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Elsa Peters
October 10, 2015, 3:57pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 10th October

Six thirty start this morning and it was overcast and with a touch of rain.  Playing on the PC and there were a couple of woodpeckers patrolling the grass and I can only assume that they were picking up the sunflower seeds that had been deposited as I dug them up and moved them to the bottom of the garden.  At the same time I noticed that Gladys was not having a day off and I thought she was digging her winter abode but I was wrong.  She headed out and has been grazing on the grass but has now hid herself away again.  Down to the kitchen and it was boiled eggs with buttered toast and then I thought of all the things I could get up to and decided that after a shower and hair wash, I would do nothing apart from light a fire, get out the Kindle with a new book and stretch out on my newly covered sofa and enjoy the relaxation.  

Lay around until four thirty when my painter let me know that he was taking a bottle of the fizzy brown stuff from the magazine and informed me that the lady further up the village had lost of manure that she wanted to get rid of and it was much better than the stuff that Semile was about to deliver for me.  We worked out that I needed three cartloads and Remsie's husband would do the delivery for fifteen lev.  I can afford that so it's ordered.  My painter will help me distribute it round the garden.....veg garden first and then flower beds.  I am more concerned with my flowers than the veg...there are some good supermarkets in Kardjali.

So this afternoon the book went away and it was in for the rugby and it was a good game between Scotland and Fiji and now there is the Wales match about to come on.  And this evening...Strictly...Saturday night t.v.......what could be better.

Just been out....Gladys the end of the day is still out feeding and I'm surprised that she's not taken to the shrubbery.  Mince out and it will probably homemade hamburger and chippies with maybe and egg.  Not sure yet....I'll let you know.  LN...early update today....and tomorrow Sunday the day of rest although Saturday could have been in the same class...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 11, 2015, 4:01pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 11th October

Six thirty start and was it a dull one.  A good description of day and the weather would be 'variable'  Breakfast was nothing more than toast and coffee and it was about an hour on FB having a few good conversations and interactions.  As the wind picked up I decided to take in the swinging bench before it took to the hillside and that was more of a challenge than I'd bargained for.  I removed the cushions, the swinging chair and both went inside without a hitch but then I realised that the metal frame was wider than the door way into the little house so it went half in and I had to bring it out again and take it in the other way but it meant that I had to remove about three good loads of wood so that I had room to inch it in.  Success...it's in the dry for the winter.  Only the big table to come in now but the rain today meant that it will stay outside until it's dried off.  As I came into the house again there was a shout from the yard and my painter was standing there holding a carrier bag which he put down on the table and it was full of mushrooms that he'd been out collecting.  He offered me as much as I wanted but I settled for the ones on the table....I shall have them for breakfast tomorrow and he's a really caring chappie....

Then started on the chair and covered most of it to match the sofa but I ran out of steam turning my attention to mince and peas in gravy with a topping of potato wedges.  Different but it was an experiment that I won't be doing again.   It was OK but I've had indigestion all afternoon...I might need a little beer to sending along the tubes.

The camera came out more today to take the mountains and how they change due to the different weather conditions.  Rain came down in buckets at one point, howling gales, poor Gladys was out and about but soon put herself back in the bottom of the hedge and I've had the fire going all day.  And now it's time to get some more wood in...it's not cold but it chases the damp away.  

Looks like a tele night tonight for Strictly and then it's an early night with a book.  Into Djebel tomorrow and the post office...LN....I've got to sort out the pickies...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 12, 2015, 9:04pm Report to Moderator

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[b]Monday 12th October[/b

Not much to report today....winter checks on Beauty and off to the post office to post a birthday card.  A1 OK and now at the Librarians after supper and a bottle of the red stuff.  Tomorrow off to the local market to see what they are giving away....LN  time for sleep for me....it's been a hard day....and good news...my passport has been dispatched....LN....head destined for pillow....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 13, 2015, 3:56pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 13th October

Woke up at seven this morning after a good night's sleep by the patter of tiny feet.  The dogs were being let out for their morning ablutions.  Lingered for a while summoning my senses and out to the kitchen to put the kettle on and get the day started.  The Librarian appeared we had more coffee and toast and eventually set off for market at about nine thirty.  Met up with one of the locals from her village and he treated us to coffee and then we started for the stalls while he went off for his breakfast from the local baker.  I bought underwear and another pair of reading glasses and a physalis fruit tree for the garden.  The Librarian picked up an apricot and another obscure fruit tree and the man gave me strict instructions that they were to be planted with sand underneath them so that they had adequate drainage.  It's good to speak the language...

Into the knicky-knack shop and bought salt, pepper, oil and vinegar condiment set in ceramic instead of the usual glass bottles.  It's a very pretty addition to my kitchen,  Down to the motel for a coffee, we were going to stay for lunch but I had this sudden urge for cheese and onion sandwich so I got cheese from the shop and back to the Librarians and she prepared the sandwiches while I sorted out her computer with a few updates.  Scans complete and bugs removed, photos uploaded from the camera to the computer and a few to facebook and ready for home at about four fifteen.  Fire lit, enough wood got in for the night and now to get my feet up for a little Pointless, Eggheads, bath and early night.  I like staying away but it's nice to be back.  On the other hand...I think Gladys has made a run for it.  I checked out the normal haunts but not to be found....while the cat's away so to speak....As for the weather today...it was really cold this morning, the sun broke through this afternoon but it's a very low cloud base tonight, quite pretty but it's getting colder.  Winter has come quickly this year.  LN....here come some photos...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 14, 2015, 4:16pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 14th October

Well apologies first off but it wasn't me gov.....I was on the internet last night to my service provider and eventually they came back with the response mid morning saying that they had had issues with one of the servers and yes...it was the one supporting mine.  The email came with sincere apologies and hoped that I hadn't been inconvenience too much....and believe me...any hiccup is too much in my book.

Eight o'clock start for me and it was a slow one.  I was still in my PJ's when Hacibar came round with an invitation to a baby party on Sunday that's going to be held in Djebel.  It's for the daughter of one of my Avatar's nieces and unfortunately she won't be here to see it so I better take lots of photos and send them to her in Germany.

As for today.  I eventually got dressed and out into the garden and Gladys is still around and has yet another hidey hole.  I checked all the usual ones to no avail and then she suddenly appeared.  I planted up my new tree at the bottom of the garden digging a huge hole and filling it with decent soil and we'll see how it does.  Got the strimmer out and did some of the longer grass but it was too wet to get the lawn mower out so I'll have to leave it for a couple of days...it looks like the change in the weather is on the cards and about time too.  We're not used to winter coming on so quickly.

Stayed out there until about two, got a fire going...it's more a comfort factor, it's good to look at and I'm getting rid of a lot of the really old wood from the garden fence.  Gentle sunset which I just managed to catch and now for a spot of Filmon.  LN....the water heater is going on...it's going to be bath night...I've just decided...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 15, 2015, 2:48pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 15th October

Well it was a late bath last night but I slept really well after it.  Just before seven this morning when I came too and a gentle start on the day and cooked bacon, eggs and fried bread to set me up for the day.  Washing blowing in the breeze and then I went down to check on Gladys and again she had moved positions but didn't seem to want to feed today at all.  Maybe she's having issues with the changes in the weather.

Bright start so it was out to the garden to clear some more of the builder's rubble from the bottom of the garden.  It seemed to be fairly dry out there so it was out with the lawnmower and did as much as I could avoiding the mole heaps that litter the grass.  I'll have to go round with the mole 'tablets' again...they make such a mess of the grass and it feels spongy underneath.  Got a phone call from a lady speaking on behalf of the courier people and asking me if I knew where the shop was in Djebel.  I said that I understood that it was being delivered to my door and sure enough...my passport has arrived and it's only taken nine days in total and I call that good service.  

Sat out for a while reading as an interlude from gardening but then I realised that I wasn't enjoying the book so it was up with the spade and out with the last remaining plants that needed planting.  The two kiwi have gone in and so has the pretty purple hydrangea....plus another spirea and everything else that's in pots is destined for the little house for the winter.  Took quite a lot of effort to clear the underwall...there were some huge lumps of stone buried from the building work but at least the plants will have a fighting chance.  Had a visit from my painter and he had a whole bag of clothes and I know not from where but he left me with a very thick cotton red shirt...he said that red isn't his colour...communism.  Went back to strimming the rest of the stuff that they mower didn't manage to remove and it's over for another week.

Tools away, out tonight for supper at my student's home so it's time I got ready.  I've done the blog just in case I'm late back or absconded by aliens on the way through the forest...LN....time to put party clothes on...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 16, 2015, 7:05pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 16th October

Lovely night last night with the family and driving in I managed to get some shots of the night sky and the new road surface....and some of the signage.  Hard to miss and I think I counted fifty signs from the end of the village to the Djebel road. Home for just after ten and watched Filmon and Question Time...only problem is that it's too late when you add the two hour time difference on to it...

Cold, damp, miserable today but I did do a spot of gardening around mid-morning.  Stripped the bed and the winter sheets are out...not the nest...it's not that cold you just need a warm bed to get into not cold cotton.  I've finished the new chair cover and added a layer of foam to make it more comfortable....got the Kindle out and I really need to find a new book series....I'm still struggling with Henning Mankell....I like his story line but the books have been translated from the Swedish and I find no enthusiasm in the translation...too much detail and the books feel contrived.

My old passport arrived and I'm so impressed with the service....and I could track it on line.  Monday I shall go to the immigration here and sort out my resident's permit that expires on the twenty fourth of this month...it has to run in conjunction with my passport and I get it in five year chunks.  Only one thing left to do ...get my driving licence updated to a local one but it doesn't expire until February.

So my lunchtime beans on toast are still sitting heavy so no supper for me and tonight I'm washing it down with spring water,  I'm making a concerted effort to take off the weight that's gone on around the middle.  Not drastic but I want to lose about four kilos.  Time to throw a log on...it's really cosy in here tonight....LN....hoping for good weather tomorrow...I'm sorting out some more builder's rubble...LN

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Elsa Peters
October 17, 2015, 2:43pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 17th October

Well it was seven ten when I surfaced this morning and it was very welcome.  I hadn't made any plans for today but I watch a very good video on the internet which was all about motivation and it sort of impressed me.  Beans on toast for breakfast and it was uphill from then.  

I started out weeding the little garden by the lilac tree but then I sort of made my way to the bottom of the garden and attacked the bottom of the garden where the men had dumped the crap at the beginning of the year.  There was a lot of broken and old twigs, lots of metal that had just been dumped..they left very quickly to go on to their next job and didn't tidy up like they usually did .....today it was up to me and it did.  The bushes are trimmed and I found an oak that I didn't know about and it's now staked so that it stands a chance in the winter/  I also found a juniper that had been crushed by the rubbish that they's dug out from the wall and now it's supported against a wild plum.  I've had a very good day and burnt the ones that I could burn and dropped the rest near the place that Gladys appears to have chose for her winter abode...I want her to be safe this winter.

I found the rubic cube bit in the garden and it brought back memories of my daughter deciding that it it was easier to take it apart and do it from scratch than work it out....so it's now in the treasure box.

Fish and oven chips doing what it should in the oven.  The fire is going and I'm now tuned in to the Rugby on Filmon and waiting for the match to start.  Tomorrow I have the baby party in Djebel and my student's mother has been invited as well so there will be someone there I know which makes a change.  Not sure if there is a bus going from the village but I'm sure I'll find out at twelve tomorrow.  LN...supper, Filmon...and rugby followed by Strictly...I love Saturdays....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 18, 2015, 4:52pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 18th October

Pretty late start for me but I didn't have to be anywhere until twelve this lunchtime to catch the bus to the baby party.  I was just about to jump into the shower at around ten and the next thing Haciber was at my door with a dish of her home-made yogurt and it appears that she's filling my Avatar's boots while she whiling away the winter in Germany.  Did my nails, and had an issue trying to get the right clothes to wear.  We've suddenly changed seasons and it wasn't cold today but it was damp and looked miserable out and that's the way that it's stayed for the rest of the day.

On to the coach with all my ladies and off we set.  There were only two standing this time where normally they bring in plastic seats and it was held in a different place than the normal venue...the Monica Hotel.  There must have been about a hundred ladies, my student's mum was there and we waved at each other across a crowded room but there was no chance to have a conversation and a conversation was what I didn't have.  Most are bi-lingual but choose Turkish at events like these and while I hold my own in Bulgarian...I did feel a little isolated but their country, their choice.  Chocolates came round first followed by the baby wreathed with money and the collecting box for the little one.  The food was good...chicken soup, chicken leg with potato salad and a very sticky gateau.  There was a bit of an event with the bus to take us back...some of the ladies had used the opportunity to do shopping in the biggest supermarket in Djebel and were missing when the bus was loaded so we had to go looking for them prying them out from the supermarkets before we could take to the open road.

Home for two thirty more or less.  I lit the fire which wasn't really necessary but pleasant to look at, did a tour of the garden trying to light the hedge trimming that had remained from yesterday but after a while I gave up.  I did the circuit and checked on Gladys and she doesn't seem to be moving far from where it appears she's going to winter up.

Just messaged Gouldjan to see if she is working tomorrow after her long sabbatical now that she's got engaged.  I'm off to Kardjali tomorrow to get my residentia sorted and I can save her a six thirty start if she has to go into Djebel.  Now going to settle in to an evening of Strictly - the results.....and an early night for me.  LN....must prepare the documentation for tomorrow and I might even see the doctor about my medical for my driving licence....LN  

Attachment: the_venue_2095.jpg
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Elsa Peters
October 19, 2015, 10:06pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 19th October

My first morning thought was a happy birthday to my father....and I 'll lift a glass to you tonight.  As for this morning...six thirty start that got dwindled down by playing on the DS and then it was a rush to the finishing post to be ready to pick up Gouldjan at eight fifteen to take her to school...her first day back after two months.  As I was getting the car out one of my other neighbours was heading for Djebel so he got it, down to the bus stop and we loaded all of the clothes that she was taking in and distributes to the poor and on the way we picked up our new Kmet who was also heading into Djebel.  Men dropped off, Gouldjan dropped off and off I set for Kardjali with the intention of sorting out my local registration now that I had my new passport.  

Immigration office and came out with a form that had to be completed yet again.  They have all this information on the computer but we appear to have to jump through hoops and it has to be completed in Bulgarian so I really need help with the Cyrillic.  Next to the bank to pay for the new registration card and the tax and a declaration that I have money in the bank in Bulgaria so that I will not become a drain on the system.  Lastly I was told that I needed to have an official translation of my Health Card so I headed off to the office where the daughter from the Djebel Hotel works and with everything assembled, we went back to immigration and filled in the gaps in the form.  Everything complete and I received my new documentation at just after three this afternoon...a day's work well done.  This is only the white copy though, the official one with the photograph will be ready on the eleventh of November so that it runs in line with my passport renewal date.  

Finished my shopping and was home by about four thirty.  Haciber was chasing cows out of the street so I gave her her dish back that she delivered the yogurt in yesterday and gave her some apples that I'd bought today as a little thank you.  Supper of chicken with chippies and the update is late...I fell asleep after supper and have not long woken up so am guessing that I shall have a very short night tonight.  LN....it's too late to try to upload pictures....you'll get them tomorrow...All in all ....five years to go before I have to renew again...LN
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