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Elsa Peters
October 30, 2015, 4:08pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 30th October

So last night I lingered in the bath and even took my Kindle and read for an hour or so.  I’d had the fire going all day so the house was really warm and the bathroom with its heated towel rail is bliss when you get out.  I didn’t stay up long after that and took to my virginal couch  Unfortunately it was five when I started my day but it was a grey day.  There was a glimmer of sunlight in the north east but it took ages for dawn to break and it felt cold when I went out to check on Gladys and decided that it was not worth hanging the washing out so it went onto the clothes airer in the bathroom..  

After yesterday’s phone calls to the bank I was determined to get the letter off to them so I got a little shopping list together and I think I managed most of it.  I cleared out the beer bottles and delivered them to the garage so they can use them for selling oil, anything that needed to be ditched in the container in Djebel was loaded in the car.  Rubbish gone, bottles gone and letter gone…Success.

I stopped of at my student’s parents shop and we caught up since I hadn’t been there for a while.  I refused to hug saying that I was a germ area to be avoided and in her usual way she came up with how to clear congestion on the chest using honey and the palm of a hand to pat the area for twenty minutes to create a vacuum supposedly to get rid of the toxins…..maybe give it a try later.  I did go into the chemist and picked up a two day supply of antibiotics,  I seem to be coughing but not moving anything…I’ll give it another couple of days and only take them if I need them.  I topped up with fresh bread, spicy sausage, lemons and cheese and in the little supermarket I met Gouldjan’s mum so gave her a lift home.  She keeps insisting that I go and visit them and I’ll probably do it at the weekend.  I mentioned that I had flu so wasn’t really up to visits but she said she’d got it anyway so no problem.

Well, home for one thirty, cheese and onion sandwich on fresh bread for lunch, out with the Kindle and promptly fell asleep on the sofa in front of the fire.  I came to around four thirty, fire still going nicely so in for the evening.  The cheese sandwich is still filling the gap so might feel like heading for the kitchen later….but six my time and so far so good.  Mrs D of S reckons that red wine cures a cough so honey on the chest patting it gently and holding a glass could be the recipe for a good if not great evening…LN…I’ll let you know....LN

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Elsa Peters
October 31, 2015, 3:52pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 31st October

Happy Halloween everyone although I'm glad they don't really celebrate it here but I wonder how long it will be before they do..

Six thirty start and slept all through the night....absolutely wonderful.  A few coughs and snorts this morning but nothing to write hone about,  What a cold start to the day..there was a raw wind blowing and it's not stopped all day and it's still blowing now.  It was a cloudy start and again it's stayed like that most of the day.  As for me...shower and hair wash...it started to bug me...I'd had my bath but I needed to wash my hair so feel really clean.  Dried off, hair plaited and it would dry throughout the day.  Out to the garden, really worried about Gladys....she's not moved so I'm tempted to see if there is any life there.  I know it's winter but she should still be showing movement or digging for victory....

As for the afternoon.  The rest of the beef was turned into a shepherd's pie and it was really delicious.  The fire has been going all day and is still going strong since it is a really cold wind today and the temperature has been down to eight outside which isn't too low but cold for October.  I haven't a pumpkin for tonight but there again....what a waste of a food source.  As for this week's sports I've really been supporting the gymnastics and today we have first and second place in the pommel ...we are first and second in the world...what dedication.

As for this evening....I have a bottle of wine that appears that it's not breathing...I thing a little resuscitation might be in order.  I have Gouldjan coming round tomorrow to use my quiet and solitude to catch up with her work...LN....Tele for me and a gentle evening....LN

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