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Elsa Peters
August 25, 2016, 6:19pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 25th August

Today has been a washout.  I woke up scratching my finger at silly o'clock this morning and there was the zizzing of a mosquito in my ear.  I came too pretty quickly, put on the light and couldn't see it so went to make a cup of coffee and when I came back to the bedroom, there it was on the wall by the mirror.  Now normally I would try to swat it but thinking that I might want to get my head down again I didn't want to miss it so out with the insect spray.  I blasted it well and truly and it was never seen or heard again.  As for getting back to sleep...no way ...I was up and about and suffered for it for the rest of the day.

I didn't  bother with the garden...it was a dull old day and the temperature well down.  I was just hoping it would rain but it didn't.  I managed to make baked beans on toast for breakfast, remade my bed and gave it a makeover, cleaned off the side tables and the top of the wardrobe and sorted out the shoe basket.  I was doing OK but by twelve I was absolutely shattered so lay on my sofa with the Kindle and was in and out of sleep eventually going down solidly and was awakened by a loud knock on the door.  The Librarian was out there with four locals from her village and so I staggered into lucidity, got juice, coffee, squash and biscuits underway.  We chatted for a while and then it was out to the garden for the conducted tour, one of the locals was determined to take some 'samples' of seeds and shrubs and I told her to keep her little finger to herself and I'd take some cuttings and deliver when they were established.  I did donate a bunch of last year's dried lavender to the worthy cause but asked her to leave this years alone....Off they went at about three and I did have the intention of digging out and administering the said shite to other parts of the garden but it wasn't happening.  My mojo had gone missing.

The sun did come out this afternoon but it was short lived and not even a decent sunset and as you can probably tell...I'm a bit of a grumps bag which is most unusual for me.  I suppose it's not bad...the first time this year that I've been bothered by a mosquito so fingers crossed for a better night.  Student swimming lesson tomorrow and out by nine thirty for a ten o'clock pickup...weather permitting.  No photographs...the camera has not been out at all today.  LN...I promise there'll be lots tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 26, 2016, 5:04pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 26th August

Again the sun was already up before me but I did enjoy my morning in the sun with my coffee.  I didn't have to be anywhere until ten so it was a pretty lazy start to the day.  Washed up from last night and in fact from yesterday...the kitchen only took a bashing when I was getting the tea and coffee for my guests...no further activity in that direction at all.  Supper was a bag of peanuts watching Filmon.  

About nine when I'd got my swimming stuff together and my bathing suite on under my day clothes I suddenly remembered that Avatar was heading to Germany for her winter quarters.  The family insists that she goes, she goes because they insist but her heart's not really in it.  I know that she doesn't have the problem of existing her on her own in the winter and it can be hard, but she rarely goes out when she's there and when they all work, she sees no one.  Anyway...hers to bear.  So I started to go towards her house and realised that the curtains were drawn and shouted to one of my other neighbours to find out if she'd already left....and she had...at four this morning and I didn't say goodbye.  I'll have to speak with the family on FB. I've just had Haciber round to say that there's a window open and did I have keys but this year she didn't leave any with anyone so I've pointed Haciber in the direction of her nephew who lives locally.  Maybe he has a set...

So over to my students for ten and the younger one didn't want to come with us.  We arrived at the hotel in Momchilgrad and there was no one else at the pool.  Unfortunately is it quite high up on the mountain and despite a temperature of twenty eight degrees, the wind was a little chill and the water was freezing...well not quite that far but slow to get in to,  I started to teach the older one to swim last year and it's all a matter of confidence.  I suppose, legs, arms, breathing and being conscious of everything at the same time can be difficult but she did almost manage the width before she put her feet down. We when we turned blue we called it a day and we were back at her house for about one.  The younger sister had made a cake that we were subjected to...not bad but needed a little more cooking but we had a very nice lunch of omelette, salad, soup and melon.  I was home for about four, read for a while and got my head down and really should have had a shower...my hair is still wet from swimming and I'll do it soon.

Tomorrow I'm out again...I have a 'mevlit' in the village mosque at ten thirty followed by meat and rice and a chocolate cake...we know how to live.  After that, weather permitting I really must finish the garden and get the rest of the manure spread around or at least bring it into my own garden so it doesn't get half inched while my back is turned.  Just caught the tail end of the sun going down.  At least the wind has dropped now...when I came back there was stuff blowing everywhere and plant pots over.  All is now safely gathered in.  Shower time and hair wash just to get the pool water out of it.  LN...I need to swim everyday...the exercise is good for me...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 27, 2016, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 27th August

Sun beat me again this morning but I think it was the fact that I didn't have my bath until ten thirty last night, read for a while in there, managed to keep my Kindle dry and eventually hit the sack at one.  Having said that I slept really well until seven so for me that's really good.

Got a load of washing done including my swim stuff from yesterday and pegged out by eight, walked down to the bread van and bought bread and a cheesy bun for breakfast.  I got back and looked at the tomatoes but realised that my purchase meant that it was no cooking and lunch ws going to be delivered via the mosque after the mevlit.  I had my breakfast on the terrace in the sun, came in, showered and washed my hair and was ready for ten fifteen more or less.  As I left the house Remsie one of my neighbours was also heading for the little mosque so we caught up since I haven't seen her for a while, chatted to other visitors from Turkey and Sweden on out way there and it was just about to kick off.  I normally try to get there a little late but in this instance I think everybody did and the hojja was waiting for us all before he sang to an audience of maybe one.

The food had already been prepared and was wrapped in blankets to keep it warm and it reminded me of a giant tortoise...all it needed was a face but I wouldn't have dared.  I took off my shoes and went inside and it was heaving but they offered me a stool which I refused....I joined the body of the 'kirk' on the floor with the rest of the babas and had nods and greetings from most of the assembly.  I know I'm not of their faith but there great power is my great power and I used the opportunity for a time of reflection and solace in a very safe atmosphere.  The two hojjas sing out their prayers and despite the fact that I know some of the chants...I don't say or mouth them since I don't understand them but I get the gist.  Clove flavoured water comes round with a serviette, you get the toilet water hand wash splashed on your hands, a few more prayers and the biscuit, yogurt drink and rice is served and you start to eat. The chanting starts again which is a blessing on the food and then it's a matter of finishing the food and out you go.  My tractor lads appeared but this time in a car to collect their grandmother, I chatted to more of the assembled and was forced into taking a bag of rice home with me for this evening.  You have to...can't leave without it.

Home for one and this afternoon had been very much a day of relaxing.  I got my head down for an hour or so, played a few games on the Kindle, read for a while as the wind rattled and blew the flower pots everywhere.  The washing hung on there and I gathered it in at about six thirty, watered the garden early, watched the sun go down and at least the wind has dropped.  

Nothing more to do tonight....out for lunch tomorrow but not at Mrs D or S's until elevenish to pick her up and then off to Hotel Romantica...one we've not tried at lunchtime before.  I've done the evening meal there but not with the pool going.  There are a few clouds in the sky tonight...they come but they drop nothing.....we need rain but only at night....   LN....I'm finished for tonight...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 28, 2016, 5:59pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 28th August

Six thirty start and just managed to catch the morning from my bedroom balcony.  Watered the garden again this morning just to make sure despite the fact that the rain clouds seemed to be gathering but despite crossed fingers, the clouds dissipated and it turned into a beautiful day once the wind had warmed up.  We seem to be blighted by it at the moment...every day the same.

So breakfast of fried tomatoes on toast and this time decided to skin them before I cooked them but there was lots of water in them.  They were gifted by my student's sister...they seem to have them coming out of their ears.  So cleared the kitchen, out with the hoover since I might have visitors later this afternoon if it can be arranged.  I think my students want to bring their grandfather over for a visit to give him something to talk about when he goes back to Turkey.

Over to Mr's D of S's at the designated hour and we headed for the restaurant and it was new ground for her and the Librarian.  I'd been there a couple of times before but not at lunchtime.  Food was really good...we ordered a Greek salad, cheesy chips, I had a mixed grill which was huge, one other mixed grill and a chicken fillet.  Soft drinks to wash it down and it was half way through the meal when the sun finally came out.  There were a couple of brave children but they didn't stay in the water long and one more family made it to the inside pool where they appeared to stay much longer.  They have the right idea.

Home for four this afternoon and head down for an hour or so.  I came up to watch Filmon but it was all repeats so ended up watching a You Tube of Mrs Brown's Boys and I just find the ad libs very amusing.  It's a wonder they get to finish and episode.  So nine my time...I didn't have guests but maybe one night this week after they have finished work.  The grandfather is such a super character and I would love him to come out here.  Just a few photos of the restaurant.  LN....Enjoyable Sunday.... LN

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Elsa Peters
August 29, 2016, 4:53pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 29th August

Sun came up, coffee on the terrace enjoying the warmth of the morning and got my Sudoku book out and knocked out a couple of easy ones and one difficult one but then I thought it was time that I got going and watered the garden.  That's when it all went wrong.  The new tap connectors were leaking so I looked in my box of bits and found a new one but as I pulled the hose down the garden, the other end of the hose connected to the tap came free and I gave it up as a bad job.  Now I've struggled needlessly this summer because my hose wasn't long enough to get to the bottom of the garden and the shops in Djebel has never had the right size hose to connect to my existing.  In sheer frustration I decided to head into Djebel despite the fact that it was market day and there would be lots of visitors from Turkey there, I got changed and headed in.

As I thought. Djebel was heaving so I headed firstly to the market and they didn't have the right diameter hose. I had a chat with my favourite restaurant lady outside her new clothes shop, walked round to one of the other hardware shops and they didn't have it either so back to my usual shop and they had it and I could buy it by the meter.  They measured one reel that they had and it was twenty three meters so it was purchased, I thought I'd bought the right connectors...I wanted one that I could connect the two and then disconnect them when I didn't need the length but they sold me one that is a permanent connector...

Too busy to stay around so I jumped in the Beast and headed back and found myself behind on of the heavily loaded small trucks that they use for scooting hay round the country.  These are always loaded to the gunnels and really look top heavy and overtaking wasn't on the cards so I followed it and fortunately it carried on as I turned off for my village.  I unloaded my purchases when I got home and it was at this point that I realised that it was the wrong connector so it's still sitting on the outside table...I lost interest at that point but finished watering the garden anyway.  Ironically there were a few raindrops as I was juggling 'stuff' but it came to nothing and the clouds carried on towards Turkey and looking at my friends FB pages...it's poured down there.  

Afternoon nap and nothing much done.  I've finished one book and I started the last in the series so I'll be looking for another.  Lovely sunset and those clouds ought to be offering a downpour but nothing doing...LN....I'm kitchen bound to find something interesting...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 30, 2016, 5:32pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 30th August

Funny old night and a five thirty start to the day so I read for a while.  I made my coffee and went outside, the air was chill but there wasn't any wind this morning and I waited peacefully for the sun to come up.  I noticed that the crescent moon was still out...it amazes me...I don't think I noticed it as much before as I do here.  I think it's having the big windows and following its path through the month.  I feel I'm more in touch with nature here.  Up it came and it didn't let me down and I looked at the sunflowers and it was almost as if they were waiting in salutation for an audience with their maker.  They're beautiful flowers and this year I've got the pick of the crop in all variants and I'm still not sure how that happened.  I don't remember planting them there but hey...same next year please.

I was straight to it this morning....First job was trying to find connectors for the garden hose and it is done and I wonder why I didn't spend the money sooner.  I watered the garden and then out with the wheelbarrow, I was determined to move the rest of the shite and distribute it over the garden and all is safely gathered in. The last load is sitting in the wheelbarrow awaiting distribution.  The veg garden is done as are most of the flower beds and I've saved the last load for the long wall.  I came in at ten thirty and had poached eggs on toast to keep my energy up, came in again at one, head down until three and then back out and I came in finally at seven thirty and I'm knacked.

The boiler is on for an early bath and I want to linger...where's the Radox when you need it?  I don't think it's made its way over here yet.  Two visits from neighbours today and don't you just love it when you're on the wrong end of a shovel with a half full wheelbarrow and they ask you what are you doing....He mentioned my well and asked why it wasn't in use and it's all down to the fact that the old man who lived next door some of the time and in mine before I bought it had thrown lots of rubbish down it so we've arranged that he will clean it out when hge comes back from Turkey.  The second one was asking if I had any friends that wanted to buy houses in the next village. He offered to wheel my barrow in but I think he wanted to look a little closer at the alterations to the house but I wasn't in the mood for conducted tours.  

Garden finishing tomorrow and it looks like I'll have to water again.  I could have counted the raindrops that fell this afternoon, I did the rain dance but obviously not to the rain god's liking and then it went over and the sun said goodnight to my sunflowers.  No supper...the eggs did their stuff and filled me up and I've had lots of water today...it's been a hot one.  I'm off for my bath...LN...Leisurely gardening day tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 31, 2016, 4:00pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 31st August

So the last day of August and now I really feel that we’re on the way to October and winter.  Yes I know that we have September in the middle but that’s an activity month in BG.  Getting in and storing winter wood while it’s still dry and boy will it be dry this year…we’ve had eleven or twelve weeks without rain and does my garden know about it….It’s parched and hard.

So as for today…I was up before the sun but that’s getting later each day as you know.  I took a video of the sunrise instead of photographing it but it didn’t turn out as I’d planned so I didn’t post it to FB.  The red of the morning didn’t really show and it appeared mediocre which it wasn’t.  Coffee and watering the garden took me until seven thirty.  I made more coffee and sat on the terrace with my Sudoku book choosing the easy ones and then I heard my gate latch go…who needs a burglar alarm.  I thought it was my painter since he’s been spotted in Djebel yesterday but it was Gouldjan.  She’d got a photograph that she wanted to send by a particular program and her internet would not let her access it on her phone so she was looking for a connection to mine.  Apparently she’s booked her honeymoon in Kushadasi in Turkey but she hasn’t managed to get the documents sorted yet for the registry office sorted or the compulsory blood tests organised before they can get wed.  As for the outfit for her wedding…that’s still sitting in a shop…somewhere….bless her.

She left at almost ten so I was late getting washed and breakfasting…scrambled eggs on toast for me and then it’s been all downhill after that.  The weather has been thundery but without any thunder, I had my sleep this afternoon, potted up a few cuttings but that’s been the height of my activity for today.  I’m taking her in to Kardjali on Saturday to get some jobs done so we could be shopping for that dress and I need an introduction to the agency she used for the holiday….really useful to have details just in case.  

So there won’t be any dramatic picture of the sunset tonight.  There are dark clouds to the west.  Nothing on my horizon until Saturday now that I’ve made the arrangement with Gouldjan….I don’t really need anything before then…..LN..The evening and my book beckons…LN

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