviously tried the easy route first.  It proved more difficult in previous years.  I moved the cacti and the succulents in, the rest are line up but my attention moved to the pot plants that could do with planting out.  I dug up a patch of Jerusalem artichokes near to the wild plum and planted a couple of a type of laurel that I'd grown on from cuttings and a very dark purple nameless something and I'm hoping it will withstand the cold.  

I locked up the little house and came in at four,lit the fire , put the washing on the airer to finish off, had an early supper and the boiler is on for a bath this evening,  Strictly tonight and it's going to be an early night for me and so far,nothing on for tomorrow.  The temperature is dropping...I only hope that the plants that are outside are going to be OK.  LN...I need to check out the long range weather forecast....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 3, 2019, 7:03pm; Reply: 2
Sunday 3rd November

Slept through until seven this morning...what a good night.  It was very misty, I watched the sun trying to break through and it took quite a time.  I was washed and dressed by eight thirty and went down to get breakfast and today I made an cheese and onion omelette....lots of eggs that need using and it made quite a change.

Eventually I made it out to the garden and first job was to get the umbrella  into the little house.  The wind was getting up and I didn't want to see it over the hillside and now all is safely gathered in.  The bougainvilleas are in the little house ready for the winter and everything that can withstand the cold but not heavy frosts is standing ready to heave in when I get the warning from the weathermen.  After the terraces I swept the little house floor and put an old rug down over the very dusty floor to try to keep the dust down.  Just the benches and the trunk with the outside cushions to come in now and that about it.  I'm undecided what to do with the outside water barrel....I'm tempted to move it into the little house and fill it with water so that I'll have water in there when I need to water the plants.  It will also protect the barrel from freezing.

I came in at one, checked emails and FB and then sorted out the books that I have on the Kindle.  I had lots of old ones and I was reading some over again and in the wrong order especially some of the older ones.  At four I had a half hearted attempt to light the fire.  It was twenty two degrees in the house but outside it was dropping but a firelighter on last night's remnants didn't do much.  I didn't put a lot of effort into it, added another layer and sitting very comfortably upstairs watching television.

Market day in Djebel tomorrow so I might head in and make a few new purchases for my trip to England and onwards to the Canaries and it shouldn't be too busy....the Turkish that came over to vote in the elections have all gone home so we'll get back to normal.  No photos tonight....I used my old camera after charging it up thinking that the connecting cable was the same...wrong....I'm now on a hunt to find it.   LN....Strictly results and bedtime.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 3, 2019, 7:17pm; Reply: 3
Found it
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 4, 2019, 7:32pm; Reply: 4
Monday 4th November

Seven start for me last my body is adjusting to the change of the clock...It took long enough.  Another change in the was chucking it down...and it's been the same all day interspersed with gusts of gale force winds and I'm not sure where my watering can has ended up.  I wasn't going out to risk getting blown over the hillside.  Toast for breakfast, I toyed with lighting the fire hut the temperature outside went up to eighteen degrees so it really wasn't necessary. ..well not until much later.  Lots of big bird about this morning....I thought Hitchcock had reincarnated and was trying to recreate a masterpiece.  

Toast for breakfast...I had a real search for baked beans in the tin basket but alas none to be found and I didn't really fancy eggs today.  So tomorrow it will be a trip to Lidl to top up the supplies.  Today I've done more preparation for the winter.  The fleece nests are out of storage and sitting on the beds and the clothes for my guest are already in his bedroom even though we don't fly back from the UK until the middle of December.  I've also remade a curtain to replace the blackout curtain in the downstairs bedroom...I had a dark purple curtain with metal hanging rings from one of the cheapy shops and long enough to double up.  Out with the sewing machine, folded it over and sewed along the header, up it went and that's another job done.

Tuna mayo with toast for lunch and the rest of the afternoon was spent on the sofa with the book.  I lit the fire at four and it must be the direction of the wind, it went first time and has been chugging along ever since and still going strong.  Kardjali tomorrow with my student's sister....early start, she has to be somewhere else by lunchtime.  LN....Early to bed then....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 5, 2019, 4:40pm; Reply: 5
Tuesday 5th November

I wonder if Guy Fawkes is going to be out and about tonight...he would sort out Brexit.  Have a good evening's not a custom here to burn wood. it's too useful a commodity and fireworks are kept for New Year's Eve.

It belted it down last night.  The sun forced its way through the clouds. the mist over the river won again and the mountains disappeared and about ten minutes later the sun had won through again and mist only remained in the valleys and over the river.  Very pretty.  I was out of bed by seven, washed and dressed and after a conversation last night with my student's sister last night, she cancelled this morning's trip to Kardjali thinking it would be too wet.  Locals don't do well in the rain but as it happened, it would have been OK.  I listened out for the bread van but I must have been doing something else when he hit the village and missed him.  The bread sported a feint hint of green so over the hillside it went and I settled for a cheese omelette which set me up for the day.

In to Djebel for eleven picking the Kmet up on the way to his local council meeting.  I joked with him about sorting the road out on our way to Djebel and he defended his position informing me that it's the responsibility of Kardjali.  I'll remember in future or leave him to walk into Djebel.  Made my way to my student's mother's shop and we had a catch-up and then headed for the leva shop, I needed more socks, most of mine have holes in the toes.  I should really cut my toe nails.  I remembered the bread, hope for one thirty and have took up a position on the sofa, read for awhile, slept for a while, coffee, biscuits and lit the fire at four thirty.  I could have done lots to day but I didn't...tomorrow is another day.  LN....That water barrel needs sorting....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 6, 2019, 5:22pm; Reply: 6
Wednesday 6th November

Six thirty start, photo shoot morning from the balcony, coffee, back to bed with Soda Crush and out of bed for the second time at eight.  I had bread from yesterday so didn't need the van, washing in, washing out and toast for breakfast. So last night I wrote a list of things that I had to do today....six things listed and five achieved.  The last can't be completed until I go to Kardjali...I need to book my bus ticket for the airport.  The lady said that a lot of people travel to Sofia on a Sunday so not to leave it until the last week.  Lovely sunrise and I was out on the balcony with the camera and I even posted some of them on FB.  That's the first posting since August....  

I cleared up the burnable rubbish and lit the bonfire and sat on the wall at the bottom of the garden just enjoying the morning.  It wasn't a hot day but very pleasant for working.  I'd planned my day....the water barrel was to be emptied out into ten litre water bottles so that I can water the plants stored in the little house over the winter.  I  managed to fill ten bottles and they're already in place. I attached the garden hose to the barrel outlet tap and the intention was that it would drain into the lane...wrong....there just wasn't enough pressure so I emptied more on to the ground and eventually dragged it to the drain under the main gate and tipped it over and out it went.  It took quite a bit of cleaning out since there was a fair amount of sludge in the bottom of the barrel from the roof but it's acceptable and now in the little house for the winter, I didn't want it to freeze and split.  I took time to clear the area, tidy up the gravel pit and added a couple of tyres that have already been planted up with bulbs.  Next job was to collect up the leaves and throw them over the wall...looking good.

There was a brief lull in proceedings, I stopped for a late lunch of tuna mayo with beetroot, rested for a while but then back out to finish the outside and it's a job well done.  I didn't intend doing it but it was a good way to fill the day.  Washing in at five thirty and it was already going damp so it's on the airer.  Another free day tomorrow so I can please my little self again.  LN....Bath time so boiler on....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 7, 2019, 7:45pm; Reply: 7
Thursday 7th November

Six start....that front from yesterday was more prevalent this morning and I anticipated rain before lunch...which didn't turn up.  I was still in bed at seven thirty playing Soda Crush until it hit me that I needed bread so washed and dressed quickly and arrived downstairs as he was driving up the road and tooting his horn.  I grabbed my purse and headed down the street and only Haciber and Zelinger were down there and I was surprised that Haciber was there.  Her new daughter-in-law gave birth yesterday, she was round with the chocolates to tell everyone, her daughter arrived from Turkey yesterday and I thought that Haciber was off to Assenograd to visit the newborn.  Wrong....they'd gone but left her at home and I felt really sorry for her.  Maybe she didn't want to go but that's not the way it appeared.  Anyway....sending good wishes to the new arrival.

I came back from the van with a loaf and cheesy bread and of course there's only one thing to do with it.  Open cheesy bread, fry off a packet of bacon , slap bacon on bun, make new coffee and watch morning TV while munching same.  I fed the old loaf to the birds, came back in and settled on the sofa reading my book waiting for the sun to break through.   First job was to take the wheelbarrow down to the bottom of the garden and bring back the old fence planks that had been propped up against the wall by the bonfire.  That done, they're now in the garage propped against another wall but at least it's dry in there.  I did intend to chop it up for starter wood but I have to get the reciprocating saw out first and saw then up into 'chopable' lengths....job for another day.  I did managed to get the porch tidied and swept, the wood sorted, enough wood chopped for a couple of months and the window sills emptied.  Some of the old wood has gone into the burning was almost dust.

I came in just before four and realised that I had my student this afternoon so headed up and got changed.  I made it to Djebel for four fifteen, we started the lesson at five fifteen and finished it at a quarter to seven so not bad.  He spent more time talking to me and I can see an improvement.  I did have a little laugh, the obviously decided to discuss the book that I'd used with his English teacher and he'd picked out a few words and said that she is not very good, she didn't know what 'itch' or 'scratch' meant.  He was very proud of himself.  I should go and read her the story.

Home for seven ten after I stopped off and bought goodies from the shop.  Supper was cheese biscuits and soft cheese followed by a packet of Maltesers....what could be better.  Reciprocating saw tomorrow and the rest of the wood to be chopped.....and bring in the rest of the wood store around the back of the little house.  It's a tidy up that should have been done before at least it's getting down now.  Anyone would think that I'm expecting guests....sorry I forgot....I am.  LN....Soon be time for bed.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 8, 2019, 7:00pm; Reply: 8
Friday 8th November

Five thirty start and it was pitch black out there.  I got settled in with Soda Crush and managed to complete a super-hard one after three attempts and I thought I was in for the long hall but no.  Two more games knocked off at the first attempt and then my life was up and had to think of something else to do.  I was washed and dressed by seven thirty, omelette cooked for breakfast and kitchen tidied and it was only eight o'clock.  I was toying with the idea of getting out there and finishing the wood but started to rain so I was on stand-by.  

It's been a tele-day, the only action was to make curried chicken wings and get them into the slow cooker for supper.  I did make up the guest bed with the nest so that by the time we get back from the UK, at least the bed will be warm to get into even though the house temperature might be down.  We can always adjust later when the house warms up.  I did check out the weather on the internet and we should be OK....early minus figures for most of December and it only ramps up towards Christmas.  I didn't light the fire until five tonight and it's not really been up the chimney.  It's dropped down to ten degrees outside and is still twenty two inside...that insulation is really doing its stuff.

I had a lovely surprise via email super friend G who's gone back to the UK has drawn me a picture for my fridge.  Thanks Mrs D of S for keeping me alive in her eyes...a picture for 'night, night'...which is what she calls me. As for the weather, it's been raining, not raining, the sun came out and went in again and we had thunder and lightening despite the moon being out.  Madness.  Nothing on so far for tomorrow...let's see what tomorrow brings.  LN....Time to throw a log on...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 9, 2019, 3:44pm; Reply: 9
Saturday 9th November

Another glorious day after a slow start....that's me and the weather.  Doors and windows open to let the air through and the only fly in my ointment today was a very unsuccessful hunt for a swimming costume that I've probably put somewhere safe knowing that I wanted it for the cruise.  It's that safe that I've just not managed to find it...back on the hunt tomorrow with my thinking cap on.

A moment of success though.  In the UK my guest has a clock that is reputed to have been given to one of his relatives when he was working for the Bank of England in Egypt...well that's how the story went.  I'd done his family tree  last year and we could find no mention of a man of the same first name but looking through the internet this morning I put in the name and it came up with a possibility that this was the name that this person was known by and it was in brackets after his first name of Charles and it gave his date of birth.  It also said that he died in Alexandria, Egypt and I could hardly wait pass this information on.  Another search and it brought up a complete family history which solved another enigma that we'd come across last year to do with Wine Merchants, Oporto and Jerez.  

Toast for breakfast and jam made from my own wild plums, normal jobs done and I must admit I spent a lot of time today reading in the rocking chair in the sun.  I  did manage to get a line of washing out and it's finishing off in the bathroom.  Last night's supper was OK but not a really hot curry so the remainder from last night has now been put back in the slow cooker with added curry powder.  There'll probably be steam coming out of my ears tonight.  No photographs...twenty seven degrees in and up to seventeen Kardjali and no gardening.  I've just lit the fire though...comfort factor.  LN....Another 'down'day but very enjoyable....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 10, 2019, 7:15pm; Reply: 10
Sunday 10th November

So I had a word with my body last night and said that I wanted seven hours of sleep and no excuses would be accepted...and it worked.  It was seven when I opened the curtains to the rain and wind and I almost shut them again.  I was out of bed by eight thirty, buttered toast for breakfast and that did me until this evening.  Last night's curry was sitting a little heavily but that's what probably gave me my good night's sleep.

I dressed for town but keep imagining getting in to the Nipper and heading out but that's as far as it got until I suddenly upped sticks, put on my purple Ugg boots and went for it.  I set off just after one heading for my favourite lev shop armed with shopping list for the presents for the ladies for Christmas.  As you know I make up bags for each of them and what started out as a 'thank you' to the four main characters has taken on a life of its own.  It almost became 'one upmanship' so now it's been expanded and is more inclusive not exclusive.  I think lst year I gave out around twenty presents, not expensive but they take a long time to wrap.  I almost thought a  'bran tub would be a better idea bur that's for another year.  It will be my first here for the last six years so Christmas will be on the twenty fifth not on any day around it.  My poor student will have to wait...she's normally wearing the present the day after I deliver.

So I parked up in the street behind the shop, walked through the arcade and it was closed.  Plan B....Kaufland for a few items and on to Lidl for baked beans and six tins of tuna since that was on offer.  As I was leaving the store and heading back to my car, the heavens opened, most of the locals stood under the canopy and I stoically carried on and unloaded my shopping basket.  I returned to my car after taking the basket back and there was the most beautiful complete rainbow in the sky and where was the camera...on my desk at home.  The rain was so heavy, deep pools had formed on the road back and I had to drive very carefully which is more that can be said for the locals.

Hope for three thirty, shopping unpacked and I settled in to sort out my other small duel boot laptop that I've never really bothered about.  I'd put it on last night and it had automatically updated Windows and now i had to negotiate Windows ten without a mouse...not an easy task.  Eventually managed to get Transponder TV running on it and  I'm amazed at the life of the battery.  I think when I get my head round it, it's going to become a firm favourite.  Chicken wings and roasted vegetables for supper tonight and all over by seven thirty, fire going and David Attenborough commentary going on while I'm writing this up.  Nails at two tomorrow afternoon and I'm off to the market in Djebel tomorrow on a search for new's the best place for choice.  Lovely colours in the sky tonight and eventually the moon came out and it's almost full jut another day or so and it will be.  LN....Strictly results and then bed....LN

Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 11, 2019, 6:08pm; Reply: 11
Monday 11th November

Six thirty start and my Fitbit battery was flat so my sleep details won't be accurate.  Not to worry....I felt OK.  I woke up from quite a detailed dream and I wasn't going anywhere without my mother which, considering that she hasn't been around for a good few years, seemed an impossible task.  Strange what the brain gets up to.

Coffee and back to bed. it was raining. so much mist I couldn't see the bottom of the estate so didn't get out of bed for real until eight thirty.  I didn't bother with breakfast and spent what seemed like several hours trying to get access to this blog from my duel boot laptop.  It came back with the message that the log in didn't match the details held and it eventually sunk in that the letter 'l' on the keyboard didn't want to play especially when I was trying to put the password in.  Obviously it came up with asterisks so I wasn't aware of the faulty keyboard until it could only have been that.  I tried once more, watching the asterisks as they appeared in the password boy and eventually...success.  The downside is that if the keyboard doesn't work while I'm away the laptop might find itself somewhere in the Atlantic.  I also had a phone call from my Princess regarding arrangements for my trip to the UK.  I'd promised to email her and hadn't and now have.  I've also let my son know that I shall be in the UK and hopefully we'll also be able to get together as a pre-Christmas bash.

Late breakfast and at one thirty I was in the Nipper heading for Djebel to get my nails done.  I was dead on time for my appointment left the salon an hour and a half later feeling so relaxed.  I think it's being pampered.  I sat in the car parts shop with my student's mum and we put the world to rights.  A few items from her shop, some batteries and fire lighters so that's another thing off my list of things to do.  

I bought a packet of smoked ham from the supermarket and that made supper very easy for me.  I'd not bought this before so I put it in the frying pan treating it as bacon, when it was cooked through I opened a tin of baked beans, lobbed them into the pan and had all of it on a couple of slices of buttered toast. Monday night is quiz night for that's me settled until around eleven tonight and then to bed.  Potentially Kardjali tomorrow..undecided yet....Ill see what the weather brings.  LN....And still relaxed.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 12, 2019, 9:36pm; Reply: 12
Tuesday 12th November

Early start and I wasted away the rest of the morning until I made bacon and eggs for breakfast.  That went down well but then it was downhill for the rest of the day, well not exactly downhill but slowed down somewhat.  The batteries for my camera have needed charging more than average so I spent some of the morning finding, ordering and letting UK know that they would be arriving on the 14th November.  That was one job off the list.  Next lengthy procedure was to re-register to vote in the up and coming elections and was amazed how quick the process was on the internet.  I'm only waiting now for forms to arrive from my base in the UK but then I require a postal vote because of the cruise.  Complicated but it seems to be going OK so far.  I'd put bacon and chilli beans in the slow cooker so supper was underway so another thing not to think about.

I lit a fire, it was dull, rainy and as soon as it got going the sun came out but it was still a 'lie on the sofa with a book' day and a fire was really necessary.  I had my afternoon nap, picked up the book again after putting another log on the fire and the house managed twenty four degrees.  I got another load of logs in, walked the garden, sorted through the crossed out password changes for various things and updated the entries ready for taking with me to the UK.  

Supper over with, I've just run the bath and am about to soak myself for half an hour or so.  The blogs late...the internet went down and only came up about ten minutes ago.  It's much faster now though...they must have had issues.  Kardjali tomorrow...I didn't bother today....I wasn't in the mood for it.   LN....Bath and bed....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 13, 2019, 7:41pm; Reply: 13
Wednesday 13th November

Seven start this morning so much better than normal.  I did have my bath last night and felt very relaxed when I went to bed.  I still needed to wash my hair though and the perfect excuse came when I opened up the PC...there was an invite to a private art viewing in Kardjali and did I want to go...and the answer was yes.  I'd been to the venue last year for another private viewing and I was looking forward to seeing the same group but with a different artist.  We weren't going until four in the afternoon so I had lots of time to do what I wanted to do.

Breakfast was a bacon and cheese omelette and it went down very well.  I cleared the kitchen of the washing up from last night and this mornings efforts in the kitchen.  I had another run through of clothes that I want to take on the cruise with me and most of that is put to bed now.  I played around on the computer and created next years calendar and eventually managed to get showered and shampooed to get on with the rest of my day.  I got dressed for the day, took the camera out and noticed how much was actually in flower.  I think it's due to the mild wet weather and I have a perfect mushroom ring in the grass.  I loaded up the log basket in the house and filled up the log carrier and noticed that the recent winds had brought down yet another lot of leaves and fortunately there aren't many left.  I scraped them up and collected them in the garden waste bag and threw them on the bottom of the garden against the wall so that they'll rot down over the winter.  I also collected the ones that had fallen outside of the wall into the ditch and put them on the road and fortunately the wind was blowing in the direction of the lower square and the wind did the rest taking them away from my wall and the ditch.

Ready with boots blacked for three thirty, I made coffee for my guests and we set off and parked up in Kardjali and headed for the venue.  We met up with one of the main guys, were introduced into the group and the artist and her husband.  I wasn't sure of the artist and her work,  To me a lot of it seemed 'constructed' and not very artistic but it takes all sorts.  We stayed around for an hour or so and ended up at the Turkish restaurant for supper and had a very enjoyable meal.  We did make the mistake of ordering what we thought were potatoes in their skins topped with cheese...wrong...they were mushrooms topped with cheese but still very enjoyable.

Home for eight, lit the fire and the house is warming up.  It;s not cold but it just makes it more homely.  Kardjali definitely specialist from the bank was at the viewing so I made an appointment with her for tomorrow...I have a few things to sort out and I really have to get my ticket for the bus journey to Sofia for my trip to the UK.  LN....A very enjoyable day....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 14, 2019, 8:12pm; Reply: 14
Thursday 14th November

Seven start and didn't bother with breakfast.  At nine I was ready to head to Kardjali, I'd written a card that I wanted to get into the post and I really wanted to get my bus ticket today...without fail.  There was quite a lot of traffic on the road, I parked up at Billa car park in the centre of town and walked over to the bus station and on the way, my local bus driver spotted me and signalled, did I want him to stop to get picked up so I signalled that I was shopping and he waved and carried on to Djebel.  It's quite reassuring that I'm looked after by my neighbours.

I went into the bus company office and had the third degree after I'd got my ticket and paid over my twenty lev.  We covered all topics such as how much was my English pension but I answered her like I answer everybody else...'it's enough'.  I also mention that I worked for forty five years or thereabouts and paid in regularly for my pension so I paid in and I deserve to be paid out and I am.  She mentioned that her daughter has married and Englishman and is living in Nottingham and she's going over for Christmas whereas I'm back here for the holiday.

I carried on to the centre carpark and sorted out my dealings with the bank....headed back to the carpark and moved on to Kaufland...I needed to go to the loo.  I did a little shopping, the store was heaving and I was out as quickly as I could.  Now over to the lev shop and managed to find the basis for my presents for the ladies of the village...I've made a start.    On to Lidl and again just a few items. the advertised items from the emails didn't appear to be in the store...they must be featured on another day not their usual promotion day.  I'd had the warning 'bleep' my gas had run out so I stopped off at the garage. twenty three lev on gas and twenty lev on petrol.  Under fifty lev and the Nipper topped up and good for over three hundred kilometres can't be bad.

Home for two thirty, fire lit but didn't seem to want to go. again into Djebel, I had my student this afternoon.  We managed one and a half hour of lessons and we concentrated on building sentences and communication and he's getting really confident with me which his mother is finding hand to believe.  I commented that she's mother and my relationship's different with him...I take no prisoners.

Gog back just before seven, the fire has only just come to live after quite a lot of effort on my part.  I had a rack of ribs 'reduced for quick sale' for supper followed by a chocolate pudding.  The brain is now settled after getting my bus ticket and now I'm packing tomorrow and writing my checklist for house close down.  LN....I'm getting there....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 15, 2019, 7:40pm; Reply: 15
Friday 15th November

Silly night again.  I woke up in front of the computer so decided to stay up and watch Question Time and I never learn.  It was from Brighton but I didn't see anyone I recognised and didn't expect to but you never know.  Eventually got to bed and after twenty minutes of Soda Crush eventually got my head down and straight through until seven and didn't even bother going down for a coffee...I was taking too many pickies of the dawn.  Grey clouds were around with an orange tinge on them, lightening was over the Greek mountains and mist in the valley and eventually the sun came over the hill and the clouds became brighter and the sun blasted forth,

I collected up the house rubbish and had a bonfire, put a load of washing in and my morning had started.  I checked my emails and there was a message from Princess so I phoned her but she was on her way to work and she phoned me back.  She was looking for ideas for a project she was doing for college so I spent some of the morning looking for ideas.  She was shrinking it and I was expanding it so I searched through an old external drive that I had from my work life and ended up not finding what I was really looking for.  I stopped for a while and made myself a ham sandwich and that was my breakfast over in quicksticks.  

I had a couple of calls from the UK about the new batteries that I'd ordered to be delivered to the UK and it was actually late but confirmation tonight that they've arrived, Nobby the postie was clutching it in his sticky little hand as my guest arrived back from the shops.  I went back to my sifting through the external drive and ended up writing what I thought was required so my daughter can pick the bones out of it and take what she likes.  Washing i and on the airer in the bathroom and I looked at the clock and it was almost six...where had the day gone?  

I headed down to the kitchen to make another coffee and pulled a large chicken escalope that I'd bought yesterday from the fridge .  The second one I took from the packaging and that's now in the freezer.  The bread was smothered with tomato sauce and mayo and the chicken was really too big for the bread so I ended up nibbling round the edges and then attacking the sandwich.  I've sent the missive over to my daughter and I'll get feedback tomorrow I'm sure.  I've not lit the fire tonight...I somehow forgot but I have put socks and slippers on....I've been bare foot all day.   Soon be time for was strange looking back on policies, processes, timescales and training timetables.  LM...Surprised how much I'd forgotten and how much I once knew....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 16, 2019, 5:01pm; Reply: 16
Saturday 16th November

Another silly night when I found myself watching something and without a hint of sleep in my body I ended up playing Soda Crush until about three this morning.  I still woke up at seven and didn't feel as if I'd had a restless or disturbed sleep and have felt fine all day...until around four this afternoon when I had a customary nap.

I'd toyed with the idea fairly early on this morning that a trip to Kardjali for a suitcase could be a possibility.  I got washed and dressed for town, decided to remove my bus ticket from my purse and put it with my travel documents and looking at it , the departure time was for four thirty in the afternoon.  Now maybe it got lost in translation with the lady in the office but I know that I'd asked for the one thirty giving me time at the other end to get comfortably settled in the hotel.  This confirmed the idea I was off to Kardjali to get the ticket changed.

I didn't stop for breakfast and was in the Nipper by just after nine deciding to have breakfast in town when I'd done what I needed to do.  I parked up at the bus station, the lady confirmed that it was for the later bus and said that if I wanted to change it I could and the cost would be two lev.  Not exactly an earth shattering amount so she updated the details in the computer, issued the new ticket, gave me the old one but with the time crossed out and confirmed that I would have the same seat number.  From there I walked to the new department store next door to look at the luggage and low and behold, the sales assistant used to have the dinky do shop as I used to call it in the centre of Kardjali.  She came over, I recognised her but at first couldn't place where I knew her from and then it dawned on me as she plonked a kiss firmly on my cheek and went for the second encounter.  I said I missed her shop but she said that, it was not better here but what can you do without money.  She was on the fourth floor but sent me to the fifth where they had more luggage but I left it at that I went back to the car.  It seemed to have edged forward and got its nose firmly in the shrubbery and when I got back in I realised I'd left the handbrake off in my hurry to get into the bus station.  Thank goodness there was a decent hedge between the parking and the road.

I parked up in the centre of town and walked towards the luggage shop.  Two cups of coffee and no breakfast made a visit to the loo by the market important, I said good morning to the lady and as I left she said 'thank you'.  They're all learning English for my benefit...I smiled and carried on to the luggage shop.  Found a suitcase that was suitable at a reasonable price, they kept it for me while I went over and had pizza and yogurt drink for breakfast and then back to the car with the case.  Down to the cheapy shop and found a couple of lightweight jumpers for the cruise and a zippy fleece for home use.   Paid my dues, quick trip round Kaufland and home via the back lane which was a little hairy but manageable.  I had to look twice...on the car park next to Kaufland there was ...a a corral.  Obviously left over from the fair from the previous week but I did do a double take on it.

Shopping unpacked, new purchases washed and on the line but there was little change of anything drying so I lit the fire and after an hour or so brought the washing in and it's almost ready for putting away.  Chicken wings and veg are in the oven for supper , Strictly tonight at nine my time so thank goodness for my kip this afternoon.  I'm out for a late lunch, early evening meal tomorrow so I reckon I shall break the back of the packing tomorrow morning....this isn't normal...I'm usually buying my ticket around now with days to go and panic ensuing.  LN.....Time to check on supper....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 17, 2019, 9:12pm; Reply: 17
Sunday 17th November

Cold miserable damp day so the activity has been mainly inside. what activity there's been.  Breakfast was a ham and cheese toasted sandwich that didn't take much preparation at all and I did managed to clean the roasting tins, throw the old bean chilli out on to the hillside and put everything away.  At least it looks good.  Again I tried to get the little dual boot machine into readiness for my trip on the high seas but to no avail.  I need a program to shrink photographs so that I can post them on the blog but I couldn't manage to get it to work...back to the drawing board Cecil.

I started my packing and assembled the shampoo and conditioner that I want to take with me, made a list of the other jobs that need doing prior to departure and then ran out of steam.  I laid the fire...there wasn't any central heating from that great big ball that should have been in the sky and because I was going out at two thirty, I didn't set fire to it.  Dressed for visiting by two, in the car on time, over to Fotinovo and have spent a very pleasant afternoon and evening with them.  A home made curry for supper with poppadoms and lime pickle, the likes of which you can't manage to buy here.  I have a recipe but it seems to be a long drawn out process so on my list of things to bring back from the UK...two jars of lime's a must for curries.

We put the world to rights. I left just after ten so have messaged to say that I didn't meet with anything untoward on the way home.  There was only one near escape for a low flying ...I'm not sure who was more surprised.  Nothing so far for tomorrow....I might head into Djebel market for one or two things for the suitcase.  LN....A very relaxing day.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 18, 2019, 5:33pm; Reply: 18
Monday 18th November

It looked like it might be another good day so I had breakfast, sorted out the underwear that I have and realised that I didn't really have to go on a spending spree at all.  I tried oon outfits yet again and have started to pack my case and everything that was identified as needing to go but needed washing was put in the machine .  As the tub went around the weather started to change somewhat but it was still good enough to hang it out when it had finished.

I've not mentioned it before but a pair of shoes that I have with velcro fastenings just don't stay 'velcroed' up any more .  The original fastening was put on as part of the manufacturing process so it would mean that there was over stitching on the outside of the shoe so I reckoned that I could over stitch velcro that I'd bought from Lidl.  I'd just settled myself to start the project and my painter appeared in the yard.  I went out to see him, he didn't need anything in particular from me but asked if I wanted any mushrooms. He'd collected loads of them, they're growing everywhere this year because of the weather but I said no to his offer.  It was at that point that I noticed the weather closing in and there was a rumble of thunder so the washing came in.  I asked if he'd had any further notification from the hospital since our last visit regarding his eyes and nothing.  As he left, it started to rain and then the heavens opened, more thunder and it's hung around all day.  No way was I heading out this afternoon to Djebel.

Washing up on the airer in the bathroom, I sewed the velcro into the shoe fastenings and it works Cinderella.  They will not fall off when I'm rushing home just before midnight.  I lit the fire so that the washing would get dried upstairs, settled down on the sofa, had the statutory afternoon nap,  I fed the fire, the temperature is not bad for the time of year and holding twenty two inside the house.  As for tonight's weather, the rain has stopped but the thunder is near and the lightning is sheeting over the mountains with the odd fork thrown in.  I shan't be surprised if the electricity goes off tonight but fingers crossed we'll be OK.  I don't need any supper.  I had some fruit loaf before I went to sleep and it's set solid.  Only one picture of the woody taking his picking from the lawn..lazy bones.  Maybe he had a hangover and didn't fancy bashing his head on a tree.  LN...My night on the tele tonight....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 19, 2019, 6:53pm; Reply: 19
Tuesday 19th November

So I missed my two quiz programmes last night...slept through both of them. woke up, went to bed and slept through until five thirty this morning.  I opened the curtains eventually to a very drab, wet, misty morning and eventually got out of bed for the second time at seven thirty and I was firing on all cylinders.  There were a few embers still left in the wood burner but not enough to get it going again so after throwing the green speckled bread out to the cats and birds, I lit the fire. I set about breakfast, I opened a packet of bacon,  fried it off, added a couple of whisked eggs, made an omelette and sprinkled smoked cheese on the top of it.  It filled a gap until six this evening and I've now topped up on toasted bun loaf and salted peanuts.

As for the rest of the day it's been well and truly filled.  My packing is finished and I managed to find my swim suit that's been on my brain for the last few days.  I washed both of my body warmers, they're not on the 'to-go' list if they get there they're ready to go.  I hand washed my grey woollen short coat but got it into the washing machine for rinsing and spinning.  I tried yet again to complete registering for my mobile phone site and again it bombed out on me.  At twelve I decided to head into Kardjali and on the drive in the weather improved, the sun started to shine and I should have done it earlier.  First stop the mobile phone shop and there were only two remaining, and the queue kept growing.  I was determined to face it out and get answers.  I waited for about twenty minutes and eventually a very pleasant assistant handled my payment but didn't charge me enough so I explained that that didn't cover the extra payment I wanted to make for the time that I'm in the UK.  I also asked her to check if my account had roaming on it which it didn't and she handed me the phone to the help desk and I should be receiving a confirmation text...eventually.  I paid my landline bill so that was another thing off my mind and I was told not to worry if the payment was wouldn't be cut off.  Back to Lidl for a few items, filled up with gas at the exorbitant cost of twelve leva and made my way back to Djebel, firstly to the cash point and then money exchange and into my student's mums shop for a quick catch-up.

I got home just before six, rescued the fire and unpacked the shopping.  Outstanding challenge should I accept it is to set up my mobile account sign up...I'm determined to get it done.  Nothing else on the agenda for tomorrow so far.  There's a threatened visit from my Fotinovo friends and without timescales.  LN....Weigh in time for the suitcase tomorrow.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 20, 2019, 6:11pm; Reply: 20
Wednesday 20th November

Six start, I opened the curtains to mist, no mountains, everywhere damp and miserable looking.  I made coffee, went back to bed and got stuck into Soda Crush.  I've a bit of a issue though...I think I've got about three sessions with Soda Crush with the same log in so depending on which machine I'm on, different skill levels required.  Unfortunately though I was doing really well last year as was Mrs D of S when were were both wiped clean and had to start from the beginning and there was no way back except through sheer effort and long hours spent.

Eventually I got out of bed, made toasted ham and cheese sandwiches, washed and dressed and I headed down to the fire pit to empty it out and get the rubbish that wouldn't burn into the container in the square.  I put the debris against the wall, unburnables into the log carrier with the rest from the container by the porch and even some old jars from the little house.  I trundled it up the road and as I walked by the last house, the ladies were all trooping out and were saying farewells to someone who was obviously going away to work.  I had a quick chat with the lady, emptied my goodies and walked back home and I had visitors already parked up.  I'd left a little enigma, house unlocked, wood store unlocked, television playing on the tablet and nobody at home.  I chastised my visitors for not having the kettle ready for making the coffee so we went in and got everything going.  Very kindly he'd come round to get mt little notebook sorted and to get my account set up with the mobile provider.  Notepad done and works fantastically well, the account will have to wait.  Once Google translates it, it appears that the coding in the background doesn't like it.  It ways enter ten digit, ten digits entered and it comes back with an error...doh.

They left around one thirty and I settled myself  on the rocking chair and read my book until I got bored of sitting.  I'd tried to find my chopped off t-shirts and had one last look in the chest and there they were so straight into the washing machine and now they're on the clothes airer.  Than't now the end of my packing, just got to get my travel clothes sorted, on the coat-hanger just to jump into and then it will be all systems go.

A casualty god crest that obviously thought the reflection of the tree in the conservatory was something to head for...wrong...and such a pretty little bird.  I scooped him up and threw it on to the hillside for nature to take its course but while walking the garden, I noticed how many flowers are still out.  The pretty pink ones were scavenged without roots from my student's parents garden  and now they've rooted and are flowering in their own right.  No supper for me....I've demolished a pack of salted peanuts and feel fairly full.  Nothing outstanding for tomorrow....a very pleasant interlude day for me.  LN....Log on the fire time....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 21, 2019, 10:13pm; Reply: 21
Thursday 21st November

What a night....the rain kept me awake for most of it, it was bucketing down, eased off slightly around dawn and I eventually got up at seven thirty. I found the same clothes from yesterday, washed, breakfasted and set out to clear the terraces, get the benches and pots in and eventually came in at eleven with everything achieved.  I don't think I shall have to water them before I go away, they were sodden.....and so was I.

There was only one thing for it,I lit the fire, switched the boiler on and when the temperature was really up I settled in to a hot bath, soaked for about an hour and a half, washed my hair and read my book lying in the bath.  Fortunately the Kindle survived.  I drove into Djebel for four this afternoon, I had my student and when I arrived at the apartment I was surprised to see the budgerigar flying loose and even more surprised when it tried to land on my head.  I'm really not into flappy things.

I'm late with the update....when I came to switch on the main computer, the keyboard wouldn't load.  I've learnt one thing to get the on screen keyboard working,,,,I didn't realise that there was one but after much slamming around and trying different keyboards in different USB ports,I eventually managed it.  Tomorrow's task is to clear the leaves from the ditch outside the wall.  I noticed that the water had backed up where the leaves had gathered by the grating over the pipe taking the water down the lane.  Obviously the guys that work on the streets for the local Kmet hadn't noticed them.  I did get a wave from one of them as he cycled home carrying his umbrella and it was a good job there wasn't any wind.  He'd have made it to the next village quicker than he anticipated.  LN....Time for bed....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 22, 2019, 7:30pm; Reply: 22
Friday 22nd November

Rain, rain, go away....and don't bother coming back.  Quick weather report from the Canary Islands...fine during the day and raining at night.  Shan't be up on deck much then and must remember to get the washing in from the cabin balcony.  It has thrown it down all day.  The rivers are swollen and ones that normally just trickle down the river bed and gushing.  The Varbitsa is so wide and thank goodness it's got a flood plane otherwise properties would be flooded out.  

So I was awake at five this morning, Soda Crushed for an hour or so, down for coffee, washed and dressed and decided to face the suitcase and dug the scales out from under the bathroom cupboard.  I stood on it, picked it up and shook it, managed to find three batteries of the same voltage, tried them one after the other and they still didn't work.  I put it on the back burner, made a toasted sandwich and waited for the clock to tick round so that I could head into Djebel, with the scales and get a new battery.  I handed it over to my student's mum, in went the battery and lo and behold....they work so I don't have to buy a new set.

So still keeping on the plan for today, I carried on to Fortinovo and presented myself with my old phone and I was in for a technology lesson.  The old phone was being replaced by one of their old ones which wasn't anywhere near as old as mine...and things that have been outstanding for around three or four years have been resolved and many, many thanks.  I'm now moving into the new age at my very old age.  There was a brief interlude, a telephone call in Bulgarian and I found myself heading out to the street, holding the phone and the guy I was talking to was heading towards me.  It's all to do with a big old dead tree which we thought we were able to pin the responsibility tail on the donkey but now we're back in limbo.  Back to the drawing board Cecil.

I left around three and went into Momchilgrad to go to the service provider's shop....we just couldn't manage to get internet working so I handed the phone over and left it to the expert.  He was a man of few words, pressed some keys and just handed it back with Google screen displaying.  I thanked him, there was no response and he was on to the next.  I paddled back to the Nipper, the streets were running and went back via Djebel.  No way was I tackling the back lane.  A Djebel stop for fresh bread and spicy sausages for supper and a bag of hazelnut truffles that demanded to be bought.

First job was to light the fire, second was to go out and remove the leaves from the river that was now running at the base of my wall and getting higher with each leaf that got jammed.  I cooked supper, it's nine thirty my time and almost time for bed considering that I've not had an afternoon siesta today but am feeling OK.  Weigh in in the morning, fridge to be thawed out, chargers to be assembled and hand baggage to be packed.  Nails at two tomorrow ready for the off.  I'm almost there.  LN....Lots achieved today.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 23, 2019, 8:39pm; Reply: 23
Saturday 23rd November

So this morning was a bit of a meander morning.  I'd had supper last night and then suddenly I had the most awful pains in my stomach and thought that I was destined to be worshipping the great white god but I managed to avoid it.  I'd had spicy sausage for supper fried off with onions and whether it was too rich for me late at night, not sure but I've eased off the food for most of the day.

So referring to my list I set about the things I had to do.  I wrestled the suitcase on to the scales and it was as I thought...underweight...and came in at seventeen kilograms so I had wiggle room.  I was just sitting down after a frantic hour and my gardening neighbour appeared with a bag of hay for my water meter underground box.  The temperature had really dropped this morning and she predicted that we would have snow before the end of the day and she got her information from Bulgarian television.  Apparently it was heading over from Smolyan...and so far it's not arrived.  So I took the cover from the water chamber and it was full of water...we've had so much rain that I wasn't really surprised so I accepted the hay and it was a job for later.  I eventually dressed, got a load of washing in and hand washed my Jack Jones woollen cardigan laying it flat to dry and decided that I needed to get the fire going so that I could get it dry.  I was still waiting for the snow.  There was enough ice though...I cleared out the fridge, turned it off and put the blocks of ice removed with a knife and a wooden spoon handle, into the outside sink to melt and drain. Another job from the list.

At one thirty I set off to have my nails done before I go, called in to the supermarket and bought a litre of vodka for the suitcase now that I knew that I had room for it.  The fire was still going so I topped it up and then set about the water chamber.  I cleared it out with a jug on a piece of rope and tomorrow I'll do it again, turn the water off and apply the bag of hay...the local remedy.   The suitcase is now downstairs which was a job in itself and the electricals are all charged and the only thing I seem to have a problem with is the waterproof Fitbit.  I think I might have to sort it out in the UK as it's still under guarantee.

Quick bath tonight before I sat down to watch Strictly....and not really sure who will go out later tonight.  The list is now considerably shorter...bonfire, water off, gas off and checking the lights are all switched off.   LN.....Best laid plans of mice and men.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 25, 2019, 7:49pm; Reply: 24
Monday 25th November

You may well ask where yesterday went...I'm asking myself the same thing.  I managed to do and check off the things on my list, took the Nipper to the shop and my first Bulgarian student, home from university was waiting for me.  It was lovely to see him again.  He did suggest that I meet up with him in the student's quarters in Sofia later that night but I declined gracefully.  Firstly I was feeling pretty tired before my four hour bus journey and secondly...I'd probably fall asleep in front of all his friends.  Not the image I really want to portray.  Catch me after the cruise.  

So I slept most of the way to Kardjali, got off at the usual airport bus stop and found a taxi with the lights off but I asked him if he was for hire.  He knew the hotel and we set off but unfortunately I hadn't checked his rate card for the journey and I got stung...not badly but enough to make me check the random taxi lying in wait.  The hotel was fine, I had a small single room, pizza for supper, caught the Strictly results and a reasonable night's sleep in a single bed.  Breakfast was OK, another taxi journey and I was surprised how cheap this one was.  My carry all including what seems to be the kitchen sink weighed in at twenty one kilos so there would have been room for the extra bottle of hooch for my guest but time.  Murky grey weather for Sofia and Gatwick, the over the clouds on the journey over was really good...sunshine at last.  As per usual, the Bulgarians applauded when the pilot got the plane down safely....what is it with these people...he's only doing his job.

I got through the airport pretty quickly and managed to get to Brighton just before three and my guest was waiting for me....but now the position is reversed....I'm his guest.  We stopped off at Lidl and I'm amazed how cheap the English on is comparing it to BG.  I think we're being stitched up a little over there.  Mince pies were on the shopping list as were crumpets...rude not to and bottles of tipple of choice.  Home felt like I'd not been away....I tend to settle in quickly and BG seems very far away.  Tonight's challenge was to get my little Chuwi Notepad sorted so that I can take it with me on the cruise.  I'd ordered new cable for the specific machine, they'd arrived and worked.  The camera linked with the machine and I got the image resizer working and my next challenge is getting a mouse to work with it.  The mousepad is useless......the display size keeps automatically changing so I've moved on to a machine that I haven't legally got access to yet....tomorrow is another day.

So tomorrow we have to enter passenger details for the next flight on Friday and print out boarding passes but that's after I've taken a walk over the Downs to the sea...even if it's raining and I'll have camera in hand.   LN...It's good to be writing again....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 26, 2019, 9:27pm; Reply: 25
Tuesday 26th November

So last night I took to my virtuous couch by ten thirty and it was seven thirty before I saw the light of day....or rather the grim cloud and rain of morning.  What shabby weather.  I'd made the decision that the first job was to add the passenger information for our next flight on Friday and to print the boarding cards...and this proved to be not such a good experience.  There was more information about what you could add to the flight experience and frankly...I didn't really want to know what I could have for breakfast or to book this to enhance your flight.  I just want to get on a plane safely and off safely and my holiday starts there.  So that done and boarding cards printed, the next was a switch over to easyJet to get my guest checked in for out flight to BG on the 16th December.  This again was proving to be an issue...I'd booked the middle seat for him, I like the outside and he likes the window so I had to change his seat both ways and then he wanted his breakfast booked so it gets delivered before the herd get the chance of theirs.  I shall just have a nibble of his until mine arrives....I'd run out of patience at this point and wanted breakfast of the day.  For me I had a sausage sandwich followed by toast and marmalade to keep me going for the day.

Yet more challenges...the waterproof Fitbit decided to lock up and by fiddling with it and resetting the clock face twice I got it going again.  The Chuwi is now set up for a mouse and will charge through a USB connector which took some working out and we also managed to set up some finger print recognition suitcase locks.  I'm not sure if we'll use them but at least they're all set up.  

A guest appeared mid morning and it was a brief interlude from business.  He's a dear soul, eighty six and still game with a lovely sense of fun and humour.  Off he went and I started going through drawers of clothes to see if there was anything else I wanted to take so it was going to be one in and one out of the suitcase.  Lucky to have such choices.

Bath and hair wash and we went out to meet my daughter and her husband for supper at the local carvery.  Brilliant to see them both again, it was his birthday so it was a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and twenty dollars to spend on a drink while they are in America for Christmas.  We have a family lunch for the fifteenth booked just before we all take off in different directions...such is out family life.

More of the same today and tomorrow night we're out for supper again.  I'm going to struggle to get into my swim costume at this rate.  As for photographs today...I'm sure you're all experiencing the same in the UK and it appears the Greece, France and Italy are all in the same boat or wish that they were.  LN....The camera will come out one day when the light is right.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 27, 2019, 9:53pm; Reply: 26
Wednesday 27th November

A really good night's sleep again....I love my English sleigh bed and at least it was until my daughter absconded with it and left me with their frame but  I've still got my mattress.  Sleep of the just.  I was up and about before my host, stuck a couple of crumpets in the toaster and lavishly buttered them and went back to bed with a coffee.  I finished my packing, my large suitcase is padlocked, it has twenty kilograms exactly and I'm only hoping that the airport scales read the same as mine.  

Eventually my host surfaced, I was pretty cruel and kept hounding him to get on with his packing or at least sorting the grain from the chaff and we're more or less there.  In the meantime I managed to write my Christmas cards and after lunch we headed down to the village and I got the stamps and posted an overseas card....bring it on.  We carried on to Asda, I bought a couple of nail varnishes that I thought might be about right to patch any stray  nails but instead trimmed the offending nail and neatened it up.  It's looking far so good.

So back home and carried on with the item selection.  My second case is more or less full and will be finalised tomorrow and it has to be.  Off we set at
six to the fish and chip shop in Burgess Hill.  We were visiting  another dear friend and arriving with supper and I added a bottle of coke, creme caramel and a packet of mince pies leaving her with the left overs.  Home for ten fifteen, blog and bed....I shall be pleased when the taxi is here on Friday...nothing more to do, catch the plane and up and away.  LN...All completed on the Chuwi....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 28, 2019, 8:13pm; Reply: 27
Thursday 28th November

So much for good night's sleeps.  I was awake at three and playing stupid games until four...I knew it was too good to last.  Tonight is going to be pretty short too, the taxi is booked for five thirty in the morning...Alexa...set alarm for four thirty and let's hope she's listening.

As for the rest of the morning...pretty much more of the same.  I woke up at six thirty and went down to make coffee, sorted out the final washing that had been put in the drying cupboard and moved it on to hangers over the radiator in my bedroom.  I succumbed to more buttered crumpets for my breakfast before the rest of the house was awake and was presented with a bacon and egg sandwich around eleven that's seen me through until I finished off the Philadephia cream cheese with biscuits.  Just tidying up the fridge and that should see me through until something gets purchased and delivered on the plane.

We popped out this afternoon to visit a couple of friends in the next close to say fond farewells.  She's a jigsaw fanatic and has found an outlet for the ones she's conquered selling thm on to a man in the market who repackages them and makes a small profit on them.  They have to have all the pieces there and I'm not sure if he stands and counts them to make sure but since most of them have a thousand pieces....he's got his work cut out if he does.  Best to take a photo of the completed puzzle and hand it over to him and he's got to trust it's complete.  We also got on to the subject of old coins and she brought out some very old sixpences and he showed us a commemorative coin that he was given the day that he was born.  It's supposed to be a four shilling coin dated 1889 which I've never heard of, same size as a half crown but no value stated on it.  It will be interesting to google it and see.

My luggage is downstairs and my clothes are on the hanger waiting for five fifteen in the morning.  Hopefully the next update will be from Teneriffe....fingers crossed.  LN...Almost time for bed said Zeberdee.....LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 29, 2019, 10:08pm; Reply: 28
Friday 29th November

So it was a very disturbed night waiting for morning and a taxi to arrive.  Itl was on, I was on time and my host was running late.  Eventually we got going and ended up at the south terminal instead of the north but eventually we got to the right place, boarded the flight and arrived in Teneriffe just before one in the afternoon.  It was a very smooth transition to the ship and we were soon in the cabin, unpacked and lounging on a very large balcony with a hammock and sunbeds.  Saw cruise ship in port that we had used several times before and thought had gone to Davy Jones locker....quite a surprise.

A tour of the ship made us realise how large it is and after attending a muster, we found a restaurant and 'Showtime' and we are about to set sail.  Here endeth the first day.  LN....More to follow...LN
Posted by: Elsa Peters, November 30, 2019, 6:27pm; Reply: 29
Saturday 30th November

Fairly good night's sleep with the gentle rocking of the waves. We've just been warned tonight over the tanoy to close bathroom could be a little rocky....and not on the tree top.n This morning found us heading to Las Palmas, Gran Canaria and I was out on the balcony to watch the dawn.  It wasn't  like mountains for it to hide behind but there was a lot of activity on the water.  

Breakfast was buffet style and we fill up and I used some of the energy in a swim.  Boy was it cold getting in and I was the only one in there.  With a smile on my face I managed it, sea water was clear and I stayed there for about thirty minutes.  Buffet lunch and a promenade to Las Palmas meant  that I could fill  on Cadbury Dairy Milk.  I'd made a mistake yesterday thinking that 'all inclusive' included the small bar of chocolate on the was charged to the bill.

Full restaurant meal tonight and Fuchal tomorrow....and maybe an organised tour.   LN......So far so good....LN
Posted by: linda g, December 4, 2019, 2:47pm; Reply: 30
Great pics. hope your having a great time on board that ship. Looks awesome. xxxx Linda :) :) :)
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