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Elsa Peters
August 1, 2016, 4:30pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 1st August

So here we go again...a new month and where did the last one go?  August, September and then into countdown to preparation for winter.  Wood to be order, cut and stacked and work to start on the little house.  I only hope it cools down somewhat....two hours each day to water the garden is getting too much and I'm still having to rescue plants with water bottles upended.

The sun was really up when I got started this morning.  I didn't have breakfast and I was on the computer at about nine this morning when Emula, one of the lads from the village told me that there was a Mevlit. or offerings in the little mosque at  ten thirty organised by his guest who is on holiday from Sweden.   Now I don't understand the prayers but the village gather there, men in the one room with the hojjas who do the singing and the women in the other two rooms.  There are more women that men in my village.  I think it's a time for the women to come together and twice one of the men came out and asked them to keep it quiet.  I like going there.  I put my headscarf on out of respect the same way that I would put one on if I went into any denomination church in Europe, sit on the floor with the rest of them, close my eyes and go off into my own little world.  I know the pertinent bits now where they all join in the chorus but I don't....only in my head....but I do enjoy the ambience.  There was one little hiccup where one of the ladies came round with some cologne that unfortunately made some people start to cough, it was so strong so the rose water was handed out to follow which completely hid my Samsara...ah well...

Just after twelve we rounded off with a few Ameens, all settled down to rice and meat, a yogurt drink and a prepacked piece of cake, a few more Ameens to say thanks for the food and I was home, carrying more rice for later by about one.  Too hot to be doing anything, too hot to be outside so it was on to the sofa for a read, a sleep and I moved outside onto the sunbed at five to catch the last of the sun.....with my book.  I'm now on to book five of the vampire tales and I'm quite liking the main character so I'll stick with it.  No photos today....I think it would be rude to take them in the mosque....it's a private time for most of the people.

Gentle day tomorrow...over to the Librarian's for tomorrow night via Mrs D of S and I might just happen to have my swimsuit with me to test the water....and a day out is planned for Wednesday and I shall have the camera with me.  Rice for supper, well the meat out of it anyway.  The garden has been watered early....LN...My work is done...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 1, 2016, 5:53pm Report to Moderator

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And a late sunset

Attachment: another_lovely_sunset_8277.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 2, 2016, 7:14pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 2nd August

So the sun wasn't up this morning when I was...I beat it but it wasn't a truly spectacular occasion.  There wasn't much red in the sky and it was yellow when it came up.  I concentrated on the garden this morning...I was digging up shrubs, putting grass cuttings in the bottom of the holes and applying bottles upside down next to them so that I can get the water to the roots.  That should sort them out.  I went back to the hole that I'd dug at the bottom of the garden but on a closer inspection, I reckon I have hit bedrock so I'm looking for another place to dig a hole.  

I cleared out the rubbish from the house and had a bonfire but this time in the metal half barrel...it's far too dangerous to try it  in the burning pit. One load of washing done and hung out and by one I was inside, had finished with the garden and I took to the sunbed with my book but in the shade.  No sleep for me today, I had a shower and washed my hair and got out the bowl to soak my feet, take the old nail varnish off and clean out all of the soil that accumulates when you are using gardening clogs and playing mud pies to protect your plants.  Unfortunately, I'd damaged my toe nail and hadn't noticed how badly until I removed the varnish, half of the nail came away which quite turned my stomach....now I only have half a nail.

So packed up swimming gear and overnight clothes and headed for the Librarians at about five thirty.  I'd watered the garden before I  left but I  really didn't need to bother....I stopped off at Mrs D of S's to drop off some wadding which should amuse my Princess, had coffee with them and got to the Librarians for seven thirty.  They'd already eaten so I gorged on sausage rolls, met the new family members and we sat outside chewing over the fat so to speak.  Just after ten my time and there are no photos tonight.  Tomorrow we are off to Greece in the Beast and heading for the sea and sand so there will be photos tomorrow.  I'm signing off....my company is requested outside....more sausage rolls...LN  And camera on charge for tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 3, 2016, 6:06pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 3rd August

Well the camera on charge was forgotten.  The little one's battery was flat as you like and the big one was still at home when I got back tonight.  I went out in such a rush yesterday afternoon...but I did remember everything else.

Disturbed night at the Librarians.  There was a fly in the room so I was sitting up in bed with the fly swat at two this morning, a new little dog that is a sweet little thing but obviously not yet trained decided that she was going to raise hell and bark and howl about four and then the mosque struck up at five.  I was out having a coffee with the Librarian by six fifteen and eventually the rest of the house came too and we did manage to set off at nine thirty for Greece.  Now I'd not bothered with maps and as far as I was concerned I was the chauffeur and it came to pass....We got over the border OK and all passports were looked at and handed back but the Greek contingent and it was a really quick process.  Having said that we found the first town OK and it was down hill from there.  It would have helped if we knew where we were heading and after a little heated discussion, I turned the car round and headed back for a beach that I knew.  It was accepted well, maybe we should have made that our objective from the start but all's well that end's well.  

Surprisingly the beach was empty for August.  I'd been told to expect it to be heaving and full of Bulgarians but there was a few Greeks there and that was it.  We found a deserted beach umbrella, unpacked our stuff, swam, had lunch, swam again and had pizza for a five o'clock meal before we made tracks.  Fanare to the Librarians's house, one hour twenty...not bad at all and that was with a slight delay at the border crossing.  We shall be doing it again....

So family dropped off and returned to find my camera on the sofa so those taken were with the phone and you really couldn't see what you were taking.  I'll have to fiddle with the settings to see if I can get it to behave itself but I'm not holding out much hope.  Not much good in the sun,  Request for a supper date for Friday that I shall accept, tomorrow is a tidy day and gardening day and tonight is a chat with our maker to see if we can have some rain.  I'm going to post...I've feeling zonked after driving for three hours...I'm really not used to it.  I do love a day at the beach though, you have that sun tiredness...it must be the ozone.  LN...I'm off to relax...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 4, 2016, 6:20pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 4th August

I've found the secret to a really good night's sleep with no memory of waking even for an instant.  Drive for three hours down to Greece and spend the day swimming and lazing in the sun.  I slept really well until six thirty this morning and very relaxed.  I went out and watered the essentials but wanted to see how the shrubs would fare if I watered them every two days but gave them double the quantity,  What I want is water at the roots so that they don't start to grow surface roots that shrivel in the hot sun.  They were OK but this evening everything had a good soaking.

As for the rest of the day...I've got a spiraea set up on bottle feeding and I'm hoping it does the trick.  There were a few white roots left so now they are sunk in grass trimmings and mud to see how they get on.  Tidied out the swimming gear and one load of washing done.  It was almost dry before I'd finished hanging it out...the ups and downs of hot summer living.

At twelve I was lying on the sofa with the Kindle and that's where I stayed until the hunger bug got me and it was toast and a sort of local corned beef followed by two lots of ice cream....played a few games but managed to stay awake.  Perhaps that's the other secret to having a good night's sleep.  Six o'clock and it was water the garden time....and I noticed that the only casualty seemed to be a gladioli that had the flower head drooping.  New bulbs and the first time that they've flowered so it had an extra dousing and I'll check it tomorrow morning.  In by eight and watched Eggheads....no supper necessary...the heat keeps the hunger at bay when you've had a good lunch.  

The sunset seemed to be full of promise but there was no dramatic sky this evening.  It did show the promise of a few rain clouds but I've been caught like that before.  Live in hope...we could do with it.  There's an exodus of new and old friends over the next couple of days and it's got me into looking at flights...my feet get itchy.  LN....Kindle and bed...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 5, 2016, 8:16pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 5th August

Now that sunrise this morning was disappointing...I expected a big red ball and got yellow right from the off.  Boy has it been hot today though and I thing I've slept through a lot of it.

I was pretty active and so were the bee eaters.  Firstly they were flying high and then decided that the electricity cables were the place to be and they finally settled on my tall cherry tree.  They are such beautiful birds when you catch them in full flight and the sun shines on their wings but it's catching them.  Down to the bread van for a fresh loaf and a cheesy bread for breakfast.  My Avatar's daughter is up from Turkey for a few days and they were in the garden making green tomato, pepper and garlic turcia or a light pickle...very industrious for just after eight.  I watched them for a while when I'd got the bread, she gave me another pot of her home-made yogurt and I settled on my terrace with a fresh coffee and the cheesy bread...breakfast.  I washed up and generally tidied round, put a couple of blankets in to wash, sorted the plants out that needed that extra water but thought I'd save the main watering for night-time.  Not sure it's going to work though...there were a few bending over tonight so it might be morning and night for the next few weeks looking at the weather forecast.

Settled in with the Kindle on the sunbed and face down to get some colour onto the back of my legs.  With the Beast parked in the drive it really cuts off the view from the road to the terrace so I was well hidden.  I was out there until just after one but it really was too hot and my eyes lids were heading southwards.  I was still reading the Kindle with my eyes closed and carrying on with the story....and checking with my friends...this is not a new occurrence.

Back on to the sofa and checked emails etc and played a few games.  Showered and washed my hair to get ready to visit my student for supper and realised that I still had to water the garden before I left.  Finished it by five thirty, hair dried, quickly got some clothes on and was at their house by six ten....not bad going.  They were just about to serve supper when they had guests descend on them, a cousin from Sweden and his family.  They joined us for supper and didn't leave until ten fifteen so I had to wait for them to leave before I could get my car out.

Uneventful journey back.....but obviously this posting is late.  We've made plans for a day visit to Greece with the Beast and Turkey by autobus from Djebel since it goes every Friday.  Plans are made but no dates attached to date.  LN....I need to get my head down...LN

Attachment: its_on_its_way_6971.jpg
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Attachment: and_here_we_go_4025.jpg
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Attachment: bee_eaters_are_out_280.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 6, 2016, 5:35pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 6th August

Another five thirty start and caught the sun and by jingo, it was huge and red this morning.  I was out to the garden for my customary review of the estate.  Book, coffee and I decided not to water as part of my experiment to see whether I can get away with once a day but with the temperature going up as high as it did today, I don’t think it’s on.  I’ve left the hose on the big forsythia on the frog garden,,,it was looking very sad.

So today it’s been a very gentle day.  I was listening to the News/Olympic catch up, Friday’s Sudoku beckoned and breakfast of beans on toast didn’t happen until ten thirty.  I was tempted with a visit to Kardjali but it’s now moved to Monday with Mrs D of S.  Book out and yet again…it was much too hot to be out and about and working in the garden or lying on the sunbed.  Of course you know what’s coming next…sleep and I was out until four this afternoon.

Up I went to catch the road race on Filmon and the BBC is blocked due to restriction rights….that’s me stuffed then.  Maybe I’ve got to invest in proper television and pay for it….nah…I don’t watch that much.  I’ll wait for the morning catch-up.  I had visitors this afternoon and unannounced.  One lady from Ankara visiting her mother in the next village and her cousin who lives in Holland.  They’ve knows that an English person lives in the village and decided to introduce themselves and give the house the once over.  I think they intend to renovate the mother’s house and are looking for ideas.

So watered the garden tonight and gave it a really good soaking as part of my experiment…..I’m bound for the kitchen….I need to decided on something for supper even though there’s not much enthusiasm there….it’s still very warm.  Nothing on the agenda for tomorrow…LN...another gentle day I think…LN

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Elsa Peters
August 7, 2016, 5:15pm Report to Moderator

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Sunday 7th August

Five thirty start and I just beat the man from the mosque.  I know I've complained about him before but he really does love his voice.  I wished I could say the same but the cats and dogs really love him and blast away with him.  I'll record it in the morning if I make it up in time....it would almost be one for You Tube....but instead I'll put it on FB.  

So coffee, garden, watering, internet and breakfast from the bread van although it didn't go down too well.  I have the feeling that it was yesterdays since I believe they don't do fresh on a Sunday but it filled the gap.  I was determined to do 'something' today so that I could see that I had achieved something and I did.  The bench that holds the outdoor sink has been painted to match the other one and I've swept up the leaves from the garage and on the terrace.  I had to make a journey into Djebel....when I removed the sink from the bench I noticed that the drain pipe had split so it's now replaced.  I also got more paint so that I can do the door screen before winter sets in and the pallet shelf that I made...so pat on the back for me....   That took me until one and with the temperature rising it was batten down the hatches and get set on the sofa with the book.

Early supper for me.  At three I put potatoes, onions and chicken wings into the oven and by the time I'd read a few chapters and turned the wings a few times, it was ready for five and munched by five thirty.  I played around on the internet for a while, posted a couple of photos of birds attacking my sunflowers and taking next years seeds.  I better get a few heads off, the sunflowers that is and not the birds, and hang them up to dry.  Not had an update on the Olympics.....I'm finding it hard to catch the news since live is banned on Filmon.  Garden is watered and my work is done for today.  LN...Kardjali tomorrow....LN

Attachment: difficult_to_spotupside_down_at_the_top_8216.jpg
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Attachment: baby_stretching_its_wings_4808.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 8, 2016, 4:15pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 8th August

Well I missed that man and his dogs and cats this morning…it was six thirty when I woke up and opening the curtains I had to rush up and get the camera.  It was that big red thing in the sky again that had to be captured …and it was.  I did sit out and watch the chaffinches on my sunflowers and I noticed that when I threw out the stale bread yesterday one big chunk had lodged in the fork of the acacia and all I could hear was a crunch, crunch or chip, chip….after all it was double baked….once in the oven and secondly in yesterday’s high temperature.  I sat and enjoyed the morning and there was a bit of a wind blowing so it was pleasant out there.  There was also a cat that I hadn't seen before and he was very interested in something in the grass.  Eventually I moved inside and on to the computer trying to find out how we had done in the Olympics so far and congrats to our first gold and silver in the swimming.

Washed and boots blacked and Mrs D of S was here more or less on time.  We sat out and drank coffee until it was time to leave.  She had an appointment at 12.10 which we assumed would be late since this is BG but she wasn’t kept waiting….a first for anything.  We did a little bit of shopping but were restricted…all the cash points in Kardjali appeared to be empty and we couldn’t get any money out.  Fortunately we had enough between us and left no debts behind. We had pizza for lunch at one of our little street restaurants for no money virtually and home for three thirty.  We both asked ourselves where the day went.….Five minutes on the terrace before I sent her on her way…I’ve mentioned going over to one of the swimming pools and getting there early before the diving and jumping children arrive.  Unfortunately thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow and again we’ll wait and see.

Sun’s gone down and I missed it….out to water the garden and if there are thunderstorms tomorrow…We’re both praying for rain but we need lots of it to get down to the roots….down on your knees with us.  No supper required…those pizza are well worth having.  LN…Garden and hose pipe call….LN

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Elsa Peters
August 9, 2016, 6:31pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 9th August

Really stupid night last night.  Haciber's son was partying with his cousins from Sweden until after the bewitching hour and it took the sleep out of me.  I read until about one but by four I was awake again so back to my book, lights out around five thirty but was still up and at 'em by six thirty.  Out on to the terrace with coffee and Kindle, watched and photographed some of the morning especially the noisy baby chaffinches and by seven I was ready to assemble the shelving unit that I'd bought from Kaufland yesterday.  I lay it on the terrace, opened up the box to find that all the wood was there but no screw and Allan key despite demonstrating it on the one page literature.  Gutted.  This meant a trip to Kaufland to complain and they're not the easiest to resolve issues.  Stripped the bed and two loads of washing out before the morning had actually begun.

Bacon, eggs and mushrooms for breakfast and then I took the courgettes that were gifted yesterday over to my Avatar.  She invited me in, the daughter has arrived from Turkey for a holiday and they must have purchased a calf yesterday and it was cut up waiting for final butchering.  She got out the knife and sliced me some off, I'm not sure which bit it came from but I don't think they did either.  The intention was to bottle it and the daughter is taking it back to Turkey.  It was going to be a busy day for them.

At eleven I headed for Kardjali, left the said wooden artefact in the car and headed to reception with my receipt and the destructions indicating what was missing.  I explained the problem, the girl kicked off at twenty to the dozen in Bulgarian and I said that if she spoke slowly we wouldn't have a problem.  She asked me to go and get another one from the unit which I did and I wanted to open it up and take the screws out of it.  Instead she refused to let me open it so I went back to the car and brought in the badly packaged one and stuck it on the counter.  She took it from me and in front of her I opened up the new one and showed her that the screws and key were included in this one, I put them in my bag and left her to her own devices.  Such helpful souls.

Over to my cheapy shop and a cushion that I'd seen yesterday was still there and the girl said that it was waiting for me.  One day later...half price.  I finished off in Lidl to top up with fizzy water, stuck some diesel in the Beast and made my way home up the dirt road.  Unpacked the shopping, cream cheese and toasty biscuits for lunch, out with the book and slept for a couple of hours.  Woke up and realised that the sky was a little cloudy and there was a rumble of thunder, I quickly got the washing in and made the bed up for tonight and then down came the rain.  What a welcome sight and I was considering a rain dance to prolong it but to no avail.  Very short lived but at least it cleared the air.  It still meant that I have had to water the garden...it didn't touch the sides so to speak.  

Nine thirty my time and there's just been a flash of lightening so we might have more rain overnight....fingers crossed.  LN....I'm going to try to catch up on the Olympic medal table...LN

Attachment: baby_left_alone_993.jpg
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Attachment: getting_the_hang_of_it_1423.jpg
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Attachment: present_from_avatar_5610.jpg
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Attachment: we_have_rain_3212.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 10, 2016, 6:22pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 10th August

Better night but not ideal....it was just too hot last night and very humid.  The thunder and lightening didn't amount to much as as for the rain...a sprinkle but in big drops but not for long enough.

Six o'clock start and I've just noticed that the sunrise is getting later and the sunset is moving round again.  You know it happens but sometimes things don't register.  I was out with the hose and the matches this morning and both jobs finished by eight.  Down to the bread van by eight ten and I noticed that Avatar had a huge pile of old polythene by a oil drum in the middle of her garden.  Later on her daughter was burning it and creating quite a stink but there again.....nobody dumps it anymore on the waste ground on the garden next to my house.  In the garden for my cheesy bread and extras coffee and just chilled for about an hour with the camera by my side but not much happening in the garden.  I saw blue tits and a couple of wrens, the chaffinches left my sunflowers alone because I was out there and the woodpeckers flew over but didn't stop.  Just had a power cut and thought I'd lost everything...Thank you Google for restoring it....the pickies can wait, it might go off again and maybe not so lucky...LN....torches at the ready...LN

I did set to on the hole that I'd dug at the bottom of the garden, put some more leaves in it and loads of water and dug it even more so that I could plant out of of the conifers that appears to be suffering.  You buy them in such small pots and try to do your best for them but I think it's got more chance in a big hole where the temperature is better for the roots.  A second one went into a large pot and the other two get done tomorrow.  I came in at one and settled down with tuna, mayo and beetroot followed by two lots of ice cream.  I did think it was overkill but there again I've finished for the day....too hot to eat.  The Kindle was next and I'm on to the next in the series and I read until I realised that my eyes were closed yet I was still reading so I got up, washed up and tidied the kitchen from lunch and then settled down properly for my afternoon nap.  Two hours on the sofa, onto the computer, was intending to put the new wooden thingy up but it just didn't happen.  I watched a couple of antique programmes on Filmon but it's really bugging me that they are blanking out the BBC and then they don't get their timings right.  

Garden watered and now watching Eggheads and then shower and bed.  Just had a power cut and thank you Google asking if I wanted to restore what I was working on so I did.  I'm going to post and the pickies can wait....LN...Out to sort out a torch and tee lights...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 10, 2016, 6:43pm Report to Moderator

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Morning and night and a bit in between

Attachment: first_light_7130.jpg
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Attachment: and_brighter_1247.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Thursday 11th August

Really good night and woke up with a lift in my step.  It didn't last long...I went out with my coffee, sat on terrace and watched the world.  There was a woodpecker out but not pecking...he was ground feeding and then going back to the tree to survey the area and then back down again.  I think there are so many bugs in the dry grass that why waste the effort of head banging...   There was a solitary bee eater that seems to have lost his buddies but he didn't stay around for long.  I headed down the bottom of the garden to check out on the conifer that I put in yesterday and the ground was still very damp so I thought I'd leave it to it's own devices,  The buddleia again is looking good with new shoots on it already.

Breakfast was fried tomatoes on toast and it set me up for the day well until lunchtime at least.  Achievements for the day...I read several chapters of my book, tried to get information on the Olympics from the Internet which proved very difficult and put up my new wooden thingy.  It should have been easy.... but there was a knack to it which I eventually got.  I'd put the top piece in first, which was a mistake, so those screws had to be removed, the shelves had to be fitted next and finally the top four screws tightened. And now it's up I'm not sure what I want to do with it....it might be a surprise present for someone....

Crisps and ice cream for lunch...not ideal but adequate and settled down for my afternoon nap.  Back to the garden and the hose pipe and finished watering by seven making sure that everything got a good soaking.  Evening Filmon but having to negotiate the blanked out service...they've moved my Eggheads...how very dare they.  LN...I'm going to sort out my evening...LN

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Attachment: new_wooden_shelving_9960.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Friday 12th August

Different sort of sunrise...there was not the normal pinky blue hue to it but is still came up like a glowing ball in the sky.  I haven't mentioned this for a while but imagine how the Egyptians felt when they worshipped it and watched it's rise and fall every day.

Out on to the terrace and the air was chill which made a pleasant change.  I didn't water the garden....I sort of swamped it last night and with how the day has worked out...I didn't need to.  The internet was playing up this morning and I spend a while trying to sort it.  I left it and had tomatoes on toast for breakfast and at nine thirty Haciber was knocking on the door and delivering a filled croissant, a very sweet tasting treat and a bottle of yogurt drink.  Apparently one of the newbies returning to the village either for holiday or home building was having a 'mevlit' or thanks giving ceremony so lunch was sorted.  A little gentle tidy round and then I decided to cut the hedge since the internet was still having its own way.  

Armed with the brushwood cutters I headed down the garden but it was so slow that I thought I'd bring other equipment into play.  Earlier in the year I'd bought a decent electric hedge trimmer from Lidl and I'd never got round to using it.  I'd been told it was very heavy and had been putting it off but nothing ventured nothing gained.  I unreeled my seventy five meters of cable, connected it up and I was away.  It did get precarious when I brought the metal steps into play balancing them up against the hedge and wielding the said piece of equipment but most of it is done,  Fortunately the wind was blowing in my direction which meant that the tall branches were blowing towards me but eventually I left a few of them....at my age it had got unsafe and the girl done good...so to speak.  I scooped most of it up and lobbed it over the wall for the sheep...give them something green to nibble on.  I came back into the house and nibbled on the goodies that Haciber had brought round...that was my lunch.

I played around a little more with the internet and originally put it down to the provider but as it happened...I think it was a cable coming loose my end or just an amalgamation of different occurrences.  I was eventually up and running around two thirty and I'd already got washed and into town clothes to go and complain to the powers that be.  All change...I didn't have to go out.

I spent the afternoon catching up on emails and FB and investigating an alternative to Filmon to catch the rest of the Olympics since they're doing such a good job of blocking it.  Using a contact I was getting ready to order the 'box' but unfortunately there was a five to seven day delivery on it which would have meant the end of the Olympics so not worth the investment.  I really don't like to watch it for the usual rubbish.  Sorry not many pickies today.  I failed to take pictures of the hedge since it came over pretty cold and I was heading into town and at one point it looked like rain.  I think I could have counted the number of drops that actually fell...and then it went again.  I toyed with the idea of lighting a fire but put a sweater on instead and once the doors were closed the temperature started going up as the walls released it into the air.  Final hedge trimming tomorrow to neaten it up....and now for supper....I'm sure I'll be able to find something.  LN...I'm a computer engineer and chief gardener...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Saturday 13th August

Six start and beat the sun this morning not that it was much competition.  It was here and then it was gone and was it cold outside....the sweater came out, I went out and then came in again pretty sharpish.  There was a definite chill in the air which after the last heat wave is a surprise to the system.  I went out and watered a few of the favourites but thought the rest could wait until tonight and it's a job to be done after I've posted this.

So I caught up on the Olympics and well done to the cycling and rowing teams.  At the tender age of nineteen my then boyfriend used to race with the likes of Hugh Porter and I got to follow one of the clubs in Wolverhampton.  We lost touch after about a year but I still follow the sport.  At eight I was looking at the day and as social secretary I was thinking that going out for lunch would be a good idea so I made the phone calls.  All delegates accepted so I left home at ten thirty to pick up Mrs. D of S and then on to the Librarian's village, over to her biggest town for a little shopping and a mouch and over to our normal swimming venue for about one.  It was still a little cool but we sat under and umbrella with our cardies on just to keep the wind out and fortunately we just hit the restaurant at the right time.  A party of twelve arrived just after we'd placed our order...good timing.  

The restaurant was very busy and as we were leaving a stag party was just arriving.  We reckon that some of them must have worked in Europe and seen the antics of the English....a stag party for a Bulgarian is not normal.  They were all wearing the same tee-shirts...vary formal and fortunately the pool was cordoned off and out of action otherwise he might have thought it was a baptism.   As you can see from the pickies, the weather cheered up considerably and there was a little foal that was determined to have a mad half hour and belt around the land between the lake and the lodges to the amusement of the visitors.  It's a lovey spot for lunch and the food is good and really very reasonable at just over twenty lev for the three of us and that included drinks.  Try that in the UK...

So everyone dropped off and I was home for three thirty.  It's still not warmed up out there yet even though the sun is out...it's a northerly wind so it's sweater on for the watering.  Sudoku was finished after the third attempt...Saturday is one of the killer ones with guess work needed to achieve a successful outcome and I obviously guessed wrongly a couple of times.  No supper....I might indulge in a little ice-cream later...we'll see.  LN...Out to the garden...LN

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Sunday 14th August

So six start, normal routine of coffee, catching up on last night's overnight Olympic results and commiserating with Jessica....but pleased for Mo.  Caught upon the news and my thoughts go out to the Louisiana flood victims.  I had my house flooded once when a dew pond went...takes ages to get rid of the smell but at least the garden had a new layer of top soil.  I  didn't bother watering...there was still evidence of last night's dousing but it will need to be done tonight.

It's been a good day.....I haven't done much after all it's Sunday.  I used up the tomatoes and had them on toast for breakfast and settled in managing the Daily Mail five star sudoku in ten minutes....result.  It was sunny but breezy but I took to may bedroom balcony on the sun chair, took the key out of the door so that I wouldn't be bothered and it was on with the bikini but well out of sight.  I took the Kindle outside and read for a while and then promptly carried on reading the inside of my eyeballs for about an hour.  I enjoyed the relaxation, the sun and the air.  I never seem to tire of the view...my mountains, the Greek mountains and sheep.  Came in and got changed and walked the garden and looked at the different flowers that I have despite the drought.  The bottle brush seems to be thriving on the house martin's droppings that I scoop up and put on top of the soil...it's come into its second flowering and I have a late flowering spiraea.  The highly perfumed petunias are splendid as are the geraniums and really mix with the lavender to flood the terrace.

Thinking about supper and what's in the freezer and I'm sure I'll find something.  Might be a trip to Djebel tomorrow...it's market day and I haven't put in an appearance for ages.  Kitchen and garden call...LN...First work of the day...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Monday 15th August

Seven thirty this morning and I think the late start was all down to the late supper of two turkey escalopes on four slices of bread, a late bath and watching television trying to wee the results of the Andy Murray match which I didn't manage to do.  Even my sunburn didn't keep me awake but I do look rather like a Neapolitan ice-cream around the middle so it was no sun today.

Poached eggs on toast for breakfast and lots of coffee.  After such a heavy sleep you need it to wake up.  I walked the garden, did a load of washing and it's still out now where it should be folded and put away.  There's no danger of it getting damp here...it's a lovely sunny night and it's been hot, hot, hot all day apart from a pretty strong wind that's been blowing, so that watering is really necessary tonight.  I haven't done much today and the camera hasn't been out at all.  I'm still basking in the delight of the fabulous medal collection from yesterday...whatever colour they are and today still seems to be a continuation. I did have an afternoon siesta and a double portion of caramel ice-cream when I woke up...you have to keep hydrated in these temperatures.

Tomorrow I'm going in to Kardjali for no other reason that I want to.  I might just happen to take a swimsuit and towel with me and find a pool  ....it's going to be another hot one.  It needs to be a pool with shade though and one that doesn't have too many of the locals there...hence the Kardjali angle.  So supper is in the fridge and is likely to stay there..too much effort to cook and even more effort to eat it...I'll stay with the water.   I changed my mind...I caught the sun as it had gone down colouring the mountains...worth capturing and now... LN....Off to do my jobs for the evening...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 16th August

Seven thirty this morning..but at five or thereabouts I needed another blanket and was too idle to get out and get one.  I was back to sleep in quicksticks after snuggling down and fluffing up the duvet but could this be the new trend?  Coffee, Olympic catch up, no breakfast, the mood didn't hit me and it was a bit of a lazy morning.  It was promising to be a really hot one today so I packed up the pool back when at last I'd decided which to wear.  Having lost some weight, the bikinis need encouragement to stay put so out came one of my swimsuits but as it worked out......decisions, decisions all in vain....I never made it to the pool.  

I set off for Kardjali at about eleven thirty and used the back lane down to the Greek highway which should really be called death and destruction alley.  The amount of cars that overtake where they're not supposed to especially on left turns which have the arrows for the turn and then the double which lines on it.  One Greek buddy almost got caught but managed to see the police car just in time otherwise he would have been a goner. I wouldn't mind but I wasn't hanging around...with this new engine I cruise without any effort between sixty and seventy and it still has poke to overtake.  This road actually wants more of the police just sitting there.  Anyway got there safely.  Over to my cheapy shop and picked up a pair of black linen long shorts for a leva which is about fifty pence at today's going rate, down the road to the Leva shop and bought some small jars for storing my seeds ready for next year and a wind chime as a present which has just been delivered to my Avatar's daughter.  She happened to mention that she thought it was attractive and now she has one and it's on its way to Turkey tomorrow.  Stopped for a pizza and iran at one of the little street restaurants that we use and had a fight with the yogurt drink as I tried to remove the top to put the straw in.  I ended up wearing most of it.  Over to Lidl to pick up some Worcestershire sauce which was part of the 'English' week and as for the swimming....I drove past the junction and decided that I was still too pink from my last day in the sun so a few more days without wouldn't hurt.  I'd also bought frozen food in Lidl so up the back lane and home for two thirty...just a little trip out.

I had my afternoon nap waking up at four thirty, watered the garden early and have just returned from a little get together in the village.  Some have arrived from Germany and others are going back to Turkey tomorrow it's the end of the holiday season.  So Olympics tonight watching BBC online for live updates and nothing on the agenda for tomorrow.  Lovely early moon tonight and nearly full..LN....A very calm peaceful night.... LN

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15th August photos...saved as wrong size and screwed everything up....why do settings have a life of their own....

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Elsa Peters
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Wednesday 17th August

What a night last night.  I was following the cycling last night on live feed on the internet and then suddenly the commentary came on and it was live from the velodrome.  Because the BBC had extended the programme to take in the results, BBC hadn't blocked the transmission to Filmon and I managed to see a lot of the race and the showing of the diving.  It was two in the morning before I lay my head to rest and what a lovely talented but committed couple Laura Trott and Jason Kenny make.  Joy to watch...

Seven thirty this morning...sun up before me an yet again and I didn't have to be anywhere until ten when I was picking up Gouldjan and her sister and family from her sister in law's in Kardjali.  I set off at nine thirty and my phone went while I was driving through their village and we'd arranged to meet on Lidl's car park since 'I want you to pull in to the bus stop before the bridge' doesn't mean much to me.  Instructions from none drivers don't normally make much sense.  So I arrived on time and Gouldjan was the only one that arrived about five minutes later.  The children were ruling the decision process so I was now driving to the sister in law's house to pick them all up.  I did a little shopping before we left and while I think about it....I bought a chicken that I'm going to stick in the oven...now...done and dusted.  I went up to the apartment and met the new three month old daughter who was a real poppet.  The all wanted to sit in the front and I firmly said no and I strapped in two of the three children into the back....told them all to stop squawking and we headed home over the back lane that they thought was quite exciting.  All dropped off and home for eleven thirty.  I made a late breakfast of boiled ham in crusty baguette, sat and read my book and it was so hot so time for a siesta.  I woke up at three, checked in for the latest Olympic updates and Mo and then the thunder started, clouds came over and we had rain....I went out on to the terrace and stood out there for a minute or so and then it was over.  I obviously wasn't doing an acceptable rain dance for the gods.

Seven my time and I'm back down to the kitchen to get some roasties in to go with the chicken....the sun is out again and chocolate box clouds have replaced the earlier ones.  Looks like I shall still have to water the garden tonight...that wouldn't have done anything for the plants apart from wash the dust off.  LN....I have things to do...LN

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Thursday 18th August

I was up before the sun this morning and after a coffee was watering the garden since I'd forgotten all about it last night.  I was too busy on the computer and it had rained so I didn't feel totally guilty.  I watched the sun come up and managed to take a shot of it.  It was a very gentle sky but as the day went on it changed considerably to very hot.  I had a bonfire to get rid of the rubbish and was determined to do 'something' today.  I'd looked at my winter snow screen by the main door and now that I'd painted the two long benches, it was looking decidedly scruffy and now it's fixed.  I used up a tin and a half of paint, got some of it on me and on the terrace but not drastically and I'd finished by half twelve.  I put everything back, moved up onto the computer with a cold drink and a lunch plate of ham, cream cheese and some crispbreads and noticed that there were a couple standing underneath my mulberry tree on the other side of the fence.  I watched for a while and decided that I would go out and see if they wanted anything and they said that they were guests from Turkey and were stopping for a rest and lunch in the shade.  I offered them water or juice and they said they had everything they needed so I went back into the house.  

I took my plate downstairs and settled on the sofa with the Kindle and some ice-cream and I heard the gate latch.  The lady was now on the terrace and was offering me a cake that they obviously hadn't managed to finish so I invited them to sit down in the shade for a while and she called the husband into the garden.  I grabbed some glasses and a jug of water, they refused coffee and we sat and talked for a while with the husband was trying out his German, while the wife and I communicated in Bulgarian.  I said that the last thing to do with the garden was the last part of the wall and I think they actually own the other side of the fence...not sure but I got that impression.  In fact I missed a trick...if they did it would have been good to ask them if they wanted to sell about a meter out from my boundary to put the wall in...it would save lots of digging out roots.  Nice couple and they've invited me to stay with them in Bursa.

Off they went...I went back to my ice-cream and the sofa, out with the book and promptly nodded off.  Woke up at four, straight on to the Kindle to catch up on the Olympics and the triathlon was in progress.  Went into the kitchen and got a chicken curry underway for tonight and then back to the Kindle and congratulations to the two brothers...gold and silver.....result.

Supper was delicious and I've got enough left for tomorrow or for one for the freezer...Egghead which seems to be all over the place time wise because of the Olympics...ah well ...soon back to normal.  Nothing on for tomorrow so far...I'll see how the mood takes me...Bath and book now...it's ten my time...LN..Another good day...LN

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Friday 19th August

Well I woke up in the bath last night at one this morning and the Kindle was happily sitting on the side of the wash basin...result.  I dried off, got into bed and was straight through until six beating the sun and waiting on the terrace patiently for it to arrive and of course it did.  Very gentle sky then the sun came up over the little pond making it look like a lava field.  Straight out and watered the garden lingering longer on some of the shrubs and thinking that I should be digging up the marigolds that look like they'll never make it but it has been too hot today to be out there working.  

I made it down to the bread van and asked for 'normal' and we had a discussion in Bulgarian as to what was 'normal'.  Cut or none cut and we really couldn't make our minds up.  I settled for uncut and I also bought one of the cheesy breads for breakfast sitting out on the terrace with the third cup of coffee.  The stale bread was out for the birds now that I had a new supply and I'll soak it with water later so that they have a fighting chance without breaking their beaks.  

It was a day of Kindle, games, Sudoku, now that I've managed to buy a couple of puzzle books, searching for holidays from the emails that come in and maybe settling on one for Christmas that I'll tell you about if and when I book it.  It's a little expensive but it is Christmas and it is a long way away...nuff said for now.  Tuna with mayo and beetroot for lunch with some of that wonderful crispy bread, ice-cream and chocolate cake and I'm asking myself what happened to the diet.  I think it's just a temporary lapse...if I do book it I'll be straight back on it.  

So my sheep farmer's boys were out delivering cow manure this afternoon in their rickety old tractor.  Boy does it make a noise...I have the feeling that they have been set up in business and what they make is theirs....enterprising lads and so I stopped them as they were leaving my neighbour's house to take a photo of them and then told them that I wanted a load and asked the price.  It was OK so I ordered it, they said maybe tomorrow or the day after but half an hour later I heard the tractor and they were there.  They dropped the load in the lane, the bigger one asked if I had water he could wash his hands so he did it in the yard, I paid him and he promptly shook my hand and said thank you.  I mentioned that I might need another...I'll see how far this goes and he said fine and just to let him know and off they went.  Love them to bits...so enterprising.

So guess what I'm doing tomorrow?  Firstly I'm going to clear the vegetable garden apart from the parsnips.  Nothing has come to much this year...it's been too dry despite lots of watering and secondly I'm going to be dropping barrow loads of the said 'stuff' on the vegetable garden and the rest might get dumped between the house and the front wall.  Caught my noisy finches on the sunflowers again...I shall have no seeds left at this rate but at least they're not going to waste.  

So the Olympics is almost over and I had to laugh today when I saw a chart saying that the European Union had beaten the world in the medal tally...I'll put this down to some over zealous brown nosing key tapper...I know it's all thanks to the UK.  The sky is clouding over now but it's so humid tonight that I'm off for a shower when I've watered the garden.  No sunset that I can see tonight....we've just had the first clap of thunder and the sky is very dark over to the west...could that be rain? I hope so.   Garden calls and there's curry should I care to warm it up...second thoughts it might be destined for the freezer.  Curry in and ice-cream out.  LN...I have work to do...LN

Attachment: not_a_cloud_in_sight_3384.jpg
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Attachment: and_here_it_comes_3963.jpg
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Attachment: bit_of_a_misty_morning_4772.jpg
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Attachment: here_come_my_boys_901.jpg
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Attachment: off_for_my_load_2473.jpg
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Attachment: looks_like_im_muck_spreading_tomorrow_5322.jpg
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Attachment: posing_for_the_camera_3147.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 20, 2016, 4:23pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 20th August

Late night last night following the Olympics....soon be over and back to normality...whatever that is.  So following on from last night it was a late morning ...seven thirty before I woke up and it took me longer to come to.  Two coffees later I was almost getting there, it was a bit of a cloudy start which bode well for the job in hand today.

I'd had one of those nights where the aspirations for today had got into my brain and my dream and I'd moved that pile of cow dung several times overnight.  Today's task was to clear the vegetable patch and get rid of the dried up excuses for crops despite watering it twice most days.  I've said before that there is very little substance to the soil so this year is a do or die...it might be going back to grass.  I managed to get the first load of washing in and stripped the bed for the second load and then it was all systems go outside.  It was beginning to hot up but I stuck with it for the first hour or so. came in for water and a little Olympic catch up and then back out again finally finishing at two thirty and I really shouldn't have stayed out there that long....but it's done.The only thing left to be sorted are the parsnips, or excuses for them and the tomatoes which might as well come up...but tomorrow is another day.  My schedule for tomorrow after ready Monty Don on soil management is to double dig it and put a load of shite in the bottom of the trench, put the top soil back and spread about three inches of muck on the top...that's the plan and if it doesn't work,,,I shall blame Monty...

Seven fifteen my time and after a lunch of crispy things and cream cheese I can't say I'm in the mood for much tonight....it's just too hot and sticky again.  That thunder last night came to nothing and I think we had about three drops of rain and that was it...it turned into a moon-lit sky with lots of twinkling stars so my watering wasn't in vain and it's pretty essential again tonight.  Daley is out of the semi's, he peaked last night, third in the Women's triathlon and Mo goes later...and that's my Olympic update.  I'm out for my water sport with the garden hose...LN...I don't think I'll get a medal despite the training...LN

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Attachment: this_took_some_puttling_out_6979.jpg
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Attachment: cleared_and_dug_over_1338.jpg
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Attachment: for_another_day_6162.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 21st August

Lovely moon last night and I caught it just right but it was full and now it's not.  I was at my desk when I spotted it listening to the Proms on BBC 2 and eating cherry ice cream so I posted it on FB.  The Rachmaninoff was on but was closely followed by a piece of music that I swear they had the written work upside down on the music stands.....believe me...it wasn't for the faint hearted.  I think it was one of the modern lot.  Silly night with the Olympics again but there was no way I could make the Mo race so I eventually hit the sack at two and reading for a while until I realised that I needed sleep.  And did I sleep!!....I felt like the walking zombies this morning...I'm getting too old for burning the candle or the Olympic flame at both ends...thank goodness it's finished.  I watered the garden this morning...it's been another corker and they really need it as do I.  I've stopped several times today consuming two or three glasses of squash between wheelbarrows and digging...I'm knacked.

So watched the dawn and breakfast was a whole Galia melon sitting out on the terrace.  The outer has gone for the donkey so we both had a healthy breakfast...not that he probably noticed. the speed that it disappeared at.  So then it was digging for victory and this is my last attempt and conditioning the soil....Monty or no Monty.  The first stage was to dig out the thirty or so centimetres of what is loosely called  'top soil', fill it with the muck and then replace the top soil and when it's settled and I see what I've got left, I'll cover it with more for the winter and let the snow and cold do its stuff.  I've got eight sections in my veg patch which allows me to have a token offering of most veg that my neighbours grow and when they say 'do you have' I'm not fibbing when I reply that I have,  I also put in broad beans which is a crop that most of them don't know about and beetroot which they used to grow for the animals but have converted when they tried my pickled beetroot and beetroot chutney.  It's a start at their education...   

I was shovelling shite and moving soil around until one when I had to stop for a break...I caught up on the marathon, got my head down for a couple of hours and then back out to it.   Dig out, dump said wheelbarrow of shite in the hole, back fill and on to the next.  Four down and the parsnips have had a temporary top up between the rows just to see if it gives them something to chew on so to speak.  Two more reasonable beds to do and the tomatoes might as well come up for all the good they've been this year so that means I've got three left and those have been put on the back burner until tomorrow.  I've had enough....more than enough and I need a shower.  The good thing is though that the manure is old stuff has no smell with it even in this hot temperature although I might have buried it quicker if it had.

Eight fifteen my time.....garden, shower, relax and bed and early one for me tonight.  So much for Sunday as a day of rest....

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Elsa Peters
August 22, 2016, 4:52pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 22nd August

Seven thirty start this morning and that had beaten me to it.  I made coffee and sat out and knew it was going to be a really steamy day.  I watered the essentials, made another coffee, did a couple of sudukos from the book, didn't bother with breakfast and was out there with the wheel barrow ready to start work on the veg patch.  As it happened I got distracted and noticed what I thought was a tortoise towards the bottom of the garden so it was back in for the camera and a garden stroll.

It was a tortoise and it was happily munching on the stalk of one of the blue flowers that take over in drought conditions and he can eat all he wants of those......just leave my plants alone.  I still marvel at the sunflowers...they are all different, attract the bees, insects and birds and take very little effort to grow.  Unfortunately I don't remember planting them where they've come up this year...I normally keep that space for zinnias and tobacco and they appear to be struggling under the height of the sunflowers.  I suppose I can hoik them out once the flowers have finished and give the others a chance.

So back to shovelling my garden enhancer and I set myself the target of the remaining two sections of the veg garden.  I managed one but it was so hot out there that I came in at twelve, downed a few glasses of water and got my book out.  I realised that I was beginning to read the inside of my eyelids so it was glasses off, book down and head down until two thirty.....book up again, glasses on and I was reading until four.  Back to it...the task for today is complete and tomorrow I shall remove the tomatoes and finish off that bed.  After that it will be garden time...digging over the beds that have really suffered, digging in the muck and carrying out first aid on the really needy and last aid on the others if there is little change of survival.  You have to be cruel to be kind.

The thunder didn't amount to much and it's supposed to double back later.  The rain didn't happen and even hail forecast for western Bulgaria  didn't happen either.  Almost eight my time....a little bit of Filmon and I've got only ten percent of my book to finish but shower first....it's just so close.  Kardjali tomorrow for a trip out so that I don't get cabin fever...LN...Off to water the garden since nature isn't helping out much in that direction...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Just another couple of pickies that I'd confused in the descriptions

Attachment: the_new_buddliea_1501.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 23, 2016, 7:57pm Report to Moderator

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Tuesday 23rd August

Normal duties...morning coffee, water garden, washed dressed, looked at the shite heap and it doesn't seem to be going down at all despite my efforts but today was about going in to town...not gardening.

I headed down to the bread van but it was running late this morning and the world and all its friends were waiting for it.  My Avatar was down there, Haciber was collecting breakfast for the men in the shape of pastry wrapped sausages.  She ran out of cash so I stomped up the rest for her and in payment I got a dish of mixed sweets and nuts when I got back from town.  I picked up bread and a cheesy bread for me, stopped of at Avatars for a chat, refused coffee, accepted a bowl of home made yogurt for home and sat on the terrace with my bread and my own coffee.  The birds were out, I could hear the woodpecker knocking seven bells out of something in the garden but never managed to catch sight of it.

Car out and ready for town at eleven, headed into my cheapy shop and managed to pick up a black king size duvet and three large red pillowcases all bearing the IKEA trademark and two table cloths for the princely sum of just under ten leva....what a start to the day.  Lunch was at the kebab shop in town and then back to pay my phone bill and top up my mobile so two more jobs done.  Finished off the day at Lidl but it was only a quick trip round.....I'm not really short of anything.

Back by four more or less and had a wash to freshen up after a day of fending off the heat and headed out to my students for supper.  They'd made a potato and onion pie thingy with filo pastry on the top and bottom and it was delicious.  This was served with salad and green beans and boy did I feel stuffed.I seem to have eaten for Britain and Bulgaria today and then out came the nuts, biscuits, water melon and more savoury biscuits.....I had to refuse...too much for me.  Home by ten thirty and just messaged them to say that there were no bears, deer or police in the forest and that I got home safely...it's the code that we have.  I'm taking the older sister swimming on Friday, weather permitting and the younger one might come along for the ride if she is feeling better....she's on the tail end of a summer cold.  No pickies tonight...I've been far too busy to get the camera out...so you'll have to forgive me..LN...My bed is calling...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 24, 2016, 4:05pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 24th August

Usual day but it was spoilt by me breaking the hose connection to the outside tap so that meant a trip into Djebel to replace the offending part.  The list that I'd prepared for the day had fallen on the first hurdle.  So it was out with the car, I took the old water bottles in for my student's mum so that they can recycle them when they sell the oil, into the hardware shop where I was chastised by the lady who works there saying that I hadn't been in for ages and why not.  I responded with...'I've been in...where have you been?' and I explained that I now take the rough road into Kardjali to save on time and diesel..  She got the point.  

Back into my student's mum's shop and it was a big catch up with her too and the upshot was that I didn't get home until twelve and the weather had got so hot that the schedule was out of the window.  For some reason I checked on my posting from last night to read it through for spellers and at that point it started to play up.  I'd had some dealings with my hosting company last week but the problem seemed to have worked itself through but now we were off again.  I reopened the original ticket and now they have looked into the error log for me, asked me what a certain file does and I haven't a clue.  It's at this point that I open up the conversation with the originator or the software that I use but I have to wait for America to wake up or for him to finish his current working day before he can look at 'stuff'....When he gets to it...he's brilliant so it's fingers crossed.

I'm going to try to post this to see what happens...if it's good to go...photos will follow but I might just wait to see what response I get from the states before I put too much of a load on it.  LN....Here goes....LN
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Yeah, I had a few server not available issues when I tried to get to the forum earlier today Elsa. Your homepage loaded fine though.
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Elsa Peters
August 24, 2016, 6:27pm Report to Moderator

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And so for a few pickies

Yep...seems to be OK now....I'll still keep everything crossed though for the minute....

Attachment: its_up_before_me_710.jpg
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Attachment: game_on_5396.jpg
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Attachment: time_it_had_gone_to_bed_3884.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 25, 2016, 6:19pm Report to Moderator

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Thursday 25th August

Today has been a washout.  I woke up scratching my finger at silly o'clock this morning and there was the zizzing of a mosquito in my ear.  I came too pretty quickly, put on the light and couldn't see it so went to make a cup of coffee and when I came back to the bedroom, there it was on the wall by the mirror.  Now normally I would try to swat it but thinking that I might want to get my head down again I didn't want to miss it so out with the insect spray.  I blasted it well and truly and it was never seen or heard again.  As for getting back to sleep...no way ...I was up and about and suffered for it for the rest of the day.

I didn't  bother with the garden...it was a dull old day and the temperature well down.  I was just hoping it would rain but it didn't.  I managed to make baked beans on toast for breakfast, remade my bed and gave it a makeover, cleaned off the side tables and the top of the wardrobe and sorted out the shoe basket.  I was doing OK but by twelve I was absolutely shattered so lay on my sofa with the Kindle and was in and out of sleep eventually going down solidly and was awakened by a loud knock on the door.  The Librarian was out there with four locals from her village and so I staggered into lucidity, got juice, coffee, squash and biscuits underway.  We chatted for a while and then it was out to the garden for the conducted tour, one of the locals was determined to take some 'samples' of seeds and shrubs and I told her to keep her little finger to herself and I'd take some cuttings and deliver when they were established.  I did donate a bunch of last year's dried lavender to the worthy cause but asked her to leave this years alone....Off they went at about three and I did have the intention of digging out and administering the said shite to other parts of the garden but it wasn't happening.  My mojo had gone missing.

The sun did come out this afternoon but it was short lived and not even a decent sunset and as you can probably tell...I'm a bit of a grumps bag which is most unusual for me.  I suppose it's not bad...the first time this year that I've been bothered by a mosquito so fingers crossed for a better night.  Student swimming lesson tomorrow and out by nine thirty for a ten o'clock pickup...weather permitting.  No photographs...the camera has not been out at all today.  LN...I promise there'll be lots tomorrow...LN
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Elsa Peters
August 26, 2016, 5:04pm Report to Moderator

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Friday 26th August

Again the sun was already up before me but I did enjoy my morning in the sun with my coffee.  I didn't have to be anywhere until ten so it was a pretty lazy start to the day.  Washed up from last night and in fact from yesterday...the kitchen only took a bashing when I was getting the tea and coffee for my guests...no further activity in that direction at all.  Supper was a bag of peanuts watching Filmon.  

About nine when I'd got my swimming stuff together and my bathing suite on under my day clothes I suddenly remembered that Avatar was heading to Germany for her winter quarters.  The family insists that she goes, she goes because they insist but her heart's not really in it.  I know that she doesn't have the problem of existing her on her own in the winter and it can be hard, but she rarely goes out when she's there and when they all work, she sees no one.  Anyway...hers to bear.  So I started to go towards her house and realised that the curtains were drawn and shouted to one of my other neighbours to find out if she'd already left....and she had...at four this morning and I didn't say goodbye.  I'll have to speak with the family on FB. I've just had Haciber round to say that there's a window open and did I have keys but this year she didn't leave any with anyone so I've pointed Haciber in the direction of her nephew who lives locally.  Maybe he has a set...

So over to my students for ten and the younger one didn't want to come with us.  We arrived at the hotel in Momchilgrad and there was no one else at the pool.  Unfortunately is it quite high up on the mountain and despite a temperature of twenty eight degrees, the wind was a little chill and the water was freezing...well not quite that far but slow to get in to,  I started to teach the older one to swim last year and it's all a matter of confidence.  I suppose, legs, arms, breathing and being conscious of everything at the same time can be difficult but she did almost manage the width before she put her feet down. We when we turned blue we called it a day and we were back at her house for about one.  The younger sister had made a cake that we were subjected to...not bad but needed a little more cooking but we had a very nice lunch of omelette, salad, soup and melon.  I was home for about four, read for a while and got my head down and really should have had a shower...my hair is still wet from swimming and I'll do it soon.

Tomorrow I'm out again...I have a 'mevlit' in the village mosque at ten thirty followed by meat and rice and a chocolate cake...we know how to live.  After that, weather permitting I really must finish the garden and get the rest of the manure spread around or at least bring it into my own garden so it doesn't get half inched while my back is turned.  Just caught the tail end of the sun going down.  At least the wind has dropped now...when I came back there was stuff blowing everywhere and plant pots over.  All is now safely gathered in.  Shower time and hair wash just to get the pool water out of it.  LN...I need to swim everyday...the exercise is good for me...LN

Attachment: new_look_bed_8424.jpg
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Elsa Peters
August 27, 2016, 5:26pm Report to Moderator

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Saturday 27th August

Sun beat me again this morning but I think it was the fact that I didn't have my bath until ten thirty last night, read for a while in there, managed to keep my Kindle dry and eventually hit the sack at one.  Having said that I slept really well until seven so for me that's really good.

Got a load of washing done including my swim stuff from yesterday and pegged out by eight, walked down to the bread van and bought bread and a cheesy bun for breakfast.  I got back and looked at the tomatoes but realised that my purchase meant that it was no cooking and lunch ws going to be delivered via the mosque after the mevlit.  I had my breakfast on the terrace in the sun, came in, showered and washed my hair and was ready for ten fifteen more or less.  As I left the house Remsie one of my neighbours was also heading for the little mosque so we caught up since I haven't seen her for a while, chatted to other visitors from Turkey and Sweden on out way there and it was just about to kick off.  I normally try to get there a little late but in this instance I think everybody did and the hojja was waiting for us all before he sang to an audience of maybe one.

The food had already been prepared and was wrapped in blankets to keep it warm and it reminded me of a giant tortoise...all it needed was a face but I wouldn't have dared.  I took off my shoes and went inside and it was heaving but they offered me a stool which I refused....I joined the body of the 'kirk' on the floor with the rest of the babas and had nods and greetings from most of the assembly.  I know I'm not of their faith but there great power is my great power and I used the opportunity for a time of reflection and solace in a very safe atmosphere.  The two hojjas sing out their prayers and despite the fact that I know some of the chants...I don't say or mouth them since I don't understand them but I get the gist.  Clove flavoured water comes round with a serviette, you get the toilet water hand wash splashed on your hands, a few more prayers and the biscuit, yogurt drink and rice is served and you start to eat. The chanting starts again which is a blessing on the food and then it's a matter of finishing the food and out you go.  My tractor lads appeared but this time in a car to collect their grandmother, I chatted to more of the assembled and was forced into taking a bag of rice home with me for this evening.  You have to...can't leave without it.

Home for one and this afternoon had been very much a day of relaxing.  I got my head down for an hour or so, played a few games on the Kindle, read for a while as the wind rattled and blew the flower pots everywhere.  The washing hung on there and I gathered it in at about six thirty, watered the garden early, watched the sun go down and at least the wind has dropped.  

Nothing more to do tonight....out for lunch tomorrow but not at Mrs D or S's until elevenish to pick her up and then off to Hotel Romantica...one we've not tried at lunchtime before.  I've done the evening meal there but not with the pool going.  There are a few clouds in the sky tonight...they come but they drop nothing.....we need rain but only at night....   LN....I'm finished for tonight...LN

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Attachment: my_neighbour_with_her_grandchildren_3778.jpg
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Attachment: boys_fetching_their_grandma_9714.jpg
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Attachment: local_craft_still_practiced_2332.jpg
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Elsa Peters
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Sunday 28th August

Six thirty start and just managed to catch the morning from my bedroom balcony.  Watered the garden again this morning just to make sure despite the fact that the rain clouds seemed to be gathering but despite crossed fingers, the clouds dissipated and it turned into a beautiful day once the wind had warmed up.  We seem to be blighted by it at the moment...every day the same.

So breakfast of fried tomatoes on toast and this time decided to skin them before I cooked them but there was lots of water in them.  They were gifted by my student's sister...they seem to have them coming out of their ears.  So cleared the kitchen, out with the hoover since I might have visitors later this afternoon if it can be arranged.  I think my students want to bring their grandfather over for a visit to give him something to talk about when he goes back to Turkey.

Over to Mr's D of S's at the designated hour and we headed for the restaurant and it was new ground for her and the Librarian.  I'd been there a couple of times before but not at lunchtime.  Food was really good...we ordered a Greek salad, cheesy chips, I had a mixed grill which was huge, one other mixed grill and a chicken fillet.  Soft drinks to wash it down and it was half way through the meal when the sun finally came out.  There were a couple of brave children but they didn't stay in the water long and one more family made it to the inside pool where they appeared to stay much longer.  They have the right idea.

Home for four this afternoon and head down for an hour or so.  I came up to watch Filmon but it was all repeats so ended up watching a You Tube of Mrs Brown's Boys and I just find the ad libs very amusing.  It's a wonder they get to finish and episode.  So nine my time...I didn't have guests but maybe one night this week after they have finished work.  The grandfather is such a super character and I would love him to come out here.  Just a few photos of the restaurant.  LN....Enjoyable Sunday.... LN

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Elsa Peters
August 29, 2016, 4:53pm Report to Moderator

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Monday 29th August

Sun came up, coffee on the terrace enjoying the warmth of the morning and got my Sudoku book out and knocked out a couple of easy ones and one difficult one but then I thought it was time that I got going and watered the garden.  That's when it all went wrong.  The new tap connectors were leaking so I looked in my box of bits and found a new one but as I pulled the hose down the garden, the other end of the hose connected to the tap came free and I gave it up as a bad job.  Now I've struggled needlessly this summer because my hose wasn't long enough to get to the bottom of the garden and the shops in Djebel has never had the right size hose to connect to my existing.  In sheer frustration I decided to head into Djebel despite the fact that it was market day and there would be lots of visitors from Turkey there, I got changed and headed in.

As I thought. Djebel was heaving so I headed firstly to the market and they didn't have the right diameter hose. I had a chat with my favourite restaurant lady outside her new clothes shop, walked round to one of the other hardware shops and they didn't have it either so back to my usual shop and they had it and I could buy it by the meter.  They measured one reel that they had and it was twenty three meters so it was purchased, I thought I'd bought the right connectors...I wanted one that I could connect the two and then disconnect them when I didn't need the length but they sold me one that is a permanent connector...

Too busy to stay around so I jumped in the Beast and headed back and found myself behind on of the heavily loaded small trucks that they use for scooting hay round the country.  These are always loaded to the gunnels and really look top heavy and overtaking wasn't on the cards so I followed it and fortunately it carried on as I turned off for my village.  I unloaded my purchases when I got home and it was at this point that I realised that it was the wrong connector so it's still sitting on the outside table...I lost interest at that point but finished watering the garden anyway.  Ironically there were a few raindrops as I was juggling 'stuff' but it came to nothing and the clouds carried on towards Turkey and looking at my friends FB pages...it's poured down there.  

Afternoon nap and nothing much done.  I've finished one book and I started the last in the series so I'll be looking for another.  Lovely sunset and those clouds ought to be offering a downpour but nothing doing...LN....I'm kitchen bound to find something interesting...LN

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Elsa Peters
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Tuesday 30th August

Funny old night and a five thirty start to the day so I read for a while.  I made my coffee and went outside, the air was chill but there wasn't any wind this morning and I waited peacefully for the sun to come up.  I noticed that the crescent moon was still out...it amazes me...I don't think I noticed it as much before as I do here.  I think it's having the big windows and following its path through the month.  I feel I'm more in touch with nature here.  Up it came and it didn't let me down and I looked at the sunflowers and it was almost as if they were waiting in salutation for an audience with their maker.  They're beautiful flowers and this year I've got the pick of the crop in all variants and I'm still not sure how that happened.  I don't remember planting them there but hey...same next year please.

I was straight to it this morning....First job was trying to find connectors for the garden hose and it is done and I wonder why I didn't spend the money sooner.  I watered the garden and then out with the wheelbarrow, I was determined to move the rest of the shite and distribute it over the garden and all is safely gathered in. The last load is sitting in the wheelbarrow awaiting distribution.  The veg garden is done as are most of the flower beds and I've saved the last load for the long wall.  I came in at ten thirty and had poached eggs on toast to keep my energy up, came in again at one, head down until three and then back out and I came in finally at seven thirty and I'm knacked.

The boiler is on for an early bath and I want to linger...where's the Radox when you need it?  I don't think it's made its way over here yet.  Two visits from neighbours today and don't you just love it when you're on the wrong end of a shovel with a half full wheelbarrow and they ask you what are you doing....He mentioned my well and asked why it wasn't in use and it's all down to the fact that the old man who lived next door some of the time and in mine before I bought it had thrown lots of rubbish down it so we've arranged that he will clean it out when hge comes back from Turkey.  The second one was asking if I had any friends that wanted to buy houses in the next village. He offered to wheel my barrow in but I think he wanted to look a little closer at the alterations to the house but I wasn't in the mood for conducted tours.  

Garden finishing tomorrow and it looks like I'll have to water again.  I could have counted the raindrops that fell this afternoon, I did the rain dance but obviously not to the rain god's liking and then it went over and the sun said goodnight to my sunflowers.  No supper...the eggs did their stuff and filled me up and I've had lots of water today...it's been a hot one.  I'm off for my bath...LN...Leisurely gardening day tomorrow...LN

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Elsa Peters
August 31, 2016, 4:00pm Report to Moderator

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Wednesday 31st August

So the last day of August and now I really feel that we’re on the way to October and winter.  Yes I know that we have September in the middle but that’s an activity month in BG.  Getting in and storing winter wood while it’s still dry and boy will it be dry this year…we’ve had eleven or twelve weeks without rain and does my garden know about it….It’s parched and hard.

So as for today…I was up before the sun but that’s getting later each day as you know.  I took a video of the sunrise instead of photographing it but it didn’t turn out as I’d planned so I didn’t post it to FB.  The red of the morning didn’t really show and it appeared mediocre which it wasn’t.  Coffee and watering the garden took me until seven thirty.  I made more coffee and sat on the terrace with my Sudoku book choosing the easy ones and then I heard my gate latch go…who needs a burglar alarm.  I thought it was my painter since he’s been spotted in Djebel yesterday but it was Gouldjan.  She’d got a photograph that she wanted to send by a particular program and her internet would not let her access it on her phone so she was looking for a connection to mine.  Apparently she’s booked her honeymoon in Kushadasi in Turkey but she hasn’t managed to get the documents sorted yet for the registry office sorted or the compulsory blood tests organised before they can get wed.  As for the outfit for her wedding…that’s still sitting in a shop…somewhere….bless her.

She left at almost ten so I was late getting washed and breakfasting…scrambled eggs on toast for me and then it’s been all downhill after that.  The weather has been thundery but without any thunder, I had my sleep this afternoon, potted up a few cuttings but that’s been the height of my activity for today.  I’m taking her in to Kardjali on Saturday to get some jobs done so we could be shopping for that dress and I need an introduction to the agency she used for the holiday….really useful to have details just in case.  

So there won’t be any dramatic picture of the sunset tonight.  There are dark clouds to the west.  Nothing on my horizon until Saturday now that I’ve made the arrangement with Gouldjan….I don’t really need anything before then…..LN..The evening and my book beckons…LN

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